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                                                                                                                                                          AUgust 23 . 2007
                                                                                                                                                         • volume 100 • issue 1

         Freshmen help

                                                 to the


       can’t stop

                                                Student Body President
                                                      Jesse James
                                                   Welcome back, Wabash. It’s been a tame

      Would YOU defer a
                                                three-month divorce for students, faculty, and the
                                                campus, but we’ve all returned once again to com-

      Lilly scholarship?
                                                mence another autumn term. I’ve visited campus a
                                                few times this summer, and it has been a busy place.
                                                Crawford Hall is gone and the new Tau Kappa Epsilon
                                                site stands in its place on Wabash Avenue. The awkward no-
           Jacob Stump ‘11
                                                mans-land walkway on the corner of Hays Hall has been made

       discusses his experience
                                                straightforward. Literally, it is now connected and you don’t have

          teaching English in
                                                to walk around it anymore. The business office is nice and new. The
                                                bookstore is expanded and freshened.
              China. 20
                                                   For Wabash veterans the new changes are indeed “new changes.”
                                                    Construction crews replaced our students while we were all being productive sum-

       Experience Equals
                                                mer-break college students. Okay, so we all have different definitions of “summer pro-
                                                                                                                    See, FAMILY, Page 2
                                                ductivity”. Nonetheless, we have returned.

                                          Bachelor, Journal Review continue their partnership
       Little Giants pack plenty

          of Senior punch. 16

                                                                                              PATRICK SMITH
                                             he Bachelor and Craw-                                                advertising for this issue. A por-   nesses advertise in the back-to-

                                             fordsville Journal-Review                                            tion of the money raised from        school issue, and this turns into
                                             continue their partnership                                           those sales will be returned to      a year-long relationship.

                                         with this second Back-to-School                                          student writers in the form of           The Journal-Review will also
                                         issue. This marks a continuation                                         stipends. This allows the Bache-     distribute this issue of the Bach-
                                         of the close relationship                                                lor to reward the hard work of       elor to its entire circulation.
                                         between the two newspapers.                                              its volunteer staff.                     The Wabash community will
                                         Last year’s issue was very suc-                                              The advertising sold by both     receive the back-to-school issue
                                         cessful. It took the best special                                        the Journal-Review and Bache-        of the Bachelor on the first day
                                         issue award in the small college                                         lor staff provides an opportunity    of classes, today.
                                         division at the 2007 Indiana            In addition to printing the      to the Crawfordsville business           Enjoy reading this semester’s
                                         Collegiate Press Association         Bachelor throughout the year,       community to have a presence         first issue as much as we have
                                         convention.                          the Journal-Review sells the        on campus. Many local busi-          making it.
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         PAGE 2        •     news                                                                                      The Bachelor

                                                 Jesse James
         August 23, 2007

                                                 From Page 1                                        This year President White is releasing
                                                                                                to us the administration’s strategic plan
                                                    For our new brethren, welcome to cam-       for the college. I want each of you to par-
                                                 pus. Welcome to your families as well.         ticipate in the discussions associated with
                                                 You almost thought I was leaving you out       this process. We can’t have a college with-
                                                 didn’t you? I couldn’t do that. I hope your    out our students, faculty, staff, and com-
                                                 pre-college summer treated you well.           munity, so I ask each of you to help –
                                                 Some of you I have met, and some of you        communicate. Discuss the changes with
                                                 I will meet. Your Wallyship begins this        each other and with college officials.
                                                 fall (and fortunately for you, lasts a life-       But after three years on campus I can
                                                 time). Many if not most of you had active      tell you that these new paths, offices, pro-
                                                 high school years. I encourage you to          fessorships, students, buildings, trees,
                                                 maintain that activity and to spur new         shrubs, plants, and leaders feel familiar
                                                 activity on campus. Academics, athletics,      every year. Strike that. They feel “famil-
                                                 and extracurriculars await your attention.     ial” every year.
                                                    As you may know, this November will             No matter what changes our campus
                                                 introduce the 175th year of our college.       witnesses in its three-month deprivation
                                                 That’s a lot of Wabash men hearing and         of student, faculty life it always feels com-
                                                 reading welcome-back articles on the           fortable upon our return. We erect pristine
                                                 front-page of the Bachelor. See, the new       buildings, welcome new students and
                                                 guys already have something in common          staff, trim the trees, and shine the Bell
                                                 with the rest of you. Seriously, look for-     once again, and yet it feels like the annual
                                                 ward to some memorable events on cam-          family reunion.
                                                 pus associated with this birthday. Yes, our        So, to the Wallies of 2011, the returning
                                                 frontier school has come a long way, and I     community, and the new members of
                                                 am confident we are going to learn about       Wabash College: Welcome back. It’s
                                                 some of those achievements this year.          gonna be a good year!
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                                                            White To Tackle Campus Needs
         The Bachelor                                                                                                                                                             news        •   PAGE 3
                                                                                                                                                                                         August 23, 2007

                                                           PATRICK SMITH
            301 w. wabash
             Ave. craw-
         fordsville, IN 47933                              WABASH ’08
                      EDITOR IN CHIEF
         Patrick Smith .                    New sports facilities and a
                    MANAGING EDITOR
         Nelson Barre .
                                                           student center, among other con-
                       NEWS EDITOR
                                                           struction projects, will soon
        Rob Fenoglio .                 come to the front of campus dis-
                     OPINIONS EDITOR                       cussion. President of the College
           Josh Harris.                 Patrick E. White will announce
                       SPORTS EDITOR
                    Chuck Summers .
                                                           the beginning of the strategic
                              plan process in the upcoming
                        STUFF EDITOR                       weeks.
                   Patrick McAlister .
                                                              Part of this process will
                                                           include collaborations between
                       PHOTO EDITOR
         Clayton Craig .
                                                           faculty, staff, administrators, and
                    BACHELOR ADVISOR
                                                           students. The formation of com-
                    Howard W. Hewitt                       mittees to explore issues con-
                                                           cerning the plan will mark the
                                                           beginning of the process.
         The purpose of The Bachelor is to serve
         the school audience, including but not
                                                              “The role of students on those
         limited to administrators, faculty and            committees is yet to be deter-
         staff, parents, alumni, community mem-
                                                                                                                                                                                       CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08
         bers and most importantly, the students.
                                                           mined,” White said.
         Because this is a school paper, the con-                                                President of the College Patrick White checks his notes about the strategic plan, as Bachelor Editor-in-Chief
                                                              The major question the strate-
         tent and character within will cater to the
                                                                                                 Patrick Smith ’08 looks on.
                                                           gic plan will answer, according
         student body’s interests, ideas and issues.
         Further, this publication will serve as a
                                                           to Dr. White, is “Who are the
         medium and forum for student opinions             students we need to serve and
         and ideas.
                                                                                                 plan for the College’s physical       how serious and earnest Wabash        ing to define terms, we begin to
                                                           have at Wabash?”
         Although an individual newspaper,
                                                                                                 plant.                                men are,” White said. “It pro-        create a plan,” White said. “How
                                                              The informal discussions
         the Board of Publications publishes                                                        The firm responsible for the       vides a growth of extraordinary       do we move from A to Z?”
         The Bachelor. The Bachelor and
                                                           between students, members of          Allen Athletics Center, Hastings      possibility.”                             As part of the process, Dr. and
         BOP receive funding from the Wabash               the Board of Trustees, faculty,
         College Student Senate, which derives
                                                                                                 & Chivetta, is “involved in mas-         Dr. White credited the high        Mrs. White have also immersed
         its funds from the Wabash College
                                                           and staff that marked White’s         terminding our master plan,”          expectations of Wabash men for        themselves in the Wabash and
         student body.                                     inaugural celebration have            White said.                           their College and the people in       greater Crawfordsville commu-
         Letters (e-mails) to the editor are               marked out some issues for con-
         welcomed and encouraged. They will
                                                                                                    Further masterminding of the       the community with assisting the      nities. Mrs. White has joined the
                                                           sideration in the new strategic
         only be published if they include name,                                                 plan will be largely influenced       broader goals of the strategic        boards of Crawfordsville Main
         phone, or e-mail, and are not longer
                                                           plan, but the particular issues for   by Dr. White’s relationship with      plan. “Because we have those          Street, the Montgomery County
         than 300 words. The Bachelor reserves             the committees have yet to be
         the right to edit letters for content,
                                                                                                 the student body.                     expectations, we can do an awful      Community Foundation, and
                                                           determined. Another part of the
         typographical errors, and length. All                                                      “I am continually taken by         lot,” White said. “That’s why I       Christian Nursing Services.
         letters received become property of
                                                           project will include a master                                               have high hopes for the strategic         Mrs. White has also traveled
         this publication for the purposes of
         reprinting and/or redistribution.
                                                                                                                                       plan.”                                with Dr. White around the
         Profanity may appear in the publication,
                                                                                                                                          Last year’s blur of activity       nation, talking to alumni and
         but only in cases of direct quote or if                                                                                       excited Dr. White, but he men-        their spouses. “We’re grateful
         profanity is necessary to the content of
         the story. Please do not confuse
                                                                                                                                       tioned that he was excited to         for the time that guys will sit and
         profanity with obscenity. No article or                                                                                       begin the “real work” of guiding      talk with us about what they’re
         picture of an obscene nature will                                                                                             the College. “The dream should        all about,” Dr. White said.
         appear in this publication.
                                                                                                                                       begin with the plan,” White said.         Dr. White, too, noted the Col-
         The Bachelor is printed every Wednes-
         day at the Journal Review in Craw-
                                                                                                                                          One issue that has been            lege’s relative security is at the
         fordsville. It is delivered freely to all stu-                                                                                noticed recently, especially with     same time a great asset and a
         dents, faculty, and staff at Wabash Col-                                                                                      the increasing numbers of appli-      great problem to be overcome.
         lege. To receive a year’s subscription,
         send a $30 check (mail) to The Bache-
                                                                                                                                       cations to the College, is enroll-    “One of the difficult things about
         lor.                                                                                                                          ment. Dr. White has made it           Wabash is that we don’t have
         All advertising published in The                                                                                              clear he and the Board of             any clear and present danger,”
         Bachelor is subject to the applicable
         rate card. The Bachelor reserves the
                                                                                                                                       Trustees do not want the College      White said.
         right to deny requests for publication                                                                                        to make any substantial increas-          Still, White does not want to
         of advertisements. Student organizations                                                                                      es in size. That, too, is an issue    slacken the pace of the College,
         of Wabash College may purchase
         advertisements at half the listed rate.
                                                                                                                                       for the strategic plan. “Why do       even if that makes his job harder
         The Bachelor is a member of the
                                                                                                                                       we want to be whatever size we        in the short term. “The easiest
         Hoosier State and Indiana Collegiate                                                                                          want to be at,” White said.           thing to do would be to say,
         Press Associations (HSPA and ICPA).                                                                                              Of course, it will be a process    ‘Hey, let’s coast,’” White said.
                                                                                                          CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08   requiring serious thought and         “Wabash has not become great
         BACHELOR                                          Dr. White discusses the process of making the new strategic plan for        exploration of what Wabash            by taking it easy.”
                                                           the College.                                                                means. “As soon as we start try-
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       PAGE 4

                                                Wabash Campus
                     •   News                                                                                      The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

                                                Under Construction
                                                GARY JAMES                                    Sally Thompson would be the first per-
                                                WABASH ’10
                                                                                              son a customer meets. She would then
                                                                                              navigate the customer to where he or
                                                                                              she needed to go.
                                                   Anyone who has wandered around                 “I came here a year ago,” Chief
                                                the campus recently has probably              Financial Officer Larry Griffith said.
                                                noticed the flurry of construction proj-      “As I made it through the year the one
                                                ects surrounding living units. What may       thing I learned was that it was all about
                                                not have been noticed at first sight is the   doing this well. And part of doing things
                                                extent of construction and maintenance        well was being proud of what you did,
                                                inside and outside other buildings on         that’s a critical piece of the Wabash
                                                campus.                                       man. [He is] proud of fraternity, proud
                                                   Touch-up and add-on projects have          of athletics, proud of clubs and organi-
                                                sprung up everywhere. New coats of            zations, proud of political views. What-
                                                white paint have been applied to the          ever it was, they were proud. When I
                                                outside of Trippet Hall, the outside of       looked around the Business Office, I
                                                Lilly Library, the outside of the Allen       wasn’t very proud of it. I didn’t think it
                                                Center, and the outside and inside of the     was a place the staff could be proud to
                                                Sparks Center. New equipment has been         work either. So that led to the change to
                                                added in the Allen Center. The pave-          become more efficient, useful, cus-
                                                ment behind the chapel has been black-        tomer-friendly, and worker-friendly.”
                                                topped.                                           Another of the more complicated
                                                   A new flat screen Plasma TV and            projects was the construction of the new
                                                new serving equipment has been pur-           Wabash Center at the old Kingery
                                                chased for the Sparks Center. Kane            Building site.
                                                House has a newly surfaced parking lot,           ““It really was a confluence of our
                                                and the north side of Hays Hall has a         need and the damage at Kingery that led
                                                new sidewalk.                                 them to think of a different site [for the
                                                   “An institution like Wabash has con-       Wabash Center],” Wabash Center
                                                stant improvement and renovation              Director Nadine Pence said. “We’re
                                                tasks,” Dean Gary Phillips said. “Drive-      very pleased with the building and the
                                                ways that haven’t been surfaced in 50         space. We’ll be able to use it for class-
                                                years need to be. Side walks need to be       rooms and small meeting rooms and for
                                                re-leveled. When you have buildings           all our teaching and learning resources.”
                                                with constant use you need constant up            The blueprints for the exterior of the
                                                keep.”                                        new Wabash Center are final. The plans
                                                   While many of the items on the list        for the interior will be final in the com-
                                                are fairly simple - like new coats of         ing weeks. The new building will be
                                                paint or new gym equipment – others           3,997 square-feet and Dean Phillips
                                                are more complex.                             assures that environment around the
                                                   The Business Office received a major       Kingery site was taken into considera-
                                                structural adjustment internally and          tion during the planning.
                                                externally over the summer. Internally,           While Mr. Griffith refused to give
                                                the staff and their duties were evaluated     estimates as to how much the summer
                                                to make sure the current functions of the     construction and maintenance cost, he
                                                staff fit the current needs of the office.    did confirm the existence of a Capital
                                                Director of Purchasing Thomas Keedy           Projects Budget. It is an annual budget
                                                was moved to the bookstore and took on        that money gets put into every year for
                                                additional responsibilities as its director   renovations across campus. New con-
                                                as well. Other personnel changes have         struction begins when the fund gains a
                                                occurred in the office.                       sufficient amount for the cost of the exe-
                                                   The change in internal structure was       cution of the new project.
                                                in mind when renovating the business              According to Dr. Pence, part of the
                                                office itself. Instead of a dark, maze of     Wabash Center renovation is being paid
                                                an office space under the stairs, it was      for by insurance money from the storm
                                                transformed into a bright, spacious, con-     damage at Kingery Hall and interest
                                                venient, and inviting administrative          accrued on the $8 million received from
                                                center. The new office space was struc-       Lilly Endowment.
                                                tured so Senior Administrative Assistant
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       The Bachelor                                  PAGE 5
                                                August 23, 2007
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                                                                                               The Age of Innocence
       PAGE 6            •    opinion                                                                                                                                            The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

         The Bachelor’s opinion
                       The voice of Wabash since 1908
                             EDITOR IN CHIEF      STUFF EDITOR     MANAGING EDITOR
                             Patrick Smith     Patrick McAlister    Nelson Barre

                             NEWS EDITOR       OPINION EDITOR       SPORTS EDITOR

                                                                                                                                                                     “But going back to a

                Welcome (Back)
                                                  Josh Harris      Chuck Summers
                                                                                                                                                JOSH HARRIS
                             Rob Fenoglio

                                                                                                                                                                     time before all of the
                                                                                                Reflecting on the past three

                                                                                             years of fond undergraduate

                                                                                                                                                                      worries about social

             to an Important Year
                                                                                             memories, it’s almost incon-
                                                                                             ceivable to think how vastly

                                                                                                                                                                      responsibility, there
                                                                                             different one becomes in such
                                                                                             a short span of a lifetime.

