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									  A Publication of The Cleveland/Bradley County Teachers Federal Credit Union

  December 2006 - 4th Quarter

                                                                                            More Important
                                                                                              Than Ever
                                                                                         Advances in medicine,
                                                                                         healthier lifestyles, and a
                                                                                        safer work environment mean
                                                                                        most people can expect
                                                                                        to live at least 20 years
                                                                                        after they retire. However,
                                                                               according to the Employee Benefit
                                       Research Institute, two out of three people have not even calculated how much
                                       they will need to retire, and among those who have, many have discovered that
                                       their nest eggs are not yet adequate. But take heart, its never too late (or too
                                       early) to start saving for retirement.
   We will be CLOSED                   Now is the time to sock away some extra cash, so you will have more later.
                                       (Income and other guidelines apply – seek advice from your professional tax
 Monday, January 15th                  preparer.) You will have until April 15, 2007 to open an IRA account and still
        in honor of                    be able to deduct it on your 2006 tax return.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day            Here at the Teachers Credit Union, we offer several different IRA options. There
                                                                              is the Traditional IRA, which makes
  Cleveland/Bradley County
  Teachers Federal Credit Union                                                  sense if you want a tax deduction now
  P.O. Box 4168                                                                  or if you think you will be in a lower
  Cleveland TN 37320-4168                                                         tax bracket when you retire. There is
  Phone: (423) 479-6392                                                           also the Roth IRA for folks who don’t
  Fax (423) 476-5262
                                                                                  need the tax break now and want                                                                 more flexibility to withdraw regular
                                                                                 contributions at any time, tax-free
  Employees:                                                                    and with no penalty.
  Brian Trotter, Manager/CEO
  Mary Johnson, Loan & Office Mgr.                                             We also offer the Accumulative IRA and
  Nancy Trotter, Bookkeeping Spc.                                          IRA Certificates. The IRA CD’s are paying
  Karen Gladson, Loan Officer                                             pretty good interest, so now’s the time to
  Leslie Sims, Accountant
  Susan Hartsell, Member Service Rep
                                                                        consider your future.
  Janice Hughes, Marketing Director                                  For more information about opening a credit
  Debbie Maxwell, Member Service Rep                                union IRA, or adding to an existing IRA, contact
  Matt Carson, Member Service Rep
  Abe Sarmiento, Member Service Rep                                 Nancy or Susan at the credit union today.

