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The Semsol Journey


  • pg 1
									The Semsol Journey

Continued from Yamishima

You are walking through the depths of the forest on a narrow trail. Coming
towards you, heading southwest are three characters on horsebacks. One of
them is a male with red hair and a large bird perched on his shoulder. He is
holding a small, white cat in his arms. Next to him is an older woman with
reddish-brown hair riding, and a large peregrine falcon is flying beside her.
Behind them, keeping her distance as if not really part of the group, rides a
young female with long, dark hair. They group is moving forward with
determination, obviously knowing where they are heading.

Day 1

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
They ride in silence, Yona follows them at some distance. Akai is leading the
way, taking a quite narrow forest trail leading southwest.
Akaihane 's mind seems to be at some place completely different from here.
Cat allows a meter or so between her and the horses

Akai: ((just a little bit of info for this journey: I will lead the way, but you are
welcome to interfere with the storyline as much as you please. I have a few
things planned for this trip, but you can add stuff where ever you feel like it. I'm
planning on it to take about 8 rpg days for them to reach Semsol.))
Light: (Ok...)
Akai: ((I gotta go now, and sadly, I might not be able to come on tuseday... I'll
try though, but it might be late if I manage to come on...))
Akai: ((can you get on sunday..? monday..?))
Light: (Well, Tuesday is probably going to be the only day next week that I can
come on. So, if I don't see you then, I ll probably not be able to come on again
until the Tuesday after)
Akai: ((aww.... darn... I'll really try to get on then.))
Light: (Sunday? Probably not. I have a meeting in the evening. And Monday, I
usually do something with my family)
Light: (Sorry)
Akai: ((ok. so see you when I see you. I'm having a thing tuesday, but I'll try to
get on before 10 london time))
Akai: ((take care! *hurries off*))
Light: (My dad might need to use the computer at that time...)
Light: (Bye...)

Day 2

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

They are riding in silence...
Cat is still keeping about a meter or so between her and the horses
After quite a while, he makes the hose slow down into a walking pace, thinking
that is might be harsh on Light, but says nothing.
Cat steps on a sharp thorn, but doesn't say nething, just winces
Cat continues 2 run, but is limping badly
Akaihane notices she is limping and looks down at her. "Hey..."
Cat looks up at Akaihane
Cat makes some attempt 2 pull the thorn out with her teeth while she is running
Akaihane makes the horse stop and hops down. He lifts her up, checking her
paw. " all right?"
Cat says through gritted teeth "I just have a thorn in my paw..."
Akaihane sees the thorn and pulls it out. "Come on, you have to ride."
Light: "I can't exactly hold on in this form..."
Akaihane sits up on the horse with Light in his arms, not waiting for her to make
any objections. Without another word, he kicks the horse lightly and it moves
off down the trail.
Cat sighs
Akaihane 's face is still kind of expressionless, but it should be obvious he is
mainly sad and hurt, not really angry. Never the less, he keeps quiet.
Cat rubs her nose with a paw

Akai: ((one more thing you should be aware of... there is a dragon named Cyrin
that is out to kill Akai, so if she comes on, I might have to run, or else there'll be
no more Akai... ~_~,,))
Light: (Oh, ok)
Akai: ((that was the dragon he battled yesterday... good lord... she had no mercy
whatsoever... ~_~,,))
Light: (*Groans* My sister's complaining that she wants to get on here...)
Akai: ((does she have a char?))
Light: (Sorry... I meant the Internet in general. She's moaning at me)
Akai: ((please ask her for 30 more min, and if she agrees, tell her thank you
from me ^_^))
Light: (I told her that she could come on in 15 minutes...)
Light: (*Sighs* You don't know my sister... I had to beg to be allowed this 15
minutes. So, if she's down then, I'll have to go. Sorry)

Day 3

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((ok, now it's working ^_^))

DarkWizard101 flies in and perches lightly on Akai's shoulder "hey there!"
snigeren enters this room

Akai: ((there! okies... lots of things happened since last time... I'll tell you the
story briefly to get you back on track))
Wizard: ((er okay....*glarez at comp* fill me in...)
Akai: ((ok, first of all, we all set out for Semsol... finally. We are traveling on
horsebacks. Light is still in her cat form, so she isn't riding. We didn't get a
horse for you, cause Light figured you wanted to travel in falcon form, but if you
want to ride, we can alter the story))
Wizard: (okies... ill fly... i love mai falcon form anywayz...^_^)
Akai: ((Akai is bringing his Suzaku Ken, hoping that someone back in Semsol
might be able to 'revive' it.))

Desdemona enters this room
Darkness enters this room

Wizard: (i see, thats not a bad idea, either)
Akai: ((okies. It's settled then. We have three horses, two birdies and a cat. ^_^
You know Light got cured, by the way?))
Wizard: (*nods*)
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ((by the way, this is the message I send
to all who enters this room: You are walking through the depths of the forest on
a narrow trail. Coming towards you, heading southwest are three characters on
horsebacks. One of them is a male with red hair and a large bird perched on his
shoulder. He is holding a small, white cat in his arms. Next to him is an older
woman with reddish-brown hair riding, and a large peregrine falcon is flying
beside her. Behind them, keeping her distance as if not really part of the group,
rides a young female with long, dark hair. They group is moving forward with
determination, obviously knowing where they are heading.))
Eliantra enters this room

Akai: ((okies. And furthermore, Akai is acting really cold towards Light, and
your char is not supposed to know why really... but it's obvious something
Wizard: (okies, mai char dunno why!!!*sniffle* lol)
Akai: ((and some information. I'll lead the way to Semsol, but you can interfere
with the storyline, making up your own events, as much as you please. Just no
playing my chars... k? ^_^))
Wizard: (lol okies)
Akai: ((right now they are riding and Akai is holding Light in his arms, cause
she hurt her paw. The situation is kind of tense, though...))
Akai: ((you got it all?))
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ((why the heck did this place get so
crowded? o.o,,))
Wizard: (*nods* yep ^_^)
Akai: ((oh, and by the way, thanks for saving Akai's life before... that dragon
had no mercy whatsoever... She would have gotten him killed if you weren't
Wizard: (*smiles* no problem ^_^)
Akai: ((playing this without Light might be a little tricky, but we can just pretend
she is sitting there quietly... kind of ^_^,))
Wizard: (quietly? lol okay)
Akai: ((so, wanna get into char?))
Wizard: (*nods* k *in char*)
Akai: ((are you on Akai's shoulder, Wizard?))
Wizard: (lol i am now ^_^)

Akaihane is just riding on in silence, looking like his mind is somewhere else.
Viktor enters this room
The forest around them are thick, dark and silent... no signs of shiinas (lol! ^_^)
Wizard: <egh... wish something would make a noise... i hate the quietness.....>
Viktor can suddenly be seen in the shadow cast by a large oaktree. His blood red
eyes seem to glow in the darkness. He watches the three on horseback come
towards him.

Akai: ((oh, and another note, I'm thinking it will take about 8 days to get to
Semsol on horsebacks))
Wizard: (lol! okay)

Akaihane glances at Wizard, but doesn't make a comment right away. "....."
¤ should try to enjoy it. It's not often we can be in a peaceful place like
this.¤ His tone is a lot colder than he intended it...
DarkWizard101 shifts slightly, ruffling his feathers, and looks over his shoulder
<She's coming too...?>
Demoness enters this room
Demoness walks in as she wonders if all the grumpyness is over?
Akaihane isn't turning around, but knows who Wizard is referring to. ¤Off
course. She will finally get what she wants, right..?¤
DarkWizard101 leaps off Akai's shoulder and starts flying, having the urge to
stretch his wings, and maybe fool around a bit <Course she will, god forbid she
Demoness ponders as she watches the 3 on horseback
DarkWizard101 Flies next to Xefir and gives a birdy-like smile "How are
Akaihane keeps staring straight ahead, still acting a bit cold. ¤What will happen,
Xefir looks up at Wizard with a smile, but her eyes look tired and old. "I have
not felt this alive since I was taken to YamiShima... I love it, but I cant deny it is
a bit tiring..."
DarkWizard101 nods "I'm sure it is, but it'll pass..."
DarkWizard101 gives another smile and flies up as high as he can, what with all
the trees in the way, and zooms in and out of the lower branches
Xefir gives a little nod and looks gentle. "Yes, master Wizard."
DarkWizard101 flips and spins around until he's in front of the others, then
suddenly darts down and flies silently under the horses, swiftly and silently
enough not to scare them
Akaihane doesn't once look up at Wizard. Walim however does, and her wings
twitches, feeling the urge to fly. She shifts on Akai's shoulder feeling restless,
and then alights, swooping down ahead of him.
DarkWizard101 blinks at being called master, or a master, either one, wonders
for a minute, then over looks it and flies behind them and repeats his pattern all
over again
Walim makes a quick turn and comes up alongside with Wizard, giving a little
chirp of excitement.
Walim follows Wizard's every movement, playing.
DarkWizard101 grins and speeds past Walim and looks over his shoulder <cant
catch me!!!> *is obviously in a very playful mood, but this may have something
to do with being in his falcon form, which has always been very energetic in
Darkness exits from this room
DarkWizard101 suddenly darts up and turns around, swooping between Akai
and his mother, then quickly under the horses and back up too the branches
Walim chases after him, her long, slender wings giving her great speed.
Playfully, she nibbles at his tailfeathers. ¤Can too! ^_^¤
Akaihane is still not giving the playing birds any attention. "......"
snigeren: Follows them on his chopper (motor cycle) silently and holds his
DarkWizard101 looks over his shoulder at Akai for a second, wondering what
could be bothering him so much, but then goes back to playing. <Can you? Well
see if you can follow this!!> *he adds another burst of speed, his small wings
flapping at a rapid pace. he lurches down and skims the ground before flying
around Akai a few times, circling Xefir, swooping in, out and between the
horses and darting up and through the branches again.
Walim gives a mental giggle, the child in her suddenly obvious. She folds her
wings, and dives after the falcon, but can't really keep up with the dives.
DarkWizard101 speeds up until he has repeated the pattern and is behind walim,
nipping at her tailfeathers as she did him <im back here! ^_^)
DarkWizard101 he grins and pulls up, flying back to the branches once again
Akaihane glances up at Wizard, but then turns away again, obviously having
other things on his mind than playing.
Walim gets nipped in the tailfeathers and she tries to dive out of the way, giving
a little bird cry. ¤HEY!!¤ But she isn't really upset.
DarkWizard101 perches on a branch and then starts jumping branch to branch.
after a few jumps he dives to the ground and behind the horses. <Hehehe ^_^)
Wizard: <C'mon Akai! Join the fun!!!Xefir? Anyone...? The more the
Akai: ¤......¤
DarkWizard101 does a short loop-de-loop, but pulls out of it quickly, almost
catching the wrong wind and falling.... <heh...^_^()>
Xefir only smiles gently at the playing, thinking she is too old for that.
Yona watches Wizard with a smirk on the verge of shape shifting. "You really
mean that... that's so cute of you..." She snickers.
DarkWizard101 darts above Akai, his feathers barely brushing the side of his
head as he once again, swoops around everyone
Wizard: <Yeah, I meant it..........I think...> o.o;;
snigeren Senses some positive vibes
Yona laughs out loud at him, but stays in her human form.
Wizard: <Hmph....> *grumbles something to himself, but keeps flying*
Wizard: <Oh come on Akai!! Come play with us!!! ^_^>
Walim keeps chasing after the older falcon, trying to nibble his tail again. She
hasn't played in ages, and feels once again like the fledgling she really is. ^_^
Akai: ¤¤
DarkWizard101 turns to see walim on his tail, nearly literally. he swoops up and
flips over her until he is behind her. He nips again playfully. <hehehe>
Wizard: <Whats wrong, Akai?>
Walim tries to turn out of the way, but she is still too clumsy in the air. ¤Wizard
stop it!¤ But he can tell from her tone, she is really enjoying it.
Akaihane sounds harsher than he wants to. ¤Nothing. I just don't feel like it.¤
DarkWizard101 seems slightly taken aback by his answer. <Oh... okay
snigeren takes a sip from a bottle

Akai: ((I kind of gotta go... I'll try to be on a little tomorrow, but it might be
Wizard: (o.o;; oh, okay... I have to go soon anyway... erm... any idea of what
time...? i only get an hour after school so....)
Akai: ((umm... im thinking maybe 11pm swedish time... which would be 5pm
florida time))
Wizard: (hm... i'll try to be'll give me time to do my homework first
Akai: ((okies... I'm not sure if I can come on at all, but if I can, that's probably
the time to bet on... otherwise I'll be back thursday. k?))

DarkWizard101 flies around the horses and others once again, looking back at
Walim from time to time <.......>

Akai: ((I apologize for my char's rudeness, but he really has his reasons... sorry,
but you where not there when it happened... ~_~,))
Wizard: (thrusday regular time? that i can do ^_^)
Wizard: (thats okay... my char n me can figure it out! ^_^ lol i always think of
mai char as a separate person other than
Akai: ((yeah. ok, see ya later!))
Akai: ((me too. I don't think I ever saw myself as actually being Akai...))
Wizard: ((lol same here... well see you thursday, whichever...^-^)
Akai: ((okies! *waves and skips out*))
Wizard: (buh9bye! *waves n flies away as well*)

Day 2

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Cat mutters something
Akaihane looks down at her. " say something?"
Cat says really softly "I'm sorry..."
Akaihane hears what she is saying but isn't replying at first. "...."
Cat licks at her paw, which is bleeding slightly
Akaihane looks straight ahead and his voice is kind of cold as he finally speaks
up. "You know... there is really no reason for you to apologize. It is your life,
and I can not tell you what to do. I accept that. However. I can not give my heart
to someone that would leave me and take her own life without an explanation or
a farewell. My soul doesn't allow me to."
Cat looks unhappy "I did explain... Ok, I didn't quite tell u everything..."
Cat looks exhausted
Akai: "You weren't going to explain..."

Day 4

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hi... glad you could come))
Akaihane whispers to Cat ((remember where we left off? Akai said he couldn't
love Light cause of her attempted suicide and she said: Cat looks unhappy "I did
explain... Ok, I didn't quite tell u everything..." and Akai replied: Akai: "You
weren't going to explain..." And that's it.))
Cat whispers to Akaihane (I remember)

Cawti enters this room

Cawti whispers to Akaihane alright
Akaihane whispers to Cat ((good... I let Wizard in on the story as well... he is
traveling in falcon form))
Cat whispers to Akaihane (I thought he might be)

Cat is still looking unhappy "I didn't want 2 put u in danger... I still don't"
Cawti stands quietly by a tree with her head down as she cathes the group, she is
looking up and can see them but it doesn't seem to loot that way
Akaihane keeps staring straight ahead. "Still. I can't accept that. I am sorry."
Light: "But, that is no excuse 4 my behavior. So I apologize again. Even if u
don't accept it"
Akai: "....."
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((finally... ~_~, ))@wizard
Cat whispers to Akaihane (By the way, sorry if I make a lot of mistakes while
typing.... I'm a little tired at the moment)
Wizard: (~_~;; sorry0...)
Akai: ((so am I, it's ok)) @light
Light: (Hello DarkWizard)
Wizard: (heyaz!!)

Cawti blinks slightly, at the group still appearing to look down
Cat makes some attempt 2 lick her paw, but eventually gives up, cos its not very
Akaihane glances at Cawti as they ride past her, but doesn't say anything.

Light: (*Sneezes irl* *Mutters* I think I'm getting a cold...)
Wizard: (lol! i dont get sick in the winter... only in summer...o.o *raises arms to
the sky* oh why summer? of all seasons!!!)

Cawti looks noticingly to the glance, but doesn't say anything either
Walim lands on the back of Akai's horse for a while, catching her breath from
playing with Wizard.
Cat thinks that she could probably walk again now
DarkWizard101 glances back at Walim and figures he needs a rest as well, and
lands on the ground, quickly shifting back into human form.
Cawti turns her head back to the ground
Akaihane keeps quiet, holding Light in his arms. "......."
Cat wipes a paw across her face

Light: (I think I missed something...)
Akai: ((you did. but it's ok)) @light
Light: (What'd I miss?)
Akai: ((Walim and Wizard just had an air chase. Nothing happened. lol)) @light
Light: (An air chase?)
Light: (Ok...)
Wizard: (lol yeah. it was really fun tho!!!)
Akai: ((they were playing))
Light: (Oh, ok)

DarkWizard101 shakes his head, his pale blue hair whipping at his face, and
stands up "Jeeze.... shifting gives me a kinda tingly feeling, it drives me nuts!" A
smile appears on his face and he starts walking.
Akaihane glances at Wizard, still obviously not in a very good mood. "......"
Cat mumbles something
Yona on the other hand, seems to really be enjoying the trip...
Cat rubs her nose with a paw
Cawti: *knief appears sticking in the ground near her feet*
Cat still thinks that she would probably b all right walking... But doesn't say
nething out loud
Wizard: "Hey Akai, how about a quick race...? You know, pass the time? Maybe
put ya in a better mood...?" Puts on a hopeful smile.

Wizard: (lol mai char is such an idiot at times....x.x)
Cat wipes a paw across her face again-it comes away damp
Akaihane doesn't look too enthusiastic. "What do you mean?"
DarkWizard101 grins and walks over to Yona's horse. Without even a glance at
her he climbs on in front of her, pushing her back and bit, and trots up next to
Akai. "C'mon. Let's go!!"
Akaihane glances down at Light. "...?"
Cat shakes her head, and smiles nervously "N... nothing"


Wizard: (oh, woo hoo? its like an exclamation)
Light: (You can speak what in Japanese? *Looks confused*)
Wizard: (yer confusin' me1!!!)
Akai: ((sorry about that. It should behave now))
Wizard: (lol i can say i love you in japanese... but it doesnt help me much...)
Wizard: (wb akai!)
Light: (Well, you're confusing me as well...)
Akai: ((aishiteiru! ^_^))
Wizard: (or maybe its chinese...o.o;; i dunno... its one or the other)
Wizard: (o.o whats that mean...? lol)
Akai: ((I love you in jap))
Akai: ((where you thinking about wo ai ni?))
Wizard: (erm... no... i was told i love you is no himee... im not sure how to spell
it but....o.o;;)
Akai: ((er... that's not right)) @wizard
Wizard: (lol i guess its not.... but thats what i was told...o.o;;)

Yona frowns at first, but then she smirks behind Wizards back and puts her arms
around his waist. "Wanna have some fun? I’m up for it!"
Akaihane just gives Wizard a brief glance. "There is no use in exhausting the
Cat mumbles something that makes absolutely no sense
DarkWizard101 doesnt look like he's going to take no for an answer "Oh, come
on... a quick race wont hurt... it'll give exercise"
Cat stops mumbling 2 give DarkWizard an odd look
DarkWizard101 glances quickly over his shoulder at Yona, but doesnt say
anything, he's still lookin' at Akai
DarkWizard101 looks at Light with a look that clearly says 'what!?'
Yona leans against Wizards back and then gives a soft laughter. "I agree with
you..." Then she kicks the horse in the side and it speeds off down the trail.
Cat rubs her nose with a paw again, and sighs
Akaihane watches the two of them galloping away, shaking his head slightly.
Cat goes back 2 mumbling something 2 herself
DarkWizard101 rolls his eyes as the horse speeds off"oh this is just great..... not
quite what I had in mind though...." -.-
Akaihane figures Wizard has the situation under control. He looks back down at
Light. "You all right? what are you doing?"
Cat blinks, then shakes her head 2 clear it "N-nothing..."
Walim alights from the horse back and races after the horse, obviously not very
pleased about the situation.
Akaihane 's voice sounds cold. "Will you ever stop lying to me?"
Wizard: "Hm.... running on a horse with a girl on the back... this gives even me
the wrong impression...." mumbling to himself he grabs the reins and steers the
horse around and heads in the other direction at a short gallop
Light: "Er..." Sighs "Its not that important..."
DarkWizard101 grins "I'm such a poor sport at times..."
Walim meets up with them and lands on Wizard's shoulder, but facing Yona.
She glares. ¤......¤
Akai: “Tell me."
Yona just laughs sweetly and ain't letting go off wizard's waist.

Akai: ((are you ever gonna tell us your char's real name by the way?)) @wizard
Wizard: (i was thinking about it ,yeah...)

Cat stares down at her paws, trying 2 work out how exactly 2 phrase what is
going on
DarkWizard101 looks up at Walim and smiles <Dont worry... it didnt go the
way I wanted it to either... I was hoping to get him in a better mood... do you
know what's bothering him?> He says in her mind.
Wizard: <I've got the sudden impulse to knock her off this horse, but I'm not that
mean... well not yet anyway...>
Walim isn't turning around, but gives a kind of bird shrug. ¤Walim don't know.
Akai never tells anything nomore...¤
Light: "Um..."

Akai: ((egh... her grammars gets worse every day, I think...))
Wizard: (lol)

Yona puts on an expression of self-pity, and runs her finger across wizard's
cheek, almost hurting him with her nails. "Oh... you wouldn't do that now would
you darling?" Obviously, she could hear him speaking mentally...
Akaihane is still waiting for an answer from Light. "......"
Cat is still trying 2 put off telling Akaihane what is going on
DarkWizard101 chuckles to himself, but speaks to Yona "Actually, if you dont
let go pretty soon, I probably would... without a second thought...." His tone
seems both cold, and kind-hearted

(er... that dont sound right, but whatever...)

Yona's face doesn't quite fit her words. She is grinning. "Aww... You're so cold."
Cat stares at her paws
Walim can't help herself and hisses quietly at Yona.
DarkWizard101 shrugs "I get that alot, but that's just me..."
Cat mutters something, then turns round once, as if trying 2 get 2 her own tail,
b4 settling down again
Yona laughs again. "Well, who made a move on who here?"

Akai: ((ugh... I hate Yona, but it's darn fun to play her! ^_^ finally I get to bring
out my evil side... muwahahaha...))

Wizard: "I wasnt making a move on you, you were the only occupant I felt like
taking a horse from..."

(*glances nervously at akai)

Akai: "Come on Light, tell me. It can't be that hard if it isn't important."
Cat suddenly says something in a voice that sounds completely different from
her own
Yona yanks her head at Wizard and then slips down from the horseback. "You
can have it." She starts walking next to him on the trail, but doesn't look too
Mik-ano enters this room
Akaihane flinches at Light. "....??"
DarkWizard101 laughs and climbs off the horse, he hesitates and feels it only
right that she ride, so almost roughly he quickly lifts her up and sets her on the
horse before shifting back into his falcon form and flying up to the branches.

Wizard: (mai chars such a gentleman... even to people he dun like.. its

Cat quickly regains control of herself, breathing heavily
Mik-ano nods to the oncoming party of three
Yona says nothing, just watches Wizard fly off with a victorious grin on her
Akaihane is suddenly alarmed. "What's wrong??"
Light: "Um..." Winces a little
Cat finds something extremely interesting 2 look at on the ground
Mik-ano does not know what the Phoenix's blood is, but he does sense it in Aki'
Akaihane has a worried frown on his face. "What is it..? That voice just now..."

Akai: o.o,, @Mik-ano
Akai: ((don't tell me you're a dragon... pleeeeease...o.o,, @mik-ano *dashes off
to read profile*))
Wizard: (lol akai i dun think hesa he? *also hurries off to read the

Cat sighs "It belongs 2 the person who got past the shields around my mind
when I had been poisoned..."
DarkWizard101 swoops from branch to branch, skipping five or so between
each leap
Akaihane doesn't have a clue what Light just said, but assumes it's bad.

Wizard: (nope, youre good, not a dragon...)
Light: (He's not a dragon)
Akai: ((thank heavens... ~_~,))
Wizard: (lol poor akai...)
Mik-ano: ((at least not the type you're thinking of))
Wizard: (o.O() ()

Cat sighs again "When I was poisoned, the poison ate at the shields around my
mind, so some1 has got in2 my mind, and is now trying 2 control me..."
Cat looks at her paws "That... was the other reason I was trying 2 kill myself"
Akaihane looks confused and worried. "What can we do?"

Wizard: (oops... yeah im smart ~_~;;)
Wizard: (egh... i gotsa go...-.-)
Akai: ((me too))

Light: "I'm trying 2 fight them... But I think that its a losing battle"

Wizard: (akai- u'll be on....thursday...?)
Akai: ((I'll be back thursday, then saturday))
Akai: ((you got it ^_^))
Wizard: (okay, see you then! baibai light! *quickly dashes out before gettin in
too much trouble*)
Akai: ((I gotta go too... have work tomorrow, and it's midnight.. ugh...))
Light: (I can't come on Thursday... I might be able to come on Saturday, though.
If not, then I will probably be able to come on Tuesday)
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((ok.. I'll be here next tuesday. see ya!))

Day 5

Forest trail, morning, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((Light just confessed about the person trying to take over her mind,
Wizard: (hey there...)
Light: (Yeah... And she also said that that was the second reason she tried to kill
Light: (And I am REALLY sorry about my computer...)
Wizard: (it happens...)

Akaihane says to Light, his eyes looking tired and hurt. "And you say this is
nothing? How long were you going to keep this from me?" Then he shakes his
head. "Never mind that now." He tugs on the reins and makes the horse come to
a quite sudden halt. "If it is a mental battle, I will fight it for you." His voice tells
her he is not going to listen to any objections.
Akaihane gets off the horse, still with Light in his arms.
Cat looks worried "I don't think that u can..."

Wizard: (egh....i gotsa go....)
Light: (Bye)
Wizard: (baibai...*dashes out b4 i get in too much trouble) (see ya on monday
or tomorrow, whatever......)
Akai: ((ok... see ya... I'm going away for awhile, but I'll be back tuesday))

Akaihane looks kind of harsh. "I don't care what you think. If there is the tiniest
possibility that I can help you, I will try."
Yona rides up next to them and stops. "Hey! No dying before we arrive in
Cat rubs her nose with a paw, and sighs "The trouble is, fighting them from my
mind is all very well. But they will still b able 2 come back"
Akaihane glances up at Yona, but keeps any reply to himself. "...."
Cat hisses slightly at Yona
Akai: "Not if they are killed, they wont."
Cat shakes her head "I tried that. I can't do ne real damage 2 them if I don't know
who they r. And I don't..."
Cat buries her face in her paws "And they keep trying 2 find out what my real
name is. I'm not sure how long I can keep it from them..."
Akaihane lets her down on the ground. "At least let me take a look at it."
Cat sighs
Cat looks extremely worried and frightened
Yona watches them dislikingly. "Don't forget your promise, Shem..."
Akaihane gives Yona a brief look. "I'm not planning on dying, Yona. And don't
worry about it. You will get what you want."
Cyrin enters this room

Akai: ((dear lord! o.o,,))

Cat flicks her tail from side 2 side slightly
Cyrin flies through the forest, growing in size. She begins to dive towards Akai.
Tiryth enters this room
Akaihane quickly takes phoenix shape and darts out of Cyrin’s way. ¤Take
cover, Light!¤
Cat snarls at Cyrin, putting herself between her and Akaihane
Cyrin growls and begins to grow further, the size of a whale. She turns around
and dives again.
Yona stares at the dragon and tugs on the reins, making her horse back away.
Cat leaps at Cyrin, and scratches her in the eye
Tiryth enters the forest trail and looks around. She sees the huge cyrin and
immediately looks for a phoenix of some sort.
Akaihane makes a sharp turn in the air. ¤No Light, get out of there!¤
Cat ignores Akaihane
Cyrin roars in pain, then comes back again, her size that of a small town. She
swipes at the cat, then lunges towards the phoenix.

Akai: ((good lord, this is the end... ~_~,))

Cat growls
Tiryth whistles at cyrin, "Cyrin! Stop this now! If you hurt that phoenix You
will pay dearly!"
Cat sends an attack directly at Cyrin's mind
Akaihane flies the fastest he can, keeping out of the dragon's way.
Cyrin cannot hear tiryth, she now chases after Akaihane. She spews chemical
fire at him.
Akaihane dives and flies below the trees for cover.
Cat paralyses Cyrin
Cyrin does not comply with the paralysis, that is an auto-hit. She flies after akai,
plowing through trees and spitting her fire.
Cat staggers a little
Cat leaps directly on2 Cyrin's back, digging her claws in
Akaihane makes a u-turn and flies closely beside the huge dragon, going the
other way.
Tiryth stomps the ground, then leaps after Cyrin. Flying in front of her face,
trying to get her attention...
Akaihane is calling out desperately to Light. ¤Get away while you can!!¤
Cat scratches Cyrin
Cat is still ignoring Akaihane
Cyrin has no idea if thats possible, seeing as the cat cannot fly i assume, but
takes no notice of the scratch. Her skin is too thick. She turns around as fast her
large body will let her and attempts to bite akai, more likely swallow him as she
is so big.
Akaihane dives again, flying only a few feet above the ground.
Cat closes her eyes 4 a moment, and concentrates
Tiryth is thrown out of the way when cyrin turns around, she lands against a tree
and is knocked out.
Flame: *Flies out of the sky, grabbing Cyrin in his claws*
Cyrin flies low, but not that low. Swiping paws at him and flaming at him.
Cyrin notes she is no longer small enough to be held, she is the size of a city*
Akaihane turns again, hopefully faster than the huge dragon, turning in and out
between the trees.
Cat is still digging her claws in2 Cyrin's back, and holding on, as if she falls, she
will probably b killed

Cat 's player notes that Flame is a dragon, and is at least the same size as Cyrin

Akaihane makes a desperate attempt to talk to the dragon. ¤Please, dragon, hear
me out!¤
Flame: *Bites into Cyrin's neck in order to hold her still*
Cyrin loses sight of the phoenix and turns around. She begins to fly after the
phoenix again, distance put between them. She still feels no pain from the
cat...she is too big.
Cyrin has no idea who *Flame is* so she pays no attention to it.
Cyrin ignores akai.

Cat 's player notes again that Flame is a dragon, and is more than a match for

Tiryth is slowly awakening from her unconsciousness...her sight is blurred and
she cannot move.
Flame: *Slams Cyrin into a tree. Hard*
Cat decides 2 risk dying, and jumps off Cyrin again
Akaihane whispers to Cyrin Akai talks privately to Cyrin, since he doesn't
want Light to hear him. ¤Master dragon! This is not a fair fight. I have for the
moment no weapon and furthermore do I currently lack my phoenix powers. If
you have any pride as a dragon, you should choose a different time for this
Akaihane keeps flying at high speed, but is pushing himself over the limit.
Cat lands on the ground, at an awkward angle
Cyrin whispers to Akaihane She is not liking this CAT person, "I do not
compromise with a phoenix, but will withhold this battle till another time. But, if
i am attacked by flame or cat, I will kill you all."
Cyrin shrinks out of grasp from "Flame" and slips over to Tiryth.
Flame: *Watches Cyrin, his eyes narrowed*
Akaihane whispers to Cyrin ¤I thank you, dragon. I assure you no one will
harm you.¤
Cat groans a little
Cyrin is cat sized once more. She growls deeply and loudly at Akai, I swear my
revenge on you phoenix...
Akaihane calls out. ¤Light, Flame, don't touch this dragon!¤
Akaihane drops to the ground, exhausted and is more or less forced back into
human shape.
Tiryth looks at Cyrin and smiles a bit, "You will not harm that phoenix little
dragon, he is a friend of a long ago meeting."
Cyrin growls and heals tiryth...
Flame: *Flaps his wings once*
Akaihane stays on the ground, panting from the chase.
Cyrin whispers to Akaihane I will come back, and I will not care if you are
unarmed...Hear me out and carry your weapon, for I will attack, without
Flame: *Disappears*
Tiryth stands and lets cyrin sit upon her shoulder, then walks over to Akaihane.
Cyrin hisses but does nothing else...
Akaihane crawls to his knees and doesn't give Cyrin a reply for now. ¤......¤
Cat is lying still
Tiryth kneels down and offers a clawed hand to the phoenix.
Cyrin flies form Tiryths shoulder and vanishes into Between
Cyrin exits from this room
Akaihane takes Tiryth's hand and rises to his feet. He gives her a bow and then
notices Light. He hurries over to her. "Light?"
Cat opens 1 eye, then closes it again
Akaihane glances at Cyrin as the dragon takes off, but then turns his attention
back to Light. He picks her up in his arms. "Curse it, Light, I told you to stay our
of it..."
Cat mutters "Ow..."
Tiryth follows, "Poor creature, I apologize for cyrins actions. Though she will
never stop trying, "
Cat says quietly "U wouldn't stay out of it if I was being attacked..."
Akaihane watches Light, concern in his eyes. "Are you all right?"
Light: "I think I hurt my leg, and I feel really tired and weak... But that seems 2
b all that's wrong"
Akaihane turns his head to Tiryth. "Cyrin has sworn to kill me. It is not your
fault, nor your responsibility. However, I thank you for speaking for my sake."
Akaihane turns back to Light. "That was foolish of you! Especially as you are all
ready so mentally weak!"
Cat wipes a paw across her eyes
Tiryth frowns. "She is out of my reach then. I will come though, I will protect
you at all costs, Cyrin is immortal, though, not against me."
Akaihane sinks down on the ground with Light in his arms, still breathing
Light: "I couldn't just stand by and do nothing!"
Tiryth smiles at the little cat.
Akaihane gives Tiryth a sad look. "I am sorry for turning you against your
friend. I do not wish to be the cause of hatred. You have no obligation to protect
me. Dragons will always hunt for phoenix's..."
Cat smiles back at Tiryth
Akaihane closes his eyes for a second, feeling exhausted.
Tiryth swears her protections of them and stands back aways. She is not all
dragon. She is part human and that part of her swore the protection. "I am
fighting inside not to kill you now my friend. I have that same drive. I will not
let cyrin kill you."
Cat sighs a little
Akaihane bows his head respectfully to Tiryth. "I thank you."
Cat looks at Tiryth
Tiryth nods. "I will be here when that time comes..." She then turns around and
looks to the sky through the trees. Her eyes tear slightly....
Cat licks her paws
Akaihane turns back to Light. "I'm still going to examine you before we move
on. I can't let you have those things in your mind..."
Akaihane looks at Tiryth. "That time..?"
Yona comes riding back slowly, looking a bit shaken. She looks around for the
Cat blinks
Tiryth nods, "The time when she comes, not to fight, but to kill.
Cat wriggles a little, as Akaihane is holding her 2 tightly
Tiryth sighs and looks back to Akai and Cat.
Akaihane blinks at Tiryth. "Kill..? You don't mean you have to kill her? Cyrin?"
Akaihane loosens his grip around Light slightly.

Akai: ((ack, sorry, I misunderstood your post)) @Tiryth
Tiryth: ((lol...i will have to kill her though))

Tiryth nods, her eyes still teary, "Yes, she will kill you otherwise, and all who
side with you anyway, it is now, her, or me...."
Cat rubs her nose with her paw
Cat thinks that way 2 many people want 2 kill Akaihane
Akaihane watches Tiryth for a while and then shakes his head. "I don't want to
be the cause of anyone killing their friends... Please don't worry about it. I am
now on my way to leave this place, maybe to never come back. I might not even
see Cyrin again."
Cat growls a little

Akai: ((~_~,, yeah... everyone hates him... I have no clue why...)) @light
Light: (Not everyone hates him...)
Akai: ((lol... no... he has a few friends.. ^_^))
Light: (More than a few, I'd say)
Akai: ((hmm... *counts* you, wizard, walim, eve, ionita... and now Tiryth. Not
that many.... lol))
Light: (Ok)

Tiryth shakes her head now, "She will come after you always...But if you are in
a fight with cyrin, and i do not show, You will be the one to have turned down
my service."
Akaihane watches Tiryth with a slight frown. "What do you mean?"
Cat looks around, and then spots a bush with some berries on. Looks at the
berries, debating whether or not 2 go and get some, as she is quite hungry
Tiryth smiles a bit, "Cyrin is no ordinary dragon I assume you have figured out.
She will never stop trying and will always be ready to come again. IF I am not
there to defend you, you will die. I will have that guilt and so will you, because
she is no longer a friend. She has decided to kill a friend of mine now anyway.
You akai, she will kill, You akai, are my friend, and I will kill her for doing so."
Akaihane lowers his gaze. "I am sorry..."
Cat looks like she's sweating... If a cat can sweat
Light: "Hm..." Looks at the berries, and then teleports a branch of them over 2
Akaihane looks down at Light in his arms. "How are you feeling? Are they
moving again?"
Cat looks away "They're always moving. Always trying 2 take me..."
Cat holds the branch down with 1 paw while she bites off the berries
Akaihane frowns. "Please... allow me to take a look."

Tiryth: ((brb))

Tiryth exits from this room
Cat stops eating "But its dangerous..."
Light: "And I don't want u 2 get hurt..."

Akai: ((good lord, I think Cyrin might actually be the end to my char... ^_^,))
Light: (Oh)

Akaihane shakes his head stubbornly. "I don't care. If I don't do anything, you
will die. And I won't allow that."
Light: "I won't die until after they've made me kill u..."
Akaihane blinks in surprise. "Kill me? Why would they want to do that?"
Tiryth enters this room
Cat looks unhappy
Light: "I... Its difficult 2 explain why. But I've caught a glimpse of their plans. I
know something of what they intend 2 do" Looks terrified
Tiryth stands now, eyes wet, face stoic otherwise. She watches the cat and Akai
Akaihane looks frightened as well, cause he is worried about her. "Tell me!"
Cat buries her face in her paws
Cat mutters "I'd know what they were doing. And I'd b helpless 2 stop it. A
double load of torture"
Tiryth has no idea what to say, it seems that akai will die soon anyways....
Tiryth sighs and then continues to listen.

Akai: ((thanks for the encouragement... ~_~,,,)) @Tiryth
Tiryth: ((lol))

Tiryth looks back at the sky, her mind is whirling with all kinds of thoughts and
Cat absolutely refuses 2 say ne more
Cat bites some more berries off her branch, but is barely tasting them
Akai: "Don't worry, Light. We won't allow them to do anything. Look, I will
only examine you, it won't be any danger. I promise you I'll be careful."

Akai: ((actually, I'm planning on keeping my char alive for at least 10 days, so
I'll try my best not letting Cyrin get him)) @tiryth
Cat is also scared of Akaihane going in2 her mind, though she has no idea why
Akaihane smiles gently at Light. "All right?"
Cat flinches a little, then shrugs
Tiryth nods to akaihane.
Akaihane says to Light. "Good. Then please relax." He places his hands on her
cat body and gently slips into her mind to have a look around.
Cat 's mind flinches away a little, almost automatically
Akai: ¤It's alright, just calm down. It won't take too long¤
Akaihane isn't hiding his lifeforce, cause he want to see how the creatures in her
mind will react to his presence.
Cat 's mind has a wall of white light preventing a black snake-like... thing... from
getting further in2 her mind

Light: (*Wonders if that made any sense at all*)

Akaihane approaches the wall and watches the being behind it. ¤.......¤
Tiryth watches the two, wondering what it is like to have someone probe your
Akai: ¤For how long will you be able to keep the shield up?¤
Light: "Its a Mind Demon" Her voice sounds strangely echoing loud inside her
Light: -I don't know...-
Light: -Its already being weakened. A lot-
Akaihane whispers to Tiryth You see the two, sitting as if asleep on the
ground, not moving.
Light: -The shield, I mean-
Akai: ¤A demon... I see.¤
Light: -Not an ordinary demon... And it can't b destroyed easily-
Akai: ¤I don't think I can do anything about the demon for the moment being...
not until I get my phoenix powers back at least...¤
Tiryth looks at the two, unsure of weather to stay and watch over them, or to
walk away....
Cat blinks -Ur not doing nething about it neway...-
Akaihane retreats from her mind.
Cat 's mind pulls back at almost the same time
Akaihane says to Light. "Why not?"
Light: "Because it might kill u! Its not an ordinary demon!"
Cat is trembling violently, and doesn't look happy at all
Tiryth just stares....
Akaihane watches her calmly. "Do you think I care? If I don't kill it, it will kill
both you and me. You said so yourself. So I really don't have anything to lose,
do I?"
Yona glares from her horseback. "But I have something to lose, my little Shem!
Don't you DARE dying before we get to Semsol!"
Cat begins crying suddenly
Akaihane glances at Yona, suddenly feeling irritated. "Oh please. If I die here,
you still get what you want, just sooner."
Tiryth sits on a fallen tree, then lays on it, too weak to do more but look
Yona cocks her head. "No way! You promised I got to kill you myself!"
Akaihane gives Yona a glare. "Do you want to have a fight about it?"
Cat scrambles away from Akaihane, and then runs off
Tiryth is so confused she sits up and looks at Akai, "What is going on
Akaihane stands. "Light!!??" He hurries after her. "HEY!?"
Yona kicks her horse and follows him. "Come back here Shem! You're not
getting away!"

Akai: ((lol... I'm not sure you want to know...)) @Tiryth

Cat sits by a lake, staring out over the water
Cat cries softly

Akai: ((I gotta go now... it's midnight here ^_^,,))
Akai: ((I'll be back tuesday))
Light: (That's ok, cos that's probably the only time I'll be able to come back on
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((okies... see you then. Eck, I really hope Akai will live long enough to get
to Semsol... lol... everyone wants to see him dead))
Light: (Except for Light. And DarkWizard. And others)
Akai: ((yeah... ^_^,, but still, he has plenty of enemies... and don't forget about
Lan, he is REALLY pissed at him... ^_^))
Light: (I'm not surprised...)
Akai: ((anyway... take care. You too Tiryth! And thanks for looking out for my
Light: (See ya)

Day 6

Forest lake, noon, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
Akai: ((Sorry for being late, but it wasn't my fault. Have you heard from wizard
Light: (*Looks a little puzzled*)
Akai: ((I was trying to make a private room, cause I don't want Cyrin to
interfere at the moment... I know it's cheating, but... she is just too merciless
Light: (No, I haven't)
Akai: ((oh well, just let's get on with the story then, shall we?))
Light: (I don't know about private rooms, but I think that you need a password
to go into them, or something)
Akai: ((yeah you do, but I tried to invite you, and you shouldn't need a password
Akai: ((your char was sitting by a lake, crying))
Light: (I didn't have a clue how to get on. I did try clicking on Forest Trail on
the message, but it didn't work)
Light: (Oh, yeah)
Akai: ((weird... oh well *shrugs* at least I tried))
Light: (Maybe they have instructions about it... Somewhere)
Akai: ((I've read the instructions, and I thought I was doing it all the way I was
supposed to... but I guess not. I'll check it out again later.))
Light: (Maybe they have somewhere you can send emails, and you can ask them
about it)
Akai: ((maybe))

Akaihane catches up with Light, still a bit out of breath from the chase. Stops as
he sees that she is crying. "Hey, Light... please don't cry. We will find a way out
of this, like we always do! I promise you!" He tries his best to sound hopeful.
Yona and the rest also arrives at the lake. Walim flies to Akai's shoulder.
Cat glances at him, then returns 2 looking out over the lake. Says in a hollow
voice "Its not just that... Though that has contributed 2 me feeling so unhappy,
and like I'm going 2 snap at ne moment"
Akaihane walks over to her and sits down next to her. His expression is serious
once again. "I beg only one thing of you, Light..."
Cat looks down at her paws
Cat looks at him
Akaihane finishes his sentence after a pause. "...for you to be truthful to me...
Cat sighs "I wanted 2 protect u... And, 2 b perfectly honest, I didn't really want 2
kill myself. I just thought that it would b the only way 2 protect the people I care
Cat looks slightly bitter "Fine job of protecting I've done..."
Akaihane shakes his head while staring out over the lake. "Protecting me... I
can't be protected from you, Light. You have torn down all my defenses all
ready. You are everything to me."
Cat looks down at her paws again, and then dips them in2 the water
Cat blinks "Sorry..."
Akaihane 's voice quiver slightly. "So please... stop hurting me."
Cat whispers again "Sorry"
Cat wipes her paws on the grass 2 dry them
Cat wipes at the tears in her eyes
Akaihane looks a lot calmer than he feels, like he has accepted his fate. "I can't
tell you what to do. I am aware of that. If you want to die, I can't stop you. It
would be foolish of me to even think I'd stand a chance. But... I can not allow
myself to give you my heart if I can not trust you, cause if I did, I would die
right along with you."
Akaihane continues after a pause of silence. "...and you know about the vow I
made to stay alive..."
Cat cocks her head slightly "I already told u that I didn't really want 2 die, I just
thought that it would b 4 the best. But I see now that it wasn't"
Cat says nothing
Akaihane finally turns his head to look at her, and there is surprise and a glint of
hope in his eyes.

Light: (*Wonders if the previous post should have been 'it wouldn't be'*)
Akai: ((don't ask me, I'm useless at grammars ^_^,))
Light: (I thought that it would sound better... Otherwise it would sound like
Light really had jumped. I think)
Akai: ((but she DID jump...))
Light: (I meant jumped and died)
Akai: ((okies...))

Akai: "Can you forgive me for my selfish feelings?"
Cat lowers her head "That was why I hesitated 2 jump out of the window. I
didn't want 2 do it"
Akai: "....."
Cat blinks in some surprise "Selfish...? Feelings aren't selfish"
Akaihane gives a little sigh and looks kind of defeated. "I can't win against

Light: (Sorry, I only just noticed that post)

Cat blinks, looking a little confused
Akaihane gazes up at the sky. "The feeling that I don't want to let you go... it's
selfish, and I know that. But I can't help it."
Cat stares down at her paws
Light: "Um..." Is not quite sure what 2 say 2 that, so thinks that it would b best
not 2 say nething
Cat looks guilty and unhappy
Cat makes an effort 2 stop crying, and succeeds. Barely
Akaihane notices she is speechless and shakes his head. "Never mind that now
anyway. Just tell me if there is anything more I should know about the demon in
your mind, then we will try to do something about it."
Light: "Um... Well, it could either b the other wizards who have sent the demon"
Cat looks at him "I think that there's something else I should tell u..."
Light: "Well, 2 things, actually"
Akaihane looks a little puzzled. "What other wizards?"
Akai: "Then tell me."
Light: "Evil's other followers"
Light: "Well, firstly, I found out that I, um, didn't actually kill my cousin..."
Akaihane 's eyes narrows slightly at the mentioning of Evil, but he keeps quiet.
Light: "And the second thing is... Well, u have 2 swear not 2 tell NE1 else this"
Akaihane watches her, with a really bad feeling. "I swear."
Cat paws at the ground, looking nervous "Evil had a child. A boy. Named
Light: "He's about 10 or 11 years old..."
Akaihane 's shoulders drop. "Great..."
Akai: "And what? He's out to kill us too, I presume?"
Cat shakes her head vigorously "HE'S not the problem... He never liked Evil.
He's with Lenri, and Jewel, and they're keeping him away from the other
Tneme enters this room
Light: "The problem is that the wizards can actually use him 2 bring Evil back 2
life... And that's why u can't tell ne1 of this. Not ever. He's in serious danger"
Akaihane blinks, looking surprised and slightly guilty. "Lenri-sama..?"
Tneme slips onto the Forest trail.
Cat nods
Akaihane tilts his head. "Who is Jewel anyway?"
Light: "Jewel is Flame's other daughter, and she's been with Lenri 4 quite some
time now"
Tneme looks towards Akaihane and Cat.
Akaihane looks a little confused about all the new information. "Oh... I get it.
Well, I trust Lenri, and she is strong, both mentally and physically. The boy
should be safe with her."
Akaihane whispers to Tneme The two of them are sitting by the trail, in front
of a lake. In the background you can see two other ladies on horsebacks.
Cat rubs her nose with a paw "I think that the wizards plan 2 use me 2 find out
where Ricardo is... If, indeed, they r the 1s who sent the Mind Demon"
Tneme glances towards the ladies on Horseback, then to Akaihane, he walks
towards him.
Cat looks at Tneme
Akaihane frowns, looking out over the lake. "So the demon is a spy, then."
Akaihane turns around as he becomes aware that Tneme is approaching. He
bows his head slightly, but it is obvious he is on guard.
Light: "Not exactly. By controlling me, the demon can use my powers. It will b
able 2 find where Ricardo is, and will then kill me. And ne1 else who gets in its
Akaihane looks determined. "Then there is no time sitting here talking. I'll get
rid of it."
Tneme: "Akaihane, sir...There is a message from a woman, she did not wish to
give her name."
Cat looks scared "I already told u. Its difficult 2 destroy, and VERY dangerous"
Akaihane frowns at Tneme and get to his feet. "A woman..?" He looks confused,
but still on his guard. "Please let me hear it."
Tneme tosses him a small box, with a note on the top of it.
Akaihane catches the box. "....?"
-Note says: Please take this gift, as an apology of my acts, thank you Akaihane.
Sincerely: *Some Drowish symbols.*-
Akaihane turns the box over in his hands and then looks back at Tneme with a
suspicious expression. "Was this given to you from a human..?"
Tneme shakes his head, "A Drowish Wizard."
Akaihane frowns. "I don't think I know any such person..."
Akaihane kind of has a bad feeling about this.
Tneme shrugs, "Then fair thee well, Good sir...We may meet again." As a small
Tarot card slips from his sleeve, with a symbol of the Grim Reaper, and Death
in big bold letters.
Tneme disappears.
Akaihane watches Tneme disappear with a slight shiver. "...."
Tneme exits from this room

Akai: ((what the heck was that all about?? 0.0,,))
Light: (*Shrugs*)

Cat washes her paws
Akaihane doesn't open the box, just puts it away for now. Gets over to Light.
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Cat looks up at him

Light: (Hello!)
Wizard: (hi!!!)
Akai: ((drowish wizard...? and a female? who owes me something?? I have no
clue! 0.0,,))
Wizard: ((huh...? wha-- im lost...o.o;; ))
Light: (*Mutters* You're not the only 1... I was here, and I have no idea what
just happened)
Wizard: (...?)

