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Proprietary Colleges by yaoyufang



  Prepared by The Association of Proprietary Colleges
         Table of Contents

     	1-2 Introductions	

     3-6 New	York’s	Work	Force	Solution		

     7-11 Improving	Access	to	Higher	Education

    12-15 New	York’s	Economic	Workhorse	

     	 16 APC	Colleges	Across	New	York

     	 17 Footnotes

        Association of Proprietary Colleges
         121 State Street, Albany, NY 12207
       Tel: 518.437.1867 • Fax: 518.437.1048

i                            The Association of Proprietary Colleges
A Message from the President                              an	ever-changing	marketplace.	We	have	become	
                                                          an	adapter,	connecting	students	to	the	actual	
                   As	President	of	the	Association	       skills	needed	to	launch	careers	in	our	newly	flat	
                   of	Proprietary	Colleges	(APC)	–	       economic	world.
                   an	organization	that	represents	
                   26	degree-granting	proprietary	        Consequently,	we	fill	a	vital	niche	among	the	
                   colleges	on	36	campuses,	              four	sectors	of	higher	education.	Each	of	the	
                   serving	50,000	students	in	New	        four	sectors	serves	a	sustaining	role	enriching	
                   York	State,	I	am	proud	to	lead	        opportunity	by	melding	a	college	education	to	
                   a	group	that	is	dedicated	to	          student	aspirations.	From	this	diverse	structure	
                   improving	our	state’s	economy	         of	higher	education	comes	an	academic	strength	
Stephen	J.	Jerome, through	education.                     that	enhances	our	state’s	economic	development	
President,                                                prospects	during	this	trying	time	of	fiscal	travail.
APC	Colleges,	      This	report	explains	who	
Monroe	College      we	are	and	what	we	do.	Our	           We	operate	on	a	simple	educational	model	that	
                    role	begins	with	a	sustaining	        holds:	If	we	deliver	a	product	people	want	–	in	
mission:	Proprietary	colleges	exist	to	provide	           our	case,	an	employable	graduate	–	we	stay	in	
students	who	need	or	desire	a	focused	entry	point	        business.	Our	institutions	have	been	at	this	mission	
into	the	work	force	a	clear	path	to	that	goal.	In	a	      for	a	very	long	time,	some	going	back	to	1854.	Out	
demand	driven	economy,	where	employers	crave	             of	this	continuity	comes	an	enduring	commitment	
job	applicants	trained	for	specific	employment	           to	our	students	and	our	communities.
functions,	students	choose	colleges	that	can	
sharply	pivot	to	meet	those	needs.	We	exist,	quite	       The	recent	traumas	afflicting	our	national	economy	
simply,	to	educate	students	for	the	jobs	that	are	        make	this	mission	not	just	important,	but	essential.	
available	today	and	will	be	tomorrow.	                    Essential	not	just	for	our	institutions	and	our	
                                                          students,	but	for	our	state	and	our	nation.
Our	mission	also	is	to	listen	carefully	to	what	
employers	need	and	plan	accordingly	so	that	both	         We	are	a	fresh,	exciting	and	growing	factor	
traditional	and	non-traditional	students	can	best	        advancing	New	York’s	constellation	of	higher	
gain	the	career	skills	they	need	to	achieve	the	full	     education	opportunities.	
promise	of	American	life.
                                                          Stephen	J.	Jerome	
To	fulfill	this	mission	requires	a	commitment	to	         President,	Monroe	College
quality	education.	We	know	there	are	no	shortcuts	
for	our	students’	academic	success.	That	is	why	we	
now	offer	degrees	ranging	from	associate	degrees	
through	doctoral	degrees.	

Students	choose	proprietary	colleges	because	they	
offer	flexible	schedules,	smaller	class	sizes,	faculty	
with	real	world	experience	and	remediation	where	
necessary.	APC	Colleges	have	a	laser-like	focus	
on	career	placement,	meeting	the	demands	of	

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                    1
About the Association of Proprietary                    The	proprietary	sector	continues	to	be	the	fastest	
Colleges (APC)                                          growing	degree-granting	sector	in	the	state.	As	
                                                        you	will	read	in	this	report,	enrollment	has	nearly	
APC	Colleges	empower	students	to	Believe,	              doubled	since	1980,	and	the	state	projects	future	
Achieve,	Succeed.	                                      growth	to	outpace	the	other	three	sectors	of	
                                                        higher	education.	
APC	is	one	of	New	York’s	four	sectors	of	higher	
education,	representing	50,000	students	pursuing	       The	hallmark	of	an	APC	College	is	in	the	way	it	
associate,	bachelor’s,	master’s,	and	doctoral	          treats	its	students.	From	the	hands-on	education	
degrees.	With	small	class	sizes,	flexible	programs	     by	field-qualified	faculty,	to	the	small	class	sizes	
and	career-focused	instruction,	APC	Colleges	           and	generous	grant	programs,	to	the	extensive	
connect	students	to	meaningful	jobs	in	a	variety	of	    career	counseling	and	placement	services,	APC	
traditional	and	emerging	professions.                   Colleges	prepare	students	for	fulfilling	careers.		

