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					                  INVITATION FOR QUOTATION – (4pages)

Enquiry No: IOCL: BGEK: P&A: Security: 2010-11
Date: 15.02.2010

                         Last Date of Submission 07.03.2010 by 1200hrs
                         Date of opening Technical Bid: 07.03.2010 at

Sub: Annual contract for providing security, patrolling. Surveillance
checking of materials, vehicles, peoples & firefighting services w.e.f.

Dear Sir

Your lowest offer under two bid system is invited on behalf of Indian Oil
Corporation Limited, (IBP Division) Industrial Explosives Plant, Korba (CG)
for the following jobs:
The contract will be finalized through TWO BID SYSTEM. (i) Techno-
commercial and (ii) Price Bid. Both the bids are to be placed in two
separate envelopes and sealed. Thereafter, both the bids are to be
placed in third envelope and sealed. All the envelopes should be marked
for its contents. The details are furnished below:
In this bid the interested party have to submit declarations / details in
attached format along with required DD of Earnest money (EMD)
,Terms & condition annexure etc. The envelope should be sealed and
marked as “Techno-Commercial Bid” including Enquiry No., Last date of
Submission & Time.
The price Bid cover shall contain only schedule of Rates duly filled in the
Annexure-IV. Price bid cover shall not contain any other documents or
any condition. In case any condition is indicated in Price Bid, the same will
not be considered.

Apart from above the following information have been given with this
tender in details, which are also to be submitted by the tenderer along
with Technical bid with signature & Seal on all the pages :
Annexure –I

   The minimum required man days of 27 per day (including all 3 shifts) is
   estimated. Services required for all the days in a month/year.
   Supervisor                                -      3
   Armed Personnel with arm                  -      1
   Security Guards                           -     23

   (Minimum wages shall be calculated on monthly rate basis)
The above nos. of security personnel mentioned in this tender is estimated
only and the actual nos. shall vary at any time before and after finalizing
tender and the payment shall be made based on actual deployment.
IOC Limited does not assure any minimum business to the successful
tenderer at any stage in any manner

3. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: As per enclosed Annexure-II

4. TENDER DOCUMENT –Tender fee – A demand Draft for Rs. 1000/-
(Rupees One thousand only) drawn in favour of Indian Oil Corporation
Ltd., IBP Division payable at SBI,Jamnipali,Korba(CG) should be enclosed
in the Techno Commercial Bid along with the tender documents.

All the pages shall be signed by tenderer with seal. All entries must be in
permanent ink or typed. Tenderers must not cut/alter any clause/word,
etc. stipulated in the original tender documents. Tender(s) having such
cutting/alteration and not with initials for cutting is likely to be rejected. No
correction/alteration in the tender will be allowed after opening. Use of
white/erasing fluid for correcting the rates is banned.

5. BIDDING DOCUMENTS – The bidder is expected to examine all
instructions, forms, terms and conditions in the bidding documents. The
Tender Notice together with all its attachment thereto shall be considered
to be read, understood and accepted by the bidder, unless deviations
are specially stated in seriatim by the Bidder. A separate “List of
Deviations”, if any should be attached with the offers.

4. EARNEST MONEY: 1% of the quoted rate. Demand draft drawn
 In favour of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd payable at SBI, Jamnipali, Korba

5. PLACEMENT OF CONTRACT : The work order / contract will be
followed by an agreement & indemnity bond / undertaking on
prescribed format provided by IOC Limited on a Non-Judicial Stamp
Papers of value Rs 100/- and Rs. 50/- respectively.

6. SERVICE PERIOD OF CONTRACT: This contract will be valid for a period
of one year initially i.e. From 01.04.2010 to 31.03.2011 subject to various
conditions as stipulated herein. After satisfactory completion of one year,
IOCL may extend this contract for another period of one year w.e.f.

7. OPENING OF PRICE BID : After analysis of technical bid, the
successful bidders Price-Bid will be opened on the same date and
interested tendered may visit our Gopalpur plant to attend the bid
opening process.

                        a) Tender will be evaluated based on Technical
                        feasibility data as per Annexure –III
                        b) The tender will be finalized based on lowest
                            competitive rate. (the lowest competitive
                            rate should not be less than the minimum
                            Labour rate applicable for Skilled/semi Skilled
                            and Unskilled presently)
                        c) In case the lowest competitive rate is same,
                            the contract shall be finalized based on
                            technical evaluation rating. The decision of
                            the management of IOC Limited shall be
9. INTERPRETATION – All documents forming the contract are to be read
together as a whole, and are to be taken as mutually explanatory so that
effect may be given to the provisions, all of them.

