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									 Desert Shores Community Association                                                                                        May/June 2006

                                                  DESERT SHORES
                                                  SHORE TALK
   2nd Annual Desert Shores
    Fishing Clinic and Derby
              Fishing gear provided. Lots of great prizes.
              Enrollment forms available at DSCA office.
    The Lakes Committee is hosting a kid’s fishing clinic/derby on Satur-
day, May 6th, 9:00 to 12:00 noon, at Lake Lindsey (corner of Breakwater
& Mariner).
    This clinic/derby is open to Desert Shores kids up through age 12.
    The clinic, presented by Ivy Santee of the Nevada Department of Wildlife,
will run from 9:00 to about 10:00 a.m. and teach such topics as choosing bait
and tackle, tying knots, identifying fish, casting, releasing and more! The fish-
ing derby will start immediately after the clinic and run until noon.

    President’s Message                                                           LAgOON OPENS SATURDAY, MAY 6

     Y      ou are all aware of concerns about the H5N1 avian influenza
            virus, or “bird flu”. While much has been written about various
fears, most scientists do not believe that North America’s primary threat
                                                                                  May 6 — (weekends only): 10 am - 5 pm
                                                                                  May 29 — Memorial Day Celebration: 11 am – 4 pm
for this flu is from birds. For example, in the April 12th, 2006 USA Today,       May 30 – Lagoon opens full time:
the following question was posed by reporters to Anthony Fauci, director                   Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 7 pm
of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National
Institutes of Health:                                                                 On pages 7 and 8 you will find general information and
       “Question: Is bird flu likely to affect people in the United States? And   rules for use of the recreational facilities and lagoon. Please
if it does, how will it arrive?                                                   take a few minutes to review the rules with your family.
       Answer: I’m less worried about a massive bird infection that then
infects people in the United States, than I am of an influenza coming over        Please cooperate with the lifeguard staff when asked to
                   See PRESIDENT’S MESSAgE, continued to page 5                   comply with the rules. The rules are in place to ensure all
                                                                                  members an enjoyable day at the beach.
                                                                                      On Memorial Day, May 29, the gates will open at 11
           IMPORTANT DATES                                                        a.m. to the sounds of Davey the DJ, who will host a series
                                                                                  of activities for kids and adults alike. Pedal boats will be
   Saturday, May 6:                                                               available on Lake Jacqueline.
     Fishing Clinic & Derby. Lagoon Opens.                                            Join your neighbors for a day on the beach at Desert
     (See pages 7 & 8 for rules)                                                  Shores. Las Vegas Entertainment will be putting on a DSCA
                                                                                  Carnival with a lemonade and snow cone stand, carnival
   Wednesday, May 24:                                                             game booths, high-striker, kiddie flying swing ride and
    DSCA Board of Directors Meeting                                               kiddie bounce. Hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, nachos
                                                                                  and other goodies will be available for purchase.
   Monday, May 29:
                                                                                      Events will occur from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Don’t miss out
    Memorial Day Celebration                                                      on this annual event and the start of our summer season.
        Desert Shores Member                                                              BOARD NEWS
       Community Associations                                                The DesertDirectors Community Association
                                                                                Board of
                                                                         22, 2006.
                                                                                                 meeting was held March
          Community Relations Committee
                                                                              Tina Hague, Letter Perfect presented a mock-up of
     Ted Anzell                         Diane Hertz
                                                                         entrance signs for non gated communities.
     Irving Blatt                       Connie King
                                                                              Action taken on the following:
     Suzanne Duskey                     Barbara Lonigro
     John Fareio                        Connie Vaillancourt
                                                                              4 Minutes of the January 25, 2006 Board of Direc-
                                                                         tors meeting approved.
                      Board of Directors                                      4 Minutes of December 5, 2005 and February 6,
             Mark Klein, President/Treasurer                             2006 Community Relations Committee meeting ap-
              Chris Carton, Vice President                               proved.
             Lee Bernstein, Director at Large                                 4 Treasurer’s report for the month ending February
              Ed Lanigar, Director at Large                              28, 2006 accepted subject to audit.
              Jane Snow, Director at Large                                    4 March 22, 2006 Management Report accepted.
                                                                              4 Report heard from Kip Kramer, Lakes Commit-
             Mitch Kuhn, President Emeritus                              tee Chair.
                           DSCA Staff                                         4 Report heard from Jim Carollo, Landscape Com-
       Rita Peterson, PCAM®, General Manager                             mittee Chair.
        Betsy Katz, Accounting Administrator                                  4 Received recommendations from City of Las
           Diane Meswarb, Facility Manager                               Vegas Traffic Engineering for location of additional
       Ann Copeland, Administrative Assistant                            speed minders on Breakwater and Soft Breezes. City of
               Paul Farley, Maintenance                                  Las Vegas agreed to paint a cross walk on Soft Winds
                                                                         contingent on DSCA installing a handicapped curb.
                                           Board will further investigate, no action taken.
                                                                              4 Authorized installation of 36 neighborhood signs
            Important Telephone Numbers                                  in non-gated communities at a cost of $1,077 per sign,
                                                                         or $38,772.
     DSCA Office, 24-Hour Number ........ 254-1020
                                                                              4 Authorized granting equivalent of $1,077 per
     Accounting Department ................... 254-0657
     Community Relations....................... 254-0628                 entry sign to gated sub associations, potential total cost
     Emergencies ...............................................911      of $21,540 for 20 locations.
     Metro Police Non-Emergency....................311                        4 Approved procedure for gated sub association to
     Abandoned Cars ............................... 229-6432             receive granted funds.
     Animal Control .................................. 229-6348               4 Selected Letter Perfect to fabricate and install
     Neighborhood Response ................. 229-6615                    neighborhood signs.
     Neighborhood Watch Program ....... 229-4305                              4 Authorized the removal of the “Racquet Club”
     Street Light Service .......................... 229-6331            sign on exterior wall near Lake Jacqueline on Mari-
     Parking Enforcement ....................... 229-6431                ner.
     Pot Holes ........................................... 229-6227                                See BOARD NEWS, continued to page 8

