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									                            Tiger Tales!
        The Newsletter for 50s and 60s Alumni of Taipai American School

 Volume 21 • Number 1                                                                           Spring 2009

Tales of Myself…                                          Tales of Bill…
At the reunion in Denver, Bill and I told Caroll Wil-     I graduated from TAS in 1965, the first class to grad-
liams that we would gladly take over the newsletter       uate at the Shih Lin campus when the school moved
for her, after her dedicated twenty years of work as      from downtown Taipei. I was lucky to stay on Tai-
the editor.                                               wan for another year and didn’t leave until Oct. 1966
                                                          to spend a few years in the US Army.
In fact, I had been in on the early days of pulling the
TAS group together, when I put an ad in The Retired       Fast forward to 1986 where I had been working
Officer in 1987, looking for alumni of the school.        for NY Telephone for 16 years, fathering one son
That ad delivered dozens of names and the begin-          and surviving a divorce. I was wondering about my
ning of the database representing all school years,       friends from Taiwan and TAS, and tried to contact
all continents, nationalities, ages, and professions.     the school. (This was before PCs and the internet.)
                                                          I even went to an Army recruiter to see if they could
I graduated from TAS in 1961 with 50 other students,      help. Little did I know that TAS was NOT a DOD (De-
at the MAAG compound theater. We were the first           partment of Defense) school, but a private school
class to have caps and gowns. I can remember scout-       with a lot of students who were military brats. There
ing the local colleges for information about tailors      were DOD schools in Okinawa and Japan, but noth-
of caps and gowns. These were to be our Class Gift        ing in Taiwan.
to the oncoming seniors. We decided to outfit our-
selves and begin the tradition of passing on the caps     I had no other leads, so I gave up. In the late 90s, I
and gowns to the next class. I have no idea how long      did a search on one of my old girl friends, Lora Lee
that tradition lasted; I hope someone can answer          Abbott, and reconnected. Through Lora, I found
that question for me.                                     out about Classmates.com and TAS reunions, and
                                                          attended my first reunion in Chicago in 2001. At the
I returned to Taiwan on business in 2006 and to TAS       2007 Denver reunion, I told Caroll Williams that I’d
where I got a tour of the school from Paige Sum-          help Susan with TigerTales!
mers. Such a magical experience and one I had not
expected. Taiwan is not like other Asian countries        We need you and your memories to keep TAS and
in that there is still a semblance of the country I re-   this newsletter alive. I’ll concentrate on people,
member from the 1960s. I was truly enchanted.             places, and events from ’62 thru ’66. Please write
                                                          about whatever you remember and we can compare
                                                          notes. Who knows? Maybe we can learn something
                                                          and come away with a better understanding of those

                                                                      2    21 Years Ago Now…
                                                                      4    Taiwan Memories

                                                                      7    Ties That Bind Excepts
                                                                      8    Tiger Tidbits
                                                                      9    This is How I Remember It
                                                                      10   DC Metro Area Reunion
                                                                      11   Remembering Jim Harris
S. Keats and Paige Summers, Shih Lin Campus, 2006
                                                                      12    Taipei Reunion 10/09
                                                                      14    Letters
    21 Years Ago Now…                                          We would love to have any of you visit. Shreveport
                                                               is 3 hours from Dallas and 6 from New Orleans. Give
    (More from Caroll’s Mailbag)                               us a call.
    Elaine Williams Parker ‘58
                                                               I want to thank Caroll for keeping us all in such close
                                                               touch. When TigerTales arrives I can hardly wait to
    1988 found us in Shreveport, LA. Gayle and Linda
                                                               read what the class of ’58-’62 has to share. I think
    were 15 and 16. I was teaching 1st grade and Norm
                                                               Caroll opened a whole new world for us.
    was a training manager at General Motors. Norm’s
    mom had recently moved from NC and was living
                                                               I do think in many ways we are as close if not closer
    in a retirement home nearby. My folks were enjoy-
                                                               than those who graduate from high school in “The
    ing retirement in Lakewood, WA. The girls went on
                                                               States” and go to school together for many years.
    to complete school; Linda at LSUS and Gayle at the
                                                               We were together for about three years, yet I don’t
    University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.
                                                               think there could be a closer group. Thank you Car-
                                                               oll and Pat!! You and your work have been appreci-
    We enjoyed many trips to Tacoma to visit my family.
    We took advantage of Gayle’s time in Fayetteville.
    It is a beautiful spot to visit. We later enjoyed her
    five years on “The Hill” in DC. She is our source of
    political education. Linda followed in my footsteps
    and taught before the girls were born. She was gift-
                                                               Judee Taylor Nummer ‘60
    ed with teaching elementary special education. The
    girls married wonderful men and each has two pre-          The biggest part of my dream did come true, in that
    cious children. Gayle is now in the Baltimore area         I’m happily married to the love of my life for 37 years
    and her boys are 2 and 4. Linda is in the Atlanta area     now. Just a few ‘bumpy patches’ along the way---
    and her two girls are 4 and 6.                             but we’ve survived and become stronger in spite of,
                                                               or because of (whatever that means) the ‘bumpy
    Norm and I are both retired and love it. We have lived     patches’. Between us we have 4 wonderful, beau-
    on a lake for the last 15 years and are able to lock the   tiful and healthy children, 11 grandchildren AND 1
    house and go!! We have done a lot of traveling. Much       great grandchild. The other part of my dream was
    of it has been with friends from Taiwan: Linda (Ad-        to live at Lake Tahoe and look out over its awesome
    ams) Somerville and her husband David (on several          beauty every day. Not going to happen in this life-
    cruises with other army “brats”) and Betty (Austin)        time, I don’t think! However, I’m only 45 minutes
    Guntharp and her husband John; to Europe, Austra-          away. Besides I don’t think, at this point in my life
    lia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. Frequent travel to         anyhow, that I could stand the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    the Pacific NW and CA allowed us to visit with Anne        winters up there.
    VanSickle, Tim Timmons, and Sue Hanson.
                                                               So, the biggest and by far most important part of
    We have been to several “Mini” reunions and are al-        my dream did come true. I’d say I’ve been truly
    ways glad to see our TAS friends. Having Gayle back        BLESSED big time!!!
    in the DC area means that I will be able to catch up
    with the DC group! Barbara and I have had some
    good visits. When we get together it seems no time
    has passed!