Cat rubs her nose with a paw

Akai: ((okies.. where to start... That mean old dragon Cyrin came again and
chased Akai all over the place, but he managed to escape for the moment by
talking to her... I'll never again say that you can't reason with a dragon, cause
that saved his tailfeathers this time...))
Wizard: ((lol... and i missed it! damn!lol)

Cat stretches

Akai: ((and then Akai have been examining Light and figured out there's a
demon in her mind, but I can't tell you why it's there...))
Wizard: (a demon? o.o that not good...)

Cat looks at her paws 2 check she got all the dirt off

Akai: ((and then this odd guy Tneme appears and gives Akai a box with a note
on it from a drowish wizard with a note that said "forgive me for my actions"
and no name. I have no clue what that was about, but it sounded kind of bad...))
Light: (Its a Mind Demon...)
Wizard: (er...... okies... wow thats strange...but *shrugs* its all good! ^_^)
Akai: ((and that's about it))
Wizard: (*wonders what a drowish wizard is...*)
Wizard: (okies then ^_^)
Akai: ((um, I'm not so sure, he had a tarot card with the word DEATH on it...
Light: (*Would like to know that as well*)
Akai: ((don't ask me, I have no clue o.o,, but apparently, she knows my char...))
Wizard: (uh... tha sounds bad...really bad...)
Light: (I think he's the god of slavery... Or something like that. Tneme, I mean)
Akai: ((no kidding... ~_~,,))
Wizard: (death...*shudder*)
Akai: ((yeah, he is)) @light
Akai: ((well, let's return to the story?))
Wizard: ( this on our storyline...or a side one...? im a bit confused on
Akai: ((it's the real storyline, the Semsol journey))
Akai: ((can you all be on for 30 more min, there is something I'd like to play
with you all here))
Wizard: (*nods* okies...i got it now! ^_^. oh, and yeah... i have an hour...)
Light: (I have no idea how long I've got... It depends on whether my dad or step
mum want to use the computer or not)
Akai: ((ok then... you asked for it... lol... ^_^))
Wizard: (*glances almost nervously @ akai*)
Wizard: (we asked for it....? oh!)
Akai: ((^_^))

As they all stand there, they should suddenly become aware of a dark presence
behind them... A presence that should be familiar to Wizard...

Wizard: (oh no!!! no no no i cant believe you, akai!!!!)
Wizard: (lol)
Akai: ((LOL! are you not up for it?))
Light: (What?)
Wizard: (oh, im up for it alright)
Light: (*Looks confused*)
Light: (*Yawns, feeling really tired*)

Akaihane spins around and glares, cause on the forest trail, stands none other
than Lan himself, obviously in a good condition.
Roary enters this room
DarkWizard101 growls and turns around, seeing exactly who he figured it
would be. His hand automatically moves down to rest on the hilt of Articus for
the time being.
Yona glares as well and tugs on the reins, making her horse back away a few
steps. There's a little gasp from Xefir, but she doesn't move.
Akaihane gets in front of Light, his eyes dark.

Light: (*Now looks totally confused* *Has no idea what is going on*)

DarkWizard101 moves swiftly to stand in front of Xefir... just incase, of
Roary flies in and lands next to a tree in her demon form. Blood trickles from
her eyes down her pale cheeks, substituting for tears.
Lan offers them all a sweet smile. "Well well... imagine seeing you all here at
once..." His eyes shift to rest on Yona. "Even you, you traitor."
Cat frowns
Wizard: "Drop the fake smiles...they dont get you anywhere..." He growls,
obviously not impressed, or in the mood for that matter.
Yona just cocks her head at Lan, her hair flying. "You deserved that, you fool!"
Cat hisses
Lan cocks her eyebrows at Wizard. "No? Well, how about getting serious then?"
Roary sits down, her devil tail curling around her tiny feet.
"¤FOG SERPENT!!!¤" Lan releases a whole bunch of serpents, apparently
made out of dense, black mist. The snakes multiplies and they go after every
single character, hissing viciously.
Cat walks round Akaihane so that she is face 2 face with Lan
Roary looks at the serpent and takes out her now black shepherd pipes. She
plays a quiet, hypnotic song, hoping to charm the serpent.
Akaihane readies his clan dagger, looking prepared for the attack. As the
serpents come within range, he slashes at them swiftly. However, the blade goes
right through them without even harming them, but they seem solid enough
when they wrap themselves around his body, immobilizing him. The same
should be happening to all chars, depending on your counter attack though.

((just no moding, please ^_^))

Cat telelports herself away from the snakes
Yona is familiar with the spell and quickly shapeshifts, out of the snake’s nest,
flying like a dart to a nearby branch where she takes human shape and gracefully
disposes of the vipers. "¤DARK WING!!¤"
DarkWizard101 jumps back, almost surprised, but slashes fiercely with Articus
now in hand
Akaihane is struggling to get free, but is knocked to the ground as the shadow
snakes starts striking at him with their fangs. He grits his teeth in pain, but
doesn’t scream.

Wizard:(egh im so slow cus its freezing here...-.-)

Roary spreads her black wings and hovers in the air, just in case, still playing
her pipes.
Cat nudges the snakes away from Akaihane with her mind
The snakes goes after Light, wherever she teleports to. Wizard's sword has no
effect on them.
Cat moves the snakes, dropping them all in2 the lake
Lan smirks. "Enjoying my poisonous friends, are you? I believe birds are
especially sensitive to them..." He gives a little laughter. "I see you still haven’t
got your phoenix powers back yet, hm? Guess the dragon spell was efficient
The snakes can’t be moved mentally.
DarkWizard101 grumbles to himself and tries finding a different approach. He
sheaths Articus for now and tries firing a blast at the snakes, hoping that it will
be at least semi-effective...
Yona stands on her branch, looking as if she has no intention to help or even
enter the fight.
Cat leaps at Lan, her claws unsheathed
The snakes are disposed of by the fire blasts, but more appears and lunges for
Wizard and Light.
Lan just gives a slight wave of his hand and Light is swept of her feet.
Wizard: "Oh great... they just keep on coming..." He fires another blast, trying to
ward them off until he finds another plan to get rid of them without coming
Cat hisses, and calls up her own magic-a white cloud that dissolves the snakes
Lan glares at Yona, standing on the branch as if she was the main target for the
day. "You..."
And for those who are looking around, Xefir and Walim is nowhere to be seen.
The snakes attack Wizard from every direction, trying to strap him down and
strike at him with their fangs.
Roary 's song changes, in a desperate attempt to help Wizard, despite her current
form. A ring of fire circles as many snakes as possible. She strains to will the
serpents to do her bidding with her hypnotic song.
The song has no effect other than that the snakes now also starts attacking
DarkWizard101 leaps into the air and fires more blasts from the air, hoping the
damned things cant fly as well...-.-
Akaihane is still struggling to get free from the snake's hold, but he seems
Roary growls and beats her thin wings to try and fly higher.
The snakes can fly very well...
DarkWizard101 darts down and scoops roary out of the way, carefully setting
her on a high branch. "Stay here..."

Wizard: (they FLY!? oh jesus...)

Yona unsheathes her sword, still standing on the branch, glaring at Lan. "Don't
be shy... come on."
DarkWizard101 <Akai... hold on a sec... dont move an inch...>
Roary tries not to scream as a snake bites deeply into her leg. She beats her
black wings more feverently.
Akaihane doesn't reply to Wizard's command.
Roary exits from this room
DarkWizard101 forms a small fire blast, large enough to get rid of the snakes,
but small enough to disappear before hitting anything else, and fires it at the
snakes holding Akai.
Cat directs lightning from the air 2 come and hit the snakes
Lan smirks and bows to Yona. "Thank you for your invitation, dear lady..."
Akaihane gasps as he is freed from the snakes and gets to his feet, staggering.
DarkWizard101 looks over at Akai. "Are you alright...?"
Cat is beginning 2 look exhausted
Lan points a finger at Yona. "¤DEATH SHADOW!!!¤" A major blast of dark
energy is aimed at the branch where she stands, but she leaps out of the way
with unnatural graze, almost teleporting. She lands on the ground with a grin. "Is
that all you can do?"
DarkWizard101 suddenly gets an idea and starts to summon the same kind of
trap that held Lan that time at YamiShima, only it goes from lightning to fire.
After a second, he gains enough energy and fires it at the snakes, again, hoping
it'll keep them there without replicating them...
Cat droops
Lan just gives a snort and recites a different spell, which obviously traps Yona
to the spot. Again, he attacks. "¤DEATH SHADOW!!¤" Before it hits her
though, Akai pushes her aside, knocking her to the ground. "Watch out!"
Wizard: "AKAI!!!"
Cat lifts her head, and then directs a blast of mental energy at the snakes,
destroying them all (hopefully)
Yona pushes Akai away. "Don't touch me!" She leaps to her feet.
DarkWizard101 runs and tackles him to the ground, seconds before he is hit.
The snakes are defeated.

((congrats ^_^))
Wizard: (woo hoo! lol)

Cat almost slumps on2 the floor, but pulls herself 2 her feet in time
Akaihane stays on the ground.
Lan just laughs at the situation. "You are all very amusing, but where are the
DarkWizard101 looks at Akai. "Dude, that was so not cool..." (lol)
Cat walks over 2 Lan
Light: "If u want 2 fight some1, then fight me!"
Yona spits at the ground. "Don't you have enough of them here already?"
DarkWizard101 's head snaps up to looks around. "Huh?" He glances around,
finally noticing that walim and xefir are gone.
Lan looks down at Light. "And who might you be? I don't recall ever meeting
Cat 's eyes r flashing dangerously
Akaihane crawls to his knees, but is obviously not feeling too well.
Light: "U didn't... But ur father did. Several times, actually"
Wizard: "Light... dont..."
Lan's eyes narrows. "The goddess of Light..? It couldn't be..."
Akaihane says mentally to Wizard. ¤...get her out of here... she'll be killed!¤
Wizard: <I'm on it... but where the hell do I put her... you know she'll turn back
Light: "I AM the goddess of Light..."
Akaihane finally gets to his feet, but is swaying dangerously. ¤I don't care! Just
get her out!¤
Cat glares at Lan "And either u leave, or we fight!"
Lan's smile twists into a grimace at Lights confession. "You..."
Wizard: <And leave you here...? I think not...>
Cat hisses
Akaihane yells. "Get back, Light!"
DarkWizard101 jumps forward and snatches Light up into his arms, then backs
up again, looking at Akai worriedly...
Cat ignores Akaihane
Cat struggles, hissing and scratching
Lan's eyes flame as they watch Light. "You... for what you did, death would be
too good for you."
DarkWizard101 is scratched but doesnt care. "Cut it out... this is not a fight you
want to get into....."
Light: "Let go!"
DarkWizard101 leaps into the air, still holding the struggling Light..."NO!"
Akaihane stands his ground, with his clan dagger in his hand. "If you even touch
her, Lan..."
DarkWizard101 looks down and glares at Lan, looking a bit frustrated.
Cat teleports away from DarkWizard
Wizard: "NO!" Yells in definite frustration as Light disappears.
Cat lands on the ground
Lan casts one glance at Akai then throws him to the ground with a single wave
of his hand. "Don't interfere with this. Without your powers you are no match
for me." He turns to Light. "But you... you will PAY!!" He lunges straight at
Cat dodges
DarkWizard101 jumps forwards and kicks Lan in the stomach. "You keep the
hell away from her!"
Lan goes after Light, striking at her with his black sword with the speed of a
viper. "DIE!!"
Cat twists away, hissing
Lan puts his hands together, casting a dark spell. "¤NIGHT WIND!!¤" Both
Light and Wizard should be hit by the razor sharp winds.
Cat creates a ball of pure white energy, and throws it at Lan, hitting him in the
Lan staggers slightly at Light's attack, but doesn't let it get to him. He prepares
the next attack.
"¤DARK WING!!!¤" A psychic blast is aimed for Light.
Cat blocks the blast
Cat teleports so that she is behind Lan
Akaihane once again struggles to his feet, blood dripping from his mouth. "I
said... don't touch her..."
DarkWizard101 staggers by Lan's attack, trying to ignore the urge to yell out as
the razor winds hit him...

(yes, i know, it was VERY late...)

Lan twirls around, just as quick as Light and jumps into the air, slashing at her
with his sword on the way down. "DIE!!!"
DarkWizard101 jumps away from them and fires a blast at Lan, trying to ignore
the effects of the wind.
Cat sends another blast at Lan's back
DarkWizard101 jumps in front of lans attack against light and pulls out articus,
the two swords clashing together, but blocking light.
Cat twists away
DarkWizard101 swings his foot up and smashes it into the side of Lan's face "I
said leave her alone."
Cat leaps at Lan, knocking DarkWizard out of the way
Akaihane leaps into the battle, going straight for Lan. Lan twirls around, but a
second too late. Akai stabs him in the back with the dagger.
Cat pushes Lan 2 the ground, her claw pressed against his throat

Wizard: (yera cat... you cant knock me away...o.o;; can you...? lol)
Light: (Depends on how much force she has behind her)

Lan is on the ground on his back. Furiously, he swipes at Light, knocking her
aside. He gets to his feet, slightly unsteady.
Cat cuts his throat with her claw just b4 she is pushed away
DarkWizard101 dashes up and grabs lan, throwing him into a tree

(ha! im so
Wizard: XD

Lan glares at them each in turn, taking a step back, obviously hurt. Without a
further word, he simply fades away. There shouldn't be any doubt in anyone’s
mind that he'll come back though...
Cat is limping slightly
Cat stares at where Lan was 4 a moment, then her legs fold, unable 2 support her
nemore, and she collapses
DarkWizard101 yells in frustration as Lan disappears "YOU COWARD!!!!
seems to be yelling to Lan, even though he isnt around.
Akaihane hurries up to Light and kneels beside her. "Light!?"
DarkWizard101 growls and looks at Light. The expression on his face changes
to concern and worry, and he quickly scoops her up.
Cat 's eyes close
Yona simply yanks her head with a little snort and sheathes her sword. "What a
Cat is breathing... barely
Akaihane picks up Light in his arms, desperately examining her for physical
DarkWizard101 's head swivels around to glare at yona. "He's not the only fool!
You should have helped! Youre just as bad as him!! You dont even know how
friggin foolish you are!!! So I advise you keep your mouth shut, got it!?"
Cat is also unconscious
DarkWizard101 seems to be shaking with both rage, fury and, of course, worry
for Light. "Light!?"
Yona gives Wizard a cold glare through half-closed eyelids. Then she yawns
widely, mockingly and flies to a branch in her phoenix form.
DarkWizard101 almost gets up to give Yona a piece of his mind, but stops
himself and looks at Light once again, totally lost for words.
Cat begins 2 bleed, and there doesn't seem 2 b newhere the blood could come
Then two phoenix's lands beside them. One of the birds immediately shifts into
Xefir and she places one hand on Light's body.

Wizard: (i got a word: i have to go...)
Wizard: (bye bye! *dashes out really fast*)
Akai: ((I gotta go too))
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((I'll be back thursday))
Light: (I can't come on then...)
Light: (Sorry...)
Akai: ((hmm... after that, I'll be on sunday, and then tuesday))
Light: (I can probably manage this Sunday...)
Akai: ((ok, see you then! take care! *hurries out*))

Day 7
Forest lake, noon, day 1

Akaihane stares at all the blood, almost panicking. He turns to the others,
especially Wizard. "Do what you can for her, I'm going in!" Without waiting for
an answer, he slips into Light's mind.
Cat 's mind is filled with gold light that seems 2 b trying 2 trap the Mind Demon
again, which is trying 2 break through

Wizard: (egh shit sorry... lag... forgot where we left off... mission brief plz i gotta
go soon...o.o;;)
Akai: ((Light collapsed and is bleeding. Lan just left, remember?))
Wizard: (*nods* yup i got it now...)
Light: (Mission brief?)
Light: (Why those particular words?)

Akaihane moves over to where the demon is struggling.
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 Akai says privately to Wizard.
¤Wizard, please lend me your powers! I can't fight this thing without my
phoenix magic!¤
Mind Demon: *Hisses at Akaihane, still trying to get to her mind controls*
Akaihane yells out in Light's mind. ¤LIGHT! Can you hear me!?¤
Akaihane isn't sure he should be entering the golden light, so he keeps his
distance, watching, for the time being.
Cat seems 2 b weakening in the struggle -I... hear u. I think- Sounds exhausted
Cat gasps
Wizard: *nods, apparently to nothing, and places his hand on light, summoning
up energy and magic. He sends it silently flowing through her body, and strait to

(egh...i know im not the most detailed person in the world...X.X)

Akai: ¤Don't worry! Just keep on fighting!¤
Cat thinks that there may b only 1 way 2 stop the Mind Demon
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤How should I use it? Teach me a
spell for killing demons using your power!¤
Akaihane moves closer to the demon.
Cat begins concentrating
Mind Demon: *Hisses again*
Akaihane is alarmed, feeling what Light is up to. ¤What are you doing?¤
Akaihane ignores the demon and stands his ground.

Akai: ((hey, I like your color Light))
Wizard: (i agree)
Light: (Thanks *Smiles*)

Cat whispers -I'm sorry, Akaihane...- Takes a deep breath, and stops her own
DarkWizard101 jumps up, alarmed "Light!?"
Akaihane yells out. ¤¤LIGHT!!¤¤
Mind Demon: *Disappears after a few moments*
DarkWizard101 moves swiftly and pulls out a small vile from his pocket. He
drips a few drops into Light's mouth and watches. After a minute, a faint
heartbeat can be heard and he takes a sigh of relief...
Akaihane is trapped in Light's mind and is quickly weakened. ¤XEFIR!
Yanoche e yarore jan!¤
Cat after a few moments, she coughs once, and begins 2 breathe
DarkWizard101 mutters to himself "I knew that'd come in handy..."
Wizard: <Akai! Are you alright!?>
Akaihane says to Wizard. ¤I'm fine¤

Light: (Oops... That didn't make sense)
Light: (Um, DarkWizard? Light was supposed to start breathing on her own
again. She knew what she was doing)
Akai: ((that's moding you know...)) @wizard

Akaihane drifts around inside her mind, confused. ¤Light? LIGHT!?¤
Cat says shakily -Yeah... I'm still here-
DarkWizard101 looks down at Light, his eyes looking a bit worried "Are YOU
okay!? What was that all about...?"

(nu uh!!!! ~.~;;)

Akaihane relaxes, feeling exhausted. ¤Thank heavens... is the demon
Cat says grimly -I really hope so... Stopping my own heart wasn't exactly fun.
Now please get out b4 u make urself weaker than u already r-
Akaihane quickly retreats from her mind, gasping. "Suzaku-shin..."

Wizard: gtg...(dashes out really fast)
Light: (Bye)

Akaihane is still holding her in his arms, looking down at her, checking if the
bleeding stopped.
Cat sits up, then staggers over 2 the lake, and has a drink
Cat is no longer bleeding.
Akaihane remains sitting on the ground, his breathing somewhat labored and his
eyes kind of blank. "Are you sure you are all right?"
Cat nods "Akaihane, I'm sorry I did that. I wouldn't have if I could have done
something else. But a Mind Demon cannot control a dead person"
Walim hops up to Akai with a soft chirp as if asking if he is fine.
Akaihane just watches her. "......"
Cat looks in2 the lake "It was simple enough 2 make it believe I was dead..."
Light: "Stopping a person's heart 4 only a couple of minutes doesn't actually kill
them.. Thankfully, the Mind Demon didn't know that"
Akai: "You don't think it will return?"
Light: "In effect, it WAS destroyed... It could not do its job"
Akai: "I see. If you are feeling well enough, I'd say the safest thing to do is to
move on, considering all the persons who are out to get us. Don't worry, I will
carry you, so you won't have to push yourself."
Light: "Ok"
Cat lowers her head again "I guess ur still not happy with me..."
Akaihane doesn't look her in the eyes. "As I said, I can't tell you what to do and
not do. You don't have to feel bad about it."
Cat sighs, and opens her mouth as if 2 say something, then closes it again, as she
can't figure out exactly how 2 say what she wants 2 say
Akaihane carefully picks her up in his arms, and Walim flies to his shoulders as
he stands up. He walks over to his horse, who hopefully was well-trained
enough to remain close by and not run off.
Cat shakes her head slightly
Akaihane stops by the horse's side and just stands there for a moment, kind of
leaning against the horse, apparently for no reason at all.

Light: (Um... My dad's in now. I have to go)
Light: (Sorry)
Akai: ((okies. gotta go too anyway. see ya on sunday?))

Day 8

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((hey, check it out! ^_^
Wizard: (hi o.o yer dun the pic...? kewl...*clicks*)
Akai: ((yup... it's time record... lol ^_^))
Akai: ((please don't be mad... I draw you all the way I personally picture you, so
it might not be so accurate...))
Wizard: (*blinks, still lookin' at da pic* dude... thats friggin awesome! ^_^)
Akai: ((you really liked it? o.o, I thought you'd start pointing out the faults... lol
Wizard: (Im not mad... thats an awesome pic, akai... i wouldnt be mad... im
actually really impressed... nah, i dun point out faults, i think its kinda rude...)
Akai: ((well, since it's your own char, that would be your right... but I kind of
only drew it for fun, so don't take it too seriously. ^_^,))
Akai: ((that's the way I imagine your char too look in my mind, and you are
welcome to correct me if you want... lol...))
Wizard: (well for fun, thats pretty good... better than my drawings *shudders* i
cant draw stuff like that... well i can, but it comes out lookin weird... how long u
been doin drawings like dat...?)
Akai: ((did you hear anything from Light by the way?))
Wizard: (thats basically what i picture mai char to look like... i dont really have
an ACTUAL image... i let people use their imaginations... light...? no i havent
seen her... i just barely got on... but i have this sick feeling that i have to get off
soon... dinner...*sigh*)
Cat2000 enters this room
Akai: ((umm.... about two years I guess. When I picked up my anime interest.
I've been practicing a lot, but I still suck at drawing feet and hands, so I try
avoiding it, lol! ^_^))
Akai: ((Hey Light! ^_^ Glad you could come!))
Wizard: (hey... did u guyz have to switch yer clocks back an hour too? lol i
wasnt sure, it was kinda confusing me lol)
Akai: ((yeah we did that here in sweden too))
Wizard: (heyaz light!)
Wizard: (lol cool, cus it was really buggin me )

Day 9

Forest trail, afternoon, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((hola! ^_^))
Wizard: (heyaz!)
Akai: ((I checked out your homepage... it's pretty cool))

Cat enters this room

Wizard: (light is on her way) (nvm... she's here ^_^)
Akai: ((hey Light!))
Wizard: (o.o;; really? ty it not dun yet tho... its almost irritating...)
Akai: ((I know, but I think what you got so far is good))
Wizard: (well ty ^-^() )
Light: (Hello... Sorry about Sunday. Computer troubles. I hate laptops)
Akai: ((it's ok Light))
Light: (It should be fine now... I'm on a different computer)
Wizard: (lol dont jinx it...just kiddin' lol)@light
Akai: ((Just a little piece of information before we return to the story. I have
been acting an awful lot like a game master lately, and from this day forward,
I’ll take a step back from this role. Sure, it has been a whole lot of fun to rule
over the events and incidents, but I feel it has been a little too much. So, I’ll just
kind of sit back and enjoy the ride until the party arrives in Semsol. I’ll stick
mainly to my real char and try not to give the NPC:s too much attention. I’ll
give you guys free hands to develop the storyline, just no playing my NPC:s, k?
Light: (Well, it was fine yesterday when I was on...)
Light: (I kind of have something planned...)
Wizard: (lol whoa... and i thought i could type alot in a small amount of time ^_^
Akai: ((thats fine, then ^_^)) @light
Akai: ((ready to return to the story?))
Light: (Yeah)
Akai: ((i'll repost the last messages, cause I'm not sure you got them)) @light
Wizard: (*nods*) (whoa... mai gram's here... that’s )
Akaihane carefully picks her up in his arms, and Walim flies to his shoulders as
he stands up. He walks over to his horse, who hopefully was well-trained
enough to remain close by and not run off.
Light: (I don't think I got all of them)
Akaihane stops by the horse's side and just stands there for a moment, kind of
leaning against the horse, apparently for no reason at all.
Wizard: (hey u guys i have to do something... ill bb in like fifteen minutes tho,
Akai: ((and that's it))
.Light: (Ok)
Wizard: (egh.. sorry......~.~ but u guys can keep goin if u want i wont b too
Akai: ((darn it... well, ok)) @wizard
Light: (I got the first 1, but I didn't get the second 1)
Wizard: (gotta fix mai printer... finally..... lol see ya in a few! *dashes out*)

Cat 's eyes narrow, and she whips her head round, peering in2 the trees
Akaihane gets on the horse and after checking if the others are all right and
ready, he kicks it lightly in the sides and it moves off down the trail.
Cat pricks her ears up
Akaihane doesn't seem to notice that something is bothering Light. In fact, he
seems to be a bit dazed.
Cat hisses quietly
Akaihane still doesn't look up nor move. The horses trot swiftly down the trail.
Cat 's ears flatten back against her head
Cat peers further in2 the trees, as though trying 2 see something, or some1
It is late afternoon, and the temperature is slowly dropping. The sun’s rays falls
trough the thick canopy, painting the light green as it falls upon the travelers.

Light: (*Thinks that they must have been travelling for about a day and a half,
Akai: ((no, only half a day, actually ^_^,))
Akai: ((do you recall them sleeping? ^_^))
Light: (No... But it seems as though they've been travelling for a lot longer than

Cat looks very uncomfortable, and also looks as though she might b about 2
jump off the horse ne minute


Akaihane enters this room

Wizard: (wb)
Akai: ((crash.. sorry bout that... please repost if I missed anything))
Wizard: (er... i came back...o.o;; lol)
Akai: ((by the way, Light, I would like you to check this picture out... and please
don't be too mad about it, k? ^_^,
Akai: ((so I noticed))
Wizard: (^-^)
Akai: ((could I have the addy to your page again, please?)) @wizard
Wizard: (sure.... its )
Akai: ((thanks! I'll link it))
Akai: ((where is Light? *looks around*))
Wizard: (*blinks at the addy* why do i keep thinking thats wrong...? im a bit
paranoid lol)
Wizard: (o.o;; she was just here)
Light: (*Back* Sorry. I went downstairs to get a drink, and got pulled into
talking to 1 of mum's friends on the phone)
Akai: ((tell me when you update it, k?))
Akai: ((ok, wb ^_^)) @light
Light: (Thanks)
Wizard: ( i usually update it on the days we're not at the keep...)
Wizard: (ya, wb)
Light: (Did I miss any posts?)
Akai: ((ready to return to the story?))
Light: (Thanks again)
Wizard: (no, not really...o.o;;@light)
Light: (Yes)
Akaihane repasts: ((by the way, Light, I would like you to check this picture
out... and please don't be too mad about it, k? ^_^,
Wizard: (erm... did I miss anything?)
Wizard: o.o;;
Light: (Oh, I've already seen that... Its really good)
Akai: ((we just rode off down the trail, Light is apparently sensing something,
but Akai doesn't seem to notice anything))
Wizard: (oh...okiez!^_^)
Light: (And Light will either jump off the horse, or fall off... I haven't quite
decided which yet)
Akai: ((you did? ^_^ glad you liked it... hopefully I drew your char somewhat
close to what she is supposed to look like... sorry if I didn't)) @light
Wizard: (lol@light)
Light: (It was very close to what I imagine her to look like... Unfortunately, I
can't draw, so I don't have a really clear picture of her)
Akai: ((ok, that's good. I draw her the way I picture her in my mind... I love
those cat-eyes... lol)) @light

Akaihane sits motionless on the horseback, his eyes half-closed.
Cat leans VERY far out of the saddle, and then half falls, half jumps off
DarkWizard101 is, for the record, now in his falcon form, yet again...
DarkWizard101 blinks down at Light "What was that all about...?"
Akaihane looks up very slowly as if he was awakening from a dream. "...hnn?"

Light: (The drawing was excellent... You have a real gift for it ^_^)
Wizard: (lol)
Akai: ((thanks..! *blushes*))

Cat looks up, slightly embarrassed "Um... Sorry..."
DarkWizard101 turns his head away to hide a small laugh <Dont let that horse
get the better of you, eh?> He says jokingly.
Cat peers through the trees again, looking slightly unnerved
Akaihane tugs on the reins to make the horse stop, but doesn't make any move to
get off. He just blinks a couple of times, looking slightly dazed.
Wizard: <What're you lookin' at...?>
Light: "It was my fault... I was leaning 2 far out" Sounds distracted, though
DarkWizard101 glances up, following her gaze
DarkWizard101 looks at Akai <Hey... you okay? You look a bit... I dunno...
tired, maybe...?>
Light: "I thought I heard something... some1... call my name. I think I'm going
2..." Whatever else she was going 2 say is lost as she suddenly vanishes
Akaihane doesn't look at anything at all, instead, he lowers his head. "......."
DarkWizard101 turns around and flaps his wings steadily, staying in one place
looking from Light to Akai, then back to Light again <Okay... you guys are
really makin' me worry...>
Akaihane doesn't care that his horse takes a few nervous steps as Light suddenly
disappears. He does nothing to stop it, neither does he seem to notice Light is
gone. He just sits there.
Wizard: <Er...Light?>
Flame: *Suddenly appears, then swears rather loudly* Damnit... I was too
DarkWizard101 flies around and lands on Akai's shoulder and gently thwarps
him on the head with his wing <Ahem... did you notice that Light just
disappeared? What's up with you?>
DarkWizard101 blinks and looks up at Flame. He bows his little bird head.
<Hello... er late for what?>
Flame: *Flaps his wings once, then looks around* Too late to stop... What just
happened... *Bows his head slightly*
Akaihane lifts his head slightly and blinks, his eyes blank, pupils large. He looks
at the falcon on his shoulder. "...huh..?"
Wizard: <Um... Light just vanished...> @both akai and flame
Akaihane turns his head slowly towards Flame, but doesn't seem to really have a
clue what is going on.

Wizard: (ag! whats up with akai? lol)
Akai: ((can't tell... ^_^))
Wizard: (~.~)

Flame: *Swears again* Damnit... I guess I'll just have to go and tell them that I
failed. I was too late to save her. Maybe this time, they will WANT to
Wizard: <Hey slow down! What're you talking about!?>
Flame: *Flaps his wings, then flies off really fast towards a small cave*
Wizard: <save her from what?>
Akaihane closes his eyes as a shiver goes through his body. Then she shakes his
head as if he is trying to get a grip of the situation.
Flame: *Stands at the entrance of the cave, and caws really loudly, then repeats
it after a pause*
DarkWizard101 seems totally confused and lost at the present time
Wizard: <okay, DW..get a grip...> He says to himself <Er...> Is debating
whether or not to follow after flame or not
After a few moments, a small, delicate woman steps out of the cave

Akai: ((are we supposed to be close to the cave?))
Light: (Well, close to it... But its supposed to be quite well hidden)
Akai: ((so we can't see Flame for the moment?))
Light: (*Shrugs*)
Wizard: (-.-)
Akai: ((make up your mind, darn it... ~_~, When you're acting like the game
master, you are the one to decide these kind of stuff...))
Wizard: (*nods agreeingly* at this moment i think mai char is so lost he wouldnt
be able to find his way out of a paper bag...)
Light: (Ok, then. Not for the moment)
Akai: ((lol ^_^))

Woman: *Looks at Flame, and seems to be communicating silently with him for
a moment. Then, she re-enters the cave, and comes out again with a half-elf
Regardless if Akai can see what is going on or not, he still just sits there, head
Man: *Looks at Flame* Will you take us to the spot where she disappeared?
Flame: *Nods once, then flies back, letting the man and woman follow him,
which they do so easily*
DarkWizard101 blinks at looks at Akai again <HEY!!!!!! What's up with you!?
Er usually at this time you've already charged up past flame to find Light...are
you okay...?>
Akai: ¤....~~~~~~....¤
Flame: *Says to the man and woman* I'm not sure of the exact spot that she
disappeared... But it was around here somewhere, I think

Wizard: (i assume flame is back near us again?)
Light: (Yes)

Woman: *Crouches down, and gently touches the exact spot where Light
disappeared with a small hand, then looks up again*
Akaihane gasps slightly as he is shaken by another shiver. ¤....just... give me a
minute.... ~~~chizeil...~~~¤
Woman: I'm afraid that they have her...
DarkWizard101 looks at the man, woman, and flame, slightly irritated by now
<Someone want to tell me what's going on?>
Flame: *Disappears again*
Man: They're spirits. Dead. They shouldn't be able to harm her, Ista
Ista: They can, I'm afraid, Jorel... Many of them were very powerful wizards and
DarkWizard101 growls and flies off akai's shoulder, landing in front of the two
people <EXCUSE ME! Who are you and where'd light go?> he demands
Jorel: *Looks at DarkWizard* Who are you, exactly...?
Akaihane remains on the horse back, almost appearing to be asleep.
Ista: *Walks over to Akaihane, staring at him* You. I know you
Wizard: <I'm Light's friend. I answered your question, now answer mine.>
Jorel: *Cocks his head slightly* She is in danger. That is all I can tell you
Akaihane slowly raises his head to look at Ista, his eyes still strangely blank. He
says nothing, even though it looks as if he'd want to.
DarkWizard101 doesnt seem content with his answer <What kind of danger...?>
Ista: *Nods slowly* I met you... When Light was fighting against Evil and his
Jorel: *Snaps* Danger with the dead... And I don't think that there is any way of
saving her
DarkWizard101 blinks and changes his glance back to Akai again
Akai: "......."
Wizard: <Okay, first of all, dont snap at me, second of all, nothing is
Ista: *Glances at Jorel* There IS a way to save her... Not all of them are evil
*Runs off into the forest*
Jorel: *Calls after her, then makes as if to follow her, but stops*
DarkWizard101 rolls his eyes <God... whats up with people running off and on
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤I'm sorry... it seems as if Lan's poison
is really affecting me...¤
Jorel: You want to know what's going on? Fine. Around this place, a whole
town, including an Academy of witches and wizards and shapeshifters, was
destroyed some time ago... The thing is, their ghosts are still there
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane *blinks* Poison...? What can be done,
anything... we've got a bit of a problem...>
Wizard: <And...?>@Jorel
Jorel: *Sighs impatiently* They blame Light because the town and Academy
were destroyed by the wizard Ohril and the god Evil while they were looking for
her there...
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤so I understand... even though the
poison makes me think slower... I trust this to you, never mind about me. It will
probably pass.¤
Jorel: Now, they want revenge... And they'll get it
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane <And if it doesnt...?>
Akaihane simply sits there on the horse, apparently not caring that it walks
around a little.
Flame: *Reappears again, this time directly in front of Akaihane*
Wizard: <Ohril....> says the word with a short growl
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤then... I trust you to take care of Light
for me¤
DarkWizard101 in an instant shifts back to his regular form. His pale blue hair
looks a bit ruffled, but his silver eyes are totally clear.
Flame: *Knocks Akaihane off his horse, trying to shock him into being aware
Jorel: *Frowns, glancing at Flame*
Akaihane falls off the horse, and stays on the ground where he fell.
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane <No, thats not how it works... we're a
team... we'll get it all fixed... together...>
Flame: *Leans over him* Akaihane! Do I have to dunk you into cold water in
order to get you to start caring about what has happened?
Walim gives off a loud shrill and darts to Wizards shoulder as Akai is knocked
off the horse.
DarkWizard101 stoops down and easily lifts Akai back onto his horse, looking a
bit glum
Jorel: *Says sharply* Flame!
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤....~~tell them... I'm sorry...~~..¤
DarkWizard101 looks at Walim, but seems more worried about Akai...
Flame: *Moves away from Akaihane, then looks at Jorel* You KNOW what
they'll do to her...
Darkwizard whispers to Akaihane HEY!!!! dont go doing anything! just um...
stay, eh?
Jorel: Oh, I know all right... Perhaps Ista had the right idea. Maybe we should
try and appeal to the good left inside some of the dead...
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤.....~~~.....¤
Flame: *Laughs bitterly* That's not going to work!
DarkWizard101 snaps suddenly harshly at Flame "Dont be so damn doubtful!"
His eyes are still on Akai as he speaks
Flame: Sure, there are bound to be SOME good 1s left... But there will be a
hundred bad 1s for every good 1
Yona rides up to Akai, eyeing him suspiciously.
Yona pokes him with her sheathed sword. "Hey Shem, it's not funny." No
DarkWizard101 looks at Yona "Back off, will you?"
Jorel: *Looks at Flame* While we're standing around talking, they have
probably already started torturing her
Cat suddenly gives a loud, piercing scream that seems 2 come from some meters
in2 the trees
Wizard: "So why dont you two get your asses moving! I'll catch up in a minute...
Yona glances at Wizard and then turns back to Akai. "Wore ja?" She cocks her
eyebrows. "Jennairagil Lanil?"
Akaihane flinches at Light's scream, but doesn't react otherwise.
Flame: *Flies off into the trees, closely followed by Jorel
DarkWizard101 looks at Yona "Okay, I cant understand that... speak english or
nothing at all..."
Cat screams again, then begins sobbing
Wizard: "Light!?" suddenly hears her for the first time
Yona gives a little shrug. "It's black magic"
Cat falls suddenly silent
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane "Are you still... er.. conscious...? "
Akaihane suddenly cries out. "Amari!!"
Akaihane doesn't reply to Wizards mental question.
DarkWizard101 Jumps when Akai yells "Jesus...."
Cat begins sobbing again, and it sounds quite near, as though some1's
broadcasting it
Yona blinks at Akai's yelling and then shakes her head. "That's pathetic..." She
rides even closer to him and puts one hand on his forehead.
After a few moments, the white form of a young girl glides through the trees
Yona immediately withdraws her hand with a disgusted frown. "ChizelXengil!"
Girl: *Sees Akaihane, and glides over to him* *Holds a hand up in front of his
face, murmuring words in a strange language*

Wizard: (egh i have to go...)
Darkwizard101 whispers to Akaihane er see you... thursday...?
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((darn it... oh well... we'll fill you in later)) @wizard
Akai: ((nope, I'll be on tomorrow)) @wizard
Wizard: (alright.... tomorrow! cool c u then!)
Light: (You'll be on tomorrow?)
Wizard: baibai! *dashes out*
Akai: ((yeah))
Light: (Ok...)

Girl: *Says in Akaihane's mind* -Stop this... You are needed-
Akaihane is struggling to make any sense as he speaks. ¤...~~wish~~~I..could..¤
Girl: *Frowns slightly* What is happening to you...?
Yona fills in on Akai, since she notices he can't speak. "Black magic poison,
missy. That and the annoying dragon spell he caught in YamiShima¤
Girl: *Passes her hand in front of Akaihane's face, and is then suddenly inside
Akaihane's mind*
Akaihane doesn't object to her entering his mind, since he hardly is aware that
she is doing it.
If the girl can see what’s going on in his mind, she will see the dark poison of
the shadow serpents Lan used, and furthermore, the remains of an older dragon
spell that is keeping his phoenix powers under control.
Girl: *Begins to sing softly, clearing Akaihane's mind and body of the poison,
and countering the effects of the dragon spell*
Akaihane slowly regains consciousness.
Girl: *Withdraws gently from Akaihane's mind, leaving him healed* (hopefully)
Akaihane blinks and looks at the girl, looking totally confused. "Who are you?"
Girl: *Takes a step back* My name is Terren...
Terren: And, for want of a better word, I am a spirit
Akaihane then suddenly looks as if he remembered something and gasps.
Akaihane grabs the reins firmly and demands. "Where is she!?"
Terren: The other spirits have her...

Akai: ((sorry about that, but I couldn't ignore the effects of the poison. After all,
he got bitten several times))
Light: (That's ok...)

Akai: "Lead me to her!"
Terren: *Puts a hand to her head, as though feeling pain* *Nods once* Follow
Terren: *Glides off, eventually coming across Flame, Jorel, and Ista*
Akaihane turns his horse around, and follows Terren closely.
Ista: *Looks at Terren, and smiles slightly* Hello
Akaihane leaps down from the saddle without waiting for the horse to stop.
Flame: Ah... *Looks slightly embarrassed* Um... Sorry about knocking you off
your horse earlier
Flame: I think I let my temper get the better of me. Again
Akaihane doesn't even comment on Flame's apology. "Where is she!?"
Flame: That's what we're trying to work out...
Terren: This way... But it would perhaps be best to leave the horse
Akaihane leaves the horse behind, counting on the others to take care of it and
follows Terren impatiently.
Terren: *Glides through some more trees, eventually coming to what looks like
the ruins of a town*

Ruin City, evening, day 1
Akaihane glances around at the ruins, but it's obvious he isn't paying them much
Cat screams 4 the third time, and her cries appear 2 b coming from the ruins of a
large building
Akaihane starts running fast towards Light's voice. "LIGHT!!"
Terren: *Glides through the closed door of the building, then comes out again,
apparently having forgotten that Akaihane is not a spirit
Akaihane kicks at the door violently.
Terren: *Holds up a hand, and the door swings open*
Akaihane runs into the building and looks around.
Terren: You have to send the spirits back... We have to go to the library. This
way *Runs up a corridor*
Akaihane runs after her, not questioning her orders.
Terren: *Makes the door to the library swing open, and glides in*
Akaihane follows her into the library, looking around. "Where is she??"
Terren: *Points at a faintly glowing white book* That 1. Please get it. I can't.
My hand would just go straight through it
Akaihane picks up the book. "What now?"
Terren: You can't fight spirits... You have to send them back
Akai: "I know. Teach me how. I assume ¤aku soku zan¤ won't work..."
Terren: WE can help you... This way *Runs out again*
Akaihane runs after her with the book in his hand.
Terren: *Enters what looks like it used to be a sleeping room. There is a small
huddle of white spirits in there*
Akaihane glances around at the spirits, feeling slightly uneased.
Terren: *Glides over to the spirits, saying something in a different language to
them, then turns to Akaihane*
Akaihane bows his head at the spirits, feeling a little insecure.
Terren: Find the spell that is entitled 'Mano Goro Irra'
Akaihane holds out the book towards her while turning the pages. "You have to
tell me which one it is. I can't read these kind of characters."
Terren: *Nods* That 1. Place the book face up on the floor
Akaihane wonders to himself what kind of language that is...
Akaihane puts the book down on the floor.
Terren: *Looks at him* We'll cast the spell... You must go and free Light *Tells
him the directions to where Light is being held*
Terren: The spell should be finished by the time you get there... It is a very
simple spell to cast. By then, all spirits here will have moved on
Akaihane nods shortly. "Yes. I understand" He dashes off to where ever Light is.
He should come to a door with a large shining star on it after a few moments
Akaihane tracks Light down using her lifeforce and the instructions he got from
Terren. He tries to open the door.
There seems to be some sort of force holding the door shut. But, after a moment,
a scream comes from inside the door, and it opens of its own accord
Akaihane runs trough the door. "Light!?"
Akaihane looks around, on his guard, but leaves his dagger in it's sheath,
figuring it won't do any good against spirits anyway.
Cat WAS being held suspended in the air, but, now that the spirits have gone,
she falls 2 the ground "Ow..."
Akaihane runs up to Light and helps her to her feet. "It's all right now..."
Cat sways a little, groaning "I KNEW I should have recognized this place when
we passed it..."
Akaihane supports her. "You've been here before..?"
Light: "Yes... Just after I escaped from Ohril. A witch, well u wouldn't recognize
her name, found me and brought me here after I was trampled on by a horse..."
Akaihane 's body seems to stiffen at the mentioning of Ohril, but he says
nothing, just leads her out the door. "....."
Cat mutters "Ow" several times
Akaihane eyes her worriedly. "Are you hurt?"
Light: "Not 2 badly... They blasted me several times with black energy. VERY
Akaihane grits his teeth. "Curse them... I will see to it as soon as we get out of
here." Keeps leading her to the exit carefully.
Cat wipes a paw across her eyes
Light: "U can't really blame them... Staying as a spirit for a year or so would b
enough 2 drive ne1 mad"
Akaihane looks kind of stern. "Being mad isn't an excuse for behaving like this."
Light: "No, its not.. But I can't blame them 4 it, because I know how they felt"
Cat cocks her head slightly "So... How'd U get here...?"
Akaihane gives a little smile. "Well... more or less everyone appeared and
brought me here..."
Light: "Er... Every1?"
Akai: "Well... Flame and that lady... umm... Ista, and a male that I didn't
recognize. And there was a spirit that obviously knew you.. Terren."
Cat suddenly goes very still "Did u say Ista?"
Akaihane stops as well and turns to her. "Yeah, why?"
Light: "Um... Ista is my mother's name"

Akai: ((I have to go. Will you be on tomorrow?))
Light: (Hopefully)
Akai: ((but you said that Ista and Akai met, right?))
Light: (Yes... Well, sort of, anyway. She spoke to him in his mind)
Akai: ((oh. I see. It's getting interesting, but I really gotta go. See ya tomorrow
then! If not, I'll be back saturday))
Akai: ((take care! *hurries out*))
Day 10

Ruin City, evening, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((hola ^_^))
Wizard: (hey there! ^-^)
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((sorry for being late, but the Keep wouldn't let me in at first o.o,))
Light: (That's what happened to me on Sunday)
Wizard: (lol it okay... me n cat been hangin out...~.~ mai char and I are a bit
hyper today...)
Akai: ((dear lord...)) @wizard
Cat 's player moves as far away from DarkWizard's player as is humanely
Wizard: (lol)
Akai: ((^_^))
Akai: ((wanna continue with the story? Did you fill wizard in on the events?))
Light: (I haven't...)
Light: (Filled him in, I mean)
DarkWizard101 's player looks at Cat o.o;;
DarkWizard101 puts on a fake sad expression "I see how it is... I'll just sit here
all alone... by myself... with my cool aid....alone..."
Akaihane 's player pokes Light's and Wizard's players. umm... get into char, k?
Wizard: (lol)
Akai: ((~_~,, mattaku...))
DarkWizard101 's player is poked "Puch man, watch it!" lol jk *in char... but has
no idea whats goin on*)
Light: (Oh, yeah... Sorry. Why don't you fill DarkWizard in on what's happened
so far?)
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ((okies, Akai is back, alive and kicking
and he just saved Light from the evil spirits... and she just found out that her
mother is around... that would be Ista))
Akai: ((I just did)) @light
Light: (Ok)
Wizard: (k i got it! ^_^)
Akaihane looks at Light, somewhat surprised. "Your mother? But I thought...."
He looks confused. "She didn't look like a spirit to me, but I could be wrong..."
Cat glances over her shoulder back the way they've just come
Akaihane leads Light out of the building.
Cat almost collapses

Wizard: (we're in a thats probably y we're in a room called 'ruin
city' eh? lol)
Akai: ((we're not in a building anymore... ^_^))
Wizard: (lol well we were...)

