Minutes of Parents' _ Citizens' Meeting by malj


									                      Minutes of Parents’ & Citizens’ Meeting
                  North East Public School of Distance Education
                          10th August, 2007 12:40pm


PRESENT: Fiona TRESIZE; April BELIC; Debby JACKSON (Principal); Robyn CLARKE;
Carabolla Station; Alison CLEAVER (AP Casino); Wayne NEWMAN (Deputy Principal);
Amanda ROSE; Sandra OLLINKOSKI; Joanne FORD.

QUORUM:          Eight financial members present. A quorum is established.


Minutes:         That the minutes of the meeting conducted on May 18 be accepted as a true and
                 accurate record.
Moved:                   Fiona Trezise
Seconded:                Carabolla (Cooper)                                             Carried

Inwards – email from Mary Klazema.        Requesting that P and C meeting be held on a day other
               than Friday.
Outwards      – no outwards correspondence

Business arising from previous meeting:                  nil
Business arising from correspondence:                    moved to general business

President’s Greeting:             Thanks to the outgoing committee & welcome to the incoming
                                  committee. We look forward to another successful year.

Principal’s report:         attached
That the principal’s report be received
Moved:                                    Debby JACKSON
Seconded:                                 Fiona TREZISE                                   Carried

Treasurer’s Report:
To maintain a financial status members are reminded to send in 50c in the students’ lessons.
Motion on notice:
That an invitation to join our NEPSoDE Parents & Citizens' Association & return envelope for
application be included in each enrolment information pack.
Moved:                                                           Fiona TRESIZE
Seconded:                                                        Pauline WYKES
(Secretary to draft the invitation)                              Carried

General Business:
      Mr Newman introduced everyone to our school website. Meeting the timeline, a draft has
       been launched this week and can be accessed by families using the following URL.
     Stuart/Pauline reporting on correspondence with CLI. No progress at this stage. Still our
       intention to lobby the appropriate DET officers to enlist extra support for DE teachers to
       develop materials. Write first to our School Director: Warren BURKE. Draft to be sent to
       members electronically for discussion/endorsement at next meeting.
     Question re day on which meetings are held. Principal explained the reason for selection
       of Friday. Satellite fully booked for delivery of student lessons. Suggested that PnC meet
       following assembly. This is acceptable for the Principal.
    Moved:      That regular Parents and Citizens meeting should be held following assembly
                at 10am.
                                                                     Fiona TRESIZE
    Seconded:                                                        Amanda ROSE
     April Belic requests earlier notice so that teachers programme a 4 day programme to
       coincide with Pupil Free Days.                                Principal supports this request.
                                                                     Staff will be assisted in forming
                                                                     consistency in workloads for

Next meeting scheduled for: 10am Friday Week 4 Term 4 November 2nd.
There being no further business meeting closed 1:20pm

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