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					                                                                                    Shell EP Learning
                                                                                Learning Value Assurance

          Learning Economics Group
    Presentation on 9 Sep 04, 0800 US PDT

Learning Value Assurance Framework–
        An holistic approach to enhancing &
             measuring learning value


                      Mark Daly
           Learning Value Assurance Adviser
            Shell Exploration & Production

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                                                                                                                        Shell EP Learning

 Introduction                                                                                                       Learning Value Assurance

 To input ideas that stimulate discussion regarding an holistic approach to Learning Value Assurance (LVA)

 Teleconference call based around 12 x presentation slides made available to LEG participants prior to the event.

 30 minutes presentation followed by 30 minutes Q&A/discussion.

 Key messages

• Go with but beyond Kirkpatrick’s model
• Clarify meaning and scope
• Talk language and priorities of senior management & stakeholders
• Give the business learning value data it needs
• Build don’t just measure value
• Establish robust guidelines, measures & processes
• Keep measures & processes simple, usable
                                                                                                                                     Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                                                 Learning Value Assurance
  Shell EP Learning & LVA
 LVA role since Aug 03, team since Jan 04

 Based in the EP global learning centre in the Netherlands
                                                                                                Consultancy                     Communication
 Diverse network of L&D Stakeholders:                                                                &              LVA              &
                                                                                                Development        roles          Marketing
 Regional focal points, Skillpool Managers, Discipline Managers, Capability
 Managers, L&D Department Heads, HR, & Business Excellence Leaders,
 Change Managers, Line Managers, individuals…

Purpose: To build, evaluate, report & make recommendations regarding the value of learning to the business

                       Build                                                                              EP Learning

                        LVA                                                                         LVA
   Report                             Measure                                     Faculty x 3                    Innovation &
                        Role                                                                       Team
                                                                                                                 Design Team
                                                                                                                                     & Admin

                    Evaluate                                                                              Competence
                    /Validate                                                                              & Change
                                                                     Shell EP Learning
                                                                 Learning Value Assurance

Need for LVA?

Business Context

• Lots of learning activity, but how much is useful?
• Need to get more out of learning investment
• Competence recognized as key to business success
• Competence Based Progression policy & process
• Regionalization of the business, including L&D
• New technical business processes & technical innovations
• Standardization & simplicity & optimization
• New learning strategy
• Greater focus on developing non-technical skills
• Need to bridge gap between L&D, HR and line

                                                                             Shell EP Learning
                                                                         Learning Value Assurance

   What is LVA?

               On- the-job   Effectiveness

  Resources                                                       Requirements

Learning/KM   Learning           Value             Assurance              Assessment

 Processes                                                         Standards

               Off-the-job      Efficiency           Individual

                                                                                                                       Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                                   Learning Value Assurance
                                                    LVA framework
   Learning value is a function of learning effectiveness and efficiency.

 Learning Effectiveness =                                           Learning efficiency =
 the degree of impact on key competence requirements of             the degree to which optimum use is made of learning
 the business resulting from learning investment & activity.        investment in terms of time, money and effort

     LVA framework consists of a variety of measures, tools, processes, guidelines, and standards focusing on building,
     monitoring, evaluating and reporting learning effectiveness and efficiency.

Value is a relative term – to standards, interests of particular stakeholders, & context. Even where overlaps occur, weighting
of importance of key aspects of value varies.

Principle levels & focus of learning value
• Business - impact of learning on strategic & operational business interests
• Individual- impact on personal interests.

                                                                                                                                  Shell EP Learning

 Stakeholder L&D perspectives – what matters?                                                                                 Learning Value Assurance

               Business perspective                                                     Individual Perspective

• Does the workforce have the competence required to fulfil the business      • What competence standard is required of me - current &
plan?                                                                         future?
• Are robust assessment and assurance processes in place?                     • How is my progression effected?
• Are risks related to competence identified & addressed?                     • Is the process used to assess my competence fair?
• Are business-critical learning needs met?                                   • What are my L&D priorities?
• Is provision appropriate useful?                                            • What L&D provision is available & appropriate for me?
• Is best use made of learning investment in time, money & effort?            • Will I get the time and budget support required to
• Are budget requirements identified and planned for?                         develop?
• Are L&D plans realistic to meet current & future needs?                     • How do I find out more information?
• Do management and staff know what is expected and available?                • Is the course/event nomination and admin process
                                                                              efficient, easy to use?
• Is learning progress and value monitored and reported?
                                                                              • Is top quality training & learning support provided?

                                                                           Shell EP Learning

                     LVA Focus Areas                                   Learning Value Assurance

                  • Extent to which business competence
Provision         needs met
                  • Extent to which team and individual
   Standards      competence needs met
                  • Quality                                   Definition of
     Policy                                                   Requirements
   Guidelines     • Quantity
                  • Costs                                  Needs identification
     Tools                                                    Prioritisation
Learning Events   • Appropriateness
                  • Accessibility                            IDP completion
 Opportunities                                                 IPD Roll up
    Methods       • Availability
                  • Customer & stakeholder satisfaction     L&D planning &
    Delivery                                                    Budgeting
   Resources      • Contribution to positive morale
                                                              Fit with HR&
    Facilities                                              business processes
Administration           Efficiency                            Monitoring
  Information     • Cost optimisation of provision and      Communication
     Advice       providers                                   & marketing
    Support       • Optimisation of resources                   Feedback
   Providers      • Synergy achieved at & between local,      Improvement
      KM          regional & global levels
                  • Administration speed and accuracy
                  • Learning MIS
                  •Responsiveness to customer needs

