True Colors by wuyunqing


									Personalities, Careers,
& Multiple Intelligences
Julie Lockwood,
CVHS Library Media Specialist/
      VE II Coordinator
USD 436
Caney, KS
Teaching is the art of
stimulating the student,
and it is painfully obvious
that we are having a
difficult time stimulating
this generation.
        -Chad Foster
          (teenagers preparing for the real world)
Bear In Mind
Most people are a combination of
Identifying your personality can
 help you improve your
 communication skills.
Identifying your students’
 personality can help you improve
 their learning.
Yellow --What’s Important
Yellow --Takes Pride In
Job Satisfaction

    Yellow -- Positives/
 Power Words (Resume)
Yellow --Desires

    Yellow --Worries &
       Has Anxiety
Lack of Control
$$$ Insecurity
Yellow - Careers
Administrative Assistant
Insurance Agent
Financial Advisor
    OSU Orange--What’s
OSU Orange--Takes Pride

OSU Orange--Positives/
   Power Words (Resume)
Taking Action
OSU Orange--Desires
  OSU Orange--Worries &
      Has Anxiety
Being on Time
Unnecessary Routine
Lack of $$$
Rigid Rules/Expectations
   OSU Orange - Careers
Law Enforcement
Health Care Profession
Pilots & Captains
Vacation/Travel Industry
Cosmetology/Recreation Adv.
    Royal Blue--What’s
Royal Blue--Desires

Royal Blue--Positives/
   Power Words (Resume)
Royal Blue--Desires

   Royal Blue--Worries &
        Has Anxiety
Time Limits
Lack of Romance
      Royal Blue - Careers
Health Care Professions
Education Employees
Human Services
Child Care Workers
Service Industry
 –Host/Hostess, Drivers, Customer

   Dark Green--What’s
Intellectual Achievements

Dark Green--Takes Pride In
High Achievement
Recognition of Ideas
Personal Achievement
Meeting Challenges
Dark Green--Positives/
   Power Words (Resume)
Dark Green--Desires
Need to Understand
Truth & Facts
  Dark Green--Worries &
       Has Anxiety
In competency
Nonsense Rules
    Dark Green - Careers
Laboratory Employees
Computer Techs
FBI, CIA, Homicide Detectives
 Read about Topics for All Subjects
 Group Projects
 Write Speeches/Stories
 Keep Journals
 Any Type of Writing
 Complete Crossword Puzzles

Famous Examples
 Charles Dickens
 Abraham Lincoln
 T.S. Eliot
 Sir Winston Churchill
Taken From:

 Evaluate Ideas
 Analyze Data
 Organize Facts
 Form Hypotheses
 Problem Solve
  Clue Finders-Software
 Calculate/Graph
 Solve Math Problems

Famous Examples
 Albert Einstein
 John Dewey
Taken From:


 Design a Brochure, Postcard, Letterhead,
 Illustrate Pictures for Stories on a Subject
 Take Photographs
 Draw or Map a Topic
 Create Plays/Skits

Famous Examples
 Picasso
 Frank Lloyd Wright
Taken From:

   Poetry-Gilligan’s Island
   Poetry-Goodbye Earl
   Poetry-Hero
   War-Osama
   War-Johnny Comes Marching Home
   War-Swing Low
   Nature
   Play Music in the Classroom

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Famous Examples
 Mozart
 Leonard Bernstein
 Ray Charles
Taken From:

 Perform/Act Out Plays/Create Movies
 Develop a Ball to Teach
  Spelling, Terms & Definitions, Math Facts
 Hands On Learning
  Build, Manipulate, Experiments
 Touch/Feel
  (Draw in Sand, Type, Write, Computer
 Create Projects & Put Things Together
 Explore/Visit Places
 Physical Activities
 Interview Experts Over Subject Material
Famous Examples
 Charlie Chaplin
 Michael Jordan
Taken From:

 Look @ Environment in all Subject Matter
 Record Observations (size, color, changes)
 Nature Videos
 Observe natural Phenomena (weather)
 Observe Nature
  Take a hike, camp, visit zoos, oceans, etc.
 Grow Plants/Raise Animals
 Take Care of Plants & Animals
 Sort & Categorize (non-natural pasta, nuts, bolts)
 Have Plants & Animals in the Classroom
Famous Examples
 Charles Darwin
 E. O. Wilson
Taken From:

 Teamwork
  Team Projects/Presentations, Team Goals, Sharing
 Discuss Issues with Others
 Tutor Classmates
 Role Plays
 Simulations
 Problem Solver
 Leader

Famous Examples
 Gandhi
 Ronald Reagan
 Mother Teresa
 Oprah Winfrey
Taken From:

 To Do List
 Set Goals
 Have a Plan
 Reflect on Moods, Situations, Topics
 Very Individual/Can Take Charge
 Very Expressive About Opinions
 Weigh Alternatives
 Read, Write, Research, and Think

Famous Examples
 Freud
 Eleanor Roosevelt
 Plato
Taken From:

9th Intelligence
Existential Intelligence
 Sensititivity
 Tackle Deep Questions about Human
 Meaning of Life
 Why Do We Die
 How Did We Get Here

Famous Example
 Billy Graham
 Mel Gibson

 Verbal/Linguistic
  They are informed (read, write, & great
 Interpersonal
  Leader, Problem Solvers, Thrive on Goals
 Intrapersonal
  List, Goals, Plan, Take Charge

OSU Orange
 Visual /Spatial
  Creative, Dreamers, Think Out of the Box
 Musical/Rhythmic
  Enjoy the Sound
 Bodily/Kinesthetic
  Need Movement/Activity & Change
 Naturalist
  Like to Go, Do, & See
 Interpersonal
  Enjoy Activities with Others

Royal Blue
 Verbal/Linguistic
  Reading & Writing are an Escapes, Enjoy Making
  Others Feel Good with Notes, Stories, & Jokes.
 Logical/Mathematical
  Listen well, Hypotheses, & Solve Problems
 Musical/Rhythmic
   Music is Romantic & Soothing
 Interpersonal
  Enjoy making peace with others.

Dark Green
 Logical/Mathematical
  Problem Solvers, Evaluate, Analyze
 Naturalist
  Observe & Record Facts
 Intrapersonal
  Loners, Goals, Reflect, Read, Write, &

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