Peoplefirst Rehab by suchenfz


									                                                             Autumn 2008

Peoplefirst Rehab                                            Welcome
Evergreen’s new therapy services provider
Growth and exceptional experiences are important at          HIGHLIGHTS
Evergreen, so at times we must revise and reorganize         New Therapy Services
our services. In June, a new partnership began with          Page 1
Peoplefirst Rehab, our new therapy services provider,        Artistry at Evergreen
which has been doing a wonderful job of meeting              Page 2
 our expectations.                                           Healthful Fun With Wii
  “They have brought in a lot of therapists; we’re up        Page 4
   to 12 or 13 from three, so they are able to see many      Exhibits at Evergreen
    more residents,” said Peggy Bellin. “We also wanted      Page 5
    to look at niche markets, such as short-term rehab,      New Van and
     and they can offer that and other services in the       Transportation Program
     future. Peoplefirst Rehab has the resources for us to   Page 6
      grow; we’re working toward more outpatient therapy
      and increased aquatic therapy, for example.”
     A wide range of Evergreen residents with Medicare
 parts A and B, Medicaid or other insurance currently
receive physical, occupational and speech therapy. “We
provide therapy services to residents of the Creekviews      Exhibits at
and The Post-Surgical & Rehab Center at Manor View,”
            said Sadie Geiger, rehab manager for
            Peoplefirst Rehab. “We also go directly to       a destination to stop
            residents of ShareHaven and the Garden           at before heading to
            Building so that we can help them adapt          the Oshkosh Gallery
            to their living areas. We treat individuals as
            outpatients, too, for back pain and more.
                                                             Walk downtown!
                                                             Story on page 5
            “If we look at patients holistically, we want
            to ensure that we are addressing everything.
            We deal with pain, urinary incontinence,
            cognition, wheelchair issues, fall prevention,

            (continued on page 7)
                  Residents get creative
                  Skilled or not, you can get crafty in the art
                  program at Creekview South. The program,
                  started three years ago by Vanessa Frank,
                  Creekview South program specialist, with the
                  help of a University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh
                  intern, has progressed from painting only to
                  a variety of fun-filled projects.
                  Now, with the help of two UWO students,
                  Vanessa helps campus-wide Evergreen residents
                  put their personal touch on things such as
                  hats and frames. “Around Easter they were
                  reminiscing about beautiful hats they wore,
                  so I bought a bunch of styles, and with silk
                  flowers donated to Evergreen, the residents
                  trimmed the hats. They loved it and had so
                  much fun!” said Vanessa.
                  “We’ve also done a found-jewelry project with
                  donated broken jewelry. Inexpensive frames
                  were made into new frames by attaching the
                  jewels. This project was inspired by artwork
                  in a resident’s room.”
                    Some phenomenal artwork has come from the
                    hands of Evergreen residents. They have created
    watercolor paintings from items of inspiration set out on
    tables. And a huge abstract mural was created from individual
    watercolor paintings pieced together. As this article was being
    written, participants were making wind chimes.
    “I try to come up with projects they can do successfully no
    matter their abilities. We want them to walk away with a smile
    on their face. Their artwork is truly amazing, and they’re so
    proud when they’re done,” Vanessa said. “And if the partici-
    pants aren’t interested in a particular project, they should

    Some phenomenal artwork has come from the
    hands of Evergreen residents.
check back to see what we’re up to next. We can        “Some pictures are very funny—there was an old-
accommodate so many people’s interests because         fashioned car in the crook of a tree. Residents
we do so many different things.”                       titled this ‘A Poor Parking Place.’ And the story
                                                       they told was hysterical!” Vanessa said with a
But the program goes beyond creating art. “It has
                                                       laugh. She hopes to have another book published
turned into a social group,” Vanessa explained.
                                                       by the time this newsletter has printed.
“Many residents didn’t know one another; now
they’re friends and their self-esteem has increased.   Art classes are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and
They’ve gained the ability to speak out—some           Fridays, from 9:30 to 11. No signup is necessary,
people wouldn’t talk before, and now they’re           but there is a 10-person limit at each session.
suggesting project ideas, initiating card games        This fee-free program obtains its supplies with
and movie watching, and calling each other on          the budget, and families donate items, which
the phone. It’s nice to see them come out of their     sometimes spark new project ideas. Arts-and-crafts
shells. They’re like caterpillars that turn into       supply donations are always welcome!