                                                                                                                                                                      was freshman year.”
                                                                                                When freshmen enter,
                                                                                             they’re carrying the prejudices

                                                   The Issue: This is a
                                                                                             and opinions of their previous
           It is a momentous year for                                                        life, with an air of naïveté. But
                                                   monumental year in
       Wabash. The College will cele-                                                        when these students depart,
                                                   Wabash College’s history
                                                                                                                                 is setting like dust on a mantel.
       brate her 175th anniversary at 7                                                      they’re ready (whether they                                             divine is soon to be gone for
                                                                                                                                     The ever-encroaching tran-
                                                                                             know it or not) to go forth into
                                                   Our Stance: Take an
       PM, Wednesday, November 21st,                                                                                             sition into post-collegiate life    many of us. For others, it’s
       2007. While the founders knelt in                                                     the world and make their mark                                           just beginning. But it must be
                                                                                                                                 awaits us, like Phlegyas and
                                                   interest in the history
       the snow in the “primeval forest”                                                     with a newfound confidence                                              relished by the both of us.
                                                                                                                                 his boat ready to traverse the
                                                   and future fate.
       and “dedicated the grounds to the                                                     and purpose. Graduates would                                               Freshmen, remember that
                                                                                                                                 river Styx. On the other side:
       Father, the Son and the Holy                                                          probably say that they take                                             all good things, even the
                                                                                                                                 car payments, rent, bills, and
       Ghost for a Christian College” on                                                     pleasure in life outside the Pla-                                       Roman Empire, must come to
                                                                                                                                 mortgages are primary con-
       November 22nd, 1832, the inau-              This is a momentous year for              tonic cave.                                                             an end. As readers no doubt
                                                                                                                                 cerns. On this side, la joie de
       gural Board of Trustees met for             them, too. . Sophomores and jun-             Joining a fraternity, running                                        recall from The Outsiders, (or
       the first time the day before. The          iors, too, will have their important      for the senate, writing for pub-                                        Frost himself for that matter):
                                                                                                                                     Up until now, “living” was
       College has made its way                    moments. Wabash is a place con-           lications, and studying abroad
                                                                                                                                 a conglomerate of experiences
       through the rough-and-tumble                stantly undergoing celebrations,          were just a number of things                                              “So dawn goes down to day;
                                                                                                                                 in traveling, reading, socializ-
       world of the Indiana frontier to a          public and private, and that is part      marking my collegiate experi-                                             nothing gold can stay.”
                                                                                                                                 ing, and learning. I was com-
       comfortable existence in the                of its greatness.                         ence. These forums became an
                                                                                                                                 pletely (and unabashedly), in a
       Midwest, but Wabash keeps the                   Welcome, then, to this impor-         incubator for critical discus-                                             Neither can youth, coincid-
                                                                                                                                 Fitzgerald-Jazz-Age way, care-
       ideal of intellectual and moral             tant year. The Bachelor staff wish-       sion between exigent contem-                                            ing with freshman year.
       improvement held high.                      es you the best of luck in all your       poraries. They were miniature                                           Responsibilities become more
                                                                                                                                     As a freshman, the senior
           This newspaper, too, will be            endeavors, and a successful year.         shark tanks, cultivating our                                            weighted and the relationships
                                                                                                                                 year and the angst that come
       celebrating an anniversary of some          If this is your freshman year, wel-       young minds for battle with the                                         in life become more complicat-
                                                                                                                                 with that seniority was decades
       importance soon. The first issue of         come to the College. Your four            outside world of ideas.                                                 ed each passing year.
                                                                                                                                 away. Like O’Hara, to think of
       the first volume of the Bachelor            years here will fly by, and at the           We had to learn to hold our                                             Take pleasure in the present.
                                                                                                                                 it then, I would go crazy, so I’d
       was published on April 9th, 1908.           end of it, you will be swamped            own against divergent ideolo-                                           Find a slightly imperfect bal-
                                                                                                                                 think about it tomorrow.
       It sprang out of the Press Club, an         with memories and confused as to          gies. These spheres were also                                           ance between being carefree
                                                                                                                                     Now, ‘tomorrow’ is here.
       organization for upperclassmen              where all that time went.                 experiences that taught values                                          and your studies. Do some-
                                                                                                                                 Graduation is ten months
       with good work in their English                 It is neither the practice nor the    for a society that one day                                              thing extraordinary in your
                                                                                                                                 away. Eight credits away.
       classes, all expressing a profes-           usual place of the Bachelor staff to      would come knocking at my                                               time here. Make friends for
                                                                                                                                 One comprehensive exam
       sional interest in “newspaper or lit-       offer advice, but this is a special       door and ask for my contribu-                                           life. Run for an office. Write.
                                                                                                                                 away. It is such a little amount
       erary work.” The Bachelor has               issue at a special time. Take time to     tion. I needed to have some-                                            Read things other than
                                                                                                                                 of time to savor the loves of
       changed, now open to students of            learn about Wabash, her traditions,       thing to give back, something                                           required text. Find a faculty or
                                                                                                                                 Wabash. I still have so much I
       all courses of study and of any             her ideals, and her special mission       to bring to the table.                                                  staff mentor. Find a philo-
                                                                                                                                 want to do before I leave.
       future plans, but the goal to fairly        for young men. Immerse yourself              But going back to a time                                             sophical or literary mentor.
                                                                                                                                 There are still classes I want to
       and accurately report the news of           in her history. It might not always       before all of the worries about                                         Travel. Be sociable. Learn a
                                                                                                                                 take; people I want to dine
       the College has not changed.                be exciting, but she will repay you       social responsibility, there was                                        foreign language.       Splurge
                                                                                                                                 with; plays I want to audition
           By the numbers, with the Col-           with a sense of devotion and loyal-       freshman year.                                                          every once in awhile. And
       lege and the newspaper of her               ty that will motivate you to be a            There was so much going                                              finally: bend, don’t break, the
                                                                                                                                     People often criticize those
       loyal sons celebrating major                better student, a better Wabash           on. The first introductions                                             rules.
                                                                                                                                 who romanticize their colle-
       anniversaries, it is indeed a               man, and a better person. Find out        with soon-to-be best friends.                                              And maybe one of you read-
                                                                                                                                 giate years. But when else in
       momentous year for Wabash.                  what Wabash means to you, for             The unfamiliarity with the                                              ing this, in three years from
                                                                                                                                 one’s existence are they grant-
       Then again, it is always a momen-           that is the sine qua non of life here.    campus.       The exploratory                                           now, will sit in the Bachelor
                                                                                                                                 ed the allowances that they are
       tous year for Wabash. There                     It is fitting to close with a quote   interest in the unknown. The                                            office and think back on your
                                                                                                                                 in college? This is especially
       always have been freshmen,                  from Dean Benjamin Rogge, “If             upperclassmen. The nervous-                                             own experiences here at
                                                                                                                                 true freshman year.
       except for a brief time in 1899, and        the fate of this college is not           ness. The dorm room. The                                                Wabash and realize, after all,
                                                                                                                                     At no other point in life are
       there always will be young men              important to you, to whom then is         bell of Caleb Mills. The mov-                                           how true this article was.
                                                                                                                                 men able to sit and discuss phi-
       starting their careers at Wabash.           it important?”                            ing and unpacking. The good-                                               Maybe you’ll think of your
                                                                                                                                 losophy, love, poetry, and reli-
           There have always been sen-                 That question was asked of the        byes to an old life. The ‘hel-                                          happier times, your regrets, or
                                                                                                                                 gion until the wee hours of the
       iors, men whose thoughts are turn-          men of the Class of 1963, but it should   los’ to a new.                                                          missed opportunities.       But
                                                                                                                                 morning, living on coffee,
       ing toward “life after Wabash,”             be asked of each and every Wabash            My innocence has been lost                                           don’t worry about that now.
                                                                                                                                 Ramen, and take-out pizza.
       preparing for their comprehensive           man. Use this year, and those to come,    in the last three years of col-                                            Think about it tomorrow.
                                                                                                                                     This age that has been so
       examinations and to be graduated.           to answer it.                             lege. Now the age of nostalgia
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                                                                                             Freshmen: Care About Wabash
                                                                                                                                                                         opinion             PAGE 7

       Cultural Misunderstandings
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                                                      •
                                                                                                                                                                                    August 23, 2007

            of an East Coaster                                                               For several of these columns, I
                                                                                                                                                  PATRICK SMITH           “I have only one bit
                                                                                                                                                  EDITOR-                      of advice for
                                                                                         have pretty much regurgitated the

                                                                                                                                                                            the new freshmen:
                                                fun at all, standing out in the freez-   advice offered by the now-gradu-

       WABASH ‘09
                                                ing cold.                                ated Sean Gallagher in the Bache-

                                                                                                                                                                           care about Wabash.
                                                    But I realized how much more         lor of my own Honor Scholarship
                                                efficient and time saving it is to       Weekend. I have, of course, attrib-

                                                                                                                                                                          Don’t be weird about
           As I head out to study abroad in     pump your own instead of waiting         uted it properly because, well,

                                                                                                                                                                                it, though.”
       Germany this semester, I would           around for one attendant to serve 8      Wabash always cites, as they say.
       like to stress one bit of guidance to    different cars at once.                  This year, since I now have “other
       the incoming freshmen whom I                 Cornhole? This was a com-            things” on my mind, I have decid-
       have yet to meet: apply for study        plete foreign/alien concept to me        ed to take a different approach.
                                                (and I still don’t see what’s so             First of all, read Mr. Gal-         feats of recreational intoxication.”
                                                great about it).                         lagher’s advice. It is available in     It doesn’t matter, because that’s
           As I write this article, I already
                                                    Even now, when I try to explain      the archived-issue section of the       when history happens. Seniors tell      deeds unnoticed and unpunished:
       know what a life-changing event
                                                to my friends back East, what the        Bachelor’s very own website, in         freshmen of people they knew            it will be a call to behave in a
       living and studying in a complete-
                                                game is, they just hear “cornhole”       the March 18, 2004, issue. He           when they themselves were fresh-        manner that befits someone in a
       ly different culture has on one’s
                                                and think silly, dirty, sophomoric       offered that column to then-high        men, and the story gets passed on       long and proud line. You might
       life; I’ve been doing it now for two
                                                thoughts about what exactly mid-         school students. It’s still pretty      to a new generation.                    not be destined for election to Phi
                                                westerns do for entertainment “out       cogent, even for upperclassmen              Granted, more beer was con-         Beta Kappa or a Rhodes Scholar-
           When I tell most people my
                                                there.”                                  that still haven’t gotten the mes-      sumed, more outlandish feats            ship to Oxford, but that connec-
       humble roots come from Northern
                                                    The Indianapolis 500: Appar-         sage. That’s probably pretty hard       attempted, and a greater stir was       tion will make you strive harder
       New Jersey, images of trash yards,
                                                ently it’s not a NASCAR race. I,         to believe, but there are still some    made each time the stories are told,    in the classroom to earn the
       highways, and Tony Soprano flash
                                                                                         fellows who aren’t on the pro-          but that’s what it’s about, too. It’s   respect, in theory, of the men who
       into their heads. Hoosiers and           nor anyone back in New Jersey
                                                                                         gram, though they’ve been here          the students’ way of making their       came before you. The same goes
       New Jerseyians have very distort-        whom I have talked to since I’ve
                                                                                         for a while. Enough about that,         own pantheon. Most of us aren’t         for every endeavor here.
       ed views of each other, and right-       found out myself, knew that.
                                                                                         though. You’re paying for Patrick       delusional, so we know that most
       fully so.                                    Jaywalking: Is taken seriously                                                                                           I have heard, many times, that
                                                                                         Smith’s thoughts, and those             of us aren’t cut out to be men-         Wabash is like a big fraternity.
           When people ask me (and              out here. As a freshman, I vividly       thoughts you shall receive.             tioned in the same breath as Caleb      Often, I hear this, and you will
       they quite often do) why I went          remember exploring downtown                  Wait. What? You’re not pay-         Mills, Elihu Baldwin, Edmund O.         too: “We’re Wabash men, first and
       to an all male school in the mid-        Indianapolis with my future              ing? The Bachelor is free you           Hovey, Frank Sparks, or Byron           foremost, regardless of where we
       dle of Indiana (where?), my              pledge brothers, as they walked to       say? Well, you’re now three para-       Trippet. So, we write our own his-      live.” I generally smile and agree,
       response is simple, “I wanted to         the end of the street to cross, which    graphs in, so good luck getting         tory – written in something some-       either because I’m too tired, too
       experience a completely new cul-         I thought was a complete waste of        out now. Dastardly trickery and         what less firm than the marble in
       ture, live among them and learn          time, I decided to cross right then                                                                                      unmotivated, or too far-gone to
                                                                                         skullduggery? Perhaps, but it’s         which those names are engraved.         register my dissent. My reason for
       their ways.”                             and there. Only when my friend           still my column.                            Care about that history. You
           Only when I set out on my own        finally got across the street, did he                                                                                    disagreeing is this: there is no way
                                                                                             Returning to the business at        shouldn’t know it by heart, like        to connect on that level unless you
       personal journey west at the begin-      yell, “I don’t know how they do it       hand, I have only one bit of            you should know “Old Wabash”
       ning of my freshmen year would I         in New Jersey, but we don’t jay-                                                                                         have connected on a deeper level
                                                                                         advice for the new freshmen: care       by heart, but you should have           with Wabash and what she does
       realize just how far my cultural         walk out here!”                          about Wabash. Don’t be weird            parts of it somewhere in the deep
       learnings and misunderstandings              Politics: I considered myself a                                                                                      for you. Coming to Wabash
                                                                                         about it, though. Learn the history     recesses of the brain.                  imparts no special ontological
       would go.                                fairly politically conservative guy      of your College. Talk to people             Now that I have gone off on a
           Here are only a few of the           until I came to Indiana and learned                                                                                      character. Coming to Wabash and
                                                                                         who know. For example, Lafol-           longwinded disquisition on the          believing in this place, on the
       major things I’ve learned/experi-        what being conservative meant to         lette Distinguished Professor in        history of the place, both the sort
       enced which fascinates me as to          them. Coming from New Jersey, I                                                                                          other hand, does do that. You will
                                                                                         the Humanities William C. Plach-        that gets written down and the sort     be educated, in academic, person-
       how different the two cultures           would always be that tree hugging,       er’s 1970 Commencement                  that is – for lack of a better phrase
       are:                                     fuel-efficient Swedish car driving,                                                                                      al, and moral senses.
                                                                                         address is part of the history of the   – kept to the students, it might be         So, I say this as my advice to
           Marriage: So many Hoosiers           and civil right tottering liberal.       College. We are lucky enough to         helpful to tell you why it’s valu-
       get married right after college!             Guns & Trucks: Wow,                                                                                                  the freshmen: care about Wabash.
                                                                                         have Dr. Placher with us; lucky to      able. Looking at the grand old          Everything that matters is predi-
       This was a complete shock to             Hoosiers really love their guns and      have someone who made history           men of the College, some of
       me, in New Jersey the youngest           trucks. And I thought that was just                                                                                      cated on that simple and difficult
                                                                                         at Wabash still at Wabash.              whom are still around, and the          idea. I’m not saying that other
       marriages I’ve ever heard about          a joke.                                      While Dr. Placher’s contribu-       students who have made their
       took place around 26-28. People              I’m trying to stress to under-                                                                                       things don’t matter, but the con-
                                                                                         tion to the history of his – our –      marks, you will feel a connection       nection with the particular and
       out East like to have a “fun run”        classmen, that if I’ve learned this      College is important, almost every-     with the life of this special place.
       of 4-6 years before they get tied        much just being two states over,                                                                                         glorious mission of the College,
                                                                                         one associated with Wabash makes        You will have a deeper sense of         the education that your Alma
       down by “the one ring to rule            just imagine how much you can            some mark on the place. We’re           the mission of this place: to edu-
       them all,” even if they know             learn being an ocean, or continent                                                                                       Mater wants to give you, and
                                                                                         slyer than many other places –          cate, in the highest and noblest        your development not only as a
       they’ve met their future spouse          away! I will guarantee you that          much our history is a history avail-    sense of that word, young men.
       in college.                              you will truly know what it means                                                                                        Wabash man, but also as a man
                                                                                         able only to the “initiated.” There         That connection will serve you      requires that much.
           Pumping Your Gas: Believe it         to be well-rounded and see what          are books, but the bulk of it is        well. It will inspire you, all things
       or not, it’s illegal for a motorist to   the world is like in other people’s                                                                                          Care about Wabash: only then
                                                                                         passed down and around in late-         considered, to live up to the stan-     does that admissions slogan mean
       pump their own gas in New Jersey.        shoes. The old saying, “I took the       night conversations once called         dards they have set down for you.
       A gas attendant has to do it for         road less traveled, and that has                                                                                         a thing, only then will you under-
                                                                                         “bull sessions.” I tend to call them    The Gentleman’s Rule will be            stand that it really won’t be easy,
       you. The idea of pumping my own          made all the difference” is most         “the sentimental part of prodigious     more than an absolution for mis-
       gas while at school didn’t seem          certainly true.                                                                                                          but it really will be worth it.
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       Portillo to Spread Tolerance and Culture
       PAGE 8         •   Stuff                                                                                                                                           The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       G A RY J A ME S                                                                                                   with a focus on the Early Mod-      Advanced Spanish for six
       WABASH ‘10
                                                                                                                         ern Literature and Cognitive        years. She has also contributed
                                                                                                                         Psychology.                         to Épocas y avances, an inter-
                                                                                                                             “By going back to the Gold-     mediate-to-advanced          level
          Associate Professor of Span-                                                                                   en and Middle ages, I encoun-       textbook published by Yale
       ish Isabel Jaen-Portillo thrives                                                                                  tered fascinating disciplines       University Press. It was
       on the dynamism of language,                                                                                      like comparative literature,”       released in January 2007 and
       culture, history, and literature.                                                                                 Portillo said. “It was fascinat-    will be used at Wabash.
          Dr. Portillo is the newest                                                                                     ing being able to compare the           Dr. Portillo heard of an open
       tenure-track professor in the                                                                                     [United] States with Spain or       position at Wabash through the
       Foreign Language Department.                                                                                      Germany and South America.          Modern Languages Associa-
       She is fascinated by the history                                                                                  There are so many connec-           tion. The more she learned, the
       of different languages and cul-                                                                                   tions.”                             more she liked.
       tures. As she learned more                                                                                            Portillo developed an inter-        “I was looking for a tenure
       about the Spanish Enlighten-                                                                                      est in cognitive literary theory,   track job in the Midwest,” Por-
       ment and philosophy in col-                                                                                       an attempt to explain how liter-    tillo said. “While researching
       lege, Dr. Portillo developed                                                                                      ature is processed in the mind.     [Wabash], I realized how much
       great respect for the values of                                                                                   The goal is to understand how       its nature and philosophy
       tolerance and learning about                                                                                      the brain follows literature,       reminded me of the ‘Residen-
       other cultures. She plans to                                                                                      character interactions, and         cia de Estudiantes’ at Madrid.
       share those values with her                                                                                       intentions. While she concedes      “Wabash stressed individual-
       Wabash students.                                                                                                  the findings are in their infan-    ized learning and teacher-stu-
          Dr. Portillo grew up in                                                                                        cy, Portillo believes the ques-     dent interaction, so I thought
       Madrid, Spain, in the aftermath                                                                                   tions raised in the field are       that it would be a good fit.”
       of fascism and in the heart of a                                                     CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08   valid. The extent of the                Dr. Portillo plans to make
       democratic awakening. She             Professor Portillo poses after her “Ides o f August” presentation.          research involves technology        her classes interdisciplinary as
       attended the University of                                                                                        such as brain scanning to           well – to mix history, culture,
       Madrid and became interested          begin her doctorate studies in        ues of the ‘Institución Libre de      examine the parts of the brain      and language to make her
       in the history and culture of the     Spanish Philology at the Uni-         Enseñanza’ (Institute of Free         that are working as a person        classes as contextual as possi-
       Spanish Enlightenment, with           versidad Complutense, where           Teaching). It’s the type of place     reads literature.                   ble.
       figures such as Jovellanos,           she focused on Contemporary           where you go to study things              “One fascinating thing is           “I really want to pass the
       Moratín, and Goya. She decid-         Poetry and Film.                      that would make you a com-            how people actually process         values of critical thinking, cre-
       ed to focus on philology, the            “History is fascinating for        plete person – academics but          literature,” Portillo said. “ I     ativity, tolerance, learning
       study of the history and culture      me, especially in the 1920s and       also values like tolerance, criti-    really want to know what liter-     about other cultures and
       associated with different lan-        1930s,” Portillo said. “The           cal thinking, and being inter-        ature is about. Why are we so       respecting others’ opinions on
       guages. She received her B.A.         major cultural figures [of that       disciplinary. This is the institu-    interested in stories? Why are      to my students,” she said.
       in English Philology in 1993.         time] were writer Federico            tion of which Wabash reminds          we teaching literature in the           She will be teaching two
          Dr. Portillo spent the next        Garcia Lorca, filmmaker Luis          me so much.”                          21st century? And why are peo-      sections of Intermediate Span-
       year in London on a one-year          Buñuel, and painter Salvador             Dr. Portillo moved to the          ple so interested in reading        ish (SPA-201), the correspon-
       exchange as a Language Teach-         Dalí, among others. They stud-        United States in 1996. She            about it?”                          ding tutorials, and a special
       ing Assistant. She felt very          ied together in the ‘Residencia       enrolled at Purdue University,            Portillo comes to Wabash        topics course on Masterpieces
       comfortable in England but            de Estudiantes,’ which was            where she started her second          from Yale University, where         of the Spanish Golden Age
       returned to Madrid in 1994 to         created in the context and val-       Ph.D in Spanish Philology,            she taught Intermediate and         (SPA-447) this fall.
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       Vasquez Has Unique Perspective on Military
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                         Stuff        •   PAGE 9
                                                                                                                                                                    August 23, 2007

