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					Hanoi - Halong Bay – Halong Bay Tours – Halong Bay Cruises

 The Guide to Travelling Around the Amazing Halong Bay Vietnam

1. Hanoi – Gateway to the Stunning Halong Bay

2. Halong Bay - An Amazing Location For Travellers

3. Halong Bay Tours - The Most Beautiful Cruises On Earth

4. Halong Bay Tours – The Top Five Halong Bay Cruises

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                         Hanoi – Gateway to the Stunning Halong Bay

When you get to Hanoi you will be somewhat overpowered and not entirely clear on what you
should be doing initially. Having said that, here's a few little ideas to get your visit under way when
you finally walk outside of your hotel.

You will discover that the city possesses a touch of a European feel to it. The majority of Hanoi's
design and style has French influences, and, if you have ever visited Paris you will see the
similarities instantly.

While the city undoubtedly pays homage to it’s traditional beginnings, Hanoi offers a thoroughly
modern experience for tourists. Hanoi, is a great destination for people that adore the experience
of a huge metropolis but nonetheless desires to take pleasure in the wealth of a urban center with
generations of heritage.

A visit to the Old Quarter will take guests back over a 1000 years to experience the historical past
of the location. There are meticulously protected houses and historically important relics. The
photogenic region boasts classic Vietnamese properties, including a handful that permit you to
visit the properties to check out precisely how everyday living was lived in the nineteenth century.

Aside from the old quarter there are a multitude of brilliant must do sites to check-out while in
Hanoi, these are:

Bach Ma Temple - is a marvellous, well looked after temple that's a fantastic example of the small
temples all over Vietnam.

The Ancient House - a residence that dates back to the 1800s, and is one of the many surviving
types of early Hanoi construction.

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Ngoc Son Pagoda - Ngoc Son Pagoda is found at the northern-end of the Hoan Kiem Lake; It's upon
an islet which can be only accessed by way of the 'Bridge of the Rising Sun.' A must see while you
are at Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hoan Kiem Lake - the body of water is a show piece of Hanoi. The name, Hoan Kiem Lake comes
from a story that signifies 'Lake of the Restored Sword'. This can be a good spot to rest for a little
bit, and merely let the commotion of the rest of this booming town go by.

There are many things that you could be experiencing whilst you're in Hanoi. You will certainly
need to devote several nights to a week in this prosperous metropolis just to fit it all in. The other
point that is a distinctive thing about Hanoi, is it is the gateway to the marvelous Halong bay. Hanoi
is typically used as the start off point to travel on a Halong Bay Tour for 3 or so nights. Three hours
from Hanoi, Halong Bay ought to be a element of your Hanoi itinerary.

People who are hoping for the total Hanoi experience may well want to think about an organised
excursion of the city. One can relax in air-conditioned comfort, or take a traditional bicycle
rickshaw to get a sense for the city. There are also a great range of Hanoi Hotels to choose from.

Hanoi has a incredibly hot summer, pushing quite a few travellers to the many swimming pools and
water parks like Ho Tay and Moon Park, that are situated nearby to the centre of the town. A lot of
these are excellent places for all people travelling with youngsters!

Visiting Hanoi is undoubtedly an experience you will not soon forget. The unique combination of
historical and modern, Asia and Europe will not be found anywhere else in the world.

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                      Halong Bay - An Amazing Location For Travellers
Halong Bay is a very famous travel location. Its specific location is within the Quang Ninh region of
Vietnam and it is recognized as being a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a body of ocean of
roughly one thousand five hundred square km in North Vietnam. It includes a 120 kilometers of
shoreline in the Gulf of Tonkin Gulf near the edge of China.

The gulf is densely clustered with three thousand limestone islands. The alluring magnificence of
them rising from the sea is incredible. The development of the limestone karst has taken place
over millions of years. Actually you'll see nothing such as this on earth, it’s a collection of sheer
beauty and natural wonder.

