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November 2009 The Coastal Bend 
Companion Bird Club and Rescue Mission seeks to 
promote an interest in companion birds through 
communication with and education of pet owners, 
breeders and the general public. In addition, the 
CBCBC&RM strives to promote the welfare of all birds by 
providing monetary donations for the rescue and 
rehabilitation of wild birds and by placing abused, 
abandoned, lost or displaced companion birds in foster 
care until permanent adoptive homes can be found.


There was lots of good food and good company at the
October meeting. Thanks to all those who brought
the delicious desserts! And thanks to all the members
who attended and brought their feathered family

                                                           NOVEMBER MEETING
                                                           Join the feast! We are having our annual
                                                           Thanksgiving Dinner at the November
                                                           General meeting. The club is supplying the
                                                           meat. Bring a side dish of your choice and
If possible, RSVP to Marcia at               MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:
gpbcp@intcomm.net If you aren’t able to
RSVP, please attend anyway!                  Sharon Taylor and Baby

The club has a page on Face Book. Check it
out and become a fan. You can see pics of
members, club events, and members’ birds.
We’ve got fans from all over the world.
                                             Baby, my 17-year-old Goffin Cockatoo, has
Don’t miss out!
                                             a personality that far exceeds her light-
                                             weight body. As the smallest species of
                                             Cockatoo, Baby is about the size of a pigeon
                                             or dove. Her soft, snow-white feathers
                                             reveal pale yellow highlights beneath her tail
                                             and a few pink markings around her beak
                                             and head. Her pointed head crest, similar in
                                             shape to a redbird or blue jay crest, pops up
                                             mainly when she’s frightened or angry.

                                             Baby’s eyes have a bulging, white-ringed
                                             appearance similar to other Cockatoos and
                                             when she turns her gaze, they appear to
                                             swivel like the eyes of a chameleon. Her
Have a Happy Thanksgiving                    dark colored irises reveal a glimmer of
                                             lighter brown color, so it’s likely that Baby
(and don’t forget a special treat for the
                                             is a female.
Baby can say a few words, such as “Hello,”        Cockatoos are highly endangered in the
“Hello Baby,” and “I love you,” but she           wild, where they occur only in a small part
does this only when she’s in the mood to          of Indonesia. I often suspect one of the
talk. Baby loves attention – demands              reasons they’re endangered is that Goffin
attention, in fact -- and will often step onto    Cockatoos probably attempt to attack
the hand or shoulder of nearly anybody she        predators, including large predators. Baby
meets. She loves getting petted and will          has single-handedly taught my cat and dog
raise her wings to allow people to stroke her     to avoid close contact with my birds.
entire body. I keep her wings clipped
because she weighs very little and is prone       Just as she readily expresses anger, Baby
to being swept away by the wind, if taken         also expresses joy and happiness. She can
outside. Baby seems to have a much larger         dance in sync with music, changing her
compliment of flight feathers than my other       rhythm and moves to match the tune. She
birds, which include a Blue-front Amazon, a       rivals the best dancing bird in any YouTube
Quaker, a Sun Conure, and a Blue-crowned          video, and also attempts to sing along to
conure.                                           Patsy Cline and Rolling Stones songs. Very
                                                  often, Baby “laughs” when people around
Baby has lived with me for about 9 years,         her begin telling jokes or laughing. Her
after wearing out her welcome at a previous       laughter often seems to arise before others
home due to a biting incident. She doesn’t        begin laughing, making it seem as though
bite often, but can inflict very serious injury   she understands the punch-line of jokes.
when she does bite because she’s got an
extremely sharp beak. She usually gives fair      Thankfully, Baby has never exhibited the
warning that a bite may ensue, by raising her     dreaded Cockatoo habit of feather plucking.
head crest. When the crest goes up, you have      Her worst habits consist of her temper
to keep your fingers, face, and other body        tantrums and destructiveness if allowed too
parts well out of the way. But most of the        close to things you value. For instance, Baby
time, Baby refrains from biting.                  will gladly remove jewelry without undoing
                                                  the clasp. This includes earrings, necklaces,
Baby is very intelligent and displays a wide      and watches. She has also bitten through a
variety of emotions, including joy, curiosity,    couple of mouse cables and can remove the
flirtatiousness, nervousness, jealousy, and       keys off a computer keyboard quicker than a
anger. She can throw a temper tantrum             person could do it. She likes to chew on
rivaling that of a two-year-old, jumping up       wood, and this is not limited to bird toys.
and down and weaving her body from side           She’s the most likely of all my birds to chew
to side while screaming raucously. She can        on furniture, walls, and other items.
deliver ear-splitting screams.
                                                  Baby also tends to be a messy bird. At least
In occasional jealous attacks made on my          half her food dribbles from her mouth as she
other birds, Baby has demonstrated that           chews, making me think that nature’s main
birds must have indeed descended from             purpose for parrots and Cockatoos is to feed
dinosaurs, probably from a T-Rex. Goffin          the animals that live on the forest floor.
Another mess occurs from Baby’s love of          Cuts can lead to infection. Bacteria can
taking a bath in her seed-bowl, during which     enter through the break in the skin no matter
she rubs seeds under her wings and onto her      how clean the environment is. This can lead
back, and also slings them over her              to a condition called “bumblefoot.”
shoulder, which spreads them around the          Bumblefoot can be painful, cause swelling,
room. Luckily, Baby never bathes in people-      and it will make it difficult for your bird to
food, of which her favorites are bananas,        stand and perch naturally. The bird may
chicken, and spaghetti.                          also limp when walking. Check your bird’s
                                                 feet regularly for injury.
In addition to tossing seeds around, Baby
sheds a constant stream of powdery               Overgrown nails can cause limping and
Cockatoo dander, and also sheds her under-       deformity. This can occur if the nails are
feathers even when she’s not molting.            long enough to raise the first joint of the toe
                                                 off the surface, or if the nail lays over
Overall, Baby’s intelligence, personality,       sideways. Keep your bird’s nails trimmed,
and desire to snuggle make up for any bad        or use a perch that will help keep them from
habits and messiness. I’ve truly enjoyed         over-growing.
having Baby in my household and feel
blessed by her presence.-- Sharon Taylor         Older birds can acquire a condition called
                                                 “gout.” This is a very painful joint
                                                 condition that requires veterinary attention.
                                                 Uric acid levels in the blood have to be