                                                                                 BOARD MEETINg CALENDAR
     Desert Shores Community Association                                   Desert Shores Community Association, 2500 Regatta Dr.
                      Mission Statement
                                                                                   Board of directors’ Meeting
    The Desert Shores Community Association is a
                                                                                 Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.
    non-profit corporation specifically established by
    Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions filed on                        A unit owner has the right to:
    June 1, 1988, in Book 880601, as Document No.                               a) Have a copy of the minutes or a summary of the min-
                                                                           utes distributed to him upon request and upon payment to the
    00011, of the Official Records of Clark County,                        association of the cost of making the distribution.
    Nevada, for the purpose of operating the busi-                              b) Speak to the Board of Directors at the beginning of the
    ness affairs of its homeowners association.                            meeting, unless the Board is meeting in executive session.

2                                                                May/June 2006
        ASSOCIATION NEWS                                                Sub-Association
Second Annual Fishing Clinic and Derby
    The Lakes Committee is hosting a kid’s fishing                   Management Information
clinic/derby on Saturday, May 6th, from 9:00 a.m. to           Desert Shores Racquet Club
12:00 noon.                                                        The Masters Association Mgt ...... 947-4868
    This clinic/derby is open to Desert Shores kids up         Desert Shores Villas
through age 12.                                                    RMI Management, LLC
    The clinic, presented by Ivy Santee of the Nevada              Roxanne Nelson
Dept of Wildlife, will run from 9:00 to about 10:00 AM             3151 Soaring Gulls Dr., LV, NV 89128
and teach such topics as choosing bait and tackle, tying 
knots, identifying fish, casting, releasing and more! The      Diamond Bay
fishing derby will start immediately after the clinic and          Terra West Property Mgt .............. 362-6262
run until noon.                                                Harbor Cove
    Maximum number of participants is 60 – so please               FCCMI ............................................ 365-6720
enroll early. Rods, reels and tackle will be provided, if      La Jolla Classic
requested.                                                     Pelican Point
    Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult – the               Benchmark Association Services
fishing clinic/derby will be held at the south shore of            Moana Vineyard ............................ 795-3344
Lake Lindsay (Mariner & Breakwater). We are also               Ritz Cove
asking for additional interested adults to help with the           Key Management .......................... 562-1264
clinic and the derby.                                          Spinnaker Cove
    Remember – enrollment is limited and the deadline              Julie DiMartino ....................... 775-727-1382
for submission is Monday, April 24th at 5:00 p.m. The          Mar-A-Lago
enrollment form is included in this newsletter. Please, if         CAMCO .......................................... 531-3382
you have any questions, feel free to contact the Desert
Shores office.                                                 Notary Service is available in the association
                                                                  office. Please call for an appointment.

                                                                                Advertisement Rates
                                                                                      (Black & White)
                                                               Market Place.............................................. $ 5
                                                               Resident Business Card .......................... $ 50
                                                               Non-Resident Business Card .................. $ 100
                                                               Quarter Page ............................................. $ 200
                                                               Half Page ................................................... $ 350
                                                               Full Page.................................................... $ 600
                                                               The deadline for submission is the 10th of every
                                                               other month. Ads must be paid in advance, be
                                                               camera-ready, and conform to the measure-
                                                               ments on our advertising agreement form.

                                                               Shore Talk is published bimonthly as the
                                                               source of information to our Community
                                                               Association. DSCA is not responsible for
                                                               any services listed or rendered through this
                                                               newsletter. Management reserves the right to
                                                               edit articles submitted for the newsletter. We
                                                               welcome your comments and suggestions.