From	business	administration	to	computer	
programming,	health	care	to	visual	arts,	APC	             A Proud Tradition
students	have	access	to	the	up-to-date	curriculum	
and	the	practical	skills	and	education	they	need	to	      In	1978,	the	five	presidents	of	Albany	Business	
succeed	in	today’s	competitive	workplace.                 College,	Monroe	College,	Rochester	Business	
                                                          Institute,	Utica	School	of	Commerce	and	
We	enjoy	close	relationships	with	New	York’s	             the	Wood	School	formed	the	Association	of	
business	community	because	we	provide	                    Private	Degree	Granting	Institutions	through	
employable	graduates	who	are	educated	to	make	            incorporation	by	the	New	York	State	Board	of	
immediate	and	valuable	contributions	in	the	work	         Regents.	These	college	leaders	successfully	
force.	Our	colleges	have	some	of	the	best	job	            argued	that	their	institutions	were	no	
placement	rates	–	as	high	as	98	percent	–	among	          different	than	other	colleges	and	therefore	
all	New	York	colleges.			                                 should	have	the	authority	to	award	degrees.	
As	this	report	shows,	APC	member	colleges	are	            The	history	of	proprietary	colleges	in	New	
taxpaying	institutions	that	receive	no	direct	state	      York	is	rich	and	deep,	and	it	goes	much	
financial	assistance,	invest	millions	of	dollars	
                                                          further	back	than	the	creation	of	this	
annually	in	capital	improvements,	employ	
                                                          association.	Bryant	and	Stratton	College,	
thousands	of	New	Yorkers	and	account	for	
                                                          which	was	founded	in	1854,	Jamestown	
millions	of	dollars	in	economic	impact	in	their	
                                                          Business	College	(1886),	and	Utica	School	
communities.	APC	Colleges	provide	millions	of	
dollars	in	annual	scholarships,	positively	impacting	     of	Commerce	(1896)	are	still	operating	
income-qualified	students	and	their	families.		           successfully.	Many	other	proprietary	
                                                          institutions	came	to	be	in	the	first	half	of	the	
In	addition,	compared	to	the	other	sectors	of	            20th	century;	The	College	of	Westchester	
higher	education,	APC	Colleges	are	the	most	              was	founded	in	1915,	Berkeley	College	(1931),	
racially	diverse	and	serve	the	largest	percentage	of	     Monroe	College	(1933)	and	Manhattan-based	
financially	needy	students,	increasing	the	quality	       LIM	(1939).	APC	Colleges	have	deep	and	solid	
of	their	lives	as	they	become	productive	citizens.        roots	in	New	York	State.	

  2                                                       The Association of Proprietary Colleges
           New York’s Work Force Solution
APC	Colleges	are	structured	to	recognize	and	            attractive	prospects	to	employers.	Our	colleges	
adjust	to	trends	in	the	work	force.	As	industries	       develop	degree	programs	that	meet	and	exceed	
emerge,	we	work	with	the	business	community	to	          regional	accreditation	and	State	Board	of	Regents	
make	sure	we	are	educating	the	next	generation	          standards	while	meeting	the	needs	of	businesses	
of	professionals.	Our	business	                                                and	students.	
model	is	especially	relevant	         The growth of the master’s and
in	times	of	economic	turmoil	          bachelor’s degree programs is           New	York	State	Education	
and	tremendous	job	loss.	           testament to the sector’s ability to Department	data	shows	
While	so	many	are	focused	           adjust to the demands of business the	proprietary	sector	is	
on	cutting	costs,	including	                     and industry.                 experiencing	strong	and	
jobs,	APC	Colleges	are	                                                        sustained	growth	in	degrees	
focused	on	filling	the	jobs	that	are	being	created.      awarded,	due	to	convenient	locations,	a	targeted	
                                                         curriculum	and	flexibility	of	schedules.	High	
As	a	result,	APC	Colleges	have	become	a	major	           placement	rates	mean	these	graduates	enter	the	
factor	in	the	state’s	efforts	to	develop	a	high	         work	force	immediately,	becoming	part	of	the	
quality	and	sustainable	work	force.                      Work	Force	Solution.	In	particular,	the	growth	of	
                                                         the	master’s	and	bachelor’s	degree	programs,	as	
APC	Colleges	are	part	of	the	Work	Force	Solution	        shown	below,	is	testament	to	the	sector’s	ability	to	
because	our	students	complete	their	study	fully	         adjust	to	the	demands	of	business	and	industry.
prepared	to	join	the	work	force,	making	them	very	       	