       GARY JAMES                         lotte, who was attending near-     Falkland, and Australia’s
       WABASH ‘10
                                          by Wesleyan College.               involvement in WWI and in
                                             He joined the military in       Vietnam.
                                          1991, and served as a Special-        Mr. Vasquez found democ-
          Everyone has an opinion         ist in the U.S. Army for the       racies with conscript militaries
       about war and peace, but how       next four years. His duties        tended to be more cautious in
       many of those opinions are         took him all over the US and       the way they waged war than
       informed through both person-      the world, from Colorado to        democracies with volunteer
       al military service and an aca-    Key West to South Korea. He        forces.
       demic background in Interna-       had a range of duties, noting         “Conscription makes part of
       tional Relations? Associate        there could be days when he        the population that probably
       Professor of Political Science     would mop floors in the morn-      wouldn’t be affected otherwise
       Paul Vasquez has lived both        ing and brief generals in the      more politically active,”
       experiences.                       afternoon.                         Vasquez said. “And it can
          Mr. Vasquez is the newest          Mr. Vasquez left the Army       make those who think the war
       tenure-track faculty member in     and enrolled at Ohio State         is going poorly already even
       the Political Science Depart-      University in 1995. He             more agitated.”
       ment. He comes to Wabash           received his M.A. in Political        Mr. Vasquez’s military serv-
       from Notre Dame and brings         Science in 1997. He is current-    ice and academic background
       to Wabash unique insight into      ly a Ph.D Candidate at the         give him a unique perspective
       the workings of foreign policy.    University of Notre Dame and       on the role of military power
          Mr. Vasquez grew up in          expects to defend his disserta-    as well.
       Brunswick, Georgia, a colonial     tion, Politics by Ordinary            “I think it has a big role to
       town founded in the late-          Means: Democracy, the Social       play,” Vasquez said. “It gives
       1700s. Not far away is an          Composition of Militaries and      me a more balanced view of                                                          CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08
       island that served as the south-   International Conflict, later in   the military. I think it’s easy to   Professor Vazquez pictured in his office next to his childhood inspiration
       ern-most military location for     the year.                          become overly critical or over-      - toy soldiers.
       the British during the Revolu-        Mr. Vasquez’s interest in the   ly engaged in hero worship
       tionary War. The international     military as a social unit led      without serving in the military.     month he’s been on campus, he         quality     above     quantity.
       relations professor understood     him to examine how democra-        The military is a complex            has been pleased by what he           Wabash provides the environ-
       military history as a young        cies with draft policies and       institution and can cause a lot      has observed.                         ment for quality work. I think
       boy. He fascinated with toy        democracies with volunteer         of good and a lot of bad. I             “The biggest similarity so         Wabash is one of the best kept
       soldiers. He was also aware of     forces differ in they way they     don’t tend to think of myself        far between Wabash and Notre          secrets in college education.
       the ever-present news cover-       wage war.                          as a hawk or a dove but as an        Dame is that they attract really         Professor Vasquez will be
       age of the Iranian Hostage Cri-       He looked at statistics cov-    owl. There may be reasons that       good people,” Vasquez said.           teaching American Foreign
       sis.                               ering all militarized disputes     military action or diplomacy         “I’ve enjoyed the faculty so          Policy (PSC-346) and a special
          Professor Vasquez received      between 1950 and 1985 as           may not be the right                 far, and I’m looking forward to       topics course in International
       his B.A. in Political Science      well as World Wars I & II.         approach.”                           interacting with the students.        Relations, Guerrillas in their
       and History in 1990 from Mer-      Case-studies included Ameri-          While at Notre Dame, Mr.          If a bigger school is a mass          Midst: Insurgency, Revolution,
       cer University in Macon, GA,       ca’s conflict in Vietnam,          Vasquez was introduced to            production        arrangement,        and Rebellion (PSC-374) in
       where he met his wife Char-        British conflicts in Korea and     Wabash by a colleague. In the        Wabash is a craft shop. It’s          the fall.
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       Gunther Merges Interests into Career
       PAGE 10            •   Stuff                                                                                                                                         The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       GARY JAMES                              roll College in Waukesha, Wis-       that emphasized faculty doing
       WABASH ‘10
                                               consin. She has taught Sensa-        research. During my interview I
                                               tion and Perception, The Cogni-      met with a few students. I
                                               tive Neuroscience of Music,          asked them about their
          Associate Professor of Psy-          Introductory Psychology, and         research, and they not only
       chology Karen Gunther wears             Sensory Neuroscience.                responded articulately, but they
       many hats. She is a psycholo-              Dr. Gunther received her          also asked each other questions
       gist, a quilter, a scientist, and a     B.A. in Biopsychology in 1992        about each other’s research. I
       musician.                               from Oberlin College, where          liked that they weren’t just
          She grew up in Palo Alto,            she was in the same class as         answering the professor’s ques-
       California, wanting to be an            Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian         tions, but seemed intellectually
       artist. As she grew older, she          Fenty. From there, she spent         curious.”
       wanted to be a scientist. So            three years with Abbott Labora-         Dr. Gunther hopes to help
       when the time came to choose            tories, a pharmaceutical and         her students embrace the appli-
       what she wanted to do with her          healthcare company in Chica-         cability of science in their field
       life, Gunther fused her interests       go, where she focused on bio-        as well.
       in imagery, sound, and science          chemical and behavioral studies         “A lot of psychology stu-
       into a career in Psychology.            as a Research Assistant. Dr.         dents end up [as psychology
          Dr. Gunther’s interests in           Gunther received her Master’s        majors] because they don’t like
       imagery and science were put to         in Music Perception in 1997          science,” Gunther said. “My
       good use in both her graduate           and in her PhD in Interdiscipli-     field is on the bridge of biology,
       and post-graduate studies in            nary Cognitive Science in 2002,      so hopefully I can show stu-
       color vision. The field has pro-        both from the University of          dents that there is something
       gressed to the point where              California in San Diego. She         interesting and fun on this end
                                                                                                                                                                       CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08
       genes can be sequenced to               then left California to do Post-     of psychology. Helping people
                                                                                                                         Professor Gunther stands in front of a lake in Cape Cod, Mass.
       observe how genetics affects            Doctoral Research at the Med-        is one part of the field of psy-
       the way people see colors.              ical College of Wisconsin at         chology, but there is a huge por-
          “In the red cone photo pig-          Milwaukee, where she learned         tion that is working to under-       more of an emerald. In Califor-      in 1982, and has been on tour to
       ment where half the population          about Molecular Genetic and          stand the normal functioning         nia, it’s more grey and brown. I     Australia with a youth orchestra
       has one gene and half has the           Psychophysical Study of Color        brain.”                              like the country-side too, how       in 1988. She does not play cur-
       other, we can see the different         Vision.                                 Before going to Oberlin, the      peaceful it is when you’re driv-     rently, but she still owns her
       ways color is perceived behav-             Dr. Gunther heard about a         extent of Dr. Gunther’s experi-      ing.”                                violin and hopes to get back
       iorally,” Gunther said. “The            position at Wabash through an        ence in the Midwest had been             Dr. Gunther lives with her       into it someday. In her past
       behavior would be how sensi-            ad sent to her by a colleague at     connecting flights at airports on    two cats Hippocampus and             time, she likes to quilt, bike,
       tive you are to sensing different       St. Mary’s College.                  her way to visit relatives. But      Amygdale, both named for             and read nonfiction science, fic-
       reds.”                                     “I wanted to work at a liber-     having gone to school in Ohio,       parts of the brain.                  tion, and mystery.
          Although Wabash is her first         al arts college,” Gunther said.      worked in Illinois and Wiscon-           “I think I get more respect at      Dr. Gunter will be teaching
       tenure-track teaching position,         “I like smaller classes and inter-   sin, and now teaching in Indi-       the veterinarian’s because of        Intro to Psychology (PSY -101)
       Dr. Gunther has more than ten           acting with students. Psycholo-      ana, she has become accus-           it,” she said.                       and Sensation and Perception
       years teaching experience prior         gy classes at the University of      tomed to her new home.                   Dr. Gunther played the violin    (PSY -232) this fall. She hopes
       to Wabash, including positions          California at San Diego were            “I keep coming back here          for 20 years. She went a Suzuki      to teach Cognitive Neuro-
       at St. Mary’s College of Mary-          200-300 students. I also wanted      and parts of it I like,” Gunther     workshop in Matsumoto, Japan         science of Music in the spring.
       land, Oberlin College, and Car-         an upper-tier liberal arts college   said. “I like the green here. It’s
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         Elizabeth Morton’s Long Journey to Wabash
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                           Stuff       •   PAGE 11
                                                                                                                                                                       August 23, 2007

       GARY JAMES                            received her B.A. in Art History
       WABASH ‘10
                                             in 1992 and has not lived in
                                             Indiana since.
                                                The intervening years have
          Associate Professor of Art         taken her to Georgia, Colorado,
       History Elizabeth Morton has          Zimbabwe, Botswana, and
       come home.                            Switzerland.
          Dr. Morton is the newest              Through local connections at
       member of the Art Department.         IU, Dr. Morton got a job under
       With more than a decade of            contract with the Swedish gov-
       traveling within the United           ernment as Art Historian and
       States and abroad, she is enthu-      Curator for the National Muse-
       siastic about returning to the        um and Art Gallery of
       Midwest and her home state.           Botswana, Africa.
          Dr. Morton was born in                “It was a life-changing expe-
       Cincinnati but grew up in             rience,” Morton said of her four-
       Columbus, Indiana. She began          year occupation. “And modern
       her undergraduate work in 1985        African art became my passion.
       at Indiana University. She was a      Botswana has a unique political
       Pre-Med major. Three years into       history. It was never a colony
       the program, she decided to take      and it has embassies from all                                                                                           CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08
       time off to travel the world.         over the world.”                    Professor Elizabeth Morton shows off some of the art she has obtained from her travels in Africa.
          She went to England for a             Dr. Morton explored that pas-
       year through a program for            sion even more by enrolling at      back 80 kilograms of white corn      her husband Barry. She received       eager to be closer to my family
       American college students             the University of Botswana in       mill so they could keep eating.      her Ph.D in Art History in 2003.      in Indiana. I knew of Wabash’s
       called “Go Britain.” She worked       1994 to study the history of art       “Eighty kilograms was the            For the past four years, Dr.       excellent academic reputation
       as a receptionist at a London         related to South African Exiles     limit,” Morton said. “Getting        Morton has been Assistant Pro-        and when I came to campus, I
       hair salon and loved Europe so        in Botswana. She received her       through the border was such a        fessor of Art at the University of    was impressed by the faculty,
       much that she took a job as an        Master’s in History in 1997. She    pain. They took all the money I      West Georgia in Carrolton. She        the facilities, the research sup-
       au pair in Fontainebleau,             returned to the states the same     had on me. I literally fell and      has taught more than a dozen          port, but most of all by the
       France.                               year to begin another Master’s      cried because I knew they were       courses, including History of         enthusiasm of the students. My
          “I really knew that I was at       program at Emory University in      going to live on that for the next   World Art, Nineteenth Century         decision was clear, and I am
       this crossroads,” Morton said. “I     Atlanta.                            two months.”                         Art, and Greek and Roman Art.         thrilled to be here.’
       had to follow the path that I was        Dr. Morton’s studies took her       “I think that anytime you         She was also Director of the col-        Dr. Morton lives in Craw-
       most passionate about. I (like        back to Africa. During the sum-     move completely outside of           lege’s Summer Study Abroad            fordsville with son Sam, 5,
       many college students) had been       mer of 1998, in Zimbabwe, she       your familiar cultural environ-      Program.                              daughter Sarah, 2, and husband
       pressured by my family to be a        went to artists’ studios and        ment, you learn that many               She heard of an opening at         Barry, who is Varsity Tennis
       doctor, but my heart just wasn’t      homes, to archives, to galleries    things you thought were univer-      Wabash through the College Art        Coach at Crawfordsville High
       in it.”                               and museums and to two              sal behaviors and beliefs simply     Association.                          School. She will be teaching
          She returned to IU in 1990         famous mission stations.”           aren’t.                                 “I interviewed at several          Twentieth Century Art (ART-
       and fell in love with Art History        She also made friends in the        Dr. Morton finished her mas-      larger Universities in Colorado       209), Art Theory and Criticism
       after taking a survey course as a     country that is still suffering     ter’s program at Emory in 1999       and Virginia, mainly for specifi-     (ART-311), Post Modern Art &
       general      requirement.     She     political and economic turmoil.     and moved to Lakewood, Col-          cally African art history posi-       Culture (ART-312), and Cul-
                                             They asked her to bring them        orado in 2000, where married         tions,” Morton said. “But I was       tures and Traditions in the fall.
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       Burton Explores Life Along With Evo-Devo
       PAGE 12           •   Stuff                                                                                                                                          The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       GARY JAMES                             Development, or Evo-devo, the        re-grow their heads if it is cut
       WABASH ‘10
                                              study of how processes of devel-     off, even though they can grow a
                                              opment – like from an egg to an      head from the middle of their
                                              adult – have evolved over time.      bodies [in reproduction].”
           Dr. Patrick Burton knows life          “The field has received pub-         Dr. Burton would like to
       is complicated, but that doesn’t       licity from the finding that all     secure grant funding to continue
       stop him from studying its com-        animals essentially have the         his research with students at
       plexities.                             same genes that do the same          Wabash.
           The new Associate Professor        things,” Burton said. “There is a        He also hopes to put together
       of Biology is interested in how        gene called OTX and in every         a freshmen tutorial course about
       life has changed over time. That       animal that has eyes, this gene is   the perceived conflict between
       interest prompted him to dive          expressed there. This includes       evolution and religion. “I have a
       into the subject of evolution. He      mice, flies, worms, and jelly-       traditional Episcopalian back-
       has been published seven times         fish. It’s the same. We didn’t       ground,” he said. “Then I got
       on the subject and is an award-        expect that. If we want to under-    into biology in college. I think
       winning collector of first-edi-        stand why life is what it is today   the conflict that’s in the media is
       tion books on evolution.               [and] why animals and plants         the result of misunderstandings
           Dr. Burton grew up in Lock-        look the way they do, we have        by people of faith and people of
       port, New York, near Buffalo.          to know how things have              science. Those two are not
       When younger, he visited muse-         changed over time.”                  incompatible. I’d like to explore
       ums all over the Mid-Atlantic              Dr. Burton begins his first      it.”
       and discovered Earth’s variety         full professorship at Wabash,            Dr.Burton’s interest in evolu-
       of life.                               but he taught at Boston Univer-      tion prompted him to start col-
           “It’s not just plants and ani-     sity while working toward his        lecting and reading first-edition
       mals but people as well,” Burton       Ph.D. After BU, he conducted         books about the subject in grad-
       said. “We all look different.          post-doctrinal research at the       uate school. His collection
       Where does that diversity of life      University of Maryland that          includes works by Charles Dar-
       come from? That’s what I want          focused on examining the             win, Alfred Wallace (co-founder
                                                                                                                                                                       CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘08

