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					From: Stein, Jack
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:58 AM
To: Johnson, Bob; Smelser, Ron
Cc: Castaneda, Armando; Desgraves, Sean; DeWitt, Charles; Dyer, Rodney; Edgecombe, Jason;
Rhodes, Terry; Whisler, Dave; Wale, Nicolas; Peshave, Mitesh; Sumanth Venkatasubbaia, .;
Verner, Andrew; Williams, Roy; Hatley, Nathaniel; Gortney, William; Hayes, Raven; Walters, Kyle;
Edwards, Travis; 'Andrew Stein'
Subject: Mosaic and PCS status for week ending Aug 9,2010 – Aug 15,2010

Mosaic and PCS status for week ending Aug 9,2010 – Aug 15,2010
Key highlights:
         Microsoft Windows update
                o AutoCAD 2010
                o EES 8.6
                o Virtual Box
                o Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Office security patches.

           Rodney and I did a demo of Vissim on a VM for Dr. Pulugurtha and 2 graduate students.

           Attended a CAC meeting.

           Preparation for the re-opening of all lab for the academic year

           Computing Skills workshop – as of Sunday Aug 15 we had 129 students sign up. Every
            Sunday I send a reminder to all students.

           I have been invited to an HP Education Summit in Cupertino CA from9/17/10 -9/29/10;
            planning to attend and present in a round table discussion.

           PCS is working with an ECE request that we image 20 PC systems (non-Mosaic with many
            applications) for the undergraduate lab.

           The contract with Your File System (YFS) for a support contract for Linux File Server and
            DR help is signed. Work will begin week of August 16

           eAdvising III project is on a fast track:
               a. Mitesh, Andrew Verner and Andrew Stein are working on the Academic Plan –
                    Worked on eAdvising III with team; Milestone 1 is completed – support of the
                    Academic Plan and a template. We are doing quite a bit of testing and bug fixes. A
                    demo was held for Robin Weaver, Jason Williams, Diane Bizel and others from
                    Mosaic to review eAdvising III and what we would like from ODS via access from
               b. we have started to use Active Directory authentication in the software.
               c. Testing is being done in parallel and bugs are posted on Google docs that has been
                    set up for this project.

           Linux
                a.   Working on COMSOL 3.5 to help with the transition from 3.4 to 4.0
                b.   Work on a Ubuntu Linux as a VM image- it is in beta with Ron Sass and Harish
                c.   Printing support on Linux and dual mode systems is released. Testing in process.
                d.   Help Files are being updated for Linux apps
                e.   Testing of Optiplex 980 as a dual mode in progress.
                 f.   Will be building a more intelligent system to help with the load balance mechanism
                      we have on our Linux x-servers.
                 g.   Monitoring by Nagios of the /tmp space on our LXS servers.

           AFS
            a. Jason to address the build of a Linux AFS file server with disks file server (part of our
                efforts to migrate off Unix).
            b. Terry is configuring a Dell R510 Linux AFS file server and processing quote to get it in

           Apps:
            a.    The Cadence license agreement has been resolved between legal at UNCC and Cadence
            b.    Working with Steve Patterson and Maciej Noras on the ETAP Educational edition. we
               received the 7.5 20 seat license dongle.
            c.    EndNotes will be updated on Mosaic Windows.
            d.    SPSS 18 software from ITS with the MVA module- for Patty – waiting on ITS
            e.    Working with Office 2010 media and we plan to test this.
            f.    Working with Gary Wilson on HDPsychart Pro V6 software request. We received the
            h.    Algor on Windows for Shenen – WIP
            i.     Respondus - not clear what we need to do
            j.     Geomagic renewal is awaiting Jeff Raquet

           Web:
            a.   iPeer version 2.1 (from the Univ of British Columbia) has been released. Will
               investigate with UBC their plans for enhancements we need and if we can deploy it with
               fixes on our system.
            b.   Andrew Stein has been asked by MAPS to address 2 features in the MAPS coaching
               application (came in thru Lina Garcia).
            c.    Work on Print Quota web tool is on hold by Mitesh while he works on eAdvising III.
            d.   Work on COEConnect version 2 is in progress by Chad. Released to Jack for internal

           Misc:
            a.    Rodney will work with ITS to make sure our Mosaic component for logging into
                Netware is covered.
            b.    Rodney is working with the Trend Micro AV software from Steve Stoy at I

          Met with Dan Rowe to review facilities issues.
          Met with Dan Rowe, Terry and Armando to review EPIC and Motorsports networking
          The Smith 226 PCS office renovation for PCS is completed. PCS is planning to complete the
            move by Wed Aug 18.
          Armando audited the 2nd and 3rd floor classrooms in Smith and identified facility issues. Sent
            to Steve Clark; some sent to facilities; progress being made on lights.
          Working to resolve safety issues with the Smith 3 rd floor student work area. Drew Averitt,
            from Design Services has escalated to SOC and there appears to be a break through where we
            may be able to get this space back on track. An official project has been created for this
            effort. Amanda, Armando and Dan met to review the action plan. Plan is to take the current
            set up to SOC.
          Liebert cooling unit in Duke server room shut off by itself when cooling went down and it
            should have stayed operational. Being looked at.
           We have been asked by ET to make some modifications to the MSDS kiosk software. Dan is
            trying to do this.
           Planning to have the Mosaic labs back on regular schedule on August 16
           The chairs in Smith labs are getting new pistons and are also getting cleaned
           Brainstorming with Aaron Forsyth, Armando on location of ADA tables in Smith 249 and
            Smith 229.

Student Laptop initiative:
           a. Working with ITS to promote the HP laptops for students.
           b. Continue to work with Dell on converting from Vostro back to Latitude laptops. More
                issues with Dell.
           c. Working with HP on several fronts.
           d. PCS completed evaluating the backup service that the book store is recommending.

           Need to test Cell Server DB outage and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney). Need
            most current version of AFS client [Need the most current version of AFS client on Windows]
           Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney) [Need the most current version of AFS client
            on Windows on our AFS servers]
           Upgrade to latest OpenAFS client 1.5.7xxx.[ In Process]
           Rollout fix for OpenAFS client “write” performance issue. [On Hold]
           AFS testing with outlook and OST files - installed latest client build [Need new client and

           NC GA sent us the new process/policy on desk top and laptop purchases. We are assessing
            the impact to the college.

