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									Potential Funding Sources for Community Growing

Environment Wales
Support voluntary action, which protects and improves the environment, and contributes to
sustainable development. There are five grant schemes available:
The Climate Change Grant Fund is a small grants fund intended to encourage and stimulate
small actions and exploratory work by any third sector organisation in Wales that has not
previously engaged in the climate change agenda. The maximum grant available is £2,000.
closing date is 1 March 2010.
Pre-project Grants – For specialist help, such as feasibility studies, business plans and
community appraisals (£500 to £4,000).
Start-up grants – Available for costs incurred in establishing new voluntary or community groups
and developing a project ready for registration (£1,000).
Project Grants – For funding project materials, tools and equipment (£10,000).
Management Grants - For new project-related posts (£1,000 to £11,000).
Training Grants – Available to assist project staff or volunteers with training costs (including
travel expenses for courses) (£400).

Tidy Towns (Keep Wales Tidy) Funding, training and support available for community groups
wanting to regenerate their local area. Contact; 029 2072 6994 or email to find out who your local Tidy Towns Officer is.

Big Lottery Fund
Current funding streams include
    Life skills - The Life Skills project has approximately £14million available to deliver
       services throughout Wales that will support targeted groups of economically inactive
       people to engage or re-engage with education, learning, volunteering and employment.
    People & Places -. We will support local and regional projects throughout Wales that
       focus on revitalising communities improving community relationships, or enhancing local
       environments, community services and buildings. We will fund capital and revenue
       projects that encourage co-ordinated action by people who want to make their
       communities better places to live. N.B. The programme will remain open for
       applications until mid-2011. The current programme will be reviewed and will be
       followed by a new People and Places programme in 2011. The successor programme will
       build on the success of the existing People and Places and as a result is likely to have
       many similarities.
    Awards for All - Grants of between £500 and £5,000 for small grants to help your
       community project.
    Secret Millionaire Fund
    Community Asset Transfer Fund (BLF & WAG) to enable communities to have more
       control and influence over their future development. Through the transfer of assets from
       public organisations. (N.B. Could include land for community growing as a community

Heritage Lottery Fund - (N.B. Orchards & walled gardens could be regarded as
heritage) /
Your Heritage provides grants of between £3,000 and £50,000 to support projects that relate to
the local, regional or national heritage of the UK. Applications are welcomed from projects that
help people to learn about, look after and celebrate heritage in a fun and enjoyable way.
Heritage Grants - Grants of £50,000 or more are available for projects which seek to conserve
and enhance local heritage
Young Roots - Providing grants of between £3,000 and £25,000, the Young Roots Programme
aims to involve 13-25 year-olds in finding out about their heritage, developing skills, building
confidence and promoting community involvement. “Heritage includes…wildlife, including special
habitats and species…”
eaga Community Fund – The Community Foundation Wales support community organisations
as they seek to tackle at a local level the social and environmental issues support projects that
educate, raise awareness and demonstrate engagement in addressing environmental issues at a
grass roots level in Wales. Grants of up to £2000. tel: 02920 520250

The Tudor Trust
Grants available for grassroots organisations embedded in the community that are providing a
direct service for marginalised people. Looking to fund projects that build stronger communities by
overcoming isolation, encourage higher use of involvement and address problems in an
imaginative way. Check out

Russell Commission Youth Volunteering Grants

Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust
Funding available for environmental and community projects.

The Waterloo Foundation
Grants to local groups that are small in size and detailed in focus. Their “main drive is to support
the community in which we work and live”, within themes of environment, (particularly in view of
the heavy exploitation of the Welsh landscape), relief of poverty, child development.

Sustainable Development Fund is administered by National Parks and Areas of Outstanding
Natural Beauty (see below). It supports a wide range of projects relating to sustainable
development and seeks to encourage communities to find more sustainable ways of living.
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Splash – the Water Recreation Challenge Fund for Wales
The Welsh Assembly Government is offering up to 100% grants to projects (large and small)
which help people to enjoy the waters of Wales. Minimum grant = £5,000. The emphasis will be
on supporting new capital and other works improving bankside facilities, signage, off road parking,
etc. This can also include facilities designed to meet the needs of disabled people. All projects
should help promote sustainable and responsible access.

Sports Council Wales: Doorstep Outdoors
The Sports Council Wales „Doorstep Outdoors‟ programme seeks to provide advice and financial
assistance to improve access to a broad range of outdoor activities. The programme is flexible
and able to fund a variety of costs for a variety of out-door activities, as well as offering guidance
and support. Further information can be found at: www.sports-council-

Communities First Trust Fund
The Communities First Trust Fund (CFTF) aims to support any type of activity that involves local
people, through small community organisations, that benefits their community. Applications are
welcome from a range of community projects including music and the arts. The activities must
provide some measure of economic, environmental, social or cultural benefit for people living in
a Communities First area. A list of the eligible areas is available by contacting the Communities
First Helpline Tel: 0800 587 8898 Email: There is no minimum amount but
£5,000 is the maximum you can apply for. The closing date for applications is Friday 29 January

Cadw: Rural Regeneration Grant
Cadw can offer a grant towards repairing a building in the countryside in order to make it suitable
for a previous use or convert it for a new use. The building must be: listed; 'at risk'; in the
countryside or a village of 500 inhabitants or less. The grant is available to trusts, charities, public
bodies, individuals, or businesses. This scheme is for buildings of any type, including agricultural,
industrial, religious, domestic, and commercial.