    Has my dream come true? Oh yes, many times over.
    I always wanted to go to Australia and did. Friends
    have always been important to me and they still are.
    I am living my dream, a happy family, good health,
    lots of travel and dear friends. I hope my dream will
    continue and we will be able to see more of our TAS

Page 2
                                                                           Downtown Taipai Today
     21 Years Ago Now…
     Continued —

    Brian Hanson ‘60                                          Lollis’s picturesque and delightful Martha’s Vineyard
                                                              home. Let’s do more!
    Now where was I twenty years ago? Oh yes, I was
    living in Seabrook, Texas and managing the Safety,
    Health & Environmental Dept. at the Hoechst-Cel-          Hugh Kaiser ‘61
    anese petrochemical plant near Houston. I spent
    my entire 33-year career as a chemical engineer           I have been very poor with communications lately,
    with Celanese. The final three years were spent as        and with Tiger Tales for some years, I am afraid. If
    the Technical Director at our plant in Saudi Arabia.      you check my blog you will find I haven’t posted
    I also served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. Af-    this year! I am just catching up on email after major
    ter completing a five-year commitment, with tours         computer problems and not being able to connect
    in Omaha, South Vietnam, and Spain, I returned to         to the internet for some time. I got my computer at
    Celanese.                                                 least operable, if not straightened out, and am now
                                                              at the airport in Taipei on layover from Bali to San
    I received my BS in Chemical Engineering at the           Francisco. I am headed for ‘Vegas to visit my grand
    Univ. of Texas in Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!). I also        daughter (and of course her parents).
    earned an MS in Systems Management from U.S.C.
    and an MBA from Texas A&I Univ. in Kingsville. (A&I       I am still itinerate preaching and teaching, doing
    has since been purchased by Texas A&M Univ., so           some management seminars, am ‘spiritual father’
    technically I’m also an Aggie!) Currently single, I       for a Christian school in Surabaya, Indonesia, at least
    was once married, but we had no children. I stay          when I am there, which is about 8 months out of the
    plenty busy, however, keeping up with six nieces and      year. My favorite hobby is praying for people and
    two nephews, who belong to my older sister Susan          watching the results (I have some amazing stories).
    in Sacramento (a 1958 graduate of TAS), my broth-
    er Robin in Denver, and my younger sister Molly in        My primary interest in life is pastor/wife retreats. I
    Japan. (Molly and her husband are with DODDS in           take them from poorer areas of Jakarta, bus them to
    Tokyo.)                                                   a retreat center in the nearby mountains. They have
                                                              their own private rooms, just like a hotel, and we
    I have been retired on Lake Travis near Austin for        have a ball for the two nights and three days. Great
    10 years and dedicate a lot of my free time to The        things happen! Blogspot for this activity is indoflo.
    Explorers Club, which is headquartered in New York        blogspot.com
    City. This unique organization, founded in 1904, is
    dedicated to field research, scientific exploration,
    and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct
    to explore.

