The classmate I admire by stariya


									F.2 English (TBL)      Unit 1 Famous stars

Project: A profile on a classmate I admire

 School has started for nearly two months. How is your new school life this year?

 To promote harmony in school, your school is holding the ‘Mutual Appreciation

 Week’. For this special event, your English teacher asks you to write a profile on

 the classmate you admire and give a presentation about him/her.

1.   There are 3 tasks in the project:

     Task 1: Interview the person you admire and gather information

     Task 2: Write the profile

     Task 3: Give a two-minute presentation

2.   Form groups or pairs in class. Choose a classmate you admire and interview him/her.

3.   The project weighs 100% in total and is assessed in terms of the following elements:

       * Written profile                        50%

        Oral presentation                       50%

     (* Get a photo of the classmate you admire or simply draw his/her image.)

4.   The final product will be the oral presentation, together with all the project

     worksheets( p.1 –p.3)

5.   The presentation will be assessed in terms of the following criteria:

     --> ideas & organization

     --> vocabulary & language patterns

     --> pronunciation & delivery

     --> communication strategies

6.   Date of presentation: To be decided by the English teachers


Skills to hold an interview

Interviewer: Hello, ______________________ (name of the classmate), I would like to get

some information about you. May I ask you some questions?

Interviewee: Okay, go ahead.

*Use connectives such as f________, t________, n__________ and f____________.
F.2 English (TBL)    Unit 1 Famous stars

Task 1: Interview the classmate and gather information
Below is a list of information you have to ask in the interview.

                             Summary profile of __________________

1. Basic information:

                Personal facts                                     Appearance & build
 Age:               DOB:         /     /               Face: round? oval? long? small?
 Weight:            kg      Height:        cm          Hair: long? short? curly? straight?
 Home district:                                        Build: strong? normal? washy?
 Family members:                                       Special characteristics:

2. Personality:

             Facts (adjectives)                                 Examples showing why
  1.                                       
  2.                                       
  3.                                       

3. Favourites and others:

                         Facts                            Life examples showing how (if any)
   Hobbies:                                    
   Food/drinks:                                
   Idol/subject/TV/film:                       

4. A memorable incident you encountered with him/her:
   (which made you feel him/her admirable)


 What you learnt from him/her:
   F.2 English (TBL)   Unit 1 Famous stars
   Task 2: Write the profile
   Use the summary profile on p.2 and write the final profile in about 90 words.
   Your written profile will be presented orally and a score will be given for the project mark.

   _______________________’s profile

Structure                                              Written profile

Who you admire         The person I’m going to introduce to you is ____________________________.

Personal facts
                       He/She is             years old and he/she was born on                          .

                       He/She is          cm tall and weighs             kg. (     ) lives in

Appearance &
                       For (       ) appearance, (      ) has


Favourites and
others                  He likes talking and playing basketball.

The memorable

F.2 English (TBL)   Unit 1 Famous stars


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