            Five-Year Growth, Percentage of Degrees Awarded,
                   by Sector, 2001-02 through 2006-071


                            30%                   30%

                                                                            24%   23%
                                      22%                       22%


                   SUNY                 CUNY                    Independent       Proprietary
                                      Associate    Bachelor's      Master's

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                   3
            New York’s Work Force Solution
While	there	has	been	an	increase	in	bachelor’s	              proprietary	sector’s	graduation	rate	for	associate	
and	master’s	degrees	awarded	by	proprietary	                 degrees	is	four	percentage	points	higher	than	the	
colleges,	the	sector	has	long	been	successful	in	            state	average,	and	second	among	the	four	sectors.
awarding	associate	degrees.	As	shown	below,	the	

           Associate Degree Graduation Rate at Institutions
               First Entered, Within Three Years, 2006




                  SUNY       CUNY        Independent        Proprietary       State Average

Source: New York State Education Department using National Center for Educational Statistics (IPEDS) data.

                                             APC FAST FACT
      APC Colleges adjust curriculum in                      Management; Business Management and
      consideration of industry and employer                 Administration; Computer Software and
      needs, as well as employment growth                    Systems; and Computer Information Systems
      trends. More than 18,000 jobs open up                  Management. APC Colleges offer degrees in
      annually in New York in the following                  these and other high-growth job markets.1
      professions: Accounting and Financial

  4                                                             The Association of Proprietary Colleges
            New York’s Work Force Solution
Meeting	the	Needs	of	Students	and	                      Because	of	the	career-specific	curriculum	at	APC	
Businesses                                              Colleges,	students	enter	the	work	force	able	to	
                                                        quickly	adapt.	Maria	Cruz,	office	manager	at	the	
A	cornerstone	of	APC	Colleges	is	the	career	services	   NYU	Hospital	for	Joint	Diseases,	reported	that	four	
they	provide	to	students.                               of	her	seven	staff	members	are	graduates	of	the	
                                                        Mandl	School	in	Manhattan.	With	29	physicians	in	
Bryant	&	Stratton	College,	which	has	eight	             a	busy	orthopedics	practice,	it’s	important	to	have	
campuses	in	four	upstate	markets,	has	fully	staffed	    well-trained	medical	assistants.	“The	resumes	I	was	
career	services	departments	in	each	market.	The	        receiving	from	other	sources	were	inadequate,”	
department	places	students	in	internships	and	full-     Cruz	said.	“But	over	the	past	two	years	I’ve	hired	
time	positions	with	top	employers	throughout	New	       Mandl	graduates.	It’s	been	a	great	relationship.	
York,	ensuring	that	students	supplement	their	class	    Mandl	students	are	trained	very	well.”
time	with	hands-on	career	experiences.

