Standards and Conformity Assessment in the Middle East An

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					                  Paper presented by
                   Mr.Talaat Al-Dafer
                    Director General
 Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization
                   Rabat - Morocco

   Standards and Conformity Assessment
    In The Arab Countries: An Overview
AIDMO -2002                                            1

               Enhance Trade

              Quality Assurance

AIDMO -2002                       2

Agreed upon Standards
(Regional & International)    Breaking
                             The Borders

    AIDMO -2002                                      3
 Standardization                    1958
                           1st   Conference on
      at the                     standards
Arab regional level
                           Permanent Tech
                          Standards Committ

                                           Application of
                                             SI system
                    of NSBs
                                              of units
                          Activity of ASMO
                         WITH TEN MEMBER


   Mineral Resources                                           &
                          Industrial Development           Metrology

   AIDMO -2002                                                            4

      JORDAN               SYRIA          LIBYA

      UNITED ARAB          SOMALIA        EGYPT
      BAHRAIN              IRAQ           MOROCCO

      TUNISIA              OMAN           MAURITANIA

      ALGERIA              PALESTINE      YEMEN

      DJIBOUTI             QATAR

      SAUDI                KUWAIT
      SUDAN                LEBANON

AIDMO -2002                                       5
Promoting the quality of products and the unification
of standards to enhence commercial exchange and
cooperation in the related activities through the
following :
1. Unification of symbols, terms, definitions, types, testing, analysis and
     assessment methods, design basis and implementation in Arab
2.    Issuing Unified Arab Standards for raw materials, goods, products,
     technical implementation systems in line with the international
     standards taking into account the Arab circumstances.
3.   Development of skills of Cadres from member states in different fields
     of standards: quality control, and testing methods.
4.   Issuing, and adopting of marks and symbols of conformity of goods
     and products to Arab Standards, and setting up systems related to
     terms of use and conformity Marks.
5.   Assisting Arab States in the Establishment and or development of
     national standardization bodies to protect the consumer and to
     improve the quality of products

AIDMO -2002                                                           6
The role of HCCS

 Assisting AIDMO in the formulation of policies, elaboration of work
    programs for standards, Laboratories, quality, and the required
    surveys in this field.
   Establishment of Arab Standards' Committees or their elimination, the
    adoption of their work programmes and the follow-up of their
   Suggesting of training programmes for Arab cadres in the field of
    standardization and related activities.
   Suggesting policies for assisting Arab member states to establish
    and improve their standardization bodies.
   Undertaking studies on unified draft Arab Standards and considering
    their primary adoption so as to be submitted to the ministerial
    Council to be finally adopted.

AIDMO -2002                                                         7
 Technical working Guide for AIDMO Center of
Standardization and Metrology
      regulating paragraphs :

 The center prepare draft annual plan to be submitted to the High
    Consultative Committee of Standardization (HCCS) for primary
   The HCCS shall undertake the distribution of this plan to the
    secretariats of AIDMO Technical Committees.
    In case a country wishes to prepare a certain standard, this should
    be done in coordination with the technical secretariat of the
    committee. Also the final version of this standard should be verified
    by the technical secretariat of the committee.
   The technical secretariat shall prepare and distribute the draft
    standard to other standards' bodies for comments within three
    months as of the date of distribution. Also the center shall be given a
    copy of this correspondence.
   Technical secretariat shall study the comments received and prepare
    new draft, noting that the standard body which does not return any
    comments after the deadline is considered agreed .

AIDMO -2002                                                           8
 In case of convincing technical comments, the draft shall be prepared
    again taking into consideration the new remarks and shall be
    redistributed to the member states for comments in two months'
    If 75 % of NSBs agree on the draft project, the technical secretariat
    shall submit draft project to AIDMO center of standardization together
    with a report.
   the center shall undertake preparing the draft standard in its final
    version and submitting it to the executive council of AIDMO.
   The HCCS shall recommend, by majority of votes, the submission of
    adopted projects to the Executive council of AIDMO for their
    adoption. The project then becomes an Arab standard as of the date
    of its final adoption by the Executive Council.
   The center shall undertake the printing of unified Arab standards and
    their distribution to national standards bodies.