    I have served six years on their board of directors,
    five years as Vice President for Chapters (32 around
    the world), and am currently the Club Ombuds-
    man. I very much enjoy traveling to foreign places
    (so far I’ve explored 96 countries) and visiting fam-
    ily and friends. I especially enjoy our TAS reunions.
    Although I only spent one year at TAS in my sopho-
    more year, 1957-58, the friendships we established
    there remain strong for approaching 50 years now.
    My most memorable reunions were our trip back to
    the new TAS campus in Taipei and our visit to Stuart       Chung Shan North Road, Tien Mou - Today

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     Taiwan Memories                                          From Rena Wight Elden ‘58

     Dad was an electronics engineer who worked for       Mom taught chorus for TAS and class was held at
     CAA (now FAA). We were re-assigned as often          our house because it was right across the street
     as the military. I was so excited when he came       from the school.
     home and told us we were being transferred to
     Taipei, Taiwan. After places like Rock River, Wy-    Father Steenstra, who was Dutch, was our Latin
     oming (one of the hell holes of the world) finally   teacher. He would point at words on the black-
     we were going to an interesting faraway place        board and ask, “Vaht iss diss? Vaht can diss be?”
     with a strange sounding name. It was 1954 and        We really liked him and thought he was a hoot.
     I was 14.
                                                          Some of the boys liked to come over to my house
     We arrived at the Taipei airport on a DC3. The       at lunch time because the cook baked fresh bread
     airport was so small. Dad’s assignment was           and the loaves would be cooling on the counter.
     to install the first VOR and ILS system for that     We’d cut the heels off, our favorite part, slather
     airport. He hauled the equipment for them up         them with butter and devour them. Drove the
     Yang Ming Shan with coolies; the smaller parts       cook crazy (sagwa). Cook made so much bread
     hanging from each end of bamboo poles carried        because he thought Americans would die if they
     across the back of each coolie.                      didn’t get bread every day.

     We moved into Billet 102, our home, which was        Peter Chang, Rusty Long and Mike Keefer were
     right across the street from TAS. We could see       the biggest cut ups in school. Always doing
     the school out our front windows; a long green       goofy things. Mike Keefer said “beep” all the
     building with many windows. The new high             time. He was so funny, eventually all the kids in
     school addition and the Youth Center (later          school were going “beep”.
     called the gymnasium) had not been built yet.

     My memories don’t really kick in until after the
     high school addition was built and we moved
     into it. Before grass planting, the center court-
     yard was just mud. Eventually we had grass and
     built the first Senior Island.

                                                            Peter Chang, Reeves Barron, Tony Early

                                                          Couples were: Sam Wilder & Doots Field, me
                                                          & Jim Dale, Ann Williamson & Jerry Dale, then
                                                          Sharon Guth & Jerry Dale, Bobby Sun & Betsy
                                                          Simmons, Jeanne (Foxworthy?) & Xavier Juan
                                                          de Larrocochea y de Jausoro y Gonzalez y Diego
                                                          de Somonte, the Spanish ambassador’s son. I
                                                          memorized his long name because I was so fas-
                      Good Ols TAS                        cinated by the length of it.
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    Taiwan Memories Continued
    TAS had a basketball team. All of us went to          We loved going to Si Men Ding (movie district)
    games, cheered and generally thought we were          to see American movies. We took pedi-cabs
    amazing.                                              everywhere. Once when I mispronounced Si
                                                          Men Ding, the pedi-cab driver delivered me to
                                                          the red light district. At the look of dismay on
                                                          my face, he laughed and slapped his thigh with
                                                          glee, then took me to the right place. Brat.

                                                          We loved pedi-cabs in the rain. Great place to
                                                          make out with your boyfriend on the way to a
                Marilyn, Suzy and Rena                     In addition to school we spent most of our time
    We won most of our games. Many of them                at the MAAG compound’s Club 63 snack bar eat-
    were played at the Armed Forces Stadium in            ing hamburgers while listening to the juke box;
    Taipei. Marilyn Barron, Suzy Davisson and I           at the Officer’s Club pool sitting at umbrella ta-
    were the first cheerleaders. We had blue wool         bles by the pool eating more hamburgers, and
    pleated skirts and white v-neck sweaters with         learning to smoke, sometimes in the snack bar,
    TAS patches on the front, with tennis shoes and       and a few of us at the Grand Hotel pool. Doots
    bobby socks.                                          (Deirdre Field) and I often went to the Grand
                                                          Hotel pool because most of the time we had it
    Teen casual dress for girls then, was jeans rolled    entirely to ourselves.
    up to the knees and one of your Dad’s white
    dress shirts with the sleeves rolled to the elbows,
    tennis shoes or loafers with bobby sox. For
    school we wore either tight skirts with blouses
    or sweaters, or full skirts with many many pet-
    ticoats and “flats”.