                                                     May/June 2006                                                                   
                      Community Relations Committee
     I n this issue, I would like to address a few different topics
       that seem to be coming up a lot lately.
     1. We have been receiving anonymous concerns either by
                                                                       from the Las Vegas Rapid Response Team in having it removed.
                                                                       Whether we have it removed or the City does, remember the
                                                                       removal costs us as taxpayers and homeowners.
voice mail or dropped in the drop box. Desert Shores doesn’t                “Graffiti is not art, it’s a crime!” The Las Vegas Metro Po-
take anonymous concerns. If you have a concern, please put             lice Department considers taggers to be gang members, and
it in writing with your name and contact number and we will            they are treated the same way under the law. Therefore, if you
be happy to follow up on it. If you don’t leave your name and          see a crime in progress, call the police emergency line (911) im-
number, we don’t have any way to contact you to let you know           mediately. LVMPD treats this as an emergency. If you notice the
that we are doing what we can to resolved the situation or that        graffiti after the crime has been committed and don’t know who
we don’t have any say in handling the situation. For instance,         has done this, please note the exact location so it can removed
we received an anonymous concern about a neighbor parking              as promptly as possible.
8-10 vehicles on the street. The streets belong to the City of Las          3. It has come to DSCA attention that there are a few
Vegas, and the City says that unless the vehicles are blocking         homes in Desert Shores being rented out on a daily or weekly
other driveways, sidewalks, or shared mailboxes, it is okay. This      basis. Please refer to the CC&R’s
means that your neighbor can park in front of your house, they              “Section 8.01 Residential Areas. All Lots and Condomini-
just can’t block your driveway.                                        ums within a Residential Area shall be improved and used solely
     If you live in a gated community, the streets are privately       for single-family residential use; provided, however, that this
owned and depending on what your sub-association CC&Rs                 provision shall not preclude any Owner in the Properties from
state, you may have some recourse.                                     renting or leasing all of his Lot or Condominium by means of
     That said, please let’s all be courteous of our neighbors and     a written lease or rental agreement subject to the Restrictions.
if you are having a number of guests over, please make sure that       NO SUCH LEASE OR RENTAL OF A CONDOMINIUM OR
they don’t block your neighbors.                                       LOT SHALL BE FOR A TERM OF LESS THAN THIRTY
     2. Did you know that Graffiti is the single most destruc-         (30) DAYS…..”
tive property crime in Southern Nevada and across the nation?
According to the Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, “Taggers”          PRESIDENT’S MESSAgE, continued from page 1
who leave their mark in paint on everything from freeway over-         here on an airplane (carried by a human). We already know from Europe
passes and street signs to park benches and houses cause millions      that if you have reasonably good controls, it is not impossible but unlikely
                                                                       that you’re going to have massive contamination of chickens (from which
of dollars in property damage every year. As I’m sure you’ve           the disease has spread to humans in poorer countries because of poor
seen lately, Desert Shores has had a number of graffiti chal-          sanitation).
lenges lately as well. When you call into the office with reports            What is more likely is if there’s a pandemic - and that’s a big if - and if
of graffiti, please be as specific as possible as to the location.     this virus is genetically capable of evolving, an outbreak would more likely
Depending on the location, we can sometimes get assistance             occur in a population of people - such as in Africa, Southeast Asia or India
                                                                       - where you have a massive contamination of chicken flocks, exposure of
                                                                       people, and enough people infected to give the virus the chance to evolve
                                                                       and spread from human to human. And once that happens, then it’s going
           Mission stateMent of the                                    to be spread the way you get influenza every year. “
         coMMunity relations coMMittee                                       While it is true Desert Shores and other bodies of water are popular
         To promote and encourage a mutually satisfactory resolu-      with permanent and migratory waterfowl, that does not mean that anyone
    tion of noncompliance issues within the community, with the        should equate that to a heightened fear of bird flu. Please be assured that
                                                                       your Association intends to work closely with federal, state and local
    intent of maintaining and protecting the value of the property
                                                                       authorities, and will take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the
    and to promote community harmony, spirit and pride. To             safety of Desert Shores for our residents and guests.
    review ARC submittals as necessary.                                      Meanwhile, it is only prudent to avoid physical contact with our
                                                                       waterfowl. As with any wild animal, look at them, enjoy them, and learn
                                                                       about them, but don’t touch them or their droppings. And as always, please
                                                                       don’t feed them!

