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                                                                laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s communities

                                Development Corporation
                                     of Columbia Heights
                                                                                                                       August 2006

         Community Concerns:
         Stakes Continue to Increase for
         Affordable Housing Preservation                                                       PlAn on It!
         The stakes for affordable housing across the District are higher than                 tenant purchase
         ever. Market forces are continuing to push housing costs higher, even                 training starts with a
         as city government broadens its efforts to control rent, fund new
         affordable housing and provide rental subsidies.                                      bang.
                                   Home builders were issued permits for 2,860                 DCCH is halfway through a summer
                                   new housing units last year, a 40-year high and             series of six sessions on the tenant
                                   a 50% increase from the previous year. A study              purchase process, exercising tenant
                                   by the Urban Institute found housing prices                 rights under DC law and organizational
                                   leveling off in wealthier neighborhoods, but                development.
                                   prices continue to climb steeply in areas such
                                   as Columbia Heights that were traditionally                 Residents of nine Columbia Heights
                                   less expensive. The growth in both sales prices             apartment complexes are participating
                                   and construction/rehabilitation activity was                and the response has been enthusiastic.
                                   concentrated in apartments and condominiums,
                                   rather than single-family homes.                                                            continued on page 2

         Apartment buildings covered by Section 8 rental subsidies might seem
         insulated from market pressures, but only while their contracts with HUD
         continue. The Urban Institute study showed one out of every two Section 8
         housing units in Ward 1 are expiring during 2006.                                         Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
                                                                                                   3419 14th St. Washington, DC 20010
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         This tenant purchase train-
         ing is an integral part of    SHow me tHe money                                                                                           carvel ice cream/cinnabon opens in
         DCCH’s affordable hous-
                                       get your business ready for fall                                                                            tivoli square
         ing preservation activity.                                                                                                                Columbia Heights residents may have noticed a sweet smell
         It is aimed at residents of   DCCH will be holding a series of business training classes during the month of
         buildings with rental sub-    August for business owners and future entrepreneurs. This is part of a series                               in the air at Tivoli Square. Now open at 3307 14th Street, NW,
         sidies under HUD Section      of courses that DCCH will be offering to provide businesses with the skills and                             Carvel Ice Cream/Cinnabon Bakery is providing residents with a
         8, and in several cases
                                       knowledge necessary to do business in the changing business environment.                                    new alternative.
         DCCH is also working di-
         rectly with tenant associa-   The training sessions will           Thursday, August 10             WRITING A BUSINESS PLAN FOR                                                           Carvel Ice Cream/
         tions to incorporate and      cover three topics: LSDBE            6 p.m. – 8 p.m.                 SUCCESS                                                                               Cinnabon sells a variety
         take concrete steps to-       certification, financial basics      Development Corporation         Writing a business plan                                                               of treats that are made
         ward purchasing and re-       and business plans.                  of Columbia Heights             is an intimidating process.                                                           on site daily. Customers
         developing their buildings.                                        3419 14th Street, NW            Not only do you have to                                                               can choose between

                                       LSDBE WORKSHOP                                                       be able to explain your                                                               ice cream, cinnabuns
         Topics covered by             Are you a catering business       BUSINESS FINANCIAL BASICS          product, but you also have                                                            and frozen beverages.
                                                                         FROM A TO Z
         the training include,         that is looking to expand                                            to develop a long-term                                                                Although many people
         but aren’t limited to:        your client base? Have you
                                                                         Have you ever wondered
                                                                                                            strategy for your company.                                                            are familiar with the                       ways to improve your

                                                                         what an income statement
         conducting effective          ever wondered how your                                               This course will demystify the                                                        ice cream, Carvel also
                                                                         is and why it is necessary for
         meetings; building stron-     cleaning business can get                                            process by explaining each                                                            specializes in cakes
                                                                         a business to have one? Are
         ger tenant associations;      an edge in obtaining a                                               section and providing you                                                             for all occasions. For
                                                                         you curious about funding
         strategizing and deci-        government contract? Have                                            with the best approaches                                                              businesses or individuals
                                                                         your start-up business?
                                       you ever been interested in                                          for writing each section.