                                                                        Grand Hotel, 1950s
                                                          Her Mom played Mah Jong nearly every day. I
                                                          loved to peek from behind one of the pillars to
                                                          watch her. Most of our moms had little to do
                                                          because we all had hired help. We had a cook,
                                                          house boy who did all the cleaning, wash amah
                                                          who did all the laundry and baby amah who
    Boys wore Levis and engineer boots they had
                                                          babysat the younger kids.
    made in Taipei, and tee shirts with the sleeves
    rolled with a pack of cigarettes tucked into the
    sleeve roll. The Fonz times a bunch.
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     Taiwan Memories Continued
    There was hardly any traffic on Chung San Bei        To keep us TAS kids busy, we had teen parties
    Lu back then. Chung San Bei Lu was the main          every weekend alternating at Club 63, the Of-
    drag running past MAAG compound, the Of-             ficers’ Club, the Grand Hotel and somebody’s
    ficers’ Club and across the bridge to the Grand      house.
                                                         The Grand was my favorite. The ballroom/din-
                                                         ing room had huge windows overlooking the
                                                         lights of the city. Slow dancing and jitterbugging
                                                         were the main dances we did. Peter Chang was
                                                         the best dancer. We called him “Rubber Legs”
                                                         Chang. He also taught us to cha cha, rhumba,
                                                         tango and other latin dances. Sometimes when
                                                         the band played outside we danced on the patio
                                                         in front of the band shell out by the swimming
                                                         pool. Teen parties were our favorite thing.

                                                         Most of the kids lived either on Yang Ming Shan
                                                         (Grass Mountain) or in Tien Mou. Those kids also
     My brother Joel, and Steve Hillis built an orange   hung out on school nights. Chuck Jett fibbed
     crate thing on wheels that they took up to the      about his age and joined the Air Force at age 16.
     top of the hill at the Grand and rode it down       He missed teen friendships so we adopted him
     where the plan was to ride it across the bridge     into our little group.
     onto Chung San Bei Lu. They managed instead
     to crash it into one of the cement bridge abut-     He was madly in love with Jean Harrold. We
     ments. Mom got the phone call. It was being         took him everywhere with us. He was so much
     explained to her what the boys had done. Then       a part of TAS the school lists him as an alumnus
     she yelled into the phone “so what happened?”       even though he never went to school there. He
     (She wanted to know if they were alright.) Joel     puts in the most effort to keep us oldies in con-
     suffered a broken arm. Mom yelled “is that          tact with each other. We love him for that.
     all!!!” I have three younger brothers and Mom
     was used to them doing risky things.

                                                           Lani Moore, Chuck Jett and Jean Harrold

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    Taiwan Memories Continued                            From Ties That Bind
                                                         By Richard Vuylsteke
    Those who have found each other again and
    keep in contact are: Chuck Jett, Lani Moore,         “Prior to December 1949, China had had a long
    Jean Harrold, Rusty Long, Doug Linebaugh, Pe-        relationship with American and European mis-
    ter and James Chang, Keith Brock, Doots Field,       sionaries, businessmen and other groups. Chi-
    Karin Mechanic, Barb Helm, Caroll Williams,          nese students had long attended American col-
    Bobby Sun, Elizabeth Swisher, Jim and Jerry          leges and training, and American institutions
    Dale, and Kathy Kohler.                              set up English language programs in China as
                                                         well, as a means to modernize China and instill
                                                         western ideas on the country.”

                                                         “During World War II, the Japanese and then the
                                    The Dale Twins,      Communists took control over various parts of
                                     Jim and Jerry       China. The foreigners moved from province to
                                                         province to avoid the conflicts around them.
                                                         This group included educators, missionaries,
                                                         doctors and lawyers. They eventually ended up
                                                         on Taiwan, an island returned to China after the
                                                         end of the War, after 50 years of Japanese rule.”
    We’re still trying to find, Mike Keefer, Larry Mc-
    Connell, Irish Self, Mickey Fields, Jamie Laidlaw,   “Many educators took positions at the universi-
    Ponza, Suzy Davisson, Joan Scoville, Bob Rus-        ties in Taipei, and some of them became teach-
    sell, Carole Wagner, Ann Williamson, Sharon          ers at TAS. TAS staff included Chinese trained on
    Guth, Dale Scheuneman, Sharon McCormick,             the mainland, priests, missionaries, and spouses
    Stewart Pei, Charles Wenck, Mickey Rivero, and       of businessmen who had been forced to leave
    everybody else. Too many names to put here.          Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.”

    Mike Ingersoll ’56, and I were married in Febru-     “TAS was founded in 1949, and from then until
    ary of 1959. We have three children, Lori, Alyssa    1953, it was run by medical missionaries. The
    and David. Mike died of cancer on our anniver-       school was housed in the basement of the Pres-
    sary in 1987. - Rena Wight Elden ‘58                 byterian Theological Seminary, and the doors
                                                         opened to 8 students on September 26th, 1949.
    Excerpts From History                                That first day set a pattern for TAS that still ex-
                                                         ists today: the curriculum was American and
                                                         the students were international and included
    We probably don’t appreciate the history of TAS.     Americans, European and Chinese children.”
    The story is a fascinating one, and the 50th an-
    niversary in 1999, provided the opportunity for       TigerTales! is published twice yearly, in the
    Richard Vuylsteke to capture the memories in          Spring and Fall,for the alumni, faculty, parents and
    an oral history of students, teachers and other       staff of the 50s and 60s at Taipei American School.
    interested people who have been part of the
    history of the school. So for those of you who        Please send items for publication by the first of the
                                                          preceding month to:
    haven’t seen this wonderful book, I will be pro-      Susan Herlan Keats/TigerTales
    viding excerpts from Ties That Bind to remind         3 Summit Avenue, Winchester, MA 01890
    you of the uniqueness of that place in your his-      (call 781-729 9317, or e-mail sekeats@comcast.net)
                                                          Send email info to:
Page 7                                                    Bill Mar at marble@optonline.net
    Tiger Tidbits                            From Carroll Williams