           Following up with Steve Mosier on Data Custodian policy.

           Mosaic Application strategy efforts:
            o Nick completed the set up on Google docs for assessing application usage. This will be
               completed by PCS
            o Rodney needs to fix a bug in the Mosaic Tool to analyze the data.

           Steve Patterson projects for the summer. Please note that Steve is funding this effort thru the
            summer at 40 hours per week of a student technician.
            o Linux web server set up by Nathan for Steve Patterson. Installed Alfresco. Still need to
                have it properly configured and in 2 virtual guests.
            o Senior Design Management web based system for Bill Heybruck and Linda Thurman.
                Mitesh will develop this in late Sept 2010. Dave developed the MySQL schema; draft of
                specs have been developed..
            o Nick gave Steve a training class on Joomla for the EPIC web site.

           4 Dell Optiplex 980 (headless) are also in for evaluation as Windows and as Linux systems
            and for Mosaic staff

 Sustainable Mosaic Strategy:
        Terry is deploying the 220 memory modules to upgrade the Dell Optiplex 745 from 2GB to
           4GB. Very few workstations remain to be upgraded.

       Negotiating with Shenen Chen on technical support on a fee based strategy.
       Began the process of working with the new faculty in ECE, Civil, ET and ME
Workstations and Servers:
        Terry is coordinating the deployment of the Dell systems for faculty/staff desktop.
        The project to set up and test the Sleep server is now a project. We will need to provide PC
           systems and a server.

Web Projects:
        Attended a WAC meeting
        A web server migration to Linux has been set up by Jason
        Continue to scope out the new campus template and what effort it will take to convert our
           current template to this. We are using PCS and Mosaic web sites as test. Will give the dean
           and department chair an assessment.
        Andrew Stein has prototyped a flash based easy to use “Did You Know”, “FAQ” and “What
        Web page to support COE conferences and seminar is in prototype stage
        Motorsports web. A programmer and a user manual will also be compiled. Mike H has
           publicized this offering to students, alumni, vendors, faculty. Mitesh is updating the
           Motorsports forms to make it easier to use and more forgiving.
        NCRST is working with us on a DOT application.
        Dave continues working with the Google Calendar deployment on many of the Joomla web
        Still looking for additional student web developer candidate.
        Mitesh has updated the Vacation Planner to allow edit/delete of aged vacation dates.
           Working to include holidays into vacation planner as days that cannot be scheduled for

            Work continued by PCS to look at the iPad and assess various applications for the users of
            Working with eAcademy to get VMware products for free to COE members
            The laptop loaner pool in PCS needs to be replenished with 4 newer laptops as the old ones
             are out of warranty and very old and slow.

       Work on the Continuity Plan document continues but slowly.
       Hosting of the 2011 AFS and Kerberos Best Practices at UNCC
            o With help from Ron Smelser and Bev Guessford the locations has been finalized.

To Do
             •   Need to test Cell Server DB outage and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney)
             •   Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney)
             •   probe of cx-xxx needs support (Rodney, Dave)
             •   Need a printing strategy (Rodney, Terry, Dave); Printer queues renamed.
             •   Digital Signage - add labmap and virtual tour to the slide show (Jack);
             •   Dept of Insurance Equipment coverage needs to be addressed on our vehicles. (Terry,
             •   ITS SAM (administrative data base) project is on track for campus wide release.
             •   Need to get added feature to Nagios – who to call for resolving problems
             •   Collaborative clusters tested in Smith – this has started in Smith 3rd floor nook(Jack)
             •   Campus police review of lab alarms (Jack)
             •   Handling of special rooms in Device DB (Help Desk, Lecture Capture)
            • Mosaic and PCS Welcome Package – something I will work on.
            • Need to attend departmental faculty meetings once a semester to get more feedback from
               them on technical strategy.

COEConnect usage
   for Jan 1-31,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 88
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 636
     for Feb 1-28,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 91
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 699
     for Mar 1-31,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 89
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 692
     for April 1-30,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 82
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 619
    for May 1-31,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 85
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 709
    for June 1-30,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 85
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 681
       for July 1-31,2010
       Total number of unique users who used COEConnect       = 81
       Total number of times individuals used COEConnect      = 473

Customer Support:
           • Mosaic Incidents Tracking for the week (these are ones logged in our incident tracking
              system, we handle many other incidents that are not logged and are resolved quickly):
              Total Incidents = 6276 Open/Waiting=24 Closed=6252
              Total number of tickets created for the week: 46
              Total number of tickets closed for the week: 51
              Total number of tickets open during the week: 5
              Total number of tickets waiting: 2