Like	other	APC	Colleges,	Bryant	&	Stratton	enlists	        One	of	a	Kind
local	business	leaders	and	professionals	to	serve	
                                                           APC	Colleges	are	known	to	quickly	change	
on	advisory	boards.	These	boards	help	shape	
                                                           curriculum	in	response	to	the	demands	of	
curriculum	to	meet	the	needs	of	businesses.	In	
                                                           evolving	industries.	A	case	in	point:	In	the	heart	
Syracuse	alone,	Bryant	&	Stratton	has	advisory	
                                                           of	New	York	City,	the	Laboratory	Institute	of	
boards	for	the	Business,	Graphic	Design	and	
                                                           Merchandising	(LIM)	is	already	unique	among	
Medical	Assisting	degree	programs.	Graduates	              United	States	colleges	and	universities	in	that	its	
are	hired	by	some	of	the	state’s	most	respected	           mission	and	focus	is	on	the	study	of	business	and	
businesses,	including	Albany	Molecular	Research,	          fashion.	In	further	testament	to	its	educational	
Rensselaer	Polytechnic	Institute,	M&T	Bank	and	            vision,	LIM	has	now	established	a	master’s	
Strong	Memorial	Hospital,	to	name	a	few.                   degree	in	business	administration	(MBA),	with	
                                                           concentrations	in	Fashion	Management	and	
The	College	of	Westchester	has	a	career	services	          Entrepreneurship.	The	LIM	MBA	is	the	only	
strategy	that	leads	to	high	placement	rates	as	well.	      program	of	its	kind	in	the	United	States	and	one	
Of	the	243	students	who	graduated	with	associate	          of	a	handful	of	such	programs	worldwide.	
degrees	last	June,	95	percent	found	jobs	within	six	
months.                                                    Throughout	New	York,	APC	Colleges	are	
                                                           distinguishing	themselves	for	quality	and	
At	the	Laboratory	Institute	of	Merchandising	(LIM),	       innovation.	For	five	consecutive	years,	students	
students	complete	three	required	internships	              from	Monroe	College	in	the	Bronx	have	won	
with	some	of	the	biggest	names	in	fashion	                 the	regional	competition	and	advanced	to	the	
merchandising	and	retail,	such	as	Tommy	Hilfiger,	         national	finals	in	the	prestigious.	Students	in	
Gucci,	DKNY/Donna	Karan	Intl.,	Giorgio	Armani,	            Free	Enterprise	(SIFE)	competition,	in	which	
Macy’s,	Kenneth	Cole	and	Ralph	Lauren.	LIM	                students	apply	what	is	learned	in	the	classroom	
continues	to	produce	high	quality	graduates,	              to	improving	communities.	In	one	such	project,	
more	than	90	percent	of	whom	launch	careers	               Cupid	in	Business,	students	provided	women	
with	New	York’s	fashion	giants	within	six	months	          in	shelters	with	motivational	skills,	vocational	
of	graduation.	“The	caliber	of	(LIM)	students	is	far	      training	and	financial	literacy.	In	2005,	Monroe	
superior	to	the	other	schools	I’ve	worked	with,”		         students	won	the	national	SIFE	competition.	
said	Gucci	Human	Resources	Manager,	Lori	Strober-

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                        5
             New York’s Work Force Solution
      Changing Work Force Needs: The Projected Percentage
       Employment Growth in the U.S. from 2004 to 2014 by
                  Level of Education Required2

           Professional Degree                            19%

           Doctorate Degree                                                              30.8%

           Master’s Degree                                18.8%

           Postsecondary Plus Work Experience      16.6%

           Bachelor's Degree                               19.6%

           Associate Degree                                              25.1%

           Postsecondary Vocational Award               17.7%

                                   9.6%                 Work Experience in Related Occupation
                                                        (No Formal Award)
                                                        Long Term On the Job Training
                                 8.7%                   (No Formal Award)

                                 8.5%                   Moderate On The Job Training
                                                        (No Formal Award)
                                                        Short Term On The Job Training
                                        11.4%           (No Formal Award)

      0%           5%            10%        15%           20%         25%          30%           35%

A	Bureau	of	Labor	Statistics	study	showed	that	           Between	now	and	2014,	jobs	requiring	at	least	
high	skill	jobs	requiring	advanced	education	             an	associate	degree	will	increase	at	a	faster	rate	
will	make	up	nearly	half	of	all	job	growth	in	the	        than	those	jobs	that	require	on-the-job	training,	
United	States.	This	is	an	indication	that	the	nation	     indicating	that	higher	education	is	key	to	finding	a	
is	continuing	to	shift	from	manufacturing	and	            job	that	pays	a	living	wage. 2
farming	jobs	toward	a	service-	and	information-
based	economy.	It	also	shows	that	a	high	school	
diploma	is	no	longer	a	passport	to	success	given	
today’s	economic	trends.	

  6                                                         The Association of Proprietary Colleges
                           Improving Access to
                            Higher Education
During	this	time	of	fiscal	uncertainty,	improving	      Hispanic,	compared	to	48	percent	for	CUNY	and	15	
access	to	higher	education	has	never	been	more	         percent	each	for	SUNY	and	independent	colleges.	
important.	By	increasing	access	for	more	New	           Minority	students	have	historically	selected	
Yorkers,	we	will	be	able	to	provide	a	well-educated	    proprietary	colleges	over	the	other	sectors	of	
work	force	capable	of	rebuilding	New	York’s	            higher	education.
                                                        APC	Colleges	recognize	the	challenge	brought	
Businesses	will	be	more	willing	to	bring	jobs	back	     on	by	low	graduation	rates	and	have	developed	
to	the	state	–	and	keep	them	here	–	when	New	           a	model	designed	to	help	students	thrive	and	
York	can	steadily	provide	a	high-quality	supply	of	     graduate.	This	includes	remedial	programs,	which	
well-educated	professionals.			                         help	students	acclimate	to	the	pace	and	demands	
                                                        of	college	study;	small	class	sizes,	which	provides	
Providing	access	to	the	minority	community	is	an	       a	more	attentive	learning	environment;	and	
area	in	which	APC	Colleges	excel.	Of	the	50,000	        internship	programs,	which	energize	students	by	
students	currently	enrolled	at	APC	Colleges	            putting	them	in	real	work	settings.		
annually,	more	than	half	–	51	percent	–	are	black	or	