    It’s a bit of a strange feeling not to be publish-    The Marquesas Island group is unique, as is each
    ing TigerTales any more, so I’m weaning myself        of the four Marquesas islands we visited. Our
    away from it by keeping up with my column…            retinae were overwhelmed with breathtaking
    for a little while at least.                          images. Every time we blinked our eyes, a new
                                                          masterpiece of nature appeared. Lovely people
    2009 started off with the sad news of two deaths      as well.”
    in the lives of TAS friends. Penny Hennessee
    Mackay and Jody Praul Hachtel, both Class of          Paul Mitchell ‘66 was “idly Googling Taiwan
    ’62, lost their husbands within weeks of one an-      stuff for entertainment and came across a good
    other. Our condolences go out to both of them.        site. ‘Robin Hood’ is a fellow named Robin Dale
    Jean Harrold Noblitt ‘60 shared the sad news          ’66. I am almost sure I recall my bro Bill talking
    in December ’08 of the passing of Lani Moore          about as a friend in Taipei.
    Sight ‘58
                                                          Anyway, his website is http://robinhoodshow.
    Winnie Tang ‘65 and Sam Gibson ‘63 write:             com/ and it has some old pics on it. I have at-
    “While on vacation this December in the South         tached the two that are most interesting to me,
    Pacific, we met Paula Brown who was an el-            the Dukes and Imperials. Better than I do; there
    ementary student at TAS during the late 70’s.         is a ‘before and after’ comparison slideshow
    Paula’s parents, Bob and Karen Brown, both            even. http://taipics.com/misc-color”
    worked at TAS. Bob as the Finance director and
    Karen Brown was the elementary school coun-
    selor. Attached is a picture of us on the island of
    Nuku Hiva. Paula and her husband own and op-
    erate a Winery in Oregon. What a lovely surprise
    to meet the two of them so far from California!
    Sam and I agree this was the best vacation we
    ever experienced.

                                                             Sanding (L-R): Kenny McLaughlin, Tom Buchan,
                                                          Yowkok Low, Bob Hamilton. Kneeling (L-R): Joey Hi-
                                                          dalgo, Jere Cockrell (NOT Bryan), Randy Hidalgo, and
                                                                               Chester Chin.
                                                               (Thanks to Bill Mar for this identification)

                                                          Note Brian Cockrell is an Imperial; musta quit
            Paula Brown and Winnie Tang                   the Dukes and joined the Dark Side of the Force
                                                          after I left! I think he was the first inducted Duke,
                                                          after me. Also, I don’t recognize any of these
                                                          Dukes, so they must have come in post me.