Personal Computer Support:
                      WO's opened between                      07/01/08   and        08/15/10
                          Opened by Month
                               July 2008                                                 14
                                                           % Total Opened            1.27%
                               August 2008                                               23
                                                           % Total Opened            2.09%
                               September 2008                                            52
                                                           % Total Opened            4.72%
                               October 2008                                              40
                                                           % Total Opened            3.63%
                               November 2008                                             17
                                                           % Total Opened            1.54%
                               December 2008                                            25
                          % Total Opened      2.27%
   January 2009                                  36
                          % Total Opened      3.27%
   February 2009                                 32
                          % Total Opened      2.91%
   March 2009                                      29
                          % Total Opened      2.63%
   April 2009                                     40
                          % Total Opened      3.63%
   May 2009                                        20
                          % Total Opened      1.82%
   June 2009                                      19
                          % Total Opened      1.73%
   July 2009                                      20
                          % Total Opened      1.82%
   August 2009                                    47
                          % Total Opened      4.27%
   September 2009                                 69
                          % Total Opened      6.27%
   October 2009                                   71
                          % Total Opened      6.45%
   November 2009                                  67
                          % Total Opened      6.09%
   December 2009                                 55
                          % Total Opened      5.00%
   January 2010                                  84
                          % Total Opened      7.63%
   February 2010                                 85
                          % Total Opened      7.72%
   March 2010                                      78
                          % Total Opened      7.08%
   April 2010                                     48
                          % Total Opened      4.36%
   May 2010                                        43
                          % Total Opened      3.91%
   June 2010                                      40
                          % Total Opened      3.63%
   July 2010                                      28
                          % Total Opened      2.54%
   August 2010                                    19
                          % Total Opened      1.73%
                           Total Opened        1101
Last Worked by Month
   July 2008                                      11
                       % Total Last Worked   1.00%
   August 2008                                   21
                 % Total Last Worked   1.91%
September 2008                             56
                 % Total Last Worked   5.09%
October 2008                               36
                 % Total Last Worked   3.27%
November 2008                              20
                 % Total Last Worked   1.82%
December 2008                              24
                 % Total Last Worked   2.18%
January 2009                               34
                 % Total Last Worked   3.09%
February 2009                              31
                 % Total Last Worked   2.82%
March 2009                                  31
                 % Total Last Worked   2.82%
April 2009                                 39
                 % Total Last Worked   3.54%
May 2009                                    21
                 % Total Last Worked   1.91%
June 2009                                  23
                 % Total Last Worked   2.09%
July 2009                                   18
                 % Total Last Worked   1.63%
August 2009                                38
                 % Total Last Worked   3.45%
September 2009                             76
                 % Total Last Worked   6.90%
October 2009                               66
                 % Total Last Worked   5.99%
November 2009                              64
                 % Total Last Worked   5.81%
December 2009                              62
                 % Total Last Worked   5.63%
January 2010                               76
                 % Total Last Worked   6.90%
February 2010                              90
                 % Total Last Worked   8.17%
March 2010                                  75
                 % Total Last Worked   6.81%
April 2010                                 50
                 % Total Last Worked   4.54%
May 2010                                    49
                 % Total Last Worked   4.45%
June 2010                                  41
                 % Total Last Worked   3.72%
July 2010                                   29
                     % Total Last Worked   2.63%
    August 2010                                 20
                     % Total Last Worked   1.82%
                       Total Last Worked     1101
Closed by Month
    July 2008                                   12
                        % Total Closed     1.09%
    August 2008                                 21
                        % Total Closed     1.91%
    September 2008                             56
                        % Total Closed     5.10%
    October 2008                                34
                        % Total Closed     3.10%
    November 2008                              21
                        % Total Closed     1.91%
    December 2008                              26
                        % Total Closed     2.37%
    January 2009                               33
                        % Total Closed     3.01%
    February 2009                              30
                        % Total Closed     2.73%
    March 2009                                 32
                        % Total Closed     2.92%
    April 2009                                  39
                        % Total Closed     3.56%
    May 2009                                    21
                        % Total Closed     1.91%
    June 2009                                   22
                        % Total Closed     2.01%
    July 2009                                   18
                        % Total Closed     1.64%
    August 2009                                 37
                        % Total Closed     3.37%
    September 2009                             76
                        % Total Closed     6.93%
    October 2009                                67
                        % Total Closed     6.11%
    November 2009                              64
                        % Total Closed     5.83%
    December 2009                              62
                        % Total Closed     5.65%
    January 2010                               74
                        % Total Closed     6.75%
    February 2010                              89
                        % Total Closed     8.11%
    March 2010                                 77
                        % Total Closed     7.02%
    April 2010                                  51
                                                             % Total Closed            4.65%
                               May 2010                                                    47
                                                             % Total Closed            4.28%
                               June 2010                                                   42
                                                             % Total Closed            3.83%
                               July 2010                                                   29
                                                             % Total Closed            2.64%
                               August 2010                                                 17
                                                             % Total Closed            1.55%
                                                              Total Closed              1097

       ·      Updates to AppDB for all new software, upgrades.
       ·      Installed license for new Intel Fortran compiler and C++ for 64 bit Linux – 2 seats. Need to
           remove older 2 seat 32 bit Fortran
       ·      AppDB work:
                 • Need to remove Wes Simineau from contact point
                 • Need to change CFAC membership for ET to be John Hildreth
                 • remove Pine or rename Pine to Apine
                 • remove Centra

        ·     Apps that have no support/maintenance:
                • Visual Modflow
                • OriginPro
                • Tecplot

        ·     In limbo – no faculty sponsor
                 • Trip generation
                 • ArcPad
                 • GRL Weap
                 • FB Multipier

        ·     Linux Red Hat Support renewal

Planned Mosaic Windows Release Schedule:

                                   Application                                       Scheduled Release
    Scheduled            Civil 2010                                         Friday, September 24, 2010

                         HCSS                                               Friday, September 24, 2010
                         HDPsyChart Student V6                              Friday, September 24, 2010
                         HDPsyChart PRO V6                                  Friday, September 24, 2010
                         ETAP 7.5                                           Friday, September 24, 2010
                   EndNote (Cathy Blat)            Friday, September 24, 2010
                   Inventor 2010                   Saturday, October 23, 2010
                   Algor Simulation Professional
                   2010                            Saturday, October 23, 2010
                   SAS                             Friday, November 12, 2010
                   ArcGIS                          Friday, November 12, 2010

  Requested        Respondus Locked Down
 Not Scheduled     Browser                                        ON HOLD
                   StarCCM                               Declined by Sponsor
                   ANSYS 12.1                               ON HOLD - Bug
                   Dragon Naturally Speaking                   Limited Install
                   Microsoft Office 2010

 Not Requested     Minitab 16                                    AVAILABLE
 Not Scheduled     Chemistry Add-in For Word                     AVAILABLE
   Available       FB Multipier 4.14                             AVAILABLE
                   Matlab 2010B                                  AVAILABLE
                   TRNSYS 17                                     AVAILABLE
                   AutoDesk 2011                                 AVAILABLE

 Release When      Abaqus 6.9                                     ON HOLD
    Ready          Climate Consultant                                 RWR
                   Panopto Recorder 3.0                           ON HOLD
                   Rhino 4.0                                          RWR
                   Wildfire 5.0                                   ON HOLD

For Mosaic Linux

    Scheduled      Ls-dyna                             August
                   Comsol 3.5a                         August
                   Citrix                            September
                   Pidgin                            September
                   tsclient                          September
Queue (Requests)
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft IE 9.0
New AntiVirus Solution from ITS
Backup of all Active Directory, license, probe, and build servers.

