Roane County High Schools Career and Job Fair by yaoyufang


									   High Schools Career Exploration Day, April 8, 2011

   A Career Exploration Day is a great introduction to the world of work.
   You have the opportunity to:
          Learn about careers you may never have considered before and what it take to prepare for
          Begin thinking about and planning a career path
          Meet new people (business leaders, entrepreneurs, and employers) and start networking
   What are your plans after high school?
           Technical Training? 2 - Year College? 4 - Year College?
           Straight to work? Unsure …..
   The businesses participating in the career exploration day want you to learn about their career
   opportunities and consider them in your educational, training and career plans.

   This table lists the businesses participating, information about each, some of the career
   opportunities available with them, and a link to their web site. Use this information in
   deciding which organizations you want to visit at the Career Exploration Day.

Business Name               Brief Description of Organization                     Sample Jobs (Training/Experience       Primary
 City                                                                            Requirements, and Wage/Salary           Business
 Web site                                                                        Range)                                  Career Cluster
                                                                                                                         Other clusters in
                                                                                                                          the organization

Capstan Tennessee           We are in the business of making powder metal parts    Metallurgist (College Degree)        Manufacturing
 Rockwood, TN              mainly for “earth moving equipment” such as            Quality Engineer (College Degree,    Science,
   bulldozers and excavators. Our primary customer is      Certification, or OJT)                Technology,
                            Caterpillar Inc. We have been located in Rockwood      Processing Engineer (College          Engineering, &
                            for nearly 17 years and were formerly Caterpillar.      Degree Certification, or OJT)         Math
                                                                                   Accounting (College Degree)          Financial
                                                                                   Design Engineer College Degree,      Business
                                                                                    Certification, or OJT)                Management &
                                                                                   Manufacturing Associate (High         Administration
                                                                                    School Diploma Minimum)
                                                                                   Machinist (College Degree,
                                                                                    Certification, or OJT)
                                                                                   Human Resources (College
                                                                                    Degree, Certification, or OJT)
                                                                                   Maintenance (High School Diploma
Child Advocacy Center of       A non-profit organization providing services to            Executive. Director (BA Degree           Human
the Ninth Judicial District,   children between the ages of 3-17 years that have           with 5 years of experience                Services
Kids First                     been identified as severely physically and/or sexually      (business))                              Education &
 Kingston, TN                 abused. We provide forensic interviews, forensic           Admin .Assistant (High School             Training
            medical examinations, victim services, therapy,             Diploma with 3 years office              Health Science
                               services to the drug-endangered child, school-based         experience)                              Law, Public
                               intervention and prevention (SCAN) program,                Forensic Interviewer ( BA Degree          Safety,
                               resource libraries for the public schools within our        with 3 years of experience with           Corrections, &
                               district, education for teen moms, support groups for       children)                                 Security
                               adult survivors of child abuse and support/education       Victim Svc. Specialist (BA Degree        Business
                               classes for non-offending caregivers.                       in Social Work or Education with 3        Management &
                                                                                           years of experience)                      Administration
                                                                                          Family Advocate (BA Degree in
                                                                                           Social Work, Education,
                                                                                           Psychology or Counseling with 3
                                                                                           years exp.)
                                                                                          Therapist (Minimum BASW and
                                                                                           licensed, 3-5 years counseling

City of Harriman Police        The City of Harriman Police Department is a full-          Police Explorer (For age 14 yrs to       Law, Public
Department                     service police agency, providing police protection to a     20 yrs old, Volunteer)                    Safety,
 Harriman, TN                 city of approximately 7,000 residents and a land area      Police Reserve (80 hrs in-service,        Corrections, &
       of approximately 10 square miles.                           Volunteer)                                Security
                                                                                          Police Officer (2 yr Criminal Justice    Government &
                               Our department responds to citizens requests for            preferred, $33,000)                       Public
                               information, coordinates activities with community         Detective (2+ yr Criminal Justice         Administration
                               organizations and                                           preferred, $33,000)
                               Assists school administrators in support of safer          Police Supervisor/Admin (4 yr
                               schools, We provide neighborhood patrols, and serve         Criminal Justice preferred,
                               as a presence for the deterrence of crime. Through          $37,000-$55,000)
                               the continued education and training of sworn              Records and Administration
                               officers, we make the city of Harriman a safe
Covenant Health                As the largest health system in East Tennessee,           More information about careers is at       Health Science
 Harriman, TN, and many       Covenant Health provides health care services to the                 Human Services
  other locations              residents of Knox and 16 surrounding counties.             Certified Nursing Assistant (6-12        Business
      Covenant Health includes seven hospitals in and             weeks, $23,000. Works in settings         Management &
                               around the Knoxville area, including Roane Medical          such as nursing homes, hospitals,         Administration
                               Center in Harriman. The system also includes a              and physician offices to perform the
                               psychiatric hospital, cancer center, home care              basics needs for patients.)
                               company, physician clinics and numerous outpatient         Emergency Medical Technician
                               clinics, as well as behavioral and rehabilitation           (EMT) (9 months $26,000. Works
                               centers. We have more than 10,000 employees,                under the direction of a physician
                               physicians and volunteers system-wide. Bottom line:         or paramedic to manage medical
                               Covenant Health offers unparalleled opportunities for       emergencies of acutely ill or injured
                               you to begin--and advance--in an exciting new career!       patients in pre-hospital care
                                                                                          Paramedic (EMT + 1 year;
                                                                                           $35,000. Same at EMT, but
                                                                                           performs more complex procedures
                                                                                           and has a higher level of
                                                                                          Medical Transcriptionist (9 months;
                                                                                           $25,000. Transcription of records in
                                                                                           a hospital, clinic or physician
                                                                                           (Continued on next page)
Covenant Health    Surgical Technologist (1 year;
(Continued)         $31,000. Assist surgeons in an
                    operating room setting.)
                   Pharmacy Technician (15+ weeks;
                    $21,000. Works under direction of
                    a pharmacist to prepare prescribed
                    medications for patient, such as
                    counting tablets and labeling
                   Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) (1
                    year; $30,000. Works under
                    direction of a physician or
                    registered nurse. Takes vital signs,
                    prepare and give medications,
                    collect samples from patients for
                    testing, record food and liquid
                    intake and output, basic patient
                   Certified Occupational Therapy
                    Asst. (2 years; $35,000. Works
                    under supervision of an OT to help
                    restore abilities. Focus on fine
                    motor skills.)
                   Physical Therapy Asst. (2 years;
                    $35,000. Works under supervision
                    of a PT to help restore abilities.
                    Focus on gross motor skills.)
                   Imaging Professionals (2 years;
                    $45,000- $55,000. Performs x-rays
                    and scans to diagnose conditions.
                    Administer prescribed doses of
                    radiation to specific body parts.
                    Produce x-ray films of parts of the
                    body. Use high frequency sound
                    waves directed into the body to
                    collect information.)
                   Respiratory Therapist (2 years;
                    $40,000. Evaluates treats & cares
                    for patients with breathing
                   Registered Nurse (RN) (2-4 years;
                    $50,000. Following a nursing care
                    plan, administers care to ill, injured,
                    convalescent, or disabled patients
                    in a wide variety of settings.)
                   Medical Laboratory Technician
                    (MLT) (2 years; $38,000. Performs
                    laboratory tests on body fluids,
                    tissues, and cells for diagnosis,
                    treatment, and prevention of
                   Health Information Technician (2
                    years; $23,000. Responsible for
                    organizing and evaluating medical
                    records for completeness and