Page 8
    Tiger Tidbits, Continued                                        is
                                                            This Mar How I Remember It
                                                            by Bill
                                 Standing (L-R): Eddie      I don’t remember the exact date, but my dad,
                               McGill, Jim Moomaw, Kurt
                                                            mom, sister and 2 brothers arrived on Taiwan
                                 Trede, Robin Dale, Bill
                                Gray and Van Stokes (?).    during mid-March 1962. The plane trip started
                               Seated (L-R): Jim Patter-    from California to Hawaii, to Wake, Guam, an
                                son, Pete Cormier, Nida     overnight in the Philippines, and finally to Tai-
                               Beath, Jim Graziano, and     wan. We landed during the early afternoon and
                                Pat Parmley (thanks to
                                                            I can remember that the heat and humidity re-
                                         Bill Mar).
                                                            ally surprised me.
    Paul Mitchell continues, “I also found on Google
    a great aerial shot of TAS from the 50s. This           It was all pretty much a jumble during the first
    website is very well researched on Taiwan, w/           few weeks because of the change in location,
    pics going way back. Sorry to say I just don’t re-      weather, and meeting new people and teach-
    call much visually, no one in my family but me          ers. One of the few teachers I remember from
    was taking pics in Taiwan, and mine are limited         the spring of ’62 was my English teacher, Mrs.
    and not oriented to places and things, more to          Mansfield, who helped me prepare for the Eng-
    kids and stuff. But maybe others will recognize         lish final exams after a hectic freshman year that
    stuff better than I do; there is a ‘before and af-      I spent in 4 different high schools.
    ter’ comparison slideshow even. http://taipics.
    com/misc-color”                                         After living in the hotel, we finally moved into a
                                                            house in Tien Mou that was about a quarter mile
    Dave Shuffer ’65 recently sent me a note to             up the hill from the circle and the police station.
    bring me up to date on his family’s goings on:          I rode the bus with Tom and Jeff McNeff, Jerry
    “I retired from American Airlines in November           and Claudia Nelson, Darby Erd, and Bonnie Mc-
    2007 after 30 years. I took a job flying for Jet Air-   Coy. Then we picked up Ginny Bristow, Sandy
    ways in June 2008. Jet Airways is the largest pri-      Porter, Danny Payne, Khem Tang.
    vate airline in India. I fly the Boeing 777 for them
    out of San Francisco. My wife, Jane, retired in         During the summer of ’62, I hung out at the
    June 2008 as a schoolteacher. Our son, Steven,          snack bar and pool complex, the bowling alley,
    will graduate from the University of Texas school       and the ball field during my first and discovering
    of Law in May. Our daughter, Katie, graduated           the Teen Club which was across the street from
    from the University of Texas in May 2008 and is         Arthur Wu’s house. And I made friends with
    now at Texas Tech in the Pharmacy School. She           Tony Bowler and David Schmidt.
    will graduate in 2012.”
                                                            The popular songs were, “The Lion Sleeps To-
    “Butch” Hilsabeck writes from Austin, TX, “oc-          night”, “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back,”
    casionally, Brian Hanson and I get together here        “Big John,” and “Please Mr. Custer” which we
    with friends for various activities just to             sang on the way to school.
    keep up with life. After 40+ years in hospital ad-
    ministration and hospital association manage-           There was always the pain of losing friends when
    ment, I retired and continue to teach and consult       parents rotated back to the states. A perfectly
    in the healthcare field. Now, for the first time in     good friendship would be torn apart because of
    my life, my time is my own and I can select how         military orders. Worst of all was your girlfriend’s
    to best use it. Life is good.”                          dad’s orders. There were exceptions to the two
                                                            year stays, like Sandy Gillmore Graziano who
                                                            was there 7 years. I was there for 4 ½ years and
Page 9                                                      left in Oct. 1966.
DC Metro Area Reunion - 2009
    Barbara Blandford Helm writes:

    We gathered again here in the DC metro area,
    the east coast TASers. It was on the 25th of Jan-
    uary at China Garden, as usual. We had a goodly
    crowd with a nice mix of years, and a terrific time
    celebrating Chinese New Year, as we always do.

                                                          Ann Ogden West ’59, Charlene Wang Gridley
                                                           ’60, Sandy Starbuck Mabry ’60, Ed “Skip”
                                                                 Rodriguez ’62, John Church ’65,
                                                                    Cindi Wingard Lynn ‘70

      Ly Bankson, Ross Bankson ’60, Julie Huang
               Goffe ’58, Frank Bush

    I regret we don’t have a group photo for this
    time; the place was packed and it was difficult to
    move around. Upon reflection (hindsight is 20-
    20), we could have moved outside to the China
    Garden sign. Ross and his wife, Ly, were respon-
    sible for most of these photos, although some
    are Ginny’s.                                          Cindi Wingard Lynn ’70, parents of Cindi, Da-
                                                              vid Lynn, George “Chip” Pickett ’60.

       Melony Hinton Bush ’65, Ginny Bristow
     Meyer ’65, Barbara Blandford Helm 60, Peter
            Gridley, Adrienne Tarr Free ‘60               Peter Gridley, Ann Ogden West ’59, Andrienne
Page 10                                                    Tarr Free ’60, Ross Bankson ’60, Ly Bankson
Remembering Jim Harris                                                                  by Everett Harris ‘60
    When a man loses his younger and only brother it            Jim was fortunate in that his lovable personality had
    can really hurt! I think one of the reasons it was so      endeared him to some teachers who were aboard
    hard is you just never see your younger brother pass-      and had bridge parties in the upper lounge. This
    ing of natural causes before you. I was always told        area was restricted to adults only, until they found
    to “take care of your brother” by my parents and I         out that Jim could play. They needed a 4th hand and
    have always done that even as adults. The closeness        he got tapped. So here’s this eleven year-old hold-
    that we shared probably came from the fact that we         ing his own at the bridge party.
    were Air Force brats and we moved just about every
    2 years. We really had no time to put down much in         In Taiwan, we would do things together, but because
    the way of “roots” in any one place. Thus, we clung        he went to school for half a day, he used his time
    to each other, backed up each other, shared secrets        to complete his Boy Scout merit badges and made
    and of course became best friends. I am sure there         Eagle Scout.
    are siblings of military personnel who feel the same
    way. Of course there are brothers and sisters that         We left Taiwan in August, 1959 and moved to War-
    cannot stand the sight of each other, but that is an-      rensburg, MO, just outside Whiteman AFB. We lived
    other story.                                               there for a year then moved on base. I was headed
                                                               to Michigan State and Jim left for Wentworth Mili-
    I had known Jim since he was a few days old when           tary Academy in Lexington, MO, which lead to his
    my mother brought him home for the first time.             future career in the Army. When he went to school,
    It was December 1945 and for 4 years, I had been           he looked like a candidate for guard or tackle on
    the only kid in the family and got all the attention.      the football team. However, after working out,
    However, I was glad to have a little brother to play       he dropped all his weight and settled for the back
    with and help care for. I soon learned that when he        field.
    started crying, it was time I got a clean diaper for our
    mother. As he got more mobile and up on his feet,          Jim served proudly for 20 years with overseas as-
    we would play together without too much fighting.          signments in Europe. He earned his M.S., saw duty
                                                               in Vietnam, and was awarded the Bronze Medal.
    Some of the best times we had were the 5 years we          When he retired, he worked for military contractors
    had in Harlingen, TX. However, soon it was obvious         and then TWA. He took a job at Lab Corp. in Burl-
    we were going to move overseas. The choices were           ington, NC where he lived for the last 4 years. He
    Rio de Janiero or Taiwan. Since had had been part of       wrote op-ed articles for the newspaper each week
    the CBI during WWII, he chose Taiwan.                      on either patriotism or food. He was also very active
                                                               in his church. His biggest hobby was cooking and
    While in Harlingen, we learned to swim and then            he was a good cook. He passed away in October in
    earned our Red Cross lifesaving badges so we could         Durham NC.
    life guard. Like most kids, we lived at the swimming
    pool in the summer. Our father also got us into hunt-
    ing and fishing. One morning we were picked up by
    a friend to go fishing. Jim and I were sleeping in the
    back of the station wagon. On the way, the friend
    rounded a corner and the door flew open and I just
    grabbed Jim’s clothing and held on for dear life until
    we stopped.