Begin Win7x64 build

Queue (Known Upgrades Exist - Not Yet Requested)
SolidWorks 2010*
Decision Tools 5.5
Power Flow 4.2c
Adams patch
Mathematica version 7
Netbeans on Linux and Windows

* These packages are used by different departments and we should reach out at CFAC to make them aware
of the coming upgrade.

Application Management
        ·    Latex issue with performance needs addressed

Summer project list (as of 7.10.2010):
   o LS-Dyna license needs installed (we are using URC)
   o Upgrade our AD servers and other Microsoft Server to Windows Server 2008 64 bit
   o Remove applications and volumes
   o Decide what we do with Labview installation on Mosaic
   o [Done] AFS Server software upgrade
   o [Done] Dual Mode Support rolled out.

    o   [IP] Build Bittorrent based images of Windows XP desktop as a VM – pilot rolled out
    o   [Hold] Build Citrix Xendesktop VDI based images for pilot roll out.

    o   [IP] Develop Backup script for Linux Workstations that have auxiliary local hard disk.
    o   Develop backup script for network based NAS that will do the backup
    o   [IP] Mosaic Linux desktop and application audit. Get Linux to be rich with latest apps ; where
         programming happens; where cpu intense apps run. Clean up the apps that have the legal
    o   [IP] release a virtual Ubuntu Linux

    o   Upgrade to Oracle 11 on our Unix based data base servers
    o   Implement the 30 days expiration notice when accounts are about to expire
    o   Changes in Device Data Base for Jason
    o   Process the network self registration
    o   Start the Windows 7 project

    o [IP] Upgrade Dell Optiplex 745 systems to 4 GB of memory.
    o [IP] COEconnect rewrite to support multiple platforms (MacOS, Windows, Linux) – 32 or 64 bit
    o [IP] Web Server for EPIC
    o [Done] Unix EOL June 30:
            o Take back all Unix systems not being used
            o Shut down access to is-sm1; Power off Unix X-Servers;
            o Remove access to all Unix applications software from AFS.
    o [IP] Mosaic Linux Web servers built. Transition from our Unix web server
    o [Done] Upgrade Joomla
    o [Done] Upgrade MySQL
    o [IP] WebPE re-write or conversion to iPeer
    o [IP] eAdvising version 3
    o [IP] Senior project administrative interface
    o [IP] Print quota management system
    o [IP] Assessment of campus branding web template

    o [IP] Smith 226 converted to PCS office
    o [Done] Woodward server room Fire Protection system
    o [IP] Smith 3rd floor compliance with safety

Tentative vacation planned for Sept 17-21

Chad DeWitt:
AutoCAD 2010 [acad2010]
- Approved by Ted Jarrell for deployment.

AutoDesk Civil 2010 [civil2010]
- Currently testing installation.

COEConnect v2
- Wrote logic to allow COEConnect v2 to connect to Linux machines via the
  NXClient as well as Microsoft Windows machines with the RDP client.
- Modified the launch page with the requirements for COEConnect v2.
- Dan Rowe is currently testing for Mac OS.
- COEConnect has two functions that have to occur the entire time the
  program is running and the functions need to be run on an interval. The
  first design utilized a timer that would go off every X seconds. However,
  this proved to be problematic because COEConnect could become unresponsive
  if network was lost. Therefore, the design decision was made to change
  the timer into an actual worker thread that, instead of firing after X
  seconds, would continuously run and sleep. This design makes it easier to
  trap the condition where COEConnect is knocked off the network.
- Added information into COEConnect that will record the true SSH server
  being used.
- Added more specific dialog when the network is not available.
- COEConnect will now attempt to reconnect if it loses connectivity.
- Backed up the following servers:
  - LS-ME1
  - LS-ME2
- Patched the following servers:
  - LS-ME1
  - LS-ME2
  - LS-ME3
  - LS-ME4
  - VMS-ME3

- Built external FireWire drive for Mac OS X.
- Advised on several tickets.
- Helped Travis with D-Link software.
- Advised on ticket 6380.
- In the process of updating the virtuals used by the App group from 85 GB
  hard drives to 160 GB hard drives.

Update (August 2010)
- Ran test update via test groups.
- Setup the update with Rodney.
- Tested the update with Rodney.
- Updated all labs and special machines.
- Minor update cleanup.

- Installed license manager and dongle on ls-me2.
- Configured license dongle.

PTO (On Vacation Calendar)
* Nov 15th - 19th, 2010 (PTO)

Available CompTime
  16 hours (July 2010 Update/Aug 2010 Update)

Jason Edgecombe:

Comp Time: 7 hours

       Fixed the booting issue on lws77 (dual-boot apple imac) and wrote up instructions on how to fix it
        in the future.
       Created a PHP 404 error page for Joomla based on ITS’ 404 reporting code. Dave deployed it
       Worked with Dave to troubleshoot Mysql ACL issues on coe-web-test1
       Renamed coweb-test to coe-web-test1 to simply the mysql ACL’s.
       Had Terry rename lxs-sm5 to coe-web3
       Built coe-web3 as a production Linux web server and coe-web-test1 as a Linux web test server.
        Installed The APC PHP accelerator, ganglia. Mod_security, SSL certificates, oracle driver
       Requested DNS alias for coe-web3
       Set up LDAP access for ITS Ninernet id’s on the Linux web servers
       Added cfengine logic to link /opt/coe and /usr/coe into the R/W AFS path on Linux test machines.
       Reconfigured beta/eadvising to automatically redirect all non-secure request to use SSL
          Make a plan for migrating the Solaris web server to Linux and gave it to Jack.
          Pulled newer RedHat server packages into Redhat server build.
          Resolved an issue on lxs-me2 where users couldn’t login. /tmp was full. Solved by cleaning /tmp.
           Added to-do item for monitoring /tmp on Linux servers via nagios.
          Granted TA privileges to iirvin
          Discussed Apache+Tomcat configuration for coedesign with Nathan