Outside, the sun is setting, making it look like the treetops are on fire. In the
east, some dark clouds are rolling in over the sky, but where they are the skies
are still clear. A slight breeze is playing between the ruins.
Akaihane supports Light and helps her sit down against a stone wall that is still
standing, more or less.
Yona and Xefir meets up with them, Xefir leading both her and Akai's horse.
Cat looks like she's going 2 fall unconscious ne minute

Akai: ((hey wait, I somehow thought you were in human form... I guess you're
not... o.o,,)) @light
Light: (Oh, I think she is... I just forgot to say so. Sorry)
Wizard: (lol @ akai)
Akai: ((oh, ok then! All is fine! ^_^)) @light

DarkWizard101 looks over at Light "Egh are you okay...?"

(lol ive missed a bit...^-^ () )

Akaihane kneels by Light and checks for physical wounds. "How are you
feeling? We will stay here for the night."
Cat mutters "Ow" again
Akaihane looks worried.
Cat puts a hand 2 her forehead, wincing

Wizard: (comp is lagging...*kicks the modem* cut it out!)
Wizard: (k there... thats better ^_^)
Light: (Kicking it isn't going to do much good...)
Wizard: (u never know with my computer....)

Akaihane turns to Yona. "Yona, I need your help."
Light: "I don't need help!"
Cat doubles over a little with pain
Yona looks slightly surprised and then smirks. "Ameri waloje ja, Shemwalil?"
Akaihane looks a little irritated. "That has nothing to do with it. Just get over
Cat somehow manages 2 get the energy 2 hiss at Yona
DarkWizard101 looks down at Light a bit worried "Hey... take it easy,
Light: "There isn't nething she, or ne1 else, can do!"
Yona moves over to them elegantly, leaving her horse behind. "You really think
you can order me around?"
Cat draws her knees up 2 her chest, resting her forehead on them
Akaihane turns back to Light. "Yona can heal black magic. Please let her try."
DarkWizard101 turns his gaze to Yona, not being able to help it "Look... you
can either help, or leave and forget about whatever it is you have with Akai.. so
lose that stupid 'you cant order me around' attitude and help for once!"
Cat slowly shakes her head "Not this kind, she can't... They started draining my
life force, and that cannot b healed"
Yona gives a little laughter and eyes Wizard coldly. "That goes for you too!
Neither of you can tell me what to do or don't do!"
Cat looks exhausted, and looks like she's going 2 faint soon
Akaihane looks even more worried. "What does that mean, Light?"
Wizard: "Then get out of here! If you're not going to be of some use then that
means you're only in the way, so get lost"
Cat says in a low voice "I will b weak 4 days, possibly weeks, while my life
force recovers... It will take a while..."
Yona's eyes narrows and she looks hostile. "Try to make me."
Light: "And a spell used with intent 2 harm in that time could easily finish me
Akaihane gives Wizard a brief glance. ¤Leave it alone¤
Akaihane says to Light. "Can't I give you some of my lifeforce?"
DarkWizard101 chuckles to himself "Would you like me to? Cause I could be
rid of you......"Stops when Akai speaks to him. <Agh! She's really getting on my
Cat shakes her head "That would not work... And it will only make u weak as
Cat winces with pain
Yona cocks her eyebrows and touches her spirit sword with her pale fingers.
"You really think so? You got some attitude..."
Akaihane says to Wizard mentally. ¤just ignore her¤
Cat doubles over again, coughing a little
DarkWizard101 glances at her sword, but doesnt really seem worried. "I guess
you'll have to get used to it then..."
Akaihane says to Light. "Well... In that case, Wizard and I will protect you until
you recover. And you must promise not to push yourself. Are you sure you
should be in that form for one?"
Cat shrugs "Better 2 b in it 4 now... U mentioned u met Terren. What
Yona laughs again and lets go of her sword. "I will do my best!"
Wizard: <Fine...> leaps into the air and instantly transforms into his falcon form,
he turns his tail to Yona and flies swiftly next to Light.
Cat looks at DarkWizard, and manages a faint smile
Akaihane sits down, his back against the stone wall. "She cast a spell to make
the spirits go to the afterlife. I assume that took her with it as well..."
Light: "It would, yes..." Stands with some difficulty, and says brightly "Ne1
DarkWizard101 blinks up at Light. "Why dont you sit and rest for a while...?
We.. or I... whatever.. can find somethin for ya to eat..."
Akaihane stands and places a hand on her arm. "Hey... I said don't push yourself.
If you want, I will get us some food. You have to rest."
Cat sits back down again, and shrugs "There is some food in the saddle bags on
the horses..."
DarkWizard101 flies over to one of the horses and attempts to open on of the
saddlebags with his talons, which turns out looking almost comical
DarkWizard101 growls <I said OPEN!!!">
Cat rolls her eyes, and laughs a little
Akaihane gives Light a little smile and then walks over to the horses and helps
Wizard with the saddlebags.
DarkWizard101 Tears at it with his beak, but stops when Akai comes over
<Egh... thanx!> ^_^()
Akaihane takes out whatever food is in the bags and brings it over to Light.
Xefir follows him back. Walim is nowhere to be seen at the moment.
Light: "Careful! And don't take 2 much food..."
Light: "I didn't pack ne meat... Sorry"
DarkWizard101 grabs the reigns of the horses and leads them, with a bit of
difficulty, to a somewhere.. of grass and watches them as they eat, so
they wont run off, of course! ^_^
Akaihane sits down next to her. "It's all right."

Akai: ((good thinking, wizard ^_^))
Light: (I agree)
Wizard: (thanx! ^_^)

Cat eats a little of the food
DarkWizard101 flies up and perches on a tree branch close by, keeping his
golden eyes resting on the horses, with an occasional glance at the others and
around here and there...

Akai: ((what kind of food is it?))
Light: (Vegetables, bread, dried fruit...)
Akai: ((sounds good))
Light: (A bit boring... But its something for them to eat)

Yona stands in the shadows for a while, then she shifts into phoenix and flies off
DarkWizard101 glarez at yona as she flies off, but after that, turns his gaze back
to the horses...
Darkness is falling quickly as the sun is gone. The ruin city fills with shadows
and a quite chilly wind is picking up.
DarkWizard101 realizes its dark and carefully lead the horses back to the others
Akaihane gives Xefir some of the food and then eats something as well.
Cat licks her fingers once she's finished eating, seemingly still in her cat habits
Cat looks around at the ruined buildings, her eyes narrowed
DarkWizard101 looks up at the sky carefully. <Hate to ruin any plans of
sleeping outside, but we're going to get wet... we'll probably get a storm later...>
Says it almost suddenly, and totally out of the blue.
Akaihane leans back against the ruin wall and stares out into the darkness,
knowing Yona isn't there anymore.
Akaihane noticed the dark clouds earlier too. "You're right. There will be rain
Cat gestures 2wards a building which isn't as ruined as the others "That may b a
good place 2 shelter..."
Akaihane glances at the building. "Looks good. Can we leave the horses
DarkWizard101 looks at Akai, a thought suddenly occurring to him. <Where'd
Walim go...?>
Cat shivers a little
Akaihane says to Wizard with a little smile. "She's hunting. Don't worry, she is
Cat shrugs "There should b some stables somewhere around, if I remember
Akaihane helps Light up. "Here..."
Akaihane turns to Xefir. "Can you get the horses, please?"
Cat sways dangerously on her feet 4 a moment, then manages 2 steady herself
Xefir moves over to the three horses and leads them over to Akai and Light.
Wizard: <I'll help too...> he shifts, again, back into his regular self and walks
over to two of the horses, grabbing their reigns
Akaihane holds an arm around Light, just in case.
Xefir lets Wizard take two of the horses.
Cat whispers "Sorry..."

Wizard: (egh... sorry didnt mean to sound rude, i was typing a bit slow, hoping
to get to the horses before
Akai: ((no prob! ^_^)) @wizard
Wizard: (^_^)

Akaihane says to Light. "Don't worry about it. Just relax."
Cat thinks that this was her fault... She should have paid attention 2 the warning,
and hurried on
Akaihane starts walking quite slowly towards the building Light pointed out,
looking around for a stable.
There is what looks like some stables next to the building
DarkWizard101 glances around also, wondering where the stables could be...
As they are walking, Walim swoops down from nowhere and flies like a dart to
Akai's shoulder, greeting him with a quite loud chirps. She folds her long wings,
looking really content.
Cat points at the stables, lacking the energy 2 speak

Wizard: (egh... slow slow slow)

Xefir leads the horse over to the stable and enters it.
DarkWizard101 leads the two horses after Xefir, shaking his head as though he
were spacing out

(of which he does alot at night...*rollz his eyes at his char*)

Cat puts a hand 2 her chest, wincing visibly
Akaihane turns to Light, walking even slower. "Are you sure you will be all
Cat nods "They didn't take much of my life force... But they took enough 4 it 2
hurt like crazy"

Ruined building, night, day 1

Akaihane enters the building and helps Light sit down. "Good... just please get
some rest tonight. Wizard and I will keep guard."
Cat sits down thankfully, but doubles over again
Akaihane frowns, not happy about the fact that Light is in pain. He remains
standing for the moment, looking slightly restless.
Cat straightens up again, wincing, but tries 2 smile "The pain... Comes and goes.
Its not steady..."
Akaihane says to Light. "Is there really nothing I can do to help?"
Cat shakes her head slowly "I'm afraid not"
Cat rubs her forehead
Akaihane sighs, Light's pain troubling him. Then he finally manages to sit down.
Walim shifts a little on his shoulder, then she flies to perch on the rafters.
Cat cocks her head slightly "U don't have 2 worry about it... At least its not
Cat looks out of the window, remembering what the city used 2 b like
Akaihane looks tired. "I'm glad it's not, but surely you understand that I don't
want to see you suffer."
Cat says softly "I know..."
Cat shivers
Akaihane sits against the wall, keeping a watchful eye on Light. "......"
Cat sighs, and wipes her eyes with the back of her hand
Cat says softly "What a waste of life... No wonder they were so angry. So
Akaihane watches Light, but says nothing.
Cat shakes her head slightly 2 clear it "Sorry I got us in2 this mess"
Akaihane shakes his head. "It's not your fault. Don't worry about it, please."
Light: "No, it was my fault... I thought that I recognized this place, but I refused
2 listen 2 my gut feeling and get away as quickly as possible"

Light: (Maybe that should have said instincts...)

Stable, night, day 1

Xefir lets the horse into one of the stalls and starts taking of the saddle.
DarkWizard101 walks inside and catches up and walks over to two empty
stables next to the first one and leaves one in for now and takes the saddle off
the other...
As Xefir is done, she strokes the horse's muzzle and talks softly to it in fengish.
DarkWizard101 is trying to think of something to say to her, seeing how he
usually cant shut up for more than five minutes or so at a time...~.~
DarkWizard101 leads the horse into the stall and closes the door thing behind it,
then walks over to the other horse, repeating the process
Xefir leaves the horse alone and exits the stall. She moves over to Wizard with a
gentle smile. "Need any help, master Wizard?"
DarkWizard101 shakes his head with a smile. "No thanks... I'm done..." He
clicks his tongue at the horse, who looks up with its ears perked. He strokes it's
nose for a second then looks around. "Wonder what happened to this place...?"
Light: (Your character can ask Light that once he gets into the building... @
Wizard: (lol i know... he was kind of just thinking out loud...)
Light: (I know...)

Xefir says to Wizard. "That man was talking about that Ohril had something to
do with it all..." She looks sad.

Wizard: (egh... you mean Jorel...?)@akai
Akai: ((yeah))

DarkWizard101 gives a little shrug. "It's a pity, is all... this place must've been
pretty cool when it was up and going..."
Xefir doesn't reply, just strokes the head of the horse Wizard is holding. After a
little pause of silence, she looks up with a tired smile. "Let us return to the
DarkWizard101 smiles and nods motioning for Xefir to go first

(lol he's such a gentleman...)

Xefir gives a little bow and then walks out ahead of Wizard.
DarkWizard101 walks behind Xefir, looking around as he goes, his hands in his
Xefir walks through the now almost pitch black ruins, over to the building Akai
and Light are in.
DarkWizard101 snaps his fingers and in his palm lies a ball of fire. he walks
next to xefir, lighting the way.
Xefir smiles at Wizard's power display. Soon they are at the door of the building
and she steps inside.

Ruined building, night, day 1

Akaihane stands as Xefir and Wizard enters. He walks towards the door and
says to Wizard as he pass him. "I will take the first watch. You try to get some
DarkWizard101 says mentally to Akai <You look beat, dont worry about me, go
to sleep...>
Cat sighs softly, and twists the hem of her robe in her fingers, gritting her teeth
as another wave of pain washes over her
Cat sings a song softly under her breath
Akaihane exits the building, not stopping as Wizard speaks to him. ¤I'll wake
you up later. I won't be able to sleep now anyway. Please, take care of Light.¤
DarkWizard101 grumbles something about Akai being stubborn and steps inside
the building, sitting next to Light
Cat groans
Xefir walks in as well and sits down slowly, looking tired... and older than she
usually does.

Wizard: (egh i have to go...o.o;;)
Wizard: (akai: er see you...?when?)
Akai: ((saturday or sunday... can you come on any of these days Light?))
Wizard: (K bai...*dashes out*)
Akai: ((I gotta go too...))
Light: (I'm not sure I can come on either of those days...)
Akai: ((hmm... ok then... see ya tuesday then?))
Light: (Tuesday? Probably)
Akai: ((you want anything else to happen before morning? otherwise, well skip
to next day when I see you again))
Light: (But I can't make any promises... I may be able to come on Saturday, but
probably not...)
Light: (I wasn't planning on anything else happening...)
Akai: ((ok, gotta run! take care!))

Day 11

Ruined building, night, day 1

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((hiaz, I was talking to Light and we both thought it would be a good idea
to try to skip to morning next time she got on... but since it's just us, we can't
really do that...))
Wizard: (sorry... took me a second, my grams comp is slower than mine -.-)
Wizard: (hi, and
Akai: ((it's ok... I also think we should try to play this storyline a bit faster, since
we have only played one day, and this journey will take at least a weak...))
Wizard: (okay then ^_^)
Wizard: (*glarez at mai comp* this is WAY too slow....*growls*)
Akai: ((but we could kind of play what happens during the night...))
Wizard: (*kicks it and smiles to himself as it seems to speed up*)
Akai: ((~_~,))
Wizard: (*nods* yeah. nighttime is always fun!)
Akai: ((yeah. as you might remember, Akai went outside and Yona is gone. The
rest of the chars is in the building))
Akai: ((grr... are... my grammars suck... ~_~,, sorry))
Wizard: (grammers? lol im jk it okay)
Akai: ((shut up ~_~,))
Wizard: (lmao sorry)
Akai: ((it's ok, I'm just kidding my self... not really offended ^_^,,))
Wizard: (but who gunna play Light...? We could just assume she went to something...o.o;;)
Akai: ((and if we assume Light is sleeping, we can play this by ourselves))
Wizard: (egh... not 'who'... i meant how...)
Akai: ((so, are you ready?))
Wizard: (*Nods* yep)
Akai: ((*slight cough* I'm going to take the role as the game master... weather
you (or I for that matter) like it or not... I just feel I should, but you can off
course add whatever events you like. I'm not planning on anything dramatic to
happen tonight))
Wizard: (im not either... tho mai char will probably be an idiot as usual...
goofing around and so forth...~.~;;)
Wizard: (u make a better game master than me anyhow... im so un-detailed its
Akai: ((I think you are good. And I get tired of being the game master all the
time, so I enjoy it when you or Light do it.))

Walim shifts only once on the rafters and then falls asleep. Xefir closes her eyes
very soon as well and there is no telling if she is awake or asleep. No sign of
Yona nor Akai.
DarkWizard101 is sitting next to Light, now already asleep, with his eyes wide
open and his arms crossed over his chest. He looks around almost restlessly...

Akai: ((you should sleep... it's your watch next... lol))
Wizard: (lol i know, but mai char is just... stupid really...)
Wizard: (he can actually go quite a while without! *mutters* maybe
he wouldnt be so hyper if he slept more often....)

A few hours after Akai left, it starts to rain. The downpour intensifies, rattling
on the stonewalls. Outside, the wind is howling between the ruins, sounding
almost like a real storm. Quietly, Akai flutters inside the building in phoenix
shape, shakes his wings once and shapeshifts.
Akaihane glances around to see if anyone is awake and notices Yona sitting in
the darkest corner of the ceiling in her bird form. No one knows when or how
she ever got there.
Akaihane leans against the wall, still not making a sound.
DarkWizard101 is still wide awake, but his eyes are now closed (dont
ask....o.o;; lol) He opens one silver eye to peer at Akai as he comes back in. He
smiles to himself. <Welcome looks a bit wet!>

Akai: ((are you in human shape?))
Wizard: (yea, but he can still use mind-speech in that form...)
Wizard: (though its a bit harder...)
Akai: ((yeah I know, just wanted to know so I could play accurately))

Akaihane turns his head slightly to glance at Wizard. ¤you should really try to
get some sleep...¤
DarkWizard101 shakes his head with a grin. <No way! Now that you're back...
I'm off to keep watch, YOU go to sleep while I play in the rain...I mean......> He
trails off with a wide grin still on his face.
Akaihane stares out at the drizzling rain through the doorway, his mind
somewhat distant.

Wizard: (x.X mai char is an idiot... its
Akai: ((^_^ I think he is a nice guy..))
Akai: ((btw, you haven’t updated your page..))
Wizard: (yea, I know, I went to do it yesterday and I got side-tracked... and I
couldn’t do it on thursday because of halloween...)
Akai: ((oh, that... we don't really celebrate halloween in sweden))
Wizard: (really!? wow! i never really thought no one else celebrated i
always thought that everyone was into that!)
Wizard: (egh...sorry... the keep is really lagging right now.... i just exited
messenger so maybe it'll speed up...)
Akai: ((^_^,, well, sweden is a little cold country at the edge of the world... don't
take anything for granted. ^_^))
Wizard: (it was FREEZING when we went trick or treating... I had to wear
gloves and a jacket... we were only outside for an hour or so because of the
Akai: ((lol... poor thing. in sweden not many kids go for trick or treating, but we
have a similar event in easter time actually...))
Wizard: (I went with my friends, playing jokes on our families and friends, and
getting candy of course! i have a major sweet tooth for candy.. i have since i was
little, but then again, i think every person likes candy... who doesnt!?)
Akai: ((^_^))

Akaihane glances down at him again. ¤It's still early. Have you slept at all?¤
DarkWizard101 shrugs casually and stands. <No. Oh well... I dont care... I'm not
exactly a sound sleeper anyway...>
Akaihane watches him through the darkness, his eyes gleaming slightly.
¤Remember that Light needs our protection... daytime as well. It is your duty to
rest when you can.¤
DarkWizard101 leaps into the air and quickly changes into his falcon form, then
turns to face him. <Okay... tomorrow night or whatever I'll rest.....okay?>
Akaihane gives a very slight shrug. ¤Well... it's no point in both of us being
Akaihane slowly sinks down into a sitting position, his back against the wall.
DarkWizard101 turns around and flies outside into the rain, though at a bit more
slow speed clearly noticeable.

*NOTE: this is actually because since falcons are predators, they hunt in the
day, and are more used for looking at things through water, and grass... they
cant see too well in the dark...*

Akaihane watches Wizard fly out, wondering why he promptly want to go out
into that dreadful rain... but is really too tired to think of it for long, and drift off
into a dreamless sleep, rather more like unconsciousness, within soon.
DarkWizard101 gives a loud shriek when he's out of earshot of the others,
swooping through the rain and swooping low, letting his talons track through the
puddles. *He doesnt get out of sight of the building tho...*

Akai: ((ok, so everyone is sleeping, so it's up to you to decide when morning
comes, i guess. depending on what you wanna do until then))
Wizard: (hm...okay...)

Outside, the heavy summer night rain is still pouring, and in the distance, the
faint sound of the rumbling thunder is carried through the howling winds.
Daybreak is still out of reach.
DarkWizard101 he plays and fools around like this for a good hour or two, then
finally decides to take a break in a tree nearest to the building, letting himself get
rained on...(XD)

Wizard: (there, okay mai char is done fer now.... u can bring morning if you
want, he'll just b his numb self and sit in the rain all night, playing around a bit
more later, im sure...~.~)
Akai: ((he doesn't HAVE to be outside to be on watch, you know... ~_~,))
Wizard: (i like him outside... inside seems so...CONFINED...)
Wizard: (lol)
Wizard: (he's so immature.....)
Akai: ((I like him for that reason ^_^))
Wizard: (^_^)
So, finally, the rainstorm subsides. A light rain is still watering the earth as the
dawn colors the eastern sky in golden violet. The skies are slowly clearing up
and a huge rainbow arcs over the treetops in the west.
DarkWizard101 blinks up at the rainbow for a second then spreads his wings
and flies up, zooming in and out of it, clawing at it deftly with his talons.

Akai: ((I guess we can't really play any further without Light, and I was thinking
of getting off line soon anyway... what do you say? How much time have ya
Wizard: (*shrugs* about a half hour or so...o.o;;)
Akai: ((you can't fly in and out of a rainbow... ~_~,))
Wizard: (maybe a bit less...)(yes you can! or...DW thinks he can anyway...XD)
Akai: ((if you want, we can just play a sidestory in an other room. I don't think I
wanna start up Akai's rescue now with so little time to go. No, you can't cause
you can never come close to a rainbow since its just really a mirage ~_~,))
Wizard: (lol. okay...well..he TRIED then....and made an idiot of both himself and
his player lmao!)
Akai: ((lol! ^_^ well, I'm going to the forest... wanna join me?))
Wizard: (*nods* ill b rite there...)

Ruined building, morning, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Cat enters this room

Wizard: (major lag......almost a crashable one...)
Wizard: (*kills lag demons*)
Light: (*Glares a little at her computer*)
Akai: ((aaarg! o.o,,))
Light: (*Blinks*)
Wizard: (hm?)
Wizard: (that didnt sound good...o.o;;)
Akai: ((for Light's information: it has been raining almost the whole night, Akai
let Wizard take the second watch, Yona has returned, but no one should be able
to say exactly when, and it's now morning. A light rain is still falling, but it's
clearing up, and a huge rainbow can be seen over the treetops))
Akai: ((sorry, comp was bugging...))
Light: (Ok...)
Wizard: ((and Wizard is NOT zooming thru the rainbow, seeing how akai
proved it impossible... so he's sitting in a tree...~.~;;)
Akai: ((so, you may wake your chars up anytime...))
Light: (What? That didn't make a lot of sense...)
Wizard: (mines already awake o.o;;)
Wizard: (lol nvm@light)
Akai: ((lol.. sorry for telling you the harsh truth about rainbows, wizard... ^_^))
Light: (*Is a little confused*)
Wizard: (lol!)

Cat jerks awake, gasping a little, then relaxes
Yona is all ready up, peering down at the rest from the rafters, perching in her
black phoenix form.
Cat sighs, and says softly "A dream... That's all it was..."
Walim ruffles her feathers and yawns, but freezes in a motion and glares as she
discovers Yona up on the rafters with her. Xefir and Akai are still sleeping...
Cat stands up, then looks down at her hand, and lets out a soft cry
DarkWizard101 senses the others waking up and swiftly swoops out of his tree
and flies into the building, landing on the floor and shaking his sopping wet
feathers to an almost dry state before flying up to the rafters next to Walim,
obviously keepin his distance from Yona...
Akaihane awakes at the sound of Light's voice, but it doesn't show, cause he
keeps sitting still for a while, his eyes closed.
DarkWizard101 gets the sudden urge to shake his feathers on someone, but
doesnt seem to be perky enough to do so...
Cat stares at her hand 4 a moment "No... Not again..."
Both Akai and Xefir looks up as Light cries.
DarkWizard101 looks at Light at the sound of her voice. <What's wrong...?>
Cat puts her hand behind her back "N-nothing..."
Walim chirps a welcome at Wizard and then gently preens his wet feathers.
DarkWizard101 chirps back at Walim friendly <Latti>

(woo hoo! i know what it means!!!)

Cat looks out of the window... What's left of it
Akaihane stands and grabs Light's wrist, pulling her hand out from behind her
back. He looks at the same time sad, worried and calm. "Please don't lie to me,
Walim huddles next to Wizard, but then hops a little to the side as his plumage
soaks her.
Cat 's hand looks normal. For now. She shakes her head "Trust me. U do NOT
want 2 know"

Wizard: (egh i have to go ~.~;;)
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((I'll be on monday, then tuesday))
Wizard: (ill see u tomorrow?...)
Wizard: (oh, okay...stupid comp is slow...buh bye! *dashes out*)
Light: (*Sighs a little*)

Akaihane just says calmly. "Tell me." He lets go of her hand since there seems
to be nothing wrong with it.
Cat cocks her head slightly, looking frightened
San enters this room
Cat opens her mouth, then closes it again as a small, white form appears in the
Akaihane whispers to San You'll see a ruined city, partly overgrown with
foliage. A light rain is falling, but the sun is rising in the east and a rainbow is
arcing over the treetops in the west.
San walks slowly through the ruins, she peeks slowly from behind the remains
of a small building silently, her ears listening carefully
Akaihane flinches and twirls around so that he faces the form. His fingers fly to
the hilt of his clan dagger, but he doesn't unsheathe it.
Cat frowns "Alessa... What r U doing here...?"
Alessa: I came to warn you... Ahead of you, many animals, and people, have
been killed..."

San whispers to Akaihane (thank you ))
San oocly wonders if San is the figure he is facing or is it something else
Akaihane whispers to San Our characters are inside a large building that is
more or less still standing. they can't be seen for the moment.
San whispers to Akaihane ((oh.. okay. thanks ^^ ))

Akaihane glances at Light and then back at the form. "....?"
Alessa: The road ahead has many dangers... And you are still under their
influence. You MUST keep a hold on your humanity... Feelings, memories. All
of which make you who you are. You cannot let go of them
Akaihane frowns at Alessa, but keeps quiet for the moment, relaxing.
San looks around, then walks quickly and silently out of the remains of the city
San exits from this room
Alessa: *Disappears as suddenly as she appeared*
Akaihane blinks and stares at the spot Alessa disappeared for a second before
turning to Light. "What did she mean?"
Cat groans "Oh, great... She ALWAYS disappears just when I want 2 ask her
Light: "Um..." Sighs "Ok... Basically, um..."
Cat is at a complete loss of how 2 start
Akaihane watches Light patiently, waiting for her to explain.
Cat sighs "Ok... I'm going 2 show u an illusion. And illusions don't take energy,
so don't worry about that"
Cat closes her eyes and concentrates 4 a moment
Akaihane eyes her for a second. "You sure..?"
Cat opens 1 eye "Yes"
Akaihane nods once. "Very well then."
After a few moments, the illusion of a man completely covered with black fur
appears in the building. He has black, empty eyes completely devoid of feeling
or emotion, and large, extremely sharp fangs
Akaihane watches the man intently, getting a bad feeling about it all. Walim
ruffles all her feathers and crouches, apparently not too fond of what the illusion
is showing.
Cat holds the illusion 4 a couple of seconds, then releases it again
Akaihane frowns and asks. "Who is this man?"
Light: "This is the leader of a pack. Legend says... Well, u don't really need 2
know the legends about this pack"
Akaihane cocks his eyebrows. "Pack? Werewolves?"
Light: "They feed on meat... However, if they attack some1, but do not kill them
4 some reason, then the person will become like them..."
Light: "Not exactly like werewolves, though there r some similarities... These r
very old, some a couple of thousand years old.... And it is almost impossible 2
kill them"
Akaihane looks stern. "....."
Akaihane finally asks. "And what have they to do with us?"
Cat stares down at her hands "Well... I came across them once. And they
attacked me. But some of the people from Alessa's village were able 2 drive
them off..."
Cat bites her lip

Akai: ((I gotta go. I'll be on monday, but I guess I won't see ya until tuesday?))
Akai: ((and you know, we really should try to speed this journey up a little bit or
they will never ever get to Semsol... lol ^_^))
Light: (Well, there's a small chance I might be able to come on Monday... But I
would be more likely to be able to come on Tuesday)
Light: (I've been trying to figure out a way to fit that part into it for ages...)
Akai: ((ok... so see you either of those days! gotta run! take care!, I didn't
mean it that way, you are welcome to think up new events, but we can't rpg
every little minute of the day, so between the adventures, we'll just have to skip
through the days sometimes or it will take AGES! ^_^))
Light: (I know...)
Akai: ((bye! *dashes out*))

Day 12
Ruined building, morning, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akaihane exits from this room

Wizard: (*is here.....* lol)
Wizard: (o.O where'd u go...?)

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 exits from this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((*can't help laughing to himself* lol... sorry for taking you out on a chase
Wizard: (LOL! stay in one place!)
Wizard: ^_^
Akai: ((*sits down and tries to look like a good boy* yes, master. *blinks with
his puppy eyes*))
Akai: ((haven't you heard anything from Light?))
Wizard: (*pats his head with a laugh* thats a good boy! *gives him a cookie*
Wizard: (no, i havent....o.o;;)
Akai: ((*swallows the cookie with one bite and wags his fox tail happily* ^_^))
Wizard: (lol! ^_^)
Wizard: (lol okay... back to the
Akai: ((ok, well there's some things I should let you in on that happened after
you left. it was kind of confusing, but I'll try to get it right.))
Wizard: (o.o i got too many 'lol's' in that....)
Akai: ((yeah, sorry about that... ^_^))
Wizard: (okay! lets hear it! u wont confuse me! *mutters* a whole lot....-.-)
Akai: ((as you might remember, Light was upset about something with her hand.
Akai demanded to see it, but it looked normal))
Wizard: (yea)
Akai: ((Akai wanted her to explain what got her upset, but when she was about
to tell him, a female char named Alessa appeared (played by Light) and warned
her about something. I will copy and paste it so I get it right, it was pretty
Wizard: (weird...okey...o.o;;)
Akai: Alessa: The road ahead has many dangers... And you are still under their
influence. You MUST keep a hold on your humanity... Feelings, memories. All of
which make you who you are. You cannot let go of them
Wizard: (okey... thats weird, but i get it...o.o)
Akai: ((and then she was gone. When Akai wanted to know what that was
supposed to mean, Light started by showing an illusion of a werewolf-like man
and he didn't look very friendly...))
Akai: ((here, I'll give you her exact words:))
Akai: Light: "This is the leader of a pack. Legend says... Well, u don't really
need 2 know the legends about this pack"
Akai: Akaihane cocks his eyebrows. "Pack? Werewolves?"
Wizard: (oh... werewolf-like...LOL! i dunno, i haaad something to
say and my mind kinda blanked out...)
Akai: Light: "They feed on meat... However, if they attack some1, but do not kill
them 4 some reason, then the person will become like them..."
Akai: ((do I even want to know..? ~_~,))
Akai: Light: "Not exactly like werewolves, though there r some similarities...
These r very old, some a couple of thousand years old.... And it is almost
impossible 2 kill them"
Akai: Akaihane finally asks. "And what have they to do with us?"
Wizard: (do u got this like all written up somewhere...? O.O) (and no, u dont...)
Akai: Cat stares down at her hands "Well... I came across them once. And they
attacked me. But some of the people from Alessa's village were able 2 drive
them off..."
Akai: ((and that's it cause then I had to go. Yeah, I'm saving all of it. It's like a
whole book now, or rather like a script.))
Wizard: (wow... her char's past is almost as screwed up with mine's... weird...
but cool! i never thought of werewolves! lol)

Halo_Wind_Raven enters this room

Wizard: (how far back do u have in it? like whats the very first thing in the
script thingy...?)
Akai: ((it starts with Akai's rescue and up to this date))
Halo_Wind_Raven walks in looking around slightly wondering if she will be
allowed to enter
Wizard: ( thats
Akai: ((so what do you say? shall we just play around somewhere and wait for
Wizard: (when its done, u gotta send it to me!!!)
Wizard: (yea, sure... i hate doing
Akaihane whispers to Halo_Wind_Raven off course you are welcome, but we
are not really playing right now. We will probably soon go to another room.
Wizard: (we could just go back to the forest and start where we left off with mai
char making an ass of himself again...or start somethin new, i dunno...)
Akai: ((so what do you say? the forest? or do you have something more
interesting in mind?))
Halo_Wind_Raven whispers to Akaihane ohh ok soo what are you talking
about then ?
Akai: ((whatever ^_^))
Wizard: (*mutters under his breath about his char, the words stupid and idiot
coming into play several times...)
Wizard: (!!! we could go to MY forest thingy I made!)
Halo_Wind_Raven smiles some and walks out
Halo: ((see yas)
Akaihane whispers to Halo_Wind_Raven The thing is, we are playing a
storyline, the three of us. One player is missing, so we won't play it any further
right now until she arrives. I was just filling Wizard in on the previous events
since he missed some
Halo_Wind_Raven whispers to Akaihane ohh ok thats cool *smiles some*
Akai: ((yeah, sure. and you'll have to be the game master then... *leans back and

Halo_Wind_Raven exits from this room

Wizard: (-.-() game master...*sigh* er...ill try lol!)
Akai: ((make the room and I'll follow you))

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Wizard: (for the record: i only got ten minz, then i gotta go..)
Akai: ((egh.. sorry about that, the Keep locked me out))
Akai: ((my sister would like to know your age.. don't ask.. lol ^_^)) @wizard

Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hi light))
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((she's got a crush on you...)) @wizard
Wizard: (my age...? im almost 16... *blinks* a crush on me..oh dear...)
Akai: ((remember where we left off?)) @light
Wizard: (ill b 16 in like eight
Light: (*Makes a face irl at her wet jeans*)
Akai: ((lol... she fell in love with that pic I drew of you ^_^))@wizard
Wizard: (LOL!)
Light: (Sort of...)
Akai: ((I'll be in char now... se behave, k?))
Wizard: (agh... i have to go....-.- akai ill see you...? wednsday...?)
Light: (*Glares at her computer irl*)
Akai: ((I'll be on tomorrow))
Light: (Bye)
Wizard: (o, really quick: i heard a song from fushigi yugi (not that it really
matters) called 'perfect world' cool song... i wanna try to learn to play it on the
Wizard: (tomorrow? wow yer startin to confuse me lol ok see ya then!)
Akai: ((cool! I'm not sure what song that is though.. it's not the opening or the
Wizard: (mai friend thinks it from a soundtrack er something... i dunno ill ask...
buh bye! *dashes out*)

Akaihane watches Light kind of calmly. "Go on."
Light: "And... Um..."
Akaihane waits for her to continue. "..yes?"

Light: (*Is trying to remember what her last post was...*)
Akai: ((your last post:)) Cat stares down at her hands "Well... I came across
them once. And they attacked me. But some of the people from Alessa's village
were able 2 drive them off..."
Light: (Thanks... Sorry, I've got assignment on the brain at the moment)
Akai: ((it's ok))

Cat says in a low voice "Unfortunately... Well... I started 2 change..."
Akaihane blinks. "Change?"
Cat nods "In2... Well, u saw it..."
Akaihane isn't sure what she means. "Into THAT?" Nods towards where she
showed the illusion.
Light: "Luckily, I was able 2 fight the change 4 some time, and then I managed
2 stop myself from going after humans... I went after animals"
Akaihane is kind of stunned, but tries his best to not let it show. "....."
Light: "In2 what u just saw... I think that its partway between wolves and
humans... The 2 minds merged, and neither took over"
Cat sighs "Eventually, Alessa removed all of the animals, and locked herself in2
a room with me... I could either attack her, or expel the change then..."
AutumnFae enters this room
Akaihane still doesn't have a clue where this will lead.
Akaihane whispers to AutumnFae You'll see a ruined city, partly overgrown
with foliage. A light rain is falling, but the sun is rising in the east and a rainbow
is arcing over the treetops in the west.
Cat bites her lip
Akaihane nods once, frowning. "Continue."
AutumnFae walks quietly down the street of the ruined city the charm around
her neck glows an intense green almost to blinding brightness. It's rather
impossible to miss the power radiating from her
Akaihane whispers to AutumnFae Our characters are at the moment inside
one of the buildings.
Light: "I... expelled the change... But they call 2 their own. If I meet them again,
then I will not b able 2 stop the change... Its still there. Waiting 2 take over..."
Cat shivers, but not really with cold
Akaihane feels the power source approaching outside and cocks his head
slightly, sharpening his senses.
Cat looks down at her hands
Akaihane turns back to Light. "Then it is of greatest importance that we leave
this place at once. Xefir, saddle up the horses."
AutumnFae runs long polished green finger nails through the thick mass of
golden hair and looks around what she figures is a deserted place
Cat says in a low voice "Alessa said that they were on the road ahead of us..."
Akaihane watches Light as Xefir slips out of the building. "Is it possible to ride
around them?"
Cat shrugs "I don't know... Alessa didn't mention nething about that..."
Akaihane whispers to AutumnFae You might catch a glimpse of an older
woman coming out of a building, walking quickly over to a stable, entering it.
Light: "But... I feel them. And if I can sense them, then they will certainly b able
2 sense me"
Light: "And... If I start 2 lose control... I will have 2 b killed..."
AutumnFae looks down in surprise as her powers seem to kick up for some
reason or another and she feels another power even as hers picks up power and
radiates around her. A soft green aura surrounds her and her hair flows about her
showing the points of her ears
Akai: "Don't worry Light. Wizard and I will protect you. We will ride through
the area as quickly as we can."
AutumnFae waves a hand before her and the rain seem to collect in front of her
and stops around the building which is currently occupied and her yet still rains
around them and it shimmers showing an image of riders.
Akaihane again reacts to the unknown power outside the building, wondering if
it could come form the creatures Light is talking about. He glances about in the
room. "Everyone! Get ready! We are leaving at once." Walim flies to his
shoulder like a dart and Yona stretches her wings, yawning.
AutumnFae cocks her head slightly feeling there power as it seems to zoom in
for a close up
Cat looks frightened... REALLY frightened
AutumnFae slashes a hand through the image and the rain begins to fall again
around them as she stops before the window a bit confused as her power grows
stronger almost going out of wack
Akaihane takes Light's hand. "Don't worry... just be strong. Are you ready?
Xefir will have the horses here in a second."
Light: "I'm ready..."
Cat adds quietly "I think"
Akaihane leads Light out of the building, on his guard for anything. He walks
swiftly towards the stables. Yona follows them, now in human shape.

Stable, morning, day 2

AutumnFae runs to the older women in the stables and says "Excuse me":trys
her best not to frighten her:
Xefir turns around, holding the reins of two horses in one hand and one in the
other. She looks at Fae with her old, calm eyes. "Yes, my child?"
AutumnFae stills looks slightly confused "Is there anyone here other then you?
I'm sorry but I can feel fear and I can sense a great power yet farther away"
AutumnFae stills glows with a soft green aura her charm glowing over time her
whole body literally vibrates with a great intense power
Cat looks around, all of her senses focused
Xefir doesn't answer, cause now the rest of the party enters the building. Akai
stops at the entrance, his fingers immediately going to the hilt of his dagger by
reflex. He asks the stranger. "Who are you?"
Cat 's eyes narrow as she's still looking around
AutumnFae turns around to look at him with assessing eyes "Autumn Fae"
Akaihane keeps a firm grip of Light's hand.
Cat looks down at her hand... And then cries out in terror as its becoming
covered with light brown fur
Akaihane eyes Fae and can’t hide his caution. "What are your intentions here?"
AutumnFae sighs then finishes "Princess of the Fairies at your service...I would
bow I just never see the need"
Akaihane jumps at the sound of Light's cry and stares at her hand. "Light!? No!
Keep your senses!"
Cat pulls away, then turns and runs out of the stables

Ruin city, morning, day 2

Akaihane runs after her and knocks her to the ground. "What do you think you
are doing!?"
AutumnFae sighs "Another one" Looks up at the sky. "come on seriously can't I
have a little bit of a brake around here" Runs outside.
Xefir hurries after them out, leading all three horses. "Shem..?"
Cat sounds terrified "I can't.. The change is 2 powerful... They're 2 close" Is
changing even as she speaks, and the last few words r said with a growl
Akaihane holds Light firmly to the ground, a desperate look in his eyes. "Light!
Don't give in to them, Chizeil!"
AutumnFae runs over to kneel by the girl begins to speak in a tongue I doubt
even Akai would understand
Cat somehow continues changing so that her form is now that of a wolf's instead
of the half-and-half form
Xefir watches them, her eyes wide. "Be careful, Shem!"
AutumnFae places firm hands on Cat continuing to speak to cat in a calming
tone almost hypnotic
Akaihane keeps holding the wolf creature down with all his might, calling out to
her both physically and mentally, getting more desperate every second.
Cat lets out a low growl deep in her throat, and knocks both AutumnFae and
Akaihane away
Akaihane is thrown away, but doesn't stay down for many seconds, again, he
dashes towards the wolf without thinking. ¤Light, please be strong!¤
AutumnFae looks to Akaihane "Iya Untillia"
AutumnFae whispers to Akaihane *translation*Get back!
AutumnFae pushes back her aura getting bright the magic from her charm
comes out to infulge both her and Cat
Cat crouches, appearing 2 b ready 2 spring... Then stops as another wolf, this 1
black, enters through the trees
Akaihane stops at the sound of Fae's voice, not sure why he obeys her. He stares
at the black wolf.
AutumnFae looks to the wolf and swiftly light shoots out from her charm aimed
for the black wolf to knock him back
Cat seems 2 b listening 2 something, then growls, showing fangs
AutumnFae 's power is very strong and seems to be getting stronger with each
passing moment
Akaihane unsheathes his clan dagger, looking desperate. "Amari!"
Wolf: *Lunges at AutumnFae, knocking her to the ground*
AutumnFae stands up and the rain falls harder as she looks to Cat fairly
radiating with power as it vibrates the wolf knocks only into a shield you would
think her eyes swirling with crimson
Wolf: *Lifts his head, and looks at Cat... Then motions with his head towards
Cat crouches, ready 2 spring at AutumnFae
Akaihane walks to stand in front of Light. "no..." He sheathes his dagger.
AutumnFae begins to speak in another tongue more common to her kind why
she knows it it's a mystery "Iya Untillia! Enfarision Oasmnia":looks at them
both waiting patiently holding her one hand up to Akaihane he will feel that he
can not move one step closer
Cat growls at Akaihane
Akaihane is frozen to the spot. He gasps. "What are you doing!?"
AutumnFae looks to Akaihane and he seems to begin to be pushed back "Iya
Untillia!":she commands again:
Wolf: *Begins to circle AutumnFae, his eyes flashing with intelligence*
AutumnFae with a wave of her hand the earth shifts and rolls almost towards the
larger black wolf all around it to shift it off balance she seems as calm as can be
but one badass Fairy
Cat walks over 2 the wolf... She seems 2 have lost all of her humanity
Akaihane calls out to Fae. "Let me go, chizeil!"
AutumnFae looks to Akaihane "You can not handle this stay back she does not
know you"
Cat knocks the black wolf out of the way, then snarls at AutumnFae
AutumnFae telepathic waves begin to drill into the black wolfs mind one
powerful mind wave after another
AutumnFae shifts the path merging her mind with Cat's the pulses becoming
stronger with in her mind
Akaihane tries again to call out to Light. ¤Light! I know you can hear me! Fight
it! Suzaku-shin, give me strength!¤
Wolf: *Pushes the attack away with his mind with barely an effort*
Cat drops 2 the floor, suddenly looking confused, then seems 2 shake herself,
and snarls again
Yona watches the whole thing kind of boredly, leaning against the stable wall.
AutumnFae continues the onslaught as they get more powerful the more he tries
to knock them back seeming to absorb his power
AutumnFae looks to Akai "Talk to her keep trying use your mind merge if you
Wolf: *Sends a blast at AutumnFae. A really powerful one*
Cat snarls again
Akaihane calls again, trying to get out of Fae's hold. ¤Remember who you are!
You are the goddess of Light! Don't give in! Please listen to me!¤
AutumnFae budges but barely absorbing it and pushes back 10 fold her eyes
swirling with a crimson mist
Cat growls
Walim circles the area, crying with fear and confusion.
Akaihane turns his head to Fae and yells. "Don't hurt her!!"
Wolf: *Leaps at AutumnFae, slamming through her shield, and knocks her to
the ground, pinning her there*
AutumnFae curses in her old language and looks to Akaihane "You must do this
on your own I can help you no more
Saryon enters this room
Saryon walks into the area and looks around
AutumnFae shimmers away appearing behind Akaihane and she blows him a
kiss it unfreezes him and seems to shimmer a protection spell over him "Be safe
AutumnFae exits from this room
Akaihane almost falls to the ground as he is freed, but then regains his balance.
Saryon notices some people and walk around them about 15 feet away from
Cat crouches
Akaihane leaves his dagger alone and faces Light, looking into her eyes. ¤you
can fight this, Light... you're mind is too strong to be beaten by this.¤
Saryon looks at the people that remain in the ruin city and sits down on some
rubble watching the people with great interest
Wolf: *Walks over to Cat, and presses his nose against her side, seeming to be
saying something to her*
Cat growls deep and low in her throat
Akaihane yells, furious. "Don't you dare listen to him!"
Cat looks like she's going 2 spring at ne minute
Saryon smiles now knowing that he has to see this
Yona watches with an amused smirk and makes no move to interfere at all.
Wolf: *Turns, and looks at Akaihane, his eyes empty and black*
Saryon stands up and stretches "You guys are boring......when are you kids
gonna fight?"
Akaihane meets the wolf's gaze, not backing down. "You can't have her. Do you
hear me?"
Cat snarls at Akaihane, but makes no move 2 attack him
Walim flies round and round over their heads, crying more and more
Saryon sighs and decides to leave "I hate this mshie stuff."
Saryon exits from this room
Cat crouches, looking from the wolf 2 Akaihane and back again with a confused
look in her eyes
Akaihane sees the change in Light and continues to yell out to her. ¤Come on
Light, you know this isn't your true form!¤
Wolf: *Whispers something to Cat*
Akaihane more or less ignores the other wolf and focuses on Light. ¤Don't listen
to him!!¤
Cat growls, and then suddenly leaps at the wolf, pinning him to the floor, her
teeth inches from his throat
Wolf: *Blinks, and then laughs* -So, you want to play, do you?- *Kicks her off
Cat and the wolf circle each other, both looking 4 an opening 2 attack
Akaihane yells. "Be careful Light!" His eyes flashes and he puts out one hand in
front of him, pointing at the black wolf. "¤SOULWING!!¤" If it hits, it should
lower his energy.
Cat leaps, but the wolf dodges 2 1 side, laughing silently as he dodges
Akaihane's attack as well
Akaihane then unsheathes his dagger and runs into the fight, not thinking twice.
He lunges straight for the black wolf.
Wolf: *Grabs Cat's throat in his teeth, and bites hard*
Akai: "Leave her alone!"
Cat is bleeding heavily, but pulls away with a tearing noise, and scratches the
black wolf
Akaihane jumps straight at the wolf, stabbing him with his dagger.
Wolf: *Leaps at Cat*
Wolf: *Is stabbed by the dagger, but not too deep* *Turns and growls at
Cat takes advantage of his distraction 2 sink her teeth in2 his throat
Akaihane tries to pin the wolf down, which he shouldn’t really have a chance of
succeeding with, but he is still trying, stubborn as he is.
Cyrin enters this room
Cat knocks him 2 the ground, and sinks her claws in2 his chest, piercing his
Akaihane stabs the wolf again as he is held down by Light.

