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      Technical College

Early Childhood
Development Program
Your ECD Staff
   Program Coordinator
     Jacque Stewart
   Adjunct Faculty
     Martha Alexander
     Debbie Houtzer
     Cynthia Hughes
     Lenna   Young – Dept. Head for Public Services
         ECD Semester News
 ECD Academic Website on ETc
 ECD Student Handbook on ETc
 ECD Student Organization Initiative
 ECD Instructors’ focus on using ETc
  resources for communication and
TCTC News You Can Use
   Drop/Add date
     Last   Day – Friday, January 16
   Withdraw Date
     Tuesday,   March 24
   Graduation Application Due Date
     Summer     – April 20
   Fall/Summer Advising Dates
     March 24   – April 14
Early Childhood
Orientation for new
   Your Advisor is an assigned faculty
   member who helps you to make
   decisions about your studies and
   helps you adjust to college life.
Your advisor will…
 Provide assistance with selecting appropriate
  courses for your major
 Plan, with your input, an individualized
  educational program
 Maintain records of your progress
 Provide you with a copy of your schedule
 Register you for term
Note: After first term, students will self-register
  on-line after meeting with his/her advisor
Preparing to meet with your Advisor
 Be familiar with the classes required for
  your major
 Be able to inform your advisor of the
 Your goals or ask for help to clarify your
 Your work schedule
 The number of courses you wish to take
 The classes you wish to take by section
 Changing your schedule……
  Changes to your schedule, can only be made
  by either dropping, adding or withdrawing
  from a class
NOTE: Drop/Add can only occur
  -within the first five instructional days of
  classes for the fall and spring terms, and
  -during the first two instructional days of a
  5-week summer course and the first three
  days of a 10 week summer course
Changing your schedule, Con’t……
■ Withdrawing from a class can only occur
  after drop/add period
There are two types:
     “W”- does not impact GPA , but has to occur
     by the withdrawal deadline date. This can be
     done via eTC

 Requests made for refunds for classes
 dropped during the drop/add period must be
 made in Student Records Office---no
 refunds will be available after the drop/add
    What to expect on the first day of class
   To meet for class--attendance counts!
   To receive a syllabus
   To receive assignment due dates
   To take notes!

**A syllabus is a document containing the following
    Required textbooks, purpose of the course, course goals,
    assignments/due dates, grading policy, grading scale, etc.
    Succeeding in College: Step 1
Be prepared for class…….
 Always be on time
 Complete assigned reading prior to class
 Buy your books and take them to every
 Keep a separate notebook/binder for each
 Make sure you have paper and pencil/pens
Succeeding in College: Step 2

Academic Skills:
   **Note-taking Skills
   **Study Skills
   **Time Management Skills
Note-taking Skills….
 Be an active listener
 Don’t try to write everything down
 Write legibly
 Number and date pages
 Tune in for directions or cues
 Go over your notes as soon as possible
 Get notes from a classmate if you are
      Study skills…..
 Organize your study time
 Find a good place to study
 Avoid procrastination
 Review subjects daily

**Rule of thumb: For every hour you are in
  class, set aside two hours to study for that
      Time Management…
   Do not overextend yourself
   Plan ahead
   Be organized
   Make efficient use of your time.
     Do you know about….
   Activity Period -- Wednesdays 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm
    Time for activities and events such as student organization meetings, social
    events, and presentations. Check eTC.
   Computer Labs
    Pickens Hall (PK-140) Open 8am-10pm, M-TH and 8am-2pm, Fridays
    Health Sciences (FH-301) Open 8am-6pm, M-TH and 8am-2pm, Fridays
    Staffed with student lab assistants
   Learning Labs
    Tutoring in math/chemistry; Computer aided instruction in
    biology/psychology; Located in 300 Oconee Hall
   Assessment Center
    Placement testing; make-up testing
   Writing Center
    Tutoring for individuals; hours vary; located in room 202 Oconee Hall
 View your current class schedule, final
  grades, and financial information
 Stay informed about campus activities
 E-mail instructors and fellow students
 View course descriptions and availability

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