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The Arbonne Opportunity


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									The Arbonne Opportunity
                            Discover Arbonne
                                Discover Arbonne
Discover Arbonne A Tradition of based products
              A tradition of botanically Botanically
                            since 1980Based Products Since 1980
A tradition of botanically based products since 1980
What Would Your Ideal Life Include?
                      > Freedom and flexibility?
                      > Spending time with family?
                      > Helping other people?
                      > Being debt free?
                      > Retirement savings?
                      > A diversified financial portfolio?
                      > Vacation and travel?

                    If money were no object…
                  what would you do, be or have?

                   “A dream life is a mélange of work and
                   recreation, contribution and challenge,
                   spiritual reflection and intellectual
                             Randy Gage, author and industry expert
What are you currently doing that is leading you in the
           direction of your IDEAL LIFE?

                                You are not alone. Millions of
                                people are looking for ways to
                              create their own strong economy.

                          •    Worldwide economic downturn
                          •    US stocks down 45% in 2008
                          •    Global markets dropped 40% or more in 2008
                          •    Housing Market Declines
                          •    Foreclosure rates up 57% in 2008
                          •    A million+ jobs a year are eliminated by
                          •    Three million more will lose their jobs in 2009

                                Who do you know that needs
                              additional income, and where can
                                      they go to find it?
 ownership is the
 key to wealth.”

               Robert Kiyosaki
           Rich Dad, Poor Dad

 What Are Your Options?
• Create a business
• Buy a franchise
Network marketing is a viable solution!

                       > Minimal start-up costs
                       > Can be built alongside your
                       current profession

                       > Unlimited income potential

                       > Great tax advantages

                       > The opportunity to become
                       successful while you empower
  Network marketing is a viable solution!

“The Beauty of direct selling is that
it’s all done for you. You don’t have
to create a business plan. You don’t
have to create a product. The only
thing you need to do is find a
reputable company; one that you
trust, that offers a product or service
you believe in, and get passionate
about it.”

 David Bach, a financial planning expert and
   author of 6 New York Times Best Sellers
        including, The Automatic Millionaire
    How is network
    marketing different
    from traditional
    retail sales?
               Traditional Retail Business

manufacturer    wholesaler    warehouser     advertiser     retailer

manufacturer         Independent Arbonne Consultant

                   Network Marketing

        “The Distribution system of jobbers, wholesalers,
        middlemen, retailers is wasteful and doesn’t
        serve the consumer.”
                Randy Gage, author and industry expert
                             Network Marketing

        “More millionaires                               “Network marketing
        are made in times                                has proven itself to
        of depression than                               be a viable and
        any other time.”                                 rewarding source of
           – Robert Kiyosaki                                – Donald Trump

    Trump & Kiyosaki on
                                                         Direct Sales in 2007
     Network Marketing
                                                        • $30 Billion in US with 15
• Your own personal franchise                           million people
• Revolutionary way to achieve wealth
                                                        • $110 Billion worldwide with 67
• Perfect business for people who like helping people   million people
• Wide open to anyone with drive and determination
Deciding on a company

     When choosing a network
     marketing company there are
     four key factors to look for:

     • Marketplace demand

     • Consumable products

     • Timing and trends

     • Ability to leverage your time

Source: Dr. Charles King- renowned professor of business practices
The Arbonne Difference

  Our Proprietary formulas are:

   • Botanically based

   • pH correct

   • Hypoallergenic

   • Dermatologist-tested

   • Never tested on animals

   • Formulated without animal products
   or by-products
   • Formulated without mineral oil

   • Formulated without dyes
Something For Everyone 400+ Consumable Products

        Arbonne offers pure, safe and
        beneficial products including:
               > Skin Care
               > Nutrition
                                                  EVERYONE is our consumer!
               > Weight Management
                                                  • Baby Boomers and older
               > Aromatherapy                     (born in 1964 an earlier)

               > Color/Cosmetics                  • Generation X (1965-1981)

                                                  • Generation Y (1982-2005)

      Everyday Use = Repeat Sales                 • Children and infants
Internet sales are growing steadily, year by year
     • Projected to climb to nearly $19 billion by 2010.
     • Expected to almost double from 2004 to 2010.

     Health, Wellness & Anti-aging is exploding
     • Projected to reach $1 trillion by 2010

Business ownership is still the American dream
     • 96% of Americans age 25-44 say they are very
     interested in owning a business
     • 80% of new jobs are created by small business.

