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Handbookto a new year!
  Welcome back
 BELA Staff & Services                                             Department                 Program Chair

Office Staff            General Information           479-6400     Business, Accounting, Real Mo Hassan            477-3201   505A
                                                                   Estate and Finance
Dr. James R. Weckler    Division Dean                 477-3248     Computer                   Calais Ingel         477-3203   510A                                              Applications/Business
Sandra McCann           Division Coordinator          479-6361     Technology
                                                                   English                    Winnie Baer          477-3204   458B
Sarah Doub              Instructional Division Asst   479-6478
                                                                                              Diane Putnam                    1059
Glenn Dixon             Instructional Division Asst   479-6400     ESL                        Jason Malone         477-3205   408C                                               Foreign Languages          Jake Siskin          477-3207   827A
Dawn Zizzo              Senior Acct Specialist 50% 479-5733        Journalism                 Bradley Kava         477-3206   407
                                                                   Reading                    Nancy Phillips       477-3208   1064

                  Hours Of Operation (may vary when classes are not in session)
                                                                  Monday-Thursday              Friday
                  BELA main office                                7:30 am – 6:00 pm            7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Handbook                                          Important numbers and hours
Admissions & Records (x6201)                                                         DSPS (Room 800 -- x6379)
   Monday - Thursday                                                                     Monday - Thursday                          7:30am — 10:00pm
   (open until 7:30pm for first 2 wks of semester)   8:00am — 6:00pm                     Friday                                     7:30am — 4:00pm
   Friday                                            9:00am — 3:00pm                 ESL LAB (Room 1060 -- x5790)
   (open until 5pm for first 2 wks of semester)                                          Monday - Thursday                          8:00am — 9:00pm
Assessment (x5608)                                                                       Friday                                     8:00am — 2:30pm
   Monday - Thursday                                 8:30am — 5:00pm                 Financial Aid (x6416)
   Friday                                            8:30am — 4:00pm                     Monday - Thursday                          8:00am — 6:00pm
                                                                                         Friday                                     11:00am — 3:00pm
Bookstore Aptos (x6209)                                                              Gazebo (in the Quad)
    Monday - Thursday                                8:00am — 6:30pm                     Monday - Thursday                          7:30am — 6:30pm
    Friday                                           8:00am — 4:30pm                     Friday                                     7:30am — 2:00pm
BELA Division Office (x6400)                                                         HASS Division Office (x6348)
    Monday – Thursday                                7:30am --- 6:00pm                   Monday – Thursday                          7:30am --- 6:00pm
    Friday                                           8:00am — 4:30pm                     Friday                                     8:00am — 4:30pm
Cafeteria (x6259)                                                                    Health Services (Room 912 above bookstore --
    Monday - Thursday                                7:30am — 6:30pm                 x6435)                                         8:00am — 6:00pm
    Friday                                           7:00am — 2:00pm                     Monday & Tuesday
Coffee Break (near the CTC)
                                                                                         Wednesday & Thursday                       8:00am — 7:00pm
    Monday - Thursday                                7:30am — 2:00pm                     Friday                                     8:00am — 1:00pm
College Bank (x6376)                                                                 HWPEA Division Office (x6266)
    Monday - Friday                                  8:30am — 6:00pm                     Monday – Friday                            8:00am --- 5:00pm
    Saturday                                         10:00am — 2:00pm                IT Help Desk (x6392)
Computer Technology Center -- CTC (Building 1400)                                        Monday – Thursday                          7:30am --- 6:00pm
(x5286)                                                                                  Friday                                     8:00am — 4:30pm
    (Includes Open Access computer lab)                                              Learning Skills Program (Rooms 1072 -1073 --
    Monday - Thursday                                8:30am — 9:45pm                 x6220)                                         8:30am-12:00pm,
    Friday                                           9:00am — 12:00pm                    Monday - Thursday                          1:00pm - 4:00pm
    Saturday                                         9:00am — 4:45pm
                                                                                        Friday                                      8:30am-12:00p m,
    Sunday                                           12:00pm — 4:45pm
                                                                                                                                    1:00pm - 3:00pm

