KODIAK BEAR - U.S. Coast Guard

					       Newcomer’s Welcome
          Aboard Fair
                  Base Gym
         Wednesday, August 17, 2011
            1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

    This event is for the entire family!!!!!!
 Drop by the Base Gym at any time during the day
        and see what Kodiak has to offer!


      Brochures and Information
      Meet New People                                  Some of the available
                                                         information will be:
      Enjoy Refreshments
      MWR will raffle off an iPad                          Mortgage Information
                                                            Banking Information
       (18 yrs and up eligible for drawing)        Morale, Well-Being & Recreation (MWR)
                                                          Kodiak School Information
                                                            Wellness Information
Key to success during this tour is Get                      Childcare Information
Involved in what Kodiak has to offer!                        Safety Information
                                                            Medical Information
                                                    Employment Information for Spouses
Stop in and join us! Meet some of the                        DECA Commissary
                                                               Space-A Flights
people that will help to make your tour on
Kodiak enjoyable!
                                                    AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For questions contact: Rachael Dyer, MWR
Business Section Chief @ 487-5059
The Annual Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence
Report, was recently distributed to base residents and tenants. The report
summarizes the quality of the drinking water that BSU Kodiak produces and
distributes. One notable change is that fluoride has not been added to the
water since November 2009. This change is the result of construction
upgrades that the water treatment plant is currently undergoing. The
fluoride addition is expected to be off-line for at least another 6 months.

Fluoride is typically added to drinking water to help reduce dental cavities.
Brushing your teeth 3 times a day with Fluoride toothpaste can be
beneficial as well as seeking Fluoride drops for 0-6 month old children.
Please contact your dental provider for additional details about fluoride
         Protestant Worship                                                                                Other Services Provided
                                                                                                       The religious program provides many other
   Protestant Sunday Worship begins at 11:00.                                                          services such as pastoral counseling, retire-
                                                                                                        ment ceremonies, illness visitation, funerals,
   Children’s church is held during Sunday
                                                                                                        memorials, and special services. We will do
    Worship Services.
                                                                                                        everything possible to accommodate your
   Childcare is provided during Sunday Worship                                                         religious needs.
                                                                                                       Family Activities and various programs are
   Several Bible Studies are offered for both
    men and women throughout the week.
                                                        Available Services                              scheduled throughout the year, such as out-
                                                                                                        door activities in the summer, and reading
                                                          Wedding and Marriage                          and discussion groups in the winter. Please
                                                              Preparation                               check our bulletins or CGCentral, or call the
                                                  Allow at least six months to prepare for your         Office of the Chaplain for current informa-
                                                  wedding. Involvement of a Chaplain in marriage        tion.
                                                  counseling and wedding services depends upon
                                                  timely pre-arrangement with the Chaplain con-        Volunteers form “the backbone” of our
                                                  cerned and completion of faith group require-         chapel communities. Catechists, Lectors,
                                                  ments. The chapel staff will be happy to answer       Altar Servers, Musicians, Choir, Ushers,
                                                  any questions you may have regarding the use of       Greeters, and Extraordinary Ministers of
                                                  our facilities.                                       Holy Communion. These are just some of
       Roman Catholic Mass                                                                              the many areas in which you can serve.
   The Eucharist is celebrated at:                     Baptism, Confirmation, &
                                                                                                       RCIA: The Rite of Christian Initiation of
          9:00 am on Sunday                              Religious Education
                                                                                                        Adults is a process by which adults learn
          Weekdays: call office for schedule     Arrangements for Baptism, First Communion,
                                                                                                        about the Catholic Church and what Catho-
                                                  and Confirmation can be made with the appro-
                                                                                                        lics believe. Contact the Office of the Chap-
   Confessions: anytime by appointment.          priate faith group Chaplain. Please call for an
                                                                                                        lain for further information.
   Childcare provided during Sunday Mass.        appointment. Enrollment for Children’s Reli-
                                                  gious Education programs can be made through
                                                  the Office of the Chaplain. A week-long Vaca-
                                                  tion Bible School (VBS) is offered each summer.
                                                        The Command Religious Program for USCG-BSU Kodiak                     USCG—BSU KODIAK
                                                        delivers a continually improving selection of ministry, worship,
                                                        religious education, pastoral care, counseling, and fellowship
                                                        opportunities for single and married, youth, adults, and
                                                        families in our island community.
                                                                                                                           Religious Program
                                                        With a strong emphasis on “Operational Ministry” to those                                  and
                                                        who are active duty, Chaplains serving with the Coast Guard
                                                                                                                                Star of the Sea Chapel
                                                        remain responsive to the needs of all personnel and their
    Vocati ad Servitium
         “Called to Serve”