    On the way to Taiwan on the M.M. Patrick, I had
    brought along a supply of records and spun them on
    the ship’s PA system for an hour each day. I really
    got a lot of requests from the troops traveling with
Page 11
    TAS Alumni Reunion, Taipei Taiwan R.O.C., October 22 – 25, 2009
    Dear Fellow TAS Alumni, Former Faculty Members, and Friends of TAS,

    The Reunion Organizing Committee has prepared this preliminary agenda for our 2009 TAS All Alumni Re-
    union. This is for advance planning purposes only. The final agenda with costs and scheduled events will be
    provided in May, when formal registration will begin through TAS Alumni website.

    The following committee members will help make our celebration a fun, meaningful, and successful reunion
    for all:

    John Dankowski (ret’d teacher) — jwdtw@yahoo.com
    Gordon Brooks (‘66) — gbrooks@ms33.hinet.net
    Sampson Mar (‘68) — s.mar@cmsg.com.tw
    Karl Yen (‘69) — Chief Organizer — kkyen@saikal.com.tw
    Madeline MaWang (‘69) — madeline9_@hotmail.com
    Janel Wire Pratt (‘71) — jwire@aapt.net.au
    Justin Chu (‘75) — justin.chu@msa.hinet.net
    Ann Su (‘76) — asu@kyi.com.tw
    Caroline Yen (‘77) — yencaroline@yahoo.com.tw
    Paul Lo (‘81) — plo@sesasia.com

    A. Background -
    The idea for this reunion was started by Madeline Ma (’69) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Class of
    1969. She then ‘volunteered’ Karl Yen (‘69) to organize this event. 2009, is also the 60th anniversary of the
    founding of Taipei American School, so other interested TAS alumni in Taipei helped expand it to an All TAS
    Reunion. Although, this reunion is not a TAS-sponsored event, it does have the full support of the school.

    B. Preliminary Agenda -
    Oct. 22: All Day Registration - Open Day
    Welcome Dinner, Howard Plaza Hotel
    Oct. 23: Morning - Tour of TAS Campus
    Lunch - Hosted by TAS at School Cafeteria
    Afternoon – John Dankowski’s ‘Old Taipei Haunts’ Guided Tour or Golf (optional) Dinner & Dance - American
    Club in China (ACC) (at site of old Club 63)
    Oct. 24: Open Day: Shopping, Golf, Museums, Night Markets, etc.
    Lunch - Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ or Ting Tai Fung Restaurant
    Chinese Banquet Dinner
    Oct. 25: Open Day: Departures, Shopping, Golf, Tours, etc.

    C. Logistics and Estimated Costs -

    1. Accommodations-

    a. Airfare and Hotel Packages:
    Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei (owned by the family of TAS alum, Hiro Liao (’89). The hotel is centrally located
    and reasonably priced. A California travel agent is offering us a package deal; airfare + three nights (double
    occupancy + breakfast) at the Howard Plaza Hotel, (quoted 2/09 and subject to change at time of booking)
    from the following North American points of departure:

      Los Angeles - Taipei US$1,300                            New York $1,365
      Seattle - Taipei $1,340                                  Vancouver - Taipei $1,528
      San Francisco - Taipei $1,340
Page 12
    TAS Alumni Reunion, Taipei Taiwan R.O.C., October 22 – 25, 2009
    Continued —

    Travel agent and hotel information can be provided to those interested in making early bookings now. 1st
    and business class ticket prices are also available upon request.

    b. Rates for Hotel Accommodations Only

    (1) Howard Plaza Hotel (5-Stars) - NT$4,900 (US$145 @ US$1 -NT$33.8)/night/ double occupancy/breakfast

    (2) Far Eastern Plaza or Grand Hyatt Hotels (more luxurious, 5-Stars)- NT$8,500 (US$250)/night/double oc-

    2. Group Activity Expenses - Approximately NT$7,000 (US$200) per person. This fee covers 3 dinners, 1 lunch,
    & bus transportation for group activities. It does not include personal expenses, e.g. golf green fees, addi-
    tional ground transportation (outside group activities), entrance tickets to voluntary events, etc.