    AIDMO -2002                                                         9
                  AIDMO Standards' Technical Committees
           Number and Name of Committee          Technical Secretariat
AIDMO TC 1 Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners     Egypt
AIDMO TC 2 Aluminium products                    Syria
AIDMO TC 3 Processed food products               Egypt
AIDMO TC 4 Non-Processed food products           Sudan
AIDMO TC 5 Terminology                           Sudan
AIDMO TC 6 Plastics                              Egypt
AIDMO TC 7 Metrology                             Egypt
AIDMO TC 8 Application of Arabic Language in     Syria
AIDMO TC 9 Solar Energy and its Application      Egypt
AIDMO TC 10 Etectric and Telephone wires and     Palestine
AIDMO TC 11 Tobacco and Tobacco products
AIDMO TC 12 Cement, lime and gypsum              Lybia
AIDMO TC 13 Paints and varnishes                 Syria
AIDMO TC 14 Gypsum and its products              Egypt
    AIDMO -2002                                                  10
AIDMO TC 15 Steel                                   Saudi Arabia
AIDMO TC 16 Glass                                   Algeria
AIDMO TC 17 Safety                                  Egypt
AIDMO TC 18 Petroleum products and lubricants       Syria
AIDMO TC 19 Packaging                               Syria
AIDMO TC 20 Technical drawing and limits and fits
AIDMO TC 21 Paper and cardboard                     Egypt
AIDMO TC 22 Chemistry                               Yemen
AIDMO TC 23 Textiles                                Egypt
AIDMO TC 24 Leather                                 Sudan
AIDMO TC 25 Soap and synthetic detergents           Syria
AIDMO TC 26 Electrotechnicl safety requirements     Egypt
AIDMO TC 27 Electrotechnical symbols and ratings    Egypt
AIDMO TC 28 Steam boilers and pressure vessels      Egypt
AIDMO TC 29 Electrical accessories                  Jordan
AIDMO TC 30 Building code                           Yemen
AIDMO TC 31 Cars, vehicles and their accessories    Saudi Arabia
AIDMO TC 32 Environment protection from pollution   Yemen
   AIDMO 33
AIDMO TC-2002 Roads and Axial Loads                                11
quality standards liable to change according to the
following variables:

 potential change in the consumer's demands which
  cover a whole range of sectors. The demands change
  according to the standard of living of the consumer.
 technological progress
 changing social and economic circumstances
 difference in taste and culture of people
 difference in the designe of products

AIDMO -2002                                            12
AIDMO and Arab countries noted with satisfaction the
necessity of developing a national quality infrastructure
according to the new international concepts.

conformity assessment has become an integral part of
the world trade convention on technical barriers to trade

  AIDMO -2002                                         13
conformity assessment covers the following activities :

 preparation, adoption and implementation of standards
  Preparation, adoption and implementation of technical regulations
 Certification and conformity assessment

 These activities verify that the product or service meets stated or implied

 AIDMO -2002                                                         14
   Total number of Unified Arab Standards
    adopted so far is
 This   include ISO 9000, and ISO 14000 series
    and are called AIDMO/ISO standards
   AIDMO translate into Arabic language
    24 ISO/IEC Guides,
 AIDMO      is encouraging the development
    and/or establishment of national conformity
    assessment Bodies leading to mutual
    recognition agreements ,
     AIDMO -2002                            15
                  AIDMO share with others:

   The celebration of the World Standards Day on the
    14th of October every year.

 The celebration of the Arab Standards Day on the
  25th of March every year

 AIDMO is planning to choose the first Ambassador
  of standardization to the Arab Region

    AIDMO -2002                                 16
AIDMO -2002   17
    AIDMO CHART                                   Director General
                                  Legal adviser                                Director General’s Office

                                                                             Planning and Follow-up office
                            Co-ordinating Committee

                               Financial controller                                General relations
                                                                                 and Information office

                                                      Deputy Director General                                            Consultant

                                            Specification and          Department            Department of        Department of Studies
                                             Standardization            of Mineral          consultancy and          And Industrial
  Department of           Industrial              center                 resourses       Industrial Development       Integration
Administrative and       information
 Financial affairs          Center          Standardization                                   Industrial              Economic Studies
                                                                      Mining section
                                                Section                                   Consultation section            Section
Personnel Section     Computer Section                                                                                Small and medium
                                              Specification                                   Transfer of
                                                                     Geology section                                   Scale Industries
                                                Section                                    Technology section
 Financial Affair’s     Statistics and
      Section                                                                                                            Industrial
                        Information                                                       Industrial Project’s
                           Section          Quality Section                                                             Integration
                                                                                           Promotion section
 General Services                                                                                                          Section
                       Library and
     section                                                                              Human Resources              Energy and
                         Section                                                               Section            Environment Section

                        Printing Unit                         Regional Office Cairo                Regional Offices
         AIDMO -2002                                                                                                          18
Wishing your conference every possible success in
Building Bridges of Peace, Hope and Prosperity between
our nations through our dedication for harmonization of

                   Thank you.

  AIDMO -2002                                        19

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