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					BTAA UPDATE                                                                        NOVEMBER 2006

News on BTAA website is updated weekly and is placed on the home page at the
bottom i.e. please do take a look regularly and why not make the
BTAA website a „favourite‟ on your computer.
Supporting the industry
BTAA have had a busy summer negotiating and lobbying on behalf of the industry with some good results. There
are many challenges facing our industry today and more than ever, we must all be diverse in our business‟s to
succeed and to think outside our comfort-zone.

The BTAA have again negotiated the Wage Agreements on behalf of Leather and allied industries, taking into
account the Age Discrimination Act and other changes in legislation. See updated listings

Great news too and after much discussion, we received notification to confirm that the Cabin Baggage regulations
were to be relaxed on the size of hand luggage at British airports. This exceeds the size of hand luggage before the
restrictions came into force back in August this year. We also had news that the EU reached a new framework
agreement as to what consumers can carry as hand luggage; this will be implemented throughout the EU and the
EEA in early November. This means that passengers can then shop for all toiletry products airside and carry
liquids, pastes and gels on all airlines again. This includes gift purchasers of personal liquid items as well as own
items. For more information please link to and Hand Luggage
update on BTAA website i.e.

BTAA (Diana Fiveash) meets with Shadow Cabinet Minister for SME’s Mark Prisk PM – link to


Insurance Premiums for renewal.
Before you go and renew your insurance premiums for business, home or pleasure, please REMEMBER our parent
organisation the BJGF have negotiated reduced rates with T H March. Members have reported making savings of
up to 25% on their premiums. See testimonials from other members
Contact TH March on 01822 855555 for a quote, or ask the BTAA to send a quotation form

Leathermark scheme Discount for members. The BLC own the Leathermark and are now „actively‟ charging
the industry to use it. The BTAA have negotiated discounts for members of 50% when applying to use this mark.
BTAA members have apparently already been approached and BLC are now bringing these charges into effect.
Please contact the BTAA for the forms and make sure you mention you are a member to claim the discount if

BTAA website Competition
Would you like to promote your brand and offer the BTAA website competition a prize. It‟s an excellent way to
get brand recognition. Please contact Diana at the BTAA on

The BTAA are pleased to announce last months BTAA competition winner was Susan Fairway of Leamington.
The beautiful leather red LUPO handbag is on its way to her.

Advertising – Display Boxes on the BTAA website
The BTAA website receives over 400 individual visits from buyers per day from the industry all over Europe. Our
website display boxes are now available to members at a reduced rate of between £300 and £600 per annum, this
links directly to a „special‟ page promoting your product range or brand, or to your own website. Call 0121 237
1107 or email to be involved. It‟s an excellent way to promote your brand.
Trade Journal – Free PR for members
BTAA members are invited to send in PR and photos in to be included both in the search facility „Member Profile‟
on the BTAA website and in the BTAA page in Fashion Extras. This is FREE of charge to members and excellent
way for your products to be seen by the buyers. Contact Diana on

Enterprise Week takes place 13 – 19 November. All over the UK organisations will run events to inspire young
people to turn their own ideas into reality – last year 408,000 people took part. The official launch is a half-day
event “Enterprising Britain: The Debate” and is being run in partnership with the Financial Times and chaired by
the Economics Editor of “Newsnight”. There is an illustrious list of speakers. 9 am to 1.30 pm 13 November in
Westminster. .

Seminars/Training (discounted prices)

Our sister organisation the GA run courses and invite BTAA members to take part discounted rates.
This is an excellent networking opportunity for those in the gift industry. The seminars run throughout the
morning and include a buffet lunch and members report they are very good value and invaluable for their

Agents Seminars - Agents Seminar and Workshop - 15 November BTAA members cost £75
Exhibiting Skills Workshop - 29 November - £85
The Life Cycle of an employee - 21 November – Special price £50.00

Contact Pushpa on 0121 237 1107 at the GA for more information on the courses and to book.

BLC increases training portfolio (see) 10 % discount for
members of the BTAA

Understanding restricted substances                          Course Date: Thursday 7.12.06
Aimed at everyone in the leather supply chain from raw material suppliers to retailers of leather products, this
course explains the complexities of legislation and testing as well as a basic understanding of what to consider and
where to go for help.

Leather performance specifications and standards             Course Date: Tuesday 14.11.06
This course will give tanners, end users and retailers an awareness of fitness for purpose and the associated
implications, an understanding of the process of developing standards and the organisations involved, as well as
explaining the testing requirements for different products.
10% Discount for BTAA members -
For further details visit and download or contact Rita Phipps on +44 (0) 1604
679941 or email

"Design A Bag Competition 2007 " is the theme of Design Access, an online design competition organised by
Fashion Access. Fashion Access created a platform, Design Access, for designers and design students worldwide
to show their creativity to a market where the desire for original and functional fashion and accessories is
increasing. The winners will be announced at Fashion Access, March 2007 and the entries will be displayed in
Fashion Access held from 28-30 March 2007 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Click for more


Autumn Fair Success. There were over 300 exhibitors this year and 32,000 visitors (up by 4%), the halls were
buzzing and with some members of the BTAA coming back to the fair after an absence of some years. Feedback
from members and the industry see link on
Autumn CHIC (Fashion Accessories Fair)
The International Chic Fashion Accessories Fair – was a very well organised and good fair again in July, there
were 120 exhibitors and 1544 visitors from all over the world. Visitor numbers were up again this year and it
included travel, luggage and accessories companies. Chic are going to open its exhibition to more jewellery and
accessories companies to encourage a different buyer through the door for next show in January 2007.