Akai: ((oh dear lord, not now! o.o,))

Cyrin grins as she flies over the ruins....
Wolf: *His body flickers for a moment, changing to that of a young man, and
then disappears*
Cyrin instantly flashes to her size last time, constantly growing bigger.
Akaihane flips to his feet as Cyrin enters, his eyes flaming with rage. He is
finally back in a condition where he can put up a fight against her. So he stands
his ground, motionless, as the dragon dives for him.
Lirael enters this room
Cat looks at the spot where the wolf was, her eyes dazed
Cyrin keeps silent, though she knows she has been seen, she is too big to hide
now. She dives in lower, halting and hovering far above Akaihane, "Are you
ready to fight me phoenix, Tiryth isnt here to stop me you know..."
Akaihane ’s eyes narrows as he is surrounded by a red aura and a pair of huge,
crimson wings shoots out from his back, feathers swirling all around him. He
puts his hands together and yells out a mental spell that should be lethal for any
creature except dragons. It should easily be enough to hurt like daggers in her
soul and damage it severely though. =SUZAKU-SHIN-CHI= >>¤shem iira
sasore jan!¤<< ¤¤¤HANE NO ARASHI!!!¤¤¤
Cat sinks 2 the ground, bleeding heavily from the cut in her throat
Lirael walks in her hair half pulled up and blowing loose soft wisps across her
face...she looks around the entrance to the city and walks in....
Akaihane doesn’t wait to see the dragon’s reaction, but immediately prepares for
the next attack, knowing Light is in desperate need of attention. =SUZAKU-
SHIN-CHI= >>¤salwi shiira shenore jan!¤<< ¤¤¤SOUL WING!!!¤¤¤ A violet
light leaps like a serpent from his hands, once again aiming for the dragon’s
soul, draining it’s energy and possibly even shrinking her back to original size.

Cyrin: [japanese?]
Akai: ((only the suzaku-part. the rest is fengish))

Akaihane turns to Xefir and yells. "Take care of Light!!"
RockHoward enters this room
Cat 's head falls on2 her paws, and she lets out a small sigh as her spirit flees her
Lirael hears the shouting and walks towards it the feeling of Death giving her
Cyrin blinks a few times, a huge pain spreading in her, She Roars and lowers
herself to the ground....
RockHoward walks into the ruins, looking around. "What the hell happened
Cat 's body goes limp
Xefir lets go of the horses and runs over to Light's body. She places her hands
on it, reviving her in an instant.
Lirael looks at Rock and then at Cat....
Cat 's eyes open, and she looks around in a confused daze, seeming 2 not know
who she is
Cyrin shrinks slightly, but her magic grows again, her immortality showing
through. She flames at Akai and then changes element, to storm.
Xefir strokes her hair, talking softly. "It is all right, my child. Please relax."
Cat is still in wolf form
RockHoward 's hands start to glow a purplish blue color. "What is going on
Akaihane shifts into phoenix and darts out of the fire. he lands at another place,
taking human shape, still with the wings on his back. He attacks again, a bit
more desperate this time. ¤¤¤SOULWING!!!¤¤¤
Cyrin rears up, her eyes flaming an icy blue with yellow streaks. She opens her
mouth and shoots a beam of light, infinite volts of electricity fly towards Akai,
her flames lighting the area it hits from her last attack.
Lirael looks back up at Rock and begins to sign a charter mark to run the story
through his memory from Akai...
RockHoward spots Cyrin, his eyes widening. "What in the world is that....a
dragon?! Is that even possible?"
Akaihane jumps back to dodge Cyrin's attack. "Merciful heavens!"

Akaihane whispers to Lirael ((what??))
Cat staggers 2 her feet
Cyrin gets hit hard this time from his attack, forced to step back a few times, the
pain still growing, She roars and swings her tail to Rock, keeping her eye on
Akaihane attacks again, trying to tear at Cyrin's soul. ¤¤¤HANE NO
Light: -What...-
RockHoward ducks under the tail, dashing forward and swinging his arm in an
upward motion. "Repukken!" A large slash of purple energy goes hurtling
towards Cyrin.
Xefir holds a hand on Light's back. "Please don't move, child."
Lirael exits from this room
Akaihane is pale and his eyes wide, but he isn't backing down an inch.
Light: -What happened...? And who... or what... am I?-
Cyrin roars indefinately loud, her head spinning with her pain, her wing is torn
from Rocks attack, but she continues to eye akaihane. She glows suddenly and
unleashes a few more streaks at akai, an easier target on the ground below her.
She then reaches down to bite or eat Rock, annoyed with his actions.
Xefir talks calmingly to Light. "Please just relax, my child. We will help you
find yourself in time."
Cat looks scared
Light: -What am I doing here...?!-
Cat suddenly looks up at Cyrin -Dragon...?-
RockHoward dashes foward at Cyrin's mouth, only to blur out of view and
reappear behind her. He rears his hand back, then thrusts it foward, a streak of
blue energy flying at her back.
Akaihane tries to get away from Cyrin's attacks, but doesn't quite succeed. He is
thrown to the ground and the wings on his back dissolves in a cloud of red
Cat takes a few tottering steps 2wards Cyrin
Xefir tries to stop Light. "Please, no!"
Light: -Something... Got 2.. remember-
Cyrin winces under the intense pain, her soul starting to give, then fight back, a
struggle inside her. She grins wickedly though, her element now earth, she
opens the ground beneath Rock and Akaihane. Her back is suddenly in sever
pain, she roars again, and earthquake starts and does not cease. She begins to
bleed green ichor and she growls deeply.
Akaihane tries to get back up, but is exhausted. He coughs, staining the ground
with blood.
Cat puts a paw 2 her throat
RockHoward curses and leaps to the left side of the fissure that forms. "Damn
Akaihane loses his balance in the earthquake and falls to the ground once more.
Then he uses his last powers to shapeshift into phoenix and lift from the ground.
Cat looks at the earthquake, and then stops it with some effort
RockHoward looks at the dragon, seeing the massive injuries. "Why doesn't it
stop fighting? It'll die at this may already be too late.'
Cat slumps 2 the ground again, having just about used up all of her energy
Cat 's eyes close
Xefir puts out one hand infront of her, aiming for the dragon. ¤SHINKA!!¤ The
dragon is hit with holy fire.
Cyrin thrusts a boulder the size of her self or bigger at Cat and Akai, laughing in
an evil way as a dragon might. She regenerates her self, her blood dissapearing
and her injuries slowly sealing up. She rears again, bringing down a massive
shock wave as she lands, liekly big enough to knock most carbon based life
forms out.
Cat falls unconscious, breathing badly
Xefir puts her hands up again, quickly. ¤KIKÔTEI!!¤ She puts up a shield
around them, hopefully strong enough to hinder the boulder and the shockwave.
Cyrin is knocked backwards at the attack, she lays on her side, silent and
RockHoward crosses his arms in front of him, bluish-purple energy rising from
them. He thrusts his hands to the ground. "Raging Storm!" A giant vortex of
bluish energy spirals up around him, reacting violently with the shockwave.
Cat 's throat is still bleeding from when she got bitten
Akaihane sinks to the ground and shifts back into human as he lands.
Cat 's eyes open again, and she pushes herself 2 her feet
RockHoward stands back up, the Raging Storm ending. He looks around, and
appears to be the only one left standing. "Damn....are they all dead?"
Cat staggers a few steps, then falls on2 her face again
Akaihane staggers over to the others as the dragon is down. "Quickly! Here's our
chance to get away!" He takes Light's body and swings onto a horse. Yona and
Xefir follows his example and they all dashes off at high speed.

Akai: ((I have to go, but I'll try to be on for a short while tomorrow))
Light: (Ok... I'll do my best to get on tomorrow)

Cyrin opens an eye and growls, unleashing another earthquake, she rolls over
and rears up, " I am not dead fools.....Immortality aids me in this quest... She
leaps to the air, her wings seemingly unharmed...noding to aka...
RockHoward spots Akaihane, seeing him get away. " least he's able to
get up."
Cyrin: I will be back Akai...
Cyrin: Till we meet again.....
Cyrin vanishes...
Cyrin exits from this room
RockHoward curses, falling to the ground, getting cut and brusied slightly.
Akaihane doesn't doubt Cyrin will come again, but has other problems on his
hands at the moment...

Akai: ((gotta run, have been on for too long all ready. *dashes out*))
Light: (Bye)

RockHoward gets back up, dusting himself off. He looks towards Akaihane.
"Hey, wait a second!"
RockHoward sighs, seeing him run off.
Akaihane doesn't wait a single second... ~_~,

Akai: ((is out of here))

Day 13

Forest trail, morning, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
Kan enters this room

Kan: ((DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WASSUP!?!!?!?!?))
Akai: ((o.o,, *blink*))
Kan: ((Don't you remember me?))

DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((kajineko!!))
Wizard: (hey akai)
Akai: ((WOW!!))
Wizard: (er no, im not neko...o.o;;)
Kan: ((LOL!))
Wizard: (*notices we aint the only ppl in da room* o, nvm ^-^() hey kan!)
Akai: ((kan is... lol))
Wizard: (lol my bad...)
Akai: ((hi wizard... dear lord, a LOT of stuff happened yesterday... where are
you when we need you? Cyrin came back... ~_~,,,))
Kan: ((Don't call me that dimwit dammit! Lol!))
Wizard: (she did... oh thats bad... did poor akai make it...? lol)
Akai: ((sure, I just used your profile name.. forgive me.. ^_^,,))
Wizard: (*blinks at kan* dimwit...? whered that come from...? lol)
Kan: ((Who's Cyrin?))
Akai: ((egh.. kind of... ~_~,,, but she is soo darn ruthless, he won't stand a
chance next time))@wizard
Wizard: ( a dragon...)
Kan: ((O.o That's bad))
Wizard: (yea...)
Akai: ((just a sec, I'll bbr))
Wizard: (dude im really really hyper and i have absolutely no idea
why......*looks like he's gonna burst any second*)
Wizard: (*twitch. twitch*)
Kan: ((*is gonna back away from DW*))
Kan: ((*just noticed something* DW.....Dark Wing......Dark Wing Duck! LOL!))
Wizard: *stares blankly for a second then out of the blue starts laughing
hysterically like a maniac*)
Wizard: (LMAO!!!!!!)
Kan: ((O_o))
Wizard: (*suddenly turns serious* I AM THE ONLY DW!!!!! oops... din mean to
yell... but I AM THE ONLY DW!!!)
Kan: ((Riiiiiiiiiiiiight))
Wizard: (*laughs like a maniac n tackles Kan*)
Kan: ((Ahhhhhhhhh!! *tackles back*))
Wizard: (*disapears n reapearz on a cloud, still laughing like an idiot*)
Wizard: (*stops and blinks for a second, then suddenly falls and lands on his
back on the ground*)
Wizard: (...........................ouch.....................................)
Akai: ((*back* mattaku... what are you up to?))
Kan: ((...................... I have no idea........))
Akai: ((*shakes head* can't leave you alone for a minute even...))
Wizard: (*shrugs n gets up and dives into a lake...(a lake that just mysteriously
appeared...? yeah) oooohhhh ccccoooolllllddd)
Akai: ((*slight cough* I'll fill you in on the events last night... it was pretty
dramatic, I must say...))
Wizard: (*looks up when akai comes back* oh hey, i was just... uh....i... o.o;;)
Akai: ((*sighs* no need to explain, wizard...))
Kan: ((O_o))
Wizard: (cool, lol i was like totally hyper fer a sec there, but anyway... go on..
about last nite...?)
Akai: ((you see kajineko, we are playing a specific story line, me, wizard and
Wizard: (*looks totally serious (for once...) now*)
Akai: ((ok, so Light explained about her werewolf-troubles and that she was
likely to change if any of them came close))
Kan: ((*listening* Oh wait......fuud.....brb))
Wizard: (uh huh *listening*)
Akai: ((Akai suggested that they should move out as fast as posible, but they
didn't reach the stables even before Light was compleately in their power... and
she is still a wolf to this date ~_~,,))
Wizard: (shes a wolf RITE NOW!?)
Akai: ((*nods* uh-hu))
Wizard: (COOL! ag...*kills caps lock* sorry...
Akai: ((Akai fought the best he could to defeat the leader wolf and get Light
back to her human side, but just when he was about to suceed, Cyrin appeared
for a rematch))
Kan: ((Back, SHE'S A WOLF!?))
Wizard: (uh oh...o.o)
Wizard: (she a good wolf, er a bad one...?)
Kan: ((Oh my...))
Akai: ((It was quite a spectacular battle since Akai finally decided to fight back,
and for a while I actually thought he had a chance... but Cyrin is obviously
Akai: ((umm... she is kind of just a wolf... with amnesia ~_~,,))
Wizard: (no she not... a moder, maybe...but i doubt shes immortal... unless of
course she says she is, but i consider that moding anyway...)
Wizard: (wit amnesia...? lol...)
Kan: ((Yesh, I agree, moder))
Akai: ((and Akai was in deep trouble (that Cyrin is going to be the end of my
character one day, count on it) but Xefir joined the fight and they managed to
escape while the dragon was down for a second and he grabbed Light and they
dashed of on their horses. And that's it))
Wizard: (oh, i see... wow.... xefir fought? thats cool...)
Akai: ((well, she says herself that she is immortal. Only one person can kill her
and that is Tyrith. Tyrith is, fortuneately Akai's friend, but still... she wasn't
Kan: ((Ahhhhhhh, I see......*slurps ramen* DAMN THESE NOODLES ARE
HOT!!!!!!! O.o brb to get water))
Akai: ((yeah, it was a sight. She is, actually, more powerful than Akai))
Wizard: (lmao @ kan)
Akai: ((*LOVES ramen!* give me some! o.o))
Wizard: (dude romen noddles r awesome!)
Wizard: (*snatches da noddlez n runs away wit them* ahahahahahaha!!!!
theyre mine, all mine!!!!)
Akai: ((anyway, I'm so glad you could come kajineko! I've missed you! ^___^))
Kan: ((*drinks water* DAMN YOU GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
Wizard: (romen? god im an idiot...ramen^)
Wizard: (NO way! *stix his tounge out n disapearz*)
Kan: ((No prob! I missed you too! Romen??? O_o;;;;; LMAO!))
Wizard: hey neko, u got yahoo i.m... er aol...?)
Kan: ((I got AIM))
Akai: ((egh... well, Light said she would try to get on today, but I can only be on
for about 40 min more or so... so if she doesn't come, there will be no playing.
Currently, we just have all out chars galloping like maniacs out from the ruin
Wizard: (*nods glumy* yea, thats right... everyone pick on DW... i see how it
Akai: ((but you have a yahoo addy?)) @kajineko
Wizard: (i only have like forty five mins...*eats some o da noodlez*)
Wizard: (whats yer aim addy?)
Kan: ((Yahoo addy? O_o))
Kan: ((AIM addy??????????????????????))
Akai: ((and for the record, Akai cast the ¤hane no arashi¤ spell TWICE, so he
isn't in a very good shape.))
Wizard: (yer darn screename lol)
Wizard: (he not too jk, jk)
Kan: ((KajinekoAndKan))
Wizard: k jus a sec... im gunna add u to mai list...)
Beelze enters this room
Wizard: (yer not logged in...? *growl*)
Akai: ((no he's not, but he didn't have much choice... Cyrin was the size of a
small town and had no second thought about killing him... he was pretty
desperate at the moment))
Wizard: (i got 27 ppl from beseen on mai buddy list fer aim... and akai, battle,
and nagi on yahoo...)
Wizard: (i think cyrin is a moder...)
Akai: ((really? why don't you invite them here?)) @wizard
Wizard: (but thats jus an opinion...)
Akai: ((well, not really, but on the verge on being one at least... she kinds of get
me frustrated about the way she plays her char. Especially since Akai never did
anything to make her hate him...))
Wizard: (battle usually dun get into rp too much nowadays, isnt ever on really, n
nagi is mai ex-g/f who just doesnt want to leave me alone, she thinks we're still
goin out, but ever since the incident between me, her, yukkuri and vegetto, we
been broke up...o.o;;)
Kan: ((*fires bazooka at comp.* DAMN YOU!))
Akai: ((o.o, *suspects he doesn't want to know...*))
Wizard: (i wanna do something...*suddenly looks totally bored*)
Wizard: (nah, its complicated and she just a........*stops himself*)
Akai: ((agree. lets go to your forest))
Wizard: (mine...? okay gimme a sec to open it right... i always screw
Akai: ((I'll wait...))
Akai: ((let's follow wizard for some real playing, k, kajineko?))
Kan: ((Don't call me that!!!!!!!! o_O!!!!!!!!!))
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akai: ((o.o,, sorry... kan, then))
Wizard: (u guys coming...?)
Akai: ((yeah, I was just going, relax! ^_^))
Kan: ((Yeah))

Forest trail, morning, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
Kan enters this room

Light: (Sorry I was late)
Light: (My stepmother was using the computer)

DarkWizard101 enters this room

Kan whispers to Akaihane When will you be on next? DW wants to know
Wizard: (*rams his foot into his modem* damn u piece of shyit!!)
Kan whispers to Akaihane XDarkWizard101X: *yells: Sorry Akai! I cant get in
mai comp is a piece of crap.....~.~()
Wizard: (uh... i have to go, but akai: whe u gunna b on next...?)
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((gah!! THAT wasn't supposed to happen))
Akai: ((I don't know, Wizard, thursday or saturday))
Akai: ((don't always leave when the real playing starts!)) @wizard
Kan: ((Because I'm too lazy to type down everything DW said, here it is
XDarkWizard101X: egh... k tell him i said thanks n ill see him then... AND that
when he gets on thurs er whateer he can check mai site er whtever if he wants
cuz im gunna update the damn thing... k gotta go.. egh... tell him i said i was
sorry again n ill get on a bit later next time...*dashes out*))
Akai: ((*sighs* oh well, I got less then 10 min but what the heck. The party is
racing southwest on their horsebacks, escaping from Cyrin. Akai is holding
Light's wolf body in his arms))

When the party has been riding in wild galopp for a good while through the
forest, they finally slow down. Before the horses have come to a complete stop,
Akai more or less falls out of the saddle, still with Light's body in his arms.
Cat 's eyes fly open, and she looks around, obviously confused
Akaihane is dangerously pale and his eyes are still strangely widened. He lies in
the grass, panting, some blood running from his white lips, with the wolf on top
of him. for a moment, he is too exhausted to move or speak.
Yona holds in her horse, turning it around. "Curse that dragon!!"
Cat rolls away from Akaihane, healing him automatically
Xefir demounts and moves over to Akai and Light, kneeling by their side.
"Easy, easy now..." She places one hand on Akai's forehead and the other on
Light's head. They should feel as if their strength is retuning a bit.
Cat falls on2 her side
Akaihane gets the strength to sit up, even though it's painful. Xefir starts
scolding him like mothers do... "You shouldn't have cast the arashi spell twice
like that! My reckless, stupid little jani..." But offcourse she isn't really angry,
just worried.
Cat pushes herself up so that she is standing, though dangerously wobbling
Akaihane ignores his mother and turns his attention to Light. Gently, he puts one
hand to her back. "..Light..?"
Cat shrinks back, obviously not recognizing him
Cat looks even more confused
Akaihane looks into her eyes, calmly. "Please look at me Light. You know me. I
know you can fight this."
Cat looks uncertain -Can't remember...-
Xefir looks at Light and then at his son. She says something quite fast in
fengish. Akai just glances at her and doesn't reply.

!!!!!!!!! O_O sorry, wanted to ruin the moment))
Akai: ((oh dear lord... ~_~,,))
Kan: ((kakakakakakakaka))

Akaihane turns his full attention back at Light. "You must! Try to remember!
You are the godess of Light, you are NOT a wolf! Search inside of yourself!"
Cat backs away a little
Cat looks even more confused, but then closes her eyes, attempting 2

Akai: ((I have to go... sorry. Will you be on any other day this week?))
Kan: ((*gets the little ooc monkeys to dance around the room*))
Light: (Well, I might be able to come on Saturday... But I probably won't be able
to come on again until next Tuesday)

Kan watches from a distance in the shadows

((*just trying to get in the story before you leave* *lol*))
Akaihane 's player sighs at Kan and hides under his desk so he won't have to see
the monkeydance. "mattaku..."
Akai: ((ok. see you either of those days then, Light. And see you too, hopefully,
Cat 's player laughs a little
Akai: ((hurries out, off to bed. (not really, but yeah...)))
Kan: ((Okay, but I can't come on normal weekdays when I have school))
Light: (*Looks at the time, and thinks that it is about time she left*)

Day 14

Forest trail, morning, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hey Light!))
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((did you hear anything from Wizard?))
Light: (I saw him the other day, when his character turned suicidal...)
Light: (He didn't say if he'd be on today, though...)
Akai: ((eck? what do you mean, suicidal?))
Akai: ((*smacks forehead* oh I remember, when he jumped off the cliff))
Light: (He tried to jump off a cliff, but Light stopped him)
Light: (Apparently, he's very depressed)
Akai: ((that's not good...))
Akai: ((Wanna go into char? But first, just a note. When you say you heal
someone, I will, if you don’t say otherwise specifically, assume that you just heal
physical wounds, like cuts and broken bones, and not mental wounds, bloodloss,
exhaustion, curses, spells, depressions, confusion, etc etc, since that is standard.
Just for the record.))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((so, I'm in char now, k?))
Light: (Ok)

Kan enters this room
Akaihane keeps encouraging Light to remember her true form. He holds out his
hand to her. "That’s right! Concentrate to remember! Come here, and I will help

Akai: ((Hi Kan!))
Kan: ((Yo, hey have you seen anyone with a user name that kinda looks like a
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((nope))@kan
Kan: ((Aw crapperz on a stick....-.-))
Light: (How come? @ Kan)
Kan: ((Trying to look for him, didn't see him in days, weeks....yargh......))
Light: (That must be annoying... @ Kan)
Kan: ((Yup))

Cat takes a step 2wards Akaihane, then hesitates
Cat looks confused and... scared
Akaihane keeps holding out his hand, looking into her eyes, calmly. "It is all
right... come closer."
Cat moves a couple of steps nearer
Akaihane reaches out and gently places his hand on her wolf head. Then he
sends a wave of lifeforce into her that should make it easier for her to recall
memories of her true form. ¤Listen to me, Light. This is not how you used to
be.¤ He keeps looking straight into her eyes, almost demandingly.
Light: -Don't... know... Confused. Pack... somewhere nearby...-
Cat looks even more confused (if that's possible...)
Akaihane stares at her, not letting her look away from him. ¤forget about the
pack. Look at ME!¤
Cat blinks

Kan: ((sorry to bother you guys, bye))

Akaihane is still holding his hand on her head, soothing her with his warm life
force, and also sheilding her some from the wolves influence.
Kan exits from this room
Cat is struggling 2 remember... 2 concentrate... but can't quite manage it
Cat shrinks back a little
Akaihane looks a little desperate. "¤Come on, Light! I know you can do it!¤"
Cat closes her eyes, and then seems 2... shimmer
Akaihane blinks in surprise and removes his hand, waiting, watching, hoping...
Cat seems 2 literally fall back in2 her human form, and then falls backwards,
landing on her back, shaking violently and exhausted
Cat gasps a little
Akaihane smiles breifly out of releif and then helps Light up. "Are you all
Light: "Um... I don't think so..."
Akaihane then glances around nervously, wondering if the wolves are still
around. "But you remember, right?"
Cat is thinking something along the lines of: -That was awful!-
Cat nods, not having enough energy 2 talk out loud 4 very long... Appears 2 b in
Cat leans against a tree 4 support

Akaihane 's player notes that the wound in her neck should have been healed
when Xefir revived her
Light: (It is... She is still exhausted, though)
Akai: ((no kidding...))

Cat is gasping
Akaihane notes her condition and supports her. "You don't have to talk... please
sit down and rest. If the wolves are still around, I will go and take care of them."
Akaihane more or less forces her to sit down.
Cat is still unable 2 talk out loud -No... They'd kill u-
Cat is having trouble keeping her eyes open
Akaihane shakes his head firmly. "I have my powers back now, so I should be
able to put up a fight. And there is no way I will let them come close to you
Light: -No... There r 2 many of them...-
Cat draws her knees up 2 her chest, and rests her chin on them
Akaihane glances up at Xefir and she hurries over to them. He seems to be
communicating briefly with her and she takes Light in her arms and says with
her calm voice. "Easy now..." She strokes her forehead, at the same time
soothing her with her lifeforce. In the meantime, Akai stands.
Cat has bruises and barely healed cuts all over her from the fight with the black
Cat groans a little
Xefir starts tending to her wounds while Akai tries to locate the wolves with his
mind and determine if they are coming closer or not.
The wolves aren't coming closer... They're waiting
Akaihane is waiting as well, his senses alert, trying to think of a way to get out
of here and if possible, avoid a fight.
Cat lowers her head, trying hard not 2 cry
Yona is still mounted on her horse, which is moving around nervously.

Light: (The wolves won't come back for now. They're a little nervous)

Akaihane turns to Light. "You HAVE to rest. Don't worry, the wolves are not
moving to attack for the moment."
Cat says in a soft voice "I... led them... here. Its... my fault..."
Cat wipes her face with a hand
Akaihane doesn't reply to her confession, but Xefir strokes her hair and says in a
low, caressing tone. "Hush now my child... It is not your fault. Please rest."
Cat stares at the floor, biting her lip
Cat glances at her hands, which r bleeding
Cat 's eyes begin 2 close, and she's fighting 2 keep awake
Cat mumbles something
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akaihane leans against a tree, staring into the forest, his senses alert.

Wizard: ( so late)
Akai: ((hi wizard!))
Wizard: (heya!!! ^-^() )
Light: (That's ok)
Light: (Hiya DarkWizard)
Wizard: (hey light...)

Xefir places a hand on her forehead and calms her, trying to make her fall
asleep. "Don't fight it, my child... rest."
Cat 's eyes close, and she falls asleep

Akai: ((Light is not a wolf anymore, but she is weak, and more wolves lurk in the
forest. And that's the whole situation)) @wizard
Wizard: (i think i missed a as usual...)
Wizard: (lol o ok)
Wizard: (late post)

Cat mumbles something in her sleep
Xefir is pleased that Light is sleeping and slowly fills her with warm life force
as she does. It's not really healing, but it makes her rest even deeper and it calms
her soul.
Cat 's eyes fly open again, and she stares ahead, unseeing

Wizard: (k... im gunna be a bit slow fer a while... im trying to figure out the
situation...o.o;; lol)
Wizard: (...i have to assume ive been here the whole time...x.x)
Akai: ((we're just waiting to see what will happen. Akai is keeping watch so the
wolves don't try to attack, wishing for Light to rest, which she can't,

Cat says in a strange, unfamiliar voice "The Prophecy... The Prophecy for the
end of the world... Must be fulfilled"

Akai: ((*blinks* Ack! o.o,,))
Light: (She's having a vision... Sort of)
Akai: ((A terrible thought just struck me... do you guys know how to pronounce
Akai’s name?))
Wizard: (i always thought of it as aye-kay...o.o;; tho its probablly wrong...)
Akai: ((oh dear lord... ~_~,, ))@wizard
Wizard: (lol im no good at pronouncing stuff i havent heard spoken... i know, its
Light: (Um... I think I sort of know how to pronounce 'hane')
Akai: ((it’s japanese and I don’t even want to imagine what it might sound like if
you tried to say it in english. *shudders* Anyway, it’s supposed to be said
something like this in english: akêye-hâ-ne (the ^ marks where you should put
the stress.) so, there you know, just for the record. *feels a lot better now* ^_^,))
Wizard: (yea... i can pronounce hane...^^ its akai i got problems with lol XD)
Akai: ((hane does not rhyme with pane... just so you know...))
Wizard: (yea, lool thats what i meant... im jus no goo at spelling out pronounced
stuff... see? i was right!!!lol)
Light: (*Is not even going to attempt to pronounce that*)
Light: (I knew that...)

Akaihane glances at Light, but says nothing. Xefir frowns slightly. "What are
you talking about, my child?"
Cat is still talking in the strange voice "Fire... And pain"
Light: "The warriors must be chosen"
Xefir looks up at Akai and he moves over to Light and kneels at her side. "What
is wrong with her?"
Xefir just shakes her head.
DarkWizard101 blinks and looks over at Xefir, wondering the same as Akai...
Light: "The demons will arise... The gate will open. All of the worlds will be
subject to darkness"
Akaihane frowns, looking worried. "Light..?" But Xefir shakes her head again.
"It's a profecy. Don't interupt her, just remember what she says."
Akaihane follows his mother's advice and sits quiet, even though he doesn't stop
looking worried.
Cat is still staring ahead, unseeing "A sacricfice... A sacrifice must be chosen.
Someone will die..." Faints after she says this
Akaihane is a little pale. "Xefir, is she all right?"
Cat is pale, and her breathing is weak
Wizard: "Is--?" Stops, seeing how Akai said it first

(egh talk about bein slow today...-.-)

Xefir places her hand on Light's forehead, once again filling her with the
calming force. "She is exhausted, and resting JaniReil. Let her be."
Cat 's left arm is bent at an awkward angle, appearing 2 b broken
Akaihane doesn't look assured, but stands and starts pacing around the little
clearing, still on the guard for wolves and leaves the care of Light to Xefir. He is
kind of glad to get something different to think of as well.
Wizard: (we're in a clearing...? okay then...)

Cat 's eyes open again, but this time, she looks normal
Xefir keeps tending gently to Light's injuries. She can't heal, but she treats them
the best way she can.
Cat sits up, looking dizzy "Ow..."
Xefir puts her hands on Light's shoulders. "Little child... you need more rest than
Cat would object 2 being called 'little'... But doesn't have the energy 2 do so.
Akaihane stops at the end of the clearing, seeing how Light is up. But he stays
where he is.
Glances around once, then closes her eyes again, and falls asleep again

Akai: ((sorry Light, but Xefir doesn't mean any offence. Calling her 'little' she
does out of care and love.))
Light: (She doesn't object to being called child... Its just that being called 'little'
makes her feel really young and stupid....)
Cat 's player wonders how long she should keep her character asleep for
Akai: ((we can skip ahead a couple of hours))
Light: (*Yawns, feeling a little tired*)
Wizard: (back again)
Akai: ((you decide for how long you want her to sleep. Our chars won't do
anything during that time anyway.))
Akai: ((wb, Wizard))
Light: (I think maybe she should sleep a couple of hours...)
Light: (Wb)
Akai: ((ok, so lets say it's noon when she wakes up, then))
Wizard: (ty)
Light: (Ok)
Light: (N/p)

Akaihane is leaning against a tree, still keeping watch. Xefir is sitting by Light's
side. Walim is perching in a nearby tree, Yona is out hunting and the horses are
munching at the grass and leaves.
Cat 's eyes open slowly, and she stretches
DarkWizard101 is now perched in a tree silently in his falcon form, glancing at
everyone from time to time...
Cat winces as she stretches her broken arm "Ow..." Hadn't realised it was broken
until now
Xefir smiles at Light as she wakes up. "Careful, my child. You are still hurt."
Cat smiles a little "What happened?"
DarkWizard101 blinks once and looks up when he sees Light is awake. He calls
out to her in her mind <Hey there! You're awake!!!> ^_^
Cat waves at DarkWizard with her good arm, smiling "Hello"
Xefir says to Light. "You have slept for hours. And the wolves are keeping their
Light: "That is good... But they will just b biding their time"
Akaihane turns his head to Light where he stands, some distance away. He
smiles a little, but still looks worried about the wolves, since he can feel they are
still out there.
Light: "I'm sorry. They're here because of me. If I leave, then they will follow
me, and leave the rest of u alone..."
Cat waves 2 Akaihane
Xefir shakes her head. "My child, none of us here will agree to such an action."
Akaihane walks over to the others and sits down. He doesn't speak right away.
Light: "It may b the only possible course of action... Otherwise, they will just
continue following, and then, they will attack"
Rukrym enters this room
Cat glances down at her hands, half afraid that she might begin changing at ne
moment, and then attack the others
DarkWizard101 swoops down and lands carefully on Akai's shoulder, his eyes
on Light. <Let them follow... we're not letting you leave... they will tire of
following after a while...>
Akaihane says. "We will fight them, Light. Fight or run. But no matter what we
choose, we will do it together." The expression on his face says he won't argue
about this.
Akaihane gives Wizard a slight nod.
Rukrym keeping her path away from the idle garden, she moves along the
Forests path, heavy hoofed boots pounding the ground, making it vibrate under
each step. She groans deeply again sensing the same air and frowns
Cat sighs "But it may b the only way..."
Light: "And they won't tire..."
Wizard: <The only way or not... you're not leaving...>
Akaihane shakes his head firmly. "There is no way I will agree to that Light, and
you know it. If that is the case, Wizard and I will fight."
Cat says reluctantly "I could always lead them away from here, and then catch
up with u"
Akaihane glances at the falcon on his shoulder. "You are up for this, right?"
DarkWizard101 nods <Course I am... why woulnt I be....?> his voice seems
almost giddy
Akaihane says sternly. "You're not going anyway. Even if you were not hurt, I
wouldn't have let you go alone."
Cat is still staring at her hands
Wizard: <How about this... why dont we just get the idea of you leaving outaa
your head, eh?> He says to Light

Akaihane whispers to Rukrym Our character are seated in the grass of a small
clearing by the trail.

Akaihane stands. "Don't be silly, Light. We will move out right away. There is
no point in waiting here."
Cat tilts her head "U couldn't fight them... There r 2 many. U'd b killed"
Wizard: <Well atleast we could say we tried... besides... I think I'm right in
saying anyone would die for you as long as it makes you safe...>
Akai: "Not when I have my spells, and Wizard fights as well. I am sure we can
put up a fair match against a pack of wolves."
Rukrym is approaching the clearing at extreme slow pace... She growls, irritated
by the eventless grounds she keeps coming across. A brisk shake of the head lets
a blood curling screach escape her lips out of the blue... she is getting near.
Light: "And what happens if I change again, lose control, and attack u all?"
Akaihane twirls around at Rukrym approaches and his fingers fly to the hilt of
his dagger, a little TOO much on his guard.
Cat sighs
DarkWizard101 doesnt quite know what to say about that...o.o;;
Cat tilts her head again "Even if u won't let me leave, perhaps it would b better 4
me 2 travel some way apart from the rest of u. So that, if I do change, there's less
chance of me attacking u"
Rukrym 's hoofed boots keeps pounding the ground as she comes around the
clearing. Rukryms eyes narrow as she tilts her head; imposing horns peirce
striking glaciar hair... " Oh dear, another joyful crew " her voice is deep and
gasped upon by tormented screams
DarkWizard101 whirls around to look at Rukrym, a look of confusion on his
bird face
Akaihane says to Light, still keeping his eyes on Rukrym. "That is out of the
DarkWizard101 turns back at Light and nearly snaps <Youre not leaving, under
any circumstances are you leaving...>
Rukrym groans idly and sways her head to the other side, her feet slamming into
the ground spreading a fair distance from each other. The bladed tips of the
hooves dig into the ground fiercly. Rukrym eyes Akaihane perplexed " Ugly am
i so?" she snaps... a singular tail whips out from under her robe and slashes
about.. " So Rude it is to stare.." Her voice begins to turn slowly..
Akaihane adresses Rukrym, not letting his guard down. "Who are you, and what
do you want?"
Cat stands, and begins backing away, watching her hands 4 ne sign of the
Cat uses the distraction of Rukrym arriving 2 dart away through the trees
Rukrym 's eyes keep narrowing, violet irises glisten... Flicks her hand to the side
irritated and begins to approach Akaihane, only the tip of her feet meeting the
ground with harshness... " Nothing do i want " She smirks as her body sways
along, her tail whipping behind her. Rukryms horns still keeping their imposing
figure glisten aswell...
The howling of wolves is heard
The wolves' howling is getting fainter, as they are obviously following Light
DarkWizard101 suddenly notices Light took off and within a second, leaps off
Akai's shoulder, and flies after her
Akaihane forgets all about Rukrym and turns around with a growl.
"AmeriChizeil!" He jumps into the air and takes his phoenix form, flying after
Light like a dart.
Cat can no longer b seen through the trees
DarkWizard101 follows his senses and soon catches up with her...
Cat is running, but is slowing down
DarkWizard101 shifts into his human form and runs swiftly through the trees,
now able to atleast hear her running...
Cat gasps
Rukrym blinks perplexed and sneers... another eventless pit she thinks and keeps
on her way as usual
Walim and Xefir remains in the clearing. Xefir stands gracefully and bows
slightly at Rukrym.
After a second he catches up with her and grabs her from aound the waist and
lifts her up, jumping into the air at the same time...
Cat has the wolves snapping at her heels, but is somehow managing 2 stop
herself changing
DarkWizard101 kicks at one of the wolves as he darts up...
The wolf snaps at DarkWizard's foot, just missing him
Light: "Put me down!"
Akaihane lands by Light and Wizard and takes human shape, not looking too
happy, but he saves the scolding for later and faces the wolves, raging. "¤SOUL
DarkWizard101 hold her in a remarkably firm grip "No..."
DarkWizard101 yells "Akai be careful!"
The wolves stop, 3 humans with magical powers being too big to handle without
all of the pack there
Rukrym is stopped by a bowing 'thing' she blinks again, eyeing it... Her head
leans downwards as she keeps staring..not blinking anymore, but a deep growl
begins to grow... Rukrym can hear all the havoc in the background but doesnt
really care
Akaihane ignores Wizard, twirling around and casting spells at every wolf he
sees. --SUZAKU-SHIN!!-- "¤SOUL WING!!¤"
The wolves back off, leaving. For now
Cat struggles violently

Akaihane 's player notes that Xefir is an old woman and Walim is a bird.

DarkWizard101 flies down next to Akai and sets Light down, though he doesnt
look too happy....
Cat grabs on2 a tree 4 support
Rukrym still considers it a 'thing' for the moment being and inhales deeply... Her
eyes frosted in anger
Akaihane turns to Light, his eyes flaming. He is very close to start yelling at her
in fengish, but tries to calm down somewhat. "Light, you complete idiot! What
were you thinking??"
Wizard: "What were you thinking!?Hm?" He demands
Cat says nothing, but her eyes r flashing
DarkWizard101 His voice is almost shaking from both anger and relief...
Xefir takes a step back, not acting theatingly in any way. "I have no wish to
cause you trouble... Please forgive my rude little jani."
Akaihane strides up to Light and grabs her by her wrist. (on her unharmed arm)
"Do you want us all killed!!?"
Cat glances at her hands
DarkWizard101 runs his fingers through his hair and walks a few steps away
Cat snaps "U wouldn't b in danger at all if it wasn't 4 me!"
Rukrym 's eye narrow in a now idle way... She shakes her head at the old thing
and pounds her way around her. Nothing in the air seems to be captivating...
Rukrym moans irritated and smashes her now clawed fist against a small
tree...watching it soar into the air
Wizard: "And you wouldnt be here if it werent for us....."
Akaihane is raging. "And this is NOT danger I assume?? I thought you promised
to try to not push yourself you chizeil!"
Xefir watches Rukrym's power display calmly without a word.
Light: "If I wasn't here, then the black wolf would never have tried 2 attack u!"
DarkWizard101 turns around and sets a hand on Akai's shoulder "Calm
down......" Though he doesnt sound too calm himself..
DarkWizard101 shouts "And if we werent here you would be one of them!!! Is
that what you want!?"
Light: "It seems as though whenever I'm around, u, or another of my friends, is
in danger because of me... Mayb it would b better if I wasn't around at all"
Rukrym lets a huff of air escape her lips... voices seem to plee for savior... She
grumbles and slouches against a stomp, trying to find a core..
Akaihane lets go of her wrist. "If you wish to get yourself killed, then fine!" He
shakes Wizard's hand off his shoulder. "You can't say I didn't try!" At those
words he shapeshifts and is out of there before anyone has the time to blink
Cat bites her lip
Xefir watches Rukrym calmly.
DarkWizard101 atemps to yell after him "Hey!!! Come back!!"
Cat blinks
Akaihane doesn't come back. He is hurt very deeply in his soul.
Rukrym exits from this room
Cat slumps against the tree, 1 hand 2 her mouth "Ohh..."
DarkWizard101 looks down and speaks softly to light, almost whispering. "We
dont want anything to happen to you..." He looks up.."see to it that this NEVER
happens again... and when Akai comes back, if he comes back, I think atleast an
apology would be nice... you know how he feelz about you... Now lets go..." He
turns back and waits for her to walk in front of him, heading back to the
Cat walks back 2 the clearing, barely thinking straight

Akai: ((I gotta go ooc too...))
Light: (Oh, ok)
Wizard: (lol so do i...when'll u be on again?)
Akai: ((monday, and then tuesday))
Light: (I might be able to come on Tuesday, though probably not Monday)
Wizard: (two days in a row? okay then...)
Akai: ((gotta run... you take care, ok? and for heavens sake... please stop
hurting poor Aki-chan's feelings...))
Wizard: (baibai... see u monday)
Wizard: (i have to leave as well...)
Wizard: (see you all later, eh?)
Wizard: (*dashes out*)
Akai: ((yeah. *bows and is out*))

Day 15

Forest trail, noon, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Wizard: (hi!)
Wizard: (...?)
Wizard: (hey ill brb, k?)
Wizard: (k im back...o.o;;)
Wizard: (hello?)
Akai: ((ok.. so I don't like my comp and my comp doesn't like me...))
Akai: ((sorry about that, but my comp decided to crash when I exited the
Wizard: (lol wb)
Akai: ((so, back to the story which is getting more and more frustrating every
moment... Xefir is still in the clearing, quite confused, but still calm. Walim is
perching in a tree, clueless and Yona sits at some distance, bored))
Akai: ((Light and Wizard is back in the clearing, and Akai is nowhere to be
Wizard: (right)
Akai: ((and that's that. I'll be on for 40 min))
Wizard: (i dunno exactly how long ill be one but...)
Akai: ((so, it's your call to take the story forward...))

DarkWizard101 runs his fingers through his hair...He wants to go after Akai, but
doesnt know if he should leave Light...But then he remembers that Xefir is there

(all haile Xefr!! lol)
Wizard: (ag i spelt haile wrong...)
Akai: ((she is great, I know... ^_^,))

Xefir watches the two with her old, calm eyes. "Master Wizard... Lady Light...
where is Shem?"
Xefir doesn't look very worried, she is just... calm as ever.
DarkWizard101 turns to Xefir, his eyes almost looking a bit lost...(o.o;; if
possible lol) "Erm... he kind of...took off..."
Xefir just nods once, not looking too surpriced, mostly sad. "I see."
DarkWizard101 is still debating with his damn concience... "I'm....egh...I'm
going to go look for him... might I ask a favor...?"
Xefir gives a slight bow. "Yes master Wizard?"
Wizard: "Might I ask you keep an eye on Light until I come back...? I dont want
her running off again..."

Akai: ((Xefir's motherly calmness is exactly what this group needs.. lol))
Wizard: (lol i know)
Wizard: (mai char is, like, stressin' right now... he never has to think so hard!

Xefir turns to Light, seeing how she is lost. "So I will, master Wizard." She
takes Light's hand, firmly but still gently. "Come here, my child."
DarkWizard101 bows his head briefly. "Thank you. I'll be back... hopefully with
Xefir leads Light over to a tree and helps her sit down, calming her with her life
force until she falls asleep.
Xefir just gives Wizard a slight nod and doesn't speak.
DarkWizard101 watches after them for a second, then quickly turns back to the
way he came, and shifts into his falcon form...
Akaihane can be sensed not too far from the clearing, his aura weaker than it
usually is, and Wizard should be able to feel he is standing still for the moment.
DarkWizard101 glances around then opens his wings and flies slowly, glancing
around as he goes, trying to figure out exactly where Akai is standing/perched...
Akaihane is standing against a tree a bit further into the forest, his eyes closed
and his face quite pale, as if actually physically ill.
DarkWizard101 suddenly stops, feeling Akai is really really close, and quickly
darts into a tree where he can look around...
Akaihane feels someone approaching and knows who it is without turning
around or opening his eyes. He just says, in a quite strange voice. "I am such an
DarkWizard101 skips a few branches and lands in a tree a little way away from
him. <You're not an idiot... nobody knew she was ACTUALLY going to run
Akaihane is breathing heavily and looks more tired than he should. He rams his
fist into the tree behind him, still not opening his eyes. He doesn't comment on
Wizards statement, but says. "You shouldn't have left Light alone. I want you to
take her back to the castle."
DarkWizard101 can finally see him and shifts into his human form, quickly
brushing his pale bangs out of his eyes. "It's alright... she is with your mother..."
Akaihane doesn't reply nor turn around, just clenches his fists, silently cursing
Akai: "This was a bad idea. I will go to Semsol alone."
DarkWizard101 chuckles "No you wont..."
Wizard: "Look... it's not your fault... don't blame yourself...she's fine now..."
Akaihane shakes his head, his eyes still closed. "She's not fine. She never will
be. She doesn't trust me."
Wizard: "She trusts you! She trusts you more than she trusts any of us!!"
Wizard: "...And you know that..."
Akaihane sinks down on the ground, his back against the tree. He doesn't look
up, but is even paler now than before. (if that is even possible) "She doesn't. It
might be better if she actually gets what she wants. I can't, and I won't try, force
her to obey me."
DarkWizard101 crouches down next to him. "You dont need to FORCE just need to convince her...."
Akaihane shakes his head, saying nothing.
Wizard: "She still has it in her head that she is only causing trouble for us...."
Akaihane finally looks up, though not at Wizard. His eyes are strangly large,
making him look even paler. "I'm sorry Wizard-san. I am acting like a fool."
Wizard: "you're not acting like a fool.. you're upset, that is understandable..."
Akai: "...."
DarkWizard101 sighs and runs his fingers through his hair again (egh... its a
weird habit of his...x.x) "Come on... you dont look so good...let's go back and try
to figure this out..."
Akaihane turns to Wizard and speaks with a kind of toneless voice. "You are
right. I will talk to Light. If she chooses to leave, I trust you to take her back to
the castle. You will do that, right?"
DarkWizard101 looks down for second, then nods "......If that's what she wants
to do...then I'll agree to bringing her back......"
DarkWizard101 looks up. "But if she doesnt want to go... then it's totally up to
her...I'm not going to try to make her..."
Wizard: "I'll keep my mouth shut and let her do what she wants..."