                                                                                                                         Professor Patrick Burton showcases his love for wine-tasting.
       to know.”                              molecular basis of regeneration      of the theory of evolution),
           He attended Williams Col-          in asexual reproduction. He          Ernst Haeckel, Ernst Meyr,
       lege, a small liberal arts school      worked on a group of annelids        Theodosius Dobzhansky, and
       in Williamstown, Massachu-             (segmented worms) that were all      Ronald Fisher. He received the        time. Since arriving in July, he     tions of high caliber faculty and
       setts. He majored in Biology as        closely related.                     Emerging Collector Award in           has observed some similarities       students. As far as being all
       an undergraduate student and                “If you have the whole          2003 at the Blackmon Book             to his own alma mater.               male, I have little to say. That
       received his Ph.D from Boston          worm, a new head will form in        Collection Contest at Boston             “Wabash reminds me of my          the college holds on to a tradi-
       University, where he met his           the middle of the worm,” Burton      University for his compilation.       own undergraduate experience,”       tion that has helped define it is,
       wife, Ellen. She has a Master’s        said, describing the reproduc-           “Unfortunately, a copy of         said Burton. “Williams College       however, commendable.”
       Degree in Public Health and            tion process of the worms. “So       Origin of Species costs about         is another highly-ranked small          Dr. Burton will be teaching
       wants to improve health care           it’s like two worms are stuck        $100,000,” Burton said. “So I         liberal arts college in a small      Genetics (BIO-211), the corre-
       services for the elderly and dis-      together then they split in half.    don’t have it yet.”                   town. But it was coming here to      sponding lab (BIO-211L), and a
       advantaged.                            Many of them, if you cut them            Coming from a liberal arts        interview and meeting students       section of senior seminar enti-
           Dr. Burton’s focus in biology      in half, will regenerate the miss-   background, Dr. Burton has            that drew me here. Thus far          tled Origin of Metazoan Body-
       has been the Evolution of              ing half as well. Yet they can’t     known of Wabash for some              Wabash has met my expecta-           plans (BIO-401) this fall.
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                           Wabash’s Nine Visiting Faculty
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                      stuff        •   PAGE 13
                                                                                                                                                                     August23, 2007

       RABIN PAUDEL                        much knowledge as they can.             Talking about the all-male        passive learning) are extremely    in the liberal arts educational
       WABASH 10
                                           The opposite is also true, busi-    liberal arts aspect of the college,   vital, no matter what major you    tradition. Wabash College is a
                                           nessmen, lawyers, doctors and       he said, “Wabash College is           choose or career you follow.”      wonderful campus and the fact
                                           others will be greatly enriched     unique in that it is a single sex        Dr. Byun is already             that it is an all-male institution is
                                           and more humane by having           institution. In my own research,      impressed by the level of dedi-    truly unique.”
                     James Phillips,       studied great art and artists.”     I am influenced by the social         cation, passion, and enthusiasm
                        Theater                                                aspects of my environment. It         the students have for both the                          Christie
                                                                               is inevitable that these new sur-     traditions and classroom learn-                          Byun,
                                                               Joseph          roundings at Wabash will              ing at Wabash.
                                                               Gower,          impact my artwork; we will just
                                                                 Art           have to wait and see.”                                  Tracey
          Education: BA, Morehead                                                                                                     Salisbury,
       State University; MA, Theatre                                                                                                                      Education: BA, Carleton
                                                                                                   Christie                            History
                                                                                                                                                        College; MA, PhD, Washington
       Education, Emerson College;            Education: BFA, University
                                                                                                    Byun,                                               University in St. Louis
       MFA, Directing, The Catholic        of Wisconsin- Madison; MFA,
                                           Arizona State University in                            Economics
       University of America
                                           Tempe)                                                                       Education: BA Political Sci-       Professor Thompson has a
          Mr. Phillips will be teaching                                                                              ence, Holy Cross College in        teaching and research interests
       Introduction to Theatre, Intro-        Before coming to Wabash,            Education: BA, University          Worcester; MA Sports Adminis-      mind, language and knowledge.
       duction to Acting, Directing,       Visiting Professor of Art Joseph    of California-Berkeley; PhD,          tration, Central Michigan Uni-     He also has a strong interest in
       and Seminars in Theatre             Gower was an artist-in-resi-        University of California-River-       versity                            cognitive science.
       “Thornton Wilder”.                  dence at Arrowmont School of        side                                                                        During his stay, Dr. Thomp-
          “Everything about the place      Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg,                                               Mrs. Salisbury will be          son will be teaching symbolic
       seems geared towards providing      TN where he taught classes and         Dr. Byun will be teaching          receiving her PhD in Socio-His-    logic, skepticism and Culture &
       the best possible education for     created a new body of work.         Econ 101, Econ 251 and Div III        torical Studies of Sport from      Traditions.
       the students. I have been              Mr. Gower is married to an       Statistics during her stay at         University of North Carolina-         Dr. Thompson said he is a
       warned that I will be challenged    artist. He will be teaching         Wabash.                               Greensboro in May 2008.            big fan of small residential lib-
       as a teacher,” he said.             Sculpture, Ceramics, and               “I came to Wabash because             “My primary teaching inter-     eral arts colleges like Wabash
          Mr. Phillips is married to       Advanced three-dimensional          the idea of a liberal arts educa-     ests are in the fields of Ameri-   since he went to one. “I am
       Mary Whidden. They have             studio.                             tion appeals to me very much.         can and African American His-      looking forward to discover
       adopted Langley Elizabeth Bao-         “I came to Wabash because I      Teaching is an important part of      tory, Sport History and Black      what it’s like to teach at an all-
       Lai Phillips, a two-year-old girl   am impressed with the quality       my career and it was one of my        Popular Culture,” she said. She    male college,” he added.
       from China.                         of work that the students are       favorite things in graduate           will be teaching Culture and
                                                                                                                     Traditions, and American Histo-        Shelli Frey, Chemistry
          Commenting on the all-male       doing, and for the opportunity      school,” she said.
       liberal arts aspects of Wabash,     to teach and mentor such driven        Talking about the liberal          ry in the fall.                        Education: BS Chemistry,
       he said, “This will be my first     students,” he said. He believed     aspects of Wabash, she said, “I          Mrs. Salisbury is already       Haverford College; MS Chem-
       time in an all-male institution,    the size of the classes at Wabash   think that a liberal arts educa-      impressed by the all-male edu-     istry, University of Chicago
       so I would like to see for myself   allow for greater experimenta-      tion can be one of the most           cational history and traditions
       what it means to teach in this      tion in the studio and a more       important elements in the intel-      of the college. “I came to            Mrs. Frey took a year off
       environment.”                       personal teacher-student rela-      lectual development of young          Wabash because I wanted the        before graduate school to go to
          “Young artists should experi-    tionship.                           people. Critical thinking skills      opportunity to work with the       Denmark on a Fulbright Fellow-

                                                                                                                                                                    See, FACULTY, Page 14
       ence the world and gather as                                            (and not rote memorization or         best and the brightest students
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       August 23, 2007
                                             Mawr (sister school to Haver-       their students, and a liberal arts    pace of life there is very similar        Professor Benedicks main
                                             ford),” she said. “I look forward   education,” he added.                 to Crawfordsville,” she said.          field of teaching is Victorian
                                             to learning more about the com-         Talking about the all-male            Next semester, Mrs. Bernard        Poetry, specifically the spas-
       From Page 13                          munity and being witness to         liberal arts aspects of Wabash,       is teaching a composition course       modic poets, with a certificate
                                             many of the long-standing and       he said, “Each school will have       and a course on African femi-          in Women’s Studies.
       ship to work in a laser spec-         much talked about traditions,”      its distinctives (or should), and     nism.                                     During her stay at Wabash,
       troscopy lab and travel around        she added.                          should therefore make the most            “I am drawn to the notion          she is teaching two sections of
       Europe. She is expecting to get          During her stay at Wabash,       of its unique heritage, legacy,       that Wabash College offers a           composition in the fall. She is
       her doctorate next summer.            Mrs. Frey will be teaching gen-     and existing population, which        rare experience to young men,          also charged with developing
          “I came to Wabash to gain          eral chemistry and survey of        Wabash seems to have and con-         and I am excited about actively        interdisciplinary writing initia-
       some valuable teaching experi-        Chemistry.                          tinue to do.”                         participating in the academic          tives.
       ence in a liberal arts college                                               Ravyn Wilson-Bernard,              culture. Liberal arts education           Dr. Benedicks is married to
       atmosphere and to share my                  David Cho, English
                                                                                               English                 offers teachers a world of possi-      Jim Cherry, a visiting professor
       enthusiasm for learning and sci-         Education: BA, Univ. of Illi-
                                                                                     Education: University of          bilities that larger universities      in the Wabash Theater Depart-
       ence with the student body,”          nois,                   English
                                                                                 Mississipi                            cannot successfully manage,            ment.
       Mrs. Frey said. With her experi-      MFA/MA, Purdue University
                                                                                                                       namely undergraduate mentor-              “I came to Wabash to work
       ence of small colleges from           MAT/PhD, University of Wash-
                                                                                    Mrs. Bernard is pleasantly         ing. Wabash works; that is why I       on writing and literature with
       Haverford, she thought this           ington
                                                                                 surprised to find such compati-       am here.”                              engaged professors and motivat-
       would be a good school to take           His experiences in Cham-
                                                                                                                                                              ed students,” she said.
       advantage from.                       paign/Urbana       and     West     bility between her career goals        Crystal Benedicks, English
                                                                                                                                                                 “I believe that Wabash edu-

                 Wabash Faculty and Staff Summer Reading List
          “I am intrigued by the all-        Lafayette persuaded Dr. Cho to      as a teacher and scholar and             Education: BA New Col-
                                                                                 energetic intellectual communi-                                              cates young men for the democ-
       male aspect of Wabash after           come to Wabash. “The depart-                                              lege; PhD City University of
                                                                                 ty of Wabash. “I loved living in                                             racy: what could be more
       having some experience with           ment and school seemed to be                                              New York
                                                                                 the quaint literary town; the                                                important?”
       an all-female school at Bryn          very dedicated to each other and

                          Book: “Kite Runner”                       stupid and dangerous. He cannot write a dull sentence,                             Book: “The Rope Eater”
                          Author: Khalid Hosseini                   and anyone wanting a quick summary of the standard                                 Author: Ben Jones
                                                                    arguments against religions could not find a more enter-
                        Comments: It is a novel whose ini-          taining volume.                                                                       Comments: Outwardly an expedi-
                    tial setting is Kabul, about 1975. If              On the other hand, Hitchens needed either more time                            tionary tale, The Rope Eater, tells the
                    follows the life of a young boy, then           or a better editor; the book is just full of sloppy mistakes.                     story of a young man’s search for glory
                    man, as he grows up in Afghanistan,             He keeps getting names and historical facts wrong.                                and his place in the world. He is wit-
          David     leaving as the Russians come in, even-          Moreover, he seems not to have read any serious theolo-               Chad        ness to the extremes of savagery and
         Maharry, tually needing to return. Very power-             gy or talked to any believers. The religions he attacks            Westphal, malice of both human nature and
        Mathematics ful story of friendship, betrayal, family       seem assembled from newspapers, TV shows, and dis-               Mathematics weather conditions in a trek to the arc-
                    and ethnic identity, etc.                       tant memories of his own childhood religious instruc-                             tic in search of a mythical eden. Ulti-
                                                                    tion. It would be interesting to know what an atheist as        mately, this novel is about measuring oneself against
                          Book: “God is Not Great”                  smart as Hitchens would think of sophisticated argu-            difficulties while struggling to keep a purity of heart—
                          Author: Christopher Hitchens              ments for religious belief, but one won’t find out by           about conquering without being conquered.
                                                                    reading this book.                                                 As an adventure story, this novel is not quite first-tier,
                         Comments: Hitchens (who has vis-
                                                                                                                                    for me at least. Butthe real gem here is the narrative
                      ited Wabash at least once) is a master
                                                                                                                                    within the story. That young men who set out to prove
                      of old school British polemic: dryly
                                                                                                                                    themselves to the world often find that proving them-
                      ironic, nasty, and very, very funny. His
                                                                                                                                    selves to themselves is what they’re really after.
        Bill Placher, target in this book is the world's reli-
          Religon     gions, all of which he considers both                                                                                                                  See, Books, Page 19
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        The Bachelor                               PAGE 15
                                                August 23, 2007
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                       Bachelor            Sports
                                                The student voice of wabash since 1908
                                                                                                                                         August 23 . 2007
                                                                                                                                        • volume 100 • issue 1

                                                                                         2007 Wabash Football

                                                                 Passion                         the

                                                                                 Experienced and motivated
                                                                                 Little Giants report to camp
                                                                                                        CHUCK SUMMERS | SPORTS EDITOR
                                                                                                                              107.9 passer rating. He threw for

                                                                                               he usually peaceful and
                                                                                               quiet corn fields ofHills-     2,961 yards and 29 touchdowns and
                                                                                               borough, Indiana were          completed 69.3 percent of his passes
                                                                                               invaded by the crashing        last year. A noticably slimmer Huff
                                                                                               of pads and the smell of       said he had a very productive offsea-
                                                                                 sweat as the Little Giants football          son, and reported to camp 20 pounds
                                                                                 team reported to camp last week. The         lighter than last year. Huff said the
                                                                                 talented and experienced team returns        dropped weight will help with his
                                                                                 11 starters this year, and seem poised       mobility, a scary thought for opposing
                                                                                 and motivated for an outstanding sea-        defenses, considering Huff had the
                                                                                 son. “I think our strength is our moti-      second most rushing yards on the team
                                                                                 vation,” said Head Coach Chris               last year, with 326. Many of Huff’s
                                                                                 Creighton. “Having lost a couple of          favorite targets are also returning,
                                                                                 games (last year) that we feel we            including senior recievers Mike Rus-
                                                                                 shouldn’t have lost, it’s hard to replace    sell, Ray Green, Bart Banach, and
                                                                                 that kind of motivation.”                    Gabe Guerrero. Russell is also a pre-
                                                                                       Offensively, Wabash is led by          season All-American, with 1,052
                                                                                 pre-season All- American quarterback         recieving yards and 13 touchdowns.
                                                                                 Dustin Huff, senior, who led the nation          There are more question marks in
                                                                                 in passing efficiency last year with a       the running game. Sophomore running
                                                                                                                              back Evan Sobecki and junior Bobby
                                                                                                                                                 SEE, PASSION, PAGE 18

                                                                <<< Dustin Huff, left, and 15 LIttle Giant seniors hope to lead the team to an outstanding season

         2007 Little Giant Football Schedule
         Sept. 8 - Franklin* 1:00 PM           Sept. 29 - Earlham** 2:00 PM             Oct. 20 - Oberlin 1:00 PM                Nov. 10 - at Depauw*** 1:05 PM
         Sept. 15 - at Milikan 2:00 PM         Oct. 6 - at Allegheny 2:00 PM            Oct. 27 - at Wooster 1:00 PM
         Sept. 22 - at Ohio Weseylan 1:00 PM   Oct. 13 - Wittenberg 1:00 PM             Nov. 3 - Denison 1:00 PM                       *Youth Day
                                                                                                                                       ** Homecoming
                                                                                                                                       *** 114th Monon Bell Classic
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       Soccer Team Works to Build a Brotherhood
       PAGE 17            •   Sports                                                                                                                                                 The Bachelor
       august 23, 2007

       CHUCK SUMM ERS                        that becomes a fraternity or a           tainly be a very diverse one.          also has faith in the young            team’s strengths will be. “From
                                             brotherhood. Guys looking out            For the second year in a row,          members of the team to step up         a technical standpoint, it’s too
                                             for each other and helping each          Giannini has looked all over the       this season. “We recruit guys          early to tell,” Giannini said.
                                             other.”                                  world for recruits, landing            who we know can compete,”              “But I think a strength of this
          In his second year as head            To build this unity, the team         freshman from Bolivia, Mexico          Oleck said. “These guys have           team can be the new-found
       soccer coach at Wabash, Rober-        has added more team- building            and England this year. Overall,        played in big games, competed          commitment and our desire to
       to Giannini is still trying to        activities to their offseason reg-       the squad has nine new players,        at high levels and have a lot of       make a statement.”
       change the atmosphere of the          iment. For example, the team             and many of them will be               experience.”                              The Little Giants certainly
       Little Giant soccer program.          took a canoeing trip at Sugar            expected to step up early, as the         One returning starter, junior       have a chance to make a state-
       Giannini’s focus this offseason       Creek last week, and the team            team only has 3 starters return-       forward      George      Padgitt,      ment early, with their first
       has been less about play on the       has eaten dinner together every          ing from last year. Giannini is        expects the team to have strong        game coming against arch-rival
       field, and more about turning         night for the last couple of             not troubled about the lack of         attacking abilities this year. “I      Depauw August 31. Giannini
       his young team into a brother-        weeks. So far, Giannini is               starting experience, however.          think our strength, like last          said scheduling Depauw for the
       hood.                                 happy with what he sees. “I’m            “It’s better to be young and           year, will be attacking,” Padgitt      opening game was no accident
          “My personal goal is to cre-       excited about it because I can           committed,” Giannini said.             said. “Hopefully with these            “Just the name (Depauw) cre-
       ate the team unity that I believe     see these guys getting the mes-          “The commitment is there.              freshmen, we can improve our           ates motivation,” Giannini saidt
       we need to be successful,”            sage.”                                   We’re not worried about (expe-         defense.”                              can be our strength.”