         sion making; exercis-                                                                                                                                                                    seeking to spice up their
                                                                         This session will teach you
         ing tenants’ first right to   conducting business with the                                                                                                                               gatherings, Carvel also
                                                                         the basics of finance and
         purchase; the devel-          Washington, DC government?                                             Friday, August 18                                                                   caters events.
                                                                         will provide you with an
         opment process; and           If your answer to any of these                                         6 – 8 p.m.                                                                                                                        Meet your neighbors
                                                                         overview of the subject
                                       questions is yes, then this                                            Development Corporation              Aaron Lancaster, who also owns a Carvel at Rivertowne Commons
         negotiation skills.                                             so that you can better                                                                                                                                With our busy lives, people often forget to take the time to meet
                                       workshop is for you. The LSDBE                                         of Columbia Heights                  in Oxon Hill, Maryland, brought the franchise to Columbia Heights            the people that live next door. Take a few minutes to knock on
                                                                         understand why finance is
                                       (Local Small Disadvantaged                                             3419 14th Street, NW                 because he saw an opportunity to open a business in a diverse area           your neighbor’s door and find out their name. You never know
         Dates of the final three                                        so important to your start-up
                                       Business Enterprise Program)                                                                                where development is taking place. For Lancaster, the business’                when you may need to borrow some flour or a screwdriver.
         sessions are listed be-                                         or existing business.

                                       workshop will provide you                                            To register, please contact            location has special meaning. During the civil rights movement, his
         low. DCCH expects to
                                       with information about how to                                        Nzinga Hyman at 202-483-               grandfather was not able to go into Tivoli Square.
         conduct further training                                           Friday, August 25
                                       obtain the LSDBE certification,                                      4986 or
         for residents of Section 8                                         6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
                                       from how to complete the                                                                                    With all of the franchises available, Lancaster chose Carvel Ice Cream/                 Organize a block clean-up
         apartments later in the                                            Development Corporation                                                                                                                              Not only is this a way to make your block look better, but it is
                                       application to hints about                                                                                  Cinnabon because, “people love ice cream… It is a happy and easy
         fall, so stay tuned!                                               of Columbia Heights                                                                                                                                 also an opportunity to work alongside the people that you see
                                       gaining the business once you                                                                               product for people to enjoy.” As a small business owner, Lancaster
                                                                            3419 14th Street, NW                                                                                                                                                everyday and get to know them.
                                       obtain the certification.                                                                                   spends a great deal of time involved in the daily operation of the

                                                                                                                                                   business. Given the demands of a small business, Lancaster finds that
                                          CommUnIty ConCeRnS...                                                            continued from page 1   the hardest part about starting a new business is finding the balance
                                                                                                                                                   between family time and the business. For aspiring entrepreneurs,
             Saturday, August 26       Ward 1 will continue to be        the tax on property transfers.     of inflation, with a cap of 5%.        Lancaster offers this advice, “Be prepared to work around the clock
                                                                         The city’s Housing Produc-         The law also places a limit                                                                                                     Help an elderly neighbor
             10 a.m. – 5 p.m.          a flashpoint in the struggle                                                                                seven days a week.” Also, entrepreneurs need to make sure that they         Check on your elderly neighbors to make sure that they are okay
                                       to    preserve    affordable      tion Trust Fund, which funds       on one-time increases to               budget enough capital for the first year of operations.
             National 4-H                                                                                                                                                                                                      and that they do not need assistance. Elderly people may not get
                                       housing because it is home        affordable housing construc-       vacant apartments, which

             Conference Center                                                                                                                                                                                                 out as much during the day and having someone stop by to visit
                                       to one-fifth of the expiring      tion, will increase by $15         closes a loophole that was                                                                                                             will mean a lot to them.
             Chevy Chase, MD

                                       Section 8 units in the entire     million annually. In addition,     widely exploited when build-
                                       city. We can walk down            a total of $63 million in new      ings were sold. This new limit               People love ice cream…
             Tuesday, September 12
                                       virtually any block of our        funds will be generated for        is 10% of the previous rent, or
             6 – 9 p.m.
                                       neighborhood and see              supportive programs, such as       up to the amount charged                     It is a happy and easy product                                              Watch for suspicious activity in the

             NCBA Estates                                                the Local Rent Supplement          for an identical apart-
                                       evidence of apartments                                                                                                                                                                    neighborhood and report it to the police
             2801 14th Street          being converted to condos or      Program, Emergency Assis-          ment in the same building.                                                                                          If you see something that does not look right on your block, be
                                       to luxury apartments. Many        tance to Prevent Evictions,                                                     for people to enjoy.                                                  sure to call the police. This may not only stop a crime from being
             Saturday, September 23    residents find themselves         Homeless No More, and the          For assistance on housing                                                                                         committed, but it may also keep people from targeting your block.

