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                                                                                                        LEGAL ADVICE
The Different Types of
                                                                 Employment Solicitors - These solicitors help work
                                                                 with employees and employers to settle disputes. Unfair
                                                                 dismissal cases are an example.
                                                                 There are solicitors such as Blackburn & Co, a firm
                                                                 of solicitors based in Dorchester that are able to cater
If you find yourself in a legal fix, or in need of help with     for a multitude of circumstances. John Blackburn has
a legal problem, hiring a solicitor to help you get through      experience within various different aspects of law which
it is probably the right solution. Even legal problems           is very beneficial to individuals or businesses that have
that seem very straight forward may end up having wide           complicated cases or of who may have more than one
reaching implications. Only a person who’s been trained          issue to deal with.
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Since there are many different legal problems you may
find yourself in, there are just as many different types of
solicitors. Specialist solicitors will have expertise in a
particular area, but may not be as well trained in others.                 
Here are some basics about the various types of solicitors.
Many everyday situations require the advice of someone
who knows what to do when it comes to the law. For                 
instance, the simple act of buying property requires

a solicitor to help things go easily. If you get a traffic
violation that you don’t feel was your fault, you might
consult someone about what to do next, and property suits
also require the help of a solicitor.
Property Solicitors - A property solicitor or conveyancing                    
solicitor is the person you’ll go to if you’re putting in an
offer for a flat or a house. This person will be able to make
sure that everything is happening legally, and that you’ll
end up with the property. Your property solicitor can also
help make things go a little more quickly and easily.
                                                                            
Divorce Solicitors - While everyone wants to believe
that marriage is forever, often it’s not. When a divorce
is needed, you’ll want to contact a divorce solicitor for
help. This person can help you get the important legal                  
matters worked out, divide up property, and achieve a fair
settlement.                                                                   
Injury Solicitors - If you’ve been injured in a situation that
wasn’t your fault, and would like to seek compensation,
talking to an injury solicitor might help. You can get
advice on what to do, and, if needed, file a suit against the
individual or company that’s responsible for your injury.
Tax Solicitors - Business owners will be familiar with
this type of solicitor. They’re there to help you deal with
your taxes, and they know all there is to know about the
complicated UK tax system. If you want to stay on the
                                                                          
good side of Inland Revenue, contact a tax solicitor.                           
Commercial Solicitors - Another business related type,
commercial solicitors specialise in business disputes,                        
contract arrangements, and similar legal matters. People
who want to start their own business and aren’t sure what               
legal papers need to be filed, those who need to dispute the       
actions of another business, and people who need to draw
up a contract can all make use of a commercial solicitor.                          

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