                                                       For more information on the Creekview South
butterflies. Art is really bringing them together.
                                                       art program, contact Vanessa at 920-237-6265
What a fun group of people! And we laugh a lot—
                                                       or Residents are
they come up with funny stories.”
                                                       urged to call ahead to confirm
That brings up one other part of the art               scheduled classes
program: TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Project       are taking place. I
(, a nationally know program
for which Vanessa was trained as a facilitator.
Primarily used for people with Alzheimer’s and
other dementias, TimeSlips is meant to help them
express themselves, make connections, and exercise
their creativity and imagination. “The goal of the
art program is to help them do that—express
themselves—so TimeSlips really fits,” Vanessa said.
In TimeSlips sessions, residents are given a picture
and asked open-ended questions. They then each
write a story, and all are typed up and combined
in books self-published by the art program.
Guided by Christian values,
we create exceptional living
environments and experiences
to serve older adults.
                                    Healthful Fun With Wii
The new mission is a proclamation
of Evergreen’s purpose. Broader     Health care organizations nationwide have jumped on the Nintendo Wii train,
than the former mission, it         and Evergreen’s Therapy Services is no exception. On loan from the skilled
identifies three things:            nursing areas when not in use there, the Wii video game system is making
WHAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH:         therapy interesting and enjoyable rather than monotonous and painful.
exceptional living environments
and experiences
older adults
Christian values
Howard and Ruth Rowland
Executive Team                                                                   Several mental and physical benefits
Ken Arneson, President/CEO                                                       seem to occur through the use of
John Krueger, Vice President                                                the Wii, which is played with a wireless
Finance and Information Systems                                           controller. “We work on balance and
Traci Raether, Vice President                                           weight shifting as a patient swings or moves
Quality and Organization
                                                                       her arm while playing in a standing position,”
Carol C. Staszkiewicz,
                                                                     said Viann Zipperer, an Evergreen physical
Vice President                                                     therapist assistant and aquatic therapist.
Foundation Advancement                                           “It can be also used for increasing arm strength
Evergreen Retirement                                            and range of shoulder motion.
Community, Inc.
Board of Directors                                             “Some patients need to rest,” she continued, “as their
Dorothy Bosserman                                            endurance is low, so they’re getting practice getting in
Barbara Cook
DeDe DeWitt
                                                             and out of chairs between turns. For patients wanting
Joe Gates                                                    to return home, we work on basic daily-living skills:
E. Alan Hartman, Vice Chair                                   the sequence of taking out toothpaste and putting it
Randy Husman                                                   on a toothbrush, socks before shoes, things like that.
Alice Jenkins
Jayne Lindsay
                                                                The Wii is great for sequence work—in what order
Dan McIntosh, Chair                                              to press which buttons or swing the controller.”
Milly Paske
Betty Paterson                                                   Viann has one to four people per session, allowing
Tom Sonnleitner                                                  them to compete while bowling or racing carts
Robert Stauffer Sr.                                            around a track with the Wii. “They get competitive,
Susan Vette
Gail Ann Winkler
                                                               but they’re supportive of each other,” said Viann,
Sue Winninghoff                                               who hopes to incorporate other games, such as tennis
Barry Yarbro                                                  and volleyball, as well as the fitness-focused Wii Fit.
Evergreen Foundation, Inc.                                    It offers four training modes: yoga, balance games,
Board of Directors                                            strength training and aerobics.
John Bermingham
Tom Sonnleitner                                               “The Wii is a nice additive instead of doing the same
Ann Tulip
Gail Ann Winkler, Chair
                                                              exercises every day. It’s allowed us to move from
                                                               structured to more leisure-type activities. The patients
Evergreen Village, Inc.
Board of Directors                                              really enjoy it and don’t realize the work they’re
Susan Kreibich, Chair                                            doing—and they’re getting better mentally and
Milly Paske, Vice Chair                                          physically. In one group, I had one woman who
Karl Pennau
William Urbrock
                                                                    was going home that week and wished she
Danielle Picard                                                       could stay longer so she could play every day.”
Karen King
                                                                     Ask about Wii at your next therapy session!