Sealed tenders should be submitted along with following documents by
1200 hours on or before 7.03.2010 addressed to:

                             Sr.Manager (A/A)
                Indian Oil Corporation Limited, (IBP Division)
                         Industrial Explosives Plant
                GOPALPUR, Jamnipali, KORBA (CG) 495 450

Interested bidders may be present on 7.03.2010 at 1600hrs during opening
of the tenders. All annexure can be downloaded from our web site:

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
For IOC Limited (IBP Division)

Sr.Manager (A/A)
                                               Signature of Tenderer
Encl: 1)     Annexure-I –7 pages
      2)     Annexure- II- 5 pages
      3)     Annexure-III- 2 pages
      4)     Annexure-IV –I Page


Our Industrial Explosive Plant at Gopalpur, PO: Jamnipali, Korba (Chhatishgarh)
is covering a total area of approx. 244 acres surrounded by boundary wall along
the periphery. A very close patrolling is required for following areas of our plant
round the clock.

1.         BOUNDARY WALL PATROLLING                                     :
     The party have to ensure patrolling alongside of boundary wall round the clock to prevent unwanted entries of human
     being & cattle etc. inside the plant.

2.         MAGAZINES AREA PATROLLING                                    :
     20 Nos. of Explosive Magazines are situated within the area & all Magazines are connected with each other through
     tar roads. The agency has to ensure round the clock patrolling of all these magazines (along with its area), their
     doors, windows, and its lock & seals.

3.         SECURITY SERVICE AT GATES                                              :
     There are mainly two Gates (Gate No. 1 & Gate No. 2) are in regular operation round the clock. The contractor has to
           i)        vigilant of entry/exit of employees, contract workers, visitors, vehicles etc.
           ii)       Recording of visitors and compliance of recording system.
           .         Recording of Returnable/ non-returnable materials through authorized gate pass. The person shall
                     have knowledge of computer operation.
           iii)      Issuing of Keys and maintaining of records.
           iv)       Frisking of employees and their vehicle including outside vehicles.
           v)        Monitoring of walkie-talkie.
           vi)       Any other works as advised by the Officer-in-charge.

4.         PATROLLING FOR PLANT AREA                                    :

     The main plant area is within the boundary wall and is surrounded by an inner fencing of barbed wire. The
     contractor has to ensure patrolling in night hours (from 9.00 PM to 5.00AM) of all Production Buildings, Packaging
     Buildings, all Buildings of DF Plant, Engineering / Receipt Stores, Packaging Stores, Premix, Oxidiser, Work Shop,
     Stores of Scrap Materials and Process Lab. etc. situated in Gate No.2 which are not in use presently

     The contractor has to ensure patrolling of both Admn. Buildings, Canteen, Change room etc. situated in Gate No.1

6.         SUPERVISION                   :
     All patrolling/Gate keeping/Fire fighting personnel will be controlled by a Supervisor of the sponsored
     agency in every shift & such supervisor will directly report to the Officer- in-Charge of the Plant and will have to
     follow the instructions given by him regarding details of the work on day to day basis.

Specific Terms & Conditions

1. The personnel deployed by agency should be conversant in
Hindi/English Language fluently, so as to communicate with the
Emergency Control Centre (ECC) in the plant during working hours by

walkie-talkie/telephone. The Walkie-Talkie (WT) set shall be handled with
proper care. The party shall be responsible for any mishandling or
damage of WT set.

2. The security & Surveillance personnel should be smart, stout and
physically strong to handle day-to-day jobs of patrolling up to the
satisfaction of our Officers-In-Charge in line with Security guidelines.
Armed Security Guards should posses a weapon and a valid license to
carry such weapons. In view of energy conservation as per direction of
security in-charge, patrolling personnel shall Switch ON and Switch OFF the
Street Lights, Tower Lights and Plant Lights etc. The person so deployed
should not be at the age range of above 60 years.

3. The supervisors shall be senior ex-servicemen who can control all other
security guards & gunmen in each shift. The party has to comply with all
the rules & regulation of the Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970.