Provide: Our Religious Worship Services at
the Chapel fulfill the many needs we have to offer
our lives and daily duties to God.
Facilitate: We can accommodate other
worship needs by providing the tools and space                                                                             “Devoted to God and Country, we unite to deliver
for any faith worship requirements.
                                                                                                                           innovative, life transforming service throughout and
Care: We are the Chaplains to all service                             Office of the Chaplain                                             beyond the Sea Services.”
members and their families, no matter if you have                             USCG—BSU
faith or not. Come and see us, and tap into the                              P.O. Box 195021
powerful resources we provide.                                                                                                         Protestant Chaplain
                                                                          Kodiak, AK 99619-5021
                                                                                                                                  David Bradley, LT, CHC, USN
Advise: We help provide the moral compass                             Phone: (907) 487-5730
to guide decisions regarding right and wrong on                                                                                      David.R.Bradley@uscg.mill
                                                                     (Office of the Chaplain is located in the
the path of life.
                                                                      Commissary Bldg. N-27 Suite 502-505)
                                                                                                                                         Catholic Chaplain
                                                                Office Administrator: Michele Skinner
                                                                                                                                 John Monahan, LT, CHC, USN
Confidentiality: those who speak with a Military                       Michele.L.Skinner@.uscg.mil
Chaplain are entitled to confidentiality. Federal Law                                                                                John.C.Monahan@uscg.mil
provides this privilege for communication with those                 Emergency After Hours
who are members of one of the Military Chaplain                          Call 487-5555                                                   (907) 487- 5730
Trekking   Special Tasks   Rafting   Land Navigation   Biking
                                                                                        ALL NEW COAST GUARD DAY
                                                                                                BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION
                                                                       THE DAY WILL KICK OFF WITH THE ANNUAL
           Platinum Sponsors                                    CAPTAIN'S CUP 5K RACE - Check in at Jewel Beach Gazebo                                                      830
          Best Western Kodiak Inn, Inc.                                     RACE STARTS PROMPTLY AT                                                                         900
         Alaska USA Federal Credit Union                                       **Trophy's will be given out at 1900 Golden Anchor**
             Alaska Aerospace Corp.
      International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc.                                            FREE PICNIC FOR THE KIDS                                                         1030-1300
                       BP                                                            Location: Base Gym                                               Hotdogs, Chips & Juice
              Natives of Kodiak, Inc.                                Inflatable's, Games and Face painting $3.00 per child                         **Drawing for a kid's bike @ 1245
             AAA Moving and Storage                                      **Proceeds go to Unit Morale Funds**
         MWR FACILITY SPECIALS                                                                        ANNUAL BAKE-OFF                                                      1700
                    6-Aug-11                                                     Golden Anchor Sport's Pub - Judging starts at                                             1800
   **Specials throughout the day will take place                                                   **1st place prize - Kitchen-Aid**
   at the below locations
Bowling Center: Free bowling all day - shoes included                            BBQ DINNER/DANCE FOR 18 YRS AND UP                                                        1900
Pizza Parlor: 1 free scoop of ice cream 12-3 pm                          Location: Golden Anchor                                     Active Duty Member - Free
Pool: Free swim 1500-1630                                                BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Burgers,                           Active Duty Dep & Mil Retirees - $1.00
Theatre: Free Matinee at 1400 w/free popcorn                             Brauts, Salads, Corn Coblets                          MWR Eligible/Ret Dep/Guests - $3.00
Golf Course:1 Free 9 hole round of golf per MWR eligible                                ***Prices include 1 raffle ticket for a large LCD TV - drawing at 2100
Boat House: Free rod/reel & bait all day. **All 23'                                             ****Must be present to win
boats will be raffled off. Drawing will take place at the                            Air Force Band "Alaskan Express"                                                    1930-2130
BBQ at 1900. Signups for drawing are available                                              Golden Anchor's Banquet Room
at the Boat House from Jul 25 thru Aug 5 ending
at 1900. ****Fuel and Bait are not included****                                Burial of the Time Capsule - Anchor's front lawn                                            2015
Auto Hobby: Free lift and bay rental - all day
                        **The PSSU Kodiak sincerely thanks and appreciates the sponsors of Coast Guard Day. However, neither the Coast Guard nor any other part of the
                                                  Federal Government officially endorses any company, sponsor, or their products or services.
Hobby Shop when you no longer need them OR stop by and pick up the
items you may need.

