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                   saturday 20 february 2010

 Mayoral                                   Perry                                    U Leisure
 Welcome                                  Welcome                                   Welcome
It is with great pleasure that           Welcome to the Perry Foundation               On behalf of the U Leisure
I welcome participants and               REV Cycle Festival 2010.                  events team welcome to the REV.
supporters to the Perry Foundation            Perry Foundation is immensely            It’s our pleasure to bring you the
REV Cycle Festival 2010.                 proud of its support of New Zealand       5th Perry Foundation REV Cycle
     Whether you choose to cycle for     communities, and is delighted to be       Festival. If you are a first time REV
leisure, fitness, competition or as a    the key supporter of the Perry            participant, congratulations – the
mode of transport, Hamilton is an        Foundation REV Cycle Festival for         challenge is immense and the reward
ideal city in which to participate in    the fifth year in a row.                  immeasurable.
this sport.                                   The funds that Perry Foundation          To those who have experienced
     Within the city boundaries          distributes to the communities of         the REV before it’s good to have
Hamilton has over 40kms of urban         New Zealand are generated through         you back.
cycleways, while the surrounding         the operation of gaming machines in           The wave of cycling popularity
area boasts rural roads and trails       Hotels and Taverns. New Zealand’s         continues throughout the country
that are perfect for being explored      charity gaming model is unique by         and the REV provides an excellent
by bicycle.                              international standards, and allows       festival atmosphere for all the
     Since its inaugural event in        significant funding to be channelled      family, and all abilities, to enjoy this
2006, the Perry Foundation REV           to community groups to assist them        popular sport.
Cycle Festival has become a much         in achieving great things in their            We know you will enjoy your
anticipated event on the cycling         local communities. Perry Foundation       experience and hope you will help
calendar and it continues to grow in     Trustees and staff are proud to be part   others to enjoy theirs. We wish you a
popularity each year.                    of this charity gaming model, and are     safe, fun and challenging time.
     I hope that you will enjoy taking   committed to the Foundation’s vision          You are ready!
part in one of our city’s major annual   of ‘Building Strong Communities’.
sporting events, and I wish you all           On behalf of our Board of
the very best of luck.                   Trustees, and the Perry Foundation
                                         team, I’d like to wish all the
                                         competitors in the 2010 Perry             Kevin Endres
                                         Foundation REV Cycle Festival the         Event Director
                                         very best of luck and
                                         hope that you and your supporters
Bob Simcock                              enjoy the event.
Hamilton Mayor