Exhibits at Evergreen
Taking part in Oshkosh’s Gallery Walk

On the first Saturday each month,
from 6 to 9 p.m., downtown Oshkosh comes alive
with a variety of artwork displayed at several businesses.
Evergreen participates, too, with an on-site exhibit
and reception from 3 to 7 at Creekview. “We’re a
destination to stop at before heading downtown,” said
Kendra Hinzmann, director for Exhibits at Evergreen.
“Artists display their work for a month or two at
Evergreen. During the reception held on Gallery Walk
days, that month’s artist is present to answer questions
and talk about their artwork. I like to have people get
to know the artists. And our chef and I work together
to develop an elegant menu of delicious appetizers
and desserts for each reception,” said Kendra.
June marked the beginning of Evergreen’s participation
in this wonderful event, with Joye Moon’s paintings.
For one night in July, Pamela Fossem shared her
sculptures and poems, while Kathryn Wedge’s work
was shown throughout the month. The gallery
accommodates many pieces, with Joye and Kathryn
each sharing around 25.
“I love exhibit-hanging day,” said Kendra, “because
I’m there when we’re hanging the artwork. I can hear
residents and employees making nice remarks about
the colors and beauty of the pieces. ‘Great idea’ was
a comment I really liked, when someone was talking
about Exhibits at Evergreen in general. The smiles are
awesome to me, too.”
Exhibits at Evergreen is open to residents and
the public. For a list of businesses participating
in the Oshkosh Gallery Walk each month, visit or call 920-426-3232.
And watch for details on residents’ artwork being
on display during the October Gallery Walk!

                                                             Top: Sun Dappled by Joye Moon
                                                             Bottom: Monarch on Susans by Kathryn Wedge

    Riding in Comfort and Style
    Evergreen’s new van and expanded transportation program

                                    By this newsletter’s printing,           “It really gives our residents
                                    Evergreen will have received a           more flexibility. People talk about
                                    new Ford van, obtained through           long waiting times with the old
                                    $50,000 in Foundation donations—         transportation and have had bad
                                    two from anonymous donors and            experiences with those who provided
                                    $10,000 from the Ladies Benevolent       it. Now the residents will know
                                    Society: Advocates for Older Adults.     the drivers,” said Ken. “And it will
                                                                             allow the staff to provide residents
                                    “In response to providing our
                                                                             with new opportunities. They
                                    residents more choices and value,
                                                                             can take them to Ardy and Ed’s
     Residents will now be able     now when they need to go to doctor
                                                                             on a Sunday afternoon or to an
       to comfortably visit local   appointments or the beautician,
                                                                             event—getting them out into
      attractions like the Grand    they can utilize the service right
                                                                             the community.”
          Opera House and the       here,” said Ken Arneson, president
           Paine Art Center and     and CEO.                                 This safe, comfortable van will
             Gardens, thanks to                                              feature several windows for a great
                                    The convenience of this van will
        the extreme generosity                                               view; a nonmedical appearance;
                                    ease resident transport, as its lift
            of those who made                                                and oxygen. It will travel between
                                    will allow scooters and wheelchairs
            the purchase of the                                              Appleton and Fond du Lac to start.
                                    to board. Stairs will also make
              new van possible.
                                    entry easier. The van will hold          Operating hours (subject to change)
                                    six to nine people, depending on         for appointments, admissions,
                                    whether any riders use a scooter         and discharges will run 8 to 4:30
                                    or wheelchair.                           Monday through Friday, 10 to 4:30
                                                                             on Saturdays, and 8:30 to 2:30 on
                                    Evergreen’s old van required a
                                                                             Sundays. Admissions and discharges
                                    licensed chauffeur, limiting staff who
                                                                             ride free of charge. For fees outside
                                    could drive it—and therefore how
                                                                             of this, please contact the front
                                    and when it was used. Now, for
                                                                             desk at 920-233-2340.
                                    example, the activity department
                                    may use the van outside of its           Evergreen would like to thank
                                    normal operating hours to bring          those whose extreme generosity
                                    residents to see Christmas lights        made the new van possible.
                                    during the holiday.                      “This shows how the Foundation
                                                                             is helping Evergreen achieve its
                                                                             mission—creating exceptional
                                                                             experiences and environments to
                                                                             serve older adults,” said Ken. I