           *   New or unused automotive products
                     oils
                     antifreeze
                     fuel additives
           *   Household cleaning products
                     oven & bathroom cleaners
                     drain & toilet cleaners
           *   Paint related items
                     stains & varnishes
                     spray paint cans
                     latex or water based paints
                     removers & strippers
                     wood & metal preservatives                         IT’S THE ONLY ONE
           *   Fuels                                                          WE HAVE,
                     gasoline & kerosene                               LET’S KEEP IT CLEEN!
                     white gas & propane
           *   Solvents and parts cleaning fluids
                     WD-40
                     Pro-Long
           *   Disinfectants
           *   Floor wax and stripper
           *   Charcoal fluid / Lighter fluid
           *   Various other materials and products
           *   Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides And Disinfectants

           There is also a collection container for disposal of
            household batteries
            A/AA/AAA/C/D & 9 volt batteries, etc
            Special items: Medical waste,
               explosives/Ammunition, radioactive material,
               products with federal, military/GSA labels. If
               authorized patrons have these products, they must
               notify the hobby shop attendant.
                                                                           REDUCE, REUSE,
           NEAR THE GATE.

                                Team Kodiak currently recycles

           What                                                  Where
     Office Paper                                           Throughout Complex
     Aluminum Cans                                          Yellow Dumpsters throughout Complex
     Cardboard                                              Red Dumpsters throughout Complex
     Newspapers                                             Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     Magazines                                              Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     Paperboard                                             Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     (Food Boxes, i.e. Cereal, Cracker, Instant Potatoes, etc)
     Household Paper, Junk Mail,                            Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     #1 & #2 Plastic Containers                             Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     #4 Plastic Grocery Bags &                              Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     Shrink Wrap Plastics                                   Blue Multi Bin Dumpsters
     Used cooking oil                                       Call for pickup 487-5320, 212 or 257

If you have any questions, please contact CWO GEORGE at 487-5320, X-257.

1. Am I eligible to fly using the Space A Program?
   All Active duty members (including their command sponsored dependents) and all retired military
   members are eligible to fly under the Space A Program. U.S. citizen civilian employees (including
   dependents) of the Armed Forces who are eligible for Government funded transportation are
   authorized EML travel.

2. How do I sign up?
   For normally scheduled flights, sign ups are open NO earlier than SEVEN DAYS in advance and
   begin at midnight. The seven day sign-up is a recent change and will be in effect for all AUGUST
   2011 flights and will remain effect from that point on. For flights of opportunity, sign ups begin
   once a flight announcement has been released by the Space A Office. Sign up dates are on the
   posted schedule. The sign up form can be found at www.kodiakmwr.com under LINKS. Schedules
   are posted in the Passenger Terminal in Hangar one and on the Kodiak General Bulletin Board in
   Outlook (are we not keeping it on the homepage as well?).
   If you do not have internet access you can call the Space Available office at 907-487-5149 for

3. How do my dependents sign up?
   Dependents can sign-up using the Kodiak MWR website listed above.

4. Is everyone in my family eligible?
   All command sponsored dependents are eligible to fly under the Space Available Program.