Wizard: (lol theres a first for him...^^)
Akai: ((lol ^_^))

Akaihane lowers his gaze again. "Thank you." For a moment looks like he
wanted to say something more, but doesn't, just looks kind of miserable.
DarkWizard101 stands up. "I say we get out of this creepy place..." He nods
back towards the clearing. "C'mon..."
DarkWizard101 smiles and reaches down to give him a hand up
Akaihane stands as well, keeping one hand on the tree, not letting Wizard help
him. He still look strange, almost as if in chock. "I beg forgiveness for my
behaviour. Now, lets return to the others." He starts walking, not waiting for
wizard to reply.
DarkWizard101 blinks and runs his fingers through his hair AGAIN (~.~) and
walks with Akai again...

Wizard: (egh... for some reason I want to drag Kira into the storyline...o.o;; I
dun know why though...)
Wizard: (
Akai: ((you are free to do so))

Akaihane walks in complete silence, only stumbling once, not seeming to care
DarkWizard101 crams his hands in his pockets, trying not to throw them
through his hair again, and walks without saying anything also, not really
knowing what to say exactly...

Akai: ((I have to go, but see you on tuesday when we are all here, hopefully))
Wizard: (k ill see ya then! ^_^)
Akai: ((yup! take care! *runs out at high speed*))
Wizard: (baibai!)

Day 16

Forest trail, noon, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hi Light!))
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((Wizard and I played very shortly on our own this sunday. What happend
was basically that Wizard left Light in the clearing in Xefir’s care and went out
to look for Akai. He was only gone for a few minutes and he is just about to
return with Akai, so hopefully (please..? o.o,) Light didn’t try to run away
during that time.))
Light: (She didn't)
Akai: ((ok, thanks... I guess we really should wait for Wizard. Did you hear
anything from him today?))
Light: (Is DarkWizard coming on today?)
Light: (No)
Akai: ((ok... well, I guess we could play some))
Akai: ((hmm... I'm gonna try something))
>[Akaihane] Your invitation has been sent to Tneme.
Cat 's player notes that she only has about an hour on here now
Akai: ((oh, ok... that's kind of bad))

Tneme enters this room
Tneme slips in through the shadows of a tree, "Yes, Akaihane?"

Akaihane 's player would very much like to know what was in the box Tneme
gave him some time ago.
Light: (Blame my sister... She wants to get on the computer... *Makes a face*)
Akai: ((ok... then we have no choice but to play alone))
Tneme notes it was booby trapped, with poison, buuuut....There was a very nice,
sharp dagger inside, but you'll have to find out ICly.
Light: (Aargh! Stupid thing! Sorry)
Akai: ((eck..? well, my char never opened it... but I thought if I ever wanted to, I
had to know what was in it, or I couldn't play it right.)) @Tneme
Akai: ((so, there's a dagger... and poison (?) in it?))
Tneme: (( Damn straight. ))
Tneme exits from this room

Light: (*Glances at the story she's been writing*)
Akai: ((the Keep hates me... *sobs*))
Light: (What happened?)
Akai: ((sorry about that, my comp crashed... but I'll be in char now))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((so, Light, Yona, Xefir and Walim are all in the clearing and Akai and
Wizard are just making their way back there.))

Akaihane walks up to Light, looking strangely pale and kind of tired. He doesn’t
look angry, nor really sad, but his eyes are empty, like he has lost all hope.
"Light. Could you please listen to me for a moment?"
Cat looks at him
Akaihane continues without waiting for an answer, his voice toneless. "I don’t
care that you are hurting my feelings, and most likely, I don’t even have the
right to be mad at you. It is my own fault for believeing in dreams. But for you
own sake, you should make a choice."
Cat looks down at her hands, but doesn’t say nething
Akai: "Either, you could leave us. Wizard has promised to take you back to the
castle. That might very well be for the best. You will be safe there. And there is
really no point in you watching the trial."
Yona snickers from where she stands, leaning against a tree. "The execution,
rather." But Akai ignores her and continues.
Cat bites her lip
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akai: "Or, you can chose to stay, accept our protection and go with us to
Semsol. Either way, I will give up my feelings for you. I was an idiot to believe
how I felt would make a difference.. It’s my own fault, so you don’t have to

Akai: ((hi wizard! we just started... Akai is telling Light to make up her mind..))
Light: (Hello!)
Wizard: (k im here... i noticed that u guys aint been here too long either, yes?)
Wizard: (*pants* the keep hates me...)
Wizard: (oh..okay then! *mumbles* i didnt miss anything...YAY!)

Akaihane continues after a brief moment of silence. "Me and Yona are going to
Semsol. For the rest of you..." He looks at each person in turn. "..that is up to
your own free will. I won’t try to rule over any of you ever again."
Cat studies her fingernails 4 a moment, trying 2 think of what 2 say
Akaihane faces Light again. "If you ever would want my protection, then know
that I will always be there for you. But I can’t do more for you than I allready
have without forcing you."
Cat gets 2 her feet with some difficulty
DarkWizard101 glances at Light for a second, but doesnt seem to have anything
to say at the moment...
Akaihane falls silent, obviously done and obviously waiting for a reaction from
Light and the others.
Cat tilts her head slightly "U know, u..." Her voice trails off, and she frowns
Akaihane doesn't move nor say anything, just watches Light, waiting for her to
Cat shakes her head slightly 2 clear it "I mean... Um..."
Wizard: "................"

(oh the ''dot dot dot's'' lol)

Cat sighs "Akaihane, the only reason I wanted 2 leave was because I didn't want
2 put u or ne1 else in danger..."
Akaihane says shortly. "I know that."
Light: "Can u honestly tell me that, if u were in my position, u would not want 2
do the same?"
Akaihane says calmly. "No, I wouldn't leave your side."

Cat 's player wonders if those 2 posts made a lot of sense
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane o.o;; *reads*...Yona is such a ***** at
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ((lol... I know... I can't help feel for her
just a little, though.. ^_^,))
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane (lol)

Light: "So perhaps it would b best if I just left. Went off somewhere where I
couldn't hurt ne1"
Akaihane says almost sharply. "That would be at Rhodry's castle." He turns to
Wizard. "I trust you to take her there. At once."
DarkWizard101 looks down for a second, then looks back up at Akai. He looks
almost a bit sad, but it hard to tell. "yea.......sure thing........."
Cat shakes her head "U don't understand... I can't b near ne1"
Yona, who is watching the conversation with some interest, smirks, but still
keeps quiet.
Akaihane 's eyes narrows at Light's words, but he doesn't say anything.
Light: "Because I'll just attack them the moment I change... How many people
do u think live in the castle?"
Cat answers her own question "2 many"
Akai: "The wolves can't come into the castle. And besides, there will be persons
who can help you there."
Light: "Yes, they can. They still have their magic. That didn't change with them.
And there is no cure 4 this"
Light: "So, if its all the same 2 u, I will just go somewhere where there is not the
risk of me killing ne1"
Akaihane 's eyes darken slightly. "All the same? I would rather face an army of
dragons by your side than live safely without you, but I know that doesn't mean
anything to you. You're making it sound like I was the one to descide... which
you prove over and over again that it's not."
Cat walks away, going... somewhere
Cat picks up a sharp stick from the ground
Cat continues walking, gradually disappearing in2 the trees
Akaihane watches her leave, with an expression no one can tell the meaning of.
then he suddenly turns around and walks over to the horses.
Cat stops suddenly, eyes narrowed
DarkWizard101 runs his fingers through his hair, looking from Light, or when
she WAS here, and back to Akai...
Cat leans against a tree, 1 hand pressed 2 her head, gasping a little
Akaihane takes the reins of his and Xefir's horses and leads them over to her. He
helps her sit up in silence, then sits up on his own horse. "Are you coming,
Wizard?" He isn't facing him.
DarkWizard101 looks up, his eyes a bit wild, maybe even confused
"Something's wrong..."
Akaihane says to Wizard. "When isn't it?"
Cat screams once, then falls against the tree
DarkWizard101 hears Light scream and very suddenly dashes into the trees,
weaving through each one quickly and silently, looking around to see where she
Cat screams again
Akaihane remains where he is, closing his eyes...
DarkWizard101 calls out, still looking around "Light!!!???"
Yona has mounted her horse and is looking impatient. So is the horse.
DarkWizard101 ducks under a branch and looks around "Damnit where IS
Cat is leaning against a tree, her eyes wide "Noooo!"
Xefir rides over to Light and demounts. "What is wrong, my child?"
A man with fangs appears in front of Light, reaching for her arm
Cat gasps "No!" Raises her sharp stick, holding it in front of her, and drops in2 a
warrior's stance
Vampire: *Grins* You couldn't use that!
Xefir puts out a hand infront of Light. "¤RAY WING!¤" A flash of lightning
strikes just infront of the man, enough to blind him.
Cat 's face is pale, but she looks calm "Yes, I could!"
Vampire: *Doesn't seem to be affected by the attack*
Light: "Where r the children?! What have u done with them?!"
Akaihane is suddenly at Light's side, saying nothing, just lunges at the vampire
with his dagger raised.
Cat raises the stick again
Cat pulls Akaihane back "Daggers won't work! Here!" Hands him the stick
Vampire: *Laughs* What makes you think I'm going to tell you?
Akaihane looks surprised for a second, then sheathes the dagger and takes the
stick, still saying nothing. He twirls around, facing the vampire again, his eyes
Akaihane leaps straight at the vampire, aiming with the stick at his heart.
Vampire: *Grabs Light by her shoulders, his fangs darting and striking at her
Vampire: *Is holding Light in front of him like a shield*
Cat gasps as his fangs sink in2 her neck, then begins struggling
DarkWizard101 suddenly appears behind the vampire, quite on accident really,
and sees akai in front of him. he puts his fingers to his lips and walks forwards
Akaihane sneaks around the vampire and then strikes for his back, still trying to
pierce his heart from behind.
Cat draws 1 foot back, then kicks the vampire in the shin, driving him
backwards and on2 the stick
Vampire: *Growls, then turns to dust*
Akaihane takes a step back, looking at the dust.
Cat remains standing 4 a moment, then sinks 2 her knees, 1 hand pressed 2 her
Cat mumbles something
DarkWizard101 blinks then suddenly crouches down next to Light, gently
moving her hand from the bite. "let me see....."
Xefir immediately tends to Light's wound.
Akaihane watches for a while, looking kind of miserable, then he just turns and
walks back to the horses.
Cat 's neck is bleeding quite badly. She seems 2 b losing a lot of blood, and is
swaying slightly
Cat mumbles "The children..."
Wizard: "??"
Cat reaches 1 hand out 2 the stick that should now b on the floor
Xefir says softly. "Hush, my child... don't speak."
Light: "They... took... the children. As sacrifices"
Light: "No... Have 2... Stop them. Blood of innocents... Opens the gate..."
Cat grasps the stick, barely having the strength 2 lift it
Akaihane stands by his horse, his back against Light and the others. Silently, he
strokes the horse's muzzle.
Xefir firmly grabs Light's shoulder and looks at her with her gentle eyes. "More
blood will be spilled if you go now, my child..."
Light: "Its going 2 happen soon... It needs 2 be... stopped"
Xefir says to Light. "The world's fate does not rest on your shoulders alone, my
child. You need to see this before it is too late. There are people who care for

Light: (Aargh! My sister wants to get on the computer!)
Wizard: (o.O() )
Akai: ((I'll be on wednesday, thursday and sunday this week))
Wizard: (really?! lol)
Light: (Ok... I'll try to get on tomorrow or Sunday, but, if not, I'll probably be
able to come on Tuesday next week)
Light: (*Runs out*)
Wizard: (o.o;;; bai.........)
Light: (Bye)

Cat exits from this room

Akaihane 's player sighs... "my char can't take much more of this... he'll have a
heart attack."
Akai: ((oh well... do you wanna go somewhere? I don't mind))
Akai: ((if it's ok with you, I will log on as Ki to get a break from all this tragedy.
How much time have you got?))
Wizard: (*shrug* i dunno... where u wanna go...?)
Wizard: (late post...aaarrrggg whats up with this!!!? yea, u can go on as ki...
give poor akai a break...)
Wizard: (i have a good ten to fifteen minz...o.o;;)
Akai: ((I can go whereever. open up your forest, and I'll let Ki explore it.))
Wizard: (...maybe a bit more...)
Wizard: (ok jus a sec... lol we'll see if i can do it
Akai: ((ok, see you there... *dashes off to change char.*))

Day 17

Forest trail, noon, day 2

Akai: ((umm... but your char said it was going to happen right away, no?))
Light: (Light had a vision, and its of the future. Or a possible future. But she's
confused as to whether its going to happen then or later)
Akai: ((oh, I see. Well, lets get back into char, shall we?))
Light: (Ok)
Wizard: (*jumps rather enthusiastically into char*)
Light: (*Blinks*)
Wizard: (eh heh...^-^;;)
Wizard: (im as immature as DW at times! lol!)
Wizard: (okay anyway...*jumps back into char*)

Xefir is still holding one hand on her shoulder, calmly. "My child, please
reconsider your actions..."
Light: "If the sacrifice happens, then a lot of demon worlds r going 2 b
Light: "And they're all going 2 come in2 this 1..."
Cat leans back against the tree
DarkWizard101 looks at Light thoughtfully for a second, then gets up and walks
over to where Akai is, by the horses

(or...i THINK thats where he is....)
Akai: ((yeah, Akai's by his horse))

Cat rubs her forehead
Cat sighs "It might not even b happening now... Its getting hard 2 tell now..."
Grimaces slightly "Like it was ever easy b4... But its gotten worse"
Xefir continues to comfort Light. "Hush my child... leave it for now... rest..."
Cat stares at the sharp stick in her hands
DarkWizard101 looks at Akai " okay...?"
Cat staggers 2 her feet, swaying slightly
Akaihane doesn't turn around nor answer, just continues to stroke the horse's
Cat pulls another sharp stick off of a tree, then pushes her sleeves up, revealling
a strange black thing made out of rope on each of her arms
Cat tilts her head slightly "There's going 2 b vampires all the way ahead of us... I
need 2 b prepared. I won't let myself b caught off guard like that again" Touches
her neck lightly with 1 hand
Cat fastens the stakes on2 the things on her arms, then flexes her wrists slightly
DarkWizard101 looks like he wants to say something, but instead, he turns
around and walks down the path a little ways n sits on a rock restin his chin in
his hands...

Wizard: (he speaks!!! lol okay thats enough... damn kool aide got me hyper
again... ill try to controll myself...^-^() )
Akai: ((squints at Wizard...))
Wizard: (o.o;; he squinted at me!!!!!!!!!! its the end of the world!!!!!!
Light: (*Blinks* I think you may be slightly insane, DarkWizard...)
Wizard: (O.O() insane...? me? as the great Derek....? nah, i not crazy....
or i dont think i a... does a madman know he's crazy, or does he go by the
thoughts put in his head...?)
Light: (I don't think a mad person does know that he's insane... Derek?)
Wizard: ( oh, lol thats my name irl...)
Light: (Oh...)
Wizard: ( a habit of mine... mai friend always jokes around, callin me 'derek the
great' now i kinda slip here n there and add it to quirky
Wizard: ( u din know thatwas mai name...? wow... i thought i'd told all mai
online friends, mainly so they wouldnt ask....)
Light: (I'm not sure you're supposed to give out your irl name on Chats...)
Light: (I've never asked anyone their irl name... 'Cept my ex-boyfriend)
Wizard: ( i think it REALLY crashed on him...)
Light: (It used to do that a lot on me... Now its quite rare)
Wizard: (i give out mai irl name just cuz.... only mai first name though, so its not
like they could hack me or anything like that...)
Akai: ((sneaks back with his tail between his legs and his ears drooping and
sinks down in his corner, too mad to even complain... ~_~,,))
Light: (*Has just saved her Dad's work, in case the computer does crash*)

Cat looks down at the contraption on her arm, and sighs a little "Ok... Now its
time 2 check if these still work"
Xefir says to Light. "So you are going to come after all?"
Cat shrugs
Cat glances at Xefir "I won't come if I'm not wanted..."
Cat aims her arm at a far tree, and flexes her right wrist slightly... The stake flies
forward, and embedds itself in2 the trunk
Cat smiles a little "That 1's good... Now the other 1..." Does the same thing with
the other arm, and gets the same results
Xefir says to Light, her voice gentle. "Didn't you listen to him, my child?"
Cat walks over 2 the tree, and pulls the stakes out, then turns back 2 Xefir "I
may have been 2 upset 2 listen 2 ne1..."
Cat sighs again, her eyes dark with sorrow "Pain and grief does that 2 u..."
Cat fastens the stakes back 2 the contraptions, and pulls her sleeves down once
again 2 cover them
Cat picks up another sharp stake, and tucks it in2 her belt

Wizard: (ag i have to go in ten mins... whats up with my family lately...? ever
heard of chattin fer more'n an hour...?)
Light: (I get that a lot at my dad's...)
Akai: ((ok... this is getting slighlty irritating..))
Akai: ((if it crashes again, I won't bother coming back... yeah, I got them
Wizard: (okay... n btw...i only got like seven mins.....*sigh* mai parents are just
Akai: ((it's ok... I'll be on tomorrow though))
Wizard: (same here)

Cat stares down at her hands
Xefir watches Light. "You are not the only one in grief."
Cat bites her nails
Yona looks restless and irritated, trotting about on her nervous horse. "Some of
us want to get to Semsol you know!" She glares at Light.
Light: "I just don't want ne1 else 2 get hurt because of me... But it seems like
people don't want 2 understand that"
Light: "Every1 I ever cared about has been hurt or killed... I just want it 2 stop"
Xefir says to Light. "Shem understands, my child... He understands far too well
because he feels the same way."

Akai: ((is your char not here anymore, wizard?))
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ((I'll get on with Nimm tomorrow...))

Cat bites her lip, and stares at the ground, not saying nething
DarkWizard101 suddenly gets up, looking way beyond irritated and walks
starait up to Yona, his silver eyes flashing. "YOU are REALLY getting on my
nerves!!!!! Shut up or I swear to god I'll--" He stops, trying not to say what he
desperately wanted to, and just glares at her for a second before turning back
around and sitting back down

Wizard: (nah, i was

Xefir looks at Light with her motherly calm. "Come with us, my child. It will be
for the best. Time will prove me right."
Yona looks down at Wizard with a cold smile, but her eyes are flaming. "You'd
WHAT now, darling?"
Cat chews on a fingernail "I..." Glances at Akaihane, her guilt and sorrow
obvious in her eyes
Akaihane has his back turned towards the rest, more or less leaning against his
Cat sighs a little

Wizard: (egh i have to go....*glares at dad irl*)
Light: (Bye)
Wizard: (buh bye... ill see ya tomorrow...)
Akai: ((see ya tomorrow))
Light: (I can't come on tomorrow... Or, if I can. it'll be later)
Wizard: (bye....*dashes out really fast...will be on at three thirty my time
Akai: ((be here 3 o clock sharp... *squints*))
Akai: ((oh well... 3.30 then... whatever))
Akai: ((I'll be on for an hour only tomorrow, and I cant get on next tuesday,
Light: (In that case, I may not be able to come on again until the Tuesday after...
Though next Saturday might be ok *Oocly underlines the might*)
Akai: ((I probaly won't be here next saturday...))
Light: (In that case, it'll probably be the Tuesday after next...)
Akai: ((yeah))

Xefir holds out her hand to Light. "Come on. You know you can't survive for
long on your own."
Light: "That is true... But... I'm worried..."
Cat 's eyes r still dark with remembered pain
Xefir shakes her head. "No need to be worried, my child... These two warriors,
and you as well, will give a good fight before laying their lives down. Giving up
would be the only mistake to do in this situation."
Light: "Ah... That wasn't the only thing I was worried about..."
Xefir: "Then what was it, my child?"
Cat sighs "Um, well, I care about Akaihane..." Silently adds: and am in love
with him (but doesn't say it out loud) "But all I do is hurt him and push him
away... I guess he hates me now"
Xefir smiles even more gently now then before and takes Light's hand. "Lady
Light... True is that Shem feels rejected, but it isn't as much due to your actions
than to his own dreams. Know that you owe him nothing, but you could give
him everything."
Cat blinks, looking a little confused "Er... What does that mean?"

Akai: ((I have to go, i'll explain later... lol))
Akai: ((take care! *hurries out*))
Light: (Ok... Bye)

Day 18

Forest trail, afternoon, day 2

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Wizard: (ag i have to go....)
Wizard: (im grounded really really bad...n i only got 20 mins today...)
Light: (Oh, bye)
Light: (How come you're grounded?)
Wizard: (um... i kinda failed two subjects n lied about it....)
Light: (That's not good...)
Wizard: (look um... tell akai that ill try to be on sometime this week... i think the
keep dumped him...)
Akai: ((*growls* stupid computer...))
Light: (Ok, I'll tell him)
Akai: ((*jumps up and down waving* I'm here, I'm here!!))
Light: (Wb)
Wizard: (oh! lol hi)
Akai: ((aww.... well, see ya later wizard, I think I'll be here thursday. take care))
Wizard: (um... i hava go.... but um.... email me, usually i can check mai mail
every night, but no im or chatrooms...o.o;;)
Akai: ((*takes a deep breath* It's really been a while... lots of things happened
latetly, so I had troubles getting on))
Akai: ((bye, wizard!))
Wizard: (o.O() )
Light: (Bye)
Wizard: (buh bye!!! *dashes out really fast, hoping that if he kisses ass long
enough he'll be able to get on later in the week...)
Akai: ((remember where we left off? I'll paste in the latest posts to get us back
on track. If possible, I would like to speed up the playing somewhat from now
on, hopefully skipping a lot of time forward.... if that's alright))
Akai: ((and that's it. This was two weeks ago...))
Light: (Oh, I remember now...)
Akai: ((it's ok. feeling ready to continue?))
Light: (Uh-uh)

Xefir only smiles. "It would not be fair to be talking about Shem like this behind
his back. Let me suggest that we leave this place and that you speak to him
about all this when you are ready."
Light: "I guess..."

Akai: ((ugh... it was so long since I played Akai... I have to mentaly get into
Light: (I know what you mean...)
Xefir offers Light her hand. "Come on, lady Light."
Cat takes Xefir's hand
Xefir leads her back to where Akai is, with the horses. Yona is watching them
coldly, but says nothing. Akai isn't turning around.
Cat ignores Yona
Akaihane finally turns and looks at Light. Well, not exactly AT her, but... He
grabs the reins of his horse and leads it over to her.
Akaihane makes a gesture as to help Light onto the horseback. "Here..."
Cat climbs on2 the horse
Xefir watches the two and then gets on her own horse. Yona turns her horse
around and starts down the trail.
Akaihane walks after Yona, not saying another word.
Cat says in his mind -What? U aren't riding?-
Akaihane simply shrugs. ¤no¤
Cat stops the horse, and gets off "U r riding..."
Akaihane doesn't stop nor turn around. "Don't be stupid. You're the one that is
Light: "I can fly in this form... Besides, there is something else that will let me
ride it"
Xefir glances at Light with her calm eyes.
Akaihane isn't answering.
Cat gently pushes the horse over 2 Akaihane, then looks in2 the trees
Akaihane glances back to see what Light is up to and half-heartedly grabs the
There is a small flash of white, and then a unicorn steps out of the trees and trots
over to Light
Akaihane can't help being somewhat amazed by the unicorn, but it doesn't show
much. He gets onto the horse and starts off trotting down the trail.
Cat gently pulls herself up on2 the unicorn, which stands perfectly still, and
then, once she is safely on it, starts following the others

Akai: ((if it's allright with you, I would like to skip ahead to evening. Otherwise,
we will never get anywhere))
Light: (Ok)

Cat looks down at the unicorn's mane, thinking
The hot afternoon slowly turns into a cooler evening, as they steadily rides on
southwest. They ride in silence, and doesn't stop to rest, since they horses had a
long nice rest earlier this morning.
Cat glances around
The sun sets behind the treetops and twilight falls. When it is almost
compleately dark, Akai holds in his horse and demounts.
The unicorn stops without any encouragement from Light
Akaihane leads the horse over to a tiny stream and then moves over to a cave,
almost hidden behind the bushes. "This is IwotHura. We will be safe here for

IwotHura, evening, day 2

Cat dismounts, and the unicorn moves over 2 the stream
Cat looks around, frowning a little 2 herself
Yona shakes her hair and then takes phoenix shape, swiftly flying away among
the trees, leaving the horse behind.
Xefir gets off her horse and leads it and Yona's horse over to the stream.
Akaihane leans against the outer wall of the cave.
The unicorn glances over at Light, who shrugs
Xefir binds the horses to the trees and then moves over to Light. "How are you
feeling, my child?"
Cat looks at Xefir, but sounds slightly distracted as she says "As well as can b
Xefir smiles gently. "You need to get a good rest tonight."
Cat continues 2 look around "Hm..."
Walim, who has been missing for a while, swoops down from the sky. She takes
one look at the IwotHura, fluffs her feathers in disgust, and decides to perch in a
high tree.
Xefir gives a slight frown. "Anything the matter?"

Light: (Is this the second day?)
Akai: ((yeah... time is moving foreward reeeaally slowly ~_~,,))

Cat glances at Xefir, and then blinks "Oh, I'm sorry... Something passed through
here, and I was trying 2 find out whether the Tree Spirits knew where it was
headed or not"
Xefir says in her soft voice. "'Something', my child?"
Light: "I..." Sighs "Its a necklace of great importance... And that is all that I am
allowed 2 say"
Xefir doesn't look very troubled, she is as calm as always. "What do you say,
lady Light? Shall we get some rest?"
Light: "I guess..."
Akaihane stands by the cave's entrance, silent. He looks a bit tired, but mostly
just... emptied of feelings.
Cat looks over 2 the unicorn, and gives a barely perceptible shake of her head
Xefir walks towards the cave, gives a smile and a glance at Akai. Her eyes
gleams in that special way they do when someone communicates mentaly, and
then steps inside.
Cat whispers something mentally 2 the unicorn, who bows her head,
acknowledging it

Akai: ((if there is something to happen during the night, we should change
room. Otherwise, we can just skip to next morning))
Light: (I'm not planning on anything happening during the night...)
Akai: ((alright then... lets just say that they are sleeping then? Finally some
speed to this storyline... ^_^))

The cave is dry and pretty clean inside, and would be quite cosy and
comfortable if the floor was smoother... It seems to be quite large, but it's to dark
to tell for sure. Xefir lays down on her coat to sleep. Yona is still missing and
Akai and Walim stays outside.
Cat leans against the cave wall, but just stares in2 the distance, unable 2 get 2
sleep at first

Light: (We could just skip a couple of days...)
Akai: ((nah, that wouldn't be right. After all, Akai and Light should talk to
eachother within a couple of days, right? If we skip ahead too much, the
situation would be strange.))
Light: ( guess you're right... But there doesn't seem to be much chance of them
talking at the moment...)
Akai: ((No, that's for sure. But they have to talk sooner or later. I'd like Wizard
to join the story too. Anyway, I have to go now.))
Light: (Ok, bye)
Akai: ((when we pick up the story, we should start out at next morning. I'll be on
thursday, saturday, sunday, tuesday... or something like it))
Light: (Ok, um... I don't think I can come on Thursday, or, if I do, it'll be after 9
London time... Saturday might be possible. Sunday, definitely no. Tuesday,
Akai: ((ok then... see you when I see you. Take care! *hurries out*))
Light: (Bye)

Day 19

IwotHura, morning, day 3

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Light: (I thought you said that there wasn't going to be a change in rooms...)
Akai: ((ok... so it's morning the third day...))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((I didn't say that... lol... Akai wouldn't go NEAR the snowleopard cliff...))
Light: (I meant when we finished Tuesday...)
Akai: ((oh yeah... that's right... *smacks forehead* my mistake ^_^ we'll have to
change back in a while, then. sorry))
Light: (*Glances at the time, and listens for sounds that means that her dad's
going to come in and want to use the computer*)
Akai: ((anyway, I'm going into char now))
Light: (That's ok. I was just commenting on that fact)
Light: (Ok)

Akai: It's a cold morning, but the first rays of the morning sun can be seen
outside the cave, glittering in the little stream. Some birds are chirping and it
seems to be a hot day. Xefir is sleeping...
Cat wakes up, uncoiling herself as she does so, and then walks out of the cave,
having just sensed something
The unicorn trots up to Light, and holds out her leg, which is bleeding from a
nasty-looking bite
Akaihane is sitting outside the cave, his back against the cliff. He looks up
slightly as Light exists the cave, looking tired.
Yona is perching on a high branch in her black phoenix shape. She shakes her
wings and peers down at the people below.
Cat groans quietly as she spots the unicorn's leg, then takes a piece of cloth,
soaks it in water, then uses it 2 carefully wash the wound
Cat takes a bandage and some herbs out of the saddle bags, places the herbs next
2 the wound, and then wraps the bandage around the leg, holding the herbs in
Akaihane watches Light tending to the unicorn, wondering to himself what
happened and if he maybe fell asleep since he didn't notice anything happen...
Cat straightens up, and wipes a hand across her forehead "There. Unfortunately,
its the best I can do"
Xefir walks out of the cave slowly, with one of her usual gentle smiles on her
face. She says nothing though.
Yona preens a few feathers lazily.
The unicorn bows her head to Light, then trots over to the stream, and has a
Akaihane lowers his gaze, remaining seated by the cave's entrance.
Cat leans against a tree
Xefir walks over to Light, after eyeing the unicorn. "What happened?"
Cat looks up, slightly startled "What? Oh, sorry. Her leg got bitten by wolves.
She strayed a bit far from here, and was attacked"
Xefir frowns just slighlty, remembering their last incident with wolves. "Wolves
you say?"
Akaihane glances up, but keeps his mind to himself.
Xefir watches the unicorn. "You shouldn't ride her, my child."
Light: "Not those wolves... Normal wolvs. Predators. They see meat, and they"
Shrugs "Go 4 it. The bite was clean. I don't think that it was infected, but I added
some herbs with properties against infections just in case"
Light: "It wasn't my idea... She's been following us since we left the castle. I
might have known that 1 of them would"
Xefir nods slowly. "It should all be well..."
Xefir turns back to Light. "One of them?"
Light: "1 of the unicorns, I mean"
Xefir looks slighlty surpriced. "You have unicorns at the castle?"
Cat glances around, her expression confused
Xefir notices her confusion. "What is the matter, my child?"
Cat shivers slightly "I'm... not sure. Just... emptiness. Like a whole part of
somewhere near here was wiped out, leaving behind no trace"
Cat stares at the unicorn, her expression worried
Cat glances down, as she sees a piece of paper fluttering on the ground next 2
her foot

Akai: ((gack! there is someone here i'd REALLY need to see as Nimm... I'm so
sorry, but I don't have much time left in any case... I guess I'll see you on
Light: (Probably)
Light: (I should probably come off now anyway...)
Light: (See you)

Day 20

IwotHura, morning, day 3

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hi))
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((I'll put up the latest posts))
Light: (Sorry)
Light: (Ok)

Akai: Xefir notices her confusion. "What is the matter, my child?"

Akai: ((umm... I have to go. My dad needs the phone line. Sorry. I'll be back as
soon as I can))
Akai: ((in the mean time, please go tell Drew in the east tower hello from Nimm
Light: (Ok... *Runs out to do that*)

Cat exits from this room

Akai: ((*back*))
Light: (W/b)
Akai: ((it's morning the third day by the way))
Light: (Oh, Drew said to tell you he said hi as well by the way)
Akai: ((^_^))

Xefir watches Light, but looks more calm than worried. "Do you want to leave
this place, lady Light? I am afraid you can not ride your unicorn however..."
Light: "I know..." Bends and picks the piece of paper up, and opens it, then turns
Xefir eyes her as she reads. "Lady Light?"
Cat shakes her head "I... Its nothing. Something that I wasn't expecting, that's
all" Slips the piece of paper in2 her pocket
Xefir looks at her with her calm eyes. "You shouldn't be hiding dangers from us,
my child."
Akaihane slowly stands up by the cave entrance, but doesn't do anything else.
Light: "Its... not danger. Not exactly. Its a message"
Xefir raises her eyebrows slightly. "For you?"
Cat sighs, then takes the piece of paper out of her pocket again, and hands it 2
Xefir takes the paper and looks at it.
On the piece of paper is a wizard's hat with *8 on it, a necklace, then an arrow
pointing 2wards a house with white things floating around, and then another
arrow pointing onwards with the first picture repeated
Light: "The messgae is drawn in pictures in case ne1 other than me picks it up"
Xefir looks at the symbols for a while and then shakes her head. She hands the
paper back to Light. "Can you understand this?"
Cat nods slowly "Yes. It is saying that 8 wizards, carrying the necklace, went
in2 the Haunted Castle, and then left there, still with the necklace in their
Akaihane moves over to the horses and starts saddle them up silently.

Light: (*Frowns* Ok, I'm pretty sure that that last word is not spelt right...)
Akai: ((it looks right to me, but I'm not the right to say so, I guess ^_^,))
Light: (I think its only supposed to have 3 s's in it...)
Akai: ((surprice, it WAS right spelled ^_^))
Light: (It was?)
Akai: ((*nods*))
Akai: ((no wait, I take it back o.o,,))
Akai: ((no, it WAS right... sorry ^_^,,,))
Light: (Make up your mind... It was either right or it wasn't)
Akai: ((it's RIGHT, RIGHT I tell you! ^_^,,))
Light: (Ok, ok... Sorry. Its just that I'm an awful speller)

Xefir asks. "The necklace?"
Light: "The thing I sensed last night... Though I can't actually tell ne1 what
significance it has"
Xefir still seems to take things calmly. "What are we to do, Lady Light?"
Cat slowly shakes her head "There is nothing that can b done... I cannot take the
necklace from them in my weakened state... Besides, they don't yet know how 2
tap in2 the power. If they did, they would have done so already"
Xefir suggests: "Do you want to continue towards Semsol then?"

Light: (I think that Light's telling Xefir more than she should about this

Cat nods
Akaihane leads his saddled horse over to Light and Xefir grabs the reins of her
Yona gives a huge bird yawn and then flutters down to the saddle of her horse,
preening her right wing, still in phoenix shape.
Cat looks at Akaihane "Didn't we already have this discussion? I can walk
perfectly fine. Or fly. It doesn't take THAT much energy"
Cat absently puts the piece of paper back in2 her pocket
Akaihane eyes her and then says, not sounding angry or sad, just tired. "Take it
or leave it." Then he starts walking eastwards, not waiting for her reply.
Xefir looks after Akai and then turns back to Light. "Please don't be angry at
him. He means no harm."
Cat folds her arms, glaring after him, then gives the horse a nudge in his
Xefir continues. "And really, you should not be walking, young lady."
Cat sighs "Its not him I'm angry with... If I'm angry at ne1, its myself"
Cat shrugs "I can fly instead" Stretches her wings a little
Xefir looks at her with her gentle mother eyes. "Then why don't you take his
Light: "It wouldn't do much good if HE'S exhausted..."
Cat says something privately 2 the unicorn
Akaihane is allready out of sight. Xefir sits up on her horse. "I can't make you,
young lady, even though I might have wanted to..." She smiles, not angry.
Cat flaps her wings once, then lifts gracefully in2 the air
Cat looks around at everything

Akai: ((comp crash...))
Akai: ((I have to go now anyway. sorry about that))
Light: (Ok. Bye)
Akai: ((I won't be on next tuesday... I'm going to see a Chistmas Carol on the
Light: (Hm... I'm not sure when I'll next be able to come on...)
Akai: ((have you noticed Cyrin hasn't been here in a while? It's relieving... ^_^))
Light: (I noticed...)
Akai: ((gotta go... I might be on thursday, saturday, sunday, monday... then
thursday next perhaps... well see ya sometime! *hurries out*))
Light: (Ok, bye)

Day 21

Highlands, morning, day 3

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((so, Light is flying, Akai is walking and the rest is riding, I suppose))
Akai: ((is the unicorn still with us?))
Light: (Um, I don't know. Light told her to go back home, but she may have just
decided to follow them, keeping out of sight)
Light: (There's also a riderless horse... I really think that Akai should ride...)
Akai: ((oh, ok. I'm not planning on anything to happen, do you? If so, when do
you plan it to happen? We might skip ahead a bit...))
Light: (I wasn't planning on anything happening for a while yet, so we may as
well skip ahead)
Akai: ((yeah I know. Well, Akai is still upset about Light's run-away-episode and
to be honest, he doesn't even know Light isn't riding, since he is a bit ahead of
the others. Not for long though, I suppose))
Akai: ((when do you want to jump back into the story again? Noon? Afternoon?
Light: (I guess she should apologise for that soon and explain that she knew that
she wasn't in any danger...)
Light: (I don't mind)
Akai: ((Hmm... you do that, but I doubt it will do any good. Akai is blaming
himself for it and thinks he got what he deserved in a way))
Light: (*Makes a face at the way her typing seems to be going kaputt*)
Akai: ((well ok then... I'll just act like the storyteller and you interupt me
whenever you feel like it. K?))
Light: (What? Why???)
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((Lol... it wouldn't be fair to Akai to tell you ooc... you'll find out in time
anyway ^_^))
Light: (I guess...)

The little group rides along the narrow trail, leading steadily southwest. The
terrain is slowly getting a bit steeper, and rockier. ((is that a word?))
Walim is missing most of the time, but from time to time, she flies by the riding
party, as if to check on them and then fly off again. She never perches on Akai's

Light: (If it isn't, it doesn't matter... Just don't use it while writing normally)

The air is cooler here and even as the sun rises to it's highest, it isn't too hot.
Cat looks around, showing some interest in the surroundings

Akai: ((what's that supposed to mean? ~_~,))
Light: (If its not a word, then using it in everday sentences could be
Light: (Aargh! I always spell that wrong!)
Akai: ((lol I see))

None of them talks much, and Akai always keeps ahead of them, most of the
time out of sight.

Light: (*Grabs a dictionary, and looks up the word 'embarrassed'* Oh, that's
how its spelt)
Akai: ((^_^))
Light: (You should know by now that my spelling is awful....)
Akai: ((it's not as bad as mine ^_^))
Light: (Whatever comment I make to that will probably sound wrong, so I'm not
saying anything)
Light: (Or make no sense...)
Akai: ((lol, I wouldn't mind))

Yona looks bored, but doesn't complain, actually, she is kind of content since
they are finally making some progress.

Highlands, afternoon, day 3

Afternoon comes, and they havn't stopped yet. They are walking forward
steadily, but the horses are getting a bit weary still.
Cat decides that she should start walking as her wings are getting tired, so she
lands gracefully, and continues walking
The skies cloud up a bit, but it doesn't seem to be rain within soon, but it gets a
bit colder. It should be obvious they are gettin up in the highlands. The air is
different and the trees are getting sparse.
They are still in the forest though, just a different type of forest.
Cat shivers a little, and wishes that she had thought to bring a cloak with her
Xefir glances down at Light and nods towards the Akai's horse that is still
following them. "Why don't you get some well needed rest, Lady Light?"
Cat blinks "I think that Akaihane should ride..."
Xefir smiles gently at her, but her eyes are sad. "He won't ride, my child... Right
now the horse's powers are wasted."
Cat sounds plaintive "And u don't have 2 keep on calling me 'Lady Light', you
know. Just Light would b fine"
Xefir replies. "As you wish, Light."
Cat says in a low voice "He should ride... He's the 1 who says that he's going 2
protect me, but how can he do that if he's exhausted?"
Yona smirks to herself. "What ever did you do to my Shem darling, Kitty?" She
takes phoenix shape and flies to the horse's head and perches between it's ears,
not minding it gets a bit spooked.
Cat glares at Yona "I told u not 2 call me that!"
Xefir watches her for a while, then turns her gaze forward. "That question shoud
be asked to Shem and not to me, my child."
Yona doesn't reply, just gives a soft mental laughter and shuffles her wings.
Cat blinks again "It wasn't exactly a question, more a statement. Neway, I don't
think he wants 2 talk 2 me"
Cat grits her teeth, but says nothing
Xefir doesn't answer anything at first.
Cat glances down at her palm, noticing that it is bleeding from where she's been
digging her nails in2 it
Cat rubs her palm a little, making a face
After a while, Xefir speaks up. "Wether it is your right or not to judge him, I
don't know. But I do know that he is suffering. And you are not even to blame
for half of it. Surely you must understand that this journey is not easy for him to
Light: "I know that..."
Light: "But I'm not exactly helping him a lot... All I've done so far is get in the
Light: "And cause arguments"
Xefir gives a light sigh and shakes her head. "It might not be fair to be talking
about my jani behind his back... but I think you need to know that he is not
angry at you. Only at himself."
Cat sighs
Cat says more 2 herself than 2 Xefir "I'd talk 2 him if I knew what 2 say..."
Xefir continues. "And even though it might seem so at first, I don't think he
would reject you if you tried to talk to him about it. ... and on the other hand, it
could be good for him to think over his feelings alone."
Light: "I don't want 2 argue with him again... I hate arguing with him"
Cat bites her nails
Cat appears 2 b shaking, and looks quite pale

Light: (My dad just said that he needs to get on the computer in a few minutes...)
Light: (I have to come off very soon...)
Light: (*Taps her fingers against the desk*)
Akai: ((sorry, comp crash))
Light: (I have to go now. Sorry)
Akai: ((oh, ok.. see ya later))
Light: (I might be able to come on Saturday...)
Akai: ((I should be on then))
Light: (Ok. See you then, hopefully. Bye *Runs out*)

Day 22

Highlands, afternoon, day 3

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((so... it's afternoon the third day, right? was anything going on at the
present? do you remeber?))
Light: (Um... I don't actually remember... I've had 3 assignments to finish, so I
kind of have them on the brain at the mo)
Akai: ((xefir and light was talking about if light should talk to akai or not))
Light: (Oh, right. I remember now, I think)
Akai: ((so, they're just walking/riding, and the sun is setting))
Light: (Ok)

Cat glances around

Akai: ((are you going to talk to Akai or to you want to skip to night?))
Light: (I guess skip to night... Light still isn't sure what to say to him)
Akai: ((great... oh well))
Light: (I'll make her talk to him in a little while...)

Highlands, evening, day 3
As the sun is setting, they walk over an open area, like a moore, with only a few
trees. The horses are looking a bit tired
Cat makes some attempt 2 run her fingers through her hair in order 2 get the
worst of the tangles out
Akaihane stops, still a bit ahead of the others, by a little cliff, over looking a
walley with a river below.
Akaihane glances at Xefir, and the glint in his eyes reviels that he is talking to
her mentaly.
Xefir turns to Light, watching her with her calm eyes. "We will rest here tonight,
Lady Light."
Cat sighs, giving up on her hair
Light: "I don't mind..."
Xefir slips off her tired horse, and it shakes it's mane and starts grazing the short
Akaihane stays by the cliff, not turning around.
Cat folds her arms, and stares off in2 the distance
Xefir unsaddles her and Akai's horse and lets them graze freely around the
Cat glances at her right hand, almost as if expecting it 2 b growing fur
Yona leans back in the saddle, yawning widely and looks around with mild
To the west is a high ridge of bluish mountains, not too far away, standing in
their way on the journey to Semsol.
Cat glances back the way they came
Back east it's downhill, leading to the forest they just crossed.
Cat sits on the floor, and clasps her knees 2 her chest
Yona actually takes of the saddle and reins off her horse for once and lets it join
the others. She leans against a tree, watching the scenery without real interest
Cat glances at her hand, and sees that it is beginning 2 become covered with
brown fur. With obvious effort, she fights the transformation, and her hand
returns 2 normal
Xefir glances at her, noting something isn't right. "Lady Light?"
Cat bites her lip. "Nothing... Just... They're close..."
Cat stands up again, her eyes worried
Xefir tilts her head slighlty. "They..? you mean the wolves?"
Cat nods
Light: "Not close enough 2 attack... But not far enough away 2 stop me from
risking transformation..."
Xefir watches her calmly and gently. "Don't worry, my child. We won't let them
come near."
Akaihane looks up from where he stands, and looks straight at Light.
Light: "Its not them I'm worried about so much... U may end up having 2 tie me
up 2 prevent me from attacking ne1"
Akaihane 's hand touches his clan dagger by reflex, and he is obviously on
Cat glances in Akaihane's direction, then looks down at her hands again
Xefir says, still perfectly calm and soothing. "Don't worry about it, dearest."
Xefir continues. "We will protect you from anyone, even if it is yourself."

Akai: ((I have to go now))
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((take care! and a merry cristmas and a happy new year to you!))
Light: (You too)

Day 23

Highlands, night, day 3

Akai: ((Xefir was talking to Light about the wolves, right?))
Light: (Uh, yeah... Light was saying that she may need to be tied up to prevent
her from attacking anyone)
Akai: ((that's right. and sun is setting, Akai still upset, the stubborn idiot...
Light: (You can't blame him for still being upset...)
Akai: ((maybe not))
Light: (Light hasn't exactly tried to explain anything to him...)
Akai: ((at least he is on his guard against the wolves. He doesn't have a
deathwish... yet ~_~,))
Light: (Yet? Oh dear)
Akai: ((lol ^_^))

Xefir says to Light. "Please don't be afraid. I will raise a shield around the area,
and the others will help as well. Please just try to relax and get some rest, my
Akai still watches them from where he stands, obviously on his guard, but keeps
Cat looks slightly worried "I don't know if a shield will work... The wolves have
their own powers"
Cat stares at the cliff, biting her lip, obviously nervous about something other
than the wolves...
Xefir says to her, still not worried as it seems. "Don't you worry, my child. Let
us take care of the enemies, and you concentrate on being yourself."
Cat stares at her hands
Xefir takes Light's arm gently and starts leading her over to a huge tree. "Come.
Cat says almost 2 herself "Do we HAVE 2 rest so near 2 a cliff?"
Xefir turns her head to Light. "What do you mean, my child?"
Cat shakes her head slightly "Did I say that out loud? Sorry. Its nothing"
Xefir eyes her. "Please don't hide anything from us."
Cat continues 2 stare at her hands. "Its... Just... I don't like cliffs..."
Xefir guestures for her to sit down. "I'm sure it will be alright."
Cat sits down, attempting to get her fear of cliffs under control
Xefir then closes her eyes for a moment, clasping her hands together, erecting
the shield.
Cat leans back against the tree, closes her eyes, and falls asleep instantly
Xefir smiles gently at the sleeping Light, and talks for a moment mentaly to her
The sun is setting, darkness is falling. 4 pairs of eyes keeps watch in the night.