                                         Simon Perry
                                         Chairman Perry Foundation
n General Rider Information
Please take a moment to read this information. It will help you prepare     GENERAL SAFETY
for your event.                                                             Please take note of our safety advice. It has been developed
                                                                            so everyone involved with the REV can have a fantastic event
n Start Times                                                               experience. Please respect fellow riders and supporters.
All categories start and finish on Silverdale Rd. The table below
shows the various start times. We require all categories to be on the       n Safety
start line by the lineup deadline, when a race briefing will take place.    There are NO CLOSED ROADS on the course (excluding the start/
                                                                            finish area of Silverdale Rd). All roads are open to normal traffic and
                                                                            general road rules apply. Some roads are very narrow with no centre
 CATEGORY                        LINE UP DEADLINE            START TIME
                                                                            line. Keep left at all times and look after your fellow riders.
 REV 120 SOLO                    8.50am                      9.00am
                                                                            n Support Vehicles
 REV 120 RELAY                   8.50am                      9.00am         There are to be no unauthorised vehicles following the race.
                                                                            Please encourage your supporters to use the designated support
 REV INTRO 18k                   9.10am                      9.20am
                                                                            vehicle route to get to viewing locations (see the course map). It is for
 REV 40                          10.20am                     10.30am        YOUR safety that vehicles are kept to a minimum on the race roads.
 REV Classic                     10.50am                     11.00am
                                                                            General Road Conditions
 REV KIDS MTB                    11.30am                     11.40am        The roads used for the Perry Foundation REV are a mix of State
                                                                            Highways, busy country roads and quiet country roads. The road
n Start Line Organisation                                                   conditions are variable. The following risks may be apparent so it is
Please organise yourself on the start line in the order listed in the       important to maintain awareness and identify hazards to following riders:
table (tandem 120 riders join with the SOLO 120 riders in appropriate       + Potholes in the road,
section based on your estimated time). There will be signage and            + Gravel driveways spilling onto roads,
event staff to help you. Please listen to event staff instructions.         + No centre line. Some roads do not have a centre. These roads are
    For SOLO riders there will be estimated time start categories.            also narrow. Be extremely careful and keep well left. Do not ride more
Please line up in the appropriate category for your ability; under            than two abreast through these areas, and DO NOT cut the corner.
3.30hrs, 3.30-4hrs, 4-4.30hrs, 4.30-5hrs and 5+hrs. Please, no egos
when estimating your time. It is important for rider safety (yours and      Possible Adverse Conditions
others) that you do not start in a group which is faster than you can       + Morning fog can make visibility poor and the road slippery.
cope with. Don’t confuse ambition with ability!                             + Heavy rain before and during the race could leave debris on the
                                                                              road and leave the road surface slippery.
n First 2km of the course                                                   + Please ride appropriately for the conditions. Use your skill and
The first 2km of the start will be controlled by a pace car. This             intelligence and be aware that in wet conditions your brakes may not
will be for the length of Silverdale Rd and across the major SH26             be as responsive as you expect.
intersection. Open racing will begin from Matangi Rd - wait for the
signal from the pace car.                                                   COURSE HAZARDS (ALL RIDERS)
n Race Timing                                                               n Narrow roads and steep downhills
You will be issued with a bike-mounted transponder at registration,         Some of the roads used for the Perry Foundation REV are very narrow
which allows us to time the event and give you a finish time. Please        and winding. There are also some steep down hill sections. Take
attach transponder to the front fork of your bike. At the end of your       extreme care through all areas and be particularly aware of:
ride please return the transponder to us – we will have a team of           + Steep narrow gully at 28km (120km course). The approach to this
event staff to assist you to take it off. If you do not start or complete     gully is over straight, flat roads so is very fast. There will be warning
the race you must return the transponder to the timing                        signs and event marshalls onsite. All riders must slow down for the
tent at the finish line (unreturned                                           gully. If you are in a bunch be very aware that the bunch will slow down.
transponders will be                                                        + Down hill section of French Pass through to Karapiro Rd – steep,
charged to you at                                                             winding and narrow.
$50 each).                                                                  + All of Buckland Rd – extreme caution needed – narrow roads and
                                                                              no centre line.
                                                                            + Bell Rd and Scotsmans Valley Rd through to Tauwhare – narrow.
                                                                            + Tahuroa Rd (REV Classic riders) – very narrow.

                                                                            n Railway Crossings
                                                                            There are two railway crossings on the REV Classic, REV 120 and
                                                                            REV 40 courses. The first is at Matangi Village (8km) and the second is
                                                                            at Newstead (5km from finish). Both crossings are bumpy so caution is
                                                                            required. The safest way to cross a railway track is perpendicular with
                                                                            the line. Look both ways before crossing and always give way to a train!

