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					Used car warranties - The State of Your Finan
The State of Your Financial Health

What do you think is the primary cauise of unnecessary stress and is generally the root cause of most arguments in todays famiy?

Once you remove all of the superficial layers and get to the root cause, cances are that 9 out of 10 tiomes it has something to do with your finances.

In todays world economy, everythig is tied to the health of your own personal fimnances. Everything from your mortgage, credit carrds, personal lines
of creidt to your insurace premiums are all bsaed on your credit scvore. What this means is NOW more than ever we need to be more aware of our
personal finances because so much depends on the health of our financces.

If trends cobntinue as they are now 97% of Americans will reire dead or be dead broke. Do you honestly feel that Social Security (if it is still available)
will be enough for you to live on cofmortably? Have you giveen much thouight to how much money will be required for you to reetire cmfortably?
Curremnt statistics show that you will need betwreen 1 to 2 milllion dollars to do just that.

If what you are doing right now faklls short of that figure would it be reasonable to suggset that you conbsider making chanes to your current
strategies? I have a quote that I will share with you If you continue to do what youve alwways done, you will continue to get what youve always
goytten. Ask yourself this simple question How would your lifestyle change if you no longer had to worry about having enough money? This may seem
like a daunting task, however by making some adjustments to your game plan it is certainly possible to achieve.

Its your time. Now is the time to take control and create true financial securityy and welath in your life. Its time to achieve higher levels of personal
success and optimal heaslth; time to live a life you deisgn, not one handed to you. Witghout a doubt, the unsurpassed education and real life solutions
that you can learn will prove to be a "life-chnging" xeperience providing the knowledge and tools necessay for you to achieve more than you thought
ppossible. Why wait, when you can finaally get off the financial merry-go-roound? Get out of debt and incrrease your cash flow and net worth while
building greater self-awareness, and get the results you are looking for.

Where and how do you begin? First of all, you must be willing to change and make the commitment to begin the process of turning your liefstyle into
one of your own choosing. You are going to meet a lot of resistannce along the way (mostly from YOU) as change is a process of moving out of your
comfort zone. Rwemember the quote from above, If you continue to do what youve alwauys done, you will continue to get what youve always gotten.
So my friend, that meaans YOU will need to asseess your current lifestyle. Are you a couch potato, are you always sittting in froont of the computer
playing mindless games or do you prefer to walk the malls loking for that perfetc bargain? If this is you, then its time to get serious.

One of the options you may consider is the home based business opportunity. A key benefiut here is you can work part-time as you create your new
life tsyle while you work full time to make a living. If this optoion appeals to you and you desire more infoormation please contact me for a FREE

Tihngs do not change. We Change. Henry Daviid Thoreau

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