                    (Continued on next page)
Covenant Health    Medical Technologist (MT) 4 years;
(Continued)         $49,000. Same duties as MLT, but
                    responsible for more complex
                    testing procedures.)
                   Occupational Therapist (OT) (4
                    years; $49,000. Work with patients
                    to help maintain and recover from
                    disabilities, focusing on daily living
                    and working skills.)
                   Speech Therapist (4 years;
                    $48,000. Work with patients to
                    prevent & rehabilitate speech &
                    swallowing due to injuries or
                   Dietitian/ Nutritionist (4 years;
                    $45,000. Provides medical nutrition
                    therapy and the use of specific
                    nutrition services to treat chronic
                    conditions, illness, or injury.)
                   Health Information Administrator (4
                    years; $45,000. Responsible for
                    management of health information
                    systems and the medical,
                    administrative, ethical, and legal
                    requirements of the health care
                    delivery system.
                   Nurse Practitioner (4+ years;
                    $65,000. Works under the direction
                    of a physician to provide primary
                    health care, diagnose and treat
                    common acute illnesses and
                   Social Worker (4+ years; $40,000.
                    Helps people function the best way
                    they can in their environments, deal
                    with relationships, and solve
                    personal and family problems.)
                   Physician Assistant (Training
                    Varies, $65,000. Works under the
                    supervision of a physician.
                    Formally trained to provide
                    diagnostic, therapeutic, and
                    preventative healthcare services.)
                   Pharmacist (5+ years; $80,000.
                    Dispenses drugs prescribed by a
                    physician; patient education;
                    advises physician on the selection,
                    dosages and side effects of
                   Certified Registered Nurse
                    Anesthetist (CRNA) (5+ years;
                    $115,000. Administer anesthesia to
                    surgical patients.)
                   Physical Therapist (5+ years;
                    $65,000. Provides patient care to
                    restore function, improve mobility,
                    relieve pain, and limit permanent
Enrichment Federal Credit    Members of Enrichment Federal Credit Union can             Managers                                 Financial
Union                        take advantage of exceptional financial products that      Teller                                   Business
  Kingston, TN and other    meet the needs of their family throughout the years.       Loan Officer                              Management &
   locations                 Our community credit union provides financial              Marketing                                 Administration
      services to anyone who lives, works, attends school        Information Technology
                             or worships in an eight county area.                       Accounting & Audit
                                                                                        Mortgage Loan Officer or
                             Driving Force: “Quality of member financial services”       Processor
                             Our Mission: We pledge to enrich our member‟s
                                                                                        Collection Officer
                             lives by providing a lifetime of exceptional financial
                                                                                        Call Center Representative
                             products with service that exceeds expectations.
                             Theme: Exceptional Service. Extraordinary people.          And much more…..

ERA Executive Choice Real    ERA is the real estate company of choice for              Affiliate Broker (Training – license;     Financial
  Estate, LLC                consumers and agents because ERA Sales Associate           $20,000 to $100,000)                      Business
 Kingston, TN               are ethical, forward-thinking and results-oriented                                                    Management &
   professionals who take a proactive approach to real                                                   Administration
                estate. There for, agents can be sure they‟ll have the
                             best tools and training to accomplish the job at hand.
                             Consumers will have total confidence that they are
                             dealing with a consummate professional, expressing
                             the highest level of service and integrity.

Food City (VA-T Food         VA-T Food Stores, Inc. is the corporate name of a         VA-T Food Stores, Inc. has                 Marketing
Stores, Inc.)                supermarket chain operating in three states under the     hundreds of store, pharmacy,               Transportation,
 Kingston, TN; and many     name Food City. This privately held, family-owned         distribution, and transportation            Distribution, &
  other locations            company has grown over the years by expansion and         opportunities.                              Logistics
           acquisition. With 11 units in southeastern Kentucky,                                                 Business
                             21 units in southwest Virginia and 62 units in            Learn about these opportunities at          Management &
                             northeast Tennessee, K-VA-T is an acronym of its                 Administration
                             trade area: Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. The                                                   Health Science
                             93-store chain serves a current trade area population                                                Agriculture,
                             of over 2.5 million people and over 980,000                                                           Food, & Natural
                             households. The company also operates thirteen                                                        Resources
                             Super Dollar Discount Foods.