4. In order to perform duty in satisfactory manner, the party shall provide

all the clothing to all security personnel (eg. Caps, Boots, Socks, Belts,

Rainwares, Gumboots, winter clothing etc.).Party has to provide other

Personal protecting appliances, whistles, barons, gun with bullets, torch

With battery, stic , tools and tackles etc. without any extra cost charged

 to the company.

5. The party has to provide the suitable relieving arrangement from their own strength so

that minimum man days are available to execute this service uninterruptedly.

6. The contractor has to submit the copy of discharge book of Ex-
Servicemen along with technical bid for assessing their technical feasibility
and to confirm the providing of minimum mandays in a day for
throughout the contract period.

7. Any theft of Co's property, the party shall be sole responsible. The cost
will be recovered from the monthly bill amount/Security deposit/Bank
performance guarantee.

8. The party shall be responsible to resolve any dispute arising within their
employees or by any statutory body immediately, and should not be any
reason of contractor in providing efficient services.

9. The party has to provide the list of his employees at the starting of the
contract along with duty roster as per Factory Act and Statutory rules.
They should produce the ex-servicemen physically at least 3 days before
the commencement of the new contract work. The contractor has to
obtain prior permission for any addition & deletion of security personnel
from IOCL (IBP Division) Officer-In-Charge. The residential address and
other particulars of each security personnel together with a passport size
photograph should be submitted to Security Officer-In-Charge before
taking over the security duties. In case the security staff are supplied as
and when required on relief duty, then these staff shall only be drawn from
a pool of such security staffs whose particulars were earlier advised to the
IOC Limited
10. The successful tenderer has to deposit Security deposit equivalent to
10% of total contract value within 15 days from the date of receipt of the
confirmed work order in favour of Indian Oil Corporation Limited by
DD/banker's cheque payable to SBI, Jamnipali that will not carry any
interest or to request in writing to deduct equal amount per month from
their running bills. The amount will be released after successful completion
of the contract period within 3(Three) months from the date of request
from the party concerned. If any dues payable to the contract workers
and the contractor fails to pay the same, IOCL has the right to pay the
dues from the security deposit during the contract period or before
releasing the security deposit from the company. The EMD shall be
converted in to Security Deposit for the successful tenderer. During the
course of the full and final payment, the successful contractor has to
submit an indemnity bond as per the format deviced by the company.

11. The contract has to comply the payment of Minimum wages Act and
other statutory provision under the Contract Labour (R&A), Act, 1970 as
specified in the general terms & condition in the contract.

12. The party shall quote the category wise security personnel including all
break up as per Annexure-IV for the executing the service as per scope of

Works. All arrear payments to the contractor‟s personnel are to be paid in
the salary for the same month salary by the contractor.

13. During the service hours, if the party fails to provide any category of

security personnel in any shift(s), Rs.200/- per day per absence will be

deducted from the running bill of the contractors.

14. The party has to provide their own bi-cycles for each security

personnel for patrolling purpose.

15. The party has to provide one mobile phone to each supervisor.

16. The party has to maintain all arms & the licence periodically.

17. The party has to maintain good rapport with State, District & police


18. Individual salary slip is to be provided to each security personnel and

wages payable to the employees working under the contractor shall be

required to send to their respective bank account. The contractor has to

put up all the bank account details to the IOCL management within 15

days from the date of commencement of the contract work.

19. The successful tender has to take over the job w.e.f 1.04.2010 for which

the party has to report at least 3 days before i.e. by 28.03.2009 with the

security personnel in person (Both Guards and armed guards).

20. None of the staffs deployed by the successful tender shall participate

in any union activities as long as they perform the duties at our premises.

Unruly behaved personnel shall be replaced suitably and the instruction

given by the Officer-in-charge shall be final in this regard.

21. The security and surveillance personnel engaged by the successful

tenderer shall be the employees of the successful tenderer and under no

circumstances they shall be considered as employees of Indian Oil

Corporation Limited. None of the personnel deployed by the successful

tenderer shall claim their permanency in the IOCL at any stage at any


22. All the existing rules and regulation issued by the COMPANY and

revisions thereof are to be strictly followed by the successful tenderer.

23. The party shall arrange to safe guard the materials and properties of

the company by posting the security & surveillance personnel in such a

manner and at such points and should patrol the required areas at all

times. Checking of cars, Lorries, other vehicles and search of employees

at the gates of the plant should be done in such a manner as considered

necessary and decided in consultation with the Security In-charge.

