Alaska by yaofenji


									Association Name / State Alaska

Contact Person Mary Ann Rowe

Dates and Location of Convention February 23-24, Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, AK

   1. What dates should the ALTA Representative plan to attend?

   22, 23, 24 (we have a board meeting on the 22nd and a special dinner for board
   members and ALTA representative at 5:00 on Thursday

   2. Should the ALTA Representative make his or her hotel reservations directly or
      should they coordinate with you? Will the room be comped?

      Make own reservations. Room not comp.

   3. Are you the primary contact person for the ALTA Representative? If not, who is
      the appropriate person?


   4. Will the ALTA Representative be included in the program as a presenter or
      speaker? If so, what date, time, and duration? Note – a minimum of 30 minutes is

   Yes, please. We need a minimum of 50 minutes, max 1 hr. Contact regarding speaking.

   5. Will the ALTA Representative be inducting the incoming officers? If so, when will
      this take place? Will an oath of office be provided?

      We are pretty casual. No oath of office, we just pass the gavel and give gag gift
      to outgoing president. It takes place at annual meeting on fri a.m.

   6. What is the general attire for the convention?
Casual. Levi’s, dockers, sweaters (no suits)this is a ski resort, so whatever keeps
you warm.

7. Is there a banquet, opening reception, and / or other primary event that the ALTA
   Representative should attend? If so, when will this take place and what is the

We have banquet on Fri. night (and auction)
Dockers are fine. The wives do not need dresses either. Casual again. You may
see one or two casual jackets, but leave the ties at home.

8. Are there any committee meetings, small group gatherings, or other special
   events, including the Board meeting, you’d like for the ALTA representative to
   attend? If so, what are the dates and times of these events?

If they are here in time for the Thursday dinner. We also have a board meeting
Thurs the 22nd at 2:30. Our annual meeting is at 9 on Friday.

9. Is it possible to get a copy of the program in advance? (Send to C. Davidge at


10. What is the expected number of attendees? Are some of them guests or

70 (not many spouses attend)

11. Will there be an area for Exhibits? If so, what is the expected number of

No (we are too small)
12. Additional information we should pass onto the ALTA Representative?
 We are looking forward to having everyone there. If they are skiers, the runs are
great. We already have over 20 feet of snow on the mountain.

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