In Progress - Jason:
     Make a Linux fileserver build. Needs pre-production testing and verification of the iSCSI
         configuration on production hardware. Need to add ganglia for monitoring. Need to test dell tools.
     Make a Linux web server build with failover to replace coe-web
     make a script to copy process accounting logs into AFS automatically

solaris to Linux migration dates:
Aug 23 : Set up coe-web3 and have it in production
Sept-Oct          : Migrate all hostnames EXCEPT, and to coe-web3
Oct                 : Have production web servers ready with failover (coe-web1 & coe-web2)
Oct-Jan 2011: migrate sites and apps from * to Linux

Non-web To Do list for Jason - prioritized:
* Make Nagios monitor /tmp space usage on Linux servers
* Nathan: By summer of 2010 - Deliver the dual mode solution, addressing the issues found so far in
testing, to allow a workstation to run Linux and Windows.
* By August of 2010 - Deliver the Linux based web server solution and migrate us off the Unix web
server. The Linux web server will need monitored, be set up for load balancing.
* Provide training and documentation for the college on Linux.
* By Dec 2010, deliver a Linux based file server or servers solution into production. We will use the
period of Jan 2011 – May 2011 to verify this solution and then migrate all Unix file servers and support
systems to Linux in the summer of 2011.
* port solaris back-end scripts from solaris to Linux - depends on Linux server build
* Explore ITS' global site selector appliance for DNS load-balancing in Feb/Mar 2010
* dual-mode support for printing to local printer
* Automate the per-machine auto-build of Linux machines for PXE booting.

Non-web Todo list (prioritized) for Sumanth, Andrew S, and Roy:
• Sumanth/Andrew S/Roy: test and add the localstorage script that Jesse wrote to Mosaic Linux
• Sumanth/Andrew S/Roy: research how to limit CPU usage per user to prevent system crashes and
resource starvation – postponed to RHEL6
• Sumanth: backup ganglia data via cron
• Sumanth: upgrade NetBeans on Linux
* Sumanth: make a GUI for user-handling of backups
* Sumanth: Document how users may install their own apps on Mosaic Linux
* Andrew S: write a web interface to read the Linux process accounting logs and generate reports.
* Andrew S: work on fileserver metric for nagios - review scripts written by Jesse. Rewrite if needed.

Web Projects for Jason & others
• reconfigure web server to serve the pages in the non-secure areas through https. - included in linux Web
server build
• get SSL working for - included in linux Web server build
• Sumanth/Andrew V/Andrew S: modify the script that checks user public_html folders for bad ACL's;
add to cron
• Andrew S: A Joomla ACL checker script has been done by Jesse. Needs review
• Andrew S: rewrite probe-parse script to generate HTML output with graphs

Other projects
• Sumanth/Jason: add a smart load-aware load balancer to the lxs machines - not needed if ITS GSS
solution works out
• Sumanth: find a tool or write a script that will renice long-running jobs. - needs review from Jason
• AFS testing with outlook and OST files - installed latest client build
• investigate dropped packets from afs fileserver under load -- happens w/Outlook OST
• put mysql server on different hardware from oracle.
• code audit of WebHW or evaluate a replacement – ipeer?
• create a production webwork server
• have emails to mlc automatically go into ticket system
• Sumanth: review and deploy cpu usage scripts for Linux written by Jesse
• Sumanth: make a script to renew Kerberos & AFS tokens.
* Have emails sent to mlc automatically generate a ticket

Dave Whisler:
           Weekly Mosaic staff meeting
     Resolved Mosaic user account issues, disk quota, etc.
     Discussed web strategy for AIM meeting with Jack
     Setup several new Mosaic TA’s in Mosaic AcctMgr and Oracle

Mosaic Website
  Designing new Ticket Submission form for Jack

     Added upload/display support for .docx, .pptx, .xlsx to Joomla configuration
          Added upload/display support for .docx, .pptx, .xlsx to JCE Editor configuration
     Waiting for Karina to be ready for go-live
     Resized a photo for Karina
     Uploaded Facebook graphic to site and added it as a weblink to the Leadership Facebook page
     Moved Leadership Academy into production
     Fixed links in COE website to go to the new Leadership Academy website
     Fixed “foggy” looking text on the spotlight image…. Resized the image and resized the text
     Changed Facebook link on page
     Changed two different menu items to point to the same article and deleted the other article
          Deleted these pages on the COE website
          Changed the menu item called “Leadership Academy” under current students to point to the new
          Changed the “Leadership Academy” links on this page (
students/professional-development.html) to point to the new site
          Changed the “Leadership Academy” menu item under “Industry and Employers” to point to the
new site
          Renamed the webform to OLD here: as it will no longer be needed (because of
my new form in the new site)
     Final testing of online application form
     Making some suggested changes to it

ABET Website Work
   Created an Accreditation article for each of the Engineering Dept websites
   Created a top-level link called “Accreditation” to point to this article
   Sent request for clarification to ABET regarding use of their logo
   Downloaded the ABET logo and put it on each Dept Accreditation statement
   Made more changes to the statements per the Dean and Smelser
   Worked with Mike H. Did searches and replaces on our sites, shortened references to ABET, added
address info.
   Sent email to dept chairs requesting updated content for the “Guidelines for Teaching Enhancement”

  Unpublished “About MEES” menu item as it is still blank.
       Notified MEES, I will re-publish when they fill it out.
  Generated several Mosaic accounts for new MEES faculty
  Tracy setup MEES content for their survey. Put in link to it on COE website

  Checking into possibility of using multiple wildcards for the MySQL user connecting host identifier
  Tested new host naming method for eadvising user account on MySQL test server – got it working

ITS List-Server
   Verified COE list owners

    Cleanup of broken links as result of ET go-live of new website
    Changed COE website from pointing to an internal page on ET to go directly to new ET website
    Fixed a broken link on COE website to point to the appropriate page link on the new ET website
    Changed links from going to facilities campus map to using Google Map for Campus that I integrated
into the COE website
    Fixed some bad email links
    Fixed more broken links
    Created a new article for Tony - Laboratory Health & Safety Plan
    Added several new menu items to link to the new Lab article
    Renamed the menu item names and article name so it’s shorter and fits better on the ET menu

  Changed ENGR1202 link for CEE from Jim Bowen’s personal site to link to Moodle instead

   Waiting for them to provide info regarding workshop, info to collect on web registration form

   Working a change to Rodney’s script

Breezing Forms
   Working some bugs, reporting issues to vendor
   Researching advanced features of this extension.....