 Baby boomers dominate world markets
 •     Arbonne’s target market is a bull’s eye.
 •     76 million in the US and 1 billion worldwide.
 •     Boomers want and need what Arbonne offers:
      • Health, wellness & anti-aging products
      • Ways to make retirement money
  A Solid Company
     with Strong
   Growth Ahead
• Arbonne has been in business since 1980, one of only fifty companies to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary since 1957!

• Less than one half of one percent of the U.S. population are Arbonne consultants (.04% of 300 million).

• Global expansion is early stage, with Arbonne only in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia.

• Arbonne’s VP of Research and Product Development Peter Matravers is TOP in the industry:

               • 25 years of leadership with Aveda, Neutrogena, Jhirmack and Sunrider
               • His innovations led Aveda to explosive growth–from 70 to 500 million
               • More than 20 Aveda product patents, botanical discoveries and cutting-edge product
               lines to his credit

• Arbonne’s Parent Company Harvest Partners, projects sales will double by the end of 2010.

• In 2008, the Personal Care product category grew up to 18%, according to Forbes magazine.
“Millions of people today realize
they are participating in a broken
economic model. They are stuck
in the trading-time-for-money trap.
They must employ the concept of
leverage to escape this dilemma.”
     Randy Gage, author and industry expert
“I argue that in the next decade we are going to
   be working on a two income model, not two
 family incomes, but two incomes per person.”
     Dr. Charles King, professor of business practices and Harvard Business School alumni
Dare to Dream, Work to Win                                 Month A   2 (you+1)   3 (you+2)

                                                           Month B      4          9
“Exponential Growth- the
mathematical power of                                      Month C      8          27

simple duplication…”                                       Month D      16         81
         - Tom Barrett- author and industry expert
                                                           Month E      32        243

                                                           Month F      64        729

            YOU +1                                         Month G

                                                           Month H



     Here’s what your team would look                      Month I     512       19,683
   like if you and every person on your
                                                           Month J    1,024      59,049
      team sponsor one person each
                   month.                                  Month K    2.048      177,147

  “I would rather have one percent of the efforts of one   Month L    4,096      531,441
  hundred men working for me rather than 100% of my
  own efforts.”

            John Paul Getty, America’s first billionaire
     We have a proven business building system

Arbonne has
a system for
your success!

 We Have a Proven System- that WORKS!

Results with products = Results with YOUR business!
ARBONNE is for everyone…

         1                               2                           3
 I’m interested in the          I’m interested in the   I’m interested in building an
        product                   product and more        Arbonne business today
                               information about the

                    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
                   ARBONNE is the vehicle to take you there!
1   CLIENT (FREE = Retail)
    Your own Client login, enabling you to buy direct on the Arbonne Website

    Special consumer-focused offers by e-mail and direct mail

2   PREFERRED CLIENT ($29 = 20% Discount)
    Your own ID and login, enabling you to buy direct on the Arbonne Web site

    A 20% discount on Arbonne products for the next year

    Special offers by e-mail and direct mail

    Rewards with every fourth qualifying purchase

    The opportunity to advance to Consultant status

3   CONSULTANT ($109 = 35% Discount & Commissions)
    To remain active in the business:

    1. Accumulate at least $150 in Personal Retail Volume (“PRV”) in 2 of the prior 3 calendar months

    2. Sponsor at least one $150 new Consultant or Preferred Client in 2 of the prior 3 calendar months

    A 35% discount on all Arbonne product purchases

    Industry-leading earnings through the Arbonne Success Plan

    Retail commission on products purchased by your Clients (35%) and Preferred Clients (15%)

    Override commissions & Bonuses

    Opportunities to earn exciting trips and other benefits is based on your success in the business
Five year average compensation 2003-2007
       Consultant         35% discount and 15% - 35% commission on all sales

    District Manager       $201.79 per month            $4,421.48 per year

    Area Manager          $1,082.96 per month           $12.995.52 per year

Regional Vice President   $4,511.22 per month           $54,134.64 per year

National Vice President   $21,604.65 per month             $259,255.80
 Average                                                                                +1% - 18%
 Monthly                                                            +3% - 17%
                                                                                        $384,000 RV over

 Commission                                                        Regional
                                                                                       2 months to promote

                                                +6% - 14%          $96,000 RV over 2
                                                                   months to promote
                                                                                 + $1,000 car bonus
                                 8%            $24,000 RV over 2
                                               months to promote
                           District                                 $4,511
                           Manager                             + $800 car bonus
          4%               $6,000 RV over 2
                           months to promote
  35% discount on all
products (at ALL levels)

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