                                                              May/June 2006
      I Think I’m                                                 The Real (Estate) Facts
                                                                                   By Shirley Kelly-Harold

    Being Followed                                                S     pring is the perfect time to landscape and to make your
                                                                        yard the most beautiful in the neighborhood, particu-
              By William S. Tullock                          larly if you are getting ready to sell your home. Creating buyer
         LVMPD – Southwest Area Command                      appeal from the outside of the home plays a big part in the big
                                                             picture of home selling.
                                                                  Most often a house is “sold” when potential buyers drive
                                                             up to it. Why?...because their first impression has a big impact
                                                             on their decision making.
                                                                   If the yard looks unkept, buyers tend to view the property
                                                             negatively. So take advantage of spring gardening sales to set
                                                             the mood. Money spent on landscaping plants and blooming
                                                             flowerbeds, along with a neatly mowed lawn can greatly increase
                                                             the marketability of a home.
                                                                   Be sure to weed the flowerbeds and trim the trees. A nice
                                                             touch for adding color is placing potted plants along the entry
                                                             walkway, on the front porch or deck area.
                                                                   Finally don’t forget the backyard. Be cautious not to make
                                                             it a storage area. Organize children’s play equipment, keeping
                                                             it in one area of the yard. Also remove stains on the concrete.
                                                             Don’t forget to set out another pot or two of blooming flowers

                                                             for an added touch.
          ave you ever looked in your rearview mirror              Your nursery person will be happy to make additional sug-
          and though you were being followed? If so,         gestions on how to give your home immediate appeal through
         your first instinct was probably to get home as     landscaping.
                                                                   Remember that positive first impressions are a great way
quickly as possible. As you gripped the steering wheel       of increasing the marketability of your home.
tighter and pressed down on the accelerator pedal, you
began to panic. Thoughts of being car jacked, robbed or
                                                                                          Shirley Kelly-Harold, CRS, GRI
assaulted raced through your mind. As you turned into                                   Jack Harold, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES
your subdivision, your vision was clouded by beads of                                             Broker-Salesman
sweat. Only when you pulled into your driveway, did a                                          1903 S. Jones, Ste. 100
                                                                                                Las Vegas, NV 89146
sense of relief come over you. As you’ve heard me say                                         Toll Free: 888-883-4271
many times in the past, most crimes begin with some-                                           Cellular: 702-498-2028
thing that is suspicious or otherwise out of the ordinary,                          
and that gut feelings should not be taken lightly.
     Furthermore, to avoid victimization, you need to
                                                                            Disclosure Requirements
have a game plan in place before finding yourself in a
                                                              Enter with
threatening situation. Good advice, especially when you        Caution
                                                                                         Tax Factors
                                                                                                                    Seller Liability

think you’re being followed.                                                             NEED HELP

     Several years ago, I received a late night call from                                  WITH
my frantic daughter. Tami had just left here boyfriend’s

