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					                                    LMS COMMITTEE MEETING
                                          July 11, 2006


        Brad Hattaway, Escambia County Emergency Management
        George Eckes, Pensacola Beach Leaseholders
        Larry Maltby, United Cerebral Palsey of NW FL
        Nancy Whitman, Phoenix Architectural
        Millard Adams, American Red Cross
        Steve Mraz, Escambia County School District
        Tim Haag, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
        Priscilla Gomez, BRACE
        Greg Smith, United Way
        Greg Strader, BRACE
        Don Kelly, City of Pensacola
        Yvonne Warthen, Salvation Army
        Gerald Coggin, Jr., FEMA
        Kristina Robison, Covenant Hospice
        Miles Anderson, Rebuild NW Florida
        Garrett W. Walton, Rebuild NW Florida
        Bruce Stitt, West Florida Regional Planning Council/Century
        George Rogers, University of Florida Extension
        Jamie Cochran, Lutheran Services
        Dave Marnell, Perdido Chamber
        Stephania Wilson

On minutes from May 16th, change the motion in the 4th paragraph to strike through “it’s consistent
with…” and just keep it Motion for approval of the letter. Question asked about the 2005 planning
monies…, that was corrected on the other minutes. Motion to approve the May 16th minutes as
amended. – Seconded – APPROVED

Project Review and Ranking Technical Support Group – New project for Rebuild NW Florida. Brad said
right now there were only 4 people on the previous list that attended. Miles Anderson said it’s the same
project, same scope of work up to $5,000. There is nothing different, it’s going for a different pot of
money. 60,000 + applicants will be submitted. This is a Tier 1 applicant since we were declared in that
disaster, which gives them priorities in Tier II, plus a priority in Tier III. Brad used the old application
and changed the scores to what we had before with some minor changes and they get 10 more points
because they submitted before the notice of funding was introduced, plus adjusted item #2 and #8 to
match what was scored before. Item #2 – Critical Facility – Rebuild scored 8 points, Committee gave it 0
points. Item #8 – Life expectancy of project – increased by 2 points, which = 6 points. Item tabled by

The task of soliciting Technical Support Group Chairs – no information, will have at next meeting.

George Rogers – gave LMS Group a tour of Windstorm Mitigation building.

Rebuild NW Florida project opened back up for discussion – Brad said the criteria allowed some options
on Item #8 --- 50 years if public building for individuals, 30 years for residential, commercial or office,
Technical Support Group went for 20 years since it was for shutters as a reasonable time frame and it
varies depending on type of shutter and those points are being carried over for this project. Discussion
about FEMA allowing only 15 years for shutters in the
BC, and LMS is not using the BC. George Eckes asked that the recommendation be moved on. $4,289
federal share is what is available for Tier I. HMGP application was submitted, benefit costs were
submitted with application, attendance does meet requirements. Total of 50 points. Does the Board want
to continue receiving the same application under different disaster name with different addresses?
Kristina said yes. Motion the changes to a total score of 50 as mentioned in earlier conversations. –
Seconded – APPROVED with George and Garrett abstaining.

Brad to contact Legal about if someone is associated with a project as a volunteer and a Board member,
do they need to abstain from voting?

Notice about Wilma was sent out last week. HMGP deadline is September 15, 2006, postmarked, need to
set an internal deadline for other applicants to submit. An email notification can be sent to applicants that
have projects currently on the list and give them a deadline if they are interested in submitting for Wilma.
Move for August 15th. – Seconded – APPROVED
The LMS deadline for Wilma application is August 15th, all applicants must complete the required HMGP
application, required benefit cost analysis and the LMS application and email them to Brad Hattaway by
close of business August 15th. August 22nd will be the Technical Support Group, LMS review for Wilma
if there are applications, 2:00 p.m., location to be determined.

Letter received from Eve Rainey, Chief of Bureau of Compliance and Planning and Support requesting
verification the projects submitted. Brad said discussion he had with Hank Erickson is they are trying to
manage their staff, so they are putting it on the locals and asking what disaster do you want to apply
project to? Brad said we want to apply to all disasters. Basically all they are doing is saying they will use
our priority list as provided, will submit more than enough for the amount that is allocated in the first
disaster and that applies to all disasters it is applied for. Kristina said the disaster number is wrong for
Rebuild on the letter. Discussion about sending a letter reiterating the position of the LMS. Motion that
we approve a letter with those two changes (change disaster number for Covenant Hospice and Rebuild
NW Florida). SECONDED – APPROVED. Brad to draft letter explaining changes and send to Kristina
for signature.

RCMP – Notice of funding availability with a deadline of July 14th. Requirements for this competitive
grant, not requiring LMS ranking list or projects, but it does require a support letter from LMS saying you
are on the list. Each applicant can submit 3 applications up to $200,000 each. Suggestion that provide a
Letter of Support for RCMP process at this time, but address at a later date how to handle requests other
than HGMP at a later date. LMS process for those projects outside of the HMGP for those that need to be
on the list, which is they are supposed to provide a grant application for that program, if BC is required, it
is required by LMS, if not then LMS doesn’t need it, and the LMS form is to be completed and must meet
attendance requirements. Motion made to support it and allow the Chairman to sign the letter of
support once the application process is met. Motion withdrawn. Motion to accept the RCMP
application from Rebuild NW Florida for submittal to receive a letter of endorsement in order for
them to make application to the state and submit an LMS request. – SECONDED – APPROVED
Brad will receive a LMS application and a copy of the grant application, once that is in hand, the letter
can be done and given to Kristina for signature.

Brad mentioned that the goal is to promote mitigation.

Kristina said need to remind all applicants when they get their formal contracts from State or FEMA or
anything that has been passed through the LMS, contact Grace, Brad, Kristina or any Board member so
some kind of promotion about LMS can be done.
BRACE is trying to partner with LMS group. Greg Strader said BRACE has extended the offer to
Kristina Robison the opportunity to serve as the Chair for the Mitigation Subcommittee for BRACE and
she has accepted.

Request that as applicants are awarded monies, the make contact with Brad, BRACE or the LMS Board.
Brad ask if the LMS was going to try to do press releases on projects approved or leave up to applicant.
Kristina said should be a coordinated effort. Grace is the PIO with County and on the LMS Public
Awareness Committee and is the primary person.

Projects approved by DCA or FEMA. Contracts have been sent out as follows: Charlie – 56; Francis –
49; Ivan – 6; Jean – 43 at this point statewide.

LMS Goals and Objectives – There are specific tasks that need to be accomplished and will be brought up
at the September meeting. Need more activity in the Technical Support Group. The Plan is on the
internet. George Eckes said the Board should pull out and pick the most important 2 or 3 and assign
responsibility and begin getting the goals taken care of. Greg Strader asked if a member organization
wanted to request a goal be added, what should they do. They should bring it to the Board. Suggestion
made that Board review and mark changes/revisions, then email everybody on them so it can cut down on
length of discussion at next meeting.

Open Forum

Nancy Whitman, Phoenix Architectural introduced herself and offered her assistance to anyone who
needs it.

Next regular meeting – September 19, 2006, Covenant Hospice.

August 15th deadline with tentative meeting of August 22nd, for Technical Support Group, Board and
anyone else that wishes to attend.

Greg Strader explained what BRACE is.

Gerald Coggin, FEMA introduced himself and offered his help.

Grace is promoting the LMS power point presentation. There have been a few presentations made to

Motion to adjourn. Seconded – APPROVED

Meeting adjourned.