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					Victoria’s Secret Direct

     1: Sharon Jester Turney had retail experience with which of the following
          a. Abercrombie & Fitch
          b. Sears
          c. Neiman Marcus
          d. Macy’s
     2: Which of the following is stated by Turney as the motto of Victoria’s Secret
          a. Pink Rules
          b. Customers Rule
          c. Lingerie Rules
          d. Angels Rule

     3: Which of the following divisions is not included in Limited Brands?
         a. The White Barn Candle Co.
         b. C.O. Bigelow
         c. Foley’s
         d. Victoria’s Secret

2-3 essay or discussion questions with suggested answers regarding video topics

   1. What threats would you anticipate if you were the CEO of Victoria’s Secret

       Students’ responses will vary. One threat could be that if the economy went into a
       recession, sales of high-end lingerie could dampen. Other threats might include
       protecting the Victoria Secret product line against sales of counterfeit products,
       competing with less expensive lingerie retailers, and continuing to grow its orders

   2. Have you ordered from a catalog or e-commerce site? Do you think purchasing
      from a catalog or e-commerce site exposes customers to greater risks versus
      purchasing in a bricks-and-mortar store?

       Students’ responses will vary. Some students will probably respond that they have
       ordered products from a catalog or an Internet site. As far as dangers involved in
       purchasing from a catalog or e-commerce site versus a traditional store, students
       may identify fraud concerns. However, Forbes claims that most credit card
       numbers are stolen as a result of unethical retail store clerks and restaurant
       employees who steal card numbers using hand-held skimmer devices. Thieves can
       go through the trash of brick and mortar stores or customer garbage to obtain
       credit card numbers, and then use them on the Internet.

   3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ordering a product from a catalog
      or Internet site versus from a bricks-and-mortar store?

       Students’ responses will vary, but some possible advantages might include the
      Good Selection: The lack of physical inventory space allows most online
       sites to offer better selection than bricks-and-mortar stores.
      No Sales Tax: Unless you live in the same state as the company you are
       buying from, there is usually no sales tax charged. If your state charges no
       sales tax, this doesn't matter much to you. Also, for customers outside the
       United States the tax situation varies greatly, with duties on imported items
       sometimes more than equaling local sales taxes.

      Shop-At-Home Convenience: You can shop for products or services without
       leaving home. This is an advantage for many people, including those who
       have small children or elderly parents, those who are mobility-impaired, and
       those who live in small towns without any stores within a short distance.

   Some possible disadvantages might include the following:

      Shipping Costs: Shipping charges can be expensive, depending on the
       company and on what you are buying.
      Lack of Personalized Shopping Service: You don't get personalized help if
       you have questions and you don’t get to touch or feel the merchandise. It is
       usually more time consuming to contact the store to ask questions and receive
      Delayed Access. When buying something online or by mail order, you have to
       wait for the product to be delivered.
      Returns and Service can be difficult: You may experience additional costs
       if you have to return a product; and you’ll also experience additional delays
       waiting for replacement merchandise. Service can be more difficult when
       dealing with a catalog or an e-commerce site.

4. Conduct some research. What innovations has Victoria Secret Direct implemented

   Students’ responses will vary. Like many retailers, Victoria’s Secret Direct has
   started using more eco-friendly paper for its catalog reproductions. Beginning in
   2007, Victoria’s Secret announced that its catalogs will composed of either 10
   percent post-consumer-waste recycled content or Forest Stewardship Council-
   certified paper. Source:

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