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					                            THUNDER HOCKEY BOOSTER CLUB
                                    October 14, 2010

DATE: October 14, 2010
TIME: 7:00 PM
PLACE: Best Western Hotel, 111 East March Lane, Stockton, CA 95207

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Elaine Ugarkovich, President; Mark Chamberlain, Vice President,
Kelli Ellis, Vice President of Membership, Donna Meier, Secretary, Stephanie Helmbold, Treasurer

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kent and Denise Armstrong; Michelle Anderson; Susan Anderson; Molly
Anderson; Maggie Anderson; Shelley Attebery; Mark and Stephanie Chamberlain; Traci Clark; Jacqui
Davy; Kelli Ellis; Stephanie Helmbold; John and Shelly Laack; Julie Lang; Alan and Donna Meier; Mary
Neville; Jacqui Stanley; Dave and Carla Taylor; Elaine Ugarkovich; Karen Wilcoxen; Pat Wilcoxen;

GUESTS: Ben Meharg and Terri Cash from “Fat’s Bar and Grill”. Fat’s will be hosting the Thunder
away games, and welcomes support from the booster club.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY: President, Elaine Ugarkovich at 7:02 PM

MINUTES: Motion was made to approve the minutes as written by Steph Chamberlain; Seconded by
Carla Taylor. All in favor, none opposed.


PRESIDENT: (Elaine Ugarkovich )

Julie Connelly is the new Acting Manager of the Best Western Hotel and we will need to confirm with her
if the banquet room will still be made available to us for our End of Season Banquet

There has been a reminder from Kevin Anderson, Thunder team trainer, to members of the Booster Club.
We are not to give medical advice to any Thunder player. The team has doctors, and providing outside
advice could create a potential danger to the player. In addition, if a member offers medical advice it may
put possible liability onto the THBC. Kevin reminds us that this information is per the ECHL rules and

VICE PRESIDENT: (Mark Chamberlain) -
No report

VICE PRESIDENT OF MEMBERSHIP: (Kelli Ellis) - Total membership - 55 including children. We
have 2 new families and 3 new seniors which are included in the total of 55 members. Membership Tables
will be set up at both the Friday and Saturday night games of opening weekend.

TREASURER: (Stephanie Helmbold)
See attached Record of Activity Report for September 2010

SECRETARY: (Donna Meier)
Correspondence: We received a letter from the IRS regarding our tax exempt application. The letter states
that they need more information, with a deadline of November 2, 2010. Elaine will complete the responses.
One of the items stated that they IRS could not open our website. Elaine will include our new webpage
with the information.

FINANCE: (Katrina Plante) - Absent - Presented by President, Elaine Ugarkovich - Meeting was held but
was lacking members. A tentative budget was submitted, but is going to be left “as is” until after the golf
tournament to better estimate income. The committee will re-meet and will present a proposal at the
November meeting.

FUNDRAISER: (Mark Chamberlain) Golf Tournament - Everything is in place. We have 46 players
signed up and a possibility of another six.

Roger Dunn Golf Shop has donated a new set of Golf Clubs to Sponsor a “Hole-In-One”. We will need 3
people to man the hole. Other contest holes will be the Vegas Hole; Longest Drive; Closest to the Hole;
and the Chase Chevrolet “Hole-in-One”

The Putting Contest will start at 9:00 as golfers check in. The Tournament to start at 10:00 and will go until
approximately 1:30-2:00

All contests will be divided into winner categories for Men, Woman and Hockey Player.

We still need a couple of volunteers to act as rovers to fill in for people working contest holes.

Hockey Players will not be able to compete for the Chase Chevrolet Hole-in-One, but can compete for the
Roger Dunn Hole-in-One.

Limo Services have been donated to drive the Hockey Players home after the tournament. Booster
members will be picking them up from their homes in the morning. Jacqui Davy will coordinate the drivers.

All food has been donated, but condiments are still needed along with 200 individual packages of chips.
Forest Lake Golf Course has offered 25 lbs of prepared taco meat for $75.00. A motion to allow purchase
of taco meat was made by Stephanie Chamberlain, and seconded by Julie Lang. Motion carried.

A thank you list will be on display at the tournament. Please send Jacqui Davy donor information.