             10 a.m. – 5 p.m.          asking, will we be next?          Energy Assistance Program.         matters, tenant organiz-
                                                                                                                                                         - Aaron Lancaster
             National 4-H                                                                                   ing or training on tenants’
             Conference Center         Gentrification continues to       Council also changed the           First Right to Purchase,
             Chevy Chase, MD           be a hot topic on City Coun-      city’s rent control law to limit   contact the DCCH Afford-
                                                                                                                                                                               To find out more ways on how                          Attend Advisory Neighborhood
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Commission (ANC) meetings
                                       cil’s hit list. In an effort to   rent increases to 2% plus the      able Housing Preservation                                you can help improve your community                      ANC meetings are a good time to find out what is going on in your
                                       fund a variety of low income      rate of inflation. Elderly and     Division at 202-483-4986.
                                       housing programs, Council         disabled residents will have                                                                    please contact us at 202-483-4986                    neighborhood and to provide your input and opinions on various
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             issues affecting your community.
                                       recently voted to increase        their rent limited to the rate
                                                                                                                                                                      or visit our website at

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           ROBERT L. MOORE
           PRESIDENT & CEO

           MACK JAMES
           VICE CHAIR

                                                     Empowering Citizens for a Developing
           SECRETARY                                 Community
                                                                                       The Neighborhood Jobs Initiative
                                                                                       (NJI) has been registering new
                                                                                       participants, empowering citizens
                                                                                       through the new and improved Jobs
           GAILYA WRIGHT
                                                                                       Clubs, and connecting residents
                                                                                       with jobs. Over 40 persons have
                                                                                       registered or inquired about the
           LEO ALEXANDER
                                                                                       program since mid-April. Included
                                                                                       are persons living in Maryland and
           LEROY HUBBARD
                                                                                       other quadrants of Washington, DC.
                                                     The Jobs Club, a three-week, 20 hours per week employment
           JONATHAN HERRING                          and training program, not only includes a taped mock interview,
           CHAPLAIN                                  completing applications, and ways to job search, but more usage of
                                                     the computer for assessments, on-line applications, virtual interviews,
                                        DCCH STAFF   and navigating through applications. New information such as 27
           SHIRLEY B. COOPER                         Jobs Search Mistakes by Dick Gaither to assist applicants, managing
           SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT        money, and a networking session are included as well as customer
           DENISE HOLMES
                                                     service, basic life skills, how to keep and advance on a job, and
           RECEPTIONIST                              completing new hire forms. The Jobs Club is very interactive and also
                                                     includes some fun activities with awards given everyday.
           GINA DYSON
           COMPTROLLER                               A highlight of a recent Jobs Club was a networking session with
                                                     Rachel Lewis, career counselor from Academy of Hope; Katrina
           ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT                      Brower, relationship manager/business banking from PNC Bank; and
                                                     Joseph Jackson, manager of Enterprising Staffing Solutions. They
           JAMES SPEIGHT III                         discussed the importance of education, jobs available and the skills
           DIRECTOR OF AFFORDABLE                    needed, and other assistance.

           JOHN ENAGONIO                             Participants of the Jobs Club and other enrollees recently have been
           ASSISTANT PROJECT MANAGER                 hired at a supermarket, a hospital, an apartment complex, with a
                                                     temp agency, a hotel and at DCCH.
                                                     For dates of future Jobs Club or for further information, contact
                                                     Elaine Chase or Mercedes Coreas at (202) 483-4986.
           LISA LEVERT

           NZINGA HYMAN                              The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
                                                     is a progressive, independent, non-profit community
           G. CAROLINA REYNOSO                       development corporation. We are dedicated to improving
                                                     quality of life for residents and business owners in the
           ELAINE CHASE                              Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.


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