                                                                                        REAL ESTATE
and was headed back home. While en route, she noted                                        MAZE?
that she was being followed by a male subject driving
                                                                                        Buyer Assistance
a pick-up truck. She stated that the vehicle had been
tail-gating her and that she now couldn’t see anything                                      Net Net                                    On Your Way
in her mirrors due to the height and brightness of the                                                                                  Knowledge
headlights. When asked how long this had been going
                                                              Our experience can be a valuable asset
on, she replied, “Since I turned off of Rainbow onto          whether you are in the market now or
Flamingo.” I told her to make a quick right turn onto          just watching from your front door!
Buffalo and then a quick turn into the shopping center.            We welcome the opportunity
                                                                      to be of service to you.
                     See FOLLOWED, continued to page 9
                                                     May/June 2006                                                                                   
                              GRAnD EnTRAnCES:
 New Desert Shores Signage Takes Next Step Forward
    F     irst there were the new signs around the lakes. Then
          there was the new Clubhouse and Lagoon sign on
Regatta. And now (drum roll please), our new neighborhood
                                                                   communities are already planning enhancements to their
                                                                   entrances that do so.
                                                                   Lagoon and Beach Club
signs will soon be placed at the entrances to each Desert               And that’s not all. The lagoon area itself is in dire need of
Shores non-gated community.                                        a new face. More than a dozen signs currently litter the gates,
      As you’ve read before in Shore Talk, the Lakes Com-          and the interior signage is ugly even in the shade. The Lakes
mittee has been working with Letter Perfect, Inc. and the          Committee has edited and consolidated all the gate signs into
Board of Directors to create a new brand and look for Desert       one attractive sign for each of the three main gates to the
Shores. After fifteen years of wear and the emergence of           lagoon. They will be patterned after the new signs around
stiff new competition for prestige and property value, it was      the lakes. Even with the rules that need to be displayed, the
time for the community to present a new face. The result,          result should provide a classy, inviting welcome to members
we believe, is an elegant brand                                                                      and guests alike. Similarly, the
that artistically conveys the                                                                        interior sign that displays a
singularly unique, spectacular                                                                       variety of required rules and
nautical environment that is                                                                         regulations for the pool and
Desert Shores.                                                                                       beach club will be cleaned
NEIgHBORHOODS                                                                                        up, categorized, and branded
      This next step will carry                                                                      with the new Desert Shores
that brand farther out into the                                                                      logo and colors. There’s still
community. The old blue or                                                                           more work to be done at the
tile lettering at each non-gated                                                                     lagoon, but the new signage
entrance will be replaced. In its                                                                    should make a huge difference
place will be the new stylized Desert Shores logo with the Le      to the appearance of that beautiful, signature area. We hope
Madre ridge of peaks at sunset behind a sailboat on a lake.        to have it completed before the lagoon opens, but for certain
Next to the logo, high-quality bronze lettering that comple-       by the annual Memorial Day bash.
ments the logo will spell out the name of the subassociation       CLUBHOUSE AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES
or neighborhood. Finally, below the large lettering every sign          But wait, there’s more! Have any of you swelled with
will display the tagline “A Desert Shores Community” in a          pride looking at the bulletin board in front of the clubhouse?
smaller font. This will at last clearly identify all the com-      Neither have we. As much as we all loved junior high, it’s
munities that comprise Desert Shores, and create a unifying        time for that to go. In its place will be a new bulletin board
theme that adds value to both the parts and the whole. An          with, yes, the new Desert Shores theme. It will match the
approximation of what each sign will look like is shown in         portion of the new Clubhouse and Lagoon sign that is above
the accompanying photograph.                                       the pedestal on Regatta, with the same styling and arch over
      With forty such signs to be installed, the process will      the top. And behind it, even the clubhouse is not safe from
obviously take some time. Here’s how it will work. First,          our new brand. Its changes will be more nuanced, with new
the old lettering will be removed and the underlying wall          conforming signs above the three front doors. And for both
repaired. Next, the wall will be repainted in its current color    the lagoon and clubhouse, attractive indirect lighting on the
(the mockup makes it look different). As soon as possible          signs will allow us to subtly “show our colors” at night.
thereafter, Letter Perfect’s crews will install the new logo and   MAIN ENTRANCES
sign. The project will be split into five phases, and by doing          Obviously, that’s all going to be a lot of work, and we
that it is hoped that no community will be without a sign for      want to make certain it’s done right and that residents are
more than two weeks. If necessary, a small temporary sign          extremely happy with the result. But there is one more step
may be placed to identify the community to interim vendors         in the process: carrying the new Desert Shores signature to
and guests. The project will start around the beginning of         the main entrances to the master community. In some cases,
May and be completed, if all goes well, before July.               this will be fairly easy. In others, artistic monument signs will
      What about the gated communities? They are responsible       need to be constructed. The latter will be more expensive,
for their own entrances, and in many cases have unique and         and their timing and architecture will require more analysis
attractive entrances already. But they will be afforded the        by the committee and the Board. But the day is not far away
opportunity to receive a grant from the master association         when Desert Shores will have a complete, unified new look
in the same amount per entrance that is being spent on the         that we believe will set a new standard in the city and be as
other communities. To receive those funds, the gated com-          special as the community it represents.
munity would submit a plan to the Community Relations                   As always, please give us your feedback, and continue
Committee for approval. The plan would have to include             to look for signage updates at under
elements that incorporate the new scheme, and several such         the “Lakes Committee” link.
6                                                         May/June 2006
             Desert Shores Community Association
                     Recreational Facilities
A. gENERAL INFORMATION                                          of as the Association sees fit.
     1. Use of the DSCA Recreational Facilities is limited           12. Glassware of any type is prohibited within the
to residents and their guests. Residents may use the DSCA       Beach Club Facilities with the exception of the Clubhouse.
Recreational Facilities during normal operational hours,        This includes drinking glasses, bowls, beer/soda bottles,
except the Beach Club Facilities that are reserved for          pitchers, etc.
private parties or Desert Shores structured activities, or           13. Damage or vandalism should be reported imme-
are posted “closed.”                                            diately to Management.
     2. Desert Shores ID card must be in your possession at          14. Gates: Residents are responsible for closing facility
all times when using any of the Recreational Facilities.        gates when entering or leaving when the lifeguard staff is
     All members must sign in and register their guests         not on duty.
each time they visit the Facilities.                                 15. Alcohol: In accordance with Nevada State Law, no
     3. Events: Special structured events and meetings of       one under the age of 21 shall be served an alcoholic bev-
the Association have priority.                                  erage while on the premises. Beer and wine are allowed,
     4. Conduct: Each resident is responsible for his/her       providing they are not in glass containers. If alcoholic
own conduct, and that of any guest, at all times. Privi-        beverages are served at reserved functions, no minors are to
leges may be suspended for violations of the Policies &         be present without parental permission. Use of controlled
Guidelines. Individuals or groups engaged in hazardous          substances is prohibited.
or destructive activities or, in the opinion of Management           16. Soliciting will not be allowed within the Beach
or a Member of the Board, are incapable of reasonable           Club Facilities.
control of their actions, will be asked to leave the premises        17. Vehicles may not be parked in the DSCA parking
immediately.                                                    lot for periods longer than 12 hours.
     5. Pets are not allowed in the Beach Club Facilities.           18. Property belonging to DSCA must not be removed
     6. Injuries and/or accidents involving the Recreational    from the Beach Club Facilities.
Facilities, and/or amenities must be reported to Desert              19. Personal items may not be left in the Beach Club
Shores Community Association, 2500 Regatta Drive, Las           Facilities overnight.
Vegas, 89128, within 24 hours in writing. DSCA will not              20. Keep the Recreational Facilities clean at all
be held responsible for any accident or injury in connection    times.
with the use of the facility or common area by residents             21. Radio/stereo noise must be kept at a moderate
or their guests. MEMBERS AND GUEST ASSUME ALL                   level. Management has discretionary power to limit noise
RISKS INVOLVED IN SUCH ACTIVITIES.                              levels.
     7. Members are responsible for any family members,              22. No commercial use of the Recreational Facilities
guests, invitees, tenants, and/or agents who damage DSCA        (including Beach Club Facilities) will be permitted without
equipment and/or facilities and will be liable for all repair   prior approval of the Board of Directors.
or replacement costs. Guest are limited to ten (10) per              23. Beach Club Facilities close at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday
household.                                                      through Sunday and are not available at all on Mondays.
     8. Health regulations will be strictly enforced at all     No residents and/or guests are allowed to enter Beach Club
times.                                                          Facilities after this time.
     9. Littering is prohibited at all DSCA Recreational             24. Fund Raising Events sponsored by outside orga-
Facilities. Proper trash containers must be used at all         nizations require Board of Directors approval a minimum
times.                                                          of six months in advance.
     10. Lakes: No wading, diving or swimming is permit-        B. gUEST POLICY
ted in the lakes by any person or animal.                           1. Residents must accompany their guests and carry
     11. Abandoned Property: Any personal property left         their Desert Shores ID card at all times.
unattended on any portion of the common areas of DSCA               Residents are responsible for their guests’ compliance
may be taken into control of the Association where it will      with all Policies & Guidelines and for any damage to
be held for a period of fifteen (15) days. Any such property    DSCA property and/or personal injuries.
unclaimed by the owner during the fifteen-day period will
be considered abandoned and the Association will dispose                                    See FACILITIES, continued to page 8

