Motor Vehicle Service and Repair by stariya


									Motor Vehicle Service and Repair
Automotive Electrician                Car Parts & Accessory Fitters           Motor Mechanic                      Panel Beaters

Vehicle Body Makers                   Vehicle Painters                        Vehicle Trimmers

Automotive Electrician
repair radiators, automotive electrician, identify and repair electrical faults, install and connect audio equipment, rewire electrical equipment,
repair air conditioning system, vehicle repairs, customer service, order parts, prepare quotes, welding, operate hand and power tools, test
equipment, Certificate in Automotive – Electrical
Car Parts and Accessories
Car Parts and Accessory Fitters
mechanical repairs, accessory fitting, motor mechanic, order spare parts, window tinting, assemble and dismantle cars, auto glazier, tyre fitter,
wheel alignment, brake bonder, car detailer, cleaning, repair punctures, diesel fitter, exhaust fitter, welding, repair panels, customer service,
remove damaged car parts, muffler fitter, windscreen fitter, prepare quotes, Certificate in Automotive - Mechanical
Motor Mechanics
diesel fitting, dismantle and reassemble vehicles, motor mechanics licence, engine re-conditioner, light vehicle mechanic, lube operator, service
technician, change oil and filters, service outboard motors, welding, engine fitter, prepare quotes, service and repair mechanical parts, repair air
conditioning systems, clutch inspection, diagnose faults, tune engines, test equipment, issue roadworthy certificates, replace faulty parts,
Certificate in Automotive – Mechanical
Panel Beaters and Vehicle Painters
Panel Beaters
panel beating, dismantle and assemble vehicles, spray painting, straighten vehicle frames, smash repairs, rust proofing, restoration of vehicles,
fibre glass repairs, remove damaged panels, realign body frames, operate hand and power tools, hammering, Certificate in Panel Beating
Vehicle Body Makers
body building, welding, panelling, trimming, general assembly, refurbishing, panel beating, fabrication, fitter, sand blasting, spray painting,
framework construction, Certificate in Automotive – Vehicle Body

Vehicle Painters
spray painting, surface preparation, colour matching, car detailing, panel painting, undercoating, car buffing, mix paint shades, mix rust proofing
chemicals, wax vehicles, polishing, operate air sanders, operate spray guns
Vehicle Trimmers
vehicle trimming, repair seat covers, car detailing, buffing, polishing, wash and clean cars, wet and dry vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, rust
proofing, sewing, car dismantling, waterproof vehicles, remove old car coverings and linings, operate electrical cutting tools, Certificate in
Automotive – Vehicle Body


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