24. The successful tenderer shall arrange for maintenance of registers/

books and forms necessary for the efficient performance of security &

Surveillance work undertaken herein. A duty register indicating the names

of the personnel on duty should be available for inspection at all times at

our premises. IOCL agrees to supply such register/ books and forms as are


25. In the event of any theft or pilferage of the Co‟s material or property,

the successful tenderer will submit reports and activity assist the IOCL if the

IOCL decides it necessary to report such incidents to the police and

follow-up the same if it is referred to court of law until the case is closed or


26. All offer(s) should be valid for 90 days from the date of opening of


27. The tenderer may visit to our plant for making estimation on any

working days between 10 AM and 5 PM and can meet Mr. GS Lal,

Asstt.Manager (Administration) Mobile No.9425224017

28. IOCL may seek some clarification after verification of the documents

submitted by the tenderers.

29. IOC shall not provide any housing accommodation to any workmen,

Supervisors, any representative of the sponsored security agency. The

tenderer has to arrange himself for staying arrangement for this


 30. Tenders, whose techno-commercial bids are found acceptable, shall

     be intimated the exact date and time of opening of price bids as

   decided by the IOCL. Price bids shall be opened in the presence of

    technically qualified tenderers or their authorized representatives. If

  Techno-commercial bid is found “NOT ACCEPTABLE”, Price Bid of such

tenderer shall not be considered further and shall be treated as rejected.

31. Other terms & conditions will be applicable for the contract as per

Signature of the Tenderer
Name of the Organization
Designation & seal


1) The contractor will authorise (in his absence) in      writing his
   SUPERVISOR for Signing on documents and also deal with
   Management to avoid any delay in smooth Functioning of
   awarded work. Refuse or deny to receive any verbal or written
   communication will come into the purview of breach of contract.

2) The contractor       has to submit photo copy of all required
   documents like valid Labour License, P.F. Registration etc. along
   with quotation/offer. The contractors, who are dealing to provide
   security services, they   must     have  registration in Custom &
   Central Excise Department & produce a photo copy of such
   certificate along with quotation /offer.

3) The contractor has to submit his bill (in duplicate along with copy of
   Payment Sheet & P. F. Challan against respective contract for the
   personnel deployed on monthly basis. The payment will be released
   after satisfactory completion of awarded works, within 30 days after
   receipt of bill along with required documents. It may be noted that
   if the complete bill is submitted by 25th of following month, the
   payment will be released within 10days. If the complete bill is
   submitted after 25th, the payment will be released in the next
   month. The Income Tax, if applicable will be deducted from bills of
   contractor. The contractor have to provide Income Tax allotment
   No. / City/ District / State.

4) The contractor has to follow the Security Agency Guidelines as per
   OUR COMPANY POLICY. Once contract is awarded to the
   successful tenderer, no revision in rates will be allowed during the
   contract period except the effect of revision of Minimum wages by
   the Govt. of Chhattisgarh. The Contractor         should   inform in
   writing the names, addresses along with photograph and such
   other relevant information pertaining to the workmen employed by
   them, to the Company at the commencement of the contract.

5) Contractor shall submit an indemnity Bond to the Company
 Indemnifying the company from any loss caused by the
Contractor or his agents or his labourers.

6) The contractor will comply of observing all the statutory provisions


The Contractor has to hold valid license under this act for total
numbers of employees to be engaged by him before starting of the
work or after awarding the LOI/ Purchase Order/ Work Order,
whichever is earlier. Sufficient flexibility should be kept while
mentioning the number of workmen to be engaged by the contractor
for each job.

