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                Student Housing and Leisure Centre
                with swimming pool
                                                                   THANK YOU FOR VISITING DOWNING’S PUBLIC
                                                                   EXHIBITION ON ITS EMERGING PROPOSALS
                                                                   FOR A MIXED-USE SCHEME INCLUDING
                                                                   STUDENT HOUSING, SWIMMING POOL AND
                                                                   A LEISURE CENTRE AT 30-60 SOUTH LAMBETH
                                                                   ROAD, VAUXHALL.

                                                                   The proposals are for accommodation for approximately 580
                                                                   higher education students in a 32 storey building. The lower
                                                                   ground floor would feature a 20 metre by 9 metre swimming
                                                                   pool, situated behind a glass frontage at street-level, with the
                                                                   Leisure Centre across the ground and first floors.
                                                                   Currently a waste ground used for car storage, the site
                                                                   does not maximise its potential. Located adjacent to the
                                                                   railway lines and opposite Lawn Lane, the site is well-placed
                                                                   for Vauxhall bus station, the Underground station, railway
                                                                   station and local shops and services.
                                                                   We are a commercial property developer based in Liverpool
                                                                   and we have over £500 million of mixed-use development
                                                                   schemes. We not only develop and construct our projects,
                                                                   but operate them upon completion.
                                                                   Our Broadcasting Place development in Leeds was voted
                                                                   the World’s Best Tall Building 2010 by the Council on
                                                                   Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. It comprises student
                                                                   accommodation operated by us for 241 students, together
                                                                   with teaching space for Leeds Metropolitan University, and
                                                                   a new Baptist church.
                                                                   The architect for this project, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios,
                                                                   also designed Downing’s Broadcasting Place development
                                                                   and won the the Royal Institute of British Architect Stirling
                                                                   Prize 2008 for excellence in architecture. They have
                                                                   extensive experience with student accommodation projects
                                                                   in London, and designed the Westfield Student Village for the
                                                                   University of London.

                                          THE SITE AT THE MOMENT

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                IMPROVING SOUTH
                LAMBETH ROAD
                The proposed scheme includes:
                • High quality student housing for approximately
                                                                                    SITE PLAN OF 30 – 60 SOUTH LAMBETH ROAD
                  580 higher education students
                • A Leisure Centre
                • A swimming pool behind a glazed frontage to
                  South Lambeth Road
                • A Transport for London Barclay’s Cycle Hire
                  (“Boris Bike”) stand
                • A significant amount of internal and external amenity
                  space for students, including a roof terrace
                • Secure bike storage for private bicycles
                • Landscaped public amenity space at ground floor
                  level along South Lambeth Road
                • Retention of the access to existing businesses situated
                  in the railway arches behind the site
                • Site access from behind the site via Bondway and Miles
                  Street, for refuse, deliveries and disabled car parking.
                The redevelopment of 30-60 South Lambeth Road would
                provide the local community with a number of benefits.
                The swimming pool and Leisure Centre would be available
                for local residents to use.
                We are currently considering how best to make these available
                to the local community, as well as to the students who would live
                in the development. We are in dialogue with Lambeth Council to
                agree how this will work and we would like to hear your views.
                The swimming pool is a much-needed local amenity and would
                be of great benefit to the area.

           GROUND LEVEL VIEW                                                        SWIMMING POOL

                                                  SOUTH LAMBETH ROAD TODAY

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                THE PROPOSALS
                IN DETAIL
                OF 32 STOREYS (96.5 METRES),
                TO THE LONDON SKYLINE.

                From South Lambeth Road, the swimming pool and Leisure
                Centre would be seen behind a glazed frontage, and with
                the two separate entrances for the student accommodation
                and Leisure Centre this would provide an active and engaging
                street scene.
                As the proposals are at an early stage, the building materials
                to be used have not been finalised; the draft proposals are
                for a concrete frame and attractive cladding, such as light
                coloured metal panels.
                Students would be provided with both internal and
                external amenity space to complement their accommodation.
                This would minimise the students’ usage of the nearby parks.
                The scheme has been designed to allow them to study,
                exercise and socialise within the building itself. The roof
                terraces would be fully accessible and would provide a
                mix of appropriate seating and planted areas for the
                students to enjoy.