       Giannini said. “I want a team            If Giannini does turn this            rience)”                                  Giannini hasn’t seen enough
                                             team into a family, it will cer-            Assistant coach Jeff Oleck          play yet to know what his

                                                                                                                                 2007 Soccer Schedule
                                                                                                                                 Aug. 31 - DePauw 5:30 PM               Sept. 26 - at Transylvania U. 5:00

                                                                                                                                 Sept. 2 - Holy Cross 1:00 PM           Sept. 29 - Denison 11:00 AM
                                                                                                                                 Sept. 5 - Rose-Hulman 5:00 PM          Oct. 6 - at Hiram 2:00 PM
                                                                                                                                 Sept. 7 - Allen Classic at Centre C.   Oct. 10 - at Earlham 4:30 PM

                                                                                                                                 Sept. 12 - Trinity Christian 5:30 PM   Oct. 13 - Allegheny 11:00 AM
                                                                                                                                 Sept. 16 - Ohio Weseylan 11:00 AM      Oct. 17 - at Franklin 4:00 PM
                                                                                                                                 Sept. 19 - Principia 5:30 PM           Oct. 20 - at Kenyon 3:00 PM
                                                                                                                                 Sept. 22 - Wooster 11:00 AM            Oct. 24 - Wittenberg 3:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                                        Oct. 27 - at Oberlin 12:00 PM

       CHUCK SUMMERS                                                                                                           Cross Country Team Focuses
                                                                                                                               on Quality, Not Quantity

           Typically, while watching any
                                                                                                                              PATRICK MCALISTER
       football practice, one will wit-                                                                                                                                 average sixty miles per week.
                                                                                                                              STUFF EDITOR
       ness many of the same things:                                                                                                                                       “I think that all three of us
       Tackling drills. Blocking drills.                                                                                                                                can agree that living here over
       Receiving drills. But someone                                                                                                                                    the summer wasn’t as bad as we
       attending the final practice of                                                                                                                                  expected it to be,” Compton-
                                                                                                                                 Coming into the first official
       Wabash’s football team camp                                                                                                                                      Craig said. “We realized that we
                                                                                                                              week of cross country practice
       last Thursday would see some                                                                                                                                     needed to make a commitment
                                                                                                                              this year cross country coach
       very different things.Teams of                                                                                                                                   to both our team and the sport.”
                                                                                                                              Roger Busch ’97 saw one major
       young men swimming, canoe-                                                                                                                                          Compton-Craig cited Geoff
       ing, tossing footballs, tugging                                                          CLAYTON CRAIG | WABASH ‘07

                                             Two Wabash football players pass the pigskin during the obstacle course. Head
                                                                                                                                 “We’re real thin this year,” he        Lambert’s second place finish at
       tires, carrying logs, sweating and
                                             Coach Chris Creighton uses the course to inspire competition, teamwork
                                                                                                                              said. Conventional wisdom                 the NCAA Division III Indoor
       pushing through an intense                                                                                                                                       Track and Field National Cham-
                                                                                                                              would dictate “thin” as the opti-
       obstacle course, a staple of Head                                                                                                                                pionships as an inspiration for
                                                                                                                              mal size for a runner. Busch was
       Coach Chris Creighton’s camp              The obstacle course was              the fire of Wabash football,                                                      the three gentlemen to work as
                                                                                                                              not discussing body size. Cur-
       program.                              something unlike Kyle Grand,             Grand said the unique competi-                                                    hard as they did this summer. “A
                                                                                                                              rently, the cross country team
           Though carrying logs and          freshman offensive lineman, had          tions helped the new players                                                      lot of us saw what happened to
                                                                                                                              has eleven healthy runners.
       pushing teammates over fences         ever seen before. Grand, who             acclamate themselves better into                                                  Lambert last year. We all agree
                                                                                                                              Busch said the optimum size for
       may not directly correlate to the     graduated from Indianapolis              the program. “The level of inten-                                                 that it happened because he was
                                                                                                                              a team is usually between twen-
       game of football, Creighton           North Central High School last           sity is so different here,” Grand                                                 committed year round. Ours is
                                                                                                                              ty and twenty-five.
       believes the competetive activi-      year, couldn’t have imagined             said.                                                                             just another step in the long
                                                                                                                                 Captain Sam Compton-Craig
       ties are just as crucial to the       doing things like that during a             Another benefit of the unique                                                  process.”
                                                                                                                              ’09 does not see the numbers as
       team’s preparation for the 2007       football practice before. “Basi-         competitive activities is the                                                        Compton-Craig         believes
                                                                                                                              a major issue this season. He,
       season. “Here’s the deal: at the      cally, in high school, all we did        unity and teamwork building.                                                      what Wabash lacks in numbers
                                                                                                                              along with Co-captain Geoff
       college level, you better com-        was standard, drill type things,”        The team is split into groups of                                                  is more than made up in the tal-
                                                                                                                              Lambert ‘08 and Matt Maher
       pete. Some people have to learn       Grand said. “We had no compet-           nine or ten, and those are the                                                    ent of the team overall. “We’re
                                                                                                                              ’08 stayed on campus all sum-
       how to compete. These activities      itive activities or anything like        same groups for all the competi-                                                  not as big as we have been in the
                                                                                                                              mer and trained, running on
       help instill that,” Creighton said.   that,” As a freshman thrown into         tions. “It helps because you’re                                                   past,” he said, “but I think the
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       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                          Sports      •   P
                                                                                                                                                                            AGE          18

       Passion                                                                                                          Quality
                                                                                                                                                                        august 23, 2007

                                                                                                                                                         From page 17
                       From page 16

       Kemp will look to help fill the       tations won’t put any extra pres-    from the front and behind. We         quality of runners is greater now    the Jeremy Wright Memorial
       void left at running back with        sure on him “Obviously, pre-         want to be in the back, taking        than in years past.”                 5K at Flat Rock, IN. Einterz, a
       Don Juan Brown and Billy              season awards aren’t nearly as       care of things behind the scenes,        One of the distinctive features   Lily scholar, is a also legacy as
       King graduating. Brown and            important as pst-season awards.      but we also want to be in the         of last year’s cross country team    his father, uncle and cousins
       King combined for over a third        The pressure is more to lead the     front of the pack, leading the        was what they deemed as the          all attended the college.
       of the team’s rushing yards last      team.” Pynenberg will be joined      team emotionally.”                    mustache race. Over a certain           In spite of the team’s “thin”
       year. Sobecki showed promise          by senior and captain Andy               The high expectations for this    period of time, each runner who      problem, Coach Busch said he
       as a freshman last year, rushing      Deig at inside linebacker. Deig      team,ranked seventh in Street &       participated tried to grow the       was excited for the year – pro-
       for 73 yards on 11 carries.           was third in tackles last season     Smith’s preseason polls, don’t        best mustache the fastest. Comp-     vided the team can stay
           The Little Giants also have       with 71, and also had four tack-     appear to be a probloem for the       ton-Craig says this year will be     healthy.
       big shoes to fill on the offensive    les for loss.                        experienced team, especially the      no different.                           “We have a lot of potential
       line, losing three starters, two of       The Little Giants are also       senior class.                            “I think it was decided last      if we can stay healthy,” Busch
       which were all- conference. All       experienced in the secondary,            “I don’t think anyone has         year we’re going to go with the      said. “In a distance running
       conference senior Brian Hilts is      with all four starters returning.    higher expectations than us,”         ‘Yetti’ beard,” he laughed. “It      environment it’s difficult to
       returning, however and will be        Strong safety Matt Kraft, junior,    Deid said. “Right now, we’re          means no shaving of any facial       keep all of your guys healthy
       joined by junior Erik Shaver as       was second on the team in tack-      just focusing on preparing our-       hair at all. I think this type of    all of the time.You run a lot of
       the only returning starters on        les last sesson with 78. Senior      selves. Making sure never lose        team bonding sets our sport          miles,” he wryly added.
       the offensive line. Junior Tony       cornerbacks Richard Roomes           passion for the next 23 days.         apart from other sports teams at        The team will begin their
       Neymeier will start at center,        and Thomas Bell return this          Never losing a hard-nosed men-        Wabash.”                             season with the Charlie Finch
       and juniors Nate Powell and Pat       year with senior free safety         tality.”                                 Along with the eleven             ‘51 Memorial Alumni Run this
       Long will battle for starting         Chad Peterman to form a sec-             The Little Giants will be test-   returnees, six freshmen will be      Friday and the Hokem Karum
       spots.                                ondary that combined for 111         ed right out of the gates, with       running for Wabash. One first        on September 1. Their first
           Defensively, the Little           tackles and seven interceptions      their first game against Franklin     year runner, Seth Einterz ’11        away meet will be at Kenyon

       Giants are led by three year          in 2006.                             College, one of the two teams         placed second on the team at         College on September 8.
       starting linebacker Adrian                Despite the returning talent,    that handed Wabash a loss last
       Pynenberg, who, for the second        Creighton believes the leader-       year. Franklin also returns many
       straight year, begins the season      ship is what will fuel the team’s    starters, and are pre-season
       with pre-season All-American          success this year. “The leader-      favorites for the Heartland Col-                                                               From page 17
       honors. Pynenberg led the team        ship on this team is really          legiate Athletic Conference title     with those guys all week,” said      won’t see the Little Giants
       last year with 101 tackles. and       strong,” said Creighton. “I think         The hunger and motivation        Grand. “You eat and sleep with       football team lugging logs
       ranks fourth in tackles in            (leadership) is one of the funda-    of this senior class was palpable     those same guys so you really        across the field this season,
       Wabash history. Pynenberg said        mental necesities. (The coaches)     at camp this week, and it is evi-     get to know those peaople.”          they will see them working,
       the high expectations won’t dis-      are with them for two, two and a     dent these seniors will accept        Sophomore running back Evan          fighting and competing togeth-
       tract or discourage him, “I’m         half hours a day. We’re not with     nothing less than the absolute        Sobecki also sees the benefits       er, which is why the obstacle
       kind of glad it happened last         them in the locker rooms or at       best from their team, when the        of teamwork building in the          course will remain a part of
       year. I’ve learned how to handle      dinner. It’s the seniors that        squad finished chopping through       competitions. “It goes to show       Wabash’s training camp. “I
       it better.” Pynenberg is certainly    uphold the character qualities of    an enormous tree, a challenge         how the things we do here go         think competition pushes you
       not satisfied with his outstand-      the program.” Deig also believes     from Creighton, Pynenberg             beyond football,” said Sobec-        and motivates you to achieve
       ing year last season, and even        this senior class is ready to lead   decided that it wasn’t enough.        ki. “It teaches teamwork, and        more than you thought you
       stayed on campus this summer          the Little Giants to a successful    So they chopped through anoth-        that’s something you can take        could,” said Grand. “And
       to lift and train with other sen-     year. “I think, right now, our       er one. It doesn’t appear that 8-2,   out into the real world.”            that’s what you have to do at
       iors to prepare for an even bet-      chemistry is unbelievable. We        their record last year, will be          Though opponents probably         the college level.”
       ter year. He also said the expec-     are trying to be torch- bearers,     good enough, either.
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       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                       stuff       •   PAGE 19

                                                                                                                                                                     August23, 2007

       From Page 14

                          Book: “Sacred Causes: The Clash of
                          Religion and Politics from the Great
                          War to the War on Terror”
                          Author: Michael Burleigh
                            Comments: This is grand history in
                         the old fashioned tradition. Burleigh is
         Steve Webb, a conservative Catholic, which means
            Religon     that he represents a voice that rarely
                        gets expressed in modern historiogra-
       phy. He opens up new perspectives on the twentieth cen-
       tury on nearly every page. He makes you realize just
       how Protestant most history books are, even when they
       are written by secular atheists. Burleigh is also a master
       of the caustic aside and underhanded wit. Catholicism
       has never been treated more fairly and carefully. After
       reading this book, the twentieth century starts to look
       like one long rebellion against religious authority, with
       the papacy the only office that stands a chance to turn
       back the tide. Reading it makes me want to look at
       Wabash from the perspective of the one outsider group
       that rarely gets any examination, namely, Roman
       Catholics. When were the first Catholic students admit-                       Book: “Stalingrad”                                           Book: “Galapagos”
                                                                                     Author: Anthony Beevor                                       Author: Kurt Vonnegut
       ted? Who was the first Catholic professor? Why do we
       teach so little Catholic history here? Anybody up for                             Comments: It is a detailed history                           Comments: It’s perhaps not Von-
       supporting a Chair in Catholic Studies?                                       of the campaign and battle of Stalin-                         negut’s best work, but it’s a highly
                                                                                     grad, which lasted from early summer                          imaginative and compelling novel
                                                                                     1942 to January 1943. Engagingly                              that follows (although in a meander-
                           Book: “The Road”
                                                                                     written, it manages to be both an                             ing fashion) a motley group of
                           Author: Cormac McCarthy                      Stephen                                                 Kay Widdows, tourists marooned on one of the Gala-
                             Comments: The Road is a post-              Morillo,     insightful operational history of the         Economics pagos Island following a nuclear war
                          apocalyptic novel that takes the read-                     military maneuvers and decisions that
                                                                         History                                               that wipes out the rest of humanity. The story is told
                          er on the road with a father and son                       shaped the campaign, and a horrifying
                                                                    social and cultural history of the experiences of those    from the perspective of a million years in the future, at
                          through a burned-out, ash-covered
                                                                    involved on both sides. The crucible of this decisive      which time humans has evolved into…well, I won’t
                          American in search of a safer, surviv-
                                                                    moment of combat exposed the strengths and, above all,     spoil it for you. Although the plot is a bit ramshackle,
        David Hadley, able place. But to survive for what?                                                                     the prose is delightfully spare, the wit sharp, and the cur-
                          With whom? McCarthy has written a         the deep flaws of both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.
            Political                                               The scale of death, suffering and senseless deprivation    mudgeonly subtextual comments about evolution, our
             Science      book that I can only describe as unre-
                                                                    that characterized the Eastern Front in World War II is    notion of progress, the American love affair with
                          lenting. It’s a book about civiliza-
                                                                    staggering, and makes the episodes of perseverance, sur-   celebrity, and ourstewardship of the earth pointed and
        tion, survival, human nature, fathers and sons, love,
                                                                    vival and individual compassion lived by some of the       darkly satiric.
        pain, hope and despair. The book pulls you along the
                                                                    people involved that much more moving.                        Vonnegut, educated as a chemist, maintained a life-
        road whether or not you want to go another step further.
                                                                                                                               long interest in science, and if you have even a remote
        I read the book on my son’s recommendation.
                                                                                                                               interest in evolution and population genetics, you’ll find
                                                                                                                                                                      See, BOOKS, Page 2
                                                                                                                               the book provocative.
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       A Year in China Changed Freshman’s Life
       PAGE 20           •   stuff                                                                                                                                          The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

          Editor’s Note: Admitted            forms, they finished their morn-      my 10th floor apartment to say:      tus with Japan. Once we talked        inspired        student       from
       to the Class of 2010, Jacob           ing exercise while I finished my      good morning. In Changchun,          of music and how it made you          Changchun University of Tradi-
       Stump deferred his admis-             bubble tea from across the street.    China, the city where I taught, it   feel. I remember students cover-      tional Chinese Medicine. I leave
       sion and a Lilly Scholarship          Shi Da Fu Zhong: an institution       played for the students from         ing their ears and looking at me      you now with a shortened
       to teach English in China             of brilliance and wealth, called      schoolyard megaphones but to         like disapproving parents when I      excerpt from her most recent
       and travel. What follows,             the best high school in Dong Bei      an audience of seven million         filled the room with rap music        email to illustrate the thoughts of
       then, are some of his recol-          (a regional term for the north of     hailing taxis on the street or       from Mike Jones (it makes me          a university student who lives
       lections from the experi-             China), and where, before my          adding their own lyrics into cell-   feel naughty”), then being            across oceans.
       ence. - PJS                           university, trade college, and pri-   phones.                              pleased with the whispers and            “i think and am afraid, i will

