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    Local News Briefs                                                                                                                             Warwick Leeson
                                               WHITTLESEA WELCOMES
 Flowerdale’s bus arrives

                                                COMMUNITY GARDEN
    ● Presentation of the keys to                                                                                                                 ■ There is a fine line between construc-
     Flowerdale’s community bus                                                                                                                   tive criticism and personal sniping.
                                                                                                                                                      The former is validated by an opinion
 ■ Flowerdale’s new community bus has                                                                                                             that differs with that of another person
 arrived, and will be available to be used                                                                                                        or group; the latter is a general whinge
 by groups and individuals.                                                                                                                       disguised as a fair comment which, in
    Thanks have been extended to the Sal-
 vation Army for their assistance and do-                                                                                                         fact, it is not.
 nation.                                                                                                                                              The current leader and deputy leader
    The bus can be hired to go to events,                                                                                                         of the Federal Opposition, and the
 locally and beyond.                                                                                                                              ousted former MP, Wilson Tuckey, seem
                                                                                                                                                  intent on personal attacks on the new
 Rob Gordon at K’lake                                                                                                                             government and the independents, with-
                                                                                                                                                  out any real basis for such complaints.
 ■ Clinical psychologist Rob Gordon                                                                                                                   They are perfectly entitled to indicate
 will conduct another of his valuable eve-                                                                                                        (as they have done) that they will hold
 nings, tonoght (Wed., Sept. 22) at                                                                                                               the government accountable, but to at-
 Kinglake West Hall, from 7.30pm.                                                                                                                 tack for the sake of attacking, before any
    Rob Gordon has more than 30 years                                                                                                             legislation has come before the Parlia-
 experience treating individuals and fami-                                                                                                        ment, places them in the category of se-
 lies affected by some of Australia's most                                                                                                        rial complainants.
 challenging disasters.
                                                                                                                                                      In Tuckey's case, it is probably more
                                                    By Naomi Zandt-Mazzone                                                                        an extreme example of sour grapes from
 Pipeline shut down                               Whittlesea Community Garden
                                                        Project Facilitator
                                                                                                                                                  a defeated candidate, but the principle
                                                                                                                                                  remains the same.
 ■ Melbourne Water shut down the                                                                                                                      An elected government, be it Federal,
 North-South Pipeline after it discovered                                                                                                         State or local, is entitled to pursue its
 that flows were adding to flood pressures    ■ A community garden is being established
 in country Victoria. The Age reported        in Whittlesea, on the grounds of Whittlesea                                                         policy agenda and, if of the view that
 that Melbourne Water has to order flows      Secondary College, to be a space shared by                                                          those policies are inadequate or mis-
 in advance, and the newspaper believed       the community and the school.                                                                       guided, dissenters are quite within their
 that about 430 million litres was deliber-      The idea behind the garden is to create a                                                        rights to criticise or oppose such policies,
 ately released from Eildon into the river    shared and welcoming community space                                                                but any government ought to be granted
 each day, and about 300 million litres of    that offers a range of ways for people to                                                           the freedom to present their program for
 that was bound for the pipe.                 come together to share, learn and grow.                                                             debate prior to any blanket criticism.
    “It shows the Victorian Government           Community garden spaces can offer op-                                                                I find baseless, suppositional criti-
 has no sense of the pipe’s impact on lo-     portunities for ornamental gardening, veg-                                                          cism, seemingly for the sake of gaining
 cal communities,” said Sharman Stone,        etable gardening, remembrance and reflec-                                                           column inches, extremely off-putting,
 Liberal Parliamentarian.                     tion, community activities, promoting             ● Whittlesea students participate in              and decreases my respect for the indi-
                                              health, sharing art, meeting new people and       building the new community garden                 viduals concerned.
 Networking at W’sea                          lots more.
                                                 To ensure the community space (garden)            Local News Briefs
                                                                                                                                                       is not until proposed legislation has
                                                                                                                                                  been presented for debate, or until (if it
 ■ The Whittlesea and Plenty Valley           meets the needs of the community we would                                                           actually happens) that an elected person
 Tourist Association is holding a net-
 working event at Whitehaven Recep-
                                              love all interested community members and
                                              groups to get involved.                            For the bereaved                                 stuffs up, that any criticism can be
                                                                                                                                                  deemed to be based on hard evidence.
