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					Marvin Zuckerman (1928-)
      Sensation seeking
       Do you easily get bored?
•   Perhaps you are high in sensation seeking
•   Take an online test to find out
•   How did you come out?
•   What dimensions were high, what
    dimensions were lower?
  Sensation seeking and biology
• Some aspects of sensation seeking may be
  related to some biological characteristics of
  extraversion, to having a nervous system
  that is not very sensitive and thus needs a
  lot of stimulation to stay aroused.
• Introverts, on the other hand have more
  sensitive nervous systems that easily get
  overloaded, and prefer quiet environments.
        Sensation seeking and
• Zuckerman suggests that high sensation
  seekers tend to consider other people mostly
  as an audience or as a source of stimulation.
• If true, this would reflect some immaturity,
  a need to grow in empathy etc.
   Gender and sensation seeking
• It is most likely not true that men are higher in
  sensation seeking than women
• It IS true that men and women show different
  profiles of sensation-seeking.
• Women's strongest sensation seeking mode is that
  of "experience seeking", in which they surpass
• Adventure and thrill seeking, disinhibition and
  boredom susceptibility are higher in men.
     Positives and negatives of
         sensation seeking
• Energy, risk taking, tolerance for stress,
  initiative, confidence are some of the
  strengths of high SS
• Impulsivity, impatience, lack of
  perseverance are some of the down sides of
  high SS, and why they sometimes
• Whether one has a high or low SS
  temperament is probably biological, and
  neither good nor bad
• One just has to learn how to manage this.
  For example, using one's energy in
  constructive ways, understanding oneself.
The end

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