  Office Hours:
  9:00am - 5:00pm
                                                     Happy New Year!
Members Love                                                      What’s In Your Future?
Our Coin Counter
It’s been with us for over six months
and our members really love it! Yet,
we still have some members that don’t
know it’s here. What is it? It’s a huge
Tired of counting and rolling all those
coins? Well we have the solution!!
Our Coins to Cash machine counts all
that loose change for you. Simply
pour in your assortment of coins and
the machine will sort it and count it.
Don’t worry if you have thrown in
foreign coins, buttons, or tokens, the
machine will set aside those items and
return them to you. It will then total    Retirement is the moment when          The Teachers Credit Union advantage:
your coins and give you a receipt. Take   your best life begins. Your dreams
                                                                                 We want to help you make the most
the receipt to any one of our tellers     of retirement may include plenty
                                                                                 of every dollar, so we offer a variety
for deposit into your account or cash     of golf, time spent with the family
                                                                                 of investment choices, complete
redemption.                               and friends, worldwide travel, or
                                                                                 security with federal insurance,
                                          even a new career. No matter what
This is a FREE service to all our                                                great rates, and friendly local
                                          you’ve got in mind, an Individual
members.                                                                         service.
                                          Retirement Account (IRA) at the
                                          Cleveland/Bradley County Teachers      You can open an IRA and build your
                                          Federal Credit Union can help make     account with automatic transfers
                                          those dreams come true.                or payroll deduction. If you are
                                                                                 retiring or changing jobs and you
                                          The best way to save:
                                                                                 have an account you’d like to roll
                                          An IRA provides tax benefits you        over, we can help with that too.
                                          just won’t find with a regular
                                                                                 From the initial planning stages to
                                          savings or investment account. By
                                                                                 the day you finally retire, we are
                                          combining these tax advantages
                                                                                 there for you. For more information
                                          and our solid rates, you will really
                                                                                 about IRAs, come in or give us a
                                          come out ahead.
                                                                                 call and speak with Nancy or Susan.
                                          Accounts to fit your needs:
                                          We offer Traditional and Roth             When one door closes another
                                          accounts, so you can choose the         door opens; but we so often look
                                          program that best fits your goals.        so long
                                          Traditional IRAs – If you qualify,        and so
                                          you can deduct your contributions      regretfully
                                          from your taxable income. Non-
                                          deductible Traditional IRAs are
                                                                                  upon the
                                          also allowed. In both cases, your         closed
                                          earnings will grow tax-deferred.       door, that
                                          Roth IRAs – These popular accounts     we do not
                                          provide tax-free earnings, with          see the
                                          tax-free withdrawals allowed           ones which
                                          under specific circumstances.             open for
                                          Contributions are made with after-         us. --
                                          tax dollars, and since a Roth IRA
                                          has no required withdrawals, you        Alexander
                                          can continue to accumulate tax-free      Graham
                                          earnings as long as you like.               Bell
      Employee Spotlight ~ Happy 7th Anniversary                                 Safe Deposit Boxes
                                         Brian Trotter, was born at Bradley
                                         Memorial Hospital to Jerry and
                                         Nancy Trotter, grew up on a
                                         farm right here in our wonderful
                                         Cleveland, and graduated from
                                         Bradley Central High School in 1984.
                                         He came to the Teachers Credit
                                         Union in December of 1999 as
                                         the Marketing Manager, and later
                                         assumed the CEO/General Manager
                                         position in September 2001.
                                         Brian has 18 years of financial
                                         experience, and a background in
                                         advertising. You may have heard his     We currently have a variety of safe
                                         voice on local radio stations, and      deposit boxes available. A safe deposit
                                         seen him at various Chamber events,     box is a secure place to store any
as well as Leadership Cleveland ventures.                                        personal items, important documents,
Brian and his lovely wife, Michele, have four children, Titus, Chaela, Micah,    and valuables that would be difficult
and Cali. And we must mention the long-time family pet, Diamond, a toy           or impossible to replace if lost or
poodle.                                                                          destroyed.
Brian enjoys the Atlanta Braves and Tennessee football games. But you may        Our safe deposit boxes come in a
see him regularly at Bradley High ball games where his youngest daughter Cali    variety of sizes and are very affordable.
is a cheerleader.                                                                The 3x5 is $20 per year. The 3x10 is
                                                                                 $33, the 5x10 is $55, and the 10x10 is
Brian takes a lot of teasing about “not working” or “not being here”, but in
                                                                                 $90 per year.
reality, he is on duty 24/7. He has even been called at one o’clock in the
morning by a member who wanted to let him know that the website was              For information on how you can have
down! It is not unusual to see Brian strolling across the parking lot, picking   your very own safe deposit box, call
up trash that has blown in or been dropped. Brian cares about the credit         Susan Hartsell at the credit union at
union and he cares about people.                                                 479-6392.
The employees have a lot of fun working for Brian, and value him as an
employer. He is a very caring and considerate person.
Please take the opportunity to let Brian know that he is appreciated.

