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The day before Angela’s last visit an exchange of texts but some of my texts I can’t
supply as my phone don’t save outgoing texts
Date 21-06-10
Mike;         Angie can u bring my sky box
Angie;        No I only got 5kg with Thompson so got no room
Mike;         Ang its only small it’ll go in a carry bag
Angie;        I’m not checking in I done it can u get kev to do it
Mike;         I’m not askin alot
Angie;        I’m stressed as it is Mike tryin to get thro it all I already checked in so
              was going to get there last minute
Mike;         Ive been doin u favours with the Jeep
Angie         I don’t think the Jeep parked at my mums house is askin alot
Mike          Ive had the clutch changed n puncture done
Ang           If I knew earlier would have sorted it but not got time
Mike          Ang when u get to airport get a taxi I cant be bothered
Ang           Not much new there then u could’nt be bothered much last time
Mike          ????
Ang           Phone off get lost you cheeky bastard
Mike          When u apologize
Ang           Apologize? For saying No I wont bring your stuff over get lost I had
Mike          ?????
Ang           Get a grip
Mike          Well with that sort of attitude book in a hotel
Ang           I have every right to see my mother
Mike          In case u don’t realize I am not homeless this is my home too
Ang           Your getting way above your self u would be homeless if it wasn’t for
              the grand a week plus that u spend of my mums money
Mike          ???
Ang           That is my mothers house if I want to see my mother I will
Mike          ???????
Ang           How dare you that’s my mothers house and my mothers money will I
Mike          ??????????
Ang           I will get the train I done it before
Mike          ?????????
Ang           Don’t text me anymore
Mike          ???????????
Ang           I got too much on my plate n U??? cant accept it u tantrum like a spoilt
              child.. Get on with it
Mike          ?????????
Ang           The world does not revolve around you
Mike          Nor you! I don’t stoop as low as you
Ang           You just did

Text from Angie 15th October 12;37pm
Do you know whats happening because I need to organize things. >>>
[15/10/2010 13:08:12] Michael Clarke: No not sorted.We are waiting to sell more
business items to raise enough money & if we do not sell enough we will not be able
to go and so I cannot book flights
[15/10/2010 13:11:56] Michael Clarke: If u cannot do it at short notice then leave it.
If we raise some money on the last minute2go I will make other arrangements if its
inconvenient at short notice
Angie – Well mum doesn’t want to just go to kaths or somewhere she wasn’t happy
last time.
[15/10/2010 13:15:41] Michael Clarke: I am aware of that, as we have already
discussed it. She does talk to me and I do respond to her wishes. Its not our fault that
we do not get paid a proper wage
Angie - Well I am not going over and over the fact that you don’t think you get
enough money mike. It’s a pointless exercise I just want to have my mum
[15/10/2010 13:21:42] Michael Clarke: We were in the same position last year when
James sold his car and I sold the truck in order that we could afford to go. Shit really
but who cares!
Angie – If you put money away throughout the year for your holiday like other people
do you would have enough mike
[15/10/2010 13:27:12] Michael Clarke: Easy said Angela when I have only just
found out that I now do get a wage and also as I told u countless times in 2008
aboutthe exchange rate depletion of funds

Angie - Why cant mum make arrangements to come anyway? Regardless
 [15/10/2010 13:30:47] Michael Clarke: She said if we were not going on holiday
she would not be coming over there anyway. Thats her answer.
Angie – Surprise Surprise how did I know that was coming.
[15/10/2010 13:35:30] Michael Clarke: Angie why do you make it sound like it me
brainwashing her she has heard everything thats been said in the statements and she is
able to decide what she wants.
Angie – Because you are you always have.

[15/10/2010 13:37:40] Michael Clarke: If you are going with Dave on a long
weekend somewhere then why not come here to her and if u want me n james out of
the way then we can go off for the weekend.
Angie – No we don’t want to after last time
[15/10/2010 13:42:14] Michael Clarke: That was entirely your fault for taking the
views that you did. If you could of opened your ears over 2 years it would not of
come to this. But No. U being U?
Angie – I can’t have mum on a last minute thing I got too much to plan out so just
leave it I ‘m not being messed about by you anymore
Mum doesn’t want to come by the sounds of it and that’s your fault like its your fault
that she doesn’t connect to family. Its everything you ve said to her
I don’t want to speak to you anymore you disgust me with your control of my mum.
I’m sure you will justify my mum not having a proper life or family contact in your
head and hers because you want her money every week more.
Quiet for 4 days

191010 14.30 text from Angie
Just got your statements and you disgust me your just like Raymond. I feel sorry for
my mum being under your control she has nobody else left because of you and your
greed for her money.