5. Where do I get a schedule?
   Schedules are posted in the Passenger Terminal in Hanger one and on the Kodiak General Bulletin
   Board in Outlook.

6. Where can I check if I signed up correctly?
   Space A rosters for all open flights are updated by the close of business every day Monday- Friday
   and posted in the PAX terminal in Hangar 1 for your convenience. Please do not contact the office
   as we cannot release that information for security reasons.

7. Am I guaranteed a seat?
   NO. The Space A program consists of operational flights that open on a space available basis and
   therefore we CANNOT guarantee seats.

8. Can my dependents travel without me?
   Dependents 18 or older may travel without their active duty sponsor. Dependents under the age of
   18 shall be accompanied by an adult who is eligible to travel under the Space Available program
   and shall provide a notarized Child Care Power of Attorney on the day of the flight. The
   accompanying adult cannot be part of that flight’s aircrew. Retired dependents and authorized
   civilian dependents can only travel when their Sponsor is traveling.

9. Do my children have to travel in car seats?
   Children under the age of 2 must travel in a car seat.

10. What time do I need to show up for a flight?
    Show time for Medical and PMEL Flights is 0600 in Kodiak at the PAX terminal in Hangar 1.
    Show time in Elemendorf is 1700 at the AMC terminal at Elmendorf AFB. The show time is when
   the passenger manifesting will begin. If you are not there when your name is called you will be
   marked off the passenger manifest. For flights of opportunity, show times will be included in the
   flight announcement. Show times are subject to change and our office does their best to post
   changes as we are notified. Please note that if you arrive late and the passenger manifest as been
   closed you will be denied boarding. It is the individual traveler’s responsibility to obtain the
   correct show time.

11. Can I bring packages back on any flight?
    Each traveler is limited to 50lbs of baggage per flight. Anything oversized or exceeding 50lbs must
    be cleared with the flight’s loadmaster prior to departure from Kodiak. It is highly recommended
    that packages oversized or exceeding 50lbs be transported on PMEL flights.

12. Where can I get information on Space A flights to the lower 48?
    Contact Elmendorf AFB at 907-552-8588

13. What is EML and where do I get my EML letter?
    EML stands for Environmental and Morale Leave. It is a privilege granted to all Active Duty
    members and their Command sponsored dependents and U.S. citizen civilian employees of the
    Armed Forces who are eligible for Government funded transportation
    to the United States at tour completion (including NAF employees) stationed throughout Alaska
    except Anchorage. It grants a higher priority over Space Available travelers and can be used on 4
    one way trips or 2 roundtrip flights per calendar year i.e. Jan 1st thru Dec 31st. Contact your
    yeoman to obtain your EML letter and safeguard it as it will only be issued ONCE per calendar

14. What’s the difference between Space Available and EML?
    EML gives you a higher priority over Space Available travelers.
    For example, PO Smith signs up his family on 12Jan09 at 1400 under Space Available.
    PO Jones signs up his family on 12Jan09 at 1600 under EML.
    Although PO Jones signed up his family LATER, his family will be assigned seats before PO
    Smith’s family since he is using his EML letter.

15. What is the difference between a Medical flight and a PMEL flight?
    The Medical flights are dedicated just for medical patient transport to Elmendorf AFB. These
    flights generally do not have a SAR pallet on them and are not divertible. Medical patients on
    orders have first priority on these flights and any remaining seats are then open for EML/Space A.
    PMEL flights are equipment calibration flights to Elmendorf AFB. These flights do carry a SAR
    pallet and can be diverted for Search and Rescue cases. PMEL flights generally have fewer seats
    available for EML/Space A travelers. Medical patients on order are not allowed to travel on PMEL

