Headteachers Report to FGB 10.5.10 by suchenfz


									                 Baston Church of England Primary School

                Headteacher’s Report to the Governing Body

                                 May 2010
Dear Mr Chairman and Governors


HEADTEACHER:                        Miss F Dicker


KEY STAGE 2 LEADER:                 Mr P Singleton

TEACHERS                            Miss N Beckett
                                    Mrs. J. Clayton.
                                    Miss E Gowers
                                    Miss. A. Ivatt

TEACHERS PART-TIME:                 Mrs. S. Barrett 0.5

HLTA PART TIME                      Mrs J Simpson

PE SPECIALIST                       Mrs Sue Oakley

TEACHING ASSISTANTS                 Mrs S Adams
                                    Mrs S. Baker
                                    Mrs S Barrett
                                    Mrs. Lisa Davies
                                    Mrs. A. Dummett
                                    Mrs A Goddard
                                    Mrs. E. Goodacre
                                    Mrs B Robinson
                                    Mrs C Tilley
                                    Mrs T Willis

SENIOR ADMINISTRATOR                Mrs. L. Perkins

                                    Mrs J Bannister

CARETAKER                           Mr D Wildman
CLEANERS IN CHARGE                  Mrs M. Berridge
CLEANER                             Mrs A Baxter

MIDDAY SUPERVISORS                  Mrs. S. Adams (Senior Supervisor)
                                    Mrs M Berridge
                                    Mrs. T. Willis
                                    Mrs F Dow
                                    Mrs T Broadman
                                    Mrs A Baxter

MORNING BUS/PLAYGROUND              Mrs S Baker
SUPERVISORS                         Mrs A Goddard
Since the last report to the Governing Body the number on roll has settled at 171.

Teacher                      Year group(s)                   Number of class pupils
Karen Day                    Foundation- Beech               24
Nicola Beckett               Year 1 – Cherry Blossom         26
Jill Clayton                 Year 2 - Oak                    27
Emma Gowers                  Year 3 – Elm                    24
                             Year 4                          8
Paul Singleton               Year 4 - Pine                   15
                             Year 5                          15
Amy Ivatt                    Year 5 - Sycamore               8
                             Year 6                          24


This now stands at 15 but await formal confirmation. I anticipate on keeping classes in
the current format for a year and distributing support staff as required.

Staff have returned well to work after the Easter Holidays. I must advise the Governing
Body that I have received the resignation of Mrs Linda Perkins effective from August 31st
2010. We are in the process of advertising for relevant positions and I will advise the
Governing Body of this once the interviews and appointments have been completed.

Staff Absence – Data for period 22.2.10 – 7.5.10

Staff sickness and absence                   Medical absence: 34
(working days)                               LOA: 9
                                             Unpaid LOA: 0
Summary of all grievance/disciplinary       None
matters relating to staff
Summary of recruitment needs                Administration

Data for the period – 11.02.10 – 10.05.10

            Date                         Course                     Staff in attendance
11.02.10                      PSQM                             Karen Day
                                                               Amy Ivatt
11.02.10                      LDL-ECAW                         Paul Singleton
24.02.10                      PSQM                             Amy Ivatt
24.02.10                      ECAW                             Paul Singleton
25.02.10                      ECAW                             Paul Singleton
                                                               Emma Gowers
01.03.10                      PSQM                             Karen Day
02.03.10                      ECAW                             Paul Singleton
03.03.10                      ECAW                             Paul Singleton
05.03.10                      MFL                              Sara Barrett
09.03.10                      LFTM                             Paul Singleton
10.03.10                      Head Teacher’s briefing          Frances Dicker
16.03.10/26.03.10             PSHE                             Jill Clayton
18.03.10                      Leadership                       Karen Day
                                                              Paul Singleton
22.03.10                       Health And Safety              Frances Dicker
22.03.10                       ECAW                           Paul Singleton
23.03.10                       Future Leaders                 Frances Dicker
25.03.10                       NAHT meeting                   Frances Dicker
29.03.10                       Lead Assessment                Paul Singleton
30.03.10                       Film Mark                      Paul Singleton
19.04.10                       Transactional analysis         All Teachers
                                                              Christine Tilley
19.04.10                       Talk for Science               All Teachers except for
                                                              All Teaching Assistants
26.04.10                       LLE                            Frances Dicker
27.04.10                       ECAW                           Paul Singleton
07.05.10                       Science                        Karen Day

Performance management mid year reviews and observations have now taken place
and are on line to be completed within the required time.
As in previous years, one of our NQT’s is to be part of the Quality Assurance process,
taking place on the 17th May 2010. Miss Nicola Beckett will be observed teaching by an
outside assessor and also be interviewed along with myself and Karen Day-her induction
tutor. Historically this has been a very positive experience and we will advise Full
Governing Body in the next HT report.
One of my duties is to report on any racial incidents that have occurred. I am pleased to
inform the Governing Body that there is nothing to report.
Hot School Meals is proving to be successful with the approx weekly intake numbering
240 although we are seeing an expected dip in uptake due to the time of year. We have
now employed a sixth midday supervisor which means busy times are catered for and all
demands are met.
It is important that we convene a devolved capital meeting as soon as possible. Can
Governors register their interest at this meeting please and agree a date so we can
move forwards.
The community build has been formally refused by the planning department for the
reasons stated on the website.