                                             vate school courses, I would             At Shi Da Fu Zhong High           acoustic guitar of Elliot Smith       not be suitable for the society,
                                             learn how to teach English as a       School, morning exercises pro-       (“perfect, beautiful voice”).         because the society is so com-
       WABASH ‘11
                                             foreign language by trial and         vided a break between my first       Both artists and their genres dif-    plex! i don’t like to lead a com-
                                             error in classes of sixty Chinese     teaching period and second so        fered greatly from the nostalgia-     plex life, i just want to lead a
                                             students.                             that I would take tea with           laden pop music that sang from        simple life, why the society is so
          It came back to me while              That wasn’t the plan at first. I   chamomile to cure my sore            stacked speakers on Tongzhi Jie,      complex. why not treat each
       driving home today. A chance          knew that I wanted a “gap year”       throat and failing voice, a nag-     the main shopping street in           other simply and sincerely. why
       choice of one of the many artists     between high school and college       ging pair that came after leading    Changchun. Clothing stores            the people said some artificial
       unknown to me on my iPod, and         to live on my own means and           classes each week. My universi-      competed with shoe stores who         words in order to fun the others.
       like my first evening in Shiji-       read, and Europe called like the      ty students of traditional Chinese   competed with accessory stores        and butter the others up? so
       azhuang, so was I with the            West - a land of trains and knap-     medicine prescribed the concoc-      in a daily battle of decibels on      complex! don’t understand! so
       strained voice chanting foreign       sacks where a nomad spirit            tion. They said that because of      Tongzhi Jie. Walk fifteen yards       now i decided that i will go on
       words from my car’s speakers.         could roam. It was while still        my throat I should drink tea with    and like a car wash of sound          study , and i will be a professor,
       Like that first night in China -      romanticized by this frontier         flowers in it. I asked, “What        pass through three pop anthems        because i think the university is
       hand-drums quickening to cym-         when I wrote Wabash requesting        flower?” and a girl showed me        aimed at you from blown speak-        a pure place. the college has the
       bals clapping and that voice          admission deferment, and I bet        in her dictionary: chamomile.        ers. This is street shopping in       pure and naive students. because
       leading me from my night’s            those who read my letter could           I didn’t begin to learn Man-      China - and like table conversa-      today i played in northeast nor-
       apartment to the people’s park -      tell. Thankfully, I received          darin past its basics until near     tions in restaurants, it is loud.     mal university with my friend,
       I was alone in something expan-       encouragement and an accepted         November when the monosylla-             Loud and quiet, animated and      there is an old couple. they are
       sive but together with the lan-       deferment in response, and            ble words started to lodge in my     tranquil. From yoga at dawn and       the professor of northeast nor-
       guage as sound, as a common           charted the Atlantic on August        mind, but this proved only a         meditative strolling in the park,     mal university , they carried one
       instrument played in the streets      28th, 2006 not for the land of the    small obstacle in the classroom,     to drunken dinner tempers and         dog, the dog is so lovely and
       and cafes, and to Chinese stu-        Renaissance but that of Mao           where “Only English” was my          Berlin’s “Take My Breath              beautiful. and i with my friend
       dents during morning exercise.        Zedong.                               only rule. As a result of an open    Away” playing from ski-lift           talk to the old couple. i felt they
          “Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi Ba!           “Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi Ba!”       China and the following English      speakers, taking your serenity        are so happy from their smile! i
       Yi Er San Si Wu Liu Qi Ba!”           Morning exercises. No matter          explosion, students in the city      away while hiking: China, called      envied them so much! so i decid-
       The metronome megaphones              the day or time (save Sunday),        start English training in kinder-    “Zhongguo” in Mandarin, mean-         ed my future! although they are
       shouted to eight with military        the music of morning exercises        garten and most can fundamen-        ing “middle country,” and a land      old. but they still love each
       enthusiasm as my soon-to-be           kept the city in tune. It walked      tally communicate by high            of 1.3 billion living and one life-   other, although they are not rich!
       students stepped forward to Yi,       with me on Saturdays to the           school. I structured my courses      less Mao Zedong preserved in          but they are happy! this is life!
       raised their arms to Er, lowered      open market - bright colored          so to build on my students’ basic    Tiananmen Square. It comes            how beautiful life it is! i hope
       their arms to San, extended their     vegetables among fish in buck-        oral English. We talked in class.    back to me, sometimes, whether        when i were old. i can be the
       arms to Si. Single-filed on the       ets among rows of eggs and               We talked of dating, the arts,    through sound, scent, or an           same like them, i hope i can find
       athletic field in jumpsuit uni-       sacked rice - after climbing to       school reform, and China’s sta-      email from Lillia, my most            my true love!”
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                                                                                                                                                                         PAGE 21

               College Hall Renovations Finally Satisfy Students
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                       News       •
                                                                                                                                                                   August 23, 2007

       ROB FENOGLIO                         nothing seemed to work.             doors and we prioritized for       said.                                believe they will feel the same
       WABASH ‘09
                                               “One student has already         what we needed done for Fresh-        Everything in College Hall is     way about College Hall.”
                                            come to me and said it was          man Saturday. We didn’t need       new: carpet, flooring, doors,           “Is it a top-of-the-line Taj
                                            worth it,” Raters said. “That’s a   the kitchen operational for        and paint. The bathroom was          Mahal? I don’t know. But I
          The renovation of College         good thing to hear and is indica-   Freshman Saturday. Almost          completely remodeled as well.        know what it used to look like
       Hall, formerly the TKE house,        tive of the ‘wow’ change it has     everything should be opera-        The building is now air condi-       and I have seen the progression
       was one issue the entire campus      gone through.”                                                         tioned and all of the furniture in   and it is amazing,” Raters said.
       heard about until the end of                                                                                the visitation lounge is brand          The College Hall renova-
                                               The renovations have not            The old TKE dining room is
       finals.                                                                                                     new.                                 tions have come to a close, but
          Once the construction on the      been as smooth as hoped. Doors      gone along with the big window        While some independents           what remains to be seen is how
       dormitory began in the spring,       were supposed to have been at       looking out on Jennison Street.    have yet to see the new interior,    well the upgrades can hold up
       controversy ensued. Students         the College three weeks ago,        That area has since been con-      there is an overwhelmingly pos-      to the hectic and crazy Wabash
       residing in the dorm began to        but when the shipment arrived       verted to two student rooms and    itive reaction to the renova-        life. Mr. Raters has full confi-
       criticize the College’s decision     some of the doors were missing.     a newly designed visitation        tions.                               dence in the project and has
       for allowing construction dur-       With mostly everything fin-         lounge. The ladies’ restroom          Resident Assistant for Col-       from the start.
       ing a time when students need-                                           area is the new location of RA’s   lege Hall Daniel DeNormandie            “It has been a testament to
                                            ished, some “teeny-tiny things
       ed as much peace and quiet as                                            room. The living room that used    is greatly impressed with the        the communication challenges
                                            will need to be done” such as       to be part of the TKE house was
       possible to prepare for finals.      paint touch-ups, cracked light                                         end-result of the construction       and skills of all of our staff and
          Assistant Dean of Students                                            converted into a five-man suite.   on the dorm.                         students,” Raters said. “Last
                                            coverings, and dents in walls       There are six new student
       Michael Raters was caught in                                                                                   “I am truly pleased with the      spring when students gained an
                                            caused by the moving-in             rooms in the building.
       the eye of the storm and was the                                                                            renovations that have taken          understanding of how construc-
                                            process.                               “We also were able to make      place with College Hall,”            tion works and who really runs
       person most sought-after for
       problems dealing with the con-          “Our first priority was what     all corner rooms triples and at    DeNormandie said. “Many              a construction crew and the
       ditions at the dorm. No matter       we needed for the football play-    the same time, the number of       independent men have griped          communication         challenges
       what he seemed to do in order        ers when they arrived last Sun-     spaces is eight more than what     that all we get is hand-me-          involved, things were rough. It
       to satiate the needs and calls of    day,” Raters said. “That meant      was available at Crawford Hall,    downs and some new paint as          was a challenge, but look what
       the College Hall residents,          that a lot of players needed        so we have added room,” Raters     our past ‘renovations.’ I don’t      we have now.”
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       PAGE 22            •   Stuff                                                                                                                                       The Bachelor

         Learn About Campus Fraternities and Organizations
       August 23, 2007

       PATRICK SMITH                           As a house, we have also been                                              involved in the community and       has even been named the third
       WABASH ’08
                                               above FIJI International’s “all         Sigma Chi                          work weekly with both the           best academic Sigma Chi chap-
                                               men’s” GPA average for 46 con-                                             Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Craw-      ter in the nation. Additionally,
                                               secutive years. In addition, FIJIs      The Delta Chi Chapter of the       fordsville and the local animal     we strongly encourage our
          Phi Gamma Delta                      comprise the leadership of many      Sigma Chi Fraternity, originally      shelter. Our chapter also hosts     brothers to study abroad, with
                                               of the most active clubs and         founded in 1880, has a long his-      an annual Special Olympics bas-     around 50% of our brothers
          Phi Gamma Delta - one of the         organizations at Wabash Col-         tory of excellence in all areas of    ketball tournament every spring.    studying abroad before they
       oldest fraternities in the nation -     lege. Above all, the purpose of      collegiate life. In 1890, the         At Sigma Chi we pride ourselves     graduate. We’re already getting
       was founded in 1848 and came            Phi Gamma Delta at Wabash is         Sigma Chi Catalogue wrote of          on diversity in every facet of      a good head start on this year
       to Wabash College in 1866. Psi          to turn young adults into well-      our chapter that, “Its career since   life. We have brothers on most      and hope to make it the most
       chapter has enjoyed success at          rounded men ready not only to        has been worth of the high hopes      sports teams at Wabash and can      prosperous and prestigious year
       Wabash ever since. We pride             participate in the real world, but   entertained for it in the begin-      even claim to our membership        for the Delta Chi chapter in
       ourselves on our athletic               also to lead it. We can’t neglect    ning. Its membership has been         the 2nd place runner in the Divi-   recent memory.
       involvement, academic success,          to mention that we are the proud     of high order, and it has been        sion III Indoor Track and Field
       and a wide range                        residents of the newest fraternity   second to none of its local rivals,   National Championships in the         Phi Kappa Psi
          of campus representation and         house on campus - a $4.5 Mil-        from whatever standpoint the          800-meter run. However, our
       leadership. Our brotherhood             lion state of the art facility -     comparison be made. It has met        excellence also extends into the       Originally   chartered   at
       includes varsity athletes from          located at 414 South Grant           with unusual success in the com-      classroom and academic life at      Wabash College in 1870, Phi
       nearly all major sports, and            Avenue just across from the col-     petition for college honors of        Wabash. We have brothers            Kappa Psi –commonly referred
       almost all brothers participate in      lege’s main entrance. We urge        every discipline, and has taken a     across the entire spectrum of       to as Phi Psi—is a fraternity
       club and intramural sports. We          you, whether you’re a student,       prominent part in athletics and       majors and have a very strong       founded on the idea of having
       hold academics as a very high           parent, faculty member, or com-      other college enterprises.” Since     academic support system in          “The Great Joy of Serving Oth-
       priority, and our Number One            munity member, to stop by some       then we have always encouraged        place to assist our brothers in     ers.”   This motto drives our
       GPA ranking among all Wabash            time and get to know the men of      our brothers to seek excellence       any class they may decide to        members to serve in various
                                                                                                                                                                           See, LEARN, Page 23
       fraternities demonstrates this.         Phi Gamma Delta.                     in every field. We are very           take on. In the past our chapter
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       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                            News       •   PAGE 23

                                                                                                                                                                        August 23, 2007
                                             eties of interests both academi-     in important officer positions       fancy new entranceway in the         apart from the pack as leaders at
                                             cally and otherwise.      We are     that do not always apply to the      back of the house. By Septem-        Wabash College.
                                             proud to say that our cumulative     Awards Chapel.                       ber, the Delt house will be a wor-
       From Page 22                          GPA house wide is in the top tier       On a national level, some Phi     thy home for the outstanding           Kappa Sigma
                                             on campus while still striving to    Psi’s you might be familiar with     men of Delta Tau Delta.
       leadership positions throughout       achieve even greater accom-          include JFK Jr., Evan Bayh,             The Delts have established           The Anabasis. The Donner
       campus. We are made up of stu-        plishments. The areas of study in    President Woodrow Wilson,            themselves as leaders on cam-        Party. The Shackleton Expedi-
       dents involved in various groups      the house range from Gender          Jerry Yang (co-founder and CEO       pus, winning homecoming, the         tion.
       and around campus including           Studies to Biology/Chemistry or      of Yahoo!), and Actor Zach           intramural sports championship,         It was once the case that the
       The Sphinx Club, Student Sen-         even on to Art/Music.                Braff, among many others.            Alma Mater sing, and, of course,     most harrowing test of a man
       ate, Wabash Christian Men,               In the previous year, Phi Psi        We are currently in ‘Open         the Pan- Hel bed race. Delt lead-    was to be stranded with his fel-
       Unidos Por Sangre (UPS), Glee         was proud to have several broth-     Rush’ and looking for new mem-       ers can be found all over the        lows in hostile privation.
       Club, and athletes involved in        ers recognized for their many        bers who won’t necessarily ‘fit      campus in the Sphinx Club, Col-      Though desperation gnaws at
       nearly all areas of sports.           accomplishments in the class-        the mold’ per-say, but continue      lege Mentors for Kids, Alpha Phi     their courage, they must work in
          Not only are members of Phi        room and outside as well. Tony       to bring pride and Joy not just to   Omega, and the Bachelor, as          concert to overcome the utter
       Kappa Psi involved on campus,         Caldwell ’07, Matt Goodrich          the fraternity, but to the College   well as a number of other            inhospitality of their predica-
       but a vast number of Phi Psi’s        ’09, Nic Bitting ’07, Dan Gille-     as well.                             Wabash organizations.                ment. Modernity has largely
       have had the incredible chance        spie ’08, and Patrick Griffith ’10                                           The Delt house is also home       eradicated this, to the point
       to study abroad. A boastful           are a few brothers from the many       Delta Tau Delta                    to a number of athletes, includ-     where those few occurrences
       number of Phi Psi’s study abroad      that were honored at the Student                                          ing members of the football, bas-    become newsworthy more for
       each semester in a wide variety       Honors, Awards and Prizes               Anyone driving past Delta         ketball, soccer, track and           their novelty than for the hero-
       of countries. When the brothers       Chapel. This upcoming year           Tau Delta on Wabash Ave. will        wrestling teams. The house will      ism of those involved. But at
       return from their studies, all of     should be no different with          notice the building looks a little   also be looking to defend its IM     Alpha-Pi of Kappa Sigma, we
       the members get to share their        brothers in positions such as        different this year. The house is    sports crown this year.              offer brave souls the opportunity
       own experiences with the rest of      Editor-in-Chief (Callimachus),       in the middle of a multi- million       With a renovated house and        to test their mettle in such fash-
       the house. Each brother in the        Opinion Editor (The Bachelor),       dollar renovation that will          an already promising freshman        ion.
       house has a characteristic and        Managing Editor (The Wabash),        include a new kitchen, dining        class, 2007-2008 appears to be          In one of the last unrenovated
       personality each his own making       several team captains, and that is   room, basement, and living           another great year for the men of    buildings on campus, we have
       each experience different from        not to mention the academic          room, as well as a new courtyard     Delta Tau Delta, and the house       flourished. Largely abandoned
       the next. Naturally this would        awards. We also have brothers        on the side of the house and a       will look to further set itself      by man, we live in a squalid
       mean that there are large vari-
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           Freshmen Become Real Men in Ceremony
       PAGE 24          •   News                                                                                                                                        The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       ROB FENOGLIO                        once again made by Mr. Klein.        told them how Wabash is a life-      just as you have trusted his          Fleck said.
       WABASH ‘09
                                           He informed the 255 men of the       changing experience and the          choice to come to Wabash,”               “I’ve never heard a negative
                                           vast diversity in the class of ’11   College will now become a part       White said. “Trust this College,      comment from anyone who
                                           that many of the men may not         of their families.                   which since 1832 has provided         knows the College or has gone
          The class of 2011 officially     have known. For instance, one            “Each August the pulse of life   men with an extraordinary edu-        here and they always think so
       arrived at Wabash College last      student is the youngest elected      on campus quickens as we wait        cation for life and has led men to    highly of it,” Mrs. Fleck said.
       Saturday and has now begun          official in Indiana, another         for this special moment, when        the enactment of their best sense     “Being here today just made it
       their journey as Wabash men.        restores classic cars, and one       you, the new class infuses new       of themselves. Remember too,          seem that much more exciting.”
          As parents and students filled   student a civil air patrol squad     life into Wabash,” White said.       and I mean this with all my              After the Ringing In Ceremo-
       the campus early Saturday           leader. He then told the men that    “You bring to Wabash new             heart, you have not lost a son,       ny, Dr. White said he sees a lot
       morning, there was an aura on       they have become a part of his-      hopes, new possibilities, and we     you have gained a college.            of potential in this class and an
       campus that seemed to unite the     tory because the College             who have been here longer            Wabash will enrich your life as       eagerness that cannot be chal-
       freshman class already. The stu-    received 1,450 applications this     (whether just a year, as in my       you see it transform your son’s.”     lenged.
       dents and parents moved to the      year, the most in Wabash’s histo-    case, or much, much longer) join         After the ceremony, parents          “What I see in the freshman
       chapel in the late morning to       ry.                                  you in your journey. As you          and students filled the mall and      class, among the guys I have met
       witness and be a part of the            “Over 20 percent of the          become Wabash men today, we          mingled with one another. The         or know something about, is an
       annual Ringing In Ceremony,         class, 56 of you, enter this Pio-    have every hope that Wabash          same reaction of awe and excite-      exciting energy, an eagerness to
       one of the most famous Wabash       neer Chapel following the foot-      becomes greater than it has ever     ment was on everyone’s face.          get going, coupled to an open-
       traditions. President Patrick       steps of other Wabash men in         been.”                                   Colin Fleck ’11 and his par-      ness to experience in general and
       White, in his second year ring-     your family,” Klein said. “Twen-         After the men were officially    ents, Sean and Donna, were            to Wabash in particular,” White
       ing the Caleb Mills’ bell, was      ty-two of you have fathers who       rung in as Wabash men, Dr.           impressed with the track-record       said. “This eagerness, this open-
       joined by Dean of Admissions        are Wabash men and 20 of you         White once again spoke directly      of the College and close-knit         ness means so much. As Hamlet
       Steve Klein and alumni leader       have brothers who are alumni.”       to the parents in the audience to    feeling of the campus.                says, ‘Readiness is all.’ And the
       Jon Pactor in welcoming the             Once Dr. White made his way      let them know their sons are in          “I am really impressed with       men of the class of 2011 seem
       freshman class.                     to the podium, anticipation filled   great hands.                         the traditions, the campus, and       ready and eager to be Wabash.”

