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									                                                 Satilla Community Services
                        FEES                Funded by the Department of Behavioral Health
                                                   and Developmental Disabilities
   Satilla Community Services accepts the

    Private pay
    Peachcare
    Medicaid
    Medicare
    Insurance

Form# 136 Revised 09/07, 03/08, 03/11

                                                     Women on the Rise

                                            Long-term Ready for Work (7-12 months)
                                             Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
                                                 for Women and their Children

                A Division Of
        Satilla Community Services
              852 Tiffany Lane
           Waycross, GA 31503
             Phone: 912-449-7860
                                             Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton,
              Fax: 912-449-7075
                                            Clinch, Coffee, Pierce, & Ware Counties
Garden Gate is an ASAM level III.5            3. Gender specific substance abuse             presence and effects of addiction in their
Residential Program. The defining                treatment and other therapeutic             lives, as well as enhancing treatment
characteristic of the program is to serve        interventions for the women include a       acceptance and motivation, preventing
women in need by providing a safe and            variety of issues, some of which are        continued use or relapse and promoting
structured living environment where they         relationships, sexual and physical          eventual reintegration of the individual into
can develop sufficient recovery and life         abuse, HIV and STD Prevention               the community.
skills. Therapeutic activities are               Education, parenting and child care,
conducted on-site daily and residents are        trauma and mental health issues.
supervised 24 hours a day. The purpose of                                                    Phase III
this program is to assist women in            4. Therapeutic interventions for               Interpersonal and community living skills
developing their recovery by making              children in custody of women in             generally are promoted. Treatment is
healthy lifestyle changes.                       treatment, which may, among other           directed toward applying recovery skills,
                                                 things, address their developmental         preventing relapse, promoting personal
Garden Gate works in collaboration with          needs, their issues of sexual and           responsibility and reintegrating the resident
the local Department of Family and               physical abuse, and/or neglect, and         into the worlds of work, education and
Children Services, Probation and Parole,         drug awareness/prevention.                  family life.
DOL, and other agencies involved in
meeting women’s treatment needs.              5. Sufficient case management and
                                                 transportation to ensure that women                       ELIGIBILITY
The average length of stay is seven (7) to       and their children have access to
twelve (12) months. Some women require           services provided.                             Substance abuse must be a real barrier
a longer length of stay, depending on the                                                        to employability
severity of their treatment needs and
circumstances.                                                                                  Women should have no cognitive
                                                    THREE PHASES OF THE                          and/or intellectual impairments which
The program treats the family as a unit and              PROGRAM                                 will prevent them from participating in
therefore admits both women and their                                                            and benefiting from the recommended
children (up to age 13) into treatment                                                           level of care (i.e. I.Q. greater than or
services. Garden Gate will provide or         Phase I                                            equal to 70) and should not be
arrange for the provision of the following    Phase one is designed to address significant       diagnosed with chronic mental illness.
services to pregnant women and women          problems with living skills.
with dependent children.                                                                        Detoxification needs must be met prior
                                              Treatment is specific to maintaining               to entry into the program.
                                              abstinence and preventing relapse but also
1. Primary medical care for the women,        vigorously promotes personal responsibility       Women must be medically stable
   including referral for prenatal care and   and positive character change.
   while the women are receiving such                                                           Highest priority is given to women
   services childcare will be arranged.                                                          with the least lifetime T.A.N.F.
                                              Phase II                                           eligibility and pregnant women.
2. Primary pediatric care, including          Treatment of such consumers is directed
   immunizations for their children.          toward overcoming their denial of the

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