(A) Labour license for each work separately                  from      the
Assistant Labour Commissioner Central, Bilaspur.
(B) Labour register under section -75 in form -XIII.
(C) Employment card under section -76 in form -XIV.
(D) All registers & records should be available with contractor in
the plant. On demand, same should be available to the concerned
officer of P&A Deptt within 30 minutes.
(E)The license which is valid for one year is to be renewed before its
date of expiry.
(F)The number of contract labour, on any day not to exceed the
maximum numbers specified in the license.
(6.2) WORKMEN COMPENSATION ACT -1923 : The contractor has to submit
the copy of W.C.Policy against the contract for all the workmen employed by him
before starting of the work or after awarding the LOI/ Purchase Order/ Work
Order whichever is earlier. Any contractor or any firm, who intends to work inside
the plant even for a single day, is required to submit W.C.Policy.
(6.3) PAYMENT OF WAGES ACT -1936: The contractor will ensure the payment
(as per attendance -register & attendance card maintained in Gate no:-1) to his
workers within 7th of the following month in the presence of IOCL representative in
specified place .In case of increase in wages notified by Govt. of CG, under
Minimum Wages Act 1948, the contractor will ensure the arrears payment without
fail in next month. The payment should be disbursed during working hours i.e. latest
by 3.30 P.M. Further as per provision of the act, contractor will ensure issue of
wage-slip to every labour engaged by him & any advance payment should be paid in
front of employer’s representative.
    (6.4)MINIMUM WAGES ACT -1948: The contractor has to ensure attendance records and attendance card
    of their all labours under Section -14 and 18 to be given to all labour for certification of attendance at the
    time of payment.

    (6.5) FACTORY ACT -1948: The contractor has to ensure all the
          Provisions of Factory act -1948 in full spirit.

     (6.6) RETRENCHMENT BENEFIT: In case of completion of 240 days attendance in the year by his workers ,
    the contractor has to pay 15 days salary to his workers for each completed year of service as
    „RETRENCHMENT BENEFIT” under provisions applicable in “I.D.Act -1947. Retrenchment compensation will
    be released by the contractor to eligible employees in front of employer‟s representative and the list of
    such beneficiaries will be given to the company.
    7)   EPF & MP Act, 1952 and various Schemes made thereafter. :
    The Contractor shall be responsible for maintenance and filing of Statutory Returns under EPF & MP Act,
    The Contract shall ensure timely remittance of PF contribution to the RPFC, both Employer‟s (i.e., payable
    by himself) and employee‟s contribution (i.e., payable by his workmen) and furnish proof thereof to the
    Principal Employer. This is applicable the workmen employed for single day also. Copy of challan along
    with wage-sheet (amount will be verifiable to attendance register maintained at gate no.-1), admn.
    Charge, inspection charge towards EDLI etc. will be submitted by the contractor latest by 25th in each
    month positively along with the bill.

Contractor‟s Responsibilities/ duties:

    Obtain declaration in form No.11 from every new employee.
    Required to enrol every employee and furnish the details to RPFC in Form No.9
    Submit the Form No.5 in case of new entry.
    Submit the form No.10 in case of exit employee.
    Obtain the nominee details in Form No.2
    Remit the contribution in Form 12/12A
    Furnish the annual return in Form 3A/6A

The contractor is responsible to transfer his workmen EPF Account from the previous contractor‟s A/C if
any and provide individual EPF A/C No.

The contractor is responsible to provide the EPF Slip/ 3A & 6A receipt copy from concerned RPFC of the
workmen engaged for the entire contract period latest by 30th April. The payment of last month and security
deposit shall be released only after complying all statutory clearance.

    8) All statutory requirements, which are applicable shall be complied with and any loss due to non-
    compliance of these statutory requirements shall be recovered from the running bill of the contractor
    .Contractor will be sole responsible for any violation of the statute.

    9) The Contractor should maintain a very good harmonious I.R. with his workers in the plant. The above
    statute is illustrative not exhaustive.

    10) In case of any unrest amongst contractor‟s workers inside the plant, the contractor himself should be
    making available in the plant from 8.00 A.M. Further, without specific permission by Chief of P&A
    Department, contractor should not leave the premises of the plant.
11) The contractor has to submit the character & antecedent verification report from police within two
months from the date of commencement of the contract and credentials related to particular job may
also be produced for necessary verification by the IBP Management.

12) The contractor has to follow all safety rules for the protection of his
labour against any fire, accident, injury, loss of life, and will provide
protective clothing and personnel protective equipments to his
workmen. The contractor shall be responsible for the safety & security
of all workmen engaged by him. Contract shall observe the standards
of cleanliness, decorum and general discipline laid down by the
company or its officials.

13) The contractor has to follow all rules & regulations constituted
by our Security Department from time to time. Non - compliance
will be deemed as breach of contract.

14) In case of any dispute pertaining to any matter relating with this
contract / work order, that the same shall be refereed to the sole
arbitration of the Unit Head of Industrial Explosive Plant, Gopalpur,
Korba of IOCL & in case of his refusal to conduct the arbitration to any
officer appointed or nominated by him and the decision of such
arbitrator shall be binding on contractor.
15)    The contractor will not be allowed to appoint sub –contractors
       unless IOCL issues written permission.
16)    IOCL shall recover all penalties /fines / overhead charges
       imposed on it, if incurred due to the negligence of the
       contractor in the execution of awarded work.