According to historical research there's evidence of primitive human beings there 1000's of years
ago. Praise and popularity have been honoured over many years, recorded as far back as five
hundred years. It was then praised “the rock wonder in the sky”, in a verse by Nguyen Trai. In 1962
Halong Bay was also listed in the National Relics and Landscapes book, plus 1994 UNESCO listing as
a World Heritage site.

Native legend will tell you that ancient gods sent dragons to Vietnam to help them fight the
Chinese. As ammunition the mythical beasts began spitting out jade and gems. This formed into
the islets and the islands that are spread across the bay. All these linked together creating a wall of
sorts for protection.

Halong Bay is also a area of extreme biological diversity. With exotic jungles, coral reefs and
literally 1000's of species of creatures and plants. There is a human population of around 1600
most living in floating residences and fishing being the mainstay here. Yet with in excess of 200

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types of fish and over 450 varieties of mollusks there is fishing a plenty.

If you are planning on heading to Halong Bay, there are quite a few ways to do this. When arriving
at Noi Bai International airport you then want to go to Hanoi. Via Hanoi you have a handful of
various options to get to Halong Bay.

Helicopter is one method to go and absolutely the most breathtaking method to get there. Some
other methods to get there might be by public bus, which often can be really an adventure as it
will take 5 to six hours based on traffic. By private car is the best way to go. Takes around 3.5 hours
and you have a car driver that understands exactly where to go, well worth the cost.

At this point when in Halong Bay there are several options for a person to go on the mulitiude of
Halong Bay Tours. Some tourists choose to come from Hanoi for the day to visit and other
individuals arrange to take a bit longer. No matter of the length it’s a trip you will definitely want to
do. You will discover no greater natural beauty then cruising down the emerald green seas and
seeing the stunning islands, mountain ranges and islets, it is absolutely amazing and a once in a
life-time encounter.

There are several Halong Bay cruises and junk boats to choose from . You can choose to go as a
group or opt to do it independently. This way you can have more convenience and your tour guide
is all yours. The duration of your trip is up to you, yet to do it justice at the very least several days
and nights or more is recommended. Be prepared for the Halong Bay tour of your life, you will
discover you have never quite seen anything so fantastic.

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                      A Halong Bay Cruise - The Most Terrific Place On Earth

The pleasure of exploring Vietnam is experiencing and enjoying the vibrant social background of
the region in conjunction with seeing the locations of this amazing coastal country. The Halong Bay
vicinity is truly one of Vietnam’s most beautiful natural delights, and a most loved destination for
travellers and locals alike.

Halong Bay features a variety of varied ecosystems, including coral formations found just away
from the coast of the mainland. You'll find freshwater swamp forests, small freshwater lakes, dense
mangrove woodlands, and delightful soft sandy beach locations.

Halong bay boasts more than a two thousand granite karsts and is sprinkled with island chains of
various shapes and forms. The bay is located along the coast of Bai Chay Beach, and consists of
more than one hundred twenty kilometers of open coastline.

In Vietnamese tradition, dragons once descended from paradise to enable local people to shield
their homes by spitting gem stones and jade in to the ocean and building a natural fortress. These
days, the actual gem stones and jade are displayed along the coast as luxurious jungle
outcropping's. Throughout the location, visitors will find pristine grottos and caverns that form
interlocked chambers which include hidden ponds as well as fantastical stone structures.

The easiest method to take pleasure in the natural treasures of Halong Bay will be to make use of
one of the numerous Halong Bay cruises that regularly tour the region. Patterned from traditional
junk cruises, today’s Halong bay cruises are a luxury experience that also gives visitors feelings of
the old world. The cruise ships are floating pieces of art, often featuring extremely colorful sails in
addition to sophisticated craftsmanship.

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Rooms aboard the boats feel similar to a 5 star resort than the usual ship’s cabin, and lots of of
them feature sizable glass windows that allow you to experience Halong Bay while the ship glides
by during the night. Rooms on many of the luxury junk boats are equipped with classic Vietnamese
artwork, and can allow you to experience the amazing sense of the place.