         Percent of Race/Ethnicity — Full-Time Enrollment,
             2007, 2- and 4-Year Institutions Combined3

                             15%                             15%

                                   Black and Hispanic Students
                           SUNY     CUNY      Independent        Proprietary

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                  7
                           Improving Access to
                            Higher Education
Minority	students	are	earning	associate	degrees	     traditionally	low-income	residents	earn	college	
from	the	proprietary	sector	at	a	higher	rate	than	   degrees	and	join	the	work	force	with	salaries	that	
minority	students	in	other	sectors.	New	York’s	      are	higher	than	those	of	non-college	graduates.
economy	becomes	more	invigorated	as	more	

         Graduation Rates for Black and Hispanic Students
            by Sector, Associate Degrees Earned Within
                 Three Years of Enrollment, 20064




         SUNY                     CUNY               Independent             Proprietary

  8                                                    The Association of Proprietary Colleges
                            Improving Access to
                             Higher Education
Students	attending	APC	Colleges	are	more	diverse	      for	loans	because	of	socioeconomic	factors.	
and	financially	needy	than	students	from	other	        Without	grants,	college	is	simply	not	an	option.			
sectors,	and	they	must	secure	funds	from	both	
New	York’s	Tuition	Assistance	Program	and	the	         Additionally,	many	students	entering	college	
federal	Pell	grant	program	in	order	to	attend	         today	are	not	prepared	for	the	rigors	of	study	and	
college.		                                             require	some	level	of	remediation	to	succeed.	APC	
                                                       Colleges	have	developed	highly	effective	remedial	
A	majority	of	our	students,	especially	those	          programs	that	have	resulted	in	graduation	rates	on	
who	attend	APC’s	urban	colleges,	would	not	            par	or	better	than	other	sectors	and	better	than	
have	access	to	the	types	of	education	offered	         the	state	average.	
by	our	colleges,	were	it	not	for	the	grants	and	
scholarships	available.	In	fact,	while	low-interest	   Many	choose	to	cover	professional	topics	such	as	
loans	are	available	to	college	students,	many	         etiquette,	wardrobe	and	ethics,	along	with	basic	
students	in	the	proprietary	sector	do	not	qualify	     study,	math	and	language	arts	skills,	all	of	which	
                                                       are	in	addition	to	their	required	college	courses.

 Percent of Undergraduate Students Receiving Financial Aid
           Grants in 2004-05, 4-Year Institutions3
                                                                                       58%        59%




                   27%                                               26%

          SUNY                       CUNY                 Independent               Proprietary
                                                TAP    Pell

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                 9
                   Improving Access to
                    Higher Education
Percent of Undergraduate Students Receiving Financial Aid
          Grants in 2004-05, 2-Year Institutions3




     SUNY                    CUNY                      Independent                Proprietary
                                       TAP      Pell

            Diana	Silva,	23,	did	not	follow	the	          Ms.	Silva	was	drawn	to	Monroe	College	
            traditional	path	through	high	school	and	     two	years	ago	because	of	its	specific	
            college.	But	none	of	that	will	matter	by	     career	education,	schedule	flexibility	and	
            August	2009	when	she	graduates	from	          access	to	career	counseling	and	tuition	
            Monroe	College	and	begins	her	career	         grants.	She	credits	the	state’s	Tuition	
            with	a	major	international	food	ingredient	   Assistance	Program	with	making	college	
            maker.	She	has	lined	up	a	job	for	the	day	    affordable	to	her.	“TAP	was	a	huge	help,”	
            after	she	graduates.		                        she	said.	“It	really	made	the	difference.”

