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Application form for exchange students to TU Delft
This form is for students who wish to apply to TU Delft as an exchange student and are currently enrolled at a Higher Education Institution linked
to TU Delft through a formal exchange agreement. Before filling out this form, please carefully read the information about the application process
and the frequently asked questions available on the TU Delft exchange website: www.tudelft.nl/exchange

Terms and conditions
Application deadline
Fall Semester (starts first week of September): 1 May
Spring Semester (starts first week of February):1 October
Please note: Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

Previous studies
Certified English translations of all your documents should be included in this application. The transcripts must show all subjects
taken, grades received, stages reached and qualifications gained. These documents must be certified by your home university.

English language proficiency
Since all MSc courses at TU Delft are taught in English, proof of English language proficiency is an important requirement for
admission. Applying students must have:
   a TOEFL** (Test of English as a Foreign Language; internet-based) score of at least 80, or:
   an IELTS** (academic version) overall Band score of at least 6, or:
   a University of Cambridge 'Certificate of Proficiency in English' or University of Cambridge 'Certificate in Advanced English'.

Please note:
- Nationals of the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are exempt from the English test requirement.
- Please note: Nationals of the People's Republic of China need to have a 'NESO-certificate' for application

TU Delft provides limited university accommodation. To be eligible for housing through TU Delft it is important that you include
your DUWO application form for accommodation. However, including this document does not mean that TU Delft will be able to
guarantee accommodation.

Payment of fees
Exchange students pay tuition fees to their home university and are exempt from paying tuition at TU Delft.
Exchange students are responsible for paying all their own personal expenses such as health and liability insurance,
accommodation, transport etc.

Health Insurance
TU Delft requires all students coming to The Netherlands on a student visa to take out the IPS Lippmann health and liability
insurance (http://www.ips-lippmann.com).

ECTS Credits & Courses
Exchange students must follow a full-time study programme, i.e. 24-30 ECTS credits per semester at TU Delft

Although you are allowed to select courses from different programmes and faculties, at least 70% of your credits needs to be
obtained at the TU Delft Faculty that has made an Exchange Agreement with your University.

Personal Details
Surname or family names                                                            Names

Sex                                        Male             Female

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)                                                         Country of birth

Country of permanent residence

Nationality                                                                        Passport number

Permanent home address                                                             Phone                  +

                                                                                   Fax                    +


This address is valid until
2/3 - Application form for exchange students to TU Delft

Current Enrolment
Home University

Faculty / Programme

Level of the programme you are currently enrolled in                Bachelor           Master          Other,

Start date of current degree programme

Expected graduation date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Exchange Period at TU Delft
Academic year

Semester(s) during which exchange will                 Fall semester (September – January)
take place                                             Spring semester (February July)

Study purpose of exchange period                       Courses                                         Research project
Deviant period of stay (In case of research
                                                   Start date (dd/mm/yyyy)                         End date (dd/mm/yyyy)
                                                                                                      Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
                                                       Aerospace Engineering                       and Computer Science

                                                       Applied Sciences                                Industrial Design Engineering
TU Delft Faculty
                                                       Architecture                                   Mechanical, Maritime and Materials
                                                       Civil Engineering & Geosciences
                                                                                                       Technology, Policy and Management

Field of Study at your home university

Supervisor (In case of research project)

Topic (In case of research project)

Proposed course programme
List course numbers and names below (as indicated in the TU Delft online studyguide) at www.studyguide.tudelft.nl

You must achieve a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per semester at TU Delft. 1 credit is equal to a study load
of 28 hours (including lectures and laboratory courses. At least 70% of the ECTS credits of the courses should be achieved at one

TU Delft course number          Course name                                                 Course credits (ECTS)         Semester of studies

Please note: If you want to take part of your courses (with a maximum of 30%) at a different TU Delft Faculty, your enrolment in these courses
cannot be guaranteed before your arrival in Delft.
3/3 - Application form for exchange students to TU Delft

Previous Studies
Previous University or Post Secondary Studies               Year Studied            Given level (Bachelor / Master) and field of study

English Language Requirements
      A TOEFL** (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 80 (internet-based test). Please note that we only
      accept the internet based TOEFL.
      IELTS** (academic version) overall Band score of at least 6.
      University of Cambridge 'Certificate of Proficiency in English' or University of Cambridge 'Certificate in Advanced English'

Contact in case of Emergency
Surname or family name                                                               Given names

Permanent home address                                                               Phone                 +

                                                                                     Fax                   +


      I would like TU Delft to arrange accommodation for me and have included the DUWO accommodation form in my TU Delft
      application. I have fully read the accommodation section of the application form.
      I would not like TU Delft to arrange accommodation for me, because I will make my own arrangements. By choosing this
      option I understand that it is not possible to apply for accommodation through TU Delft at a later stage.

Student declaration
I declare that all the information provided is true and correct.

Signature applicant                                                                   Date


      Nomination letter from exchange coordinator / project supervisor at your home university
      Stating their name and indicating they approve of your application to TU Delft, and that the credits obtained for the selected courses /
      project at TU Delft will be recognised by your home university.

      Motivation letter
      Stating your reason for applying to TU Delft and your choice of courses or project

      Authorised list of transcripts
      If not available in English, a translation must be enclosed, along with a description of the institution’s credit system

      Photocopy of passport / ID card
      In case of passport, photocopy of page(s) that state your name, date of birth, expiry date, and, if relevant, extension or renewal of
      passport or ID card

      Proof of English proficiency
      As indicated in "5: Language requirements"

      DUWO accommodation form
      Only if you have indicated in "6: Accommodation" that you would like TU Delft to arrange accommodation for you.

      Learning agreement
      Only applicable to Erasmus students

Please note that incomplete applications or those received after the deadline will not be processed

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