Preparations for our visit to Freiston are well underway with activities chosen. A meeting
has been held with parents, which seemed well received.
In Year 4 - 22 out of 23 pupils are going and in Year 3 - 23 out of 25 are going with
maybe one additional. Mr Singleton will be leading this visit. Additional staff are in the
process of being organised


   SDP enclosed for your consideration.
   Please see the enclosed curriculum committee report
Since the beginning of the year 16 pupils have received 1:1 tuition to support them in
achieving Level 4 by the end of KS2 in reading, writing or maths. Pupils from across KS2
have been considered. Teachers and one supply teacher – Mrs Duerden (known to the
school) have completed or are completing the tuition. Prior to the analysis of standards
in the July meeting of the ES committee, I would like to advise that of the ten pupils that
have now completed their ten week tuition course, February data shows that all pupils
bar one have made progress, some two levels. We have also seen a marked
improvement in pupils about to sit their SAT’s and two of the three pupils have achieved
or are on the edge of achieving a level 4 which is an excellent achievement for them.
SIP visit
School Improvement is presently evaluating the grading of schools. After much
discussion with Paul Spray, I have asked that our school be placed at Good overall with
increased areas levelled as outstanding. We are very nearly outstanding overall but
there are still small pockets of pupils who are not making the expected progress and I
would like to see this achieved before we accept the outstanding overall level. This is the
aim for next year and I am in the process of compiling a plan to focus this improvement.
Following information in the last HT report we are now in receipt of the budget and I
would like to provide the FGB with further information on the funding for additional needs
over the next three years.
This year there will be no losers or winners and schools are receiving the same amount
as in other years-so no cuts. The finance is cut into SEN Factor funding which relates to
School Action, School Action Plus pupils and all those who are statemented at Bands 1-
5 (the smaller the band the less hours). Bands 6-8 are for more severe cases and Band
8 is full time-32.5 hours - this money and the relating statements are managed by LCC.
We have been allocated SEN protection funding of £13,400 and it is this finance that will
be reduced and ultimately lost over the next three years. We have planned for a
reduction over the next three years but we will need to mindful of the impact of staffing
and how our carry forwards can manage this especially with a low intake in 2011/2012.
I will keep the FGB informed as further information comes to Head Teachers.

I have been recently advised that following a successful application, I have been chosen
as a Local Leader of Education. This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to work
alongside another school over the next year for up to twenty days to support their
development. It should not be said that the receiving school will have concerns in all
areas; rather in one area which is impinging on the progress and attainment of pupils
within that school. We will also benefit from their strengths and be able to build a good
working relationship, enhancing our community links. The abilities of staff here means
that they will also have an opportunity to lead change within the focus area so
developing their skills. This is based on a model called systems leadership.

What is system leadership?
A number of national agencies have together suggested that leadership with an outward-
facing and system-oriented perspective will be characterised by:
• Willingness to take on system-wide leadership roles
• Moral and strategic purpose – problem-solving the complexities of context
• Commitment to building lateral capacity through collaboration and networking
• focus on enhancing the quality of learning and achievement for all children
• Ability to transform schools and networks into personal and professional learning
• Capacity to empower and develop leadership in others – and to plan for succession

We have also been asked to become a Lead Assessment School (LA). I have agreed
with Elaine Radley, Muriel George and Paul Harmsworth to combine the two areas of
leadership (LLE and LA) and so our focus with the ‘local lead’ school will be

School of Good Practice
As advised by email recently, we have been selected as a school of Good Practice for
RE, SMSC, Collective Worship, PSHE and SEAL. This is a great testament to the
commitment by all staff, pupils and Governors and the ethos that exists..
Following his success in this programme, Paul Singleton has been asked to be a
Leading Development Leaders for Every Child A Writer for a second year. This will bring
benefit to this school as well as the receiving school in terms of CPD and will also
provide added weight to our system leadership partnerships.
I have been asked to present at the next Regional SEAL meeting in the Autumn. I am
also intending to involve Amy Ivatt so she can talk about her leadership of AFL and
SEAL in Year 6, in connection with the Deepings School. Additionally Jill Clayton has
been part of a Lincolnshire wide team scripting PSHE plans linked to SEAL.
This year we are part of cluster moderation for the Foundation Stage. This is a normal
part of the moderation cycle. However, Karen Day has been approached to become a
moderator which is a wonderful reflection of her skills. She will shadow this year and
then move towards independent moderation the following year.
This year we have extended our Transition programme to involve all primary schools.
Kieran Scarff, Steve Russell and I have organised for all Y6 pupils going to The
Deepings to attend four sessions at the secondary school. Parents will also be able to
attend on the final day. Additionally all Y5 pupils will also attend a one day session of
activities in Term 6. Funding for this has been realised through SEAL and also through
extended schools which the Head of MDCP has managed.
Additionally the following information should be informative

         Bourne Grammar School                                 Pupil uptake
     The Deepings Secondary School                              Ten pupils
      The Bourne Grammar school                                 Ten Pupils
       The Robert Manning School                               Three pupils
        Spalding Grammar School                                 One pupil

Staff have also attended Transactional Analysis Training – this can be found by googling
Transactional analysis in Schools but simply it provides new ways of thinking about how
to provide the sort of school and classroom leadership that enhances student motivation
and achievement.
Staff have really enjoyed this and we are now looking a building on this training.

