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									    TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE                                                 Registration:
                                                       Limited and accepted on a 1st come / 1st serve basis
                                                                                                                 Friday, June 24th, 2011
             2011 Chairman
John Anderson                           SJOG
                                                                    Make checks Payable to:
                                                                   “South Jersey Olde Guarde”                   Silver Anniversary
Tim Smith
           Committee Members
                                                                          Send to:
                                                                    The Duffer’s Scramble
Mark Craven                 SJOG
                                                                     c/o John Anderson
Casey McKee                 SJOG
                                                                     149 Brandywine Dr                                   25th ANNUAL
Larry Hubert                SJOG
Karen Falana                SJOG
                                                                     Marlton, NJ 08053
                                                                                                              Duffer’s Scramble
Tom Higgins                 SJOG

                                                       Name: _______________________________________
                                                                                                                 Charity GOLF
                 Tax Deductible:
The retail value of your golf package is $65 per
contribution. Also, all or part of your contribution
                                                       Address: _____________________________________               OUTING
may be tax deductible as a business expense. SJOG      City, State, ___________________________________
Tax ID# and receipts are available upon request.
                                                       Zip: ___________Phone: ________________________

   Note:     Proper golf attire is appropriate
             throughout the course of the event.
                                                         RESERVATIONS & SPONSORSHIP
                                                         PACKAGES (check one)
                                                           ___ Platinum Sponsor ($2,500)                                    Organized by:
                                                           ___ Gold Sponsor ($1,000)
                                                           ___ Silver Sponsor ($500)                                   The South Jersey
      For further information contact:                     ___ Cost per Player ($125)                           Olde Guarde Foundation
                                                           ___ Hole Sponsor Only ($100)                                     aka: SJOG
             John “Andy” Anderson                          ___ Dinner Only ($40)
           Tournament Administrator                                                                                      In Cooperation with:
            South Jersey Rugby Club
                                                         Enclosed is my check for $___________
                                                                                                                      The South Jersey
              Cell#: 609-504-9044                                                                                    Rugby Football Club
                                                                                                                            Aka: SJRFC
      john.anderson8@honeywell.com                       3________________________________                               Proceeds to benefit:
                                                         4________________________________                    South Jersey Olde Guarde Foundation
                      web site:                                                                               HollyDell Special School. Hurfville, NJ
                                                         Rain Date: If golf event is cancelled due to rain,   National Transplant Assistance Fund
           www.southjerseyrugby.org                      you will be notified by mail of rain date.
                  see link for                                          Has never happened.
                                                                                                              SJRFC Youth Rugby Scholarship Fund
                  the “Olde Guarde”                                                                           South Jersey Lupus Foundation
                                                                                                                           among others
                   Location:                                                                            The Duffer's Scramble Benefit Golf
  Indian Spring Country Club                            ABOUT THE SOUTH JERSEY                         Outing is organized and sponsored by
                  Marlton, NJ                               OLDE GUARDE                                 members of the SJOG and SJRFC.
                 856-983-0222                       The SJOG Foundation was chartered in the
                                                    fall of 1986 by members of the South Jersey
      TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE                           Rugby Club. Initially founded to promote             SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES
        11:30 AM Registration                       continued play by Veteran Ruggers, the group
        1:00 PM Shotgun Start                       has evolved into an organization dedicated to
        6:00 PM Dinner                              supporting the growth of youth rugby and
                                                    developing facilities for all levels of rugby
                                                                                                     Four complimentary golf spots
        6:30 PM Awards/Giveaways                                                                     Two hole-sponsorships
                                                    play, development of the game of rugby in
                                                    South Jersey, and making significant             One Yr SJRFC Web Page Sponsor Listing
                                                    contributions to other charitable causes. Your   One Yr SJRFC Web Link to You
           Tournament golf shirt & gift bag
                                                    donations have raised over $200,000. In          Back Page Tournament Brochure Ad
           Greens and cart fees
         Refreshments on the course
                                                    2011, the SJOG will make significant             Tournament Shirt Logo
                                                    contributions to several targeted charities      Want something else? Talk to us.
         Prizes for LD & CTP
                                                    along with our college scholarship program
         Par 3 Bulls-eye & special events
                                                    and support the growth of the Sport and The
         Prizes for best team scores
                                                    Worldwide Rugby Tradition in the South
         Ultimate Duffer’s Award                                                                                                    $1,000
                                                    Jersey area.
         Giveaway Drawing                                                                            Four complimentary golf spots
                                                    “The larger we grow, the more good things
         Silent Auction (Sports Memorabilia)                                                         Two hole-sponsorships
                                                    we can do for the community.” We are very
         50/50                                                                                       One Year SJRFC Web Page Sponsor Ad
                                                    proud of our contribution to the South Jersey
         Cocktail Reception & Dinner                                                                 Full Page Tournament Brochure Ad
                                                    Community and hope you will join us in our
  Any Donations for the give-away table are
                                                    continued efforts.
            greatly appreciated.
     SCRAMBLE GOLF FORMAT                                                                            Two complimentary golf spots
   Foursomes will be assigned carts and                                                              One hole-sponsorship
starting hole and play entire 18 holes. All                                                          One Year SJRFC Web Page Sponsor Ad
players will begin and end at about the same                                                         Quarter page Tournament brochure Ad
time.                                                        ABOUT THE SJRFC
   Each player in the foursome tees off. The          The SJRFC has been in existence since
elected team captain selects the best lie. Play     1969 and is based in Camden County, NJ.
continues in this fashion on each shot while                                                                                            $25
                                                    Playing a schedule of Premier US Rugby           Your name will appear on the tournament
approaching the hole until the ball is holed out,   Clubs, touring internationally and hosting
no gimmes. Ball placement is permitted within                                                        brochure & Web-site posting
                                                     numerous touring clubs from abroad, the
one club length of selected ball. Each player
must use three shots off the tee.                     SJRFC boasts an active membership of
 Any discrepancies, questions or arguments will       over 200 rugby players, supporters and         And We Thank You for Your Support
  be deferred to the tournament chairman for a                     enthusiasts.
              final and fair decision.

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