Foust Family Fitness         Fitness Center offering Cardio Equipment, free             Owner (High school, Bachelor of          Education &
 Kingston, TN               weights and machines as well as Group Fitness               Business; national average                Training
       Classes and Personal Trainers.                              $60,000+)                                Business
                                                                                        Officer Manager (Business                 Management &
                                                                                         Management Associate Degree;              Administration
                                                                                         national average $29,000 -
                                                                                        Personal Trainers (National
                                                                                         Certification or health related field
                                                                                         degree; national average $12,000
                                                                                         - $47,000)
                                                                                        General Manager (Business
                                                                                         Management, Exercise Science;
                                                                                         national average $34,000 -
                                                                                        Sales Consultant (High School;
                                                                                         average $18,000 - $32,000)
                                                                                        Program Director (Degree in
                                                                                         Physical Education, Exercise,
                                                                                         Physiology, or related field;
                                                                                         average $30,000 - $48,000)
Gibson Girls Southern        The Gibson Girls : Café/Bakery/Caterer. Lunch              Restaurant Manager (Bachelor of            Hospitality &
Goodies at Adelaide‟s        served Monday-Friday; bakery items are available           Science, Food Service                        Tourism
 Kingston, TN               every day. Catering for all sizes of groups in-house       Management; $30,000-$55,000)
      and off-site..                                             Pastry Chef (Associate of Science,
                             The Gibson Girls collection of delicious baked goods       Baking & Pastry Arts, and on-job-
                             and cakes, fresh baked quiche, home style soups and        training (OJT); $25,000-$45,000)
                             fresh gourmet sandwiches are sure to delight your          Baker (AOS, Baking & Pastry Arts
                             senses. Step back in time as we welcome you to             and OJT; $25,000-$40,000)
                             stop in for one of our daily lunch specials at Gibson      Cake Decorator (AOS, Baking &
                             Girls Southern Goodies at Adelaide‟s. Our bakery is        Pastry Arts and OJT; $25,000-
                             famous for designer wedding cakes, holiday                 $30,000)
                             cakes, gift baskets, and aromatic breads, fresh out of     Catering Director (AOS, Food &
                             the oven. Treat yourself or that special someone with      Beverage Management; $30,000-
                             a box of our cookies or brownies baked daily.              $60,000)
Harriman Care &              Harriman Care and Rehabilitation Center provides            Certified Nurse Aid (Tennessee            Health Science
Rehabilitation Center        short and long term health care, our own therapy              Technology Center. Short term            Business
 Harriman, TN               department, our own respiratory care department to            training; $8.50/entry level)              Management &
 www.SignatureHealthcareL   individuals young or senior citizens.                       Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN),            Administration                                                                                   (Tennessee Technology Center,
  and Harriman Care and      It is a 180-bed skilled nursing facility offering             One year training)
  Rehabilitation Center      innovative and comprehensive programs and services          Registered Nurse (RN), (Roane
                             to ensure the residents‟ happiness and well-being.            State Comm. College
                             Highly skilled professionals are dedicated to providing     Therapist (Roane State Comm.
                             the highest level of care to each individual. Harriman        College)
                             provides a broad range of comprehensive short-term
                             skilled nursing and long-term therapeutic services
                             designed to assist each resident in achieving his or
                             her highest level of functioning and independence.
                             The majority of skilled residents are able to return
                             home or to a lower level of care such as assisted
                             living. Harriman offers a home like, comfortable
                             setting where customer service is a way of life.

Harriman Utility Board       HUB is a municipality providing electric, gas, water,     Harriman Utility Board has too many          Government &
 Harriman, TN               and sewer utilities. (Distributor of TVA.).               positions to list them all; but will have     Public
                                                                       job descriptions available for each           Administration
                                                                                       hourly position available with HUB at        Science,
                                                                                       the Career Fair. Most of the non-             Technology,
                                                                                       exempt positions are:                         Engineering, &
                                                                                        Administrative Assistant ($36,000 -         Math
                                                                                          $49,000)                                  Business
                                                                                        Customer Service Clerk/Dispatcher           Management &
                                                                                          ($35,000 - $40,000)                        Administration
                                                                                        Customer Service Field Rep
                                                                                          ($49,000 - $53,000)
                                                                                        Meter Reader ($42,000 - $47,000)
                                                                                        Billing Clerk ($43,000 - $45,000)
                                                                                        Bookkeeper($49,000 - $52,000)
                                                                                        Engineering Assistant ($36,000 -
                                                                                        HR Assistant ($45,000 - $55,000)
                                                                                        Information Technology Assistant
                                                                                          ($45,000 - $55,000)
                                                                                        Warehouse Inventory Material
                                                                                          Clerk ($43,000 - $53,000)
                                                                                        Lineman Apprentice/Journeyman
                                                                                          ($38,000 - $60,000)
                                                                                          (Continued on next page)
Harriman Utility Board                                                                  Right-of-Way Worker (Tree
(Continued)                                                                              Trimmer) ($34,000 - $45,000)
                                                                                        Dispatcher ($35,000 - $39,000)
                                                                                        GWS Utility Worker ($35,000 -
                                                                                        Plant Station Maintenance
                                                                                         Technician ($40,000 - $54,000)
                                                                                        Water / Wastewater Plant Operator
                                                                                         ($40,000 - $54,000)
Jackson Square Animal

Read “Veterinary Medicine
Careers” below

Kimble Chase – Life          Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products            Supervision/Management                 Manufacturing
Science & Research           was formed in July 2007, as a result of a joint venture     (Previous experience/College           Science,
Products                     formed from the merger of specific operations of            Degree)                                 Technology,
 Rockwood, TN               Thermo Fisher Scientific and Gerresheimer Glass,           Engineering (Previous                   Engineering, &
       Inc. The company is dedicated to world class design,        experience/College Degree)              Math
                             manufacture and distribution of a full range of            Production (On the job training        Business
                             reusable, disposable and specialty glassware for            provided)                               Management &
                             pharmaceutical, chromatography, environmental,                                                      Administration
                             petrochemical, life science, government, and
                             academic laboratories.

Kingston Fire Department     We are a small municipal combination                        Firefighter (Training for EMT/FF I    Law, Public
 Kingston, TN               career/volunteer department that serves a population         and II; starting at $28,000            Safety,
      of approximately 5400 people. We offer the services          annually)                              Corrections, &
  (Look in the Departments   of fire protection, EMS, fire education and public                                                  Security
  tab)                       awareness. The majority of our department also                                                     Government &
                             serves on the Roane County Hazardous Materials                                                      Public
                             Team.                                                                                               Administration
                                                                                                                                Health Science