Light: (Ok... A sleeping Light is extremely boring, because I can't do anything
with her)
Akai: ((lol... I see the point. if you want anything to happen, you play the wolves,
otherwise, we'll skip to morning I guess))
Light: (Nothing happens at the moment... The wolves can't actually find their
Akai: ((skip to morning then?))
Light: (Yeah, ok)

Highlands, morning, day 4

Ok, so morning comes, a cold, crisp morning, with dew everywhere, making
them all feel wet and a bit miserable.
Akai is sleeping, Walim keeping the watch for the moment. Yona is missing,
Xefir is still by Light's side, but it's not really posible so say if she's alseep or
Cat opens her eyes and stands up, stretching, making a slight face
Xefir stirs slighlty and smiles up to Light. "Slept well, my child?"
Walim stretches her wings, and yawn a huge birdy yawn, ruffling every feather.
Light: "Well... Apart from bad dreams... Fine"
Xefir gets up, looking as if she has slept throught the night, but you'd suspect he
hasn't. Akai is sleeping, exhausted, as he should be.
Cat looks over 2 where Akai is sleeping, her eyes softening
Walim starts preening her wing in the morning sun's rays, looking content.

Akai: ((I will have to leave. Take care, and Merry Christmas! ^_^))
Akai: ((..and a happy new year... o.o,,))
Light: (Bye. See you some time)
Akai: ((yeah, but I might take a break for a while, I don't know. But I will be
back some time. ^_^ You take care! *hugs*))@Light
Light: (You take care as well *Hugs back* @ Nimm)
Akai: ((*skips out, sining a silly song* ^_^))

Day 24

Highlands, morning, day 4

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Light: (Ok, that was confusing...)
Akai: ((sorry ^_^))
Light: (Just to warn you, I may have to leave suddenly if my brother wakes up...)
Akai: ((I'm hoping my comp won't crash, but if it does, please have patience with
Akai: ((ok))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((So, it's the morning the 4:th day, am I right? They are waking up, Akai is
still asleep, though))
Light: (I think that that's about right)
Akai: ((ok then))

Walim peers in the direction of Akai and shakes her wings. Then she flies to
Light's shoulder and perches with a content chirp, starting to preen her
Xefir turns to Light. "Are they still close?"
Cat looks slightly confused "I'd say that they were close... But something seems
2 b blocking our trail from them, I think"
Cat pets Walim a little
Xefir says. "Hmm? A different force than ours?"
Walim fluffs her feathers in delight and rubs her head against Light's cheek.
Cat nods "I don't know what it is... But I do know that we have been followed by
some1 or something"
Yona stirs slighlty, peering down at then from a nearby tree, where she perches
in her black phoenix shape.
Cat strokes Walim's head
Xefir says. "Does it seem to be of a good nature, my child?"
Light: "I'd say yes... Its been following us since we left the Ruined City. If it had
wanted 2 harm us, it could have done so already"
Walim lets Light stroke her, and then continues to preen her feathers.
Xefir glances back, not being able to sense anything. "We should confront it
then, I suggest. Whatever it is, it could be of help."
Cat shakes her head slowly "Flame has been near since we left my son's castle...
He has advised me that it would b better 2 leave it alone"
Xefir bows her head almost unnoticable. "As you say, Lady Light. Do you want
us to move from this place?"
Cat glances over at Akaihane "Perhaps it would b better 2 let him sleep... There
seems 2 b no apparent danger at the moment"
Xefir turns to look at her sleeping son with mild eyes. "My little jani... he is
Cat looks concerned about Akaihane
Cat sighs "I know..."
Walim finishes her preening and huddles on Light's shoulder, resting.
Light: "I'd transfer some energy 2 him... But I don't think he would like it"
Xefir turns back to Light. "My shield is still up. Noone should be able to come
close without me knowing about it. But it depends off course, on the enemies
magic skills."
Xefir says to Light. "No, my child. You need your own energy. Just let him rest
for now, and he will be fine."
Light: "Their magic is extremely high... The leader of the pack is almost as old
as time itself"
Light: "But their power has made them... arrogant. They r not good at being
subtle and sneaking around"
Xefir frowns just slighlty. "What does he want with you, my child?"
Light: "I was bitten by 1 of them... With a child's help, I was able 2 fight the
change. But they call 2 their own"
Walim suddenly lifts from Light's shoulder, darting off towards the rising sun.
She flips in the air, catching something in mid-air.
Cat blinks
Xefir watches her, concerned. "You have to focus on who you really want to be
now, Lady Light."
Walim lands on the ground with a huge, purple dragonfly in her talons, and
starts eating.
Cat sighs "Sometimes I don't know who I am nemore... There r so many things
I'm not sure about..."
Cat says almost under her breath "Especially now..."
Xefir says. "Think about those who care for you. Hold on to your love towards
them when you have to fight against them. And yourself."
Xefir hugs her gently. "My dear child..."
Cat hugs back
Cat stares off in2 the distance, biting her lip
Xefir lets her go and looks into her eyes. "You must be strong. For your sake,
and for ours."
Light: "Its so difficult..." Sighs "And I'm not that strong... Not now..."
Akaihane stirs slighlty on the ground, and sits up, running his hand through his
messed up hair. He blinks into the rising sun.
Xefir says with her soothing voice. "We will be here for you."
Cat bites her lip again "I wasn't strong enough 2 stop them when..." Stops
Xefir shakes her head. "Do not think back, my child, look at the future and fight
for it."
Cat mumbles something
Akaihane glances over at Light and Xefir, feeling a bit stupid to have slept for
this long. But he stays on the ground, rubbing his arms.
Cat looks over at Akaihane, and smiles, seeing that he's awake
Walim flies over to Akai and lands on her master's arm, greeting him with chirps
and headrubs.
Akaihane catches Light's gaze and sees her smile. He would have wanted to
smile back, but can't. After a moment, he lowers his head.
Cat sighs
Xefir looks at her mildly, but says nothing.
Cat thinks that she should really talk 2 Akaihane 2day
Yona suddenly stands beside them in human shape, stretching and yawning.
"Hey. Let's go."
Cat bites her nails
Yona then suddenly glances back at Akai and they exchange glances, and by the
look on their faces, they talked mentaly. Yona grins in triumph and Akai looks
away, out over the cliff, stroking Walim's back.
Yona strides over to the horses and starts saddeling hers, obviously in a better
mood every day.
Xefir watches Yona for a moment, but her face doesn't really show what she is
thinking. Then she turns back to Light. "Are you ready to go on, my child?"
Cat nods
Xefir gives her a final smile and moves over the horses and Yona.
Cat glances back the way they came, seemingly trying 2 see something
Akaihane stands up and talks in a low voice to Walim. He sounds a bit sad, but
the words can not be made out.
Akaihane then walks towards the others, and Walim hops to his shoulder,
Cat looks worried about Akaihane again
Akaihane bows his head and gives Light a pale smile as he passes her. "Good
morning..." He continues over to the horses and helps Xefir saddle them up.
Cat says really softly "Morning..."
Yona mounts her horse and Xefir and Akai leads a horse each up to Light.
Walim perches on the saddle on Akai's horse.
Akaihane looks at Light, his eyes tired, but not angry or bitter. "Do you still
refuse to ride?"
Light: "If it means that some1 else can't ride, yes"
The horse nudges Akai in the back with it's muzzle, but he doesn't seem to

Akai: ((egh... that can't be the right word...))
Light: (What can't be the right word?)
Akai: ((muzzle))
Light: (You could use nose... Or head...)
Akai: ((at least you get what I mean... but what it is called? ..I suck at english...
~_~, sorry))
Light: (Or you could just skip the 'with it's' completely)
Akai: ((I guess))
Light: (That's what I tend to do when I'm writing)

Akaihane looks at her for a moment, then lowers his gaze just slighlty, and it
seems at first he won't respond.
Akaihane then looks back up at her, with a kind of hopeless expression on his
face. "Look... I don't mind walking. Really. You have to save your strength.
For..." But he doesn't say what he was about to say.
Light: "And if u insist on protecting me, u will have 2 save ur strength... Ur
already exhausted enough as it is"
Akaihane says nothing. "......."
Cat looks at him "Do u WANT me 2 ride...?"
Yona groans from her horseback. "Merciful heavens... do we HAVE to go
through this conversation every time we are going somewhere? If it means we'll
get there sooner, then for crying out loud, Kitty, use MY horse!"
Cat glances over at Yona "I think I'll walk..."
Akaihane glances at Yona and then back at Light. He says nothing, waiting to
see Light's reaction.
Yona snorts. "Why are you being so darn stubborn? You're not exactly helping
Cat ignores Yona
Akaihane says. "Yes Light, I want you to ride."
Cat says with great reluctance "And u won't wear urself out walking?"

Akai: ((I'm gonna go now... take care and Happy new year, by the way ^_^))
Light: (Happy New Year to you as well)
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((hope to see you soon! *waves and runs out*))

Day 25

Highlands, morning, day 4
Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((hey, thanks for putting Akai on your profile ^_^ I'm honored... but you
SHOULD know how Akai feels for your char...))
Light: (I know... But Light isn't exactly sure)
Akai: ((remember where we left off? Light just asked Akai if he would be fine
Light: (Yeah... I think that Light finally decided to give in...)
Akai: ((that's good ^_^ I'll be in char now))
Light: (If my brother wakes up, I will probably have to leave... Just so you know)
Akai: ((wakes up? lol... well, I have about 40 mins))
Light: (He shouldn't wake up... But he hasn't exactly been sleeping well over the
past week)
Akai: ((me neither... ~_~, I'm sick...))
Light: (What's wrong?)
Akai: ((just a cold, but I've slept a lot... at the wrong times... ~_~,, it's passing,
Light: (My brother was REALLY ill last Friday... My dad and step mum ended
up taking him to the immediate care center. He ended up with about 3 different
Akai: ((oh no, why?))
Light: (I'm not entirely sure. It was just a virus or something. He's only 2, so he
can't actually tell us how he feels)
Akai: ((ah, I thought he was older. Sorry. I really hope he'll get better))
Light: (He should be all right. But, as I'm the only 1 in the house at the moment,
I have to keep on checking on him, and, if he wakes up, go up to him)
Akai: ((that is understandable))
Light: (Well, I'll let you know if I have to leave to check on him)
Akai: ((that's ok))

Akaihane looks into Light's eyes, calmly, but his gaze somewhat pleading.
"Please Light, I'll be fine! Walking won't hurt me!"
Cat sighs a little "Well... If u insist..."
Walim ruffles her feathers, looking slighlty uneased about something where she
perches on the saddle. She shifts her weigh from one foot to an other, peering
down at the two.
Akaihane smiles, looking a bit relieved. He hands her the reins.
Cat climbs up on2 the horse, not happy, but lacking the strength 2 argue with
Walim reluctantly flies to Akai's shoulder.
Yona turns her horse around and starts riding up the trail.
Akaihane silently strokes the side of Light's horse.
Cat pushes the horse in2 a gentle trot, then looks down at Akaihane "I think we
need 2 talk..."
Xefir casts a glance at Light as if checking on her and then follows Yona.
Akaihane walks alongside Light, not answering at first. "......."
Cat is struggling 2 think of the right words
Akaihane finaly says. "I'm sorry, Light. I know I havn't exactly been acting....
the way I should."
Cat sighs "I really should apologise... I haven't exactly treated u fairly"
Cat shakes her head "Its not u that has 2 apologise..."
Akaihane looks down at the trail. "It's not your fault."
Akai: "Well, it is. It's all due to my own foolish dreams."
Walim flaps her wings once, tilts her head and peers up at Light.
Light: "It IS my fault... I've been feeling really guilty about the way I've been
treating u 4 ages"
Cat smiles a little at Walim
Cat looks down at the horse
Akaihane tires to sound calm, but his voice is a little toneless. "I don't mind. I
shouldn't have let it get to me."
Walim shifts on Akai's shoulder, obviously a bit uneased by the conversation.
Cat looks at him again "Akaihane, we're friends... We should b able 2 talk about
things with each other"
Cat sighs "Instead, it just feels like most of the time, I'm talking 2 myself..."
Akaihane looks up at her. "What do you want to know?"
Light: "Or, we end up arguing with each other..."
Akaihane looks a bit taken back by her comment, but doesn't know how to
answer it. He thinks it over, and lowers his gaze, feeling guilty.
Akai: "...that's not my intention..."
Light: "And that's something I don't think that I can cope with..."
Cat sighs again "Its not something either of us intend... But it just happens"
Akaihane walks in silence for a while. "......."
Cat stares down at her hands, which r shaking as she grips the reins of the horse
Akaihane takes a deep breath and says. "My one wish in life is to make you
happy. Maybe I can't. But if there's something I can do to take you closer to
happiness, let me know, and I will do it."
Akai: "I know I am a burden for you... but yet you don't want me to leave. I..."
Akaihane brushes some hair out of his eyes, looking slighlty desperate. "..I just
don't know..."
Cat shakes her head a little "Ur no burden..."
Akaihane says. " just said you can't cope with it..."
Akaihane sighs, looking lost and tired.
Light: "I can't cope with the fact that we keep on arguing when its so obvious
how we feel about each other..."
Akai: "I'm sorry Light... I did try my best. Maybe this is for the better..."
Cat closes her mouth, unable 2 believe she just said that
Akaihane doesn't answer to that, just closes his eyes for a breif second, turning
his head away.
Cat sighs, and looks off 2 the side, fighting 2 keep from crying
Akaihane says after a while. "That is what makes it feel so hopeless." For a
moment it sounds as if he is fighting the tears, but then his voice become steady
once more. "I thought my feelings would change something. But they didn't. I've
learned from my mistakes."
Cat says so quietly, it is barely heard "It changed something..."
Akaihane looks up to her, as if asking what, but doesn't say anything.
Akaihane turns his gaze back to the trail.
Akai: "For myself, I don't mind getting hurt. But if I hurt you..."
Cat stares at her hands "But then... I didn't realise what was happening at my
son's castle, so there was no way that u would have"
Cat looks a little surprised
Akaihane looks back up at her. "huh?"
Cat sighs "Its something 2 do with manipulating a person 2 do what u want... I
can think of no other way 2 explain it"
Akaihane frowns. "Who is?"
Light: "Not is... Was. It... Well, u saw it fail when u stopped me from jumping
out of the window..."
Walim flaps her wings again and peers up at Light with her blank eyes.
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akaihane says. "I'm not sure I understand..."

Wizard: (*pant*)
Akai: ((hey ^_^))
Wizard: (hey guys!!)
Light: (Hello!)

Light: "It was so subtle that I didn't realise what it was until yesterday... If I had
been in full control of myself, I would never have attampted 2 kill myself"
Akaihane looks down, still keeping pace with Light's horse. "......."

Wizard: (im actually here!)
Light: (This is extremely difficult to explain...)
Akai: ((we're just walking)) @wizard
Wizard: (o.o;;)
Wizard: (lol great....)

Cat sighs "Well, I don't suppose it really matters if u don't understand... It seems
u've already made ur mind up about me"
Akaihane says. "You don't have to explain."
DarkWizard101 swoops in falcon form, being gone for ages and ages and ages
(~.~) and lands carefully on Light's shoulder.
Akaihane grits his teeth just a little. "You know what I want, Light. And I can't
make you happy by loving you."
Cat smiles faintly "Hi DarkWizard"
Akaihane glances up at Wizard and falls silent.
Cat flinches a little at what Akaihane just said.
Akaihane doesn't regret his words, even though they hurt him deep in his soul.
But it doesn't really show.
Walim hangs her head.
Cat says softly "Yeah, well I've been in love with u 4 a year now... And it kills
me every time I see you"
DarkWizard101 clicks his beak happily "Heya Walim!"

Light: (I think Light's getting more open with her feelings...)

Akaihane gets something desperate in his eyes. "Then what do you want me to
Akai: "You know how I feel about you!"
Cat looks at him "Be true 2 urself... And me"
Walim looks up at Wizard, but then just huddles again. ¤.......¤
Light: "U know how I feel about u... U've always known"
Akaihane closes his eyes breifly. "That's what I'm trying to do..."
DarkWizard101 suddenly realizes that right now isnt a very 'cheery' time, so he
relaxes and stands on Light's shoulder quietly
Light: "It seems 2 me that u don't know WHAT u want..."
Akaihane can't answer.
Akaihane tries to speak and at the same time hide the fact that he is fighting the
tears. "Light, I..."
Cat looks at him "U either love me... Or u don't..."
Akai: "For myself... I wan't nothing."
Light: "Its up 2 u 2 decide what happens..."
Akai: "I DO love you!"

Akai: ((I have to go... even though I really want to finish this conversation ^_^))
Wizard: (lol)
Wizard: (when'll you be on next?)
Cat 's player is extremely shocked by her character's attitude...
Akai: ((and for your information, DW, Nimm is now an awakened wizard...))
Akai: ((I don't know, maybe tomorrow, or monday))
Light: (I guess we'll have to find out what happens when we next see each
Akai: ((I think they are finally talking ^_^))
Light: (Oh, I might be able to come on tomorrow *Oocly underlines the might*)
Akai: ((ok, see ya soon! gotta run! *waves*))
Light: (Finally is the right word... Although I didn't plan this part of the
Light: (Bye)
Wizard: (bye!)

Day 26

Highlands, morning, day 4

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((so, it's morning the fourth day and Light and Akai is finaly talking...))
Akai: ((I'm jumping into char right away))
Wizard: (okay...same here ^_^ i got forty five mins...jus so ya'll know...)
Akai: ((and in case you're wondering, Akai's walking and Light is riding his
horse... yay! ^_^))
Wizard: (lol! DW is/was last seen in falcon form so......)

Akaihane says, slightly desperate. "If you want me to love you Light, I will! But
I thought... I just..." Then he falls silent and never says what he was thinking.
Instead he admits. "..maybe I'm just afraid."
Cat thinks about that for a moment
Cat sighs "Why don't u just do what u want 4 a change?"
Cat makes a slight face "I don't think that came out right..."
DarkWizard101 flies a little ways ahead, deciding not to bug the others in their
own conversation right now....
Akaihane answers almost immediately. "I'm afraid to hurt... and to get hurt. I am
willing to risk MY heart, but I can not risk yours. That you have to do on your
Walim ruffles her feathers and shakes her wings and then alights from Akai's
shoulder, flying after Wizard.
DarkWizard101 looks back at Walim and clicks his beak at her. "Hullo!"
Akaihane continues. "I am also thinking about what might happen in Semsol.
We... might have to part."
Cat looks at him, her eyes shining with tears "I risked my heart when I first fell
in love with u..."
Akaihane glances up at her, but can't seem to find anything to say to that.
Walim answers in her strange manners, but it's obvious she is a bit depressed.
¤Walim say hi¤
Cat looks down at her hands, shaking her head a little
DarkWizard101 asks, even though he probablly knows the answer <What's
Akaihane looks back up at Light. "What?"
Cat mumbles something
Walim rests on her wings, giving a slight birdish kind of shrug. ¤Menji feels not
happy, Walim knows¤
DarkWizard101 nods. <.......>
Akaihane keeps looking at her. "Tell me please Light..."
Light: "I said, if u truly love some1 u want 2 b with them... Even if only 4 a
short time. Because u can't live without them"
Cat is crying softly
Akaihane turns away, looking straight ahead up the trail. After a while he asks.
"Is this what you want?"
DarkWizard101 shifts uneasily and glances back at the others. <They really care
about eachother, huh?>
Light: "U already know what I want... Or, u should do"
Walim flies close to Wizard, brushing her wingtip against his body. ¤Wizard is
sad also?¤
Walim gives Wizard a kind of weird glance. ¤Walim did not mean that!¤
Akaihane says, sounding honest. "I don't want to hurt you, Light."
DarkWizard101 takes a second to think about it. <I'm not sad, yet not happy
either.....I know what the outcome of all this could be, which is really bothering
me, but....> He sighs. <I dont know anymore...>
Cat stares at her hands "Pushing me away hurts even more..."
DarkWizard101 blinks <Didnt mean.....? Eh?>
Akaihane says to Light. "I'm not pushing you away. I'm just..." Then he pauses,
realizing that is just what he has been doing. "I'm really sorry..."
Cat looks at him "Just... Please..." Trails off, as she is not sure exactly what she
is trying 2 say
Walim says to Wizard. ¤Walim mean about Menji is dying in Semsol!¤

Akai: ((lol... Walim's english worsens when she is upset...))
Light: (I didn't notice what she just said until you drew attention to it...)

Akaihane looks up at Light again. "I will do whatever you ask of me."
DarkWizard101 blinks again, not totally sure if he understood...
Light: "I want u 2 do what U want. Do what ur heart tells u..."
Akaihane hesitates, then gives a sad smile. "My heart... it's confused. I don't
know if I dare to listen to it."
Akai: ((sorry if Walim's making no sense ~_~,))
Wizard: (i think i got it...kinda)
Light: (I knew what she said...)

Wizard: <That isnt necisarily going to happen...> Admits to himself though that
its way too possible...
Cat sighs "I can't tell u what 2 do, Akaihane... If u'd prefer, we could just carry
on as we have been. Ignoring the feelings between us..."
Walim gives a mental snort. ¤Menji knows, Walim know...¤
Cat wipes ineffectively at the tears running down her cheeks
Akaihane takes a deep breath. "I was going to wait until after we leave Semsol
and then ask you about your feelings. But I don't know..."
DarkWizard101 obviously isnt too pleased with the very thought and clears his
throat, kinda... <things could happen...> His eyes gleam for a split second...
Akaihane places his hand over Light's. "Please don't cry..."
Cat shakes her head a little, still crying
Walim flaps her wings furiously. ¤Walim think stupid all of this!¤
DarkWizard101 nods. <Same here......>
Cat is trembling slightly
Akaihane says to Light. "I'm so sorry about this. You are hurting even though
that is not what I intended. I do not know if I can make you happy."
Akaihane glances up at Light. "But if you want to risk it..."
DarkWizard101 glances at the others once more and flits to a nearby branch
Cat makes some attempt 2 stop crying, and partially succeeds
Cat blinks
Walim follows after Wizard. ¤Walim thinks go back to the castle would be
Wizard: <Yeah...but you know Akai wont do that...he'd never go back on
something he said he'd do....>
Cat watches him
There's a strange sound somewhere between fengish and just noice and then
Walim janks her head. ¤Walim care not for Yona or stupid promises!¤
Akaihane meets her gaze calmly, but deep down in his eyes there is fear. "I love
you, Light."
Wizard: <You know as well as I do he wont go back on his matter
who it's to...but I agree....>
Cat looks at him intensely "I love u..."
Walim doesn't answer, just fluffs her feathers, obviously agitated.
Something move in Akai's eyes, but he says nothing, just hugs Light's hand a
DarkWizard101 suddenly sounds determined. <I'm not gunna let him go that
easily though..I'll do just about anything for him, though he may not know
it....and wether he likes it or not, no matter what the council says,,,,> He trails
off, not bothering to finish the sentance and looks towards the ground.
Cat somehow manages 2 lean down from the horse and hug Akaihane, her eyes
shining a little
Walim looks at Wizard, her head tilted, but remains quiet.
Akaihane hugs Light back, tightly.
Cat straightens up, as leaning down from a horse is awkward

Akai: ((ok, I'm gonna go now... sorry. When will you be back on?))
Wizard: (tomorrow....)
Light: (I might be able to come on tomorrow... If I can't, then I probably won't
be able to come on again until next Tuesday)
Akai: ((ok, see you tomorrow or tuesday then!))
Wizard: (bai!)

Day 27

Highlands, noon, day 4

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room

Akai: ((sorry I'm late... did you see Wizard today?))
Light: (I have less than 20 minutes on here today...)
Light: (I haven't seen him)
Akai: ((ok... let's get into char right away, then))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((it's still not noon, they're heading west towards the mountains. I'm not
planning on anything to happen for the moment))
Light: (I wasn't planning on anything happening yet either...)
Akai: ((my char feels he have said all that can be said about the previous topic...
unless Light continues the discussion, he'll just walk in silence, thinking things
Light: (If I could think of something for Light to say, she'd say it... I can't,
Akai: ((ok... lol... so, shall we skip ahead a bit?))
Light: (Ok)

The little party travels on, steadily heading west and up, towards the bluish
mountains. Even as the sun rises higher, the air is still cold and clear.
Cat is hardly glancing at what's in front of them, as she's 2 caught up in her own
Akaihane still walks alongside Light's horse, keeping one hand clasped over
hers. He glances at the sky, where a few birds of prey circle the riding group.
Cat glances sideways at Akaihane, then returns her gaze 2 the horse
As the sun has rosen to it's highest, Akai turns to Light. "How are you feeling?
Do you still feel the presence of the wolves?"
Cat frowns a little "Their presence is... getting fainter. They're still around, but I
think we're losing them"
Walim comes flying to her master's shoulder and crouches there, keeping a
watchful eye on the circling raptors.
Cat shivers a little through cold
Akaihane strokes Walim's back absent mindedly. "Why would they do that? Are
they giving up?"
Cat frowns "Didin't you hear what I said to Xefir?... Oh, no. U were asleep,
weren't u?"
Akaihane blinks. "Huh?" He looks slightly sheepish. "Well, I guess..."
Light: "I told her that some1 appears 2 b... Um... Confusing the wolves. Helping
us. They're not dangerous. Well, Flame says that they're not. And I trust him"
Akaihane frowns. "I havn't sensed anyone..." He is silent for a while, thinking.
"Is Flame here?"
Walim rubs her head against Akai's neck, but she is obviously still a bit down.
Light: "Yes, he is... Mainly 2 keep an eye on me, and 2 help if he's needed"
Akaihane looks straight ahead, towards the mountains. "Good. Even if the one
following us has good intentions, it will not harm us to be on our guard."
Cat nods "I agree"

Light: (I've got to go now. Bye. See you *Runs out*)
Akai: ((take care!))

Day 28

Highlands, noon, day 4

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Wizard: (im am so here!)
Akai: ((hi guyes.. I’m low on time, so let's get started, k?))
Wizard: (k)
Akai: ((it's noon, they are approaching the mountains. akai and light was just
talking about the creatures on their trail and that they should be careful))
Light: (I don't have much time either...)
Akaihane walks alongside Light's horse with Walim perched on his shoulder,
Cat glances around at the trail, mildly curious, as she has never been here before
DarkWizard101 is flying, looks around the trail interested, almost wanting
something to jump out at him, for an excuse to attack something...
Akaihane says out of the blue. "On the other side of those mountains lays
YengMil. That is Fengish grounds."
Walim shakes her wings, slighlty restless. ¤Walim want to see Fengish home.¤
Cat blinks, startled out of her thoughts, and looks over at Akaihane "It is?"
Akaihane smiles faintly at his yemji, but his eyes reveal worry.
Cat instantly looks worried
DarkWizard101 suddenly attacks a big leaf, tearing it to shreds with his talons.
Akaihane nods a little, mostly to himself. "Yes. Semsol is just beyond the
YengMil. We should be there in four days."
Cat's hands tighten on the reins of the horse, showing how worried and upset
she's feeling
DarkWizard101 looks back at Akai breifly, at what he just said, worry, maybe
fear could possibly be detected in his eyes, but it's hard to tell since he's in
falcon form...
Cat says softly and helplessly "4 days..."
Akaihane feels the tension around him, but doesn't quite know what to say. He
feels guilty, and walks on in silence, his head lowered.
DarkWizard101 attacks another leaf, though apparently more feircely.
Cat stares off in2 the distance, thinking
Walim shifts on his shoulder, fanning her wings.
Akaihane finaly says. "I'm really sorry about all this, Light. I am. But there was
no other way, and I has a responsibility towards jenna to act the way I did."
DarkWizard101 attacks yet another leaf with a shrill shreik.
Cat shakes her head helplessly "I understand..."
Light: "But, in 4 days, I may lose u forever... And that tears me up inside. I have
no time"
Akaihane gives her a brief smile and says. "Please don't worry. I am sure it will
be alright, somehow."
DarkWizard101 gets caught, suddenly, in a bunch of vines and leaves and
branches. <This is great....> -.-
Cat closes her eyes briefly "If ur dead, it WON'T b all right..."
Akaihane doesn't know what to say to that. He looks really sad and guilty,
knowing this is all his fault.
Akaihane glances up at Wizard. "Need help?"
Cat is gripping the reins of the horse so tightly that her knuckles r turning white
Cat bites her lip, struggling with tears
Akaihane places one hand over hers again, saying softly. "I didn't want you to
get hurt, Light. But now, all we can do is live our lives the way we want to, and
try not to think about tomorrow."
Cat squeezes his hand tightly "I guess ur right..."
Akai: "I know I can not ask you to stop caring about me... But please... worrying
will only make things worse."
Akaihane gently brushes his fingers across her hands. "I love you..."
Cat shakes her head helplessly "I don't see how it CAN make things worse...
They're bad enough as it is"
Light: "I love u 2"
Akaihane smiles a little, looking calm but quite sad. "It will be alright."
Cat sighs "I don't want 2 think about it yet..."

Wizard: (sorry...comp crashed...i got five mins or less...)
Wizard: (anyway...) *is caught in a tree...o.o;;

Walim ruffles her feathers, obviously not interested in their conversation. She
looks restless.
Akaihane says. "Then don't."
Light: "I don't know what else 2 think about..." A single tear rolls down her
Akaihane reposts: Akaihane glances up at Wizard. "Need help?"
DarkWizard101 growls at the tree. <If you dont mind...>
Akaihane brushes her tear away. "Don't cry. We're both here now, aren't we?"
Akaihane smiles at Walim and says with a glint in his eyes. "Show Wizard what
you have learned."
Walim flaps her wings, and tilts her head as if not really believeing her master's
words. ¤Really? Walim may?¤
Light: "Now, we r... But what about later?"
DarkWizard101 growls again at the stupid tree.
Akaihane nods.
DarkWizard101 mutters. <I swear, tree, I'll beat you up...> o.o;;
Walim's perks her crest up, excited. She flaps her wings, alightling from Akai's
shoulder, heading towards Wizard.
Cat watches Walim, wondering what she's going 2 do
DarkWizard101 blinks and watches Walim.
Walim flies close past Wizard, just above his head. In the last second, she flicks
her wing out, cutting straight through the vines that entangle the falcon.
¤SHIIRA-XEIL!!¤ The vines briefly bursts into flames, but goes out quickly
enough not to burn him. A thin line of smoke trails after the tip of the phoenix's
Akaihane smiles a little, watching his apprentice.
Wizard: o.O() (neat!)
Walim flies back to Akai like a dart and he holds out his arm for her. She lands,
looking extrememly pleased with herself.
DarkWizard101 pulls away from the creepy vines with another growl.
Wizard: <Thanks Walim!> ^_^
Cat smiles faintly, then drops her eyes 2 the reins of the horse again, struggling
2 think of something else other than what's going 2 happen soon
DarkWizard101 decides that falcon form isnt too smart, and shifts back to
human form for a while.
Akaihane strokes Walim over her back. "Urashiil, yemjineil"
DarkWizard101 kicks the tree, or anything of it thats left. "Hmph...."

Akai: ((I have to go now))
Wizard: (same here...)
Akai: ((as you might understand, Walim's training just started))
Light: (Ok. When will you next be on?)
Wizard: (but... if ...what'll happen if...?)
Light: (By the way, I'm going to forward you both an e-mail that I received...
Could you forward it to anyone you know in turn?)
Wizard: (what about walim!? geh sorry...outburst...)
Akai: ((don't ask... @wizard I'll be on tomorrow, thursday and sunday this week
Akai: ((yeah. I'm out now, to get some well-needed sleep. take care!))

Day 29

Highlands, noon, day 4

Akaihane enters this room
Cat enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((so, Walim just showed some proof of her magic skills... they are still
walking, on and on southwest. They are quite close to the mountains now.))
Light: (I don't have long on here... Maybe just over half an hour)
Akai: ((just so you know, Yona rides first, then Xefir and then Light))

Cat glances at the mountains, and sighs a little
Akaihane strokes Walim over her back again, saying something to her in fengish
in a soft voice. The phoenix fluffs all her feathers, looking very pleased and then
hops to his shoulder and starts preening.
DarkWizard101, now in his regular form, looks up ahead at the mountains.
"Mountains, eh? BRING IT ON!" He apparently is full of energy from lack of
doing anything....
Cat glances at DarkWizard, then returns 2 thinking
Akaihane glances over at Wizard, smiling faintly at his enthusiasm.
Cat talks softly 2 the horse, mainly 2 stop herself thinking
DarkWizard101 suddenly grins and runs ahead, leaps forwards and does a flip,
landing firmly on his feet. "Oh god, I'm bored...."
Cat looks at DarkWizard "So why don't u DO something...?"
DarkWizard101 blinks. "I would, but there's nothing to do.... got any
suggestions...?" He grins again.

Akai: ((are you planning on anything to happen or can we skip ahead some?))
Light: (I'm not planning on anything...)
Wizard: (skip...if you want)

Akaihane keeps quiet, thinking walking is enough to do.
Cat sighs a little
DarkWizard101 watches a chipmunk run past.
Wizard: "Hey!" He runs, chasing after the little critter.
DarkWizard101 pounces at the chipmunk and cups his hand over it, though
when he lifts his hands up, theres nothing there and the chipmunk is gone.
It is early afternoon, the birds of prey that havebeen ciceling them, soars higher
up in the sky, and away for hunting. The terrain turns even steeper and
occationally, the horses are haveing some troubles finding their step.
Cat has slipped in2 her thoughts again, having run out of other things 2 occupy
her mind with
As the sun sets over the mountain tops, it's getting colder and the skies darken
Cat looks up at the sky, watching the sun set

Mountain side, evening, day 4

It's almost dark when they reach the foot of the mountain. The two riders in
front, holds their horses, looking up the steep mountain trail.
Cat allows her hands 2 clench a little on the horse's reins
DarkWizard101 seems even more energetic now that the sun is setting, but
doesnt do anything for now but walk.
Akaihane stops as well.
Cat stops the horse
DarkWizard101 stops also, looking at the others, then the mountain.
Cat looks at the mountain trail, her hands tightening on the horse's reins
Xefir says. "We should camp here tonight, and wait for dawn to climb the
Cat says nothing, but silently agrees with Xefir
Akaihane nods. "I agree."
Akaihane turns to Light and Wizard. "What do you think?"
Cat shrugs "I don't mind..." Though her face is a little pale
DarkWizard101 blinks. "Yea. I say we stay the night..."
Akaihane offers a hand to Light to help her off the horse.
Cat takes his hand, and climbs off the horse
Xefir demounts, but Yona looks restless and glances up the mountains again.
Akaihane smiles at Light. "Are you alright?"
DarkWizard101 smiles at Xefir, but doesnt have much to say, he's checking out
his surroundings.
Xefir starts to saddle off her horse, saying something to Yona in fengish. She
snorts, but gets off her horse as well, though reluctantly.
Cat smiles back at him "A little unsteady... I think my body needs 2 become
used 2 standing on the ground again"
Cat removes the saddle off the horse, and says something 2 it. The horse trots
off a little way, and starts eating some grass
Akaihane says to Light. "You'll just need some rest. It is still early, but we
should make it an early nigth."
Cat nods a little "Ur probably right..."
DarkWizard101 blinks at Akai. "You mean bed? But the nights' only started!"
He flashes his usual playful grin.
Walim stretches her wings, and glances at Wizard, looking a bit restless.
Cat laughs a little at DarkWizard
Akaihane smiles a little to Wizard, trying not to show how tired he really is.
Walim flaps her wings a couple of times, looking directly at Wizard. ¤Wizard
wants to hunt?¤
Cat looks worried about Akaihane "U certainly need some rest"
Wizard: "Hunt? Hunt what? grasshoppers?"
Akaihane turns to Light with a smile. "I'm alright."
Walim tilts her head. ¤What Wizard hunt?¤
DarkWizard101 gives a little laugh. "My falcon form is a Peregin... peregins eat
little mammals, but thats not my style, but I'll come along if you like..."
Cat looks at him "Ur exhausted. U r most certainly NOT all right"
Walim stretches her wings and shakes her tail. ¤Walim can hunt everything¤
Akaihane says to Light. "I just need some rest. And that goes for you too."
Cat yawns a little
DarkWizard101 smiles. "Everything, eh? Well I should like to see this.."
Light: "I guess..." Sits down on the ground, leaning against a tree
Xefir lets the horses graze freely and turns to Akai and Light with a motherly
smile. "You two get some rest. I will keep guard for a while."
Akaihane nods thankfully to Xefir and sinks down with his back againt the
mountain wall. He watches Light.
DarkWizard101 looks at Walim. "I'll be along in a minute.. I just...wanna talk to
Akai for a second...."
Cat 's eyes close, no matter how much she tries 2 keep them open, and then she
slips in2 sleep
Walim lifts from her master's shoulder and flies over to Wizard's, poking him a
little with her beak. ¤Wizard doesn't believe Walim?¤
DarkWizard101 mumbles to himself with a little smile. "Before I have to wake
the poor guy up..."
DarkWizard101 looks at Walim. "I believe you"
Walim tilts her head, but doesn't say anything, nor move from his shoulder.
Akaihane watches Light fall asleep.
DarkWizard101 takes a deep breath and looks at Akai. "Okay I just want to
make this fast because I know you're tired.... so here it is..."
Akaihane looks up at Wizard.
Wizard: "Firstly, you know that I'm here whenever you need, right? Just trying
to make that clear....and.."
Cat breathes gently, her hands closing and opening in her sleep
DarkWizard101 reaches under his shirt and pulls out a little chain. On the chain
rests a silver feather. The front is highly detailed and on the back something is
Akaihane watches Wizard, not saying anything yet, waiting for him to continue.
Walim bends her birdy head down, looking at the artifact.
DarkWizard101 smiles and looks at it thoughtfully. "When I was little... my
father and I didnt see eachother much... I insisted that we were more of friends
than family. So one day he came home with this... " He holds it up. On the back
is engraved Friends for Life.... and the word Kyoko is printed also on the
Akaihane frowns breifly at the japanese name, but still doesn't ask any
DarkWizard101 sighs and unclasps it, then carefully holds it out to Akai, still
smiling, but saying nothing.
Cat tenses a little in her sleep
Akaihane at first looks surprised, and is then on the verge of shaking his head,
refusing to take it, but then he just shuts his eyes for a short moment and rises to
his feet.
Cat begins mumbling something which sounds a lot like, "No, no, no..."
Akaihane glances at Light, checking on her, a bit worried.
DarkWizard101 blinks and looks at Akai
Cat 's eyes fly open, and she sits up straight, trembling
DarkWizard101 looks over at Light. "You okay over there...?"
Akaihane looks Wizard into his eyes, solemnly. "Wizard-san. You are my most
loyal friend. I owe you my life, and even more importantly, my jenna's life. I can
not repay you. Ever."
Cat is still trembling, and says, almost 2 herself, "I haven't had THAT nightmare
in years..."
DarkWizard101 smiles. "You already have...more than you know..."

Akai: ((it was ages since Akai called him 'san'... *gets all teary-eyed* what a
Wizard: (*teary-eyed as well* *proud, for once, of dw*)

Cat draws her knees up 2 her chest, shaking
Akaihane looks at the silver feather in Wizard's hand. "This is not mine by
DarkWizard101 reaches out and puts the feather in his hand. "It is now, my
Cat says something in a different language, rocking slightly backwards and
forwards, her whole body tense
Akaihane closes his hand around it. "Nemin. Then I will do your will, old
DarkWizard101 smiles and put his hand on his shoulder. "Now go get some
sleep, alright...?"
Akaihane puts the chain around his neck and nods to Wizard, then he walks over
to Light and sits.
Cat repeats over and over 2 herself "He's dead. He can't hurt u. It was a dream"
DarkWizard101 looks after him for a second, then to Walim. "You ready...?"

Akai: ((I have to go now, see you soon))
Light: (Bye)

Day 30

Mountain side, night, day 4

Akai: ((there we go. Wizard should be coming on soon, but we can start, I
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((Light just had a bad dream and Akai walked over to her and sat. Walim
and Wizard is just about to head out to hunt.))
Light: (Right)

Akaihane sits at Light's side. "What's the matter?"
Light: "Just a bad dream..."
Akaihane 's eyes narrow slightly. "I wish I could protect you from that too..."
Cat smiles faintly, then sighs "I think a lot of people have bad dreams. Its not
harmful or anything"
Akaihane says in a low voice. "ShiyaweOhril, jano-re jan..."
Cat blinks
Akaihane gives a pale smile. "It's just a fengish saying to chase away bad
Light: "Oh"
Cat pulls her knees up to her chest and rests her chin on them
Akaihane sits quiet and watches her.
Akaihane says after a while. "You have to sleep."
Cat nods "I know..." Sighs a little
DarkWizard101 enters this room
Akaihane watches her, his eyes gleaming faintly in the darkness. "Xefir will stay
awake and keep watch. I will too if you want me to. But you have to sleep. I
understand if the dreams scare you, but..."
Cat shakes her head "No... You need your rest too. I can ignore the dreams most
of the time"
Akaihane just sits quiet with his eyes on her.
Kemlin enters this room
Cat leans back against the tree, her eyes fluttering closed
Kemlin walks in quietly

Akai: ((Walim and Wizard was just about to head out for hunting, remember?))
Wizard: (yep I remember)

Akaihane sits awake, thinking.
Cat falls asleep
Walim shifts on Wizard's shoulder. ¤Walim am ready!¤
DarkWizard101 smiles "Well then off we go, eh?"
Akaihane gets a feeling someone else is nearby, and sits silent, listening.
Walim lifts from his shoulder and heads off before him into the night. ¤Catch if
Wizard can!¤
Kemlin blinks and watches the group
DarkWizard101 smiles and shifts to falcon and zooms after her. <I can get ya!>
Xefir is also awake, keeping an eye on Akai and Light.
Walim dives with a childish giggle. ¤Can not!¤
DarkWizard101 gives what would be a bird smile and dives after her, gaining
speed and nipping gently at her tail feathers.
Walim seems strangely relieved to get away from the rest of the group, she
speed off into the night, not caring that her eyes where built for day vision.
DarkWizard101 's eyes were also built for the daylight, so his vision seems
really blurry, but he speeds past her in a rush of feathers.
Kemlin eeps and ducks away under a pine tree and in a low whispering yell " go
away bird"
Walim chases after the falcon, the beating of her wings echoing against the face
of the mountain.
Akai: ((Light, do you plan on anything else to happen before daybreak?))
Light: (Nope)
Akai: ((alright, then I suggest Wizard and I play the 'night hunt' sometime when
Light is not here, and when we (for once) are here all three, continue with the
story. Opinions?))
Light: (I don't mind...)
Wizard: (I'm all for it)
Akai: ((alright then))
Kemlin loooks at Akaihane ~ oh crap -_-;;
Akai: ((I'll bring on daylight, then))
Akai: ((sorry, Kemlin. ~_~, but it's not often all three of us are here))

Day 33

Highlands, night, day 4

Walim enters this room
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Akai: ((hi ^_^))
Akai: ((hope you don't mind this handle))
Wizard: (i dont mind)

Walim flies on steadily into the night, keeping awfully quiet.
DarkWizard101 flies after her at a steady pace, not exactly sure what to say at
Walim doesn't glances back at the falcon, just keeps flying swiftly, as if heading
to a certain place. She doesn't seem to be in the mood for hunting though.
Walim dips her right wing and swoops lower, skimming the treetops.
DarkWizard101 gives a little shreik. <So where're we off to?>
Walim doesn't answer immediately. ¤Walim don't care. Away.¤
DarkWizard101 nods. <Not a bad idea... it's too gloomy back there...>
Walim picks up some speed, her wings beating almost furiously.
Walim still doesn't look back. She gives a kind of mental snort. ¤Akai say lots of
stupid things.¤
Wizard: <He's got a lot of stuff on his mind...>
Walim doesn't reply to that, but her mental signal tells him she is upset.
Wizard: <You know... it's not easy being him.... his life is more screwed up than
Walim flies even faster and says shortly. ¤Akai is stupid¤
DarkWizard101 flies faster also until he's beside her. <Walim.... Akai only does
what he thinks is right.... it's not stupidity... more like... honesty...>
Walim doesn't answer him, but suddenly changes the subject. ¤Walim changed
mind about hunting. Walim am not hungry.¤
DarkWizard101 swoops to her other side <You...wanna go back....?>
Walim still doesn't turn her head to look at him. ¤No¤
Wizard: <Well... where d'ya wanna go...? We got the whole night and all the air
we could possibly fly in...>
DarkWizard101 's voice sounds almost giddy, or childishly happy, despite all
the other things on his mind.
Walim would have shrugged if she could. Now she just says lightly. ¤Walim
says whatever... Walim just feels like flying¤
Walim slows down a little so she flies behind the falcon, letting him lead the
way. Once again, she falls into silence.
DarkWizard101 senses she's a bit upset and tries to cheer her up, flying faster.
<Catch me if you can!!>
Walim looks up and kinds of thinks it over. Then she picks up speed and catches
up with him, giving him a light streak of her wingtip as she flies past him.
Walim flies alongside the falcon, but doesn't seem very playful.
DarkWizard101 chirps and flys at her, gently nipping at her tailfeathers then
speeds under her and zooms downwards.
Walim ducks away from him with a scolding chirp. ¤HEY!¤ She folds her wings
to her body and dives after him.
DarkWizard101 looks back up at her with a bird-like grin and dives down and
flies into the trees
Walim dives below the treetops, chasing after him.
DarkWizard101 weaves through the trees
Walim then gives a little sigh that can be heard mentaly as well, and she slows
down until she lightly lands on the ground.
DarkWizard101 turns around, blinks and flies down to the ground. <Hey.... is it
bothering you that much, or is it something else...?>
Walim carefully folds her wings and ruffles her feathers, crouching. She hangs
her head. ¤Akai said stupid things to Walim¤ Her tone is now broken hearted.
Wizard: <What kind of stupid things...?>
Walim gives a little shrug with her wings. ¤..things...¤
Walim preens a few feathers as if trying to look buisy.
DarkWizard101 hesitates, obviously not trying to sound pushy. <Like what,
Walim keeps preening, almost hiding her face in her plummage. ¤ like
giving Walim to a new Menji¤
DarkWizard101 cocks his head to the side.. <What do you mean...?>
Walim stops preening but doesn't look back up. ¤Akai say Walim need new
Menji in case...¤
Wizard: <new Menji... thats like what Akai is to you, isnt it...?>
Walim nods slightly, her head still mostly burried in her plummage.
DarkWizard101 isnt exactly sure what to say at first <.. well... lets just hope
nothing happens, right?>
There is something from Walim that sounds almost like a sob and then she says,
sounding very little. ¤..yes..¤
DarkWizard101 looks at her. <hey..... dont be upset.... it'll be okay... we'll go to
Semsol and...and Akai will do his thing... then thats it...we'll leave...>
Walim nods her head but still looks a bit depressed.
Walim shifts slighlty on the ground and turns her head a little, glancing at
Wizard. ¤Walim want to go back...¤
DarkWizard101 nods. <You wanna go back...?Sure, lets go....> He sounds a bit
depressed, and wishes he could have said something better to make her feel
better, but obviously....
Walim hopps up to him and gives the falcon a brief preen in the neck. ¤Walim
say thanks...¤
DarkWizard101 gives her a birdy sort smile. <You're Welcome.....c'mon...> He
flaps his wings and lifts off..
Walim alights from the ground and takes off, heading back towards the camp by
the mountain side.
When they get back to the camp, Akai and Light are asleep and Yona is nowhere
to be seen. Xefir on the other hand is awake, her eyes gleaming slightly in the
moonlight as the two birds approaches.
Xefir says softly in Wizard’s mind. ¤Master Wizard. Do you feel rested enough
to take the night watch?¤
DarkWizard101 nods <Sure, Xefir... get some rest....>
Xefir sends a mental smile of gratitude to Wizard. ¤I thank you, Master
DarkWizard101 smiles and bows his head with a friendly smile
Walim lands on the back of Akai's horse and folds her wings after preening them