                                                                                                      Steve Klein’s Fun Facts
          The opening remarks were         the air. He spoke to the men and         “I ask you to trust your son,    all of the people are really cool,”

                                                                                                        In the class of ‘11 there are • a robotics team mentor
                                                                                                      the following men:
                                                                                                                                      • a bagpiper
                                                                                                      • 22 delegates to Boys State                 • an author of a series of vam-
                                                                                                                                                   pires stories
                                                                                                      • 13 Eagle Scouts
                                                                                                                                      • a stand up comedian
                                                                                                      • a civil air patrol squad
                                                                                                      leader                          • a traveler and student of the
                                                                                                                                      Panamanian rain         forest
                                                                                                      • a wrestler with a quick pin
                                                                                                      record of 10 seconds            • a zoo camper who worked
                                                                                                                                      with rhinos and hippos
                                                                                                      • an internationally recog-
                                                                                                      nized Irish dancer              • a musician who marched in
                                                                                                                                      the Rose Bowl Parade
                                                                                                      • a medical researcher
                                                                                                                                      • a restorer of classic cars
                                                                                                      • a sea turtle field worker
                                                                                                                                      • two friends who ran with the
                                                                                                      • the youngest elected official bulls this summer in Pam-
                                                                                                      in Indiana                      plona
                                                                                                      • a nationally ranked chess
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       Freshman Saturday Filled With Excitement
       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                               News        •   PAGE 25
                                                                                                                                                                            August 23, 2007

              Proud Parents Adjust to Sons
               Leaving Home for Wabash
                                                                                     him to go. He’s been so nice to
                                                                                     me for the last two weeks.”
                                                                                        When Stacy, Lucas, his father
                                                                                     Phillip, and his sister Joan
       GARY JAMES                              check-in tables. The new stu-         regrouped and continued to the

       WABASH ‘10
                                               dents received orientation pack-      next stop, it became even more
                                               ets, with schedules, meal bands,      apparent how serious Mrs. Ham-
                                               maps, living arrangements, and        low had been moments earlier.
                                               other information.                    Lucas walked into the Roger D.
          Freshman Saturday was a day
                                                  It didn’t take long for the        Billings Sr. Conference Room to
       of excitement and angst. Stu-
                                               lobby to fill. All around, bright-    complete his Student Employ-
       dents were buzzing at the
                                               eyed and anxious-looking young        ment Forms with Sean Clerget
       prospect of finally beginning
                                               men stared nervously at their         ’08 and Cathy Metz.
       their college careers after
                                               orientation schedules. Families          “I don’t know who this is
       months of anticipation.
                                               and friends took in the moment        going to be tougher on, me or
          Parents, however, were less
                                               and the realization that the          her,” Stacy said of Lucas’ sister.
       certain about the prospect of the
                                               young men they had guided thus        “They’re best friends.”
       day. For students, it was a day of
                                               far were embarking on a new              After Lucas received his stu-
       discovery and fulfillment. For
                                               kind of journey.                      dent ID, he and his family made
       parents, a bittersweet milestone
                                                  Stacey Hamlow, Portage,            their way to Knowling Field-
       to catalogue the forward march
                                               Michigan, stood alone as she          house to peruse local banking
       of time.
                                               watched her son, Lucas, wait in       options and to gather more infor-
          More than 250 men arrived
                                               line to receive his registration      mation about where he would be
       on campus to register, to move-
                                               materials.                            living. Jason Siegel ’08 and
       in, and to begin their first day of
                                                  “This is awful, absolutely         other Sphinx Club members
       Freshmen Orientation. When the
                                               awful for me,” Hamlow said            instructed independents to go to
       men and their families arrived in
                                               intently and took another glance      their assigned living units and
       the Allen Center Lobby on that
                                               at her son. ”We’ve spent all this     find their Resident Assistants for
       crisp, clear morning, they were
                                               time preparing him to get into a      further instructions.
       greeted by upperclassmen who
                                               good school, now I don’t want            Lucas was assigned to Col-
       directed them toward four
                                                                                     lege Hall. When R.A. Zafer                                                          ELIJAH SANDERS | WABASH ‘10

                                                                                                                          A student prepares for his photo to be taken for his Wabash ID.
                                                                                     Ahmed gave Lucas the key to his
                                                                                     room, the Hamlows began the
                                                                                     Herculean task of organizing the     began another trek up to Cody’s       quickened. The ringing-in cere-
                                                                                     room Lucas would be living in        room, grandparents Sandy and          mony would be starting soon
                                                                                     for the next nine months. The        Terry Dean looked on eagerly.         and the sky threatened rain.
                                                                                     mood turned frantic.                 They were holding up pretty               Luke Blakeslee and his father,
                                                                                        Lucas’ father began inspect-      well. Cody had gone to Indiana        John, hustled back and forth
                                                                                     ing the furniture. His mother was    Academy for the past two years,       from their vehicle and up three
                                                                                     concerned about forwarding           they said, so this wasn’t entirely    flights of stairs. As Luke bound
                                                                                     mail because Lucas’ room num-        new to any of them.                   up the stairs, his hands were
                                                                                     bers had changed. Joan began            The same couldn’t be said for      grasped tightly around a small
                                                                                     arranging the sheets on her          Alex Avtgis and his mother,           drum. It was a djembe, the Syra-
                                                                                     brother’s bed, even as she taunt-    Maria. As Kappa Sigma Scholar-        cuse, Indiana native said as a
                                                                                     ed him about using his room at       ship Chair Victor Nava ’10            matter-of-fact.
                                                                                     home as a closet. All the while,     escorted them to the FIJI house,          “Some people bring guitars. I
                                                                                     Lucas’ suitemate, Chad Bark-         their moods were noticeably           brought this. So while they are
                                                                                     dull, Indianapolis, moved in next    divergent.                            strumming strings, I’ll be bang-
                                                                                     door. Ultimately, the family was        “I hear it’s a more academic       ing on my drum,” he said.
                                                                                     pleased with the end result.         fraternity,” Alex said before list-       “I’m excited,” said Mr.
                                                                                        But the Hamlows were only         ing his interests in debate and       Blakeslee. “I think this is a good
                                                                                     one of many families going           politics. He seemed to skip with      fit for Luke. I think it’s going to
                                                                                     through similar ordeals.             each step closer to his destina-      stretch him like he needs to be
                                                                                        Cody Stipes ’11 and his fami-     tion.                                 stretched.”
                                                                                     ly had a fun time moving his            Ms. Avtgis, on the other hand,         Sure    enough,       as    the
                                                                                     refrigerator up four flights of      seemed to dread every advanc-         Blakeslees went downstairs for
                                                                                     stairs in Martindale. They           ing step.                             their next load, it started to rain.
                                                                                     arrived that morning from               “We’re excited for him,” she       The mid-day shower ended and,
                                                                                     Bunker Hill, Indiana, but were       said. “But I’m going to be sad        like clock-work, families began
                                                                                     full of energy.                      soon. It’s a big adjustment, but I    walking –it seemed to the same
                                                                                        “I’m pretty excited to be here    think it’s a good environment.”       cadence-to the Chapel, where
                                                       ELIJAH SANDERS | WABASH ‘10
                                                                                     and start finally,” Cody said.          As morning waned and the           the Ringing-In Ceremony was
       Lucas Hamlow unpacks his belongings in his room in College Hall.
                                                                                        As Cody and his father Keith      sky turned overcast, the pace         about to begin.
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       Freshmen Provide Service to Community
       PAGE 26          •   News                                                                                                                                The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       RABIN PAUDEL                                           were glad to    headed to Boys and Girls Club         Two kids were excited to       do volunteer work at Carnegie
       WABASH. ‘10
                                                              spend some      to interact with elementary        play football with one of the     Museum, Old Jail Museum,
                                                              time with the   school kids. They also helped      freshmen and have their pic-      and the 4-H Fairgrounds. Like-
                                                              freshmen.       to clean and organize the club.    tures taken. Meanwhile, one of    wise, one group went to inter-
          Members of the Class of                                 Wa y n e       “I am looking forward to        the kids was busy showing his     act with residents at Williams-
       2011 spent their second day of                         Thompson,       helping the kids,” Mike Purol      gymnastics skills for the cam-    burg Home. Some freshmen
       college life doing community                           who       has   said while waiting for the kids.   era.                              stayed back at Wabash organiz-
       service in Crawfordsville and                          been at the     “I have done a few community          Another freshman playing       ing and cleaning up inventory
                                            Steve House
       Montgomery County.                                     home      for   service projects during high       with the kids, Michael Jordan,    at Allen Center.
          On a rainy afternoon Mon-                           four years,     school years, so I’m excited to    Granger, Indiana, enjoyed            Other groups did communi-
       day, the freshmen gathered in                          enjoyed the     do some volunteer work             playing with the kids.            ty service project cleaning up
       front of Pioneer Chapel and                            visit.          again.”                               “We spent some time with       Lane Place and Athena apart-
       divided in 20 groups to go to          “I feel so nice when these         Mr. Kent Schaffer, from         the kids playing foosball, bas-   ments. Some also went to Van-
       various sites. While many of        guys visit us.” Thompson said.     Nappanee, Indiana, played          ketball and even 500,” Jordan     ity Theatre and First Nazarene
       the freshmen had some com-          Mr. Thompson shared his            bumper pool with a kid at the      said. “It reminds me of my        Church to clean up and organ-
       munity service experiences          “army-stories” with a fresh-       Boys and Girls Club.               childhood.”                       ize the parking lots, while one
       during their high school, the       man.                                  “We organized books and            More kids joined to play       group went to Athena Fitness
       event was a completely new             “We came here to socialize      lost and found section of the      kickball at the Boys and Girls    to do painting.
       experience for some freshmen.       with the elderly people,” Rusty    club earlier this afternoon,”      club later in the day.               The freshman community
          About 15 men went to the         Thrall said. He enjoyed his        Schaffer said. “Now, it’s fun to      Some freshmen spent time       service has been a long-held
       Ben Hur Home to interact with       time at the Ben Hur Home lis-      play with these kids.” The boy     working at Nicholson Elemen-      event Wabash does during ori-
       elderly people. They played         tening to the stories.             who played pool with Kent was      tary cleaning up and helped       entation.
       different interactive and cards        Meanwhile, some students        excited that he beat him in the    weigh and measure the stu-           “Response from the commu-
       games. At the same time, some       were seen busy playing bingo.      game.                              dents’ heights. Some other        nity is always very, very posi-
       were busy spending time with        “It has been a pretty good day        “We are having fun playing      groups did similar work at        tive,” Coach Steve House said.
       them, walking with them and         doing some community serv-         basketball and pool,” Purol        Hose Elementary and Hoover           “It’s a nice way to know the
       playing corn hole. The retired      ice,” Ryan Hayes said.             said. “They appreciated having     School.                           Crawfordsville community,”
       senior citizens at the Home            Another group of freshmen       us.”                                  The other freshmen went to     Hayes said.

                                                                                                                                                           ELIJAH SANDERS | WABASH ‘10

                                                                                                                 Freshmen help carry down stands from the Old Jail Museum.
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       Final Fraternity Housing Project in Works
        The Bachelor                                                                                                                                              News       •   PAGE 27
                                                                                                                                                                           August 23, 2007

        PATRICK MCALISTER                     enigmatically embraced to build       extra curricular activities and          With only temporary housing       will experience some inconven-
       WABASH ‘10
                                              better living units for its frater-   community service in the sur-         and a desire to significantly        iences related to construction.
                                              nity students.                        rounding area.                        increase membership, one could       Mr. Black said it will be likely
                                                 “Because fraternities have            Both the Delts and the             easily see hefty challenges in       that the Delts will have to eat
          Ten years is a long time to         been such an important part of        TEKEs are experiencing the            garnering a large rush class of      their meals in the Sparks Center
       wait in line, but it’s almost          the Wabash tradition, we want         inconveniences of construction        quality men. TEKE President          until their Kitchen is finished.
       Kappa Sigma’s turn to drink the        to sustain that and maintain it,”     that seem to be self evident in       Josh Eal’08 sees their current          After the TEKE and Delt
       Kool-Aid. Even before the final        Black said.                           any Wabash housing construc-          living situation as an advantage     construction, a new Kappa
       bricks and mortar are laid for            Wabash’s unique fraternity-        tion project in very different        “Our old location was much           Sigma house will be constructed
       the new Tau Kappa Epsilon              college partnership emerged           ways.                                 smaller than what we have now        on their existing house and the
       (TEKE) house and the renova-           from the 1998 capital campaign.          The TEKEs have been resid-         so it has helped us to grow our      current brothers will have to
       tion of the Delta Tau Delta            In this partnership, both the         ing in the old FIJI house (what       numbers before we move,” Eal         move into the ‘swing space’.
       (Delt) house plans have been           undergraduate and alumni              Mr. Black characterizes as the        said. “On top of that the promise    “The Kappa Sig Alumni will see
       drawn up for the final college         brothers in each fraternity had       “swing space”) since the spring       of a new house right around the      this information for the first
       owned fraternity house building        to come up with a plan to not         of last year. “The thought is that    corner is a great rush tool.”        time this week,” Black said.
       project. The new Kappa Sigma           only raise part of the funds to       the TKE house will be done               The Delt renovation will be          Mr. Black recognized the
       house will mark the end of a ten       construct the building, but also      next April, and they can occupy       completed over two summers.          partnership between the college
       year capital campaign.                 set goals of improvement for the      it the following fall,” Black         The first part of the renovation,    and the fraternities as uncon-
           Mr. Cal Black ‘66, Director        fraternity in other aspects of        said.                                 began earlier this summer,           ventional, and, because of that,
       of Development for Alumni              campus involvement.                      The TEKE house will have           included a renovated kitchen,        understands the incredible
       Affairs has been largely respon-          In what was called a Program       living space for 40 brothers – a      construction on the lower level      microscope the college is cur-
       sible for overseeing this project      Document fraternities had to          drastic net increase from the         and adding a terrace to the back.    rently under.
       since Beta house was built in          outline goals for the undergrad-      current number which, accord-         Part two will include reconfig-         “We’ve got a lot of eyes on
       the fall of 2000. Whereas many         uate brothers, including goals        ing to Mr. Black, has hovered         uring the study rooms next sum-      us,” Black said, “looking at us

       Wabash to Jennison: Wallies Go Wacky for Wi-Fi
       campuses have rejected the fra-        like raising the fraternity’s over-   between 26 and 28 for the last        mer.                                 to see if it’s going to succeed.
       ternity philosophy, Wabash             all GPA, involving brothers in        few years.                               Like the TEKEs, the Delts         So far, it really has.”

       ROB FENOGLIO                                                asked    stu-    cables will still be able to be          Mr. Weaver, along with IT         and they can tune their signal
       WABASH ‘10
                                                                   d e n t s        used for internet access.             Services, is asking students to      strengths based on the load they
                                                                   whether they        Even though the College has        not set up their own wireless        are receiving.
                                                                   used a school    been working on the wireless          networks because the College is         Even though the network
          Wabash College has official-                             computer,        change since May 6, the day           now providing those.                 should run smoothly, once
       ly gone wireless. The days                                  owned a PC,      after finals, the project is still       “We will be pretty aggressive     school starts there will be some
       where Ethernet cords were nec-                              or owned a       slightly behind schedule.             on stopping the use of private       sort of transition between the
       essary to access the internet                               laptop. Over        “We had a delay in the sum-        wireless networks because they       old network and the new one.