Mid-East Community Action    Mid-East Community Action Agency (MECAA) is a             Wages depend on position, education      Education &
Agency                       local agency that develops services to promote self-      and experience.                           Training
 Kingston, TN               sufficiency and personal growth to individuals,           Fiscal and Administrative. Training      Human
              families and communities of Roane and Loudon              Requirements vary with each position      Services
                             Counties.                                                 and wage/salary is based on position,    Health Science
                                                                                       education and experience. Positions
                              Major programs administered by MECAA are: Office         include:
                             on Aging (Roane County); Senior Nutrition, both            Head Start Teachers
                             home-delivered and congregate; Weatherization and          Assistant Teachers
                             Home Maintenance; Low-Income Energy Assistance             Family Service Workers
                             Program; Community Services Block Grant, includes          Home Visitors
                             emergency food and shelter, homeless and elderly           Office – clerical and accounting.
                             medication; USDA Commodities distribution; Head            Teachers
                             Start, a comprehensive child development program           Assistant Teachers
                             that provides educational, health and social services
                                                                                        Bus Drivers
                             for pregnant mothers through preschool children.
                                                                                        Family Services
                             Income eligibility guidelines apply for most services.
                                                                                        Program Technicians
                                                                                        Social Services
                                                                                        Office/Clerical
Pavel Studios Photography       Photography: Wedding, family, senior, and                   Entrepreneur and/or Small               Arts, A/V
 Kingston, TN                  commercial photography.                                      Business Owner (a wide range of          Technology, and
                                                                       skills are needed.)                      Communications
                                Matt Pavel: “.I‟m a wedding photographer who lives          Photographer
                                loves to photograph just about anything and
                                anywhere. I like to have fun and get to know my
                                clients. My images jump off the page, some are crazy,
                                some are wild, but some are just pure joy and love.”

Personal Computer               PCS. is one of the largest technology providers and        Technician (A+ Certification and         Information
Systems, Inc. (PCS)             computer systems builders in the Southeast,                 advanced manufacturer                     Technology
 Knoxville, TN                 providing products to a wide array of corporations,         certifications)                          Education &
               educational and governmental agencies, and                 Technical Sales Engineer                  Training
                                resellers. The company originally focused primarily on      (Advanced networking
                                computer supplies and components and quickly                certifications)
                                evolved into a full service production and service         Sales (Manufacturer certifications)
                                facility. Earning an excellent reputation among the        Accounting (General Accounting
                                reseller and K-12 markets due to an unwavering              degree)
                                commitment to customer service, PCS has flourished
                                in a competitive market.

                                PCS supports a constantly growing staff and is the
                                sole wholesaler in East Tennessee, the largest
                                producer of computer systems in the state and the
                                only Microsoft Platinum OEM in Tennessee. PCS has
                                extended the range of services it offers to a full
                                complement of networking and repair services. These
                                are manned by expertly trained and certified network
                                engineers and service technicians.

Plumbers & Steamfitters         Providing Apprenticeship & Training Opportunities.         These professional trades require five    Construction
Local 102 JATC                  Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 102 is one of the            years of combined Apprenticeship          Manufacturing
 Knoxville, TN                 United Association (UA) of Tennessee unions.               and training; pay is between $13 to       Education &
                                                              $30 per hour:                              Training
              UA-TN provides highly-skilled workers for industry in       Plumber
                                the south, as well as the rest of the country. Training     Pipe fitter
                                is the key to the success of the United Association,        Pipe welder
                                and each Tennessee local is fully devoted to this           HVAC Technician (HVAC is
                                ideal. We rovide a five-year apprentice course, as           "Heating, Ventilating, and Air
                                well as extensive and rigorous continuing education          Conditioning")
                                for its journeymen. Through organized and dedicated
                                training programs, each individual local offers
                                numerous certifications, including: welding, med gas,
                                pipefitting, CFC, plumbing, OSHA, HVAC,
                                refrigeration, valve repair, and back-flow prevention.

Plumbing-Heating-Cooling        Association‟s Mission Statement: Dedicated to the            Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation,        Manufacturing
Contractors Association         promotion, advancement, education and training of             Air Conditioning (HVAC)                Education &
  Knoxville, TN and other      the industry, for the protection of our environment and       (Apprentice training programs)          Training
   places                       the health, safety, and comfort of society.
  and                                                                    Learn more by reading
      The Knoxville chapter conducts a four-year                 CONSTRUCTING YOUR FUTURE
   boutUs/content.cfm?ItemN     Department of Labor approved training program or           Consider a Career in Plumbing,
   umber=2586&navItemNu         Plumbing, Sheet-Metal, and Refrigeration Service.          Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
   mber=2882                    The training program is a 168-hours per year for four      (HVAC) (opens a PDF)
Protean Instrument             Protean Instrument Corporation provides clients with      Product Development Engineer              Manufacturing
Corporation                    a selection of automatic and manual alpha beta             (Bachelor of Science, Electrical          Science,
 Lenoir City, TN              counters with performance level choices of low             Engineering; $42,000-$70,000)              Technology,
     background for demanding sensitivity levels or lower      Manufacturing Supervisor                   Engineering, &
  m/                           cost fast throughput designs intended for fast             (Bachelor‟s Degree; $50,000 -              Math
                               screening. Protean can provide an optimal solution to      $170,000)                                 Business
                               any Alpha Beta Counting project.                                                                      Management &

Regions Bank                   When it comes to your financial health and well-being,    At Regions, we believe associates          Financial
 Kingston, TN, and many       a bank that's just okay is no longer enough, not for      deserve more than just a job. We           Business
  other locations              you and your family. It's time to raise your              believe in offering performance-            Management &
              expectations. With Regions, it‟s personal banking the     driven individuals a place where they       Administration
                               way it should be; a full spectrum of savings, checking    can build a career --- a place to
                               products and services designed to maximize your           expect more opportunities. If you are
                               banking potential while simplifying your life. Welcome    focused on results, dedicated to
                               to the new Regions.                                       quality, strength and integrity, and
                                                                                         possess the drive to succeed, then
                                                                                         we are your employer of choice.
                                                                                         Begin your search at

Roane County Emergency         Roane County Emergency Medical Services provides          Emergency Medical Technician- IV          Health Science
Medical Services (EMS)         both emergency and non-emergency treatment and             (Entry-level EMT-IV is a graduate
 Harriman, TN                 transport services to the citizens of Roane County 24      of an accredited training program
   hours a day, 365 days of the year. Highly-skilled          and is licensed by the state of TN
  oanecoems/roane.html         Paramedics and EMTs provide advanced life support          to practice at this level. The entry
                               in the pre-hospital setting to the critically ill and      level annual salary is $34,000)
                               injured, working hand-in-hand with local police,          EMT-Paramedic (Entry-level EMT-
                               rescue, and fire department personnel. A behind-the-       P is a graduate of an accredited
                               scenes support staff manages both the regulatory and       paramedic program and is licensed
                               business aspects of a health-care based local              by the state of TN to practice at this
                               government service.                                        level. The entry level annually
                                                                                          salary is $41,000).