16. What happens if I get stuck in Anchorage?
    If a plane is broken, is diverted or put on weather delay, it is the traveler’s responsibility to obtain
    and pay for their own lodging and arrange for transportation to and from the AMC terminal. Please
    keep in mind that hotels easily run upwards of $180 a night during the summer months in Alaska.
    All Space A travelers should be prepared to incur the costs of getting stuck in Anchorage as seats in
    either direction are NOT guaranteed!
17. Do I still need to sign up if I am on orders?
    If you are traveling on Medical Orders on a MED flight you do not need to sign up through the
    Kodiak MWR website. All other members traveling on Orders, including PMEL personnel need to
    sign up using the electronic form and select Official Orders as their travel category.

18. What do I need the day of the flight?
    For those traveling under orders, please ensure you have a copy of your orders and military ID. For
    those traveling under EML, please ensure you have your CURRENT EML letter, lLeave chit for
    Active Duty Members and your military ID. For those traveling under Space A, please ensure you
    have your military ID. Absolutely NO passenger will be allowed onboard without a military ID.

19. Can I use personal electronic devices onboard a Space A flight?
    Devices that transmit a signal are NOT permitted. Please check with the manifesting MST or
    Aircraft Commander prior to boarding.

20. Are pets allowed to travel onboard a Space A flight?
    NO. The only pets allowed to travel on military aircraft are “working dogs” under travel orders.

21. Can I bring large items back on a Space A flight?
    You must obtain permission from the loadmaster assigned to that flight prior to departure from
    Kodiak in order to bring large items back on a Space A flight. Members can also contact the Load
    Cage at 907-487-5468 with questions regarding large items or hazmat. If you do not obtain
    permission, you may be denied boarding. No items may be left unattended in any passenger
    terminal (Kodiak and Elmendorf) for security reasons.

22. Are there any restrictions when flying Space A?
    No opened toed or heeled shoes or any shoe with a pointed heel are permitted.
    No shorts, T-shirts as outer garments, and tank tops are permitted.
    No ball caps permitted while transiting to and from the aircraft on the flight line.
    No cell phones or multi-functional cell phones permitted to be used in flight.

23. Can I fly Space A on DOD flights?
    DOD regulations vary from the USCG Space A program. It is HIGHLY recommended that you
    contact the DOD base you will be traveling thru well in advance to obtain the appropriate
    information and documentation for your travel.
    Keep in mind that most DOD programs only advertise flights 72 hours in advance so you NEED
    TO BE VERY FLEXIBLE in your travel arrangements.

24. How can I contact the Space A Program Office?
    Office Number: 907-487-5149
    We HIGHLY recommend emailing us for the quickest response.
    The office number has a recording of the most current flight schedule.
                                    Sports Day!
                                        A Coast Guard Day Event

                               Thursday, August 4th
‐Softball Tournament at 9:00 am
          Pre‐registration required with MWR
‐MWR‐BBQ starting at 11:30
          Food at Jewel Beach Gazebo 
‐Volleyball, Horse Shoes and Bowling at 1:00 pm
          Fun awards and prizes

                      Participation in events earns extra chances to win a 
                        door prize at the Coast Guard Day celebration 
                                       Saturday, August 6th

  For more information, contact Rachael Dyer at (907)487‐5059 or email Rachael.L.Dyer@uscg.mil
       Are you a baker?

Do you have a special recipe that could
   stand up against someone else?
Why not enter the 4th Coast Guard Day
        Celebration Bake 0ff?

       Deadline to pick up your entry
       form will be August 5, 2011.
       Forms can be picked up in the
        MWR office above the gym.
                        Date: 6 Aug 10
                   Drop off time: 1700 - 1745
             Location: Golden Anchor’s Banquet Room

                Quick Breads - not yeast breads
                         Cheese Cakes

            One entry in each category (if you choose)
                            per person

          Stop by MWR to pick up your entry
              form and judging criteria.