                                                 Arthritis is also seen mainly in older birds.
                                                 It can be brought about or aggravated by the
                                                 use of perches that are improper for the type
                                                 and size of bird.

                                                 Splay leg is a condition where very young
                                                 babies are not strong enough to hold their
Foot and Leg Conditions                          legs together on a slippery surface. If the
                                                 condition isn’t corrected at an early age, it
There are many conditions and injuries that      can be permanent.
can cause your bird to have trouble standing,
                                                 Babies can also have a condition where the
perching, and walking. These problems are
                                                 tendon that normally fits into the groove at
caused mainly by injury or disease. Poor
                                                 the heel slips over to the side of the foot.
diet can be a huge contributor to leg and foot
                                                 The baby will look like he is walking on the
deformities. For the sake of this article, we
                                                 side of his foot. This can be surgically
are going to focus on disease processes and
                                                 corrected by pinning until the groove is
large enough for the tendon to stay in on its    brought them by boat but there's another
own.                                             possibility.

Be diligent and check your bird’s feet and       In prehistoric times, the land mass of the
legs regularly. Watch his gait and perching      three countries was united in a
to see any slight changes. Most problems         "supercontinent" called Gondwanaland.
                                                 After it broke into different pieces (starting
can be corrected if caught early on. If you
                                                 135 million years ago) there was still a land-
have any questions, consult your avian vet.      bridge and the Lories might have spread out
                                                 across it. When the rest of the land split
                                                 apart into what is now Australia, the
www.rspb.org                                     thousands of islands of Indonesia and the
                                                 largest island in the world, New Guinea,
www.avianweb.com                                 they were separated forever.