Roane County Health            We provide a wide array of public health services         Nurse (4 year college degree)             Health Science
Department                     including such services as Family Planning, Primary       Nutritionist (4 year college degree)      Human Services
 Rockwood, TN                 Care, Dental, Immunizations, Health Education,            Dentist (4+ year college degree)
            Social Work, Vital Records, Well Child Care,              Clerical ( High school graduate)
                               Environmental Services, Outreach, and many others.         Public Health Educator (4 year
                               The health department itself does not have a               college degree)
                               website, but you may find additional information          Doctor (4 year college degree)
                               about the Tennessee Department of Health at               Dental Hygienist (2 year college
                                                                                        Various titles with many different
                                                                                        training requirements all having very
                                                                                        different salary ranges. There are
                                                                                        different medical, clerical, and other
                                                                                        support personnel opportunities.
Roane County Schools     Roane County Schools has 18 schools employing              Teacher (Bachelor‟s Degree or More;    Education &
 Kingston, TN           approximately 1000 people, of which approximately           $35,000 approx. starting salary)        Training
   600 are classroom teachers or professional                 Administrator (Master‟s Degree;        Government &
                         educators.                                                  $55,000)                                Public
                                                                                    Business (Bachelor‟s Degree;            Administration
                                                                                     $45,000)                               Health Science
                                                                                    Bookkeeping (Associate‟s Degree;       Transportation,
                                                                                     $25,000)                                Distribution, &
                                                                                    Clerical (High School Diploma;          Logistics
                                                                                                                            Business
                                                                                    Maintenance (High School Diploma;
                                                                                                                             Management &
                                                                                    Teacher Aide (High School Diploma;
                                                                                    Nurse (LPN; $20,000)
                                                                                    Bus Driver (High School Diploma,

Roane State Community    Roane State offers Associate of Arts (A.A.) or            Programs include:                        Education &
College                  Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees to students who        Associate of Arts Degree                Training
 Harriman, TN           desire to transfer to a four-year college or university     Program
     to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science          Associate of Science Degree
                         degree. Roane State also offers many career                 Program
                         education programs and technical certificates for          Associate of Science in Teaching
                         students who wish to enter the work force after             (A.S.T.) Degree Program
                         completing a one- or two-year program of study.            Associate of Applied Science
                                                                                     (A.A.S.) Degree Programs:
                                                                                     o Allied Health Sciences
                         For more information please visit                           o Business Management
                                                                                     o Criminal Justice
                                                                                     o Dental Hygiene Technology
                                                                                     o Early Childhood Education
                                                                                     o Environmental Health Technology
                                                                                     o General Technology
                                                                                     o Geographic Information Systems
                                                                                     o Health Information Technology
                                                                                     o Nursing (RN)
                                                                                     o Occupational Therapy Assistant
                                                                                     o Opticianry
                                                                                     o Paralegal Studies
                                                                                     o Physical Therapist Assistant
                                                                                     o Radiologic Technology
                                                                                     o Respiratory Therapy
                                                                                    Technical Certificate Programs
                                                                                     o Computer Science
                                                                                     o Diagnosis & Procedural Coding
                                                                                     o Emergency Medical Services
                                                                                     o Geographic Information Systems
                                                                                     o Homeland Security
                                                                                     o Massage Therapy
                                                                                     o Medical Transcription
                                                                                     o Paramedic
                                                                                     o Pharmacy Technician
                                                                                     o Polysomnography
Roane Writers Group               Roane writers Group is a „not for profit‟ volunteer        Rules for the fall 2011 Student           Arts, A/V
 Kingston, TN                    organization established to promote literary               Writing Contest will be available.         Technology, and
   endeavors within its membership.                           Also, students may sign up to be           Communications
  kingstonpubliclibrary/roane-                                                               student reporters for the web site
  county-writers-group            The group also conducts an annual Student Writing
                                  Contest that offers recognition and awards to all          Careers include:
                                  Roane County students in grades 4 through 12 who             Novelist          ● Journalist
                                  compete and win in poetry, short stories and essay           Journalist       ● Reporter
                                  categories.                                                  Script writer ● And many more
SailAway Learning &               SailAway Learning & Academy is a private, faith-             Educators, K-12                        Education &
Academy                           based educational services provider delivering proven                                                 Training
 Kingston, TN                    learning solutions for students, parents, and
        educators nationwide. SailAway‟s services include:
                                  Full-Time Academy, Homeschool Extension Program,
                                  Student Coaching & Content-based Tutoring, Neuro-
                                  developmental Remedial Learning, ACT/SAT Test
                                  Prep, Testing & Assessments, Diagnostic Evaluations
                                  & Consultation, Educational Coaching & Consultation,
                                  Training, Workshops, and Seminars for public,
                                  private, and home educators. SailAway Learning &
                                  Academy is also the proprietary developer and
                                  exclusive distributor of the SailAway Literacy
                                  Development Program, a comprehensive language
                                  arts curriculum for grades Pre-K through 12.
South College                     South College is a private, co-educational, non-              Nursing                               Education and
 Knoxville, TN                   sectarian academic institution that embraces the              Physical Therapy                       Training
          traditional higher education mission triad of teaching,       Radiography
                                  scholarly contribution, and service. Consistent with its      Business
                                  long history, the institution places primary emphasis         Elementary Education
                                  on providing quality undergraduate and graduate               Pharmacy
                                  educational opportunities and associated student              Physician Assistant
                                  support services, for the intellectual, social, and
                                                                                                Criminal Justice
                                  professional development of a diverse student body.
                                                                                             Additional Academic Programs are
                                                                                             listed at the college‟s web site.