 tions, Whittlesea, at 6.30pm on Wednes-         The garden is in its initial stages of plan-    ■ A gathering for people who have lost some-         If and when that happens, any criti-
 day, September 29.                           ning which means there is lots to be done in       one close to them in the 2009 Victorian          cism, preferably with some constructive
    Speaker will be Dr. Gwynedd Hunter-       the lead up to the design and building of          Bushfires will be held from 12 Noon-3pm in       suggestion(s) included, is warranted,
 Payne of Merri Merri Olive Estate. This      the community space.                               Melbourne on Sunday, October 24.
 is an opportunity for tourism businesses                                                                                                         since it might result either in an improved
                                                 This includes holding a range of activi-           The Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction         legislative outcome or in highlighting an
 to display their brochures/product and to    ties on the garden site to promote the space       and Recovery Authority has organised an in-
 meet other tourism people in the area.                                                          formal lunch allowing people to come together    individual's shortcomings.
    Drinks and finger food will be pro-       and find out the communities ideas for the                                                              My preference is always to allow any
                                              community garden space.                            and catch up for a chat.
 vided. There is no cost for the evening.                                                           It will be held at the Treetops Room,         newly elected government time to
 The event is being sponsored by the City        We are establishing a 'Friends of the           Melbourne Museum, Level 1, 11 Nicholson          present its policy agenda, to carefully
 of Whittlesea.                               Garden' community group which is open              Street, Carlton                                  analyse that agenda and then to form a
    Acceptances should be communicated        to anyone who is interested in getting in-            For catering and seating purposes, partici-   view and, maybe, comment, one way or
 to Leila Leaford, phone 9716 2518.           volved and keeping up to date about what's         pants are asked to register by Friday, October   the other.
                                              happening.                                         15, with Veronica Jenkins on 9092 5891 or            Similarly, scrutiny of the performance
                                                 The group meets on the second Wednes-           email veronica.jenkins@dpc.vic.gov.au            of elected members should be encour-
 $360 fines for fires                         day of the month 10.30am at Plenty Valley                                                           aged; are they adhering to their pre-elec-
                                              Community Health in Walnut St,
 ■ The Victorian Government has intro-
 duced new on-the-spot fines for campfire     Whittlesea.                                        Rotary at Kinglake                               tion promises, are they committing them-
                                                                                                                                                  selves to the discharge of their responsi-
 offences including leaving fires unat-          At a recent working bee, we worked with         ■ We hear that a Rotary Club is being formed     bilities; do they fully understand the role
 tended or having over-sized campfires in     the students and teachers from Whittlesea          at Kinglake. More details to come.               to which they were elected?
 Victoria’s parks, forests and reserves.      Secondary to re-plant garden beds and mea-                                                              If enough of the boxes have been
    The new strict liability offences have    sure up for the arrival of new garden beds.                                                         ticked, then criticism may well be seen
 been inserted into the Forests Act 1958
 and penalties of approximately $360 will
 apply to campfire offences in parks, for-
                                                 There are lots of ways people can get in-
                                              volved in the garden both now and in the
                                                                                                 Mayor’s                                          to be personal sniping as distinct from
                                                                                                                                                  an objective or constructive commentary.
 ests and most other reserves managed by
 DSE or Parks Victoria in rural Victoria.
                                                 This includes joining the 'Friends of the
                                              Garden' group, helping to organise events,
                                                                                                  Diary                                               Any criticism needs, or ought, to be
                                                                                                                                                  couched in a manner so that a reader or
                                                                                                                                                  listener can understand the validity of an
                                              input into the design and building of the                 By Cr Peter                               alternative viewpoint, whether in rela-
 Special meeting                              garden, using the garden space, sharing your
                                              skills or learning new ones, come along to
                                                                                                     Beales, Mayor,
                                                                                                                                                  tion to a policy position or a personal ap-
 ■ A special meeting of the Mitchell          activities, have your own garden plot or                Shire Council                                   That way, the emphases will be on
 Shire Council was held on Monday last        share with others, join our contact list and                                                        constructive, positive suggestions, rather
 week (Sept. 13) at the Broadford cham-       keep up to date about what's happening.              Monday ,September 13. Ministerial Task         than personal sniping attacks.
 bers.                                           If you would like to become involved in        Force meeting over floods in Euroa
    The major item of business for the spe-   the Whittlesea Community Garden or to                Tuesday, September 14. Community Ra-
 cial meeting was to discuss a rteport on     find out more please contact 0407 699 775         dio
 the procedures to be used at Council         or either naomi.zandt-mazzone@pvch.                  Wednesday ,September 15. Council
 meetings.                                    org.au or megan.smithwick@pvch.org.au             Meeting at Briefings at Alexandra.                                     - Warwick Leeson

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