        For more info, contact Linda Pena @ 487-5457
  Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be checked
  Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be checked
  Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be checked
  Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be checked
    “1 Per Person”
   Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be Checked
  Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be checked
 Come on out and
show your support!
               2011 Coast Guard Day Prices

Active Duty Military w/ID or uniform                     FREE

Military Retirees w/ID and
Active Duty Dependants w/ID
or with their Military Sponsor                           $1.00

Military Retiree Dependents w/ID or
their Sponsor, MWR eligible Civilians w/ID
and their dependents                                     $3.00

Guests not MWR eligible but
with an eligible member, i.e. military, civilian, etc.
(must be with an ID. card holder)                        $3.00
   Must be MWR Eligible
I.D. Cards will be Checked
    Billiken                      Theater
                                    Movie Line: 487-5884
                                     Phone: 487-5819

             Coast Guard Day Matinee
           Saturday, August 6th at 2 PM
        Free Admissions for all MWR eligible
        ID Card Holders and Free Popcorn!
                                                                                        ALL NEW COAST GUARD DAY
                                                                                                BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION
                                                                      THE DAY WILL KICK OFF WITH THE ANNUAL 
           Platinum Sponsors                                   CAPTAIN'S CUP 5K RACE ‐ Check in at Jewel Beach Gazebo                                                        830
         Best Western Kodiak Inn, Inc.                                     RACE STARTS PROMPTLY AT                                                                           900
        Alaska USA Federal Credit Union                                       **Trophy's will be given out at 1900 Golden Anchor**
            Alaska Aerospace  Corp.
      International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc.                                           FREE PICNIC  FOR THE KIDS                                                          1030‐1300
                       BP                                                            Location:  Base Gym                                              Hotdogs, Chips & Juice
             Natives of Kodiak, Inc.                                Inflatable's, Games and Face painting  $3.00 per child                         **Drawing for a kid's bike @ 1245
            AAA Moving and Storage                                       **Proceeds go to Unit Morale Funds**
         MWR FACILITY SPECIALS                                                                       ANNUAL BAKE‐OFF                                                        1700
                    6‐Aug‐11                                                     Golden Anchor Sport's Pub ‐ Judging  starts at                                             1800
    **Specials throughout the day will take place                                              **1st place prize ‐ Kitchen‐Aid Mixer**
     at the below locations
Bowling Center:  Free bowling all day ‐ shoes included                          BBQ DINNER/DANCE FOR 18 YRS AND UP                                                          1900
Pizza Parlor: 1 free scoop of ice cream 12‐3 pm                          Location:  Golden Anchor                                    Active Duty Member ‐ Free
Pool:  Free swim 1500‐1630                                               BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Burgers,                           Active Duty Dep & Mil Retirees ‐ $1.00
Theatre:  Free Matinee at 1400 w/free popcorn                            Brauts, Salads, Corn Coblets                          MWR Eligible/Ret Dep/Guests  ‐ $3.00
Golf Course:1 Free 9 hole round of golf per MWR eligible                                ***Prices include 1 raffle ticket for a large LCD TV ‐ drawing at 2100 
Boat House:  Free rod/reel & bait all day. **All 23'                                            ****Must be present to win
boats will be raffled off. Drawing will take place at the                           Air Force Band "Alaskan Express"                                                      1930‐2130
 BBQ at 1900.  Signups for drawing are  available                                           Golden Anchor's Banquet Room 
 at the Boat House from Jul 25 thru Aug 5 ending 
at 1900.    ****Fuel and Bait are not included****                             Burial of the Time Capsule ‐ Anchor's front lawn                                             2015
Auto Hobby:  Free lift and bay rental ‐ all day
                       **The PSSU Kodiak sincerely thanks and appreciates the sponsors of Coast Guard Day.  However, neither the Coast Guard nor any other part of the 
                                                 Federal Government officially endorses any company, sponsor, or their products or services.
                        STAR OF THE SEA CHAPEL

                    Chaplain David Bradley, LT, USN, Protestant Chaplain
                    Chaplain John Monahan, LT, USN, Catholic Chaplain