Halong Bay tours are about more than just floating about the bay for a few hours. Tours typically
last two or three days, and can include a number of fun-based activities created to help you
experience the region to its fullest. Meals on-board the Halong Bay cruise boats will give you an
idea of expertly cooked Vietnamese cuisine within an classy setting.

Halong Bay cruises tend to be favorites of people who would like to like a spellbinding weekend in
a luxury environment. There also are organized tours that let you enjoy anything from sandy beach
locations to taking in the natural wonder of the stone structures, jungles, and lakes dotted all
through the area.

Going on a Halong Bay junk boat cruise is undoubtedly an experience that will enable you to
definitely take pleasure in the natural treasures of Vietnam. Regardless if you want a romantic long
weekend packed with some of the world’s most incredible panoramas or you are looking for an
exhilarating way to discover this diverse ecosystem, a Halong Bay tours is a vacation you won't ever

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            Halong Bay Tours – The Top Five Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay located in the northern area of Vietnam and is a vibrant and distinct part of the world.
Blessed with social and pure natural beauty, traveling around Halong bay is a once in a lifetime
journey and a fantastic holiday adventure. All these halong bay tours are the very best way to visit
this magnificent part of the globe.

You're unquestionably fortunate with not merely the most brilliant sea coast, but also the greatest
4 star Halong Bay tours to explore it in total high-class luxury. Every one of these fabulous Halong
Bay tours offer loads of luxury and high-class pleasure.

From the outstanding furnishings and unique features to the customer service and the exotic
menus, these Halong Bay tours will offer anything you could possibly imagine whilst unwinding
around the delightful Halong Bay. Here is the quintessential list of Halong Bay cruises if you are
intending to travel 4 Star.

Princess Halong Bay Cruise
The Princess tours are designed with the typical Vietnamese fishing boats of Halong Bay in mind.
These kinds of Halong Bay boats offers complete exclusivity with only two and four cabins. These
Halong Bay cruises are beautifully made with complexity and a meticulous focus on fine detail and
viewing delight. TheseHalong Bay tours are recommend for couples with solitude and intimacy
extremely important.Purely on of the best Halong Bay tours in the bay.

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Paloma Halong Bay Cruises
Just recently unveiled to look after tourists seeking something a little unique. The Paloma cruise
provides top-notch luxury, an intimate setting and unrivalled customer service to make you really
feel at home. These wonderful Halong Bay tours are an wonderful way to witness the tranquil
environment of the bay’s superb natural beauty. From deluxe to superior rooms the Paloma will fit
almost all spending budgets. Complete with separate en-suite , air-con and luxury facilities with all
elements of your holiday mindfully prepared.

Victory Halong Bay Cruise

The Victory Cruise delivers twenty-one magnificent cabins all with personal bathrooms, air
conditioning and all the facilities and offerings you would certainly expect to see from a four-star
resort. The well appointed Halong Bay tour boat is exclusively manufactured by a local junk
designer and is in which conventional Vietnamese architecture and rooms are blended in harmony
to produce a floating piece of art. This Halong Bay tour is unquestionably one of the best ways to
cruise this mystical bay.

Bhaya Halong Bay Cruises
With a fleet of 4 high end junk boats all with 4 stars, these vessels raise the standard of luxury and
opulence when sailing the superb Halong Bay. Bhaya Halong Bay tours provides up to forty rooms
and suites which exudes charm and relaxation. With modern-day conveniences these well
appointed traditional designed junks all with suites offering beautiful Vietnamese finishes and
infinite vistas of Halong bay.

Emeraude Classic Halong Bay Cruises

The Emeraude is amongst the earliest and most spectacular Halong Bay tour. With delightful
elegance and luxury the Emreraude’s time honored French furnishings, wood flooring and bead
panel walls set the frame for the amazing back drop of Halong Bay. Being one of the largest vessels
at fifty five metres long with a recent full renovation and fit out. The Emeraude certainly offers all
the conveniences and personalized service you could wish for.

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