                                                       May/June 2006                                                         7
FACILITIES, continued from page 7                              eighteen (18) years. Members under eighteen (18) may
C. SWIM LAgOON                                                 bring one (1) guest.
     1. Swimming is limited to specific hours posted at the         15. DSCA is not responsible or an insurer of the
lagoon entrance and subject to change without notice. No       safety of its members, their families, children, guests or
swimming is allowed when lifeguards are not on duty!           tenants. Not withstanding any age limitations set forth in
     2. All swimmers must shower, using warm water and         these policies, it is suggested that parents accompany their
soap and shall rinse off all soap suds, before entering or     children of any age at all times. DSCA members, their
re-entering the lagoon. Shower is located adjacent to the      families, children, guests and MANAGEMENT HAS THE
restrooms.                                                     RIGHT TO SUSPEND PRIVILEGES IF CONDUCT IS
     3. No person having skin lesions, sores, inflamed eyes,   DEEMED DISRUPTIVE OR DESTRUCTIVE TO OP-
mouth, nose or ear discharges, suffering from colds, fever,    ERATING PROCEDURES tenants are each responsible
or coughs or possibly carrying any communicable disease        for their own safety.
shall use the lagoon.
     4. Spitting, soiling, or in any way contaminating the     BOARD NEWS, continued from page 2
lagoon, walkways, or dressing room floors is prohibited.           4 Accepted 2006 Reserve Study prepared by As-
     5. Smoking within the lagoon area is prohibited, except   sociation Reserves Colorado, LLC.
in designated areas approved by the health authority.              4 Accepted proposal from Aquatic Services for op-
     6. Per Health Department Regulations, infants must        eration of lagoon facility from April through September
wear diapers and waterproof rubber pants, with elastic at      at a cost not to exceed $77,000.
the waist and legs, at all times when in the lagoon. Infants       4 Accepted proposal from Desert Aquatic Manage-
without the required rubber pants will be removed from the     ment Inc. for monthly maintenance of four lakes at a
lagoon. Diapers shall only be changed in the designated
                                                               cost of $4,800 per month.
area in the restrooms.
                                                                   4 Accepted proposal from Western Exterminator
     7. No cut-offs or clothing other than normal swimming
                                                               for by-weekly midge fly treatment, April through Sep-
attire shall be worn in the lagoon.
                                                               tember, at a cost of $3,800 per month.
     8. Only sponge or beach balls are permitted in the
                                                                   4 Approved the 2006/07 Operating Budget.
                                                                   4 Discussed promoting Desert Shores.
     9. No running, horseplay, or unruly conduct will be
permitted. No throwing in the air, sitting on shoulders or         4 Received homeowner correspondence.
dunking of persons in the water.                                   4 Scheduled the next Board of Directors meeting
     10. No residents or guests shall enter the pool equip-    for May 24, 2006.
ment areas at any time.
     11. No diving is allowed
     12. Flotation devices are allowed provided that space
     13. Chairs are permitted at waters edge only.                               Remember that the
     14. Children under the age of twelve (12) years must          DRIVE   speed limit on our      DRIVE
be accompanied by a parent or a guardian over the age of          SAFELY major streets is 35 mph. SAFELY