           ROOF GARDEN
                                                                                 With excellent public transport links from Vauxhall, students
                                                                                 would not be allowed to bring their own cars and this is
                                                                                 likely to form part of their tenancy agreements with us. This
                                                                                 would eliminate any overspill parking into neighbouring
                                                                                 streets. The proposals include two disabled car parking
                                                                                 spaces; no other parking will be provided.
                                                                                 As part of our commitment to sustainable methods
                                                                                 of transport, the plans include secure cycle parking
                                                                                 for private bicycles. At ground level adjacent to
                                                                                 South Lambeth Road a TfL “Boris Bike” stand would
                                                                                 be provided.
                                                   PODIUM ROOF TERRACE

                                                                                 The site is well-located for transport links by bus, train,
                                                                                 Underground and by river, and there are cycle lanes in the
                                                                                 surrounding area. Transport for London has rated the site
                                                                                 as having the highest possible Public Transport Accessibility
                                                                                 Level (PTAL), Level 6b “Excellent”.

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                THE PLANS IN DETAIL

            1. LOWER GROUND FLOOR -        2. GROUND FLOOR -
               SWIMMING POOL                  LEISURE CENTRE AND
                                              STUDENT RECEPTION

            3. LEVEL 01 - LEISURE CENTRE   4. FLOOR PLAN –
                                              WITH AMENITIES.

            5. TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN.         6. ROOF LEVEL PLAN.

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                THE SITE
                IN CONTEXT
                                                                   30-60 SOUTH LAMBETH ROAD IS
                                                                   A SIGNIFICANTLY UNDER-UTILISED
                                                                   BROWNFIELD SITE.

                                                                   It is in a highly accessible location situated within the
                                                                   Central Activities Zone, and within the emerging tall
                                                                   building cluster at Vauxhall as identified in the Vauxhall Nine
                                                                   Elms Battersea Opportunity Area (VNEB OA) Planning
                                                                   Framework Consultation Draft (published by the Mayor
                                                                   in 2009).
                                                                   On this basis, there is a strong policy backing for the
                                                                   principle of higher density regeneration at the site.
                                                                   The VNEB OA Planning Framework states that all buildings
                                                                   in the emerging tall building cluster at Vauxhall should be
                                                                   below 150 metres in height, with the exception of the
                                                                   180 metre Tower at One St. George’s Wharf, currently
                                                                   under construction, which will act as a pinnacle for the
                                                                   cluster from the riverside. At approximately 95 metres in
                                                                   height (320 feet), this proposal represents a reduction in
                                                                   height from other tall buildings proposed in the cluster area
                                                                   including the proposed towers by Kylun on the Vauxhall
                                                                   Island site, which are 150 metres and 115 metres in height.
                                                                   Our plans are also in line with Lambeth Council’s
                                                                   planning policy.
                                                                   Although our scheme would be visible from a number
                                                                   of locations, the professional verified surveys we have
                                                                   undertaken indicate that the scheme would not impact on
                                                                   the integrity of any protected views, such as those from the
                                                                   Palace of Westminster World Heritage Site. With award-
                                                                   winning architects on board, we are confident the scheme
                                                                   would provide an elegant addition to London’s skyline.
                                                                   At a more local level, the design of the building has
                                                                   been carefully considered in consultation with Lambeth
                                                                   Council, the GLA and CABE, to ensure that we minimise
                                                                   the impact on and – where possible – enhance local views,
                                                                   specifically from Vauxhall Park,Vauxhall Spring Gardens and
                                                                   Bonnington Square.
          MILLBANK                                     LAWN LANE

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                THE SITE
                IN CONTEXT
                                              DECEMBER 21ST 3.00pm   MARCH 21ST 2.00pm
           Daylight and sunlight has been
           considered for the neighbouring
           residential properties and
           the proposed scheme will
           not have any material effect,
           with only a limited impact on
           a small number of windows.
           A comprehensive daylight
           and sunlight report will be
           submitted with the planning
           The shadow impact on Vauxhall
           Park from the proposed
           building will be minimised
           through its slender and tapered
           design. It will create some
           additional shadowing in the
           local area to that already cast
           by other buildings.                JUNE 21ST 2.00pm       JUNE 21ST 5.00pm