 Library (Includes Open Access laptop computers — Bldg 1000 --
     Monday –Thursday                         8:00am — 8:00pm
                                                                           Helpful Websites
     Friday                                   8:00am — 4:00pm
     Saturday                                 12:00pm — 4:00pm
                                                                           Admissions and Records Forms:
 Math Learning Center (Rooms 1074 -1077 --                       
 477-5696)                                    9:00am — 7:00pm
     Monday - Thursday                                                     WebAdvisor:
     Friday                                   9:00am — 3:00pm
     Sunday                                   12:00pm — 5:00pm             For managing your classes. See the handout for instructions.
 NAS Division Office (x6328)
     Monday – Thursday                        7:30am --- 6:00pm            Curricunet:
     Friday                                   8:00am — 4:30pm
 Proctoring Center (Rooms 1069 -1071 --       This is run by DSPS,
                                                                           For viewing the requirements for the courses you are teaching.
 x6379)                                       hours currently as 
 Reading Center (Rooms 1061-1064 --
                                                                           Faculty Resource Guide:
 x6167)                                       11:00am - 8:00pm
     Tuesday and Thursday                      9:OOam-12:OOpm,
     Wednesday                                  1:00pm 4:00pm
                                              11:00am --4:30pm             Staff and Faculty Area:
 Tutorials (Rooms 1078-1084 -- x6470)                            
    Monday                                    8:00am — 5:00pm

     Tuesday - Thursday                       8:00am — 6:00pm              Teachers’ Union Contract, 2007-2010:
    Friday                                    8:00am — 3:00pm    
 VAPA Division Office (x6464)
    Monday – Thursday                         7:30am --- 6:00pm            Correo Email:
     Friday                                   8:00am — 4:30pm    
 Writing Center (Rooms 1056-1059 --
 x6319)                                       8:00am — 9:00pm              When in doubt, go to the A to Z index to find what you are looking for:
     Monday - Thursday                                           
     Friday                                   8:00am — 2:00pm

Division Office Services
 We can timestamp students’ papers at their request
 Helpful information, like office hours and phone numbers, are in the
                                                                            Your mail will be delivered to either the Aptos, Watsonville, or
                                                                            Scotts Valley Campus. If Aptos is your home base all campus and
   red binders on the desk in the Division office                           community mail will be delivered to your staff mailbox located in
 Self-service “forms” area next to Sarah’s desk                            the 1000 building, under the library stairs. Your division and
 Drop box service at your request                                          student mail will be delivered to the division office. Please make
                                                                            sure you check both boxes. If you receive unwanted junk mail and
                                                                            would like to be removed off their mailing list, please write across
Copier                                                                      the mail “Junk” and place it in the outgoing mail.
There are three copiers available for use. One is located in the division
office (room 501); second one is in room 403A, third one is located in      Syllabus
room 824 (mainly used by Language Arts Department). Each of you             Every semester, please email your current syllabi to Sarah.
will have your own copy code and are requested to limit copies. Large
jobs should be sent to Duplications.
Students have access to three coin-operated copiers: one in the             Keys
library, another in the Cafeteria (900 building), and one in the CTC        All faculty members will be issued a key to the main division office
(Computer Technology Center, room 1400.)                                    (room 501) and your office. Key requests are available through
Please note:                                                                Sarah or Glenn.
Follow posted directions on making copies. Notify Glenn (x6400) or          Most classroom keys are not assigned. Classrooms and offices
Sarah (x6478) in the event of problems ASAP so that a service call          should be locked when not in use. Keys should be returned at the
can be placed. Toner should be changed by staff only. To save toner,        end of the semester.
please use white paper to cover blacked-out sections on originals.          .
                                                                            Evening/Weekend Assistance
                                                                            There is no evening or weekend assistance. An IDA usually stays
                                                                            until 6:00pm Mon – Thurs and the main office is locked after that.
Room / Lab Reservations                                                     In case of an emergency situations, an Evening Administrator is
For room reservations contact the Division Office. Please notify us at      on duty from 5p-10p; that cell number is 809.8464. The County
least a week in advance.                                                    Sheriff’s Number is 212.8464