8                                                     May/June 2006
FOLLOWED, continued from page 5                             instincts! Expect the unexpected and have a plan in
I further informed her to continue driving until she        place, ahead of time.
reached the gas station on the corner. After a couple of        Is there really a need for you to be distracted by
deep breaths, I could hear the calmness returning to her    taking the children and/or dog with you?
voice as she said, “Thanks Dad, he stopped following            When driving to and from wherever, occasionally
me.” I then told her to wait there for a couple of minutes  vary your route.
to make sure that he didn’t double back. In those couple        Check your mirrors frequently.
of minutes, I put on a pair of sweats and headed out the        Keep doors and windows locked.
door. Tami was just about to leave when I pulled into           Make sure your vehicle is always in good condition.
the lot and escorted her home.                                                         Our extreme heat plays havoc
No harm – no foul!                     Most crimes begin with something                with electrical and cooling
    A lot can be learned from        that is suspicious or otherwise out of            system, as well as tires. Don’t
the aforementioned scenario.                                                           wait for something to break
                                       the ordinary, and that gut feelings
My daughter had the presence                                                           down. Don’t wait until the
of mind to be carrying her cell            should not be taken lightly.                fuel gauge nears empty.
phone. And prior to making                                                                 If you live in a gated com-
that call, she did nothing to further put herself in harm’s munity, don’t “piggy back” or allow others to do so. Wait
way, such as:                                               for the gate to close before proceeding.
    Hitting the brakes while being tail-gated.                  This message was brought to you by LVMPD’s
    Turning onto a poorly lit side street.                  Southwest Area Command. Learn more about what
    Rolling down the window and yelling.                    you can do to prevent becoming a victim by attending
    Driving directly home and showing the potential         upcoming 1st Tuesday Open Houses. 1st Tuesday’s take
perpetrator where you live.                                 place on the 1st Tuesday’s of most months and begin at
    When in doubt, don’t be afraid to act on your gut       7:00 p.m. at your local Area Command.

                                                    May/June 2006                                                   9
                                                                Lillian Phillips Perlman, Reflections 11

                                                           DREAM HOME
     It has been 12 years since we moved
      into our home in Desert Shores and
I love it, as well as its location, more and
                                                       In ‘93 we were searching, not expecting to find
                                                    a home that would have all of our “wants” in mind.
                                                     But when I gazed at one plan, in a moment I knew
more each day. Since our backyard faces
                                                      I’d found the perfect palace; a dream comes true.
south and there are many windows in the              A cul-de-sac lot, facing north, for us that was best
kitchen/family/ dining/and master bedroom                Light from the east; few windows faced west.
rooms, which face that direction, I was able                   A sloping back yard of desert design
to create indoor gardens, enabling me to                  No lawn to mow; my husband said, “Fine.”
enjoy the plants, including many cacti, all            3 car garage, with ground level storage, at last,
year long without going out into the sum-           No basement to flood, a major problem in the past.
mer heat or winter cold to care for them.                  All closets walk-ins; not one sliding door
In addition, east exposures in my family           That could fall off the track creating trouble, as before.
room and downstairs bedroom allow me to                    The kitchen so large complete with a nook
grow African violets which are in constant          While eating our meals, at the garden we could look,
bloom. So, I am reprinting the tribute to                 Den fireplace to warm us in winter and fall;
our very special home, which we were very                     Seldom need to turn the heat on at all
                                                              A bedroom downstairs, full bath too,
lucky to find.
                                                        Two upstairs rooms with a full mountain view
                                                           Our furnishings fit the house like a glove,
                                                          so we could keep all the memories we love.
nOTE FROM LILLIAn: While writing                         Master bedroom huge, with space to provide
the March/April essays for Thoughts(etc),            room for furniture, computer, and treadmill inside.
I developed a writer’s block and Ann Cope-                 It’s closet so large, I could see in a minute
land, our Desert Shores administrative as-              that many items besides clothes could fit in it .
sistant, kindly wrote the last two paragraphs   Where in Las Vegas did we find it, this dream home of ours?
of my essays, but due to a computer glitch      In Desert Shores, wonder world of lakes, trees, and flowers.
her name was omitted. Thanks, Ann.

                                                                  Air Conditioning Problems?

10                                              May/June 2006
  Market Place Policies: Effective as of the July/August Issue, the Market Place will only be for Items to Sell or
 Small Businesses offering a service to the residents of Desert Shores. The maximum number of type set lines is .

