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					                                          Volume 1        |   Issue 4     |      OctOber 20 09

                                  Why Don’t Children Tell?
                                                                                    while Kayla was having a sleep-over at
                                                                                    Susan’s house, Kayla woke up to Uncle
                                                                                    Joe’s hand inside her panties. She was
                                                                                    frozen with fear and couldn’t move or make
                                                                                    a sound. Kayla was too afraid and
                                                                                    ashamed to tell anyone. Every time Susan
                                                                                    asked her to her house, she made up
October Tastings                                                                    excuses as to why she couldn’t come.
for a Cause at
                                                                                    There is only approximately a 10% chance
Whole Foods
                                                                                    that Kayla would ever tell anyone about the
Market to Benefit
                                                                                    abuse that happened to her. Why don’t
Foothills Child
                                                                                    children tell?
Advocacy Center
                                                                                    • Often times they seek to protect familiar
This October, Foothills will
                                                                                      perpetrators, especially family members.

be the beneficiary of the                 hen 8 year old Kayla would visit the
Whole Foods Market’s 5 @                  home of her best friend, Susan,           • They yield to the offenders request for
5 Wine Tasting program            Susan’s Uncle Joe, who also lived in the            secrecy.
known as Tastings for a
                                  house, took an interest in her. He would          • They assume responsibility and blame
Cause. Each Friday from 5
                                  make comments about what she was                    themselves.
PM to 7 PM, Whole Foods
                                  wearing or how beautiful her hair was.
customers are able to taste                                                         • They feel ashamed and embarrassed.
                                  Uncle Joe would always volunteer to watch
five different wines paired                                                         • They fear threatened or imagined
with healthy dishes. For          the girls if Susan’s mother had to go
                                  somewhere. He would also volunteer to               negative outcomes.
only $5.00, each customer
will be able to proceed to        take the two girls to the mall or the movie       If Kayla told a mandated reporter such as
five stations throughout the      theater, and he would always buy them             a teacher, counselor or doctor, by Virginia
store, each with a different      both a little something. One time, while at       law, they would have to report the abuse
wine and complementary            a gas station, Susan had to go to the             to the authorities. If she told her parent,
dish. All of the money            restroom, and Kayla and Uncle Joe were            neighbor or friend, they would not have to
collected at the Fridays 5 @      left alone in the car. Uncle Joe put his          report the abuse. Statistics show that
5 wine tastings in October will   hand on Kayla upper thigh and commented,          even when a child tells, oftentimes the
be donated to FCAC.               “You are going to drive all the boys crazy        abuse is never reported to law enforcement
Friday, October 2, 9, 16,         when you get a little older.” Kayla felt          or Child Protective Services. If the abuse
and 23 at 5:00 PM
                                  uncomfortable and embarrassed, but didn’t         was reported to the authorities, Kayla would
Our thanks to the Junior
                                  want to say anything, because she was             come to the Foothills Child Advocacy Center
League of Charlottesville for
providing the volunteers to       afraid her mother wouldn’t let her go over        for a forensic interview, and she and her
serve at this event.              to Susan’s house any more. One night,             family would receive the help they need.