                                                 Lories and lorikeets have specialized brush-
                                                 tipped tongues for feeding on nectar and soft
                                                 fruits. They can feed from the flowers of
                                                 about 5,000 species of plants and use their
                                                 specialized tongues to take the nectar. The
                                                 tip of their tongues have tufts of papillae
                                                 (extremely fine hairs), which collect nectar
                                                 and pollen.

                                                 Lorikeets have tapered wings and pointed
                                                 tails that allow them to fly easily and display
                                                 great agility. They also have strong feet and
                                                 legs. They tend to be hyperactive and
                                                 clownish in personality both in captivity and
LORIES!!!!                                       the wild.

Lories range from coastal areas, like beaches    In the wild, lorikeets feed on nectar and
where they hang out in coconut palms, to         pollen from plants and flowers. A
high in the mountain forests. Some live in       companion lorikeet however requires a
very hot and humid areas and others in           special diet, which makes them less than
cooler ones. This makes the birds very           ideal for a beginner bird owner. A
adaptable.                                       companion bird's diet should consist of a
                                                 nectar replacement diet, which are available
Australia has seven species of Lories,           commercially or can be made by the owner.
Indonesia has twenty and New Guinea has          There are two main types of nectar
more than any place else with twenty-nine.       replacement, namely wet mix and dry mix.
These three places are surrounded by water,      These mixes come in powder form, the
and too far for Lories to fly to on their own.   former requires to be mixed with water to
So how did they end up so close but so far       create a porridge-like consistency, the latter
away from each other? People might have          is to be fed as is. If feeding dry mix, plenty
                                                 of fresh drinking water needs to be made
available for the bird. If the bird is fed on    Do not feed a lorikeet (or any other bird)
wet mix, their requirements for drinking will    avocado, onion, chocolate, caffeine or
be reduced, as the feed contains a large         alcohol. These foods contain chemicals
amount of water, however fresh drinking          which are lethal to a bird.
water should still be made available.
                                                 Due to the largely liquid diet of lorikeets,
                                                 their droppings are also of a very liquid
                                                 nature, making them one of the messier
                                                 companion birds to keep.



Companion lorikeets also need their diet
supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables
on a daily basis. A variety of different
colored fruit and vegetables should be made
available. A favorite of lorikeets appears to
be spinach or silverbeet leaves, and will
provide calcium for the bird. Due to the         Do You Know This Bird?????
shape of their beak and tongue, rarely will a
lorikeet use a cuttlefish for calcium intake.    Here’s a hint- These parrots are endangered.
Other kinds of fruit and vegetables              There are less than 1,500 left in their native
frequently enjoyed by lorikeets include          South Africa. If you know, or think you
apple, pear, corn on the cob, berries, grapes    know this bird, send your answer to Lisa at
(only feed in small amounts as the high iron     radt98@yahoo.com, and the first one with
content in grapes can cause liver damage),       the right answer will get recognition in the
pumpkin, sweet potato, and citrus fruit once     next newsletter!
a week. Honey is also a favorite of lorikeets,
and can be used as a treat or a reward when
training a bird.
                                                   Sweet Potatoes
                                                   Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
                                                   Green Beans
                                                   Cranberry Sauce
                                                   Hot rolls and Butter
                                                   Relish tray
                                                   Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream
                                                   Hot Coffee


This perch just doesn’t feel right.                Get up early in the morning and have a cup
                                                   of coffee. It's going to be a long day, so
www.flickr.com                                     place your parrot on a perch nearby to keep
                                                   you company while you prepare the meal.

                                                   Remove parrot from kitchen counter and
                                                   return him to perch.

                                                   Prepare stuffing, and remove parrot from
                                                   edge of stuffing bowl and return him to

                                                   Stuff turkey and place it in the roasting pan,
                                                   and remove parrot from edge of pan and
                                                   return him to perch. Have another cup of
                                                   coffee to steady your nerves. Remove
                                                   parrot's head from turkey cavity and return
                                                   him to perch, and re-stuff the turkey.

