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									            Why use Peers?
• Empathy & insider knowledge & experience
• Enabling & creating responsibility
• Promoting positive change through positive role
• Engaging the hardest to reach clients
• Increasing Development & Employability – “The
  Multiplier Effect”.
• More Offenders Accessing More Services
     NVQ Level 3 in Advice &
• 12 Taught Sessions “Learning to Advise”
• 1:1 Ongoing Support & Assessment
• Real work providing evidence for NVQ portfolios
  for 4 – 6 months
• Established, proven monitoring and evaluation
  system systems
• Recognised accreditation – City & Guilds.
• Quality Framework provided by NVQ process.
Why a PeerThrough the Gates
 • All the work, education etc. provided in prison
   can be lost on release
 • Services are typically prison or community
 • Clients fall through the gaps
 • An ex-offender, who has been there,
    Through The Gate – Typical tasks
• Pre-release housing assessment on the wing
• Meet at gates – avoid the pitfalls
• Find accommodation
• Get to pre arranged Benefits appointment
• Link with specialist support- Mental Health
  services, drug & alcohol agencies
• Refer to ETE support
             Through the Gates
• 2008 2009 - Scaled up to 14 London Boroughs
• Over 1600 referrals in 16 months
• 1200 positive housing outcomes
• Service evaluation by Frontier Economics demonstrated
  40% reduction in re-offending rate of cohort
• Every £1 invested = minimum £10 saved
• Is more proof needed?
The Proof
       What are we doing in Peterborough?
                 Key Facts                                                                                     The pilot
The first Social Impact Bond pilot has been                          The six-year Social Impact Bond (SIB) began in August 2010.
launched with the Ministry of Justice.                               Interventions
It is aimed at reducing re-offending.                                • The individuals will receive a range of intensive interventions
                                                                       from different service providers, both in prison and following
It will work with around 3,000 short term                              release.
male offenders (those serving less than 12                           Outcomes
months) from Peterborough prison.                                    • The conviction levels among the target population are
                                                                       compared to a matched cohort taken from the Police National
                                                                     • If convictions are reduced by more than a set amount the
          Peterborough Prison                                          investors are paid a return.
                                                                     • £5m is being raised from investors.
                                                                     • Initial investors will be socially-motivated, primarily charitable
                                                                       trusts and foundations.
                                                                     Investor Returns
                                                                     • The maximum financial return to investors is capped.
                                                                     • If the services are unsuccessful, the original investment is not


                           Social Finance is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FSA No: 497568
     Like a Broadway Musical
• The investors have to be convinced by the
• The investors pay for the show
• The actors/ writers/ producers get paid
• If the show is good the actors get more
  work and the investors get their money
  back with interest
• If it is a flop, the investors lose their money
  and the actors struggle to find new work…
               The Players
•   The Investors – the angels
•   Social Finance – the producers
•   St Giles, Ormiston, others – the actors
•   MOJ and the Big Lottery – the audience
             The Investors
• Charitable Trusts
• Wealthy individuals
  In the future
• Pension and Hedge funds
• Anyone buying a single bond
       MOJ & The Big Lottery
• Underwriting the bonds
• Will pay out if re offending of the cohort is
  reduced by a minimum amount.
• Eventually hope for a justice reinvestment
  kickback that will reduce the resources
  need for firefighting and move them
  upstream to do prevention
     Where do St Giles fit in?
• First agency involved
• Helped mould the project
• Delivering the „through the gates‟ element
  of the service
• Ormiston delivering family support
          The Peterborough
• NVQ 3 in IAG in the prison
• Through the gates workers
• Other agencies in the community and
  volunteers to help keep people out of
  trouble for 12 months after release
• Lots of analysis
       Benefits for providers

• Up front funding
• Longer term funding
• A flexible „what works‟ approach
• The chance to influence the spec and the
  metric (the thing you count)
• The opportunity to deliver the services that
  you think matter and work
Evaluations: ICPR, TTG, Frontier Economics -

Social Finance -

St Giles Trust –
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