Cadw: 'Spring Clean' grants for places of worship
The 'Spring Clean' grants scheme offers assistance for the maintenance of listed places of
worship in Wales. A grant of a maximum of £500 per building is available for a range of minor
repairs – for example, cleaning rain water gutters and downpipes or securing slipped roof slates -
which are necessary to keep places of worship in good order. Applications will be accepted until
31 August 2009, or when the budget is exhausted. The budget for 2009-10 is £100,000. Grants
must be claimed by 31/12/2009.

The Wakeham Trust
Grants of up to £750 for community projects, prefer to fund small projects which are unable to
obtain funds elsewhere. Applicants must be a registered charity, or work with a charity which is
able to accept funds on the behalf of the applicant. For further details please visit

Trusthouse Charitable Trust
Offer small and large grants in areas of Community Support, Arts & Education, Disability &

The Naturesave Trust financially assist those projects that deal with the root of a specific
environmental and/or conservationist problem and those that encourage the greater commercial
adoption of sustainable development. There are no deadlines for applications, which are dealt
with on a 'rolling' basis, and the funding available for projects ranges from £100 to £10,000, with
the average grant being around £2,000

Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Funding only applicable in the identified priority wards, these include; Carms, Swansea, RCT,
NPT, Bridgend, RCT, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Blaneau Gwent, Torfaen, Flintshire & Wrexham.
Check out us/Wales

The Jephcott Charitable Trust
One of the Jephcott Trust‟s funding priorities is „the natural environment‟. The Trust gives priority
to one-off payments to projects that are experiencing difficulty in getting started or obtaining
funding elsewhere. Grants are typically between £2,000-£10,000. For further details

BBC Children in Need Small Grants Programme
For projects intending to make a positive difference to children and young people who are
seriously disadvantaged or in need (e.g. distress, neglect, disabilities, behavioural or
psychological problems, severe poverty or deprivation). For further info, check out

Esmee Fairburn Foundation
Main interest to fund projects that address a gap in existing provision, develop, strengthen good
practice, challenge convention, test out new ideas, enterprising approach, set to influence policy
or change behaviour.

The Woodland Trust
Grants available for community tree planting initiatives. Check out

The Co-operative Community Fund
Grants from £100 - £2000 available to small local community groups
Comic Relief’s Disadvantaged Community Programme
Funding for small scale regeneration projects

Healthy Hearts Grants

Green Prints A partnership of five of the country‟s leading not-for-profit organisations have come
together to provide support and funding to help young people improve green spaces in our

The Ashden Trust
Focusing on climate change, sustainable development and improving the quality of life in poorer
communities. UK environmental projects; sustainable regeneration; people at risk; community
arts; social investment.

Yapp Charitable Trust Small grants available to cover running costs and salaries to help groups
sustain their work.

Co-operative Foundation Community Support Programme (Wrexham only)

Community Foundation Wales Grants available for community projects that aim to make a real
difference to the lives of people in most need.

Lloydstsb Foundation
Funding available to help disadvantaged people take a fuller role in the community.

Ernest Cook Trust
Grants available for the education of the countryside and rural environment.

Asda Foundation Trust supports local good causes chosen by employees and is funded by
profits from the mid-week national lottery

One Planet – B&Q grants - offering grants to motivated community groups around themes of
saving energy, conserving nature, local culture and heritage and grow your own.

The Hedley Foundation
Grants available for projects that focus on young people.

Landfill Communities Fund (formerly Landfill Tax Credits) – typically benefit projects close to
landfill sites. Landfill operators pay tax to use the site. Part of the tax is then distributed to
beneficiaries who then distribute the funds to applicants.

Environment and Countryside funding from the Welsh Assembly Government
The Welsh Assembly Government funds several schemes that benefit Wales‟ environment and
 Payments to farmers under the EU Common Agricultural Policy, such as the Single Payment
   Scheme and the Tir Cymru programme, which covers Tir Cynnal, Tir Gofal and Tir Mynydd.
 Food Processing and Marketing Grants to help farmers to branch away from core agriculture
   into other industries.
  Grant programmes run by Forestry Commission Wales. These are aimed at helping farmers
   develop woodland enterprises, the Woodland Grant Scheme and Better Woodlands for Wales
   Grant scheme.
The Sustainable Development Fund

Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) – Guidance on applying for funding
WEFO operates an open call for project proposals from the public, private and third sectors –
encouraging them to bring forward projects that can deliver on the aims and objectives of the
programmes. Advice and guidance on how your organisation can benefit from European funding
is available by contacting the WEFO Helpline on tel: 0845 010 3355 or email: enquiries-

Sustainable Funding Cymru
Training for organisations to develop a sustainable funding plan and provide advice on trading,
accessing funding, contracts, service agreements and loan finance.

WCVA & Local Voluntary Services– to find out what local funding sources may be available to
you. Contact WCVA on 0800 2888 329 or text 07797 805628 or email .

Local Authority – Contact your local Council to enquire if there are any grants available for
community regeneration, enhancing biodiversity or environmental improvments

Loan Finance (N.B. Contact Sustainable Funding Cymru for advice on loan finance)
   - Communities Investment Fund offer flexible loans up to £250,000 and grants up to
      £20,000. Contact; enquiries@communities
   - Unity Trust Bank offer Communities Asset Transfer Loans etc.
   - Charity Bank offer loans from £5,000 up to £500,000.

Procurement & Tendering
For information on procurement, tendering and trading (including Engagement Gateway & ILM
(Intermediate Labour Market schemes) for third sector, visit or email and

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