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Even Courts Rely on Mapquest


									With January twenty-five, 2007 the United Places Court with Appeals for the Seventh Circuit granted a
habeas corpus petition relying, in side, upon calculations done by well-known driving course website
Mapquest on a that the petitioner's trial advice had not correctly explored petitioner's alibi prior to or during
his trial with charges with murder and tried murder. Raygoza v. Hulick, ___ M. 3d ___, 2007 WL 184635
(7th Cir. 2007). The Courtroom used Mapquest on a the distance and travel time within the crime scene and
also a party petitioner had attended close to the time in the crime. It's not the best time that Mapquest have
been cited just as authority in a locuinte. A number with state and government courts get relied upon
Mapquest on a the distance on the other hand travel period between two items. Mapquest have been cited in
associated with reported decisions, including rulings with:
motions to be able to change venue in civil instances, where the associated with the forum to be able to
parties and great witnesses was the best issue. Smith v. Area Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 169 Md. App. 286,
292, 900 A. 2d 301, 305 (2006); Hoskin v. Un. Pacific Railroad Co., 365 Ill. App. 3d 1021, 1025, 851 N. E.
2d 646, 650 (2006)

motions to be able to transfer a government criminal locuinte to one other district. United Places v.
Anderson, 2000 WL 34237505, *7 (W. Chemical. Wis. 2000); United Places v. Ferguson, 432 M. Supp. 2d
559, 563 n. five (E. Chemical. Va. 2006)

a motion to be able to dismiss, in on a the courtroom took judicial notice in the driving distance calculated
by Mapquest. Untracht v. Fikri, 454 M. Supp. 2d 289, 302 (W. Chemical. Pa. 2006) (citing Gordon v.
Lewistown, 272 M. Supp. 2d 393, 429 n. 34 (M. Chemical. Pa. 2003))
However, no less than one courtroom has held that courts should not get judicial notice with Mapquest
results for the website is not very sufficiently ideal. Commonwealth v. Brown, 839 A. 2d 433, 436-37 (Pa.
Outstanding. 2003) ("An internet site determining distances is not get the exact same inherent accuracy just
as do professionally popular medical dictionaries, on the other hand encyclopedias, on the other hand other
matters with common experience within the community. The, we maintain that the trial courtroom abused its
discretion in taking judicial notice with a MapQuest distance determination.... ")Though trial advice may not
ready to count with Mapquest to be able to produce admissible evidence in which a timely objection is
actually raised, unchallenged Mapquest results are routinely considered by courts in determining distance on
the other hand travel period between two items.

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