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					                           Mantra Meanings

1. Gayatri Mantra

   Keywords: Prachodayat, Dhiyo

   Om                    O dear God! You are,
   bhoor                 The giver and sustainer of all life,
   bhuvah                The remover of all pains and sorrows,
   svaha                 The bestower of bliss,

   Tat                   That God,
   Savitur               The Creator of Universe,
   Varenyam              You alone are worthy of worship,

   Bhargo                The fire or light which burns away our ignorance,
   Devasya               Of that God
   Dheemahi              We meditate on Thee (You),

   Dhiyo                 Intellect – knowledge
   Yo                    You who have these qualities,
   Nah                   Our
   Prachodayat           Please inspire and guide in the right direction.

2. Prarthana Mantra 1

   Keywords: Duritani, Parasuva

   Viswani dev savitar   O God! the Creator of the entire universe,

   Duritani Parasuva     Keep evil traits, bad habits and miseries away from us,

   Yad Bhadram           Whatever is blissful, good qualities, aptitiudes and habits,

   Tanna a suva          Give all those (good things) in plenty.
3. Prarthana Mantra 2

   Keywords: Hiranyagarbhah, Samavarta Taagre

   Hiranyagarbhah samavarta taagre      God existed prior to the creation of the

   Bhootasya jaatah patirek-aaseet      God is the sole master of the universe

   Sa Dadhaara Prthivim dya mutemam     God is sustaining the entire world including
                                        other planets

   Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema        Let us offer our worship for that God.

4. Prarthana Mantra 3

   Keywords: Yasya chhaya amritam

   Ya Aatmadaa balada yasya vishva upaasate    God, who is the giver of knowledge
                                               of self and all kinds of might and
                                               capability and who is worshipped by
                                               all, through prayers,

   Prashisham yasya devah                      All the righteous people adore him
                                               and accept His rule,

   Yasya chhaya amritam yasya mrityuh          Whose shelter is giver of liberation
                                               and bliss and whose disobedience is
                                               the cause of destruction,

   Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema               Let us offer our worship for that
5. Prarthana Mantra 4

   Keywords: Esshe, Dwipadashcha-tushpadah

   Ya Pranato nimishato mahi tvai k-iddraja   God is the sole ruler of all that is
                                              living or non-living ______ (fill in
                                              the blank …see below for answer) by
                                              virtue of His greatness

   Jagato babhuva                             of the universe,

   Ya Esshe asya Dwipadashcha-tushpadah       God is the lord of Living things
                                              consisting of 2 legged or 4 legged
                                              creatures of this world,

   Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema              Let us offer our worship for that

6. Prarthana Mantra 5

   Keywords: Antrikshe Rajaso Vimanah

   Yen dyou rugra prithvee cha dridha         God who is stabilizing the earth, the
                                              sun and the whole universe,

   Yen svah stabhitam yen nakah               Who grants salvation and sustains

   Yo antrikshe rajaso vimanah                who is providing motion to the
                                              various worlds created by Him,

   Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema              Let us offer our worship for that
7. Prarthana Mantra 6

Keywords: Yat-ka-maste Juhumastanno Astu

Prajapate na twadeta nyanyo           O Lord of all creatures, there is none equal
                                      to you,

Vishva jatani parita babhuva          You are the creator and protector of all,

Yat-ka-maste juhumastabnno astu       May you fulfill our good desires,

Vayam syam patyo rayeenam             so that we attain prosperity to enjoy the
                                      pleasures of life

8. Prarthana Mantra 7

Keywords: Vidhata, Bandhu

Sa no bandhur janita sa vidhata       God helps us in difficult times just a like a
                                      brother and is also the giver of the fruits of
                                      our actions,

Dhamani ved bhuvanani vishva          He knows all the names, places and source
                                      of everything in the world,

Yatra deva amrit maanshanas tritiye   The enlightened people move freely in His
                                      supreme world after being liberated from the
                                      experience of worldly pleasures and pain,

Dhamann dhayi rayanta                 May we attain the eternal bliss by praying
                                      and worshipping Him.
9. Prarthana Mantra 8

Keywords: Supatha, Raaye

Agne naya supatha raaye asmaan     Take us through the noble path so that we
                                   may attain prosperity,

Vishvani deva vayunani vidvan      [Because] O’ all knowing God, you know
                                   the path of knowledge and deeds,

Yuyo dhyasama juhurana meno        And take away from us sinful deeds by
                                   keeping us off the crooked path,

Bhuyishtan te nama uktim vidhema   We offer unto thee our prayers from the
                                   depth of our hearts.