Mulligan cards (160) will be sold for $15.00 each. Gift bags for golfers will include tees from Roger Dunn
Golf and ink pens. There is a concern that we do not have enough items in the golfers’ goodie bags. Spring
Creek Golf Course has offered to sell us 100 golf ball sleeves (3 balls per sleeve), 100 divot repair tools,
and tees for $250.00. A motion was made by Kent Armstrong to authorize payment not to exceed $250.00
to Spring Creek Golf in order to purchase items for the golf goodie bags. Michele Anderson seconded.
Motion carried.

This year our raffle will include theme baskets. There will also be a 50/50 raffle available and wheel to
spin for every $20.00 worth of tickets purchased. Wheel prizes include: Martini shakers; a bottle of wine;
pens; “triple raffle tickets” and a free Mulligan.

HOSPITALITY: (Steph Chamberlain) Players have requested for the bus trip to Ontario that we provide
healthy snacks such as nuts, bananas, water, Gatorade and Power Bars, Cost for the first bus trip was
$112.00. The committee was originally going to ask for donations for the bus trips but for right now they
will use money from their budget. If needed, they will ask for donations later on in the year.

The committee also purchased 2 coolers and 2 collapsible bins to store food and drinks on the bus. Denise
Armstrong mentioned she can donate freezable ice packs.

There are 10 scheduled Friday night meals of which the Hospitality Committee will be providing 5 of those
meals. The team has requested chicken, pasta and salad for their post game meal, served in “to go” boxes
with plastic utensils. It was suggested by Linda Vasquez to check with Lozano’s Bar and Grill, who may
be able to give us a good price. We will get feedback from the players after each meal with regards to the
quantity and quality of the food.
 TRANSPORTATION: (Ken and Denise Armstrong) Members were reminded to turn in their forms
(DMV printout; valid insurance information and copy of driver’s license) before you are permitted to
transport players. We have provided approximately 8 rides so far. Players have been advised that their
Adopt-a -Family will most often provide their rides, but the arrangements still must go through the

HOUSING: (Dave and Carla Taylor) - See Attached. All funds carried over from the 2009-2010 season
have now been spent except for $9.10. Money was used to purchase pillows (36), towels (24 sets), cleaning
supplies, kitchen items and food.

This year’s budget has been used to purchase new sheets (24). Items were delivered to the 5 houses. The 3
married players were given some food items and a $25.00 Target gift card.

The club was reminded to keep all players’ addresses confidential.

ADOPT A PLAYER: (Michelle Anderson) – The committee met to tighten some of last year’s
guidelines, but feedback was that the revisions were too stringent. So the committee discussed some
changes from what was presented last month.

1. An Adoptive Family can now consist of a married couple; domestic partners and single parents. No
single persons may participate

2. Participants must have been a THBC member prior to July 2010 in order to participate.

Cost will be $25.00 per family and the funds will be used towards a night of pizza and laser tag at Zap Zone
in Stockton on October 26, 2010 at 7:00. In addition to the $25.00, each family member must complete an
application, take an interest survey and sign the AAP guidelines.

Currently there are 17 players who have opted into the program.

Members were reminded that any gift purchased for your Adopt a Player can not exceed $25.00 per player
per event. Anything over and above the $25.00 is a violation of the ECHL rules.

Please respect your player’s privacy. Each player will make his own determination as to how much they
want to participate with their family.

As per our code of conduct with regards to player confidentiality, no member is to post photos of a player
unless it is from a Thunder or Booster (PUBLIC) event.

ACTIVITIES: (Traci Clark) A committee meeting was held. They decided not to have a tail gate party on
November 7, which is the weekend end of “Thunder Goes Pink”. They will wait until closer to playoffs
when the weather is better.


BY LAWS AND ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION: (Jacqui Davy) The committee met to revise the
by-laws. They are working to make things clearer with regards to the duties of the Executive Board.
Finalization has been delayed due to the Golf Tournament, but the committee will meet again next week.
The revised By Laws will need to be posted to the website before being voted on by the General
Membership. Once approved copies will need to be given to the IRS, the State and our bank.