Flex Agreements
Flex is required time. All faculties may fulfill their requirements by
attending workshops during flex week, participating in advisement day,
                                                                          Please keep your SALSA information updated. If you have
                                                                          forgotten how or you do not remember your login, contact Glenn.
or doing individual projects on designated flex days.
Full Time Faculty: need a minimum of 12 flexible hours for each           Absences
semester plus two mandatory days for the fall semester and one            Please notify the BELA division if you are going to be absent or if
mandatory day for the spring.                                             there is some change with your class (field trip, alternate meeting
Partial Contract Faculty: need a specific number of days prorated from    date, etc.). Invariably students will ask us and we want to give out
a percentage of that individual’s contract.                               accurate information.
Adjunct Faculty: need at least one hour of flex activity per teaching     If you hold class at the Watsonville or Scotts Valley Center, make
unit each semester.                                                       sure to notify the Administrative Assistant there and the BELA
Exceptions: You may do your flex time outside of flex week. They must     Division Office of your absence. Always make sure that your
not be your regular teaching days. For example, weekends, holidays,       absence report is turned in!!!
or evenings. You must obtain approval by the Dean.
DEADLINES: the deadline to submit all paperwork is the end of Flex
Week. The contract needs to be signed by you and Dean. The                Final Exam Changes
deadline for Individual Flex Agreements is also the end of Flex Week.     If you wish to change your final exam time, follow these steps:
For further information please see Glenn Dixon.                                Check with the class for 100% total agreement and make
                                                                                  sure no one has a conflicting final.
                                                                               Check with Sarah or Glenn to make sure there is a room
                                                                                  available for the desired time.
Rosters                                                                        Send an email to Dean, James Weckler requesting
It is crucial that rosters be submitted in a timely manner. Rosters are           permission to make the change.
turned in online. Please refer to WebAdvisor instructions online at the   Please note: All classes must meet the week of final exams, as
BELA homepage. If you have any questions or problems, please ask          this is part of the contract.
an IDA. A deadline calendar has been included in this packet.

Technical support
For technical and computer assistance or audio/video questions, the
technical support number is 479-6392. Staff is available at this number
                                                                           We have limited custodial services, so please help your
                                                                           colleagues by remembering to:
from 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. If you need to submit a service                Erase the whiteboard.
request, go to the college web page on your computer on campus and              Replace chairs/tables if you move them.
type in “help” in the URL address bar. This will take you to the college        Turn out the lights.
help desk page. Call or request at least 48 hours in advance.                   No food/drink in labs or classrooms.
                                                                                Lock rooms that are alarmed.
Most classrooms are equipped with:                                         Parking Permits
   TV                                                                     Faculty parking stickers are available at the College Bank (hours:
   DVD/VCR                                                                9am-3pm).
                                                                           A second permit is available for $2.00. Plastic hangers are also
   Overhead projector
                                                                           available for $2.00. Some form of picture ID is required to pick up
   A multimedia cabinet
                                                                           staff parking permits and know your license plate number. You can
   White Dry-Erase Board                                                  choose a bus pass instead of a parking permit.
CD/Cassette players are available by request and you can reserve
LCDs (portable laptop/projector).                                          Textbooks/Desk Copies
                                                                           Textbooks/Desk copies that arrive will be kept in the division office,
Please give a weeks notice for usage. This equipment returned to the       room 501 or sent to respective campuses, for two weeks. After
BELA office after class so that others who need it can use it.             that, they will be placed in storage for another two weeks. Desk
                                                                           copies can be arranged by contacting your publisher.
Field Trips/ Outside Activities
There is a “Field Trip/Excursion Release” form that needs to be filled
by instructor, approved by the Dean, and signed by students. Please        Reserve material
complete and notify Division office of outing at least two weeks before    Materials can be reserved at the Library at 479-6148. Please pick
event.                                                                     up all materials by the end of the semester.

It is important that you make the checking Cabrillo email a part of
                                                                         Returned Student Projects
                                                                         We ask that you no longer leave papers in division mailboxes for
your routine. The Instruction, BELA and Cabrillo Administration          student pick up. There is an issue of confidentiality. This includes
offices will send out important notes ONLY on that account. It is also   final exams, special projects, portfolios, and corrected papers.
the one we hand out to students to contact you. Some students            Please ask students for a self-addressed, stamped envelope, if
emails are filtered out so be sure to check the spam mail. Please        they would like materials returned to them.
make it a point to check your email messages on a regular basis
as students depend on you to answer their questions and                  Office
concerns.                                                                An office will be assigned to you as soon as we know your office
You can forward your Cabrillo College email to your personal email.      hours. If you prefer to hold your office hour in the classroom,
Contact Glenn for directions                                             please let us know. All offices have a computer, file cabinet,
                                                                         bookcase, and phone. If you have moved to a new office, return
Phones                                                                   previous key to Division office.
All faculties will receive a voicemail extension for messages. We have   Office Hours
also had many complaints from students that they call and leave          Time requirement for office hours: 17 minutes per week per unit.
messages but never get calls back. Please make it a point to check       For example, a 3 unit class would require a 50 minute office hour
voicemail messages on a regular basis as students depend on              per week. Please turn in your office hours for the upcoming
you to answer their questions and concerns.                              semester to Sarah before the current semester is over.
The phones are all on the Cabrillo College phone system:
 Dial “9” to get an outside line.                                        Maintenance Requests
 To access your voicemail from off campus dial 479-5000                  Contact Glenn or Sarah for any maintenance issues with your
 Watsonville Center extensions may be dialed from an outside line        class room or office. We will submit the request to M&O for you.
    with a 477 prefix.
 An IDA will assist you with problems programming your voice
                                                                          BELA Calendar
    mailbox and retrieving your messages from home.
 Classroom phones are to be used for security purposes and
    classroom assistance ONLY.