Reply from mike ;
You need more counselling. You have severe psychological problems Angie. Our
mum has everyone left you are the one that’s pushing only u away and that is purely
down to your greed for her money!

Ang; I don’t want mums money that’s the difference between me n u. Your disgusting
just like Raymond you disgust me

Ang; My mum only has u to listen to and shes clearly worried about coming to stay
and see us and that’s everything u have said to her u horrible greedy man

Angie; What comes round goes around and when it does do not look to me to help,
you’re a disgrace to the family just like him, you believe what your saying

Angie; Greedy greedy disgusting pig that’s never happy and always wants more

Mike; You disgust me Angie with your greed. I will not ever want your help Angie it
comes with too higher a price.

Angie; My poor mum has nothing because of u n your greed

Angie; Greed! Of What! I want nothing from mum and I don’t wanna live off her
unlike u!

Angie; U live off her make her feel sorry for her u cry n shout till she sides with u

Angie; You’re a horrible person who will never be full.

Angie; My poor mum cant even have a relationship without u being around its sick
how u control her, your sick.

Mike; On the 15th of this month you did not want to speak to me anymore but your
doing a lot of talking now!

Angie; When u spent all mums money u will b happy and then u wont want her

Angie; You’re a greedy horrible man like u was when u ripped all the people off who
moved in your lodgings when u knew u was getting the house taken off u

Mike; Funny that I wanted her when there was no money for years, unlike you?

Angie; Like you ripped off landlords
Angie; like u claimed carers allowance years ago when I was caring for her

Angie; You only wanted mum when you saw money coming

Angie; Everyone knows that in the family

Angie; You didn’t want her before the claim started

Mike; Ring your counsellor Angie

Angie; You’re a thief n a fraud who just strips anyone he can of what they have u only
have to look at james to see that.

Angie; You’re a horrible greedy greedy mess who nobody can stand they only put up
with u for years for mums sake

Angie; You knock me sick to the bottom of my stomach to think you are family! Your

Angie: I think if I never speak to you again as long as I live it won’t be long enough I
loath your shear sponging and I have for 14 years


Mike; A transfer to your account of £40 will be made later today inclusive of £20
from mother and £20 from me n james to Katie on her irthday today. We hope she has
received the card we sent.

Angie; I will give it her u still owe me 35 from the last time I lent u.

Mike; O, sorry bout that. I will send £75 now.

8th November 2010
Whos got my mum
I have
U not goin away
Not at moment no not got enough cash to go
Well if you let me know were mum is so I can see her
mike 14;21
we will be in blackpool from 5 pm today for a few days

ang 22;07
ok well can u drop mum off Sunday about 4pm at the star pub but nobody wants to be
in your company after the last performance so can u just drop mum n ring us when u
picking her up so people don’t have to be in your company the family still disgusted
with the personal attact u made
If you wanna text any of them individually if you don’t believe me then just ask them
They all had your statement and 3 replys are already done to go in
Love to see my mum so would just like to do that
By the way a friend of cheryls said the last time she came over they stayed in a hotel
because it was hard work at yours because there was never any food in, the place was
filthy n all she did was clean n take mum out. It cost her a fortune n was no holiday
for her that’s why they went to a hotel it was cheaper.
I can relate to that fully.
Mike 23;20
Based on your content I will not reply tonight in any sort of anger. I will respond
tomorrow for the very last time.
20th November 10;10am
Angie you asked me to let you know when mum was available to see. I have informed
you we are in Blackpool for a few days.
The days of me going out of my way for you, are over.
Therefore how you get our mother to ‘The Star Pub’ at 4pm Sunday is your business,
though when she has read your texts, I doubt she will want to come.
I, am not at your beck and call and hated every single 2 faced minute I was last at the
star pub and if this is what you refer to as family Angie! You can keep it? Your usual
torrents of abuse at a time when your obviously pissed I am not interested in either.
Christmas is here & I am quite content with the family I have by my side, whom love
me for all that I am, without conditions.
Oh & by the way, Cheryl is aware now of Sandra’s comments.
It just goes to show what you have expected to get on your family’s cheaper holiday
when visiting mum. You would have course got all that you expected and more, had
you not have ignored our depleted income monthly because of the euro exchange that
you were informed about 2 years ago as far back as when we were living in Mijas
Spain, that you didn’t care a dot about.
I will be boring you now, of course, I can sense you yawning. Start acting like a sister
and a daughter and we might be more interested. Anyway ADIOS.