10                                                  The Association of Proprietary Colleges
                             Improving Access to
                              Higher Education
Students Are Choosing Proprietary                            Projected Growth for Full- and Part-
Colleges                                                       Time Degree-Credit Enrollment,
The	proprietary	sector	has	undergone	tremendous	
                                                                   by Sector, 2003 to 2013
enrollment	growth	in	the	past	28	years,	according	                                                        8.9%
to	the	State	Education	Department.	As	highlighted	                  8.6%
below,	enrollment	in	the	proprietary	sector	has	
nearly	doubled	since	1980,	dramatically	outpacing	
the	growth	of	the	other	sectors	of	higher	                                                     6.3%
education.	 See	Chart	on	Bottom	Left

The	proprietary	sector	is	also	outpacing	other	                                  4.3%
sectors	of	higher	education	in	both	projected	
growth	and	percent	of	enrollment	increase	for	
four-year	institutions.	These	trends	clearly	indicate	
an	increasing	demand	by	incoming	students	for	a	
career-oriented	education. See	Chart	on	Bottom	Right
                                                                SUNY         CUNY       Independent Proprietary
Similarly,	the	state	projects	a	higher	percentage	of	
students	will	opt	for	proprietary	sector	colleges	in	
the	coming	years	over	the	other	sectors	of	higher	
education. See	Chart	on	Right
                                                              Percent of Enrollment Increase for
    Percent of Enrollment Increase,                             4-Year Institutions, by Sector,
         by Sector, 1980-2008                                             1998-2008

                                                                       15%                     14%
          17%                     15%

   SUNY         CUNY      Independent Proprietary              SUNY          CUNY       Independent Proprietary


The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                           11
           New York’s Economic Workhorse
Proprietary	colleges	are	strong	financial	engines	    engine.	Research	shows	that	individuals	with	
for	New	York	State.	While	nonprofit,	independent	     higher	levels	of	education	are	less	likely	than	
colleges	are	tax	exempt	and	receive	a	state	          others	to	live	in	households	that	participate	
subsidy,	APC	Colleges	are	taxpaying	businesses	       in	social	programs. 5	Students	who	attend	APC	
that	receive	no	direct	state	aid.	They	represent	a	   Colleges,	many	of	whom	are	from	low-income	
substantial	savings	to	taxpayers.                     families,	have	a	chance	to	break	away	from	
                                                      government	subsidized	social	programs	simply	by	
In	New	York,	a	survey	of	APC	member	colleges	         completing	college	with	an	education	leading	to	
showed	a	significant	contribution	to	New	             meaningful	employment.
York’s	economy,	including	$41	million	in	capital	
investments	over	the	past	five	years	alone.	In	
addition,	APC	Colleges	paid	more	than	$130	             Accelerated Study Works for
million	in	payroll	in	2007	and	on	average	disburse	     Students
more	than	$15	million	annually	in	scholarships	to	
students	in	need.                                       Students	who	attend	APC	Colleges	are	
                                                        able	to	do	so	year-round,	thanks	to	
The	structure	of	APC	Colleges	provide	an	               innovative	accelerated	study	programs	
environment	for	student	success.	When	students	         available	primarily	in	the	proprietary	sector.	
are	successful,	they	graduate	with	jobs	and	            Accelerated	study	provides	students	with	
become	contributors	to	New	York’s	economic	             a	faster	track	to	the	work	force	because	
                                                        year-round	study	enables	them	to	earn	an	
                                                        associate	degree	in	a	year	and	a	half	and	a	
  The Impact of Higher Education                        bachelor’s	degree	in	three	years.	
  According	to	an	analysis	of	the	Organization	         One	example	of	a	successful	accelerated	
  for	Economic	Cooperation	and	Development	             study	program	is	at	Plaza	College	in	Queens,	
  data,	the	U.S.	deficit	in	degree	attainment	          which	has	developed	programs	“that	
  poses	a	serious	threat	to	the	nation’s	               help	reduce	dropout	rates	and	accelerate	
  economic	well-being.	Other	highly	                    completion,”	said	Charles	E.	Callahan,	vice	
  competitive	nations	are	improving	the	quality	        president.	“By	offering	classes	throughout	the	
  of	the	education	they	provide	their	young	            year,	students	can	enjoy	uninterrupted	study,	
  people,	while	also	radically	increasing	the	          yielding	higher	graduation	rates.”
  capacity	of	the	systems	that	serve	them.	
  These	nations	have	overtaken	the	United	              Over	the	past	several	years,	Plaza	College	has	
  States’	long-time	position	as	the	world	leader	       recorded	job	placement	rates	of	91	percent.	
  in	degree	production	relative	to	population	
  as	a	whole. 2	While	estimates	vary,	American	         This	means	well-educated	New	Yorkers	
  universities	award	about	18	degrees	for	every	        are	gaining	access	to	the	work	force	faster.	
  100	full-time	students	enrolled.	The	leading	         And	because	the	majority	of	APC	graduates	
  nations	(Japan,	Portugal,	and	the	United	             remain	in	New	York,	their	contributions	to	
  Kingdom)	award	about	25	degrees	per	100	              the	New	York	economy	are	directly	reflected	
  students.	These	nations	are	experiencing	             in	disposable	income,	goods	and	services	
  more	positive	returns	on	their	investments	in	        purchased,	taxes	paid	and	many	other	
  higher	education. 2                                   multipliers.