    D. Other -

    Taipei is thriving metropolis of nearly 3 million people; 6 million in the entire Taipei Basin with a safe and
    relatively clean environment. The well-developed, MRT system is a convenient way to move about the city
    and suburbs.

    Taxis are generally inexpensive and plentiful. Taipei now has an extensive, riverside, bike path system – you
    can bike all the way from Hsin Dien to Dansui on the bike paths, surrounded by green space. The local food
    is excellent and the people are very friendly. The weather in October will be cool but pleasant, so bringing
    windbreakers would be appropriate. Since many of you will be traveling a long distance to return to Taiwan,
    we suggest that you pre-arrange any extended stays for sight-seeing trips around Taiwan.

    To greatly assist our planning efforts, please respond as early as possible to Karl Yen at kkyen@saikal.com.tw
    indicating your interest to attend the Reunion and the number of people in your party. We need to get a rough
    idea of how many people will be attending this event. In May, a final agenda with a firm deposit require-
    ment and payment information will be provided for everyone’s formal registration through the TAS Alumni
    Website. We look forward to holding a very happy, momentous Reunion, “walking down memory lane”, and
    renewing old friendships in Taipei this October!

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Karl Yen: kkyen@saikal.com.tw

Page 13
    Dear Susan,                                               be 65 and here it is. Duane turns 70 this week. We
    I am looking forward to you and Bill continuing           are very busy with the senior center and American
    the TigerTales! for us “old timers” who were lucky        Vets and I do the auxiliary. I also belong to a woman’s
    enough to be over at TAS during that “special time”       study group, quilting group that does charity quilts
    in our lives. It really has mixed in for a very promi-    plus we sew at the senior center to visit and
    nent time in our lives. The experiences in Taipei,        make our own quilts.
    the Grand Hotel, MAAGOOM, the brown buses, the
    train rides for next to nothing with open air cars, the   Geoff Rothman, ’61 writes:
    pedicabs, the fire crackers, the thousands of pic-
    tures I took and have to get scanned in for everyone      Great to hear from you...thanks for picking up the
    (those that did not purchase copies at the time) all      load on Tiger Tales...so, 1988, not really a very event-
    bring back a special time in my life that I am so glad    ful year for me...my kids were quite young, and so
    I was able to experience and I was glad to know and       I was spending time mostly being a Dad...that was
    be a part of the experiences of the others who were       fun...my older son was just getting into school, and
    over there with me.                                       my younger son was just getting out of diapers...I
                                                              was working for the city as the recruitment and test-
    As we grow older it is really great to look back on the   ing manager...
    “good times” and know how full of life we all were

    My plan is to get all of my photos out of storage,
    scan the all in and then make then available to all
    who want them. I think Tiger Tales would be the per-
    fect vehicle.

    With Best Regards,
      Everett Harris ‘60
      Little Rock, AR 72212

    Kayrn Heald-Hinkley, ’61 writes:                                           Tien Mao, 1960s

    Spring? We had 4” new snow this morning and now
    it has warmed up to 38 degrees and drizzling. We
    can plant flowers about June 1st. So this is what is
    going on in Ukiah, Oregon. We are in the mountains          TigerTales!
    at 3200 ft. We play and hunt & fish all the way up          is published twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall,
    to 7000 ft. My husband and I are retired now and            for the alumni, faculty, parents and staff of the
    bought a place in the mountains about 62 miles              50s and 60s at Taipei American School.
    south of Pendleton where we had lived and worked.
    Yes, it is remote but beautiful and quiet. We had elk       Please send items for publication by the first of
    in the hillside this morning and about 20 deer. We          the preceding month to:
    have a large creek by our house and it is beautiful         Susan Herlan Keats/TigerTales
    and sounds peaceful. We breed AKC Scottish Terri-           3 Summit Avenue, Winchester, MA 01890
    ers. In fact we have a litter now.                          (call 781-729 9317, or e-mail sekeats@comcast.
    My four sons all live far away and have their own
    careers. Three are married with a son and daugh-            Send email info to:
    ter. Duane has 3 grown kids also and 10 grandkids.          Bill Mar at marble@optonline.net
    We had our first great-grandson born this past year.
    Wow! How time flies. I never thought I would ever
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