WELCOME KITS: (Susan Anderson) Sample kits were passed around for General Membership perusal.
The Welcome Kits have been delivered and have been very well received.
Birthday cards sent: Aaron Clark and Craig Vallette. Garet Hunt’s will be held at this time.
Upcoming Birthdays - Coach Matt Thomas and Assistant Coach Matt O’dette

$51.98 – Susan Anderson - Welcome Kits & Player Birthdays: (Office Max and Walgreens) -Check #1153
$112.85 - Julie Lang - Hospitality (Costco) - check #154
$66.70 - Stephanie Chamberlain - Hospitality - check #1155
$138.22 - Carla Taylor - Housing (Smart & Final) - check #1156
$1,307.44 - Elaine Ugarkovich - Welcome Kits (Target); Housing (Balance of 2009-2010 Housing Budget
and portion of new budget) (JCPenney, Dollar Tree, and Smart & Final) - check #1157 see attached

Our private mail box is due the first week of November, but we have yet to receive the bill. The cost
should be $66.00 if there has been no increase in fees.

Mary Neville made a motion to pay all bills as presented and seconded by Kent Armstrong. All in favor,
none opposed. Motion carried.


THUNDER GOES PINK FUN RUN: This new event will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2010.
Debra Bachle, event coordinator has asked the booster club to provide 6 workers to work the morning of
the 5K run. Registration opens at 7:30 a.m., with the run starting at 9:00. At 10:00 everyone will be allowed
into the arena to watch the Thunder’s Pre-game skate.

BAKERSFIELD AWAY GAME: (Jacqui Davy). The Bakersfield Condors are offering our booster
members discounted tickets for the game on October 29, 2010.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Our members are an awesome group. We work hard to get much


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ 7:00 PM at Best Western Heritage Inn, 111 East
March Lane, Stockton, CA.

Alan Meier moved the meeting be adjourned. Donna Meier seconded. Motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Donna Meier, THBC Secretary
                             THUNDER HOSKEY BOOSTER CLUB
                                    Record of Activity
                                      October 2010

BBVA Compass Account (fomerly Guaranty Bank)
Date      Number    Payee                Memo                          Debit     Credit    Balance
                      Forest Lake Golf
9/9/2010       1152   Course             Deposit for Golf Tournament   $100.00             $3,854.56
                                         Bronze Sponsor for Golf
9/23/2010             Deposit            Tournament                              $100.00   $3,954.56
9/23/2010             Deposit            Membership                               $73.00   $4,027.56
Items purchased for 2010-2011 Housing using 2009-2010 Budget of 900.00

                                           JC Penney             8/9/2010
Dollar Tree:           10/05/2010          12 6 piece towel sets @ 29.99= 359.88
5 brooms                                   18 2 packs Q pillows @ 11.99= 215.82
5 bottles All Purpose Cleaner                            Shipping          44.00
6 pkgs sponges                                           Tax               35.46
5 boxes dryer sheets                                TOTAL                 655.16
5 dishwasher soap
5 liquid dish soap
3 pkgs dish cloths
5 dish towels
5 laundry detergent
5 surface cleaner/bleach
5 salt & pepper sets
15 liquid hand soap                                      TOTAL Expenses:
                                                         JC Penney     655.16
69 total items @ $1.00 each = 69.00                      Dollar Tree    74.76
                  Tax         5.76                       Smart & Final 160.98
                 TOTAL       $74.76                      SUBTOTAL 890.90

Smart & Final                 10/05/2010                 Amount Remaining
5 cooking oil @ 2.59 ea                                            $ 09.10
7 Kraft Parmesan Cheese @ 2.19 ea
2 1lb spaghetti @ .99 ea
5 2lb spaghetti @ 2.39 ea
5 large Prego spaghetti sauce @ 3.39 ea
2 small Prego spaghetti sauce @ 2.39 ea
3 Jiffy Peanut Butter 2 packs @ 7.79 ea
1 small Jiffy Peanut Butter @ 2.99
5 large Strawberry Preserves @ 2.99 ea
2. small strawberry preserves @ 1.99 ea
2 6 packs of paper towel @ 3.99 ea
5 cases of water @ #.49 + 1.20 CRV ea
2 20 packs toilet paper

46 items      subtotal       $158.64
              Tax               2.34
              TOTAL          $160.98

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