                                                                            Be aware and prepared for all these hazards. If you are in a bunch be
                                                                            very aware that the bunch may slow suddenly for corners and other
                                                                            hazards. Keep an eye on developments ahead of you. Don’t always
                                                                            look down at the rider in front of you, but use their back as your target
                                                                            while regularly looking 3-5 riders ahead, and also up the road to see
                                                                            problems before they occur. Do not reach for your drink bottle when
                                                                            approaching hazardous areas.
                                                                             REV 120 RELAY TRANSITION
                                                                              Transition location                             Peria
 REV Classic
                                                                              Team member ready by                            10.30am
 All REV Classic riders please take note of this information specific to
 your category.                                                              The transition is off the road. Please take care entering and exiting the
                                                                             relay transition. Your timing transponder is your baton – make sure
 START – The REV Classic starts at Silverdale Road
                                                                             you give this to your team member. If you do not, your team will not
 SERVICE VEHICLE – A service vehicle will follow the main peloton for        receive a finish time and all category information will not be recorded.
 the entire race. There will be two bike mechanics onboard to attend         Transition facilities include; Water, Sports Drink, Toilet, Parking,
 to any needs. Two commissar cars will also carry spare wheels. No           Music, Race Information and Shelter.
 unofficial service vehicles are permitted to follow the race.
                                                                             TRANSITION CAR PARKING – Please do not park in the transition
 WHEEL WAGON – The service vehicle will be parked at the race start          zone. You will be able to park nearby but please keep the actual
 from 9.30am. If you are going to leave wheels for the service vehicle,      transition clear of traffic.
 please check them in before 10.30am.
                                                                             TRANSPORT & SUPPORTERS – Relay riders need to make your
 FEED STATION – There is a designated feed area on the Morrinsville          own way to the transition point. The course map shows the support
 Walton Rd at Kiwitahi. A sign will verify this area. This is at the 88km    vehicle route (blue line – state highways). Please do not use the REV
 mark. If you are going to take on extra food or drink, this is where        120 course to get to the transition at Peria. There might be cyclists
 your support person must be. Race officials will disqualify any riders      racing so avoiding the course is essential for rider safety. Access to
 who receive support at any other locations.                                 Peria is via Station Rd from Matamata.
 RACE NUMBERS - There are 3 race numbers you must have.                      INSTRUCTIONS TO PERIA TRANSITION
 [1] The large pin-on number is to be worn on the back of your race shirt    Turn left off SHW 29 onto Hopkins Rd. Follow this to Matamata.
 and must be visible at all times (not covered by other clothing). Please    Turn left into Station Rd by the corner store (before the High School).
 complete the contact and medical information before pinning to your back.
 [2] The large sticker number is for your bike. This number must be placed
 around your seat post or back stay and face toward the back wheel.
 [3] The small sticker number is worn on the front of your

                                                                               TEN TIPS
 helmet (not the top, side or back).
 OFFICIALS – The race will be judged by qualified cycling
 commissaries. Their decisions are final.
 FINISH – The finish straight is 250m long. There is a sharp, tight left
 hand turn into the finish (Ruakura Rd into Silverdale Rd). Caution is         FOR SAFE BUNCH RIDING
 needed. The road will be closed for the final 250m only.
                                                                               1. NEVER NEVER NEVER - Cross the centre line.
 REV INTRO / 40 / 120 RIDERS                                                   2. KEEP YOUR LINE - Practise riding in a straight line and
                                                                                   maintain a straight line even when you take the water bottle
 All REV riders please take note of this category specific information.            out of its cage. Wobbling when in a bunch can be dangerous.
 RACE NUMBERS – There are 2 race numbers to wear.                              3. ANTICIPATE - Sudden movements create problems. Remain
 [1] The large pin on number is for the back of your race shirt and must           steady. Keep an eye on developments ahead of you. Don’t
 be visible at all times (not covered by other clothing). Please complete          always look down at the rider in front, but use their back as
 the contact and medical information before pinning on.                            your target while regularly glancing 3-5 riders ahead, as well
 [2] The sticker number is worn on the front of your helmet                        as up the road to see problems before they occur.
 (not the top, side or back).                                                  4. EASY ON THE BRAKES - Don’t jam your brakes on suddenly
                                                                                   - stay alert for hazards ahead and brake with control.
 REV 120 ON COURSE DRINKS & TOILETS – There will be a drink                    5. SIGNAL HAZARDS - If you see a hazard which would affect
 station and toilets available at Peria (68km). Sports drink and water             the line or momentum of the bunch it is your responsibility to
 will be available.                                                                signal to following riders, with subsequent riders continuing
                                                                                   the signal further down the group.
 SUPPORTERS                                                                    6. INDICATE YOUR INTENTIONS - This lets riders around you
                                                                                   know what you are doing.
 Please avoid supporting cyclists by following in cars. This is very
                                                                               7. SPEAK UP - If you are passing a rider in front of you loudly
 dangerous for riders and other road users. If you wish to support
                                                                                   say “ON YOUR RIGHT”. If you are being passed you must
 riders on course, please avoid the roads used for the cycle course
                                                                                   keep your line.
 (where possible). The map in this race day information can help.
                                                                               8. NO AEROBARS - Aerobars do not belong in bunch rides and
 Some REV categories will already be
                                                                                   they are not welcome at the REV.
 racing so avoiding the course is essential
                                                                               9. LONG DOWN HILLS - Don’t stay on your brakes. They may
 for rider safety.
                                                                                   overheat the tyre’s rim and cause a blow-out. It is safest to
                                                                                   “feather brake” - i.e. tap the brakes applying intermittent
                                                                               10. STOPPING - If you have to stop, clearly signal your intention
                                                                                   and get right off the road (always on the left).