Handbook                        IMPORTANT DATES AND ACTIVITIES FOR
                                             Fall 2008
                         ACTIVITY                        DATE                                     TIME        PLACE
Last Day to Add or Drop for Fall 2008 Full Term Courses with   Saturday, 09/13/08                         A&R
Census Day                                                     Monday, 09/15/08                  5:00pm   WebAdvisor
Deadline to drop a full-term course without a “W”              Saturday, 09/27/08                         A&R
Deadline for credit/no credit option                           Saturday, 10/04/08                         A&R
Deadline to apply for AA/AS degree or certificate              Friday, 11/21/08                           Counseling
Deadline to withdraw from full-term                            Saturday, 11/22/08                         WebAdvisor
Final Exams                                                    Saturday, 12/13/08 thru Friday,
Grade Rosters                                                  Monday, 12/22/08                           Grade Desk
Last Day to Submit Special Studies                             Thursday, 10/23/08                Noon     Sandra
Syllabus for Fall 2008 EMAILED                                 Friday, 09/12/08                  4:00pm   Email to Sarah
Availability Forms for Fall 2009                               Friday, 09/12/08                  4:00pm   Sarah
Credit By Exam deadline                                        Wednesday, 11/26/08               3:00pm   A&R
Flex Forms & agreements                                        Monday, 09/02/08                  5:00pm   Glenn
Textbooks for Wintersession 2009                               Friday, 09/26/08                  5:00pm   Glenn
Textbooks for Spring 2009                                      Friday, 10/17/08                  5:00pm   Glenn
Office Hours for Spring 2009                                   Wednesday, 11/26/08               4:00pm   Sarah
Winter 2009 Schedule on campus                                 Wednesday, 10/22/08
Spring 2009 Schedule on campus                                 Tuesday, 12/09/08
                         ACTIVITY                           DATE                       TIME         PLACE

Labor Day                                    Monday, 09/01/08
Veteran’s Day                                Tuesday, 11/11/08
Thanksgiving                                 Thursday 11/27/08 and Friday 11/28/08
Notices go out to evaluatees                 Monday, 08/29/08

Evaluation Notices returned to IDA           Friday, 09/05/08                         5:00pm    Glenn
Evaluators teams are formed                  Friday, 09/12/08
Evaluator self evaluation/resume             Friday, 09/26/08                         5:00pm    Glenn
Evaluator confirmation                       Friday, 09/26/08                         5:00pm    James
Site Visits                                  Monday, 09/22/08 thru Friday, 10/31/08   5:00pm    Glenn
Student Evaluation due to IDA                Friday, 11/14/08                         5:00pm    Glenn
All evaluation narratives due to Dean        Friday, 11/14/08                         5:00pm    Email to James
Dean meets with all evaluatees               Monday, 11/03/08 thru Friday, 12/05/08   Various   James
Evaluations Complete                         Friday, 12/05/08
Curriculum Business Meeting – No Proposals   Wednesday, 09/10/08                      3:00pm-   TBA
Curriculum Materials Distributed             Monday, 09/15/08
1st Curriculum Meeting                       Wednesday, 09/17/08                      3:00pm-   TBA
2nd Curriculum Meeting                       Wednesday, 09/24/08                      3:00pm-   TBA
Spring 09 SCHEDULE
1st galleys available                        Monday, 10/13/08
2nd galleys available                        Tuesday, 10/21/08
                                             Monday, 09/08/08                         5:30pm    Sesnon House
                                             Monday, 10,06.08                         5:30pm    Sesnon House
                                             Monday, 11/03/08                         5:30pm    Sesnon House
                                             Monday, 12/01/08                         5:30pm    Sesnon House
08/20 – 09/19                                Thursday, 9/18/08                        4:00pm    Dawn
09/20 – 10/19                                Thursday, 10/16/08                       4:00pm    Dawn
10/20 – 11/19                                Tuesday, 11/18/08                        4:00pm    Dawn
11/20 – 12/19                                Thursday, 12/18/08                       4:00pm    Dawn
12/20 – 01/19                                Thursday, 1/15/09                        4:00pm    Dawn

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