Mountain side, morning, day 5

The next morning breaks, but there is no sunrise. The skies are steel gray and
covered by clouds, heavy from the approaching rain. It's cold and damp, and not
the best weather for a Feng Ji. Nor for a human either, for that matter.
Cat is still asleep, being a little tired
Akaihane is up, talking in fengish to Xefir, about what appears to be traveling
Yona is nowhere to be seen.
Walim is perched on Akai's shoulder, desperately trying to preen the dampness
out of her feathers.
Cat 's eyes flicker open after a moment
Cat sits up, yawning a little
Akaihane turns to Light, smiling. "Good morning."
Light: "Morning"
DarkWizard101 was sitting in a tree a little far off, but being daytime his
eyesight ranges far off...seeing the others starting to wake, he stretches his wings
and flies over.
Akaihane turns back to his mother and they continues to converse in fengish for
a while.
Cat stands up, feeling a little stiff
Walim cocks her head up at the falcon's approach.
Kemlin: I'v been up a tree for a the night!?!?
Akaihane gives Light a worried glance. "Are you alright?"
DarkWizard101 lands on the nearset tree with a bird like yawn, apparently not
having slept a whole lot...
Cat nods "Fine. Riding for a full day straight always makes me feel a little stiff
the next day"
Walim fluffs her feathers in a futile attempt to keep warm. She peers at the
peregrine through the cold morning fogs. ¤Latti Amji¤
DarkWizard101 ruffles his feathers and shakes some of the dampness out of
Wizard: <latti...> He replies
Walim preens a few feathers half-heartedly and says as if to herself. ¤..or not so
very good...¤
Akaihane watches Light. "Did you sleep well?"
Cat nods "Uh-uh"
DarkWizard101 shifts on his branch an attacks a few loose feathers on his side
Akaihane stands. "I'm glad. Cause it seems we will have to ride a long way
today also."
Cat nods, and looks worriedly up at the mountain
Akaihane walks over to Light, blowing some hot breath into his hands. "The
mountain trail will take us over two peaks. We have to climb the first one today,
so we can camp in the walley tonight. Otherwise, it will be very cold."
Light: "All right"
DarkWizard101 flies over to Akai's shoulder. <Mornin..........> he yawns again
Akaihane nods to Wizard, now having a bird on each shoulder. "Good morning,
Wizard. Had a good hunt last night?"
Cat continues to look at the mountains warily
Wizard: <Yea. Loads of fun> ^_^
Akaihane smiles reassuringly to Light. "It will be alright."
While they talk, Xefir has made up a fire and is grilling apples. ((mmmm....
Cat smiles back
Wizard: <Slept well, I hope?>
Akai: ((Light, by they way, have you ever heard a song called 'sometimes when
we touch?'))
Light: (I don't believe so)
Akai: ((too bad, cause the lyrics is, word for word, Akai's exact feelings for
Light. I was almost shocked when I first heard it))
Wizard: ( i have that song on a cd)
Light: (Oh? What are the lyrics?)
Akai: ((I can write them down for you sometime, not now though))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((doesn't the song describe the situation perfectly?))@wizard
Wizard: (definately)
Akai: ((I mean, down to every single word... it's almost scary o.o,))
Wizard: (i know.... but its a good song...)
Akai: ((it is))

Akaihane glances back at Xefir's fire as the wonderful smell of the roasted
apples is carried through the cold morning air.
Akaihane turns to Light. "Up for some breakfast before we get started?"
Light: "I guess"
Akaihane turns to the falcon on his shoulder. "What about you?"
Wizard: <What?> he cocks his head
Akaihane says to Wizard. "Breakfast." He smiles. "But you might want to leave
your feathered body first."
Wizard: <Breakfast? Nah....I dont eat in the morning....> He shuffles down his
arm to his elbow.
Cat stretches
Akaihane hols out his arm by reflex to give the falcon more room, used to
Walim doing that all the time.
Akaihane smiles to the falcon. "Have it your way." He looks up at Light. "Are
you coming?"
DarkWizard101 blinks. <You don’t have to do that... I'm a small bid with plenty
of room... though let me know if I'm in your way...>
Light: "Ok"
Akaihane doesn't realize what Wizard means at first, cause he is far too used to
having birds all over him, really. "Hmm? Oh, I don't mind it at all."
Akaihane walks over to Xefir by the fire and sits.
Cat walks over to the fire as well
DarkWizard101 bows his birdy head to Xefir <morning...>
Xeifir smiles and holds out a roasted apple on a stick to Light. She smiles to her
and bows her head to Wizard. "Good morning, Lady Light, Master Wizard."
Cat takes the apple with a small smile "Good morning"
Akaihane takes an apple as well and tastes it. He holds it out to Walim, but she
only takes a nibble to be polite. She isn't really hungry, and isn't too keen on hot
Cat eats the apple
DarkWizard101 is suddenly distracted by another falcon, his own falcon senses
taking over and he zooms after it
Akaihane glances up after Wizard, seeing the other falcon. He isn't really
worried, though he finds it a bit strange the raptor is out so early in the morning.
DarkWizard101 goes to tackle the bird, but suddenly stops dead, looking at her.
Akaihane east the apple and casts a glance after the two falcons from time to
time, thinking it wouldn't be wise to interfere with the local falcons here, cause
they will most likely fight for their territory.
Akaihane frowns as he thinks he is recognizing the bird.
Tthe other falcon chirps playfully and tackles him instead
Cat looks at the mountains again
Akaihane gives a little smile of releif, shaking his head, realizing this falcon is
not a local bird.
DarkWizard101 laughs mentally, though anyone could hear it and flies back
down to the others, well is tackled to the others really, the other falcon pins him,
her feathers ruffled, revealing a blue stone on her forehead..
Cat shivers a little, and then sneezes
Akaihane smiles and bows his head to the female falcon. "Greetings, Kira."
Akaihane glances at Light. "Are you cold?"
Cat nods "A little" Looks at the falcon
Akaihane says. "I should have brought my cape..." Then he falls silent, cause he
remembers why he doesn't have it anymore.
Akaihane says. "I'm sorry. I should have warned you about that the climate
would get colder."
Cat shakes her head "I should have thought of it. It hasn't been that long since I
last travelled..." Falls silent, remembering something
Akaihane finishes the apple and throws the stick onto the fire.
Cat realises that she's still holding the stick, and drops it into the fire

Akai: ((wizard left, and I should go as well))
Akai: ((ok, so hopefully, I'll see you tomorow. I'll name the room Mountain trail
from now on))
Light: (Ok. Bye)
Akai: ((3 days left to Semsol..))
Akai: ((take care!))
Light: (See you)

Day 31
Mountain side, morning, day 5

Akai: ((I have an hour, shall we get started right away?))
Akai: ((they should be about ready to leave the camp))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((he brought kira into the story though... might be nice))

Akaihane smiles at the two falcons, and then stands rubbing his cold hands. He
says to Light. "I will make the horses ready." He looks around. "Where is
Xefir stands as well and casts a single glance at the fire. It goes out in an instant.
"She is not far, jani."
Light: "I can help with the horses..."
Akaihane 's eyes flashes for a moment. "I guess she'll show up in time..." Then
he turns to Light with a smile. "You are welcome to."
Cat looks slightly surprised, as she thought Akaihane might argue with her about
Cat walks over to the horses, and begins saddling them
Akaihane walks over to the horses and stops by the one Xefir is riding and
strokes the side of it's head. He speaks gently to it in a low voice in fengish.
"Lanka-uyashiil, latti amja e..." Being around Feng Ji's again, has reawakened
his fengish, and he can't really help using it more often now.
Akaihane saddles the horse.
Akaihane glances around for Yona again, but as he can't see nor sense her, he
ignores it and saddles her horse as well.
Cat says something softly to the horse she has been riding
Akaihane holds the two horses' reins and turns to Light. "Are you ready?"
Cat nods
Akaihane leads the horses over to Xefir and helps her sit up.
Cat climbs onto her horse, still a little worried about the fact that Akaihane is not
Akaihane sits up on Yona's horse, seeing no reason why he should lead it while
she is gone.
Xefir takes the lead up the narrow and steep trail, and Akai waits for Light to
ride after her. There is not enough room for them to ride side by side.
Cat follows Xefir, still looking at the mountain warily
Akaihane falls in behind Light. He lets the horse find footing on it's own, and
does not touch the reins.
Cat looks down at her horse, attempting to think of something that might take
her mind off the mountain
Akaihane feels that Light is troubled. "What's wrong, Light?"
Cat blinks, a little startled "Oh, nothing. I just don't like mountains"
Akaihane frowns to himself. "Any special reason?"
In the distance, the low rumbeling of thunder is carried through the cold
morning fogs. The horse flicks it's ears nervously.
Cat shakes her head "No... I've just never liked them"
Akaihane thinks aloud, looking up at the heavy clouds. "We will have rain
Cat glances up at the sky, feeling that a storm might be coming

Akai: ((I'll skip a couple of hours if that is alright with you))
Light: (Ok)

After a few hours of what seems like endless mountain climbing, the first cold
raindrops starts to fall. As the rocks turn wet and slippery, the already difficult
climb gets even more treacherous.
Cat jumps every time her horse misses its footing. Or slips
They are forced to make slow progress, and the horses finds their ways
carefully. Walim huddles on Akai's shoulder, and it is obvious she hates the rain.
Yona is still nowhere to be seen, but she is probably not missed by anyone...
Cat is beginning to look like a drowned rat...
Akaihane jumps down from the horse and starts leading it.
Soon they are all soaked, and Walim looks really miserable, all her feathers on
end and dripping with cold rain.
Cat shivers, and then sneezes
Akaihane glances up at Light. "Are you alright?"
Cat nods "Cold and wet, but I'm fine..."
Lighting strikes with a bang back down in the walley.
Akaihane wishes he could do something to help Light, but he can't exacly stop
the rain...

Akai: ((lol... sorry about the rain... couldn't resist it ^_^ I'm evil...))
Light: (Cats generally don't like rain. That coupled with her fear of mountains
means that Light is feeling pretty miserable at the moment)
Akai: ((I think that goes for all chars in here. Phoenix's and Feng Ji's are not
fond of rain either))
Light: (Well, she's actually terrified of mountains... Don't ask me why, but she
Akai: ((o.o))

Mountain trail, noon, day 5

Around noon, the rainstorm subsides, but it doesn't really help. The air is still
cold and too damp for their clothes to dry up. The sun is nowhere to be seen.
Akaihane keeps leading the horse.
Cat is muttering something to herself ... with her hand over her eyes, peeking
through her fingers

Akai: ((o.o, what now?))

Akaihane looks up. "Did you say something?"
Akaihane coughs a little into his yukata sleeve.
Cat looks slightly embarrassed "I was just saying something to myself..."
Akai: "Well, alright..."
Akaihane 's hair drips with rain, and he tries to brush it out of his eyes.
Cat squeezes some of the water out of her hair, then sneezes again "I think I'm
getting a cold..."
Walim flies to the back of the horse Akai is leading and shakes her wings so
raindrops fly all around.
Akaihane glances at Light and then at Walim. "I think we all are. Maybe we
should take a rest here to dry up a little. Our healths has to come before the need
to reach the walley before nightfall."
Walim glances at Akai, and apparenly says something, because Akai answers. "I
know, Walim, but this is more urgent."
Cat runs her fingers through her hair in an attempt to get the worst of the tangles
Akaihane calls to Xefir and she stops the horse and demounts.
Cat climbs off her horse
The terrain is not really suitable for a resting place, but at least there's enough
flat room for the horses and the people to stand comfortably.
Akaihane tries to find some sticks to make a fire, but there's not much. It takes a
while, but then Xefir can light the little pile.
Cat keeps as far back from the edge as possible
Cat finds her hairbrush in one of the saddlebags and brushes her hair, making a
face as she pulls through the tangles
Akaihane takes off the upper part of his yukata and then says to the others. "I'll
just... go for a little walk." And he wanders off.
Cat stares after him "Where's he going?"

Akai: ((forgot to say he left the clothing by the fire to let it dry, but he did))
Light: (I guessed that...)

Xefir smiles and sits by the fire and says to Light. "As a gentleman, he didn't
want to be in the way in case we wanted to undress, Lady Light." Obviously she
finds this a bit amusing.
Cat wraps her arms around herself, and says firmly "I am NOT taking my robe
Walim flies over to Light's shoulder from the horse back and fanns her wet
wings in the heat of the fire.
Cat pets Walim a little
Xefir says calmly to Light. "You will be ill, my child."
Light: "Its cold! I'm not taking it off!" Sounds almost childish
Walim rubs her head a little against Light's hand, but says nothing and is
apparently not in her best mood.
Xefir takes off her upper coat, that shielded out most of the rain and places it
infront of the fire so it can dry. "Sitting with wet clothes will make you even
Cat looks embarassed, then sighs
Xefir holds her hands out towards the flames.
Cat slips out of her robe, and places it neatly by the fire, shivering a little
Walim hopps to the ground as Light undresses, to not be in the way and to not
scratch her skin with her talons.
Walim fluffs her feathers and huddles, hanging her head.
Cat sits near the fire, quite near to her robe.

Akai: ((egh... just realized both Yona and Akai are missing... that's kind of
Light: (*Laughs*)
Akai: ((o.o,, are you sure you find it amusing? considering how Yona feels for
Akai? lol... anyway, I gotta go))
Light: (Sorry, that was just my initial reaction. Anyway, she wouldn't do
anything to him before Semsol... Would she?)
Akai: ((*looks innocent* how should I know? well, see ya! ^_^ *runs out*))
Light: (Can you come on Saturday? Cos I might be able to come on then. And
then probably Tuesday)
Akai: ((I'll probably be here then, yes))
Light: (Bye)

Day 31

Mountain trail, noon, day 5

Akai: ((hey, sorry I'm so darn late ~_~,))
Light: (That's all right)
Akai: ((lets continue, shall we? Our chars are by the fire with Yona and Akai
Light: (Ok. I think that Light will probably go looking for Akai)
Akai: ((egh... well... we'll see about that. I'm in char now))
Light: (Ok)
Walim fanns her wings out so they can dry, but she is hanging her head and is
awfully quiet.
Cat frowns as a thought occurs to her "Um... Yona's missing, and Akaihane's
wandered off somewhere. Isn't that sort of dangerous...?"
Xefir looks up. "What do you mean, my child?"
Light: "Well, considering the fact that Yona wants him dead, and neither of
them are here... Maybe I should go and look for Akaihane"
Xefir doesn't look troubled. "He is not far, my dear. And if he was in trouble, I
would know. Furthermore, the agreement between the two of them still stands. I
don't think Lady Yona will ruin this opportunity to get back to Semsol safely."
Cat still looks worried "I don't want him to get hurt..."
Light: "Yona is mad for revenge. That is the only thing she cares about"
Xefir smiles to her with her calm eyes. "He is not a nestling anymore, Lady
Light. He knows how to take care of himself." Then she lowers her gaze for a
moment with an odd expression, maybe guilt on her face.
Cat bites her lip, and doesn't say anything
Walim shakes her wings furiously, raindrops flying everywhere.
Walim closes her wings and gives Light a pretty strange glance. Then she turns
back to stare at the fire.
Cat stares at the ground "...I don't want to lose him..."
Cat blinks, and looks at Walim "What?"
Xefir looks at her with love in her eyes. "Dearest child... none of us want that."
Walim just gives a kind of shrug as if to say 'nothing' but she keeps her silence.
Cat still thinks that she should go looking for him
Xefir touches her cape on the ground, feeling it is still wet, and she sighs. "I am
afraid we can not stay here for long..."
Cat sighs
Walim ruffles her feathers and huddles on the ground.
Xefir asks Light. "Are you still feeling cold?"
Cat stares back the way they came, her eyes narrowing slightly
Cat says absently "A little..."
The sound of the rolling thunder is now on the western side of the mountains,
over the fengish countries. The sky appears to be brighter in the east.
Xefir stands, grabbing her cape and puts out the fire with a simple turn of her
hand. "We should move on. We have to reach the valley before sunset."
Walim looks up, still shivering a little, and doesn't look too keen on getting up.
Cat slips into her robe, still with her eyes back the way they came "They call..."
Xefir glances around.
Cat starts to sound a little not-with-it "They're coming"
Xefir puts her cape over Light's shoulders, not caring if she would protest to this.
She hugs her shoulders gently. "Don't you listen to them, my child."
Xefir turns her around to look into her eyes. "You must keep your calm. Do you
hear me?"
Cat takes a shaky step back the way they came, but jerkily, as she's fighting
Light: "C-can't..."
Xefir holds a firm grip of her shoulders, her voice suddenly sharp. "I forbid you
to go!"
Cat touches a shaky hand to her head "They're opening..."
Xefir turns her around again. "Opening what?"
Cat suddenly collapses, unconscious
Walim stirs on the ground, watching nervously.
Xefir catches her and lays her down on the ground. In the same instant, a
phoenix bird comes flying like a dart and lands by Light's side. The bird shape
shifts instantly.
Akaihane knees by her side with a worried frown on his face. "Lani wo-che,
Xefir shakes her head and utters a single word. "Kelÿ."
Cat 's hands clench, though she is still unconscious. A stream of words in a
different language comes out of her mouth
Akaihane 's eyes darken and he casts a quick glance back down the mountain,
then back to Light. He leans over her and brushes some hair from her face.
"Light? Light!"
Xefir puts up a shield around them, keeping guard.
Akaihane is deeply worried. "Sana-Chizeil jenna, what can we do?"
Cat begins thrashing around
Akaihane holds down Light's shoulders firmly while he keeps yelling to her.
"Light! Light, please listen to me!"
Xefir stands, facing back east, her eyes narrowing. "Maybe we should try to get
her away from here."
Cat stops thrashing about, but continues to speak words in another language
Akaihane glances at his mother, then back at Light, something desperate in his
Cat 's hands unclench, and she utters a soft word before lying completely still
Xefir grabs the reins of two of the horses and leads them over to Akai and Light.
Akaihane freezes for a second when Light stops moving. Then he shakes her
shoulders, yelling. "Light!?"
Cat 's eyes flicker open
Akaihane desperately feels for her pulse.
Akaihane pulls back a little when she seems to wake up, his eyes still wide.
Cat sits up, her eyes worried
Akaihane watches her, looking quite pale. "What is it?"
Light: "That was not supposed to happen..."
Akaihane isn't relaxing yet.
Akai: "Light... please tell me you are alright..."
Xefir stands in the background, holding the two horses.
Light: "I'm all right. They were just opening memories that I didn't care to
experience again"
Light: "How long was I unconscious for?"
Akaihane shakes his head, looking worn out. "I don't know... not for long."
Light: "That's good" Looks slightly shaky as she stands up
Akaihane stands as Light does, ready to catch her if she should fall.
Cat looks at him "Thanks"
Xefir silently leads Light's horse over to her. "Can you ride, my child?"
Cat nods
Akaihane looks a bit confused, or rather, would have looked confused if he
didn't already look so mentaly tired. "For what?"
Light: "For caring"
Light: "And thank goodness you're all right. I was beginning to get worried"
Akaihane blinks. "Why wouldn't I be?"
Akaihane is still a bit shaken.
Suddenly there's a hiss from Walim, and then a soft laugther.
Cat shrugs "I noticed that both you and Yona were missing"
Akaihane looks up to see Yona sitting on a ledge in the cliff a few feet up in her
human shape, watching them with amusement.
Cat is extremely exhausted, and looks as though she's going to collapse (again)
at any moment
Cat is thinking -Another attack like that, and I could be dead. Or worse-
Akaihane ignores Yona totaly and turns back to Light. "We where not together."
Yona laughs again, and yells. "Walim-chizeil dajo-ne, Shem!"
Light: "That's good..." Is swaying slightly where she stands
Akaihane 's eyes flash breifly, but otherwise he doesn't respond to what Yona
said. Instead, he adresses Light. "Are you sure you can ride? You don't look too
Light: "I don't think that I have another choice..."
Akaihane grabs her arm gently. "Hey... maybe you should take cat shape so I
can carry you."
Cat looks at him "Maybe... That would be better"

Day 32

Mountain trail, noon, day 5

Akai: ((hey Light ^_^))
Light: (Hello)
Akai: ((shall we continue right away?))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((Akai just suggested that Light took cat shape, and she agreed))
Light: (I remember)
Akaihane nods and lets go of her arm, wating for her to shapeshift.
Cat slips easily into her cat form
Akaihane picks up his yukata top and puts it on.
Akaihane turns to Light while tying his ôbi. "We have to make some good
progress if we are to reach the valley before darkness falls. But on the other
hand, we can not hurry the horses in this terrain. Either way, you must promise
me that you try to get some rest on the way."
Cat nods "I'll try..."
Cat yawns
Cat glances around warily
Akaihane gently picks Light up in his arms and sits up on the horse. Xefir is
ready and waiting.
Cat glances back, then settles down
Yona leaps from the ledge, elegantly switching into black phoenix shape in mid-
air. She lands lightly in the saddle of her horse and lazily preens a few feathers
before gliding into her human form.
The little group starts moving up the narrow mountain trail again, Xefir taking
the lead, then Akai and Yona a couple of steps behind.
Cat drifts off into sleep
Slowly, the skies lighten up a little, but there is no real daylight, and the air is
still cold and damp.
Akaihane sits quiet and unmoving, letting the horse find it’s way without
touching the reins. If you look at him, you’d notice his eyes are closed. But his
grip around Light’s cat body is steady.
Cat shifts a little in her sleep, moving into a more comfortable position

Akai: ((skip ahead some? not much action right now))
Light: (Ok)

Mountain trail, afternoon, day 5

They keep riding up the mountain trail the entire afternoon until finally, they
reach the top. At the foot of the mountain, they can see a narrow valley without
trees, but at least it provides some shelter for the night.
However, another mountain top rises beyond the valley. As they start the
descend, darkness is already approaching.
Cat opens her eyes, and looks around sleepily
Akaihane still sits motionless with closed eyes.
Cat goes to sleep again
The air and ground have dried up, but it's getting colder as the sun sets. Silently,
Walim swoops in from behind and lands lightly on Akai's shoulder.
Akaihane stirs slightly and looks up, giving Walim a faint smile. Then he looks
down at the sleeping cat in his arms.
Akaihane looks ahead, frowning.
Cat 's eyes flicker open again, but more to check where they are, as she closes
them again

Akai: ((skip until they reach the valley?))
Light: (Ok)

KemaneMediil, night, day 5

It has been dark for hours when Xefir finaly tugs on her horse's reins and
demounts. On all sides, the walls of the mountains rises to disappear into the
night skies.
Cat wakes up properly
Akaihane flinches slighlty and blinks, trying to wake up. He glances around and
remembers this place.
Akaihane looks down at Light. " awake?"
Light: "Uh-uh"
Yona yawns loudly and jumps out of the saddle. She stretches.
Akaihane carefully slips off his horse, holding Light in his arms. He sways
slighlty when he lands and closes his eyes for a second.
Cat looks worriedly at Akaihane
Akaihane lets her down on the ground.
Cat doesn't actually look that much better for resting. She looks around
Everyone seems tired, and they quickly unsaddles the horses.
Akaihane sits down on the ground with his back against the mountain wall and
watches Light when he is done.
Cat sits back, and licks her paws
Akaihane says in a low voice to not disturb the others, who are going to rest as
well. "This is Kemane Mediil. A resting place for Feng Ji's for ages."

Light: (I am going to KILL my sister!)
Akai: ((o.o))
Akai: ((killing sisters is bad))
Light; (I let her ring one of her friends on my mobile, and I now have 27p left,
when before I had £14)
Akai: ((eck... o.o, anyway, please don't kill her))
Light: (Its just a figure of speech. I wouldn't really kill her. It just means that I'm
mad at her)
Akai: ((I know ^_^))

Cat glances at him
Akaihane watches her, his eyes gleaming slighlty in the moonlight. He changes
the subject. "How are you feeling?"
Light: "Not much better..."
Cat sighs "I guess I'll live, though"
Akaihane says, truly worried. "What is wrong? I mean... why do you have these
Akaihane isn't much comforted by that.
Light: "Like I said earlier, I think, the wolves were trying to open memories that
I'd prefer to keep locked away. Those memories have the power to... Um..." Her
voice trails off
Akaihane says firmly. "Tell me."
Walim shifts slightly where she perches on the back of Akai's horse.
Cat ducks her head, and whispers "I travelled to two places not very long ago.
What I saw there made me go mad, lose control, whatever you want to call it.
Opening those memories will have the same effect"
Cat stares at her paws
Akaihane sits quiet for a moment. "It won't happen. And furthermore, in less
then three days, we will reach Semsol. You will be safe there. A lot of protective
Cat says nothing, thinking about what will probably happen in Semsol
Akaihane knows what she is thinking, and curses himself sliently for bringing
the subject up. Aloud, he says, again changing the subject. "Are you cold?"
Light: "A little"
Akaihane takes off his yukata top and puts it over her back. "Here. And I think
you need some more sleep."
Cat looks at him "You're going to get cold..."
Akaihane smiles warmly even though it might be too dark for her to see it, but it
should be heard in his voice. "I'll be fine. Besides, I have to keep awake tonight.
Can't be too comfortable."
Light: "Why do you have to keep awake?"
Akaihane says simply. "It's my turn."
Light: "I haven't taken watch, so I think that I probably should"
Akaihane shakes his head. "No."
Light: "Why not? Its not fair that I don't keep watch"
Akai: "You need to rest more than anyone of us, and furthermore... considering
what we are keeping watch against, it might not be wise having only you
Light: "Fine. If you stay awake, I will too, then"
Akai: "What good will that do?"
Light: "To keep you company... Besides, I've slept enough for now"
Akaihane gives a soft sigh, sounding tired. "I'm not going to argue with you,
Light... But either way, we can't talk much. Xefir needs to sleep."
Light: "Ok"
There's a light chuckle from Xefir. "Don't you worry about it, my children. I
have the power to shield out what I don't want to hear."
Akaihane blinks, once again taken back by the unknown powers of his mother.
Cat stretches, arching her back
Akaihane takes a deep breath and pulls his knees back to his chest. The skies are
now clear and filled with millions of stars and a brilliant silvery full moon.
Cat says almost to herself "I love watching the night..."
Akaihane glances at her. "Do you know any of the constellations?"
Akaihane looks back up at the night sky.
Cat shakes her head "No, unfortunately"
Cat continues talking, again almost to herself "Its peaceful. That's the main thing
I like about travelling. Lying back and just watching the night sky"
Akaihane says in a low voice. "When not teaching magic, astronomy was my
old master's favorite thing to talk about."
Akaihane says nothing.
Light: "I didn't know anyone who bothered much with astronomy..."
Cat watches the stars, smiling faintly
Akaihane stares at the heavens. "........"
Light: "There's so much natural beauty in this world..."
Akaihane says, though his mind is still distant. "True."
Cat rests her chin on her paws
Akaihane glances at her. "What are you going to do when the trial is over?"
Cat is thinking
Cat says softly "I don't know..."
Akaihane continues. "I don't know, but I think I will have to stay in Semsol for a
while. To sort things out."
Light: "That's all assuming you actually survive the trial..." It sounds like she is
trying hard not to cry
Akaihane doesn't reply immediately. "I have to assume that."
Cat lowers her head to hide her tears
Akaihane suddenly points at the top of the mountain in the east. "Look! Suzaku's
star is rising!"
Cat glances up
A bright, reddish star just rises above the mountain top. "Do you see it? It is a
sign of good luck."
Light: "I see it..."

Light: (I think I have to go soon...)
Akai: ((I don't know what's with Akai and changing subjects tonight... ~_~,,,))
Akai: ((me too))

Cat 's mind is still on what might happen in a few days time...
Akaihane lowers his hand and says, kind of dreamingly. "Did you know I was
born under the star of Suzaku?"
Cat looks at him "Were you?"
Akai: "My old master kept reminding me. Not that I ever felt very lucky,
though." He turns to her. "Maybe this is it. Meeting you, I mean."
Cat blinks
Akaihane 's eyes glitter faintly in the soft light, and he might be smiling, but it's
hard to tell.
Light: "I'm not sure I see how meeting me could be lucky..."

Light: (I might be on tomorrow. If not, probably next Tuesday)
Akai: ((I don't think I'll be on tomorrow, sorry))
Light: (Ok, then probably see you next Tuesday, then? Just as well. My dad'll
flip if I want to come on tomorrow as well... *Grins*)
Akai: ((lol... *thinking* I can’t remember if I was going to do something on
tuesday or not, but I think it was the tuesday after that... so see you hopefully))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((gotta go too... take care!))
Light: (Bye. See you Tuesday, hopefully)
Akai: ((*hurries off* gotta sleep... slept FAR too little lately... ~_~,,, bad, bad,
Akai: ((yeah))

Day 34

KemaneMediil, night, day 5

Wizard: (hey guys!)
Akai: ((errg... my swedish friends have found my guest book... I'm doomed...
Wizard: (lol)
Akai: ((*cough* um, hi everyone ^_^,))
Akai: ((sorry for being a bit distracted... ~_~, I was working on my page, and I
was out all day playing in the snow. ^_^,,, me, my sis and a friend made a giant
leviatha out of snow.))
Light: (Hello)
Light: (A what?)
Akai: ((don't ask, Light, please don't ask...))
Akai: ((so... where where we... it's night time and Light and akai is up talking.))
Akai: ((oh yeah, Light just said she couldn’t see how meeting her could be
Light: (I remember that part...)
Akai: ((I was working on the fengish alphabet and the phonetics... gotta shut
some windows and Ill be up and running...))
Akai: ((ok, I'm in char now...))

Akaihane says honestly. "Without you, I would be dead already. And if I wasn’t,
I wouldn’t have anything left to live for if I didn’t have you. By meeting my
mother I have achived my goal in life. I wouldn’t know what to do from now on
if you where not by my side. I still feel... strange. I guess I never really thought
this day would actually come...."
Akaihane sighs softly, still watching the constellations.
Cat is not really sure what to say to that, so keeps quiet
Akaihane sits quiet for a long time, and there is no telling if he is awake or
Cat watches the stars
Cat looks down at her paws
Akaihane speaks after what might be several hours, talking in a very low voice.
"Yona amarol, auri mikil. Li mannol, sana lijil. Undam-malil Suzaku-shin na
shiira-shenil. Resh, meki lana-mejil nao?"
Cat says almost to herself "This wasn't supposed to happen..."
DarkWizard101 is sitting in a tree somewhere...(-.-) his feet dangling over the
side of a branch, wide awake and looking around with a few glances over at
Light and Akai...
Akaihane turns slighlty. "What do you mean?"
Light: "None of this was supposed to happen, except for the fight with Evil. I do
not even know if I belong in this world"
Akaihane 's eyes gleam slighlty in the moonlight. "Why do you say that?"
Light: "Without my goddess powers, I feel empty. Lost. I am of no use anymore.
Perhaps fighting Evil was my only purpose"
Akaihane turns his gaze back to the stars. "I know what you mean. But at the
same time, I don't."
Light: "I do not think I am needed in this world anymore"
DarkWizard101 looks down at Light for a minute, wondering to himself how
anyone could think that they have only one purpose in life and after its through,
how they could ever think they're not needed after that...
Akaihane 's voice doesn't really reveal his feelings. "Don't you want to live?"
Light: "I did not say that, or even think it"
Akai: "What did you mean, then?"
Light: "Quite simply, I feel as though I have been set adrift on a sea with
nothing to hold on to. I do not know what to do now"
Akaihane sits quiet for a while.
DarkWizard101 looks at Light thoughtfully for a minute, then turns his gaze
Akai: "The whole world lays open to you, Light."
Cat blinks
DarkWizard101 mumbles loud enough for the others to hear, but not
intentionally. "Life IS your purpose... it only needs to be defined...."
Akai: "You should do whatever you want. And I want you to know... as long as
I can, I will follow you wherever you decide to go."
Cat looks at him "Even if I were to go into deepest danger?"
Cat looks over at DarkWizard in some surprise, then lowers her head again
Akaihane looks back at her, even if it's really too dark to see. "I wouldn't care."
Cat allows herself a faint smile "I guess I'm lucky to have a friend like you..."
But it sounds as though she is fighting back tears
Akaihane says softly. "What is wrong, Light?"
Light: "Thoughts of what may happen soon..."
Akai: "Please... don't think about that."
Cat looks at a small flower growing directly between her paws
DarkWizard101 looks back at the others again, mainly at Akai, for reasons
unknown...and yet probablly not... then sighs and leans back against the trunk of
the tree tipping his head back and gazing at the sky.
Akai: "It will work out somehow..."
Light: "I'm trying not to think about it... But it doesn't work"
Light: "My mind keeps coming back to it..."
Akaihane leans back against the mountain wall and stares blindly at the stars.
"You know, Light... I will fight for my life. But I can not defy the decision of
the Council."
Cat doesn't say anything
Akaihane says after a moment of silence. "I am sorry."
Light: "It seems like there is hardly any time left at all..."
Akaihane doesn't know what to say, so he keeps quiet, but there's a million of
thoughts fighting for space in his mind.
Cat gives a soft sigh

Akai: ((for how long do you want this night to go on? It could go on forever, but
I think it would be best if we could skip to dawn tomorrow))
Light: (That would probably be best)

Akaihane says after a long while. "You should try to get some sleep. In a few
hours, it will be dawn."
Akaihane turns away and gives a slight cough.
Light; "I am not tired. And my thoughts are moving around too quickly in my
mind for me to get rest even if I was tired"
Akai: "At least close your eyes. We have a long way to travel tomorrow as
Light: "I do not wish to let my guard down again. One attack on my mind was
more than enough"
Cat sighs "Little over a day..."
Akaihane says. "I guess a Kikôtei shield would not be enough to keep them
Akaihane isn't sure what she means. "What?"

Akai: ((I have to go now, but I'll be on tomorrow))
Light: (Ok. See you tomorrow then, hopefully)
Light: (Bye)
Akai: ((yes. and please answer Akai's questions then and after that we'll switch
to dawn. I'm kind of planning on Akai not to talk much the rest of the night. He's
pretty tired.))
Akai: ((in case you are not planning on anything else to happen during the
night, off course))
Light: (You'll proably have to remind me of the questions. I'll be too exhausted
to remember them)
Light: (I wasn't planning on anything else to happen during the night...)
Akai: ((ok. I will do that then. Take care and see you soon! I'll be here 8.15
london time))
Light: (Ok. Thought I may be on nearer 8.30)

Day 35

KemaneMediil, night, day 5

Wizard: (hi and hi again)
Akai: ((*runs in, knowing he is late, late, late...* ~_~,,, *bows down infront of
Light and Wizard and apologizes* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry... ~_~,,,))
Light: (That's all right)
Wizard: (lmao!)
Akai: ((*tries to catch his breath* ^_^,,, hi... *feels like an idiot*))
Akai: ((ok... so, lets get started... umm... *is still panting* just a sec...))
Light: (How come you're late?)
Akai: ((Akai just asked if a mental shield would be able to keep the wolves away,
and he also said ‘what?’ to Light’s comment: "Little over a day..."))
Akai: ((my dad wouldn't get off the phone... ~_~,, sorry...))
Wizard: (lol i know what THATS like)
Light: (I remember)
Wizard: (i dont...LOL! but im going along with it all! *mumbles* i'll figure it all
out soon here....)
Light: (Me too)
Akai: ((so... it wasn't really my fault! I swear! o.o,, I was ready an hour ago...))
Akai: ((don't worry about it Wizard. It's still night, but we'll switch to morning
quite soon))
Wizard: (sure you were ¬¬)
Akai: ((I was!! I swear!!))
Light: (*Laughs*)
Akai: ((in case you are interested, I was working on the grammars to fengish.
I've got a few pages now))
Wizard: (yea,
Light: (Is it on your site? If it is, I'll have a look later)
Akai: ((not yet. I'll post it tomorrow))
Light: (Ok, I'll have a look when it is posted)
Akai: ((the fengish alphabet will be up there too... *is kind of proud he actually
got somewhere with the fengish*))
Akai: ((and the phonetics...))
Light: (Did you make up the entire fengish language?)
Akai: ((do you mean if I was the one to make it up, or if I can speak it fluient
Light: (Both, I guess)
Akai: ((I made it up by myself, but no, I can't speak it fluient))
Light: (You did? I'm impressed. I could never do that)
Akai: ((thanks... it's not done yet, but I can say what I want))
Light: (When doing a language, I'd just come up with a few words and then
grow bored with it)
Akai: ((same here, kind of. But I was inspired by a friend, who also made up a
language. He is trying to teach it to me in exchange that he learn fengish))
Light: (That's interesting)
Akai: ((I have over 500 words in fengish and some basic grammars))
Light: (I had a look yesterday... I liked the lullaby)
Akai: ((thanks... I like it too. But it's sad))
Light: (Why did you choose those particular words?)
Akai: ((long story))
Akai: ((I assume you read the translation?))
Light: (Yes)
Akai: ((Xefir used to sing that lullaby to Akai when he was a kid, and it kind of
stuck to his mind. When he became a wanderer, he thought about it a lot, but he
still can't remember where he learnt it))
Light: (Oh)

Light: "I doubt it. Many of them were powerful witches and wizards before they
Akaihane nods slightly in the darkness. "So I assumed..."
Cat shakes her head "And I was just thinking out loud about how long its going
to be before we get to Semsol..."
Akaihane says. "It's still a three days journey to Semsol."
Light: "I thought I'd gone wrong somewhere..."
Cat curls up, resting her head on her paws, and stares off into the distance
Akaihane says. "Please try to get some rest, Light. And if you can't sleep, at least
close your eyes."
Cat looks at him "You already said that"
Akai: "I know."

Akai: ((I will skip to day now if that is alright with everyone))
Light: (Ok)
Wizard: (its okay with me...)

Akaihane sits quiet and unmoving after that, and he could just as well be asleep.
There is no telling in the darkness.
Cat continues to stare into the distance, lost in her own thoughts

KemaneMediil, dawn, day 6

After a few hours, the dawn breaks over the mountain tops. The skies are clear,
but the weather is still not warm.
Cat uncurls and stretches
Akaihane still sits in the same position, and when it gets lighter, you can see that
his eyes are closed.
Cat looks at the flower growing between her paws, and makes a mental note to
find out more about it
DarkWizard101 is still sittng in the tree, asleep for now, but it's nearly obvious
that he hasnt been asleep for very long, he looks like he's been up for some
The rest of the group is still asleep.
Cat glances around at the others, then moves off a little way
Akaihane looks up as Light moves. Obviously he was awake. "Where are you
Light: "Just having a look round. You can't see much of a place in the dark"
Akaihane thinks he sounds like a worried mother, but can't help saying. "Don't
go far..."
Cat rolls her eyes, and makes no reply
DarkWizard101 opens one eye as he hears the others awake, but stays still for

Akai: ((I assume you left Akai's yukata top on the ground?))
Light: (Oh, I forgot about that. I guess she did)
Akaihane picks up the yukata and puts it on, rubbing his cold arms. He blinks at
the rays of the rising sun.
Cat finds a few more of those flowers, and sniffs at them a little, then sneezes
Akaihane watches Light, coughing quietly.
Cat glances back the way they came, worry in her eyes
DarkWizard101 says, his eyes still closed to Akai. "You know... she's not gunna
jump a cliff..." He smiles to himself
Akaihane glances at Wizard.
Cat drops her gaze to the ground, tensing slightly
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤Other things worry me¤
DarkWizard101 whispers to Akaihane <Like...?>
Akaihane sighs and turns his gaze back to the sky.
Akaihane whispers to DarkWizard101 ¤Like the creatures following our
Cat 's eyes narrow, and she hisses softly
DarkWizard101 's eyes snap open and looks around
Wizard: <Wha--? where...?>
Akaihane is instantly on his feet, his hand on his dagger. "What is it, Light?"
Cat shrinks back, then falls unconscious again
DarkWizard101 jumps down from the tree "Light!?"
Akaihane runs up to her and picks her cat body up in his arms. "Light!?"
Cat 's body jerks around, and she cries out
DarkWizard101 walks over to akai and light. "what happened...?"
Cat cries out "NO!"
Akaihane turns back to the others and yells. "Xefir! Lio-re jan!"
Xefir wakes up and hurries over to them.
Cat then lapses into the strange language again
Akaihane looks up at Wizard with a determined look in his eyes. "I'm going into
her mind. This can't go on."
Cat continues to be jerked around by some unseen force
Akaihane sits down with Light's body in his lap, talking to Wizard. "Keep guard.
They must be close."
DarkWizard101 looks a little uneasy. "You think it wise... if you get lost in her
thoughts..." he trails off
Akaihane interupts him. "I'll be fine. Just be on your guard."
Cat cries out again
DarkWizard101 growls slightly. "I dont like this.... but I cant stop you... just be
careful, understand...?"
Akaihane then closes his eyes and slips into Light's chaotic mind.
Cat 's mind is full of images of terrible things
Akaihane flinches at the immages and struggles his way through her mind to
find the source.
Dark tendrils flit about in her mind
Akai: ((can I spell today or not...? I've been thinking too much in fengish and too
little in english... ~_~,))
Light: (That can't be good)

Cat is weeping, gradually losing the fight to keep her sanity and life
Akaihane cautiously approaches one of the tendrils.
Akaihane tries to speak to her. ¤Light!? Can you hear me?¤
Cat is gradually slipping away, though is still fighting, and cannot answer him
Akaihane fights his way deeper into her soul, trying somehow to reach her
Akaihane touches one of the tendrils to see if he can affect is somehow.
Akaihane cries out, getting desperate. ¤LIGHT!!¤
An image of fire comes into Light's mind, and a voice chimes, -Summon the
goddess of Life-
Akaihane gasps and pulls back, out of her mind.
Cat 's body goes limp
Akaihane is thinking he hasn't got the rose anymore, and wonders if it will work
anyway. He tries to focus. ¤Goddess of Light... if you can hear me, please
Life appears
Xefir kneels by Akai and places a hand on Light's body to sense if she is dead.
Akaihane bows his head to Life, not sure what to do. "Please forgive me for
calling you out, Life-sama... but I think I was ordered to do so." He feels very
Life looks at Light "That would be no great surprise. Please excuse me a
moment. I must fetch something" Disappears for a moment
Akaihane blinks and then stares blindly into space where Life stood a second
Cat is still breathing, though very weakly
Life reappears again, holding something which shines in her hands
Akaihane is desperate. "Please help her, Life-sama..."
Life holds the jewel so that it is pointing towards Light "If this does not work,
nothing will"
Akaihane is too tired to ask, just watches.
A soft white light comes from the jewel, bathing Light's body with a soft glow
Cat 's head jerks up, though, as far as anyone can see, she remains in a trance
Akaihane lightly touches the cat's forehead. "Light?"
Cat 's eyes open, but she stares ahead, unseeing
Akaihane looks up at Life. "Do you know what is wrong with her? Nothing I do
seems to help..."
A voice, different from the other and filled with strange power, chimes in his
mind, -Call her back-
Life pauses "I have some idea, though it would take a long time to explain"
Akaihane flinches at the unknow voice and tries to reply, cautiously. ¤Who are
Voice: -That does not matter. Call her back-
Akaihane shakes his head, exhausted. "Never mind that then. Just tell me how I
can help her."
-If you want her to live-
Life looks down at the jewel in her hands
Akaihane replies. ¤How will I do that?¤
Voice: -You share a bond. Call her back if you love her-
Cat 's head droops
Akaihane frowns, not liking that this spirit knows this about him. However, he
desides to leave it for now. Once again, he slips into Light's mind.
Akaihane calls and tugs on her soul. ¤LIGHT! Come back!¤
Cat blinks
The jewel stops glowing
Akaihane demands. ¤Light, answer me!¤
Cat is trembling violently, but is awake and aware
Cat says weakly "Akai...?"
Akaihane gently slips out of her mind, breathing shallowly. "..yeah..?"
Life fades away
Light: "... I'm sorry..."
Akaihane places a cold hand on her body. "..are you alright?"
Cat nods
Akaihane coughs and closes his eyes for a second. "I mean... are you healed? ..or
just alright for the moment?"
Cat cries softly
Light: "All right for the moment, I think..."
Akaihane doesn't look very happy about the answer, but is too tired to speak up,
just grits his teeth and closes his eyes. "....."
Cat lowers her eyes, and repeats "I'm sorry..."
Akaihane says, his eyes still closed. "..this will never end, will it?"
Light: "It may end... But how is not for me to see"
Akaihane sits quiet. "......"
Akaihane says after a while, still sounding exhausted, but determined. "We must
continue to Semsol. This place is not safe."
Light: "Hardly anywhere is safe for you while I travel with you"
Akaihane opens his eyes. "I didn't mean safe for me. Safe for you."
Light: "Still, it is true that while I am around you are in grave danger"
Akaihane says in a low voice. "Do you think I care? You know I'd rather die
protecting you than live alone."
Cat looks at the ground "I know that"
Akai: ((gotta run! see ya!))
Light: (Bye)

Day 36

KemaneMediil, morning, day 6

Akai: ((I know I'm late... again... ~_~, I'm really sorry))
Light: (That's ok. Though I was just about ready to give up on you)
Akai: ((sorry... ~_~, phone line was busy again..))
Light: (I know what that's like. My sister sometimes spends hours talking on the
phone to her friend, and I'm not exagerating. She once spent 3 hours talking to
Akai: ((I'm going right into char.))

Akaihane stands up, still holding Light in his arms. He eyes her carefully. "Is
there nothing I can do to make you feel better?"
Cat shrugs
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Light: (Hello!)
Wizard: (*pant* jjjjjjeeeeeezzzzzeeeee)

Akaihane says. "We really should get moving. The sooner we get to Semsol, the
Cat glances down at her paws
Akaihane looks up at Xefir. "Please make the horses ready."
Cat shivers slightly, looking worried and a litttle frightened
DarkWizard101 gets up "I'll help... if you dont mind, that is..." He adds to Xefir
Xefir nods her head, but casts a worried glance at Light before walking back to
the still half-sleeping horses and starts to saddle them up.
Xefir smiles to Wizard. "I don't mind it at all, master Wizard."
Light: "Sorry..." Is shaking
DarkWizard101 returns the smile and walks over to the horses with a slight
glance back at Light and Akai.
Akaihane says to Light. "Look... Once we get to Semsol, I will see to it that you
get to meet some powerful spiritists. But if there is something I could do right
here and now, I want you to tell me."
Cat shakes her head "I cannot think of anything..."
Akaihane looks at her and changes the subject. "Are you hungry?"
Cat glances back over her shoulder
Light: "Maybe a little, but not very"
Cat gives a soft sigh
Akaihane holds her carefully with one hand while taking of his yukata top. He
wraps up her small cat body in it and places her gently on the ground. "Wait
Cat blinks
Akaihane walks over to the horses and searches through one of the saddle bags
for food.
Akaihane takes some bread and dried fruit and returns to Light.
Akaihane sits down on the ground next to her and asks. "What would you like?"
Light: "I don't mind"
Akaihane places some bread and some fruit infront of her so she can choose.
"Please eat..."
Cat eats a little of the bread, but not much, as she is really not that hungry
Akaihane takes a piece of bread and starts eating it slowly.
Cat stretches, arching her back, and then drops her head onto her paws
Akaihane looks at her with concern.
Cat smiles a little at him "I'm just worn out..."
Akaihane says to her, sounding tired as well, but determined. "You have to rest.
We will move out, but I will carry you, so that you can sleep."
Cat looks at him "Are you sure you're up to carrying me? Cats aren't that light,
and I could easily run alongside the horses"
Akaihane picks up the food and then Light, still wrapped up in his yukata.
"That's out of the question. I will ride, and holding you is not a problem."
Cat licks her paws
Akaihane sounds a little harsher than he wants to, but that's just because he is
Light: "Well, at least put your top back on... You'll catch a cold without it"
Sounds extremely worried about him
Akaihane walks over to the horses that are ready and waiting.
Akaihane sits up on his horse. "It's getting warmer. Don't worry about it."
Xefir and Yona also gets on their horses, and Xefir takes the lead up the steep
mountain trail.