                               Peoplefirst Rehab
                               (continued from page 1)          Did you know…
                                                                that Evergreen supports the local
                                lymphedema and more,”           Oshkosh community in several ways?
                                Sadie continued. “Those are     During the month of September alone,
                                some of the core initiatives    Evergreen was involved in many very
                                addressed within physical,      important community events!
                                occupational and speech         ....
                                therapy. We want to make
                                sure that these areas are       As a leader in the community, Evergreen
                                functioning at the highest      is a Pacesetter Organization for the
                                level as well. Our therapies    Oshkosh Area United Way Campaign.
                                include therapeutic             Residents and staff participate in the
                                exercises; weight lifting;      campaign by making their donations
using treadmills, bikes, Accelerated Care Plus equipment        before the public kickoff, as a means of
(ultrasound, diathermy); and more.”                             encouraging other organizations to join
                                                                the United Way fundraising effort.
Evergreen is striving for many things with Peoplefirst Rehab.
“We want to maximize the residents’ benefits under the          ....
Medicare program. We want them to get as much of the            Evergreen was a host site for a blood
best therapy they need to allow them to meet their goals,”      drive sponsored by the Community
Peggy said. “We’re increasing the number of residents we        Blood Center on September 15. Residents
see by looking at Medicare part B and want to continue          and staff are always encouraged to join
to see more Medicare parts A and B usage.                       the public in donating blood for this
“Peoplefirst Rehab is consistently meeting the goals we set.    worthy cause.
The Evergreen staff is very happy and impressed with the        ....
people, the communication and the teamwork. And I think
the Peoplefirst Rehab therapists feel the same way.”            Evergreen was also a major sponsor
                                                                of three community events: the
“Making this change was not easy. It took a lot of time, and    Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, the Oshkosh
we put a lot of thought and energy into it. But knowing how     Senior Center Annual Walk/Run, and
much the current—and future—residents are benefiting            the Oshkosh Senior Center Active Aging
from this change has made it all worthwhile,” said Mary         Week Campaign, where three Evergreen
Draeger, manager of The Post-Surgical & Rehab Center            staff members presented workshops on
at Manor View. “As always, the residents are our priority.      issues related to healthy aging. Evergreen
We want them to feel that they have received exceptional        is proud to be involved in the community
therapy service.”                                               and to partner with area businesses to
Ralph Tate, Evergreen resident and therapy services patient     promote and support our citizens.
said, “I think they’re great. The staff and everything they     To learn more about Evergreen, please
offer is just what I need. They’re keeping me busy, and         visit our website:
I think what they do is just perfect. I have talked to the
CEO [Ken Arneson] at Evergreen, and I said I think the
services are just what we need. It’s something that all of us
residents should be aware of and know that we have some         A Community of Possibilities.
professionals who will help us. They are truly dedicated to
our needs, and I am deeply impressed.” I

      Evergreen Retirement Community is a
     not-for-profit, continuing-care retirement                                                     Resident Bill Urbrock delights in the art at Exhibits at Evergreen. Story on page 5. M
      community serving people of all faiths.
  Evergreen is affiliated with the Wisconsin
 Conference of the United Methodist Church.
   Associated with Evergreen are the Wisconsin
P.E.O. Sisterhood H.E.L.P. Fund Inc. and the Ladies
  Benevolent Society: Advocates for Older Adults.
  Evergreen Retirement Community does not
 discriminate with regard to race, color, national
                                                                        1130 North Westfield Street | Oshkosh, WI 54902                                            Non-Profit Org.
origin, sex, religion, marital status, age or handicap.
                                                                        ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
  We are called to be responsible stewards.                                                                                                                             PAID
As such, Evergreen wishes to avoid the cost of                                                                                                                      Oshkosh, WI
duplicate or unwanted mailings. If you receive                                                                                                                     Permit No. 374
   more than one copy of the Green Leaves
  mailing or if you wish to be removed from
 the Green Leaves mailing list, please contact
        Donna Ellis at 920-237-2121.
     Evergreen Retirement Community
          1130 North Westfield Street
             Oshkosh, WI 54902
               Phone: 920-233-2340
                Fax: 920-237-2109

  Nurturing the Evergreen Foundation
                                            The culture of philanthropy may be difficult to see or
                                            touch. While it is sometimes measured in dollars, it is
                                            always felt with the heart. That is why November 11
                                            is set aside each year as National Philanthropy Day® to
                                            recognize with heartfelt thanks those who enrich our
                                            lives through their philanthropic spirit.
     Evergreen Retirement Community, Inc.
                           Consider for a moment the impact of philanthropy
  in our community and on the lives of those who call Evergreen home. Your
  generosity touches the hearts of our residents every day. You make available
  the programs they enjoy and the services they deserve. You enable Evergreen
  to “create exceptional living environments and experiences.” You care for those
  residents whose blessings of longevity have exceeded financial resources. You
  help grow the endowment fund, whose interest is used to meet Evergreen’s
  annual needs. Charitable giving by all individuals, regardless of age or income,
  helps ensure that hearts and lives will continue to be touched.
  On this special day, November 11, and every day, we offer heartfelt thanks to
  our generous friends who support the Evergreen Retirement Community vision
  “to lead in transforming long-term care opportunities and be the provider of
  choice for care, services, and programs.”
  For more information about the Evergreen Foundation, contact Vice President
  Foundation Advancement Carol C. Staszkiewicz at 920-237-2120. I
                 A nonprofit that relies on the philanthropy of friends who support the Evergreen Retirement Community mission to
 8                                  “create exceptional living environments and experiences to serve older adults”

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