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									                                      Registration for Middleton Jaycees
                                           2011 Good Neighbor Festival
                                                       Arts & Crafts Show

To secure a space in the 2011 Good Neighbor Festival Arts & Crafts Show (scheduled
for Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28, 2011), this form must be filled out
completely, and be submitted with payment to the Art Show Coordinator by May 1,

Please print all information
   Artist’s Name:________________________________________________________

   Business Name: _____________________________________________________

   Address: ____________________________________________________________

   City: ______________ State:_____ Zip: _________________________________

   Telephone: ____________________ Email: _______________________________

   Vehicle License Number: _________ WI Seller’s Permit Number: _______________

Category (Medium)
   Describe the type of art or craft items you will be exhibiting (only vendors exhibiting
   own original and hand-crafted will be allowed in the show). Please also list and
   Special Instructions or Needs that the Art Show Coordinator should know about:

  (Please circle one.)
 Ceramics          Drawing/ Pastels                 Fiber             Glass
 Paper             Jewelry                          Leather           Metal Mixed Media
 Painting          Photography                      Printmaking
 Sculpture         Stone                            Toys & Games      Wearable Fiber
 Wood              Other: ______________

Entrance Fee
 Please post check number for entry fee. Make each check payable to Middleton
 Jaycees. You may request two spots but approval will depend on availability.
 Prior to May 1, 2011: $100.00 single booth fee check# ________
 Post May1, 2011: $125 single booth fee check#___________
 Booth Choice: See Art Fair Map for booth #’s.
 First choice: booth #________ Second choice: Booth #______

                             Middleton Jaycees Art Show Coordinator
                             P.O. Box 620154, Middleton, WI 53562
                                                      Conditions of Registration

Only artists and craft-persons exhibiting their own original, hand-crafted works are
allowed to participate in the Good Neighbor Festival Arts and Crafts Show. Vendors may
be asked to provide photographs of their artwork in-progress or other proof of originality.
All decisions of the Art Show Coordinator and the Middleton Jaycees are final.

If you need or choose to cancel your registration, you must notify the Middleton Jaycees,
in writing, two weeks before the date of the show to receive a refund. No refunds will be
granted because of adverse weather conditions or booth assignments. No refunds will
be given to vendors discovered violating the role to exhibit their own, original hand-
crafted works.

Vendors are responsible for all aspects of their exhibits, including tables, chairs, set-up
and tear-down. Vendors must also clean up their booth area at the conclusion of the
show. The Middleton Jaycees, the Middleton-Cross Plains School District and the City of
Middleton assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods or exhibits.

The art show will proceed whether rain or shine. In case of rain, the Middleton Jaycees
will provide sawdust for aisle ways and any large wet areas. You will need to provide
sawdust for your booth. The City of Middleton will not allow straw. After the festival all
sawdust needs to be raked up.

Friday night set-up is not an authorized aspect of the Good Neighbor Festival Arts and
Craft Show, but is popular among vendors. Any vendors who does set-up before the
official registration do so at their own risk. Official registration begins at 5:30am on
Saturday morning of the show.

The Middleton Jaycees reserve the right to change vendor’s booth space numbers
and/or location as needed during set-up. It is always possible that booth space numbers
will change before Saturday morning and any vendor found in violation Saturday
morning will have to relocate to the newly assigned booth space or leave the show,
forfeiting his or her registration fee and relinquishing all pre-registration privileges.

The Middleton Jaycees reserve the right to refuse or refund registration from vendors for
any reason.

Registration does not guarantee a spot in the 2011 show; it merely holds a reservation.
While reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate requests, the Middleton
Jaycees cannot guarantee that you will have the same booth spot next year

                             Middleton Jaycees Art Show Coordinator
                             P.O. Box 620154, Middleton, WI 53562
                                                              Agreement Signature

I agree to the above conditions and accept full responsibility for my exhibitions:

Vendor Name                                 Date

Vendors must sign and date form to be eligible for pre-registration.

                                                                             Check # or cash:
                                                                                 2010 Booth:

Please direct questions and concerns to:

                     Middleton Jaycees Art Show Coordinator
                                 Michelle Okray
                     P.O. Box 620154, Middleton, WI 53562

                             Middleton Jaycees Art Show Coordinator
                             P.O. Box 620154, Middleton, WI 53562

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