How To Stuff Your Parrot on                        Prepare relish tray, and remember to make
                                                   twice as much so that you'll have a regular
Thanksgiving                                       size serving after the parrot has eaten his fill.
                                                   Remove parrot from kitchen counter and
Topic Categories: Humor • Parrots                  return him to perch.
Posted on: November 27, 2008 12:19 PM,
by "GrrlScientist" www.scienceblogs.com            Prepare cranberry sauce, discard berries
                                                   accidentally flung to the floor by parrot. Peel
This amusing essay is making the rounds on         potatoes, remove parrot from edge of potato
the intertubes (as usual) this year, so I had to   bowl and return him to perch.
share it with you.
                                                   Arrange sweet potatoes in a pan and cover
Ingredients:                                       with brown sugar and mini marshmallows.
Remove parrot from edge of pan and return       hostess.
him to perch. Replace missing
marshmallows.                                   Place parrot inside cage and lock the door.

Brew another pot of coffee. While it is         Sit down to a nice relaxing dinner with your
brewing, clean up the torn coffee filter. Pry   family -- accompanied by plaintive cries of
coffee bean from parrot beak. Have another      "WANT DINNER!" from the other room.
cup of coffee & remove parrot from kitchen
counter and return him to perch.                HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

When time to serve the meal:

Place roasted turkey on a large platter, and
cover beak marks with strategically placed
sprigs of parsley.

Put mashed potatoes into serving bowl, re-
whip at last minute to conceal beak
marks and claw prints.

Place pan of sweet potatoes on sideboard,
forget presentation as there's no
way to hide the areas of missing
                                                "Quinoa Breakfast of
Put rolls in decorative basket, remove parrot   Champions"
from side of basket and return
him to perch.                                   Quinoa (pronounced "keen-nwa") is a South
                                                American grain that is high in protein,
Remove beaked rolls, serve what's left. Set     calcium, and phosphorous. Probably the
butter out on the counter to soften -- think    most nutritious grain in the world, it is an
better of this strategy and return it to the    excellent food for parrots, either sprouted
refrigerator.                                   and served raw, or cooked, as in this recipe.
                                                It is available in most health food stores as a
Wipe down counter to remove mashed              bulk grain.
potato claw tracks. Remove parrot from
kitchen counter and return him to perch.        1 cup quinoa
                                                2-3 cups water
Cut the pie into serving slices. Wipe           Corn kernels
whipped cream off parrot's beak and place       Chopped carrots
large dollops of remaining whipped cream        Raisins and/or dried apples (unsulphured,
on pie slices.                                  found in health food stores)
                                                Cinnamon stick
Whole slices are then served to guests,
beaked-out portions should be reserved for
Boil 2 cups of water, add quinoa. Cook for        www.calypsoparrot.com If you are looking
10 minutes, then add veggies and dried fruit.     for parrot Christmas ornaments, this is the
Cook another 5 minutes or until the quinoa        place to go. They’ve also got lots of t-shirts.
grain is clearish and has a tiny tail sprouting
from it. You may have to add a little more        www.animalden.com You can find all kinds
water if it gets too dry too quickly. Let cool.   of pet gifts here. They’ve got lots of parrot
Serve. You can put almost any veggies or          art and jewelry.
fruits in this recipe.
                                                  www.krittersinthemailbox.com These folks
This recipe comes from the kitchen Parrot.        have tons of unique items. Too many to
Lovebirds adore this grain and even the           describe!
most stubborn eaters will be tempted! Add a
star of anise at the end of cooking to further    www.thefind.com This site is pricier and
entice them.                                      more upscale. They feature jewelry, art, and
*You can buy the Quinoa at HEB. I’ve tried
it. www.parrotparrot.com                          www.cafepress.com/parrot Lots of items
                                                  here, but my fave was the “Crazy Bird
                                                  Lady” t-shirt!

                                                  RESCUE BIRD

Looking for the perfect gift for                  This is Frankie, a four year old DNA'd
your bird-lover?                                  female cockatiel and her birdie condo.