 12                                                     The Association of Proprietary Colleges
             New York’s Economic Workhorse
Proprietary	colleges	do	not	just	benefit	students	                        noted	that	“the	typical	bachelor’s	degree	recipient	
and	businesses;	they	are	good	for	New	York.	                              can	expect	to	earn	about	61	percent	more	over	
According	to	a	New	York	State	Economic	                                   a	40-year	working	life	than	a	typical	high	school	
Development	Corp.	report,	there	are	opportunities	                        graduate	earns	over	the	same	period.”	The	study	
for	associate	degree	graduates	to	earn	upwards	of	                        also	showed	that	“higher	levels	of	education	
$50,000	annually	coming	out	of	college.6		These	                          correspond	to	lower	unemployment	and	poverty	
jobs	are	more	than	just	a	paycheck	to	individuals	                        rates,”	reducing	the	cost	of	social	programs.	
and	families.	They	bring	health	insurance,	pension	                       Additionally,	“the	earnings	of	workers	with	lower	
plans	and	other	benefits	that	many	may	have	                              education	levels	are	positively	affected	by	the	
received	from	the	government	before	finishing	                            presence	of	college	graduates	in	the	work	force.”5			
                                                                          Moreover,	a	college	graduate	working	full-time	
As	shown	in	the	chart	below,	college	graduates,	                          year-round	paid	almost	80	percent	more	in	federal,	
nationally,	pay	an	average	of	$10,500	in	taxes	each	                      state	and	local	taxes	than	a	typical	high	school	
year	compared	to	$6,600	paid	annually	by	those	                           graduate.7		
without	a	college	education.	Federal	and	state	
financial	aid	is	an	investment	in	the	future	that	is	                     Simply	stated,	grant	programs	such	as	TAP	are	not	
quickly	repaid	by	recipients.                                             only	investments	in	students,	they	are	investments	
                                                                          in	the	future	of	New	York.
Graduates	of	APC	Colleges	make	a	lasting	
economic	impact.	A	study	by	the	College	Board	

Median Earnings and Tax Payments of Full-Time Year Round
  Workers Ages 25 and Older, by Education Level, 20055

Not a High School Graduate        $18,800      $4,600    Total: $23,400

     High School Graduate           $24,900           $6,600    Total: $31,500

  Some College, No Degree            $29,000             $8,100     Total: $37,100

         Associate Degree             $31,500              $9,100      Total: $40,600

        Bachelor's Degree                   $39,000                 $11,900      Total: $50,900

                                              $46,600                      $14,700        Total: $61,300
           Master's Degree

          Doctoral Degree                             $59,500                             $19,900          Total: $79,400

       Professional Degree                                 $74,500                                         $25,500          Total: $100,000

                             $0   $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 $70,000 $80,000 $90,000 $100,000

                                                          After Tax Income           Taxes Paid

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                                                13
           New York’s Economic Workhorse
The	role	APC	Colleges	will	have	in	New	York’s	                        For	New	York	to	be	successful	reversing	this	trend,	
future	economic	success	has	never	been	more	                          it	must	educate	students	to	fill	jobs	in	these	
relevant	than	now	given	the	state’s	current	                          emerging	industries,	as	well	as	existing	industries	
economic	crisis.	As	new	business	sectors	such	as	                     that	must	always	strive	to	keep	pace	with	changing	
nanotechnology,	bioinformatics	and	cleantech	                         technologies.		
emerge	and	grow,	our	colleges	will	be	able	to	
develop	educational	programs	that	will	produce	                       And	New	York	must	not	limit	itself	to	college-age	
the	workers	needed	at	all	levels.			                                  students	because	the	typical	college	freshman	is	
                                                                      not	limited	to	recent	high	school	graduates.	Young	
Between	1990	and	2005,	New	York	lost	and	                             people	who	would	not	have	considered	college	in	
replaced	approximately	380,000	jobs.	Those	lost	                      the	past,	adults	who	have	never	been	to	college	
jobs	were	primarily	in	the	private	manufacturing	                     and	working	people	looking	to	improve	their	
sector	and	had	a	weighted	average	salary	of	                          circumstances	are	enrolling	at	APC	Colleges	in	
$61,796.	They	were	replaced	with	lower	wage	                          search	of	an	education	that	will	lead	to	these	new,	
positions	in	the	public	and	publicly-subsidized	                      higher	paying	jobs.		
private	sectors	that	paid	an	average	weighted	
salary	of	only	$45,905,	a	loss	of	about	25	percent.6	