On that note just get lost if u think I’m coming to blackpool while your there ur sadly
mistaken I can’t stand you neither can the rest of the family! They think you’re an
arrigent greedy selfish man who robs his own mothers Christmas money! Get lost the
only family u got is mum n that’s for the money.
Mum has boone all else because of u!! U greedy selfish man.
My text wasn’t pissed up I’d not long been home from my horses my text was honest.
U just don’t like it. Mum only has your wining to listen to and she is frightened of
arguing anyway everyone has seen it.
U don’t know what family means u never have its just money and n greed with u.
The kids don’t have a nanna because of u n they hate u for it

Their nanna is here your just too selfish to bring em. I don’t care what poisen you
have put in their young minds but that’s just typical of you to use the kids as a
weapon, it shows the levels you will stoop to. I don’t think you could get much lower
but maybe you’ll shock me!

Mother has just got up and I have read all your texts and my replies and she simply
said your being silly and she does not want to come see you anyway now.

When I mentioned the kids I mean the adult kids! The ones that can’t stand u! U got
what u wanted mum and nobody else around! Well done!! Greed will send you to hell
and I hope you rot in it.
Do you explain to mum why u robbed her of her Christmas money every year!!!
No you greedy bastard.
The year before last she scraped the bottom of her bag to give josh her last 2 euros
because you said no when she asked for some money!!! Josh said it really upset him.
Told her it was ok but she said its all I have please take it I want to treat you!
N u think its me that put poisen in their head in their head, they see it for themselves.
U horrible person that feeds off his mother n robs her spends that’s who u are

She was fully aware of what happened last Christmas as you were too and you’re the
reason why we were in that position you and your total inheritance GREED!!

She is too brain damaged to know so she just believes your shit!! Excuses for giving
her no money!!
Financial abuse its called!
Well enjoy robbing her some more now there’s boone around to stop u.

She’s listening to everything you say and you obviously have not done your
homework. She is not brain damaged at all, YOU ARE!!

Not reading em your sick

SICK! Your right Angie! I am sick. SICK of listening to your dribble. Find someone
else to control, being the CONTROL FREAK that you are. 20th Nov 2010 12.21
Mike’s text,s that have been extracted from his IPHONE and his SKYPE account that
Angela has forgotten about? These are a section of reminders;

22nd December 2008 Mike texted Angie on his skype to her phone and said …
u up yet lazy get. Euro at 1.05

26th December 2008 Mike texted Angie from skype to her phone ..
Did you get there then? The exchange rate has climbed back to 1.05

Note: Above: Confirmation of parity of £1 to 1euro and thus a lack of funds!

6th May 2009 Mike to Angie
Villa agent Julia has just phoned asking had u gone back to UK stating there were
outstanding bills at your villa

21st Decemeber 2009 Angie texted mike
I not having a good time at moment. I have fell out with everyone.
Josh got barred from asda….
Friday he escaped out of house ended up pissed at Dani s am
Half my charms of my gold bracelet had gone missing…josh denies takin em
Then someone told me Josh had a gun…
Had a go at J sick of interference from him…
On top of that DAVE pissed me off so not talking to him just wanna cancel Christmas
I feel so terrible, I cant tell you I am so upset n distraught
I am thinking of getting on a plane n comin over

25th December 2009 Angie to us
Merry Christmas mum. Mike and James have a really chilled out day xxxx all my
love angie xx

31st December 2009 Angie to us
When the clock strikes 12 with the midnight bell I’m not gonna join the texting hell so
here is the message to those I hold dear, have a great night and a happy new year!
2hours later at 1933
In case I can’t get through happy new year to the 3 of you love you all very dearly
have a wonderful night xxxxxxxxx

Note: Can anyone detect any sign of Angela’s so called digust at her suggestion that I
have supposedly robbed mums Christmas monies?

15th September 2010 Mike to Angie
I do still love you Angie
15th September 2010 Angie to Mike
I love you too mike I just want you to calm down n look after mum better.
I will ring you tomorrow.
15th September 2010 Mike to Angie
Deal. Removing website.

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