 Foothills Child Advocacy Center • 1000 E. High Street, Suite A • Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 • www.foothillscac.org
Meet the Board of Directors (second in a series)
                                        A    s a Pediatrician, Dr. Rob Trundle,
                                             a founding Board member, knows
                                        that Foothills Child Advocacy Center
                                                                                    decided that he would better serve the
                                                                                    community by becoming a physician.
                                                                                    He spent a year taking the prerequisite
                                        offers physicians “a lot of peace of mind   science courses at Virginia
                                        knowing that there are experts in the       Commonwealth University, before
                                        community who conduct assessments           enrolling at the University of Virginia
                                        for child victims in a supportive, calm,    Medical School, where he also
                                        quiet, and child-friendly place.” Rob       completed his residency. Rob studied
          Dr. Rob Trundle               is a partner at Pediatric Associates, a     with Dr. Kent Hymel, a renowned expert
                                        practice that places a strong emphasis      in child abuse and victimization. This
                                        on service to the community, and his        sparked Rob’s interest in protecting
  Current Board of                      enthusiastic participation on our Board     children, which is manifested in his
  Directors and Staff                   as secretary personifies that value.        commitment to Foothills.
  Chair: Shelly Jackson
                                        In addition to his medical expertise,       Rob and his wife, Sarah, are the proud
  Vice Chair: Kim Vierbuchen
                                        Rob brings a variety of life experiences    parents of two girls and a boy. In his
  Secretary: Rob Trundle
                                        to the Foothills Board. A Virginia Beach    little spare time, Rob enjoys white water
  Treasurer: Gretchen Ellis
                                        native, he is a graduate of Dartmouth       kayaking, coaching his children’s soccer
  At Large: Judy Randle
                                        College, where he majored in Spanish        teams, and photography. Rob
  Director: Dave Chapman
                                        and Psychology. He spent his junior         describes Foothills as “a great
  Director: Liz Ramirez-Weaver
                                        year working with refugees in San           organization, small and lean, providing
  Director: Martha Campbell
                                        Francisco’s Mission District. He also       a much needed service.” He hopes to
  Director: John Walenten
                                        lived in Salamanca, Spain and then          provide an example by giving time and
  Program Coordinator: Jennifer Kline
                                        taught high school Spanish for four         financial resources to this unique and
  Office Administrator: Jane Tirrell
                                        years in Newport News. Then he              much needed cause.

Foothills Makes a Move

F   oothills Child Advocacy Center
    (FCAC) has moved from their
location on 10th Street into a newly
                                        of our multidisciplinary team
                                        members to whom we refer children
                                        for counseling. FCAC leases two
                                                                                       Our new location continues to
                                                                                       provide a comfortable, private,
renovated building with Children        offices, an observation room, and an               child-friendly setting that
Youth, and Family Services (CYFS) at    interview room from CYFS and                   provides a safe space for child
1000 E. High Street. The Board of       shares the waiting room, conference              victims of abuse and assault
Directors and staff are very excited    room, bathrooms, and kitchen. The               to talk about what happened.
about the new space and with being      arrangement is working very well for             Please come by and see us.
located in the same location as one     both agencies.