Eleven Plus
Sessions for eleven plus will begin in Term 6. We will focus on completing the practice
papers sent to us and support pupils with some further practice. The eleven plus will now
be in September/October of Term 1.
Modern Foreign Languages.
Bourne Grammar will be visiting us to complete Spanish and French lessons with Year 5
and 6.
Spanish lessons are also being offered to all pupils from an outside agency to all ages
across the school.
Developments are now focusing on:
           o Developing Teacher and Teaching Assistant expertise.
           o Developing links with another school in another country.
Taster sessions have now been completed for Football and Netball and we are looking
forwards to further training and competing against schools in the Deepings and Bourne
We have now delivered four classroom assemblies which have been extremely
successful and well-attended by parents and Governors.

           Term                          Date                           Class
          Term 6                        8th July                       Cherry
          Term 6                        15th July                     Reception

I would like to thank the Governors who have attended assemblies and further to my
January report, hope that we can move forwards in organising timetables for the FGB to
attend one worship, every three weeks from this term, separate to the above.
Health and Safety amended audit attached.
    o Hand gel has been ordered for all classrooms
    o Plug guards have been ordered for all open sockets.
    o Staff have been advised of being health and safety aware and raising concerns
       should they see them.
    o All medical incidents are recorded.
    o All hazardous material are checked and logged by Caretaker with appropriate
Following discussion at our last finance meeting, I would also like to advise that I am
informally discussing the division of classrooms and the related cost as well as the
development of the front of the school to increase space and will advise as soon as

We are currently working alongside the PTA to use the monies raised by parents for the
benefit of the pupils.
There are plans to develop a stage area and we are awaiting plans/costs from Fenland
Leisure. I have advised Lisa Squires that I wish this to also go to Governors once cost
has been ascertained to ensure they are aware of the development of the premises. The
PTA have also agreed to provide each class with items against a wish list that we shall
compile and I am also in the process of purchasing some musical instruments. They are
organising Jumicar and Zoolab visits for the pupils as advised in our recent newsletter..
We will be providing the PTA with a ‘wish list at their next AGM so they have a focus for
the academic year.

Date                Event
20.04.10            First day of Summer Term 5
06.05.10            SCHOOL CLOSED
10.05.10            SAT’s Assessment Week
12.05.10            BGS MFL visit to visit Year 5
16.05.10            BGS MFL visit to Year 6
17.05.10            Class Photographs
17.05.10-21.05.10   Walk to School Week
26.05.10            BGS MFL visit to Year 6
28.05.10            Last day of Term 5
29.05.10            Premiership Rugby Cup Final at Twickenham
07.06.10            First day of Summer Term 6
09.06.10            Seal Club members visit to Wickstead Park
17.06.10            Y6 Church Schools Festival visit to Lincoln
23.06.10            Visit by Diocesan Director of Education
28.06.10-30.06.10   Year 4 Residential visit to Freiston
30.06.10            Year 3 MFL visit to BGS
01.07.10            Bourne Grammar open evening for Years 4/5
05.07.10-07.07.10   Year 3 Residential visit to Freiston
07.07.10            The Deepings Taster Day for Year 6
08.07.10            Cherry Class Collective Worship (2.30 pm)
08.07.10            The Robert Manning Taster Day for Year 6
09.07.10            Bourne Grammar Taster Day for Year 6
12.07.10            MFSF Visit for pupils
13.07.10            The Deepings School opening evening Years 4/5
14.07.10            Bastille Day
15.07.10            Beech Class Collective Worship (2.30 pm)
15.07.10            MFSF Visit for parents (3.30 pm)
16.07.10            Sports Day
19.07.10            Reserve Sports Day (if weather bad on 16.07.10)
21.07.10            Last day of Summer Term 6


         Club                     Teacher                       Day
Orchestra              Mrs Ruth Smith                  Monday
Spanish Club           KS2 Spanish                     Monday
Choir                  Mrs Debbie Howard               Tuesday
Football YR -Y2        POSH                            Tuesday
SEAL                   Mrs Sharon Adams                Wednesday
Football Club          Mr Colam                        Wednesday
Netball Club           Mrs Bedford and Mrs Russell     Wednesday
Cooking                Mrs Judy Simpson                Wednesday
Gardening              Mrs Williams & Garthwaite       Thursday
Spanish                KS1 Spanish                     Thursday
Drama                  Mrs Alison Dummett              Thursday
Football Y3,4,5,6      POSH                            Friday

Yours sincerely

Frances Dicker


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