                       Financial Counseling
                                  Starting in January 2007, the Teachers
                                  Credit Union will begin offering Financial
                                  Counseling as part of the members’
                                  services. Mary Johnson, who recently
                                  became a Certified Financial Counselor,
                                  will be scheduling appointments for those
                                  who would like to take advantage of this
                                  Mary will help you set a customized budget
                                  to live by. She will show you various
                                  methods of paying down your debt, how
                                  to get out of debt, and how to avoid
                                  Not only will she share how to get out of
                                  debt, she will teach you how to save, build
                                  a retirement fund, and plan for your future
                                  financial needs to be met.                      “Opportunity is missed by most people
                                  If all this sounds like something that you      because it is dressed in overalls and
                                  could benefit from, call Mary and schedule                 looks like work.”
                                  your appointment today.                           Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)
$         Loan Rates

         All Rates subject to change
       Call for current rate information

                            3.00 %
                            13.00 %
 POP LOAN Line of Credit 48 mos. 13.00 %
                                                     CBCTFCU Annual Meeting - See You There

 100% of actual purchase price. Never been
 titled and has less than 15,000 miles

 Base Rate          8.00% Up to 72 Months
 Base Rate          7.75% Up to 60 Months
 Base Rate          7.25% Up to 48 Months               The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Membership is scheduled for
                                                     Tuesday, February 20, 2007. Please note that the Credit Union will close at 2:30 pm
 NEW CAMPERS, TRAILERS, MOTOR HOMES                  that day. The meeting will start at 4 pm in the cafeteria of Cleveland High School. We
 90% of NADA Average Retail or Purchase              encourage all members to attend. Without your input, leaders can only guess what you
 Price (whichever is less)                           and other owners want from your credit union.
 Base Rate          8.75% Up to 60 Months               If you would like to serve as an elected official, or on one of the committees, please
 Base Rate          8.50% Up to 48 Months            contact Brian Trotter by January 30, 2007. No nominations will be accepted from the
                                                     floor during the meeting.
 USED CARS, TRUCKS, VANS                                In addition to regular voting at the meeting, members in good standing may vote at
 100% of NADA Average Retail on Purchase             the Credit Union office on Monday, February 19, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This
 Price (whichever is less)                           will give everyone an opportunity to vote, even if you can’t attend the Annual Meeting.
 Has been titled or has more than 15,000
 miles                                                  The winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting. In case of a tie, a vote of the
                                                     members present at the meeting will determine the winner.
 Base Rate          7.75% Up to 60 Months               So plan to join your fellow CBCTFCU members, employees, and volunteers for an
 Base Rate          7.25% Up to 48 Months            afternoon of information, fun, fabulous door prizes, and cash prize drawings. Everyone
 Base Rate          7.75% Up to 36 Months
                                                     attending will receive a thank you gift.
 Rates will be quoted and advertised using
 the base rate, however you may be offered
 a lower or higher rate depending on your
 credit history.

 80% of appraised value or purchase price
 (whichever is less)                                 Enhanced Authentication
          Up to 20 Years     6.25%
          Up to 15 Years     6.00%                   At CBCTFCU, we take online security
          Up to 8 Years      5.75%                   seriously. Therefore, we are introducing
          Up to 5 Years      5.75%                   Enhanced Authentication for your Virtual
                                                     Branch Online Banking.
 SECOND MORTGAGE (Fixed)                             • What is it?
 80% of appraised value or purchase price
 (whichever is less)
                                                     It is a new tool that provides extra
          Up to 15 Years     7.75%                   protection for your online data and helps
          Up to 5 Years      7.50%                   guard against fraudulent online activities
                                                     like phishing scams and identity theft.
 Home Equity (Variable)                              • How does it work?
         Up to 15 Years        6.00%                 In addition to your Login ID and Security Code, the system recognizes your computer
                                                     and usage patterns. If a questionable login attempt is detected, the system will
4th Quarter 2006 Savings Rates                       require additional identity verification before allowing access.
                                                     • Do I have to use it?
                                                     Yes, everyone will be required to use Enhanced Authentication.
                           RATE YIELD                • How does it protect me against phishing?
                           1.00%        1.00%
                                                     When you enroll in Enhanced Authentication, you choose a secret image and phrase
  Regular Share Accounts
                           .50%         .50%         combination. You will see this image and phrase each time you log on. When you
  Share Draft Accounts
  Christmas Club           1.25%        1.26%        see your secret image and phrase, you can be assured that you are logging in to your
  IRA Accumulations        1.75%        1.76%        actual Virtual Branch site.

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