   Investigating XMAP extension -> generates sitemaps for Google and displays it as well
   Researching SEO/SEF/Analytics tools for Joomla
   Researching best method to handle 404 errors on Joomla sites
   Worked with Jason on php code in Joomla template to handle 404 errors, enable submission of errors to
       Deployed 404 error handling to all of my Joomla websites for the COE
       Created a list of all of our sites and the contacts to email – sent to David McIntosh to add to
       automated email system
       Went through linkchecker and other link scanning tools to find broken links
       Spent many hours fixing broken links

Google Web Tools
   Reviewing results for all of our websites
   Researching methods of improving our sites, etc..

Future or In Queue
          Need to migrate PHPSupport from beta location to production
          Need to migrate LabMaps from beta location to production
          Need to upgrade from MySQL 5.0.x to 5.1.x (new version)
          Need to test Joomla 1.5.20 and then upgrade all 27 sites from 1.5.18 to 1.5.20
          Need to test new version of JCE Editor
          Need to test new version of GCalendar (Google Calendar Integration)
          Need to research of WordPress Blog Network for COE Faculty/Staff
          Need to researching methods for fail-over and/or replication of MySQL Server

Terry Rhodes:
•       Worked issues with down machines from weekend power outage
•       Worked issues with 5 defective RWS machines after power outage.
         Machines repaired and brought back online
•       Installed LWS5 in Woodward 254 for Tom Weldon grad student
•       Installed machine for new faculty in Woodward 209A
•       Replaced defective machine for Franklin Greene in Duke 237
•       Replaced defective video card in mws817 in Smith 249 Lab
•       Worked with Don Chen on quota increase and needs for space
•       Rebuilt mws62 because of corrupt OS
•       Worked issue with RWS88 hanging on AFS during update
•       Visited Woodward 140 Lab to bring machines back online
•       Delivered monitor to Motorsports to be used on test equipment
         monitoring the water tunnel
•       Moved Mosaic machine in Smith 332 to Smith 320 for Madelyn
•       Moved Mosaic machine in Smith 320 to Smith 332 for ABET
•       Worked issue with 4 iMac not powering back on after power outage
•       Working with Chad and others on why dual mode iMac lab will not resume
         last power state
•       Replicated volumes for weekend update
•       Review Epic plans with Dan, Jack and Armando
•       Installed Mosaic pc in Fire Safety advising office in Smith 318
•       Delivered machine for standalone to PCS to be built and delivered
•       Continued work in Smith 253 to reorganize space after power outage.
•       Removed Matrix 5000 from Smith 253 server room
•       Removed bad battery pack which had begun to leak acid, after power outage
•       Assisted Sean with configuration of TCP/IP settings for carc145plot
•       Removed machine from Smith 249 Lab to allow installation of ADA table
•       Working issues with the reinstall of the Mosaic PC on the ADA table
•       Building volumes and mounts in AFS as requested
•       Replicated volumes as requested by Mosaic Staff
•       Working to perform normal job duties
•        Performed weekly AFS backups to tape
•        Working to reorganize storage rooms

Vacation:       Oct 8 - 13

Rodney Dyer:
week ending 8/15/10:

* Download, package, and test Microsoft XP and Office security
  patches for August. Pre-rollout test on Jack's mws1104 machine.

* Patched ADCME1 J: drive Mosaic AD server with August security

* Terry identified a problem with the Mosaic dataprobe server which I
  had to diagnose and fix.

* Modified Mosaic XP staff menu for Dave Whisler to point to new
  Mosaic Account Manager.

* Mosaic XP Maintenance Update for August.

* Found issue with install of Oracle VirtualBox during update that
  required some development work to AutoKey program to resolve.
  Some small remaining issues still affect AutoKey operation. The
  VirtualBox app should install without issues pending slight
  modifications to the VBox AutoKey script.

* Work with Nathan to check his Umbutu Linux VM image script.

* Plotter testing with Sean before rollout of new driver for

* Worked with Travis to get VSSIM/VSUM installed into the Mosaic
  Virtual XP VM image. Made other changes to the image. Rolled
  out VM image #5 using Mosaic BTSync services.

* Fixed problem with "Shared Folders Disabled" initial Mosaic
  Virtual XP VM image startup issue for new users.

* Meeting with Kusam, Prasanna; Duddu, Venkata Ramana to demo
  the latest Mosaic Virtual XP image.

* Note on Mosaic Virtual XP download times for Jack.

* Some initial research into Ticket 6380 about "fccbcc.dll" error
  that Kusam Prasanna had. Chad and TA resolved.

* Creation of location in AFS, and initial evaluation of Jack's
  VM document. To be modified in the future, as well as made
  available as a Mosaic Menu Item.

* More testing of new TrendMicro AntiVirus install and debugging
 for Steve Stoy. Working with Steve to resolve.

* Checkup of build/update issue on mws1017 for Terry.

* Fix of RWS13/RWS3 problems from TA report.

* Discussions with Roy about using special torrent file creation
  routines from the Bittorrent GPL project to be used to automate
  the creation of the Mosaic Virtual XP image torrent files.
  Also some final discussions about issues with the BTSync system
  before Roy starts the fall semester.

* Discussion with Sean about settings changes to the Richo printer
  "megrcopy". These will need to be done during the next XP

* Evaluation of role changes for new Mosaic TAs Juan A Marin, and
  Isaac Irvin for Armando.

* Status report, and Tuesday staff meeting.