Statistics available
Name of Fair           Exhibitors                    Visitors
Spring Fair            4000                          78,000 plus
Chic                   120                           1,544
Autumn Fair            1600                          32,000
Moda all areas          550                          10,113 plus
Pure                   800                           not available at present.

New Members/Faces
BTAA are very pleased to welcome so many new members and brands to membership i.e. Chic and Wild, Safe
Skies Locks, Paul Jones (Designer), Gonz Leathergoods (Knomo), Hurlingham Hides, Trunki (Magmatic), Acorn
(Pull-a-pet), Mayfair Trunks, Glamorous Bra Straps and Marc Lee.

New Forum launched.
The BTAA and Walsall Equestrian (WES) are working together to put in place an industry apprenticeship scheme
for the leather industry. The WM Leather Forum is working towards re- vamping the image of the leather industry
with the aid of many national organizations and hopes to be able to make a difference to encourage youth into the
industry. If you are interested and based in the West Midlands please contact the BTAA or WES directly.


Passports – any passport issued after 26 October 2006 by a Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) country must be a
biometric passport (containing a chip) for VWP travellers to be eligible to enter the United States without a visa.
Existing valid British passports are fine, but travellers to the US would be wise to double-check.

After months of discussion and tense last-minute political compromises between European Member States and the
Commission, a decision was reached in the final hours:

Footwear with leather uppers (excluding slippers and indoor footwear, footwear with a protective toecap and much
athletic and sports footwear) coming from China or Vietnam, is now subject to duty. The duty rates are 10% for
Vietnamese footwear and 16.5% for Chinese footwear except for product from “Golden Step” which will pay
9.7%. The regulations apply for two years.
See details BTAA website

AGE DISCRIMINATION - On 1 October 2006 legislation comes into force outlawing discrimination on the grounds
of age in a wide range of circumstances. Many long-established practices will be questioned – think of the impact
of race, disability and sex discrimination legislation in the last few years. We will issue guidance to BTAA
members about this major step but the purpose of this note is to alert readers to the need to think about policies and
procedures where age or length of service feature. Examples are job adverts calling for “mature” or “young and
dynamic” candidates or a workplace where comments such as “old fogeys” or “wet behind the ears” are accepted.
As with earlier legislation, employers will avoid most problems with commonsense and sensitivity to the feelings
of others and it is interesting to see how social attitudes can change. Incidentally, the age bands in the NCA are
not affected by this legislation because of their linkage to the national minimum wage. More advice will follow or

Smoking at Work – From next year, anyone caught having a cigarette at work will risk disciplinary action from
his or her employer. The new health bill, coming into force in summer 2007, provides that all enclosed public
spaces and workplaces in England will be smoke free. This covers virtually all workplaces, including offices,
manufacturing plants, schools, shops, restaurants and voluntary workplaces. Vehicles, as enclosed workplaces,
will also be caught by the ban. Regulations later this year will define “enclosed workplaces” and how the ban will
be enforced. However, it is already clear that employers will have to display no-smoking signs, with penalties of
up to £1000 for non-compliance. They will also have to actively enforce the ban on their premises or face fines of
up to £2,500.

The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a campaign “Adjusting for Better Business” which
informs small businesses about their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act and how they may only
need to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled people. A jargon-free information pack is
available tel 0845 1249 841

Asbestos Removal – Savant Environmental Ltd offer a complete site service for the disposal of hazardous waste,
either in drums or bulk, including listing and sampling. Also: air quality monitoring, contaminated land
investigation, asbestos surveys/removal, works closures/site clearances, tank cleaning, and skips. tel 01722 415688 e mail

Dangerous Substances? The European Commission has issued three Directives to prohibit the placing on the
market for sale to the general public phthalates and toluene, and to restrict the marketing and use of cmrs. The
Commission is now seeking views from the industry on the proposed implementation of these Directives in the UK
and the impact, both economic and otherwise, on industry, business and consumers. Should you wish to see the
consultation document, or to comment, please contact Diana Fiveash at the BTAA.

Noise – a reminder that the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into force on 6 April 2006. If
member companies require a further copy of the industry‟s guidance note “No Need to Shout” please contact Diana
as above.


BTAA needs you! The BTAA has a National Committee, this is built up of 7 independent members of the industry
who offer their time, FOC and take a professional interest in the industry and want to give something back. If you
would like to be put forward to represent the industry at our quarterly National Committee meetings (Mainly in
Birmingham), please contact Diana Fiveash at the BTAA on or 0121 237 1107.


Tips on Exhibiting and writing a press release. (Please see info in the „Members area‟ of the website)
Tips when recruiting agents. (Please see info in the „Members area‟ of the website)

Insist that the agent signs an appropriate written agency agreement before confirming his appointment or allowing
him to take an order;

Seek references from at least two former principals of the prospective agent;

Request details of the agent‟s professional activities over the last 5 years, with the reasons for termination of any
agency during that time. The agent should acknowledge in writing that you would rely on the accuracy of this
information in deciding to engage him.

Keep a record of your reasons for rejecting any prospective agent, and do not decide purely on the basis of age.

Record in writing from the outset what you expect from the agent in terms of sales growth, product knowledge,
frequency of customer visits etc., providing a copy to the agent.
For BTAA members (only) you can also call our solicitors Steeles law who would be happy to draw up a contract
for you at a reduced rate - Steeles legal helpline 01603 598000.

Membership Subscriptions

NOVEMBER, 2006                                                       DIANA FIVEASH

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