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Sorting High Performance

The TGW Group offers a highly specialised and broad range of conveyor,
sorter and storage modules designed specifically to meet the needs of
carton handling, particularly high-performance applications. The latest
developments are the NBS® Turbo™ Sortation System and the NATRIX-

Narrow Belt Sortation System

The NBS® Turbo™ from TGW-ERMANCO is a cost efficient yet high value
solution for light cartons of dimensions up to 610 x 910 mm. With this sorter
cartons are transported on adjacently placed conveyor belts. Six rows of
rubber coated pop-up wheels are placed at the appropriate transfer positions
between these belts. Each row of wheels is raised and lowered independently
when a carton comes into its target line and the carton is guided from the
sorter to the target line at a 30° angle. To keep the gaps between the cartons
for sorting as small as possible these rows of wheels are raised and lowered
as the carton passes over, creating a wave motion. This patent pending
WAVE™ technology provides a much higher sorting performance than
traditional pop-up sorters reaching up to 12,000 cartons (400 mm long
cartons) per hour, each weighing up to 34 kg.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

TGW’s NATRIX is a high performance sliding shoe sorter. Here the cartons
are transported on a sorter bed consisting of extruded aluminum profiles,
allowing an impressive variety of very different sizes and weights of cartons to
be handled: for dimensions of 100 x 100 mm up to 1,500 x 900 mm the
cartons can even be over 50 kg. Each profile is fitted with sliding pusher shoes
that can be moved from one side of the sorter to the other on the profile.

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These pusher shoes are placed below the sorter bed so that they push the
cartons to the right point from the sorter bed to the appropriate target line. The
number of pusher shoes used varies according to the carton dimensions,
resulting in very small gaps between the cartons plus very high performance

Thanks to its positive divert technology NATRIX is a completely reliable
sortation system for a wide variety of products. It’s also extremely quiet as its
highly sophisticated construction reduces noise emissions to a very low level.

Embedded In a Powerful Conveyor and Storage System

These high performance sorters embedded in a sophisticated modular
system, comprising carton conveyor systems plus automated carton storage
systems, offer the ideal system for extremely dynamic applications. And this,
essentially, reflects the TGW Group’s main business philosophy: always
provide a performance and price optimised integrated system designed to
meet the customer’s special requirements.


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TGW’s high performance sliding shoe sorter NATRIX handles a wide variety of
products in dimensions up to 1,500 x 900 mm.

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TGW-ERMANCO’s NBS® Turbo™ Sortation System sorts up to 12,000
cartons per hour.

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The patent pending WAVE™ technology allows for very small gaps between
the cartons, which leads to a high performance of the system.

Editor Notes

Since 1969 TGW Logistics Group have been implementing internal logistics
solutions from small conveyor plants through to complex, high performance
distribution centres. Solutions include design, system integration and support,
software, controls, tote & carton conveyors, pallet conveyors, AS/RS and
lifetime service. A new UK office for TGW Limited based in Market
Harborough opened in 2007. The group’s headquarters is in Wels, Austria,
and is the centre for development of new products and the production of
TGW’s systems.

Company Contact:

Philip Steeds, Sales Director, TGW Limited             Tel: 01858 468855

PR Contact:

Ross Matthews / Lloyd Arkill             Tel: 01923 770 455   Mob: 07711 347 701

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