17)       In case of extreme exigencies and emergencies, required
Will have to be provided within short notice on any close day of
IOCL, including abnormal hours also, for which no additional
Payment will be paid by IOCL
18)    The contractor has to keep details of different works / jobs done
by him against this contract.

19) The contractor has to submit medical fitness certificate
from   the Govt. Hospital of each workers before deployment in our

20)   The Contractor must have Service Tax Registration No.
under Section 69 of the Finance Act, 1994, with Central Excise
Department , if service tax is applicable for their jobs / work.

      This certificate must be produced by the contractor with in one
      month after commencement of awarded work.

21)    Risk Purchase : If the work in whole or partly not executed by
      the contractor,IOCL ,IBP DIVISION will have liberty to execute
      the work / service from other sources on contractor‟s risk & cost.

22)   Termination of Contract: IOC Limited may terminate the contract by
      giving a notice of 30 days in advance without assigning any reason
      WHATSOEVER thereof.

      Signature & Seal of Tenderer

                                        TECHNICAL BID
                             INFORMATION ABOUT TENDERER
Sl.No.    PARTICULARS                               Details to be Remarks
                                                    provided by the
1         Name & Address of the Tenderer including

         Telephone No., Fax & email address etc.

2        Local Address at Korba of the Tenderer
         including Telephone No.,Fax,Mobile No.
3        Constituents     of      Business-Whether          Please     enclose     the
         partnership/Proprietorship / Private Limited       details,
         Company (With name of Partners

4        Name of Local Representative if any.               Provide the details.

5        The Establishment Registration

6        Turnover of the Company for Last 3 years           Copy        of     Annual
                                                            Accounts vetted by CA
                                                            for last 3 years to be
7        No. of Employees on roll as on 1.03.2010.          Please      enclose      as
                                                            annexure          detailing
         Supervisor-Ex-Serviceman                           profile      i.e.     age,
         Security Guards                                    Educational
         For Ex-servicemen, please enclose the              qualification, computer
         discharge certificates.                            literate,      if     any,
                                                            Discharge            book
                                                            performance         rating,
                                                            address etc.
8        Details of Job undertaken during last three        Please enclose the work
         years (i.e. F.Y.2006-07, 2007-08 and               order & Performance
         2008-09.)                                          certificate    from     the
                                                            Officer-In-Charge of the
9        Details of job under taken at Indian Oil           If yes, please enclose
         Corporation (IBP Division) – Yes /No               the        performance

10      Any security force is working in nearby                 Please mention the
        vicinity(50KM)                                          details
11      Deployment of Extra security force to                   Please        mention
        cater w/off, leave & un-authorized                      category wise.
12      The accommodation arrangement by                        Please mention the
        you for your force.                                     distance from the
13      Whether holding
                  a) Labour Licence with
                      ALC (Central)
                  b) Registered           with
                      Provident          Fund
                  c) Income               Tax
                      (Registration/ PAN No.)
                  d) Service              Tax
                      (Registration No.)
                  e) Professional         Tax
                      Registration No.

        If yes, please attach a copy of these
14      Have you understood the scope of
        works to be executed in the Industrial
        Explosives Plant         including NIT
        Specific Terms & General terms &
        Conditions and sign with seal.
15      Mobilization period (in days)
16      List of Enclosures and total no. of
        pages (Each pages must be serially
17      Whether EMD Enclosed- Yes /No.

Important: Performance certificate from the employer shall be enclosed against each
work order.

Signature of the Tenderer
                                                                    Annexure -IV
                             PRICE BID

SECURITY REGISTRATION NO. :                         DATE OF REGN.
Description                  Rate in %age   Guard   Gunman    Supervisor   Total
Pay per Month
Admn. Charges

Retrenchment benefit

Cost per Head
 Agency Service Charges
Total Quoted Rate per
month per head
Minimum personnel to be
Total Maximum quoted rate
per month
Service Tax
Grand Total /per month
Total Quoted Value for one

Note: 1) To be submitted in sealed envelop. No. enclosure is allowed.
      2) Service Tax @ 10.30% will be paid by the party which will be
          reimbursed BY IOC Limited on production of its proof.




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