                                                                                                                             Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                                         Learning Value Assurance
                                             Learning Value Assurance
Skills assessment by the                                                                                                 Skills development
                                                                                                                         in the workplace?
                                                                                                    Applying knowledge
Business Needs                                                                                        in the business?
& Competence                                                                           Knowledge
requirement                                                                            assessment

Individual Competence
                      C              Learning              Learning               Knowledge transfer                Competence
Assessment            B              Needs                 Provision                                                Building

Individual Development
Plans (IDPs)
                                                             Efficiency of

                                                         LVA Role
                                             Effectiveness of learning provision
                               Is learning meeting business and individual competence needs?
                                                                                                                                           Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                                                       Learning Value Assurance
                                                     Fit of LVA Methods & tools
                            Identification of learning needs                             Delivery                            Impact

Regional and Global review Business Needs
with T&OE + SPMs
                           & Competence                                                 Learning MIS                     Learning Reviews
                                                                                        Dashboard                        Customer & stakeholder feedback

                         Individual Competence C               Learning                 Learning                      Knowledge transfer
Global View Reporting    Assessment          C B
tool                                                           Needs                    Provision                     + Competence building
                                             B D
                                                               Global and regional     Learning agreement +                 Individual assessment on /after
                                                               Learning plans and      E-valuation                          courses
IDP Roll up and          Individual Development                budgets
analysis                                                                               Assessment being built in to         Accreditation
                         Plans (IDPs)                                                  new event design
                                                                                                                            Impact data from learning
                                                                                                                            events/moments and processes
                                                                                       Third Party Provider assurance       (e.g. coaching)
                                                                                                                            Collection of feedback
                                                                                       Independent review

      Global Learning Processes                        
                                                                              Shell EP Learning
                                                                          Learning Value Assurance

 LVA Principles

• Purpose of metrics is to support decision-making
• Appropriateness is the key
• Value is relative to stakeholder interests, standards, & context
• Metrics are relative – must show their meaning/significance
• Understand management requirements and give them what they need
• Speak the language of business managers
• Business needs are paramount
• Focus on what matters – criticality, spend, time, effort, quality
• 80/20 solution approach
• Quantitative and qualitative measures
• Range of metrics – no one for all
• All measures and process should fit harmoniously within LVA framework
• Whole is greater than sum of its parts

                                                                      Shell EP Learning
                                                                  Learning Value Assurance

Mark’s experiences in implementation of LVA

• Designing LVA process and tools is the easy part
• Engagement of key stakeholders is key focus initially
• Definition of roles of stakeholders and their buy-in is key
• Clarity – simplicity – do-ability
• Quick wins help
• More time is needed than expected
• Quietly do
• Evolving, dynamic process – adaptability is vital

                                                                                             Shell EP Learning
                                                                                         Learning Value Assurance

  Seed Discussion Points
  1. Should learning metrics cover all learning activities & processes?
  2. What is the most important thing to measure in relation to learning?
  3. What is the definition of learning for LVA purposes?
  4. To what extent do organizations currently measure L&D factors wider than courses?

Feedback & clarification/discussion

Please send me your feedback regarding the presentation.

Happy to discuss ideas further and learn about your experiences.

Contact me via email:

                                                            Shell EP Learning
                                                        Learning Value Assurance

                         Supplementary Slides

Building LVA – strategic level

Building LVA – Individual level

                                                                                                               Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                           Learning Value Assurance

 LVA build areas – Strategic level impact

• Fit & value of LVA with business & learning strategy       •Course E-Valuation process & tool
• Engage senior management, HR, & L&D stakeholders           • Learning marketing & communication guideline & tool
• Global learning cost & activity review                     • Learning audit process & tool
• Learning needs-based budget development process &          • Learning assessment & assurance review & tool
tool                                                         • 3rd party provider evaluation process & tool
• Learning plan development process
• Learning MIS process & tool
• Learning design & development process & tool

                                                                                                     Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                 Learning Value Assurance

  LVA build areas – Individual level impact

• IDP process & tool                                     • Nominations process enhanced
• L&D priorities & constraints                           • Learning Agreement process & tool
• Learning information & advice                          • E-Valuation of learning events
• Range & relevance of L&D option available              • Enhancements to work blended learning
• Learning support available                             • Assessment and feedback on courses enhanced
• Learning ladders & development guides
• Improvements to EVP

                                                                                                        Shell EP Learning
                                                                                                    Learning Value Assurance

Origin of Mark’s perspective
British, HRD Consultant                                                        Line

Currently working as Learning Value Assurance Adviser for Shell
EP Learning, based in the Netherlands

L&D specialist with international experience including:

2 years high school teacher
9 years Education & Training Officer in British Army                                               Learning &
5 years as L&D/HR consultant:
Group4, HSBC, Hewitts Associates, Petroleum Development                     Fit of LVA
Oman, Shell E&P                                                                Role

Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, MSc                            Papers
Personnel Management, BPS A&B, Mgt Assessor, etc.                                 (not yet published)
                                                                              KM – An HR process
                                                                                LVA Framework
                                                                              Work-blended learning


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