Mountain trail, morning, day 6

Cat rubs her nose with a paw "I'm not not going to worry about you"
Akaihane again lets the horse walk freely with loose reins. He sighs slighlty and
closes his eyes.
Akaihane doesn't reply, just sits unmoving.
Cat drifts into sleep, though she obviously does not want to rest

Akai: ((ok... now this is a good moment to skip ahead. Akai at least wont speak
or do anything unless he is spoken to.))
Light: (Its difficult to do much with Light when she's in cat form, and impossible
when she's sleeping)
Akai: ((I know what you mean... ^_^ even though, I sometimes wish akai was in
his phoenix shape a bit more often.))
Light: (Well, birds can fly. Unfortunately, cats can't)
Akai: ((for how long will your char be asleep?))
Light: (A few hours, I should think)

The sun slowly rises over the mountain tops, the golden rays warming their
backs. The horses make slow progress up the narrow path.
Akaihane sits perfectly still with closed eyes, he could very well be asleep. But
he sits straight up and doesn't fall of nor loses his grip around Light's body.
Cat breathes gently. If she is dreaming, or being attacked, there is no outward
sign of it
It is a brilliant morning, actually, the skies are blue and the air fresh, but it is
getting warmer by the minute. Occationally, there is a cry or a chirp from some
mountain bird behind the cliffs.
Cat stops breathing a moment, though not enough to be really noticeable, but
then starts again

Mountain trail, noon, day 6

A bit after noon, they reaches the top of the mountain. Below them to the west, a
deep ancient forest stretches to the horizon. Xefir tugs on the reins of her horse
and it comes to an halt.
Akaihane rises his head slowly as his horse stops as well. He looks out over the
forest and suddenly shivers.
Cat 's eyes flicker open, then close again
Cat tenses slightly
Cat 's body begins to be surrounded with a faint dark glow, barely visible

Akai: ((arg!!))
Light: (Computer crash?)
Akai: ((sorry about that... messed up))
Light: (That's ok)
Akai: ((not really... just brain crash... ~_~,,))
Light: (Brain crash?)
Akai: ((don't ask... please don't ask... ~_~,,))

Akaihane manages to take his eyes off the scenery, blinks, and then looks down
at Light. "You alright?"
Cat tenses
Light: (All right, I won't)
Akai: ((thanks! ^_^, btw, did you check out the updates on my page?))
Light: (Yeah, and they're really good. But... 'Bird eats cat'?)
Akai: ((lol! why not? ^__^ it's just as an example...))
Akai: ((lot more to come... but not yet. I don't have the time. But it'll get there...
Akai: ((anyway, I gotta run... so you take care, and see you next week!))
Light: (I didn't say it wasn't good... I just thought 'what?' when I saw it)
Light: (See you)
Light. (Have you written any more of the story yet?)
Akai: ((egh... ~_~,, not really... oh, well I have, but... oh well, I'll talk about it
later. Gotta go. *runs out*))

Day 37

Mountain trail, noon, day 6

Cat 's eyes fly open, and the glow fades away
Akaihane blinks and looks down at her, confused as always. "What's
Cat shakes her head slightly "Just... another threat"
Akaihane eyes her with concern and then looks ahead. "Let's continue." He says
shortly, anxcious to get to safer grounds.

Akai: ((I'm really sorry, but I will be honest with you. Role playing has the least
priority in my life. I only come here if I don't have anything else to do. I think
I'm here far too much anyway. I will probably try to reduce my chatting time
within soon))
Light: (*Sighs* Sorry, I didn't mean to have a go. I haven't been well today, and
its made me a little short tempered)
Akai: ((It's alright, I'm just telling you the truth. And since you still are a human,
even though I only know you on chat, I still feel I owe you to inform you if I'm
not going to be on, but I have to admit, my irl friends always comes first, as they
should in a healthy life. And RPG-ing actually isn't that good for me. And even
more important, it has a negative effect on my relation with God.))

Day 38

Mountain trail, noon, day 6

Akai: ((hiaz))
Wizard: (TA DA!)
Akai: ((lol ^_^))
Akai: ((so, I'll fill you in on the events))
Akai: ((The group reached the top of the western mountain, and they are
overlooking this wide, dark forest.))
Wizard: (forest? YAY!)
Wizard: (dark? oooohh! DW's gunna be lovin' that! ahem.. anyway... go on...)

Akaihane kicks his horse lightly to get it start moving down the trail, keeping a
close watch on Light.
Walim flies in from apparently nowhere, circles the group for a moment, as if
trying to descide where to land.
Walim apparently descides not to land, and flies ahead of the riding party, down
towards the forest at the foot of the mountain.
Akaihane looks after Walim with a strange look in his eyes, but he says nothing
at all.
DarkWizard101 looks ahead at the forest curiously, his silver eyes actually
sparkling for the first time in these past few days/weeks.

Akai: ((days... 6 days to be more precice))
Wizard: (days^ (ty... i couldnt keep
Akai: ((heh... it's ok))
Cat enters this room
Akai: ((we started riding down the mountain, but nothing happened...
Akai: ((is anything going to happen, or shall we skip?))
Light: (We can skip)

Mountain trail, afternoon, day 6

As the afternoon procedes, the temerature rises, though it's still not really warm.
As they descend further down the mountain side, towards the thick forest below,
the wood land sounds can soon be heard, carried through the clear highland air.
Akaihane seems more alert now, constantly looking ahead towards the forest,
something strange in his eyes. But he keeps awfully quiet.
Cat glances around
Akaihane also keeps glancing down at Light, checking on her, and his senses are
searching for the presense of any unwelcome followers.

Mountain side, evening, day 6

As the sun sets behind the treetops, they reach the foot of the mountain.
Cat sighs, and says softly "I hate this... Not being able to fight back"
Akaihane lets the horse come to a halt and turns his gace to Light. "We will fight
back when the time is right."
A narrow mountain stream floats just ahead, and Xefir demounds and leads her
horse over to it.
Light: "If they keep attacking me like that, I won't be able to fight. I'll be too
weak. I may even be killed"
Akaihane closes his eyes for a short moment, as if trying to concentrate. But the
expression is gone in an instant. He says, sounding determined. "We will fight
for you, Light."
Akaihane takes her gently in his arms and gets off the horse. "And besides... we
will soon arrive at a safer place."
Akaihane lets the horse walk over to the stream on it's own.
Cat sounds a little distant "I hope so... I don't know how much longer I can keep
them away from my mind for"
Akaihane looks at her, clearly worried.
Akaihane asks. "Can't we fight them?"
Cat stares at her paws
Light: "I don't know... They are very old, and very powerful. Their leader..."
Stops, and shakes her head
Xefir starts unsaddling the drinking horses.
Light: "Their leader is as old as this world..."
Akaihane looks at her, but says nothing. Then he sits down and stares at the sky.
Cat gives a soft sigh
Akaihane says, still with his gaze lost in space. "I don't know what kind of
enemy we are facing here Light... And I get a feeling you are keeping things
from me. I can only do my best..."
Light: "There are... some things that are not mine to reveal"
Akaihane frowns at her, wondering what that is supposed to mean.
Cat shakes her head, knowing that she is being vague, but can't help it

Akai: ((I gotta go. And sadly, I can't come on saturday, so I guess I'll see you
next tuesday?))
Light: (Probably, yeah. Bye)
Akai: ((take care *hurries off*))

Day 39

Mountain side, night, day 6

Akai: ((hey... there you are))
Akai: ((~_____~,))
Akai: ((before I say anything else. I will be gone for the entire next week. And I
will drop my role as the gamemaster after the semsol story is over. And I will
also drop a lot of chars...))
Akai: ((*huge sigh* soo... where were we?))
Wizard: (no idea... we were at the beginning of the forest...)
Light: (Um, yeah. Something like that)
Akai: ((yeah... night time, Akai and Light was talking about the wolves))
Akai: ((please guyes, take some intiatives, I don't have the strength to right
Light: (Night time? I didn't think they'd got that far. Oh, well. Probably didn't
Akai: ((oh well... evening. whatever))
Wizard: (coolness....*jumps into char and throws DW wherever he seems to

Akaihane sits under a tree with Light in his arms, still wrapped up his yukata.
He doesn't say anything more, and after a while closes his eyes.
Xefir leaves the horses alone for the night and takes phoenix shape and perches
in a tree. Yona has dissapeared again.
Cat keeps her eyes open
DarkWizard101 is sitting a little ways away, though wide awake, looking
around the area like a little kid at Christmas, for the first time in a while, looking
really happy.
Cat doesn't want to let herself sleep in case she gets attacked again and can't
defend herself
As the night falls, strange and exotic sounds are carried trough the mists from
the forest. It seems to be vibrating with life.
Akaihane sits motionless but it is impossible to tell if he is sleeping or not.
Cat gives a soft sigh

Akai: ((skip?))
Light: (Ok)
Akai: ((to morning?))
Wizard: (sure..)
Light: (Sure)
Akai: ((you are so boring... *sigh* oh well... ~_~,))
Light: (I'll make something happen the next day...)
Wizard: (boring? im jk)
Akai: ((you should be... lol))
Wizard: (-.-)

Mountain side, morning, day 7

The morning breaks... a clear day with a loud chorus of birds rising from the
treetops. It will be a warm day.
Xefir sits on her branch, preening.
Cat looks around, apparently not having slept at all
DarkWizard101 isnt, at the present time, anywhere to be seen, though he can be
sensed fairly close by...
Akaihane doesn't move.
Cat stretches, then wriggles slightly within the yukata top
Akaihane opens his eyes slighlty.
Xefir lifts her gaze from her preening, glancing at them and stretches her wings.
Akaihane looks up at the sky without a word.
Cat attempts to get free, at least partly, of the yukata top
Akaihane gently frees Light's cat body from the yukata.

Akai: ((I want breakfast... ,~_~,))

Light: "Thanks"
Akaihane mumbles. "No problem..." He puts the yukata on.
Akaihane eyes Light. "You alright?"
Light: "Still a little worn out, but I think that sleeping is out of the question for
the moment" Rubs her head against his hand
Akaihane looks tired, even though it appears he have been sleeping. "Why is
Cat says simply "Because if I'm caught off my guard again by an attack, I'll die"
Xefir flies to the ground and takes human form. She kneels by the stream and
Akaihane doesn't reply to that, just look even more tired.
DarkWizard101 swoops from the trees in his bird form and lands on a branch
just above Akai. His feathers are unusually ruffled from all the flying he must
have done, and he immediately gives a happy shreik. <Morning!> ^_^
Akaihane glances up at Wizard. "..morning..."
Cat looks at DarkWizard "Good morning"
Cat rubs her nose with a paw
Akaihane doesn't look very happy for some reason. He puts Light on the ground
and walks over to Xefir by the horses.
DarkWizard101 blinks. "Whats with all those gloomy faces...?"
Cat glances back over her shoulder, then looks at DarkWizard again "What?"
DarkWizard101 shifts his feet on the branch. <ah, nothing... you guys just dont
seem to happy this morning... maybe its just me...>
Akaihane helps Xefir to saddle the horses and they speak to each other in low
voices, probably in fengish.
Cat shakes her head "I haven't been happy since I found out about Semsol... And
it wasn't even Akaihane who told me" Seems slightly distracted for some reason,
and keeps checking over her shoulder as though expecting to see someone, or
something, behind her
Walim flies out from the forest with a huge dragonfly in her talons. ^__^
DarkWizard101 tilts his head. <Akai didnt tell you...? Then who...?>
Walim lands on the branch next to Wizard, looking extremely proud.
Light: "Yona. Who else?"
DarkWizard101 looks over at Walim and chirps. <Good morning>
Walim's eyes shines. ¤Latti!¤

Akai: ((do we have any food left, Light?))
Light: (Um, yeah. There should be some left)

Day 40

Mountain side, morning, day 7

Akai: Hey Light, long time no see. Remeber where we left off? I think I almost
Light: (I think it was the morning, and they were just getting ready to leave)
Akai: ((that's right))
Akai: ((oh yeah, I remember now. Akai was just about to get some food out. And
you said you had something planned for the day, am I right?))
Light: (Yeah)
Light: (Have you seen DarkWizard at all? I would have come on Saturday, but I
went to the cinema then)
Akai: ((yeah, he was on saturday.... and I think he'll be shocked to find out who I
talked to yesterday... ~_~, bad things are happening at the Keep, indeed... I
reckon our little group will soon be in even deeper trouble))
Light: (Oh, great)
Akai: ((I know... ~_~, it's not my fault at all, though...))
Light: (Who did you talk to?)
Akai: ((it's a guy called Xanatose? Ever heard of him? Obviously, he is an old
apprentice to Wizard turned evil and he kidnapped Kira and god knows what
else... and he is after Nimm...
Light: (I don't think I have...)

Akaihane finishes saddeling the horses and opens one of the saddlebags to see
what food there is left.
Cat stretches
Akaihane takes out some bread and walks back to Light accompanied by Xefir.
Akaihane sits down next to Light. "Are you gonna eat something?"
Akaihane tears the bread in half and gives one piece to Xefir.
Light: "I guess"
GotenJenova enters this room
Akaihane gives a piece of the bread to Light, wondering if she will be alright
eating that in her cat form.
Cat eats the bread
GotenJenova Runs in and hugs Akaihane
Akaihane is hugged. "Meep!?" o.o,,

Akai: ((hey!? goten-san?))
Light: (Goten...?)

GotenJenova Smiles "Good to see you Akai"
GotenJenova Nods "It's me"
GotenJenova Looks around "Is that you Light?"
Akaihane stands, a whole lot surprised to see Goten here and now. He bows,
slightly awkward. "Greetings, Goten-san."
Cat nods
Cat watches Goten warily
Xefir bows gracefully at Goten.
GotenJenova Nods to light and bows to Akaihane

"Beseen is back up you know"
Akaihane 's player notes to Goten that please write out of character notes within
Akai: ((I know, but I havn't had the time to check it out))
Goten: Xefir?
Akaihane 's player notes that Xefir is an elder woman with long, red hair and
blue eyes.
Goten: ((Ok, but whos Xefir?))
Akaihane 's player notes that they are now at a mountain side in a forest called
YengMiil, located in the Fengish parts of the land.
Akai: ((they are obviously traveling, three horses are waiting a bit further away,
saddled and ready. It is early morning))

Cat moves back a couple of paces
Akaihane eyes Goten. "What brings you out here, Goten-san?"
Cat moves away a bit, sensing something
Akaihane looks up as Light moves, on his guard. "Where are you going?"
Light: "I'm not going anywhere. I'm just... sensing something slightly"
Akaihane 's hand lands on the hilt of his clan dagger. "Is it "them"?" He
sharpens his senses, trying to pick up their location.
Cat continues to look around, her body tensing slightly "I think its just one..."
Akaihane is alert. "Where is it?" He turns to Goten. "Be on your guard, Goten-
san. It seems as if we are under attack."
GotenJenova Looks at Akai "What brings me out here? To look for you dear
Cat moves slightly further forward "I can't tell..."
Akaihane blinks at Goten, obviously slightly surprised over his answer, but his
attention is clearly elsewhere. "Don't move, Light. If it want to fight, let it come
Cat unsheathes her claws, hissing
GotenJenova Looks around "Can you hear that Akai?"
Akaihane unsheathes his dagger, stepping up to stand close to Light.
A big wolf leaps out from behind a tree, straight at Light. Its claws rake across
her body
GotenJenova Quickly draws my sword and stabs the wolf
Akaihane throws himself after the wolf in the blink of an eye, stabbing it with
his dagger.
Cat stumbles slightly, but retaliates by scratching the wolf across the nose
The wolf appears unhurt by the attacks
GotenJenova Looks to Cat "What the"-
Light: "Its like a werewolf. The only way to kill it is straight through the heart"
Light: "And don't let it bite you"
Akaihane grabs Light's cat body and hides it in his arms. "Goten-san!"
The wolf leaps at Light again
GotenJenova Takes a Silver dagger from my pocket and tackles the Wolf and
puts the dagger right through the heart
Akaihane holds Light firmly.
GotenJenova Feels the blood of the wolf on me "eww, sick" Stands up quickly
The wolf is stabbed, but seems to smile just before its body disappears
Akaihane twirls around at Goten's call, still holding Light in his arms.
Cat 's eyes flicker slightly. The cuts across her body are bleeding badly
GotenJenova Another wolf jumps out on Akaihane

Light: (The wolves are mine...)
Akai: ((I think so too))
Goten: ((What? Do you mean?))
Akai: ((Light plays the wolves, Goten))
Goten: ((Hmmmm.....whatever))
Goten: ((Replace thaat with a stone gargoyle then))

Cat licks at the cuts
Akaihane grits his teeth at the sight of Light's wounds and kneels with her on the
ground, pressing one hand against them to stop the bleeding somewhat. He calls
out to Xefir. "Jenna!"

Goten: ((When will I be noticed))
Light: (You could try to help...)
Goten: ((If I have to))
Light: (You don't have to. Light doesn't trust your character)
Goten: ((You don't have to, never asked you to. I think knowing me from beseen
would give some sympathy towards me. Never did like me did you?))
Light: (I'd like you a lot better if you hadn't tried to kill my character several
Akai: ((*is sensing some negative vibes* o.o,, hey cool it))
Light: (He started it)
Goten: ((Oh yeah, sorry about that. So much energy gets stored up and I had to
try and Kill someone. And my greatest achievement, Killing Akaihane. I proved
he was only phoenix. And be nice to me! I bite!))
Goten: ((She started it actualy!)
Light: (If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you)
Akai: ((oh, yeah, I havn't fogotten what you did to my char, Goten... You should
be glad he just doesn't let you bleed to death. ^_^ no offence, but...))
Goten: (( I am being nice to you -__-;;;))
Goten: (( I had to no one mocks me by saying 'I can;t be killed' It's like an insult
Akai. ((did I ever say that?))
Light: (Just don't try to kill Light. She has enough people trying to do that, and
she doesn't need more)
Goten: ((*Narrows eyes* You said something like that ^_^;;;;;.)
Akai: ((*shrugs* well, it WAS true, but now Aki is a mere mortal, so please don't
kill him. Yet.))
Goten: ((*Laughs* I won't, I have found a way to Calm my energy))
Akai: ((that's a comfort))
Goten: ((^_^;;;; It's good to see you again Akai))
Akai: ((umm... thanks.. I think))
Goten: ((*Cries* You think?....))
Goten: ((I spent ages trying to talk to you again, and this is the thanks? -sniff-))
Akai: ((lol, sorry))

Xefir hurries over to Akai and kneels as well, quickly taking off her thin and
short coat and wrapps it around the wounds.
Cat 's eyes flutter closed
GotenJenova Throws myself against the Stone Gargoyle but it over powers me
and Stabs me in the shoulder, I fall to the Ground
Akaihane sheathes his dagger, letting Xefir tend to Light.
Cat is unconscious
Akaihane twirls around and puts one hand out infront of him, fingers stretched.
"¤SOULWING!¤" A Psycic blast is sent at the gargoyle.
GotenJenova Lies on the floor clutching my shoulder
Akaihane rises and moves over to Goten and squats. "Hey..."
GotenJenova Looks up at Akai dazed "Give me a hand up"
Akaihane offers his hand to Goten with a worried glance back at Xefir.
GotenJenova Takes Akai's hand and pulls myself up, looks at my shoulder O.O
"Maaan, not again....." Takes a brown bag out and crunches a Senu Bean
Cat opens her eyes
Akaihane blinks at Goten, wondering what he is up to. "Are you alright?"
Xefir looks down at Light in her arms, holding her gently but firmly, pressing a
hand against the wound. "Be still, my child."
GotenJenova Watches my shoulder heal up "Yeah, would you like a Senu Bean
Light: "Did it escape...?"
Xefir says to Light in a calm voice. "It is dead, my child."
Light: "It won't help much, unfortunately..."
Akaihane frowns at the healing effect of the bean, but is taken back by Light's
words. He gets up and walks over to Xefir.
Light: "That's good. Its one less to worry about"
Cat attempts to get to her feet
Akaihane kneels by Xefir's side, watching Light with a worried look in his eyes.
"Is she hurt badly?"
GotenJenova Looks at Light "Senu Beans work on anything or anyone"
Cat shakes her head "They could perhaps heal the scratches. But they cannot
heal the... other thing"
GotenJenova Sighs "You mean your gonna turn into a werewolf"
Cat rubs her nose with a paw, and sighs
Xefir holds down Light firmly. "Hush my child, be still and don't speak." She
looks up at Akai. "Shii kemiro-je mela. Rech, jano-che."
Light: “That was already happening. But I can't go from animal to animal"
Akaihane frowns, alarmed. "What do you mean?"
Akaihane nods to Xefir and then turns his attention to Light.
GotenJenova Looks at Light "Eek"

Akai: ((I will probably go very soon))
Light: (Which post is he referring to? @ Akai)
Akai: ((all of them, I guess ^_^))
Goten: ((Will you be back tomorow??))
Akai: ((maybe, but I don't think so))
Light: (I'll probably see you again next Tuesday, then? @ Akai)
Akai: ((I guess))

The horses stirs a little, obviously a bit restless having the saddles on.
Light: "I can't go from animal to animal. I'm safe in this form. However, this
form is now poisoned, and I'm too weak to hold off the poison for very long"
Cat attempts to get to her feet again
Akaihane just closes his eyes and shakes his head, in too much mental pain to
take it all in at once. He looks extremely tired.
Xefir holds her down.
Cat frowns, looking worried and concerned "Akaihane, why are you so tired
GotenJenova Looks at Akai, "Man you tired you should Rest"
Cat does not look very happy to be held down
Light: "I'm not a complete invalid..."
Akaihane shakes his head again, not seeing the importance of answering Light's
Xefir says, not backing down once inch. "You mustn't move, my child."
Cat glares at Akaihane "Why are you refusing to answer me?!"
Akaihane sighs and opens his eyes. He appears exhausted, heart-broken and also
a bit irritated. "Because it doesn't matter!"
Light: "How'd people get so protective of me all of a sudden? Its not fair..."
Light: "It matters to me!"

Goten: ((Why is Akai's heart-broken?))
Akai: ((can't tell ooc))
Goten: ((Lol))

Xefir says in a low voice, adressing Akai. "Malo-re, janineil."
Light: "I won't stop caring about you just because you tell me not to!"
Cat looks frustrated and angry
Akaihane sighs again and grits his teeth, his worry for Light making it hard for
him to concentrate on anything else. "It's not important! It's not like I'm dying or
anything. Yona is keeping me on a leech, that's all."
GotenJenova Looks at Akai blankly but surprised "Your on a leech???? Man"
Cat blinks
Akaihane casts a glance at Goten but says nothing.
Akaihane sits back and brushes some hair out of his eyes with a frustrated sigh.
"I am sorry, but I can not break it. And I guess she has the right to be in charge
during this trip..."
GotenJenova Looks at Akai seriously "How come your on leeches?"
Akaihane looks at Goten pleadingly. "Can we take this some other time,

Akai: ((I'm going now))
Akai: ((take care you guyes))
Light: (See you Tuesday?)
Goten: ((Just answer my question, and farewell))
Akai: ((yeah))
Akai: ((*waves and skips out*))
Day 41

Mountain side, morning, day 7

Akai: ((remember where we left off? Aki just said he was on a 'leech' but he
didn't explain anything about it))
Light: (I remember)
Wizard: (there we go... eh... im still on chrys's color...)

Akaihane stands with a frustrated sigh, glancing back at the mountains.
Xefir is still holding Light's cat body in her arms.
Akaihane looks down at Xefir, restless. "We should try to move on. Staying here
will do us no good."
Xefir gives a nod and stands slowly, holding Light firmly wrapped in her coat.
"I will take her."
Light: "I'm going to have to change to my human form..."
Akaihane flinches. "You can't do that! Won't that turn you into..." He makes a
vague gesture towards the mountains. " of THEM!?"
Light: "Well, its either risk turning into one of them, or dying... Besides, I can
hold off the change for some time"
Akaihane shakes his head, but isn't arguing. "I trust your judgement. I will get
the horses." He quickly moves over to the horses and grabs their reins.
Cat looks up at Xefir "Would you mind unwrapping me so that I can change?"
Xefir lets Light down and slowly unwrapps the bloody coat around her body.
Cat slips into her human form with some relief
Akaihane leads the horses over to them and glances around for Yona. She is
nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Light: (Light got attacked by a wolf, and scratched right across her body... @
Wizard: (i see....okay then o.o;;)

Akaihane takes Light's arm and offers to help her up on the horse. "Will you be
able to ride alone or do you want me to ride behind you?"
Light: "You can ride behind me if you want"
Akaihane helps Light up and then sits up behind her, behind the saddle.
XWhitePawzX enters this room

Light: (It was a deliberate ploy to force her into her human form, as she can't go
from cat to wolf. The wolf's claws were poisonous)
Wizard: (O_O)
Akai: ((what form are you in wizard?))
Wizard: (falcon, again...Hi pawz O_O)
Light: (Um, that may have been a mistake to say that first part. I'm too fond of
giving things away. Forget I told you that)

Akaihane turns back to Wizard. "Wizard, could you please take human shape
and ride Yona's horse?"
XWhitePawzX gasps, "O.o; Light-sama!? That YOU?" Pounces Cat...tail wags
Light: "Hello"
DarkWizard101 flys close behind Akai and lands on the ground, quickly taking
his regular form. "Sure thing..."

Akaihane notes both Light and Aki are on horsebacks... err... the same horse
Wizard: (*ooooooohhhh!!!! akai!!!!!!!!!!!!! ack sorry, immature moment...)
Akai: ((what? o.o,, @wizard))
Wizard: (nothing!!!!)
Pawz: ( DW! O.o; Be more mature. [Bops him on the head with her psycho
parrot] o__o I'm hyper now! So, when should I bring pawzy in? ))
Light: (I think you already did... @ WhitePawz)
Pawz: (( o_o The pounce thing? That was just a hello. XD! ))
Wizard: (*bopped* im mature *pinkie up*)
Pawz: (( Are not. [Bop] ))

DarkWizard101 grabs the reigns to Yona's horse and clambers up, almost
clumsily, still thinking he's a bird for the moment
Akaihane gapes at Whitepawz's sudden appearence. "Whitepawz?"
DarkWizard101 leans forwards on the horse. "Pawz!?"
XWhitePawzX gapes at Akaihane's sudden gape at her sudden appearence.
"Akaihane? ^_^" Pounces him too, then looks at the horse. "Uh...oops..o.o;"
Light: "Hi WhitePawz"
Cat calms the horse down
Akaihane is mildly shocked to see her here and now, but his attention is clearly
somewhere else.
Akaihane glances around the small clearing, obviously nervous. "We where just
about to leave, Whitepawz. Will you come with us?"
Cat glances at her hands, checking
XWhitePawzX clasps her hands together. "Sounds like fun! ^_^ Where are we
going? How can I help? Need a sock?"
DarkWizard101 grins at Pawz. "Hey it's great to see ya!!!!!!!" he sounds almost
like a little kid who hasnt had anything to play with for ages...

(~_~ so damn immature... *smacks dw oocly*)
XWhitePawzX grins back at DW. "Wazzzuuuuppp?" she sounds exactly like
him, except like a girl instead of a guy, due to..she is female.
Light: "Um... A sock?"
Akaihane isn’t amused, but that's not Pawz's fault. "We will run, Whitepawz.
Light is injured and we have enemies on our trail."
XWhitePawzX hugs Cat "Yes! A sock! Keep your paws, feet, fins, wings, etc.
etc. warm at night! No refunds and no guarantee it won't tear. "
Wizard: "Sounds kind of typical for Akai huh? Always gettin in trouble." He
looks at Akai and flashes that childish grin.
XWhitePawzX puts on a more serious face, and nods at Akai-tono. "Yessir. I'll
be good, promise. ^_^;"
Light: "I think I forgot how incredibly insane you were..."
XWhitePawzX giggles. "It's okay cat. ^_^;;; I can't help it, but for Akai-tono I'll
just think the insane thoughts. So, you're hurt, huh? What happened? I can
maybe help."
Akaihane pulls on the reins to get the horse to back away a little from Pawz. "Be
careful, she's injured!"
Cat touches her chest lightly
Akaihane gives Wizard a glance, but says nothing.
DarkWizard101 looks from akai to pawz a sec, looking a bit confused.
XWhitePawzX nods at Akai-tono. " I know. I'm not blonde, like someone I
know.." referring to her roleplayer (( Hey! o_o )) "I just want to see if it's
anything within my powers to help."
Light: "I got scratched in my cat form. And the wolf's claws were poisonous"
Akaihane looks down at Pawz. "Can you heal?"
XWhitePawzX arches an eyebrow. "A wolf did that? Wow. I'm really sorry, on
behalf of my 'bloodlines', I guess. Poisonous? Well, That I can handle."
Cat shakes her head "Not those kind of wolves. These wolves have been around
from the beginning of time. And their poison is deadly"
XWhitePawzX nods. "I understand. I can still heal, though. Unless you want to
stay poisoned, that's fine with me." She shrugs, and takes her WolfTaur morph
so she can follow them while they ride horseback.
Light: "I can keep it out of my human form for some time, but..." Shrugs
Light: "You're welcome to try"
Akaihane says to Light, sounding a bit harsh since he is so tired and worried.
"Let her try, Light and then we will proceed to Semsol."
DarkWizard101 slows the horse and rides next to Pawz. "So how ya been...?"

Akai: ((they are not riding yet, wizard...))

Akaihane helps Light down from the horseback.
Cat sways slightly, weakened mentally and physically
Akaihane holds her firmly to support her.
XWhitePawzX shrugs again at DW, and turns to Cat. "I'll try. " She summons
the power of the underworld, and the forbidden shadows, into this spell. She
then lightly taps the wound, trying to not cause pain by touching the wound.
While she's at it, She transfers a bit of her own strength into Cat to help build an
immunity to poison, and other darkness.
Cat winces slightly
XWhitePawzX looks at Cat concerned-ly. " Did it help at all? "
Light: "The poison has not gone yet... But I can fight it better, and keep it out of
my human form for longer"
Light: "I think"
XWhitePawzX bows from the mid-torso, because of the disadvantage of her
current forms anatomy.
Akaihane nods once. "Good then. We will race for Semsol. Once we get there,
someone should be able to help you." He helps her back up on the horse.
XWhitePawzX shrugs. " I tried. "
Light: "Thank you"
Light: "You did help"
Akaihane sits up behind her and looks at Pawz. "Are you coming?" He seems
very restless.
XWhitePawzX nods. "Your welcome." then turns to Akai-tono. "I can stay in
this form, I'm pretty fast. Don't worry about me. "
Cat continues to watch her hands
Akaihane turns the horse around. "Good." Then the three horses with their riders
gallop off through the forest, going straight west.

YengMiil, morning, day 7

Cat glances behind once, checking for any pursuers
XWhitePawzX them..

o_o what am I supposed to say? XD! There's not much detail I can add here.

Walim lifts from her branch and flies alongside with Akai for a while, but then
she perches on his shoulder, crouching to find her balance in the high speed.
XWhitePawzX Spots Walim and grins "Hey Walim! ^_^" She increases her
speed so she's beside Akai's horse, and looks at Walim. "How are that to the language she speaks. O.o;"
Walim peers down at Pawz and replies in her childish tone. ¤Walim understand
Lemningo fine.¤
XWhitePawzX anime sweatdrops... "Ah...I'm sorry...Forgive me walim. ^^;;;"
Walim flaps her tail. ¤Walim says that is alright.¤
Cat rubs her hand slightly
Akai: ((they will be running for as long as the horses can manage. Light, please
take the next step. It's morning when they start, when will the horses tire?))
Light: (Probably early afternoon sometime)
Pawz: (( lol. Pawzy is spunky. XD She can keep up running for as long as she
needs to. X.o Then she's tired. xD ))

YengMiil, afternoon, day 7

The horses run along the narrow forest trail, seemingly endlessly. At the
warmest hour in the afternoon, they start to slow down, sweating and breathing
Cat scans behind them with her mind, checking for any wolves
XWhitePawzX looks at the horses concernedly, and hangs back behind then and
nips at their heels. "That should speed them up. I'll summon a slight shower, if
you'd prefer."
Akaihane glances back at Pawz. "Don't. They are exhausted."
Light: "WhitePawz, please don't do that. They're nervous already. You'll just
make them panic"
XWhitePawzX nods. "Yessir. Water would help though, wouldn't it?"
Akaihane lets the horse slow down into a walking pace, he too seeming tired.
Akaihane shakes his head firmly. "No rain."

Akai: ((I'm really sorry about Akai's bad temper... it's nothing personal))

Cat is still looking around the area with her mind, but reluctantly pulls it back
XWhitePawzX blinks, then shrugs. "Oh yeah, I forgot...The phoenix thing."
Akaihane asks Light. "What are you sensing?"
Cat says out loud "Either they're not behind us, or they've shielded themselves
so that I can't sense them. Either way, I'm not getting anything"
Cat is pale and shaking
Akaihane says. "We can not ride the horses any harder. Stop worrying about
them, Light. We can not fight them as long as they are not revealing
XWhitePawzX stares at the horses. "Hmm..Horsies are tired... They are hot and
tired. They need something to drink, And some rest. ^_^!" Grins mischeviously,
then folds her ears back and looks at Akai-tono. "Akaiii...Can I carry them?
Cat gives WhitePawz an extremely odd look
Akaihane glances back at Pawz, not even close to kidding. "I don't think they
would allow that, Whitepawz."
XWhitePawzX blinks. "I can fight. I can summon elementals, and I can create
shields, too. I'm not useless. I could send a power source matching ours in
another direction to lead them off while hiding ours. It's fun. ^_^"
Akaihane simply says. "Do whatever you can, Whitepawz."
Cat sighs
Cat glances down at her hand, then quickly concentrates
Akaihane asks Light. "Will you manage to sleep outside one more night? I don't
think we can ride all the way to Semsol without resting."
Cat nods "I'm used to sleeping outside"

Akai: ((I'm sorry if Aki seems cold, but he has just been worrying so much lately,
he is emptied of feelings. He is really worrying sick about Light, but since
there's nothing he can do...))

Cat rubs her hand again
Akaihane notices what Light is doing, but says nothing.
Cat frowns slightly, moving her head to one side, and then glancing off into the
Akaihane turns his head and attention in the same direction as Light, but is still
Cat says quietly "Stop the horse"
Akaihane stops the horse by squeezing with his knees.
Akaihane slips off the horseback and commands her mentaly. ¤you stay on¤
Light: "Its not dangerous... I think its under that tree" Points, and a small,
wriggling bundle can be seen
Akaihane 's hand drops to the hilt of his clan dagger.
Light: "Can you bring it to me?"
Akaihane frowns and moves over to the bundle slowly, on his guard.
Akaihane squats by the bundle and watches it, trying to find out what it is.
Cat sighs, and mutters "Its not dangerous..."
A small flash of white can be seen through a rip in the bundle

Akai: ((can he see what it is?))
Light: (Not properly... But I think the white should give it away)
Akai: ((umm... no, not really))
Akai: ((I have to go anyway))

Akaihane carefully unwrapps the bundle to see what it is.
A small baby unicorn was wrapped inside the bundle
Akaihane gapes as he sees the unicorn, and he wrapps it up again, careful not to
touch it's skin and lifts it up in his arms.
Cat says slightly impatiently "Now can you bring her to me?"

Akai: ((see you tomorrow, hopefully))
Light: (Yeah, hopefully)
Akai: ((alright then. take care. *skips out*))
Light: (Bye)

Day 42

YengMiil, afternoon, day 7

Akai: ((ok... so they just found a unicorn))
Light: (Yep. Sorry about that. I've just been wanting to bring her into this for
ages, and finally gave in to temptation)
Akai: ((it's alright))
Wizard: (*jumps in* ta da!!!!!)
Akai: ((*pokes wizard* wrong color))
Light: (Hi DarkWizard)
Wizard: (gggggrrrrr......)
Wizard: (chrys is rubbin off on me...HI!!!!!!!!!!^____________^)

Akaihane carries the baby unicorn carefully over to Light and holds it up to her
on the horseback.

Wizard: (o.o unicorn????????????????)
Akai: ((yeah))
Light: (I'm beginning to worry about you...)
Wizard: (who?)
Light: (It has something to do with the other thing that Light has to do)
Light: (You @ DarkWizard)
Akai: ((don't tell us your secrets ooc, Light))
Light: (I'm not)
Wizard: (you worry about me? wow. i feel loved *pounce/hugs Light*)
Light: (Um... Ok)

Cat takes the unicorn, and carefully unwraps it from the bundle
Akaihane stays on the ground, watching Light, but is obviously a whole lot
stressed out.
Cat begins talking to the baby unicorn, but in a language that is not recognisable
Akaihane says to Light. "Are you sure we should take it? I don't know about
you, but mortals should not be too close to unicorns."
Light: "I'm not a proper mortal... Besides, she called to me"
XWhitePawzX enters this room

DarkWizard101 's player is a bit lost and trying to collect himself......
Light: (Hi WhitePawz)
Wizard: (hey pawz *pounce/hug/tackle*)
Pawz: (( o_o hey all. [pounce/hug/tackles DW back] ))
Pawz: (( Anyone mind if I bring in Dæmak, Pawz's guarding dæmon cat? He's
well behaved and good mannered, really. ))
Light: (I don't mind)

Akaihane shifts slighlty, glancing around. "You know Light, Xefir agreed to
lend her powers to the horses. If we ride all night, we will reach Semsol early
next morning."
Light: "Ride all night...? What about WhitePawz?"
Cat tilts her head to one side, seemingly listening to something the unicorn is
saying "I see"
XWhitePawzX smiles at Cat. " Remember, in my WolfTaur morph, I'm as fast
as any horse. " she thens pets the dæmon cat in her arms, whom is curled up
sleeping, As normal.
Akaihane turns to Pawz. "Will you manage, Whitepawz?"
Light: "You'd still tire, though"
XWhitePawzX nods at Akai-tono. " I can do it. Dæmak won't mind, will he? "
Pawz stares at the cat, then pokes it's back. " Will you?"
Wizard: "Pawz can ride with she wants, that is..." o.o;;
Akaihane says. "We will not go fast, but for a long time."
Dæmak: -.-; [ Yawns ] no..not at all.
Cat says mildly to DarkWizard "Um... Horses, wolves. Get the idea?"
XWhitePawzX shrugs at DW. " I'd be better off as my WolfTaur morph.
Besides, Remember, I spook the horses? "

Pawz: (( Late post. O.o; Cat said it first. ))
Wizard: (~_~)
Wizard: (just thought id

Akaihane nods once. "Good. Then lets keep going." He starts walking ahead of
them down the forest trail.
Dæmak: [ Leaps from Pawz's arms and stalks after Akai. ] Good morning. Pawz
won't shut up about you. Is it true you indeed ~are~ a phoenix?
Cat is attempting to hold the unicorn in one hand and the reins in the other, and
has turned even more pale
XWhitePawzX takes her WolfTaur morph and follows them, keeping an eye on
Dæmak, who has been known to act mischevious when given the chance.
Cat glances off through the trees
Akaihane glances back at Daemak. "I am not a phoenix, but a Feng Ji."
Dæmak: Aah. Even more intesting. A Feng Ji..Tell me a bit about that race. |
Pawz: Dæmak, Leave Akai-tono alone. | Dæmak: -.-;;;
DarkWizard101 glances from Akai to Pawz to Daemak and chuckles, mumbling
something to himself.
Cat bites her lip, struggling to concentrate
Akaihane shrugs lightly. "I don't mind. A Feng Ji is a phoenix halfbreed. We are
in Fengish country now, and you will see a lot more of my kind within soon."
DarkWizard101 looks over at Cat and the unicorn . "Need a hand...?"
XWhitePawzX looks at DW and trots over to him. " What was that you
mumbled? ^_^ Tell mee! "
Light: "I'll be ok... I think"
DarkWizard101 smiles and looks at Pawz innocently. "Me? Mumble? You've
GOT to be kidding
Cat puts the unicorn in front of her, knowing that she won't fall off
Dæmak: Interesting. Races are so complex...I intend to learn them all. Thank
you for this chat. [ He bows his head in respect, and leaps onto Pawz's wolf-like
back ]
Akaihane eyes Deamak again. "By the way, I didn't think I have met you before.
I take it you are a friend of Whitepawz's?"
XWhitePawzX smiles back at DW. " C'mon! Tell me. Pleeease? "
Cat rubs at her eyes with a hand
DarkWizard101 looks away with a grin. "I'll say not a word!"
Dæmak: [ Blinks ] Yes. I am Dæmak Nobyshi. Forgive me for not explaining
myself. I am sent by Tsuzuki, the UnderWorld lord, you've heard of him, hm?
Pawz's 'dad'. I have to protect miss WhitePawz and keep her from hurting others,
or going insane...[ Sigh] a hard job. -.-;
Cat is shaking
XWhitePawzX tilts her head, then shrugs. " I'll just have to bug you then. Tell
me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell, this IS tiring. "
Akaihane smiles very faintly back at Daemak. "I see. Well, it's a pleasure to
meet you, Daemak."
Cat 's eyes flicker closed, and she suddenly faints, toppling sideways off the
DarkWizard101 laughs and jumps off his horse and pounces pawz, covering her
mouth with his hand. "HA! Gotcha! Now be a good, quiet Pawz and you might
get a surprise later!" He laughs again.
Dæmak: [ Nods to Akaihane and curls up, hoping Pawz won't run. ]
Akaihane immediately catches Light. "Hey!"
Dæmak: -.-; Che...[Glares at DW as he falls to the ground] | Pawz: O.O;
[Nodnod] Quiet...very quiet...
Cat looks exhausted
Akaihane holds Light firmly in his arms. "Light? Light!"
Walim flies in from nowhere and lands in the now empty saddle. She peers at
Akai, folding her long wings.
Dæmak: [Prances over to Walim, after cleaning off the dust. ] Greetings, Walim.

Light: (I have to leave in 5 minutes... I might be able to come back on Saturday)
Akai: ((I probably (hopefully even) won't be here saturday))
Light: (Ok... I might see you Tuesday, then?)
Akai: ((yeah))

XWhitePawzX sighs and gets back up.
Walim blinks at the cat creature, a bit on her guard, as she is towards all
predators. ¤How know Walim?¤
Dæmak: [Leaps onto the saddle and bows as well as a cat can to Walim. ] I am a
friend of Miss WhitePawz. You know her, hm?
The unicorn looks at Light, something like regret in her eyes
Cat is still shaking, though she is unconscious
Walim ruffles her feathers and shifts a little in the saddle as the cat jumps up
next to her. ¤Walim know Whitepawz...¤
Dæmak: Good, good. I've just heard stories. You speak well, for a hatchling, I
presume? You are a hatchling, correct?
Walim blinks and tilts her head to Daemak. ¤Walim am shilsham. In training
even!¤ She seems almost a bit offended.
Dæmak: [ Bows again, apologetically] I'm sorry. No offense was intended, I'm
just misinformed.
Walim shuffles her wings. ¤Walim don't mind.¤

Light: (I've got to go NOW. Bye. See you Tuesday, hopefully *Runs out*)
Cat exits from this room
Akai: ((I gotta go really soon as well))
Pawz: (( awww... ))

Dæmak: You are such an amazing creature. Winged, feathered living organisims
NEVER cease to amaze me!
Walim peers at the cat as if not fully understanding him.
Dæmak: [ Bows once again ] I was just curious. Forgive me if I make you
nervous. [ He leaps over onto Akaihane's shoulder, because that was the closest
place to jump, and curls himself around his neck. ] Hello again.
Akaihane is still holding Light in his arms, but he carefully lays her down on the
ground. He doesn't even notice Daemak.

Akai: ((I should go. I promised Wizard to stay until he came back, but I really
have to go... tell him I'm sorry))
Pawz: (( I will. o.o; Bye. ))
Akai: ((*hugs* take care!))
Pawz: (( [Hugs back] You too! ))

Day 43

YengMiil, afternoon, day 7
Light: (Hello. Sorry I'm late. My sister was looking for tattoo designs on the
Akai: ((hey there))
Akai: ((ok, so Light just fainted. Akai catched her, but he layed her down on the
ground. I think you missed that part))
Light: (Probably, yeah)
Light: (Oh, I checked out the new pictures on your page, and they're very good)
Akai: ((thank you ^_^ did you see the one with Akai and Light in her cat form?
From this storyline?))
Light: (Yeah, I did. A friend of mine who likes drawing saw it as well, and she
thinks its good too)

Xefir demounts from her horse and kneels by Akai and Light.
Akaihane looks up at his mother. "Is it the poison?"
Xefir places one hand on Light’s forehead and then shakes her head. "I don’t
know what it is Jani-neil, but I don’t think she can go on like this anylonger."
Cat groans slightly
Akaihane sighs and brushes some hair out of his eyes. "We don’t have much of a
choice. Staying here will do us no good. Besides, Semsol isn’t far now."
Cat does not appear to be waking up very soon
Xefir checks Light's pulse and breathing. "I guess you are right. I will lend my
strength to the horses. You take her and keep watch."
Cat 's breathing is fine, but her pulse is racing
Akaihane nods and stands. He unsaddles Light's horse and gives the saddle to
Xefir. Then he carefully lifts Light up in his arms and lays her over the
Akaihane sits up behind her and takes the reins.
Xefir mounts her horse as well and they continue down the forest trail.

Akai: ((are you planning any change in Light's condition anytime soon? Or any
other events?))
Light: (I don't think so)
Akai: ((how much into the future do you want to skip?))
Light: (I don't mind)
Akai: ((they will reach Semsol in the morning. Will anything happen before
Light: (No)
Akai: ((alright then. I had a little event coming up, but it's nothing important
and I won't play it since your char is asleep and not supposed to know it took
place anyway...))
Light: (You can play it)
Akai: ((no there's no point in it. It will have happened, but your char won't know
Light: (What was it?)
Akai: ((won't tell))
Light: (Ok...)

YengMiil, night, day 7

The small group rides on in a steady, calm pace, Akai constantly checking
Light's condition and keeping watch all around them at the same time.
Afternoon turns into evening, and evening into night...
Cat doesn't appear to be getting worse, but doesn't appear to be getting any
better, either

Akai: ((what about the unicorn? is it just lying there?))
Light: (Just about. She's actually got her horn pressed against Light's hand)
Akai: ((the thing is though, we can't reach Semsol without Wizard. I need him
for a special thing))
Light: (Oh? When will he be on next?)
Akai: ((he just came on))
Light: (Ok)
DarkWizard101 enters this room

Continued in Akai’s trial

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