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									    Gold Masque Fall Drama:                  Romeo and

This form MUST be presented at the time of the audition.

If there are any questions about auditions, the rehearsal process, or the production, please email Mr.
Samarro at

Name __________________________________                          Home Phone ________________________

Circle any roles you are interested in:

1.      Romeo
2.      Benvolio
                                                    Male Or Female
3.      Mercutio
                                                    11.   Chorus/Prince Escalus
4.      Friar Laurence
                                                    12.   Sampson/Page
5.      Capulet
                                                    13.   Gregory/Watch 4
6.      Tybalt
                                                    14.   Balthasar/Servant
7.      Abram/Paris
                                                    15.   Lady Montague/Peter/Apothecary
                                                    16.   Montague/Friar John
                                                    17.   First Citizen/Party Guest 2/Watch 1
8.     Juliet
                                                    18.   Second Citizen/Party Guest 3/Watch 2
9.     Nurse
                                                    19.   Second Capulet/Watch 3
10.    Lady Capulet
                                                    20.   Prince’s Attendant/Party Guest 1

Email __________________________________                         Cell Phone __________________________
Will you accept any role offered to you?                   yes       no
Would you accept an understudy role?                  yes           no
If not cast, would you be interested in serving on a crew?                  yes         no
If you are cast, would also be interested in serving on a crew?                   yes        no
If so, circle which crew(s) you are interested in:

Costume                   Lighting                  Makeup                   Painting        Marketing
Props                       Run Crew                      Set Construction            Sound               Ushering

Can you play any instruments?                       yes      no
         If yes, list: _______________________________________________________________

Do you sing?      yes       no              Do you fence?          yes     no
Do you have any objections to kissing another actor on stage if necessary?    yes                                    no

Do you prefer rehearsing . . .                      3pm - 6pm                 6pm - 9pm                 either is fine
(Note: This is just to get a sense of your preferences; if you have actual conflicts with certain times, let us know on the
calendar on the next page.)

List any previous theatre, dance, or vocal performance experience (production, producers,
year, role):

List any special training you have received in acting, singing or dance (include the number of

List any specialized skills that you have (For example: I can juggle or I can ride a unicycle. or I can do
magic tricks.):

T-SHIRT SIZE:        XS      S    M      L     XL      XXL        XXXL

MEN: Waist _____ Shirt _____ Suit _____ Shoe _____

WOMEN: Dress _____ Waist _____ Shoe _____

Have you ever quit a Gold Masque show—or any show with any company?                                       yes          no
If “yes”, describe the circumstances in the space below?
If you participate in a sport or an activity that meets between now and the production,
please provide your coach’s name and email address.

         Sport or Activity _____________________________________
         Coach or Advisor’s Name ______________________________
         Coach or Advisor’s Email ______________________________

On the calendar below, please indicate any blocks of time you are not available for rehearsal--i.e.
“5:30 – 7:30 private ice fishing lessons.” Be sure to include any conflicts in the evenings as well.
If you are unavailable for the entire day, please draw an X through the calendar day. Outside of
illness and family emergencies, any absences from rehearsal that occur on days/times other
than what you list here will not be excused. To the best of our ability, the rehearsal schedule will
be created around people’s conflicts. We may ask you to try and make some rearrangements to your
personal schedule if we can not accommodate what you’ve listed below. Please note: during the
last two weeks of the production we need everyone for every rehearsal without exception.
Also, keep in mind that too many conflicts could affect how you are cast in the show.

       Monday          Tuesday      Wednesday            Thursday           Friday          Saturday
                                                  9/15              9/16             9/17

9/19            9/20             9/21             9/22              9/23             9/24

9/26            9/27             9/28             9/29              9/30             10/1

10/3            10/4             10/5             10/6              10/7             10/8

10/10           10/11            10/12            10/13             10/14            10/15

10/16           10/17            10/18            10/19             10/20            10/21

10/23           10/24            10/25            10/26             10/27            10/28

10/30           11/1             11/2             11/3              11/4             11/5
11/7               11/8              11/9               11/10             11/11              11/12

11/14              11/15             11/16              11/17             11/18              11/19

                                                        Performance       Performance        Performance



                                    THE POLICIES OF THE SHOW

Attendance Policy
It is imperative that cast attends rehearsals as expected. It is understood that illnesses and emergencies can
arise; however, clear and direct communication about such incidences is expected. In the event that you are
absent from school, you are to send an email to Mr. Samarro, Mr. Haddad, Ms. Sporn, and the student Stage
Manager, so they can make arrangements to rehearse without you. Any other absence will not be excused. If
there is an attendance issue, it is likely that an understudy will replace you.

Memorization Policy
To be part of a show requires some homework, including reviewing blocking and choreography on your own,
doing some character work, practicing your songs, and memorizing lyrics and lines. If lines, lyrics, blocking
and choreography are not memorized by their deadlines, it is likely that an understudy will replace you.

                                  THE POLICIES OF GOLD MASQUE

Participation in the Ramapo High School Gold Masque productions is a privilege, not a right. This privilege
is earned every day by your behavior. This privilege can be revoked.

Rules, Standards, Policies:

1.       Every Gold Masque student is expected to adhere to all school policies. Any student in violation of
         these rules will be subject to disciplinary actions by the administration and/or Gold Masque staff.

2.       Gold Masque students represent the Gold Masque group both during performances and throughout
         the school year. The school looks to Gold Masque students for leadership in school and in the

3.       Gold Masque students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings, rehearsals, performances and
         set strikes. Any unexcused absence will subject the student to disciplinary action, which could
         possibly include forfeiture of a part, suspension and/or dismissal from the group for the current
         school year and exclusion from participating in future shows.

4.       Gold Masque students are responsible for the care of any costumes or props placed in their care.

5.       Gold Masque students are expected to respect the facilities they use at RHS. Facilities are not to be
         used by a student without supervision of the Director or Assistant Directors. If you come to
         rehearsal or set construction and the Director is not there, wait outside the Auditorium and use the
         time to go over your lines, music, and choreography. There is no eating or drinking in the
         Auditorium, and students MUST clean up all sites that they use.
6.       All Directors, Assistant Directors, Designers and any adult affiliated with the program is to be
         address by Mr./Mrs./Ms. and their last name. No adults are on a first name basis with students.

7.       In order to participate in a rehearsal or performance students must be in school by 11:00 a.m. on the
         day of rehearsal or performance.

8.       Gold Masque students are discouraged from going on vacation during the rehearsal/production time
         periods. Rehearsals and set construction may be scheduled during the fall, winter and spring breaks.

9.       All Gold Masque students are encouraged to collect at least $100 worth of ads for the playbill and to
         sell at least 10 tickets to the performances.

____________________________________________                            _____________________________
Student Signature                                                       Date

____________________________________________                            _____________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                               Date

     For parents and guardians:

      If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Samarro

     Name ________________________                     Email ________________________
     Home Phone: __________________                    Cell Phone ____________________

     In case of an emergency, please contact the following person:
     Name ________________________                     Phone ________________________

     If you are willing to help with the production, please circle your area of interest.

          Concessions                Hair              Painting         Publicity
          Costuming                  Makeup            Props            Set Construction

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