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					                             Workplace Smoking Policy

A Workplace Smoking policy enables your organisation to create and
implement an agreed approach on all aspects relating to smoking whilst at work. The
policy belongs to your organisation and sets out the ways in which you work to support
and encourage employees and other stakeholders to quit smoking.

A smoking policy for:                              Workplace A
Effective from:                                    00/00/00
Next review date:                                  00/00/00

This section of the policy could include    The need for a smoking policy
information on some of the following
                                            Smoking is known to be the principal avoidable cause
 Why and how smoking affects health
                                            of premature deaths in the UK. 22% of all male deaths
 Quality of life benefits
                                            and 11% of all female deaths are due to smoking.
 How the organisation can create an        Giving up smoking can reduce the risk of developing
    environment that supports and           many smoking related illnesses. Inhaling other
    encourages non-smoking                  people‟s smoke puts non-smokers at risk of illness too.
 How the support of smoking cessation
    initiatives can demonstrate that the       4 out of 5 deaths from lung cancer are caused by
    workforce is valued and the work-life       smoking
    balance is respected.                      10 in every 100 deaths from stroke are associated
                                                with smoking
                                               Smoking is associated with cancer of the lungs,
                                                larynx, mouth, pancreas, bladder, kidneys, cervix,
                                                oesophagus, and the stomach or gut.
                                               Smoking is the main cause of chronic bronchitis
                                                and emphysema
                                               Smoking can lead to diseases of the arteries in the
                                                legs (peripheral arterial disease) which can also
                                                lead to the need for an amputation.
                                               Heart attached death rates are up to 10 times
                                                greater than non-smokers aged under 50.

                                            The workplace has a key role to play in providing a
                                            clean air environment for all its employees whilst
                                            recognising and supporting the needs of smokers.

                                            Giving up can help reduce the health risks associated
                                            with smoking - just one day after you stop smoking the
                                            level of carbon monoxide (poisonous gas found in
                                            cigarettes) is the same as that of a non-smoker.
                                            Evidence shows that within 10-15 years of giving up,
                                            an ex-smokers risk of developing lung cancer is only
                                            slightly greater than someone who has never smoked.

An example aim is given on the right.       Aim of the policy
Other examples are:
                                            To implement a whole organisation approach to
 To increase the opportunities for
   employees to learn more about the
                                            smoking that considers the needs of both smokers and
   dangers of smoking                       non-smokers
 To increase opportunities for employees
   to quit when they are ready
 To create a workplace environment which
    encourages employees not to smoke
    around others
 To set out a co-ordinated approach to
    increase the awareness of the health
    risks associated with smoking
 To ensure that our working environment
    promotes the health and wellbeing of
    employees, clients and visitors.
The objectives should be clear and SMART           Objectives
(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic
                                                   To implement a smoking policy that raises
and Time-specific). See the examples
opposite.                                          awareness of the positive reasons to quit smoking
                                                   Policy actions:
Each objective should be followed by what           Provide educational leaflets and resources on
the organisation will do – „policy actions‟ – to       smoking cessation support services
meet the objectives                                 Include workplace health on the agenda at every
                                                       team meeting
                                                    Set up a smoking focus group
                                                    Provide 1-2-1 and group smoking cessation service
                                                    Train individuals within the organisation as
                                                       smoking cessation counsellors.
                                                    Hold smoking cessation promotional events

                                                   To implement a smoking policy that supports
                                                   employees to make healthier choices in a variety
                                                   of ways.
                                                   Policy actions:
                                                    Encourage employees to make healthier choices
                                                       through the use of promotional and motivational
                                                       resources, e.g. encouraging employees to take a
                                                       walk when they feel the need to smoke
                                                    Provide designated non-smoking areas
                                                    Provide information on local smoking cessation
                                                    Investigate the feasibility of making the workplace
                                                       smoke free prior to the 2007 legislative changes
                                                    One week each year will be designated “Smoking
                                                       Cessation Week” with a range of organised

                                                   To remove barriers and enable employees to quit
                                                   smoking when they are ready
                                                   Policy actions:
                                                    Review current provision of smoking cessation
                                                       support services
                                                    Provide access to smoking cessation counsellors
                                                       for all smokers
                                                    Develop links with local NHS smoking cessation
                                                       services and establish regular visits.
How will this policy be communicated               Communication
throughout the organisation?
                                                   All employees will be made aware of the smoking
                                                   policy and the support services available. The smoking
                                                   policy will be included in the employee handbook and
                                                   employee information or induction packs.
                                                   A specific focus group will be established to take the
                                                   actions from this policy forward – regular updates will
                                                   be provided to all employees via their line
The policy should be reviewed regularly   Review and monitoring
                                          Employees participating in promotional activities will be
How will you track progress?
                                          regularly asked for feedback.
                                          Employees making use of smoking cessation services
                                          will be regularly asked for feedback where appropriate
                                          (some services may be offered confidentially)
                                          A Smoking audit will be undertaken annually.
                                          A Smoking action plan will be maintained by the
                                          Smoking Cessation Workplace Champion (WPC)

                                          The policy, status updates and evaluation reports will
                                          be circulated to management and be available on
                                          request through the Smoking Cessation WPC.

                                          The policy will be reviewed six months from
                                          implementation and then annually after that.



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