Foothills Child Advocacy Center • 1000 E. High Street, Suite A • Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 • www.foothillscac.org
The Facts About                                      What is a Multidisciplinary Team?
Sex Offenders
Who sexually abuses
                                                     A     functioning and effective
                                                           multidisciplinary team (MDT) is
                                                     the foundation of a Child Advocacy
                                                                                                MDT interventions, particularly when
                                                                                                provided in a neutral, child-focused
                                                                                                CAC setting, are associated with
children?                                            Center (CAC). An MDT is a group of         less anxiety, fewer interviews,
• In as many as 93 percent of child                  professionals who represent various        increased support, and more
  sexual cases, the child knows the                  disciplines and work collaboratively       appropriate and timely referrals for
  person that commits the abuse.                     from the point of report to assure the     needed services.
                                                     most effective coordinated response
• Up to 50 percent of those who                                                                 The Foothills MDT was formed in
                                                     possible for every child. A coordinated,
  sexually abuse children are under                                                             2004, and has been growing ever
                                                     MDT approach facilitates efficient
  the age of 18.                                                                                since. We now have representatives
                                                     gathering and sharing of information,
                                                                                                from fourteen agencies on the MDT.
• 88% of cases of child sexual abuse                 broadens the knowledge base with
                                                                                                Representatives from agencies on the
  are never reported to the authorities.             which decisions are made by
                                                                                                Charlottesville/Albemarle MDT
(Hanson, R.F., Resnick, H.S., Saunders, B.E.,        including information from many
Kilpatrick. D. G., and Best, C. Factors related to                                              include Charlottesville and Albemarle
the reporting of childhood sexual assault. Child     sources, and improves
                                                                                                Police Departments, Departments of
Abuse and Neglect, 1999, 23,559-569).                communication among agencies.
                                                                                                Social Services, Victim/Witness and
                                                     From each agency’s perspective,
                                                                                                Commonwealth Attorney’s Offices,
FCAC Statistics                                      there are also benefits to working on
                                                                                                Piedmont Court Appointed Special
from 2008                                            an MDT. More thorough and shared
                                                     information, improved and timely
                                                                                                Advocates (CASA), Children, Youth
                                                                                                and Family Services (CYFS), Sexual
Sexual abuse suspect’s                               evidence gathering, and the
                                                                                                Assault Resource Agency (SARA),
relationships to their                               involvement of the prosecutor from
                                                                                                Region Ten, UVA Sexual Assault
                                                     the beginning stages of the case
victims                                                                                         Nurse Examiners (SANE), and
                                                     may contribute to a more successful
Brother                                       9                                                 Foothills CAC. The MDT members
                                                     outcome. An MDT response also
                                                                                                meet once a month to review the
Cousin                                        6      fosters needed education, support
                                                                                                open cases of child sexual abuse and
Father                                       13      and treatment for children and
                                                                                                severe physical abuse. Seven MDT
                                                     families that may enhance their
Grandfather                                   1                                                 members are trained child forensic
                                                     willingness to participate and their
Mother                                        8      ability to be effective witnesses.
Mother’s boyfriend                            9
Neighbor                                      3
Other known person                           47
                                                         A Gift From BAMA Works Helps Foothills Expand
                                                         Services to Outlying Counties
Step-brother                                  1
                                                         On June 1, 2009, the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Step-father                                   4
                                                         (CACF) Governing Board awarded Foothills Child Advocacy Center a
Stranger                                      1          $5,000 Bama Works Fund grant as recommended by Dave Matthews
Uncle                                         3          Band in support of non-profits in the Community.

Unknown                                       1          The $5,000 grant will be used to expand forensic interview services to
                                                         victims of child abuse who live in areas surrounding Charlottesville/
Total                                       106
                                                         Albemarle, which presently do not have access to other Child
31 offenders were under
                                                         Advocacy Centers.
18 years of age.

 Foothills Child Advocacy Center • 1000 E. High Street, Suite A • Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 • www.foothillscac.org
     Our Mission
     Foothills Child Advocacy
     Center will provide a
     system where intervention
                                       Please choose to support the Foothills Child Advocacy Center
     and prosecution in cases
                                       Donor Name: _______________________________________________________
     of child abuse/neglect
                                       Address: ___________________________________________________________
     and victimization are
                                       City: __________________________ State: ________ Zip: ________________
     well-coordinated and
                                       Phone: ___________________________ Email: ___________________________
     effective in a child and
                                       My gift to the Foothills Child Advocacy Center: $________________
     family friendly environment
                                       My check/cash is enclosed
     which is as non-traumatic
                                       (Please make check payable to Foothills Child Advocacy Center).
     to children as possible
                                       I would like my gift to remain anonymous: ________________
     and which contributes
                                       The Foothills Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
     to prevention of child
                                       All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
     victimization and the
     safety of all children.
                                                       Please visit us at www.foothillscac.org
                                               Site provided by Cold Spring Design (www.Coldspringdesign.com)

                                                                                                  • Make a donation.

                                                                                  • Get involved with Foothills CAC.

                                                                                       • Honor and respect children.

                                                                                               call (434) 971-7233.
                                                                                to your children about child abuse
                                                                                  more information on how to talk
                                                                                    voices to speak for them. For
                                                                                at an alarming rate and need adult
                                                                                 continue to be abused/victimized
                                                                                  • Talk about child abuse. Children

                                                                                              Prevention Program.
                                                                                    attending Stewards of Children
                                                Phone: (434) 971-7233
                                                                                  child abuse and victimization by
                                        Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
                                                                                  community about the realities of
                                        1000 E. High Street, Suite A
                                   Foothills Child Advocacy Center                      • Educate yourself and your

                                                                                       • Do not tolerate child abuse.
Charlottesville, VA
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