Armando Castaneda:
    Closed Mosaic tickets

       Met with PCS staff to discuss work being done

       Scrubbed tickets

       Ordered 24 more pistons for 249 chairs

       Ordered 40 more pistons for 225 chairs

       Met with Sean to discuss Smith 226 progress, PCS issues and misc

       Emailed Dan about Smith 226 temperature

       PC’s in Smith 229 were turned off due to a broken AC unit.

       Emailed Steve Clark concerning the status of the Smith 260 whiteboard replacement

       Ordered 150 more mouse pads to replace the worn pads in our labs

       Followed up with Carolina Golf Cars concerning our COE7 canopy

       Met with Dan and Amanda concerning the Smith 3 rd floor corridor. Amanda will submit request
        to have the current setup remain as is to SCO today (08-11-10) and communicate any updates back
        to me.

       Submitted student employment sheet to Lee Ann Parker for TA fall semester work

       Continue to resolve Lenel issues

       Smith 249 chairs have been cleaned
       PCS display was corrected, new material was added

       Final inspection passed for Smith 226 (08-11-10). Moving has begun.

       McCullum has installed the lettering on the back wall (looks really nice!)

       Baseboard has been installed on counters

       Aaron has installed the ADA table in Smith 249. There are questions as to where the other will

       Emailed Greg Kish to have the tiles in Smith 226 waxed before PCS occupies it

       Emailed James Williams to have the wall surrounding the door of Smith 226 painted

       Removed all the old/used chair base from 229

       Wall outside of Smith 226 has been painted (08-12-10)

       Replaced stained tile in Smith 260

       Hired Juan A. Marin as a Mosaic TA (08-12-10)

       Roamed with Mason to assure that he understands what is expected

       Placed request with Charlotte paint to have the whiteboards in Smith 260 refurbished. Jay Raja
        will refund our department for the $1470.00.

       Informed housekeeping of spots in the carpet in WW208 and Duke 323

       Followed up with Rob Herrington concerning the installation of the combination lock for Smith

       Electricians are replacing the conduit as per inspector (08-13-10)

       Hired Isaac Irvin (08-13-10)

       Meeting with Aaron Forsyth and Jack to discuss ADA tables in Smith 249 and Smith 229

Sean Desgraves:
 Weekly report for the week of: 8/9/10
     Went to weekly Staff Meeting on Tuesday
     Monitoring and working on Mosaic and PCS tickets and Work Orders
     Monitoring cameras, Live Help and Nagios
     Met with Jack, Will, Kyle and Armando twice daily on things that needed to be addressed Monday
        thru Thursday
     Followed up Drew on issues that need to be address for Smith 226; working with Armando on
        remaining issues
     Worked with Alex to installed the two cameras
     Installed printer drivers for an HP LaserJet P2015 on MWS199 per request from a Mosaic ticket
        Modified the print driver for printer name megrcopy on Winter’s, Tracy’s MWS and the Mosaic
         workstation in the main area of the ME office to enable the 3-hole punch and staple features
         within the print driver; created and closed tickets for each workstation
        Provided comments/edits for a review of the iPad apps documentation and message to the college;
         sent final version to all the faculty and staff of COE with the subject of: iPad Enhancements in the
         College of Engineering; forwarded a copy to Michael Cato and Phillip Bard in CHHS
        Researched and acquired quotes for Dragon Naturally Speaking software for John Daniels per
         Jack’s request; sent Jack my findings
        Requested Travis’ assistance with the D-Link software on Mosaic; sent him the configuration file
         for packaging to work on a Mosaic system
        Provided assistance to Dean Johnson for connecting his iPad through the VPN to establish a
         remote session via the RDP Lite app with his Mosaic PC
        Completed: Research effort with the iPad (assignment from Jack); met with Michael Cato and
         Phillip Bard along with Kyle to find out how they are using the iPad in the CHHS; what remains
         of this project is a continuous review of applications that can be used in the COE
        Oh Hold: Working with Cathy Blat to communicate the wireless needs for Hawthorne to Time
         Warner Cable; Cathy is reevaluating what will be done and will contact TWC to possibly provide
         additional equipment
        Completed: Setup a new plotter for Dave Naylor in Cameron 145 to replace the old model;
         worked with Terry and Rodney to address a networking issue and driver installation; successfully
         tested the printer from Terry’s workstation and MWS756 in Cameron 145
        Swapped the new HP 5100 LaserJet printer (carc145pcl) in Cameron 145 (Senior Design lab) with
         MWS756 per Dave Naylor’s request – Closed Ticket
        Working with Pamela Duff and Ray Dinello to provide them with dates and times that Smith 225
         is available for Tech training; checked the dates and times for availability and gave Pam the open
         dates and times – waiting for reply
        Followed up with Chris Epting on how departments can purchase apps for the iPad; he says we
         can use gift cards or we could go through Purchasing; he recommended I contact Mark Shropshire
         will do so next week
        Assisted Jy Wu with information about the iPad; one was loaned to him by PCS

Andrew Verner:
eAdvising work continues. Added ability to load and save course plans as XML files. Added a username-
based login to the student view (though Andrew Stein did the same), along with the ability to print the
academic plan (which led to some significant code cleanup). Switched student view to use SSL. Resolved
problem with dimming the comments box in the admin view, and problem with comments box being
impossible to clear out. Fiddled with some timeouts to try to resolve timing issues that had plans coming up
blank. Ongoing work on reducing DB connections (especially ones left open). Term selectors default to
upcoming semester. Disabled buttons are now more disabled more effectively. Fixed various bugs with
credit totals.