        Percentage of Individuals Ages 25 and Older Living
       in Households That Participated in Public Assistance
              Programs, by Education Level, 20055




                                                   6%                 6%                   6%
                                                                           5%                   5%
                                                                                                     4% 1%

                              Medicaid                      School Lunch              Food Stamps
                        Not A High School Graduate           High School Graduate    Some College, No Degree
                        Associate Degree           Bachelor's Degree or Higher

 14                                                                        The Association of Proprietary Colleges
                      New York’s Economic Workhorse
                  Median Earnings of Full-time, Year-round Workers
                         Ages 25 to 34, by Race/Ethnicity,
                        Gender and Education Level, 20055



















  Asian Male                   Black Female               Black Male              Hispanic Female Hispanic Male                               White Female                      White Male

                              Not A High School Degree                     High School Degree                                   Some College, No Degree

                              Associate Degree                             Bachelor's Degree                                    Master's Degree Or Higher

Students	attending	APC	Colleges	can	choose	                                                         advanced	the	degree,	the	higher	the	pay.	The	
from	more	than	60	undergraduate	and	graduate	                                                       difference	in	earnings	levels	is	especially	marked	in	
programs.	Many	remain	in	New	York	following	                                                        Hispanic	females,	whose	median	income	without	a	
graduation	and	contribute	to	the	state’s	economy.	                                                  high	school	diploma	is	$16,000.	With	an	associate	
As	the	chart	above	shows,	earning	potential	                                                        degree,	their	income	nearly	doubles	to	$30,800.
correlates	directly	with	education	level.	The	more	

   To Conclude
   APC	Colleges	looks	forward	to	working	with	                                                      to	ensure	that	education	remains	a	top	
   the	state’s	Executive	and	Legislative	branches,	                                                 legislative	priority	and	a	bright	light	in	state’s	
   as	well	as	the	State	Board	of	Regents,	the	State	                                                economic	recovery.	To	view	this	report	online,	
   Education	Department,	the	other	sectors	of	                                                      visit		
   higher	education	and	the	business	community	

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                                                                                                                            15
                APC Colleges Across New York

                           8 18             10
                                           12, 33
                             9                        35
                                                                       5, 21

      22             30              16    17

                                                                      2, 14
                                            New York City Area:                3      24 19
                                            1, 15, 24, 23, 25, 26,        13       20 4
                                            27, 29, 31, 32, 34, 36

The Art Institute of New York City 1                Laboratory Institute of Merchandising 23
Berkeley College 2                                  Long Island Business Institute 24 & 25
Briarcliffe College 3 & 4                           Mandl School 26
Bryant & Stratton College 5-12                      Monroe College 27 & 28
Business Informatics Center 13                      New York Career Institute 29
The College Of Westchester 14                       Olean Business Institute 30
DeVry Institute of Technology 15                    Plaza College 31
Elmira Business Institute 16 & 17                   School of Visual Arts 32
Everest Institute 18                                Simmons Institute of Funeral Service, Inc. 33
Five Towns College 19                               Technical Career Institutes, Inc. 34
Island Drafting & Technical Institute 20            USC - The Business College 35
ITT Technical Institute 21                          Wood Tobe-Coburn 36
Jamestown Business College 22

 16                                                   The Association of Proprietary Colleges
1.	New	York	State	Education	Department	Office	of	Higher	Education,	Office	of	Research	and	Information	
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2.	Hitting	Home:	Quality,	Cost	and	Access	Challenges	Confronting	Higher	Education	Today	by	Travis	
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5.	Education	Pays	–	The	Benefits	of	Higher	Education	on	Individuals	and	Society,	prepared	for	the	College	
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7.	New	York	State	Department	of	Labor,	Division	of	Research	and	Statistics	

The Association of Proprietary Colleges                                                               17
Association of Proprietary Colleges
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