LOWERy ORGAn. Two keyboards and lots of keys for different                       FOR SALE: TV Stand, swivel, lite brown, 2 drawers, 30x25, $25.00
sounds/instruments. I just haven’t taken the time to learn to play it. I also    OBO. Cappuccino Maker-Salton, brand new – never used, $25.00 OBO.
have a Casio keyboard and don’t need both of them. $300 or best offer.           Ladies black trench velvet full length coat with hood. Never worn. Ex-
Call Lee Saunders @ 243-0293.                                                    cellent condition, size 4/6 small, $45.00. Ladies tennis racquet, Jimmy
                                                                                 Connors Legacy, Slazenger L 4 3/8, brand new, tag inside, $50.00 firm.
DOG TRAInInG LESSOnS! Learn from a nationally recognized                         Call Maidee, 254-9970 (leave message).
“Trainer of Obedience Champions” and an AKC Obedience Judge! Pri-
vate sessions, in your home, for Puppy Manners and Behavioral Issues.            CARPET, uPHOLSTERy, TILE & GROuT CLEAnInG. Call Lou
Also, “Group Classes” are now forming. Call Bonnie at 255-7447. www.             at 454-5393 for Free estimate. Quality work, affordable. Desert Shores                                         resident.

HAnDyMAn. House Repairs & Improvements. Desert Shores Resi-                      OIL PAInTInG CLASSES. For adults and children over 14, taught
dent. Call Rob, 240-3976.                                                        by a professional artist. All levels, beginners to advanced welcome. No
                                                                                 experience necessary. Learn to paint in a realistic style, wildlife, still-life,
MuSIC LESSOnS in Desert Shores. Learn note reading, rhythm tech-                 seascapes, portraits, etc., also one or two-day workshops. Call Carole at
nique and theory. 11 years teaching. All ages, levels, and styles. Phone         360-5347 for class times and supply list.
Ann at 255-5727 or 480-3444.
                                                                                 FOR SALE: Thomasville Madison County Bedroom Set (Slated Queen
FOR SALE: Handicap Walker (New), $50.00; Gold Seiko Pilots Watch,                Sleighbed Frame, 2 nightstands, armoire/4-drawer tall dresser, 10-drawer
(New) $300.00; New Full Size Student Violin with Case & Bow, $169.00;            dresser). Pd $5000, Sell $2000; ½ size Scarampella violin w/Erich Stein-
Wallpaper Steamer, $25.00; AC/DC Fluorescent Camping Lights, $20.00              er wooden bow + case $1000; High-Definition Zenith digital satellite
each; Chandelier, $30.00. Electric Bass and Collectors Electric Guitar.          receiver/tuner. Pd $800 Sell $200; two Direct TV Digital satellite boxes
Samsonite Luggage. Antique Smith Corona Typewriter, $50. Call Steven,            (RCA & Hughes) $25 each; digital audio professional home theater (still
355-5055.                                                                        in the box) $300; 4.5’ x 3/5’ slab of white carerra marble $100; girl’s bike
                                                                                 20” wheel (may need new tire) $25; 16” kid’s bike $20; antique brass
SMALL HOuSE OR COnDO WAnTED by private cash buyer. Fixer                         twin bed frame $150; 47” diameter round glass/iron table w/4 chairs $90;
or vacant ok. No Realtors, please. Steve, 869-8550                               round patio table w/umbrella and 4 arm chairs $50. Call 240-9526.

                                                       MAY 2006
     Sun                   Mon                     Tue                  Wed                    Thu                      Fri                      Sat
                       1  Community           2                     3                     4                      5                       6   Lagoon Opens,
                       Relations, 5:30 pm                                                                                                         10 am
                             DSCA                                                                                                            Fishing Clinic
                        Boy Scouts, 7 pm                                                                                                     & Derby, 9 am
7                      8                     9                      10    Diamond        11                      12                      13
                                                                        Bay HOA, 6pm
                             DSCA                                    Lakes Committee
                        Boy Scouts, 7 pm                               Meeting, 6 pm
14                     15                    16                     17                   18                      19                      20
                             DSCA        DSCA Landscape               LaJolla Classic
                        Boy Scouts, 7 pm Committee, 5 pm                HOA, 6 pm
21                     22                    23                     24                    25                     26                      27
                             DSCA                                   Board of Directors
                        Boy Scouts, 7 pm                              Meeting, 6 pm
28                     29                    30                    31
                             DSCA                                       Pelican Point
                        Boy Scouts, 7 pm                                HOA, 6:30 pm
                                                                      May/June 2006                                                                           11
                                                                                                               PRSRT STD
                                                                                                              Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                               Permit #200

     200 Regatta Drive • Las Vegas, NV 89128

                                            JUNE 2006
     Sun              Mon                   Tue               Wed                Thu               Fri           Sat
                                                                            1                 2          3

4                5                     6                  7                 8                 9          10
                  Relations, 5:30 pm
                  Boy Scouts, 7 pm
11               12                    13                 14                15                16         17

                       DSCA                                DSCA Lakes           Diamond Bay
                  Boy Scouts, 7 pm                        Committee, 6 pm         HOA, 6 pm
18               19                    20                 21                22                23         24

                       DSCA               Landscape
                  Boy Scouts, 7 pm      Committee, 5 pm
25               26                    27                 28

                  Boy Scouts, 7 pm

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