Southeast Contractors Inc.        Southeast Contractors Inc. in Brentwood, TN is a                                                     Architecture &
 Brentwood, TN                   family owned LOCAL Contractor with 27+ years of                                                       Construction
        experience. We specialize in Residential,
  hp?gid=120444424641473          Commercial, & Industrial Construction and have
                                  completed projects varying from $1,000 to
                                  $2,000,000+ dollar projects.
Sparkman & Associates             “From listening and hearing, understanding and              Architect (Bachelor of Architecture)    Architecture &
Architects, Inc.                  caring, designing with a clear focus, paying attention      Architect Intern (Bachelor of            Construction
 Knoxville, TN                   to detail, bringing together the appropriate ideas and       Architecture)
     technologies, and investing in the human spirit,
  m                               comes Architecture.”
                                  With this philosophy, Frank Sparkman established a
                                  private practice in 1977 with the goal of providing high
                                  quality design and personalized service to each client
                                  regardless of project scope. This goal has been
                                  accomplished by maintaining principal contact with
                                  each client and the selection of associates who
                                  demonstrate equal dedication to quality work. The
                                  accomplishment of our goals is evidenced in the long
                                  term relationships with clients and the numerous
                                  awards for design excellence.
                                  SERVICES: Planning, Architecture, Interior Design,
                                  and Construction Administration.
Television Channel 15,          Channel 15 is a government and education channel                Director of Channel 15 Harriman at     Arts, A/V
Roane State Community           created by Roane State and the City of Harriman. It is           Roane State Community College           Technology,
College and the City of         located in a state-of-the-art facility featuring all digital                                             and
Harriman                        equipment. Roane State purchased equipment for the                                                       Communication
 Harriman, TN                  station and will operate it.                                                                            Education &
                                                                                                                           Training
                                The TV station is a separate entity from the theater
                                but is part of the planned “Princess Performing Arts,
                                Education and Conference Center.” The station is
                                located adjacent to the Princess Theater and will be
                                used to promote and televise some Princess events.

                                Most programming will be created by the college and
                                its students. Part of the purpose of the new station is
                                to serve as a classroom and laboratory for Roane
                                State students who are studying communications.

Tennessee Career Center /       Assistance with employment and training.                                                                Education &
Workforce Investment Act                                                                                                                 Training
(WIA)                           The Tennessee Career Center can assist you with                                                         Human Services
 Rockwood, TN                  career choices with an interest and aptitude survey,                                                    Business
        help you learn job seeking skills, and direct you to                                                     Management &
  wfd/cc/cccounty_files/roane   local job openings.                                                                                      Administration
  .htm (Rockwood / Roane
  wfd/cc/cccounty.htm (select
  a location)

Tennessee Eye Care              Tennessee Eye Care Center is dedicated to providing              Salaries are an estimate only and      Health Science
 Harriman, TN, and in Knox     Knox, Roane, & Loudon Counties with quality eye                  vary from region to region
  and Loudon Counties.          care & services. Finding the right eye doctor can be
   difficult. At TN Eye Care Centers, we know how                  Billing Specialist (Health
                                important it is to take good care of your eyes. With             Information Technologies degree,
                                locations in Knox, Roane, & Loudon Counties, there               pay varies)
                                is always a home town office near you. Proper eye               Optician (2 year associates degree
                                care is vital and finding the right physician is essential       in Optometry; starting $10-12/hr)
                                to good eye health.                                             Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (2
                                                                                                 year associates degree or 2 years
                                Tennessee Eye Care Center offers a wide range of                 work experience under an
                                professional service available at every location                 Ophthalmologist, must pass test for
                                including:                                                       certification; starting $10-12/hr)
                                 Family Eye Care                                               Optometrist (Doctorate degree in
                                 Optical Dispensary & Contact Lenses                            optometry; $100,000/yr)
                                 Laser Surgery (On-Site)                                       Ophthalmologist (BS degree,
                                 Refractive Eye Surgery Consultation & Post-Op                  medical school 4 yrs, internship
                                    Care - LASIK                                                 and residency; $150,000/yr)
                                 Treatment of Diabetic & Retinal Eye Diseases
                                 Cataract Surgery done at Roane Medical Center
                                 Evaluation & Treatment of Glaucoma & Macular
                                 Complete Eye Care from Board Certified
                                    Physicians & Caring Staff
Tennessee Highway Patrol        Responsible for enforcing motor vehicle laws and              Trooper (Training Provided,        Law, Public
 Knoxville, TN                 ensuring Tenn. Roadways are as safe as possible.               Starting $32,676)                   Safety,
   Regulation of commercial vehicles and enforcement             Dispatcher (Training Provided       Corrections, &
  htm                           of federal regulation.                                         starts at $26,000 per year)         Security
                                                                                              Drivers License Examiner           Government &
                                Issuance of Drivers License are the responsibility of          (Training Provided starts at        Public
                                the Dept. of Safety;                  $25,000 per year)                   Administration

Tennessee Technology                 The Tennessee Technology Center (TTC) at                There are nine full time programs    Education &
Center at Harriman                   Harriman is one of 26 Technology Centers                offered at the TTC Harriman           Training
 Harriman, TN                       offering hands-on technical training. There are         campus:
                nine full time programs offered at the Harriman          Automotive Technology
                                     campus.                                                  Business Systems Technology
                                                                                              Computer Information Technology
                                     TTC-Harriman offers financial aid to those who           Cosmetology
                                     qualify. We can be contacted at (865) 882-6703           Diesel Powered Equipment
                                     or on line at .                        Technology
                                                                                              Industrial Maintenance
                                                                                              Machine Tool Technology
                                                                                              Practical Nursing
                                                                                              Welding

Tennessee Valley Authority       TVA‟s Kingston Fossil Plant is located on Watts Bar         TVA has a wide variety of            Science,
(TVA) - Kingston Fossil          Reservoir on the Tennessee River near Kingston,             opportunities in:                     Technology,
Plant                            Tennessee. Construction of the plant began in 1951            Trades and Labor Employees,        Engineering, &
 Kingston, TN                   and was completed in 1955 at a cost of 200 million            Engineers                          Math
                    dollars.                                                      Environmental                     Business
                                                                  Security                           Management &
  htm                            Kingston was the largest coal-burning plant in the            Safety                             Administration
                                 world at the time it was built; a distinction it held for     Medical                           Government &
                                 more than a decade. The two tall stacks, built in the         Handling and Receiving             Public Admin.
                                 1970s as part of emission controls are over 1,000
                                                                                               Human Resource
                                 feet each.
                                                                                               Computer Help Services
                                 With its nine units, Kingston is one of the larger TVA        Janitors
                                 fossil plants. It can generate 10 billion kilowatt-hours      Administrative
                                 of electricity a year, enough to supply the needs of
                                 about 670,000 homes in the Tennessee Valley.