           VAUXHALL PARK
           The only additional shadowing
           over Vauxhall Park will be
           limited to the afternoon periods
           during the summer months.
           Any one area will only be
           affected for short periods,
           as the shadow will move as
           the sun sets.
           No additional shadowing
           will be caused.
           No additional shadowing                                                       5.00pm

           will be caused.
                                              JUNE 21ST 7.00pm       JUNE 21ST 8.00pm

           Key: Yellow Shading -
                Temporary Shadow
                cast by Downing

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                A SUSTAINABLE

                To achieve this we have designed a scheme that would          • Low energy lighting and lighting controls;
                achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating, and we will seek to
                                                                              • Integration of water efficient devices such
                achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating. We also expect the scheme to
                                                                                as dual flush toilets;
                achieve carbon reductions of ~25 per cent beyond current
                Building Regulations standards.                               • Leak detection, water metering and flow regulated taps;
                To meet these high standards, we have incorporated            • Use of recycled materials within the building construction;
                a number of environmentally friendly aspects into the
                                                                              • Use of 100% certified sourced timber e.g. FSC timber;
                design, including:
                                                                              • Enhanced biodiversity through the provision of a living
                • Balanced provision of solid and glazed areas providing
                                                                                roof and planting on the rooftop terrace;
                  natural daylight and insulating the building to limit the
                  need for heating;                                           • Provision of both private bicycle storage facilities
                                                                                and ‘Boris Bikes’.
                • A Combined Heat and Power system, instead
                  of conventional heating systems;

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                NEXT STEPS

                WE ARE LOOKING TO SUBMIT A DETAILED                          liaison officer and 24-hour helpline would be made available
                PLANNING APPLICATION TO LAMBETH                              so that if any problems occur, they are dealt with quickly and
                                                                             efficiently with minimum inconvenience to site neighbours.
                BOROUGH COUNCIL IN AUTUMN 2011
                FOLLOWING THOROUGH PRE-APPLICATION                           We are committed to being a good neighbour and, as the
                CONSULTATION WITH LOCAL RESIDENTS                            future operator of the development we have an ongoing
                                                                             interest in the area. As part of our planning application, we
                AND KEY STAKEHOLDERS.                                        would provide a Construction Method Statement. This would
                                                                             set out in detail how the construction would take place.
                If, as hoped, planning consent is granted in 2012 we aim to
                begin construction on site straight away. The scheme would We would ensure that the site is entirely secure, that the
                take approximately 24 months to complete, opening in 2014. hoardings look neat and tidy and that the site remains
                                                                            attractive during clearance and construction.
                A Construction Environment Management Plan would
                be agreed with Lambeth Council and the construction         We are a member of the Considerate Constructors’
                process would comply with Lambeth Borough Council and       Scheme and would only use other contractors who are
                Environmental Health requirements. An on-site community also members.

                                                 YOUR FEEDBACK
                                                 As part of our commitment to delivering a project that Vauxhall residents
                                                 can be proud of, we are asking local residents to suggest names for the
                                                 development. The name can be anything, such as a reflection of the local
                                                 area’s long history, cultural diversity or geography.

                                                 Please submit your suggestions on the feedback form or through any one
                                                 of the methods listed below.

                                                 We are committed to consulting with local residents in order to ensure that
                                                 the scheme is one that benefits Vauxhall.

                                                 WE HAVE A NUMBER OF WAYS YOU CAN GIVE YOUR
                                                 VIEWS ON OUR PROPOSALS:
                                                 Please fill out a feedback form available at this exhibition and leave it in the
                                                 ballot box provided. You can also leave feedback via our telephone number
                                                 on 0207 323 3544, by email at or via post at
                                                 Downing, c/o Camargue, 7 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HB.

                                                 You can find more information at our blog
                                                 This will be kept updated as the proposals progress.

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