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Plekhanov Academy
In February 2007 the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics will celebrate its 100th anniversary.
It was founded as the first Russian commercial school, financed by the private capital of Russian
merchants in 1907.

For more information about its history you should visit the Plekhanov museum of Russian
Entrepreneurship. (Building 1 on the campus)

The Academy offers various undergraduate and graduate programmes in a wide range of subjects
from econometrics and computer science to public catering and hotel management. The Plekhanov
Academy started the process of internationalisation quite early and has many partner schools in
different parts of the world. Statistics show that employment opportunities for foreign students who
completed their exchange studies here are much greater.

The Plekhanov Academy is fortunate to have its campus in the very centre of Moscow, half an hour's
walk from the Kremlin. The campus includes four buildings each with classrooms, offices and
laboratories, a club and a students' dormitory, which is only 5 minutes' walk away from the other
buildings of the Academy. Nearly all administrative offices, the library, information centre and the
International office are located in the building number 3 of the Academy.

The nearest Metro station is Serpukhovskaya (grey line), which is only 2 minutes' walk away from the
main building (# 3)

Semester dates are:
I semester: September 1 - January 25

II semester: February 8 - June 30

Christmas holidays are from December 31st to 8th January.

Other National holidays are: February 23 - The Defender's of the Motherland Day, March 8 -
International Women's Day, May 1,2 - Workers' Days, May 9 - Victory Day, June 12 - Independence
Day, November 7 - Day of Agreement and Reconciliation, December 12 - Constitution Day.

Student life
With almost 12,000 students the Plekhanov Academy has lots of opportunities for making friends and
socialising. Just check the information board and ask the Russian students when there is a party or
any other event you are interested to attend. Don't forget you will be living in Moscow with its world
famous theatres, art galleries, concert halls, and night-clubs and discos.

Accommodation and living expenses
Generally all international students, both full-time and exchange are accommodated in the dormitory of
the Academy. The dormitory is situated 3 minutes' walk from the main building. If you accept this
option you will live in a single or double furnished room and share a bathroom and toilet with two other
students. Students are provided with bed linen. Students share the kitchen facilities including an oven
and fridge.
Rent is paid on a monthly basis, no deposit is needed. Single rooms - $200 per month, double room -
$130 per month per person. (There are a limited number of single rooms and therefore these cannot
always be guaranteed.)
Average living expenses are about $400-500 per month, including accommodation. Meals vary from
$2 to $7 per meal (depending on place). Hot and cold snacks can be bought in the Academy on each

Visa Requirements and Application
We need the following personal information from in-coming students in order to enrol them in our study
program and to apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their official visa invitation.
· full name

· date of birth

· sex

· citizenship

· passport number

· expiry date

· 1 photocopy of passport

· the city in their country where they will apply to the Russian Consulate for their visa

· the name and address of their home University

· the semester(s) they are going to study

· Whether studying for Double Degree

· Transcripts of records from the home University

· If accommodation required in the dormitory preference for single or double room?

· How many hours of Russian language required.

Exchange Application Deadlines:
Fall term - May 15
Spring Term - November 30

When we have all the above information we apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who issue an
official invitation. This is sent to the Russian Consulate in the city where you are applying for your visa.
We inform you of the date when you can apply to the Consulate (this will be no earlier than one month
before your actual arrival because the entry visa is valid for 1 month). When applying for the visa you
should have:

· National passport

· 3 photos

· Insurance policy

· AIDS certificate

When you receive your visa always check that the dates and information are correct. You should ask
the Plekhanov International Office which date you are allowed to enter the country. Do not buy your
ticket before you have this information!

Students are recommended to arrive 2 or 3 days before the semester starts.

As soon you have bought your ticket you are requested to inform Plekhanov International Centre of the
date and flight/train number. This is so that we can arrange for you to be picked up at the
airport/railway station.
The cost of this service is around $20 per trip from the airport and $10 per trip from the train station,
paid on arrival at the International Office.

During the first days of each semester we hold an orientation meeting for you together with Russian
students from the Students' Council. Russian students will show you around and help you become
familiar with Moscow life

Contact Address
Natalia B. Kapotina

International Coordinator for Foreign Students

University website:

General Information about Moscow:

For information about Visa visit of Consular Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation:

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