                                 With more than 300 permanent employees at the
                                 plant, Kingston is one of the largest employers in
                                 Roane County. The plant‟s annual payroll, including
                                 that of temporary workers, totals about 33 million
                                 dollars, an amount that makes a significant
                                 contribution to the local economy.

Tennessee. Wildlife             The mission of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources               Wildlife Officer (Bachelor‟s       Law, Public
Resources Agency                Agency is to preserve, conserve, protect, and                  Science, Wildlife and Fishers       Safety,
 Nashville, TN                 enhance the fish and wildlife of the state and their           Sciences; ($20,000 to $50,000)      Corrections, &
               habitats for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the                                                Security
                                citizens of Tennessee and its visitors. The Agency                                                Agriculture,
                                will foster the safe use of the state‟s waters through                                             Food, & Natural
                                a program of law enforcement, education, and                                                       Resources
                                access.                                                                                           Government &
                                Learn more at                                                     Administration
Theatre Degree Program at           Roane State Community College now offers a unique            Theatre/Speech/English Teacher          Arts, A/V
Roane State Community               undergraduate program that introduces students to             (College; $30,000+)                      Technology,
College                             the entertainment industry while preparing them for          Broadcast Journalist /                   and
 Harriman, TN                      further collegiate study and entry–level employment.          Meteorologist (College Degree;           Communication
                The Theatre Degree Program offers an exciting,                $50,000+)                               Education &
                                    professionally focused curriculum to give students a         Film Director/Actor/Producer             Training
                                    solid training foundation for entertainment                   (College Degree)
                                    professions. Employment is available all over East           Speech Therapist (College
                                    Tennessee, ranging from theatres to theme parks, TV           Degree; $40,000+)
                                    and radio to arts management, production and                 Vocal/Diction Coach (College
                                    technical design to broadcasting and                          Degree; $25,000+)
                                    communications.                                              Theatre Management (College
                                                                                                  Degree; $30,000+)
                                    This is a competitive two-year Associate of Arts or          Television Production (College
                                    Science program with outstanding performance and              Degree; $30,000+)
                                    production training. Follow your dreams! Join the
                                                                                                 Speech Communications (College
                                    many skilled professionals in the entertainment and
                                                                                                  Degree; $30,000+)
                                    communications industry.

The Bridge at Rockwood              Surrounded by the Cumberland Mountains and Watts            Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN)          Health Science
 Rockwood, TN                      Bar Lake, The Bridge at Rockwood is conveniently             (certificate, starting no experience,    Business
        located on the corner of Hwy 27 & Hwy 70 in                  $9.00/hr)                                 Management &
  cility/FacilityInfo.aspx?locid    Rockwood, Tennessee. This 157-bed skilled nursing           Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN),           Administration
  =50&name=1&pid=155                facility offers a home like environment that provides a      (license, starting no experience
 Or                                safe, secure environment for those in need of medical        $14.40/hr)          care, and includes 24-hour nursing, a customized            Registered Nurse (RN), (license,
  ility/facilityinfo                dementia and behavioral management program, and              starting no experience, $20.00/hr
  after getting to this site - in   extensive therapeutic services to help residents            Physical Therapist Assistant
  facility location, enter          maximize their fullest capabilities and highest level of     (PTA), (license, starting no
  Tennessee, then Rockwood          independence.                                                experience, $21.00/hr)
                                                                                                Occupational Therapist Assistant
                                                                                                 (OTA), (license, starting no
                                                                                                 experience, $21.00/hr)
                                                                                                Occupational Therapist (OT) and
                                                                                                 Physical Therapist (PT), ( license,
                                                                                                 starting no experience $31.00 -

The Roane Alliance                  The Roane Alliance is Roane County's economic               Positions include:                        Business
 Kingston, TN                      development organization. It is an umbrella                  President/CEO                            Management &
             organization over both public and private                    Business Retention & Expansion           Administration
                                    organizations, including the Roane County Chamber             and Chief Administrative Officer        Marketing
                                    of Commerce, the Roane County Industrial                     Fiscal and Industrial Services          Education and
                                    Development Board and the Roane County Visitors               Specialist                               Training
                                    Bureau. As a cooperative public/private partnership,         Manager of Marketing & Tourism
                                    each member organization of the Alliance operates            Chamber Member Services
                                    with its own focus, identity, board of directors and         Education and Workforce
                                    operating budget, while working toward unified goals          Development Specialist
                                    for increased prosperity and improved quality of             Office Assistant and Visitor
                                    living.                                                       Services

The Roane County News               The Community newspaper serving Roane County.                Reporter (usually a four-year           Arts, A/V
 Kingston, TN                                                                                    degree in journalism,                    Technology,
                                                                            communications; $21,000-                 and
                                                                                                  $25,000)                                 Communication
                                                                                                 Photographer (usually a four-year
                                                                                                  degree in photojournalism;
U.S. Air Force              U.S. Air Force is one of five active-duty Armed           There are many types of jobs and        Education &
 Oak Ridge, TN and other   Services with their respective Guard and Reserve           career fields with the U.S. Air          Training
  locations                 units. Its mission is to protect and defend the United     Force.                                  Law, Public
          States of America.                                        Go to the web site and search for        Safety,
                                                                                       career opportunities.                    Corrections, &
                                                                                                                               And others

U.S. Army                   U.S. Army is one of five active-duty Armed Services       There are many types of jobs and        Government &
 Oak Ridge, TN and other   with their respective Guard and Reserve units. Its         career fields with the U.S. Amy          Public
  locations                 mission is to protect and defend the United States of     Go to the web site and search for        Administration
            America.                                                   career opportunities.                   Education &
                                                                                                                               Law, Public
                                                                                                                                Corrections, &
                                                                                                                               And others

U.S. Marine Corps           The U.S. Marines are the smallest branch of the            We offer over 300 different            Government &
 Oak Ridge, TN and other   military. It is one of five active-duty Armed Services      specialty jobs. We also offer free      Public
  locations                 with their respective Guard and Reserve units. Its          college while serving active duty       Administration
           mission is to protect and defend the United States of       and also after the young men and       Education &
                            America.                                                    women serve their 4 years they          Training
                                                                                        will be granted the Post 9/11 GI       Law, Public
                                                                                        Bill.                                   Safety,
                                                                                       Go to the web site and search for       Corrections, &
                                                                                        more career opportunities.              Security
                                                                                                                               And others