                                               Brad Weaver
       have passed. The transition from                            70 percent of    mer that put us back,” Weaver         can cause other performance          Some students may find a few
       wired to wireless might have                                students         said. “We wanted to be done by        issues with our network,”            short-term performance or relia-
       seemed like an easy feat, it was                            owned a lap-     August 10, but because of the         Weaver said.                         bility issues, but those will only
       not.                                                        top       and    timeline, we weren’t able to             Students should not worry         last for a day or two.
          Director of Information Tech-       Weaver estimates that over 90         finalize the project at that time.”   about the wireless network not          “We want students to place
       nology Services Brad Weaver            percent of students this year will       The main campus living             being capable of supporting the      the final judgment on the project
       said the College had wanted to         own a laptop.                         units, dorms and fraternities,        large loads it will endure. Mr.      once that phase is completed,”
       make the switch for some time.             “These kinds of data allow us     have the wireless active,             Weaver said that the network is      Weaver said. “Ideally we would
       Once the Technology Survey             to see how important and useful       although the Delt house will          designed to handle the anticipat-    do a post-installation assessment
       was completed, it was apparent         wireless access will be to the        pose a problem for the project        ed load in each building.            once the wireless internet is up-
       students, as well as faculty,          campus and allowed us to make         because of the ongoing con-              “There are three factors in the   and-going.”
       wanted the change.                     it happen,” Weaver said.              struction. Essentially, Baxter        number of access points: physi-         If students have any issues
          “Two factors allowed the                In order for the College to go    Hall is being wired now and the       cal size of building, one’s the      with the network, IT Services
       change to occur,” Weaver said.         wireless, there was quite a           Allen Center, Fine Arts Center,       kind of materials in the building,   should be notified as soon as
       “The first factor is the continued     detailed process. IT Services         and Sparks Center are being           and the third is the density of      possible. Mr. Weaver said there
       evolution of the campus and net-       made proposals to the adminis-        wired now, but they will most         either the students in the resi-     might be a couple of instances
       work services. The more imme-          tration and took the feedback         likely be done immediately after      dent hall or lab use in the sci-     where one student might have
       diate factor is the results from       from the students, faculty, and       school starts.                        ence building, for example,”         poor service in his room, but the
       the technology service from last       other data in order to submit            Previously the network             Weaver said.                         room next to him might have a
       winter. Wireless access was the        those as recommendations.             would be dragged down in cer-            Depending on those factors,       great signal.
       overwhelming choice as the                 The change to a wireless          tain areas due to the heavy load      IT Services installed a certain         “We want to know about
       most important for improve-            campus cost upwards of                of traffic. This resulted in many     number of access points in each      these kinds of things if they
       ments.”                                $300,000. For those students          students bringing their own           building. The access points are      exist,” Weaver said, “so they can
          The Technology Survey               without wireless cards, Ethernet      wireless networks to campus.          made to work as a cohesive unit      be taken care of immediately.”
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       Since April 1908, the Bachelor has been the
       PAGE 28          •    stuff                                              The Bachelor
       august 23, 2007

       student voice of Wabash College.

                                                 ...when will you add yours?
                                                  Left: News Editor Rob
                                                  Fenoglio ’09 and
                                                  Reporter Rabin Paudel
                                                  ’10 look at layout for this

                                                     Right: Editor-in-Chief
                                                    Patrick Smith ’08 listens
                                                      to a writer’s question.

       Come to the Bachelor callout 8 PM, August
       30th, in the Board of Publications Office in
       the Armory basement, and speak up.
       For more information, contact Editor-in-Chief Patrick Smith
       ’08 at
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       The Bachelor                                                                                                                                         stuff      •   P
                                                                                                                                                                          AGE          29
                                                                                                                                                                      August 23, 2007

                                                                                                                                                           Jacob Stump ‘11
                                                                                                                                                           poses with the
                                                                                                                                                           Chinese students he
                                                                                                                                                           worked with for a
                                                                                                                                                           year. (Courtesy of Mr.

       From Page 19                                                 view. The narrator is a teenager whose family “expects”       on their wedding night in the early 1960s, trying to fig-
                             Book: “What’s Liberal About the
                                                                    her to willingly and happily be a blood and marrow            ure out a language for talking about that most delicate
                             Liberal Arts? Classroom Politics and
                                                                    donor for her older, genetically-matched, leukemia-           and personal of topics: sexuality. It’s a movingly honest
                             ‘Bias’ In Higher Education”
                                                                    stricken, sister. When she takes her parents to court so      book about a deeply complex matter, but for me its real

                             Author: MichaelBérubé
                                                                    that she can make her own medical decisions, the fami-        power comes from McEwan’s mastery of scope and pac-
                                                                    ly is astonished. Does she have the right to control her      ing. The majority of the book is concerned with the
                                                                    own medical destiny? Even at the cost of her sister’s         events of one night, but that night telescopes smoothly
                                Comments: Out of all I read         life? I read the book because a friend in D.C. was read-      into the past and the present. In the quality and closeness
                             this summer, this selection seems      ing it with her book club. I have since read two other        of its attention, this book seems to share a closer lineage
             Peter Hulen, the most obviously relevant for the       Picoult novels, also dealing with tough ethical issues.       with the lyric than the novel.
                 Music       Wabash community. A portrait of        I’m always delighted to discover an unfamiliar author
                                                                                                                                                  James Cherry, Theater
       higher education as infected by liberal bias, paralyzed by   who makes me think about hard questions long after I
                                                                                                                                  Book: “Special Topics on Physics”
       political correctness, and undermined by eroding stan-       finish reading the last page.

                                                                                         Book: “The Godfather Returns”            Author: Marisha Pessl
       dards has been accepted by millions of people outside

                                                                                         Author: Mark Winegardner
       academe, and a surprising number of professors and stu-
       dents as well. Bérubé does a pretty fair job of describing
       just what does get taught in U.S. colleges and universi-                                                                      Comments: Judging from the title, you might take
       ties, offering a rebuttal to activists’ most incendiary                                                                    Special Topics in Calamity Physics to be an old textbook
       claims, but also providing a revealing and fascinating                                 Comments: As a long-time            for an upper-level science course. It is actually the debut
       glimpse into his own classroom—a classroom immedi-                                  Godfather fan I was skeptical of any   novel of Marisha Pessl, a young author from North Car-
       ately recognizable to many who teach, learn and work at                             book that alleged to pick up the       olina. The story revolves around Blue van Meer, the
       Wabash. He addresses the bugaboos of “race, class and             Howard Hewitt, Corelone family story from its            young daughter of an eccentric professor of public poli-
       gender,” and of postmodernism, giving overviews of                  Public Affairs original author Mario Puzo. Wine-       cy, who is caught up in a tangle of conspiracy theories,
       these concepts that show their continuing importance in                              gartner has written two books but I   political intrigues, murder, and the excruciating embar-
       a contemporary life of the mind. His portraits of students   started with his first. The book fills in much of the story   rassments that are part and parcel of high school life.
       reveal a complex reality that speaks volumes about the       around the Corelones and even answers questions from          Adopted by the elites of her new school and their men-
       continued relevance and vitality of liberal education.       the original novel and movie never previously                 tor/teacher/lover(?) Hannah Schneider, Blue is torn
                                                                    addressed. But the most interesting part of the book was      between the need to be accepted by her peculiar new
                                                                    that his writing style closely mirrored that of storyteller   friends and the love of her mysterious, wonkish father. It
                             Book: “My Sister’s Keeper
                                                                    Puzo. The book did reach the New York Times bestseller        is a whodunit, a course in cultural and literary refer-

                             Author: Jodi Picoult
                                                                    list. The author does Don Corelone proud with nuance,         ences, a comedy of manners, and a bildungsroman. The
                                                                    detail and fine storytelling!                                 characters are engaging and sharply drawn. The plot
                                                                                 Crystal Benedicks, English                       moves along briskly, and Pessl writes with enthusiasm
                                                                    Book: “On Chesil Beach”
                            Comments: Jodi Picoult’s novel,                                                                       and great humor. On the whole, Special Topics is a wild-
                                                                    Author: Ian McEwan
                         My Sister’s Keeper (2004) tackles                                                                        ly entertaining and extremely smart; it is excellent con-
          Nancy Doemel,, tough issues without reducing them                                                                       temporary fiction.
           Advancement to simplistic either/or points of              Comments:This tiny novel is about a young couple
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       PAGE 30            •   Stuff                                                                                                                                          The Bachelor
       August 23, 2007

       decadence unseen since flames           we look forward to taking our         Center to sign up for an audition.    understanding of various cul-        welcome to join and help inform
       guttered in the ashes of the            experiences from the recent off-      For more information, contact         tures, political systems, and        others of the true Islam.
       Roman Empire. You cannot                season to propel us forward this      our Director, Dr. Richard Bowen       world issues. By means of the           The MSA seeks to strengthen
       hear the hungry howling at the          year. We plan to compete in tour-     (, or 765-           conference attendance across the     the fraternal bonds among its
       door for the music and merry-           naments that will lead up to our      361-6307) or me, Clayton Craig        United States, these goals are       members, and promote friendly
       making; with the perfume of fine        main goal of competing at the         (, or 317-           accomplished through debate          relations between Muslim and
       drink and savory cooking, we            University Nationals tourna-          417-9608). We also invite you to      and discussion with other stu-       non-Muslim students. We aim to
       defy the faint odor of rot. Secure      ment, where we will see great         visit the Glee Club website at        dents from around the world.         help individuals and groups
       in fine fellowship, fast friends,       competition. Soon, we will              Wabash’s Model UN Club           understand Islam and promote
       and felicity, there is no terror in     begin fundraising, and we ask            Previous singing experience        receives the chance to interact      cultural understanding among
       the malevolence of our environ-         that students and our community       is a plus, but is not required.       and debate with students from        members and the campus com-
       ment. These are not indulgences         contribute to our hard working        “Long shall we sing thy praises,      all over the country. The club in    munity. The Wabash Muslims
       to hide the rigors of life but          club. We will begin having open       Old Wabash!”                          recent years has regularly           also organize and provide facili-
       rather the lofty pleasures to           mats early in the fall, and all          .                                  attended the American Model          ties for the religious and social
       which we feel men of good char-         who want a great workout are                                                United Nations (AMUN) Con-           activities on and off campus
       acter are entitled so long as they      welcome. Look for emails with            ‘shOUT Club                        ference held in Chicago. The         including our annual MSA din-
       are not corrosive to virtue.            more specific details. Let’s have                                           participating schools in the con-    ner. All with an open mind and a
          Our brothers are deeply              a great year. Good luck to all of         Are you interested in creating    ference are mainly from the          willingness to learn about Islam
       involved in Wabash College, and         the teams and clubs. Bring home       meaningful conversation about         Midwest. The conference is held      are welcome to join and help
       we are represented in all facets        some hardware Wabash Athlet-          genre and sexual diversity? Are       as a simulation of the United        inform others of the true Islam.
       of campus life. Kappa Sigmas            ics!                                  you seeking to promote social         Nations, so as soon as the partic-
       can be found editing publica-                                                 change and awareness in our           ipants arrive at the conference        Unidos por Sangre
       tions, playing on sports teams,            Glee Club                          community? Do you want to             they will be delegates of the rep-
       acting in plays, working at club                                              contribute towards the promo-         resenting country. The members          Known on campus as UPS,
       meetings, volunteering in civic            To the Class of 2011, I bid        tion of these causes? ‘shOUT          of the club attend the conference    Unidos por Sangre is a student
       groups, and studying in almost          you a harmonious “Welcome!”           club is a group of Wabash stu-        as the delegates of various sub      organization that serves the
       every major at the college. We          from the Wabash College Glee          dents committed to the creation       committees of Model United           Wabash and Crawfordsville
       lead in student government; we          Club. We are excited to be back       of a more accepting and respect-      Nations, such as Security Coun-      communities on several different
       serve in charitable organizations.      for a new school year and are         ful environment for those whose       cil, Historical Security Council,    levels. Students and faculty
          For over 110 years of contin-        looking forward to meeting each       sexual preferences are outside        General Assembly Committee           members involved with the club
       uous operation, Alpha-Pi of             of you.                               “the norm”.                           and Economic and Social Coun-        help to increase awareness of
       Kappa Sigma has contributed to             The Glee Club is one of the            We, as the gay-straight           cil.                                 issues relevant to the Latino
       the campus men of high charac-          “cornerstones” of Wabash Col-         alliance on campus, encourage             Last year, eight members of      community, as well as share cul-
       ter and resolute action. As one         lege history – an essential part of   all interested students to join our   the club attended the AMUN           ture and traditions of these peo-
       of the chapters that led the            the tradition and culture of this     club to discuss and generate          conference as delegates from         ple with the public. We host
       national fight to integrate the         fine institution for well over one    change and acceptance through a       United Kingdom. This year the        carne asadas (BBQs), parties,
       fraternity, we invite all worthy        hundred years. We sing a num-         myriad of activities. We have         members will be representing         lectures, performances, dinners,
       men and affirm that considera-          ber of concerts on and off cam-       organized all campus events           Afghanistan for the conference.      and an annual Latin American
       tions of race, class, creed, and        pus during the year. This past        such as public speakers, debates          Through these conferences,       Festival. We have been a part of
       sexual orientation play no role in      January we welcomed our new           about homosexuality and other         the club has been successful in      Wabash recruitment efforts and
       the selection of our members.           President, Dr. Patrick White, by      related topics, dinner with facul-    helping the students not only to     have even hosted Salsa lessons.
          When the aforementioned Sir          performing for his Inauguration       ty members and among our-             enhance of the world issues but      We are also currently branching
       Shackleton was recruiting men           Ceremony. In March 2006, we           selves as well as other fun activ-    also to develop leadership skills.   out into the community through
       for his expedition, he placed the       were invited to sing at the Inter-    ities.                                                                     service in the local Hispanic
       following advertisement:                collegiate Men’s Choruses                 This year, we want to focus          Muslim Students Associa-          Center and schools. This semes-
          “Men wanted for hazardous            National Conference, and in           on the creation and identification    tion                                 ter we will continue volunteer-
       journey. Small wages, bitter            May 2006 we did a two-week            of safe spaces as a strategy to                                            ing with the newly reformed
       cold, long months of complete           concert tour in Wales, England,       make the entire campus a space           The Muslim Students Associ-       Hispanic Center of Montgomery
       darkness, constant danger, safe         and Scotland. We also make a          where we can all feel safe and        ation aims to raise awareness of     County, a process we started in
       return doubtful. Honour and             week-long tour in the U.S. each       secure. Come out on August            Islam on campus and to dispel        the last year. We’re planning
       recognition in case of success.”        year during Spring Break. These       28th at 7pm in Detchon’s Inter-       commonly held misconceptions         some other exciting events, as
          We are happy to announce             are just a few examples of the        national Hall to hear about our       of this great world religion. This   well as hoping to continue our
       that the cold is not at present an      many opportunities I have had as      upcoming activities and our           is accomplished through lec-         annual Tamale Sale, a fundrais-
       issue.                                  a member of Glee Club. As I           projects with nearby organiza-        tures, videos, readings, and other   ing event for the Center. If
          If you are interested, please        enter my Senior year and look         tions, who like us, are on the        types of formal and informal         you’re bilingual in Spanish and
       visit anytime. Our doors are            back, it is clear that Glee Club      same boat. Get to know the            presentations. In addition, a        English we could certainly use
       always open.                            has been a huge part of my            members and enjoy some pizza          weekly prayer service is held        your help. We are looking to
                                               Wabash experience.                    and pops while discuss the role       every Friday at 12:45 p.m. in        help the Even Start program and
         Wabash Freestyle Wrestling               If you enjoy singing, we           of ‘shOUT club on campus.             which all students are welcome       the Public Library with our will-
       Club (BWC)                              invite you to consider becoming       With your help, that role will be     to attend. The mosque is current-    ing club members who can
                                               a member of the Glee Club.            more relevant.                        ly located in the basement of        translate. If you have an interest
          The     Wabash       Freestyle       Auditions will be held Monday                                               Martindale Hall, along with a        in Latino culture or want to
       Wrestling Club (BWC) would              through Thursday, August 20-             Model United Nations               small library of Islamic books       explore our world better, we
       like to welcome in the class of         23, and Tuesday through Friday,                                             that is growing every year. All      would be happy to have you..
       2011 as well as welcome back            August 28-31. See the Glee Club          The Model United Nations           with an open mind and a willing-     Watch out for call-out informa-
       our returning students. This year,      bulletin board in the Fine Arts       seeks to give its members an          ness to learn about Islam are        tion in the coming weeks!
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       The Bachelor                                       PAGE 31
                                                       August 23, 2007

        The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men


                      Welcome to the Class of 2011

                  Welcome Back to the Upperclassmen

                      Good Luck with the Semester

                             Wabash Always Fights
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       The Bachelor                             News   •   PAGE 32
                                                   August 23, 2007

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