Catholic Masses/Services:
Sunday Mass 9:00 a.m. at Nemetz Gazebo (during Chapel renovation)
Childcare provided during Sunday Mass for ages 2-4 yrs.
Weekday Mass at 5:00 p.m. - call Chaplain Office at 487-5730 ext3 for current schedule
      Confessions by appointment, please call Father John at 487-5730 ext2

Protestant Worship Services:
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. at Nemetz Gazebo (during Chapel renovation)
Childcare provided during Sunday Morning Worship Service for ages 2-4 yrs.
    Counseling by appointment, please call Chaplain Bradley at 487-5730 ext1

Upcoming Classes this Fall:
  Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” military edition – 13 sessions
   “Fireproof Your Marriage” – 6 sessions
   Catholic Religious Education for children at 10:00 a.m. (after Sunday Mass)
   Protestant Children’s Church at 11:00 a.m. (during Sunday Morning Worship Service)
   Barracks Bible Study

To sign up for next class, call the Chaplain Office at 487-5730 ext3.

       For more information on these and other ministries, contact the Chaplain Office.
                                      Tel - 487-5730
                              Bldg. 554 (Commissary Bldg.)
             It Could Happen Here…
Shocking images and videos from Japan demonstrate the devastating effects of
a powerful earthquake followed by a large tsunami. As most are aware, Kodiak
is at risk from earthquakes and tsunamis. So what should we do if this type of
disaster hits here?

BSU Kodiak has a tsunami emergency action plan. It identifies different methods
of notifying you of an emergency situation. The two most important methods are:
      Tsunami alert and warning system (siren)
      Emergency Notification System (ENS)
          o If you are not already signed up for ENS, you can do so at:
            http://apps.mlca.uscg.mil/CG_ENS/ . This free email and text
            message system is also used to communicate important
            information about base closure due to weather conditions.
Based on what a recent study predicts as the worst-case scenario, the tsunami
inundation zone does NOT include base housing, but does affect the area of the
taxiway, bowling alley, gym, and commissary in addition to the traditional
shoreline. Therefore, if you hear the tsunami alarm at a time other than
Wednesday at 1400, immediately leave low lying areas and seek high ground. If
you are in your home, or can get to your home without crossing the taxiway, we
recommend you “shelter in place” at home. This is a change from the plan you
may have been taught when you arrived in Kodiak.
      A local earth quake could create a dangerous wave within 15 minutes. If
       there is an earthquake that is large enough to make it difficult to stand for
       more than 15 seconds, don’t wait for the siren, get to high ground
      The tsunami created from the 1964 earth quake, centered west of Valdez,
       took 2 ½ hours to arrive.
      More distant events could take over 6 hrs to arrive to Kodiak.
Again, sheltering in place at home is recommended. If you are unable to reach
your home please make your way to one of the following locations:
      U. S. COAST GUARD BASE KODIAK –N38 Admin Building, Nemetz
       Gazebo, and Central Heating Plant N24 on Nyman’s Peninsula.
      CITY OF KODIAK – Kodiak High School and Kodiak Middle School are
       tsunami evacuation centers.
      BELL’S FLATS/WOMEN’S BAY AREA – Residents in low-lying areas
       should evacuate to high ground behind Bell’s Flats.
       lying areas should evacuate to higher ground. North Star Elementary
       School is the tsunami shelter site.
          Note: During an evacuation, public school students should remain in
          their classrooms with teachers and other school staff, who are trained
          in emergency preparedness procedures.

After a natural disaster you may lose electricity, water, and access to supplies at
the local stores. Make an emergency kit for your home. Include a minimum of
the following.
       o Water or water sanitation method
       o Blankets
       o First Aid Kit
       o Lighters, matches
       o Outdoor cook stove with fuel
       o Medicines
       o Candles
       o Flashlights
       o Batteries
       o Emergency radio
       o Landline telephone with a cord (cordless phones don’t work without
       o Keep your vehicle’s fuel tank above ½ full.

QUESTIONS? Contact CWO Dave George, BSU Kodiak Readiness Officer
david.e.george@uscg.mil or 487-5320 x257

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