Avoiding a Panic Attack and Public Speaking

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Avoiding a Panic Attack and Public Speaking

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Many people associate a panic attack and public speaking. They usually
have had an anxiety-producing public speaking experience...

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Many people associate a panic attack and public speaking. They usually
have had an anxiety-producing public speaking experience. They may test
that past memory of public speaking again, but often the same anxiety
reaction results. People who have to speak publicly on a frequent basis
and suffer from panic attacks are always searching for a panic attack

Amber's Story

Amber had many risk factors for panic attacks when she entered high
school. Her mother had a history of anxiety as well as her older brother.
Amber was successfully able to avoid a speech class until her final
semester of school. In order to graduate, she was going to have to take

Although she had never received a diagnosis of panic attacks or an
anxiety disorder, Amber had always dreaded taking a public speaking
class. Just the idea of standing up in front of a class of her peers
caused Amber to feel dizzy and nauseous.

When Amber walked into her first day of class, the teacher could see how
nervous she was. He came up to Amber after class and discussed her
obvious discomfort with this public speaking class. Amber discussed her
physical reaction to having to speak in front of her peers. She explained
to her teacher how she was:

* Extremely Anxious

* Dizzy

* Nauseous

* Short of Breath

Amber's teacher recommended that she visit with the school counselor
before their next class meeting. Amber was embarrassed by her reaction
and was even more anxious about having to meet with the school counselor,
but she knew that she was not going to be able to graduate if she could
not figure out some way to get through this class.

The school counselor was very familiar with the signs of a panic attack
and especially with students feeling uncomfortable about speaking in
front of their friends. To help Amber get through her next day of speech
class the counselor recommended that Amber stand up in front of her
family every time she wanted to talk that evening.

So Amber told her family what she was trying to do to help get over her
fear of public speaking. At dinner, Amber stood up every time she asked
to have an item passed to her. Before bed, Amber stood in front of her
parents and brothers and did a pretend speech.

Although speaking in front of her family was a lot different than
speaking in front of her peers, it did help her get through the next day
of class without having a full blown panic attack. Amber was extremely
uncomfortable during her speech class but was able to focus and get
through the class.

As the semester continued on, Amber asked some of her friends to come to
her house the night before she had a big speech due. She would then
practice her speech on her close friends and family until she was able to
get through it without an extreme amount of anxiety.

The technique Amber used to overcome her panic attacks is called
systematic desensitization and is one of the most widely used remedies
for people suffering from panic attacks.

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