    ACTIVITY                            TIME                               WHERE
    Bouncy Castle                       11.00am – 3.30pm                   Kids Zone
    Rockup Rock Wall                    11.00am – 3.30pm                   Kids Zone
    University of Waikato Pool          12.00 noon                         University of Waikato Pool
    Kid’s Bike Sprints                  12.30pm – 3.00pm                   Kids Zone
    Lolly Scramble                      1.00pm                             Kids Zone
    Live Entertainment                  1.00pm – 3.30pm                    Main Stage
    Finish REV Classic                  2.00pm                             Start/ Finish Line
    Decorate Your Bike                  2.00pm                             Kids Zone
    Prize Giving                        3.30pm                             Main Stage
    Opshop                              From 5.30                          Hamilton Gardens

Category                           Name                          Time           Year
                                                                                            Many business teams will battle it out in
REV Classic – Men                  Gordon McCauley               3:02:50        2009        the WaikatoLink Business Battle as they
                                                                                            compete for the right to display the Lance
REV Classic – Women                Rushlee Buchanan              3:24:23        2007
                                                                                            Armstrong Trophy at their business for a year.
Perry Foundation REV 120 – Men     Nick Maier                    3:18:48        2007        Last year’s trophy winners were Waikato
Perry Foundation REV 120 – Women   Marguerite Ritchie            3:29:36        2007        District Health Board.
REV 120 Relay                      Aaron Whyte & Kieran Powell   3:22:26        2009        To win, each team needs to estimate the
REV 40 – Men                       Greg Jones, Neville Carter    1:05:52        2008        total time their team will take to complete
REV 40 – Women                     Phillippa Sutton              1:11:14        2008        the course (combined time). The winning
                                                                                            team will be the one whose estimated time is
                                                                                            closest to their actual time.

             Perry Foundation REV 120, REV CLASSIC & REV 40 course map
                                                                                                                                                    TO AUCKLAND
      TRANSITION POINT                      T
     REV 120 & CLASSIC
         no support vehicles                                     26

             CLASSIC ONLY
                            REV 40



                                                                                 Tahuroa                                                             RD



                share with care





                                            Eureka                                                                                                Richmond        M

                                                                                                                                                   Downs                    GA



HAMILTON                       MORRINSVILLE
                                                                               Valley                                        Maungakawa
                                                                                                                                495m                                                          T PERIA
                       RD          RD

                                                                                                     Te Miro

                                                                                                                                                          Te Tapui

                                                   RD RE

 START                                                                                                                                                     492m



                                                                                                                                                                                             I RD

                                            I RD
OF WAIKATO                           MATANG

                                                                                                                                                                                                        TO TAURANGA
                                                             IA R


                                                                                                     Sanatorium Hill


                                                                                        CO               383m
                                     Tamahere                                              UR                           RD
                                                                                               D                     SS
                                                                       Hautapu                                    PA
                                        1                                                                     C H
                                                                                                                             WHITEHALL RD


                                                                         CAMBRIDGE                                                                     Taotaoroa                       29


                                                                                                                                                            TO TAUPO/ROTORUA
                                                                                                   We would like to acknowledge and thank our
T H E PERRY FOUNDATION RE V C YC L E F E S T I VA L I S MA N AG E D BY U L E I S U R E             generous sponsors for their ongoing support.

                                                             To find out more about U Leisure
                                                             events check out

                                                             Need help planning, organising
                                                             and managing an event?
                                                             Contact Kevin Endres at U Leisure
                                                             07 838 4462 or

                                       THE PERRY FOUNDATION

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