Travis Edwards:

        Finished VISSIM install scripts
        Work on VISUM install scripts
        Install and test VISSIM on Mosaic Virtual XP image
        Install and test VISUM on Mosaic Virtual XP image
        Training/work with Rodney to modify other features of Mosaic Virtual XP image
        Troubleshoot issue with D-Link software not working correctly with non-admin privileges

Nicholas Wale:
Complete the AppDB data update and finish        On hold until Rodney finishes bug fixes.
the Data mining effort on the apps [IP]          Writing guide to using the tool for PCS
Work on the PCS and Mosaic sites in beta to      New version of template installed. Cleaning
utilize the UNCC template. [IP]                  up PCS and Mosaic sites to be shown on
Work with student organizations to               Meeting with ASPE on Wednesday at
develop/enhance web sites [Done]                 9:00am
Whiteboard web app developed or use of           TaskFreak installed in beta; testing will start
Task freak for Mosaic and PCS Help Desk          when other tasks are on hold
Develop with Jack the AppDB User
documentation [IP]
iPeer training and testing. [IP]                 Demo on 8/4 went well. List of requests will
                                                 be sent to UBC.
Update the Joomla Quickstart for Publisher
Guide and prepare for a refresher class in
August. [IP]
SPART Analytics [IP]                             Everything is working properly now.
Leadership Academy web site development          Leadership Academy site is live

Sumanth Venkatasubbaiah

On Leave

Mitesh Peshave:

Worked on bug fixes in eAdvising III.

Roy Williams:

  Work Week of August 9th~13th, 2010:
I completed the another draft of Linux, Best Practices document, which entails how to install an application
into the user profile. This process I simplified somewhat using scripts to handle the installation.
I can revise the document as needed to fix gaps I have left out, but most of the important information is
there, to install from source code which is the most difficult process. A normal Ubuntu Virtual Machine
will not require as much effort as a downloaded package can be double clicked to install it. I broke the
document into multiple sections to handle both use cases. I revised this draft to include the graphical
synaptic install of software so this umbrella's Ubuntu VMs use case with students. This still needs yet
another review.

I was in the process of creating a script to handle Comsol 3.5a files to 4.0a files using convertpre35a tool in
Comsol 4.0a. This tool does not function as well as originally thought and would often break, so I assume
this tool is not properly supported by the vendor. However Comsol 4.0a can seamlessly convert documents,
if they are supported and nothing in the file causes a "feature error," which is related to features being
removed from the latest editions of comsol's file format. I also wrote a document entailing the limitations of
this capability which essentially is, you cannot expect this software to open and convert all your
documents. Especially if the document is much older than Comsol 3.5a because the expectation drops

I modified vbox-configure-ubuntu to contain a graphical elements to ease the configuration process. It also
accepts console input and currently is limited to being able to install the VMs but not remove them, this can
be added later if needed. I pushed this version of the vbox-configure-ubuntu into the /opt/coe/common so
it's ready to push images onto flash drives. There is no icon right now as one needs to be created for it. I am
not sure what Nathan wants to do about the Image size issues since a 4Gb thumb drive will not hold the
image currently since the image is slightly over the threshold for most 4Gb drives apparently. There is a
option that will cut the image down quite a bit using zerofill and shrinking the image down, this is one
viable option we discussed as well as reducing the AFS Cache in the VM. I resolved part of this issue by
adding a space check and flash/external drive total space check to inform the user if it cannot be copied to
the device and inform the user of performance issues. Regardless, this script can now be adjusted to inform
user to get a larger device based on the image size.

I did a quick aesthetics fix for Dropbox by adding an icon for it, since it was easily found from the Dropbox

I resolved a btsync issue and pushed it into production which was a non-critical error, I was referencing the
old name "btsync" instead of "btsyncd" as a proper daemon, when I renamed the service on the server side.
There should be no errors on the servers now as far as btsync is concerned.

The Java plugin in Firefox is repaired and released and will now allow Agilent ICCAP help to function
correctly. Along with any Java applications on the web that are using the Java web plugin. I suspect this
will save us from a horde of support tickets during the semester.

Off, August 9th, 2010
8:00am~11:45am, 12:45pm~5:00pm, August 10th, 2010 10:15am~12:00am, 1:00pm~5:45pm, August
11th, 2010 8:00am~12:00am, 1:30pm~5:30pm, August 12th, 2010 8:00am~12:00am, 1:30am~5:00pm,
August 13th, 2010

Nathan Hatley:

Nathan                         Weekly Update                              Daily Update
Virtual Box installed on       Deployed, no menu icon yet. (also          Menu icon will be added once
Mosaic XP to allow for         deployed on dual-mode machines…            Ubuntu VM is ready.
Ubuntu Linux to be run.        oops?)
Work with Sumanth on a         Image is complete, working on              Roy has vastly improved the copy
Ubuntu VM using Virtual        scripts/documentation for Mosaic           time on Mosaic Linux and created
Box as the VM engine. [IP]     Linux and XP.                              a more user friendly script (GUI).
Build a web server for         Steve has placed a due date of before      I am having difficulty getting
Steve Patterson. [IP]          classes start. I have test machine         cfengine to get the production
Install Alfresco for Steve     working, trying to get automation          machine ready… I’m working on
Patterson [IP]                 complete.                                  it.
Install application on
Linux. [IP]
Build a dual mode system       Roy has been using the machine as a
on an Optiplex 980.            test box for some of his projects.
Benchmark this system.         Anything related to disk I/O seems to
[IP]                           suffer, he’s working on it.
GUI data Backup                                                           Evaluating software that matches
                                                                          what we require
Build a dual mode with 2       Placed on lower priority due to
displays for Mosaic Help     Steve’s webserver.
Desk [IP]
Windows 7 with Rodney        If I get all my projects done by
and Chad                     September, then I can work on this. J
Appwrap Script for Mosaic    Removed from production, needs             Roy corrected the COMSOL issue,
Linux                        changes for specific programs ( like       and also made a modification to the
                             COMSOL)                                    script for the error in KDE.
Graphical Remote Access      Chad has added nx-client                   Shadowing using the Windows
for Mosaic Linux             functionality to COEConnect2. I’m          client does not work, only works on
                             not sure to what extent it functions as    Linux. Linux client suffers from
                             he does not want to release it to us for   keyboard misrecognition (up arrow
                             testing until he is more satisfied with    is recognized as print screen…). I
                             the code.                                  have alternatives, but need cycles
                                                                        to see if they work.

Andrew Stein:

Worked on the eAdvising III web application.

Jack M. Stein
Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing

William States Lee College of Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

224 Cameron Research Center
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223
412-848-6534 (cell)
704-507-1916 (Nextel)
704-687-2352 (fax)

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