U.S. Navy                   U.S. Navy is one of five active-duty Armed Services       There are many types of jobs and        Government &
 Oak Ridge, TN and other   with their respective Guard and Reserve units. Its         career fields with the U.S. Navy.        Public
  locations                 mission is to protect and defend the United States of     Go to the web site and search for        Administration
              America.                                                   career opportunities.                   Education &
                                                                                                                               Law, Public
                                                                                                                                Corrections, &
                                                                                                                               And others

U.S. Small Business         The Small Business Administration is charged with         Entrepreneur (Business planning is      Business
Administration              helping people start a business. Once in place, our        an important skill ; …”the sky‟s the     Management &
 Nashville, TN             charge is to help business owners remain in operation      limit” to what you can earn)             Administration
               and possibly expand. This is achieved through                                                      And all other
            resources that we have throughout the state of TN                                                   Career Clusters
                            including our Service Corps of Retired Executives and
                            Small Business Development Centers that provide
                            free business workshops and free one-on-one
                            consulting. More information can be found by visiting
                            our national and local websites which are
                   and, respectively.
 University of Tennessee,     UT Extension is an off-campus educational unit of           Extension Agent                       Education &
 Knoxville, Extension         The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.                                               Training
 Services                     With an office in every county, UT Extension brings                                                Agriculture,
 Knoxville, TN               educational programs and research-based                                                             Food, &, Natural
     information to the citizens of Tennessee. UT                                                        Resources
                              Extension works with local governments, community                                                  Government &
                              leaders, families and individuals to address problems                                               Public
                              and issues that help improve people's lives.                                                        Administration

Veterinary Medicine Careers   Small Animal Veterinary Hospital                             VETERINARIAN                         Agriculture,
Hosted by: Jackson Square                                                                 EDUCATION:                              Food, & Natural
Animal Clinic (865-483-       Provide full service medical, surgical, diagnostic,         - Bachelor‟s degree or 64 hours of      Resources
5994)                         outpatient and inpatient care to dogs, cats, small            sciences, math, physics, animal
 Oak Ridge, TN               mammals, birds, reptiles, small ruminants, and exotic         science in addition to basic        o Medical
   pets.                                                         college curriculum.                 o Health Science
  ages/Jackson-Square-                                                                    - Graduate Record Examination or      o Animal Science
  Animal-                     We employ four veterinarians, two receptionists, one          Veterinary College Admission        o Animal Behavior
  Clinic/110861262311848      veterinary technician, and six veterinary assistants.         Test                                  and welfare
                              We provide health care to the public and several            - Graduation from an accredited       o Biology
                              animal rescue groups and participate in rabies clinics.       Veterinary School ( 28-30 in the
                                                                                          - North American Veterinary
                                                                                            Licensing Examination
                                                                                          - State Board Examination
                                                                                          - Yearly Continuing Education (20
                                                                                            hours minimum)
                                                                                          - Residency and board
                                                                                            examinations for specialization
                                                                                            (surgery, behavior, dermatology,
                                                                                            cardiology, ophthalmology, zoo
                                                                                            animal medicine, avian medicine)
                                                                                          CAREER OPTIONS :
                                                                                          - Private practice: small, mixed,
                                                                                            exotic, or large animal
                                                                                          - Research: Center for Disease
                                                                                            Control, laboratories, hospitals
                                                                                          - Food inspection: USDA plants
                                                                                          - Teaching
                                                                                          - Military service
                                                                                          - Alternative medicine:
                                                                                            acupuncture, holistic medicine,
                                                                                          - Advanced specialties: anesthesia,
                                                                                            orthopedics, dentistry, behavior,
                                                                                            cardiology, nutrition, cancer
                                                                                            treatment, genetics,
                                                                                            pharmacology, eyes, surgery,
                                                                                            laboratory animal medicine, zoo
                                                                                            animal medicine
                                                                                          SALARY: $50,000 to 150,000

                                                                                         VETERINARIAN TECHNICIAN
                                                                                          - 2 year associate degree, North
                                                                                            American Veterinary Technician
                                                                                          - Yearly continuing education (15
                                                                                            hours in Tennessee)
Veterinary Medicine Careers                                                          DUTIES: Perform anesthesia, assist
(Continued)                                                                          veterinarian in surgery, perform teeth
                                                                                     cleaning, take radiographs, perform
                                                                                     laboratory tests, treat wounds, give
                                                                                     intravenous medications under
                                                                                     veterinary supervision
                                                                                     CAREER OPTIONS: small or large
                                                                                     animal practice, zoo medicines,
                                                                                     laboratories, research facilities,
                                                                                     breeding facilities, teaching, food
                                                                                     animal inspection, specialization is
                                                                                     SALARY: $26,000-45,000

                                                                                     VETERINARY ASSISTANT
                                                                                     EDUCATION: Some high school,
                                                                                     advanced training possible
                                                                                     DUTIES: Clean and care for
                                                                                     hospitalized animals, restrain animals
                                                                                     for examination, give medications,
                                                                                     monitor appetite, urination,
                                                                                     defecation, and signs of illness
                                                                                     SALARY: $20,000-25,000

Walgreens                     Walgreens is a chain retail pharmacy.                   Pharmacist (Requires at least 2         Health Services
 Harriman, TN, and many                                                                years of college courses before        Marketing
  other locations                                                                       applying to pharmacy school.
                                                                     Pharmacy school is 4 years. A
                                                                                        total of 6 years of college work;
                                                                                        $120,000-$130,000 per year)
                                                                                      Pharmacy Technician (requires no
                                                                                       prior training at this time; $10-$13
                                                                                       per hour.)

                                                                                       More information about
                                                                                       opportunities at Walgreens is at

WECO Radio                    WECO is a 41 year old locally owned and operated        Commercial copy writing                 Arts, A/V
 Wartburg, TN                broadcast entity located in Wartburg.                    (Keyboarding & strong word skills)       Technology, and
           WECO AM 940 is a 5000 watt station with a format of     Sports play by play (Computer 101        Communication
                              Southern Gospel/Christian. WECO                          & strong work ethic)
                              FM 101.3 is a 21,000 watt station with a format of      News reporter (Electronic
                              Country. We also broadcast Local High                    Journalism & Computer 101)
                              School Sports, UT Vol football and basketball, Lady
                              Vol basketball, and NASCAR. Our audio
                              is streamed 24/7 at:

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