Try out some of these websites for unique
gifts for that person you know who loves

www.rubylane.com/shops/antiquebeak This
site has lots of vintage parrot items. Great
for the collector.
                                                 MINUTES: BOARD
Frankie is a very friendly bird who LOVES        MEETING
to be on your shoulder and is happiest when
she is with someone. She comes with a            November 2, 2009
beautiful, large cage, many toys etc. Frankie
is looking for a new home where she will         Members Present: Joan Latham, Marcia
get LOTS of attention and handling. We are       Schultz, Jim Harmon, Debbie Clanton,
looking for a special home for her and are       Sherrie Long, Belinda Wait
taking applications for her adoption. Go to
our website www.cbcbirdclub.com                  Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.
and download an adoption form. Print it
out, fill it in and either mail it (P.O.Box      Officer Reports:
6023--CCTX. 78466) or bring it to the
meeting on Nov. 19th. Home visits will be        Vice President-an email was sent to the
scheduled as the adoption process goes           members with the correct date of the feast.
forward. For more information, call Joan         It appears to have been incorrect on an
241 6243. Please get your applications in        earlier email.
                                                 Secretary-minutes from the October meeting
                                                 were approved as written.

                                                 Membership-still the same.

                                                 Treasurer- balance $20,327.64

                                                 Mart Director-aprons have been ordered for
                                                 raffle workers for the next mart. He will
                                                 check into red and blue tablecloths for the
                                                 raffle table, the pricing for billboards and
GAG GIFT EXCHANGE FOR                            signs for the mart.
DECEMBER                                         Committee Reports:

There will be a White Elephant gag gift          Rescue-a four year old female cockatiel has
exchange at the December meeting.                been taken into rescue. Her name is
Participation is voluntary and the price limit   “Frankie” which is short for Francesca. She
is $15. We will draw numbers and you can         comes with cage, toys, and other supplies.
open a new gift or steal one from someone
else! Sounds like lots of fun!                   Hospitality-Joan will be at Petco Saturday,
                                                 November 14th. We discussed the menu for
Remember: Positions in the club                  the November feast. It was decided that at
will be opening soon. Think                      the December meeting we will have a White
                                                 Elephant Gag gift exchange. Gag gifts can
about taking a more active role.                 be purchased by members who wish to join
                                                 the game. Participation is not required.
                                                 There is a $15 gift limit.
Old Business: None                              thanked everyone who volunteered at the
                                                mart and helped make it a success.
New Business:
                                                Officer Reports:
* December meeting will have refreshments
and White Elephant gag gift exchange.           Secretary- minutes were approved as
*Drawing for 100 dollar bill will be held at
December meeting.                               Treasurer-Sherrie Long reported a balance
                                                of $18,041.92 in the bank as of September
*Time to start thinking about board             30th. Mart profit appears to be
positions that will be available in December.   approximately $2,754.03.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45                       Membership- membership is still, 30
                                                singles, 30 families, 5 commercial, and 12

                                                Committee Reports:

                                                Rescue-nothing to report

                                                Newsletter-Lisa asked members to please
                                                continue to suggest ideas for articles and
                                                feel free to submit pictures and articles for
                                                the newsletter.

                                                Hospitality-our November 19th meeting will
                                                be our “feast.” The club will provide turkey,
Got a silly bird?                               ham, dressing, and gravy. Members are
                                                asked to bring covered dish of some kind.
Send your picture to Lisa Mason at
radt98@yahoo.com.                               Old Business: Club shirts can still be
                                                ordered. Payment is required at time of

                                                New Business: Board meetings are now
REGULAR MEETING                                 being held on Monday nights. They are held
MINUTES                                         on the first Monday of the month in the
                                                same place we hold regular meetings.
October 15, 2009
                                                Meeting adjourned at 7:45
Meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm.
                                                Club members visited with each other.
Opening: Joan welcomed new members
who stood and introduced themselves. She        Raffle was held.


Next Bird Mart May 29th 2010


                     Note: Cindy is in Paris for 2009 


Next Bird Mart May 29        2010    


Next Bird Mart May 29th 2010 


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